One Of The Darkest Cases Of Repeat Alien Abduction – The Harrowing Encounters Of “Susan”

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August 26, 2022
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In the book Harvest: The True Story of Alien Abduction, Gavin Davies relays the account of “Susan”, a young woman from Pembrokeshire, whom he first met in late 2014 after she had replied following his request for anyone who had experienced the UFO wave of 1977 in the area. However, after their meeting in a coffee shop in Haverfordwest, he realized she had an account much more recent to speak of, and one that was altogether much more terrifying.

A depiction of a UFO

Just what happened to Susan?

Indeed, as Davies writes in the introduction to the book, “If there is even a kernel of truth here (in Susan’s story) then there is nothing any of us can do to save ourselves”. A grim prospect indeed. Why is Susan’s story and the implications for all of us so grim? It would appear, as we will examine, that we could be nothing more than cattle to these extraterrestrials and that we have little defense against their agenda and end goal.

Incidentally, we recommend that you check out Harvest in full, as well as Davis’ other work. And while we will go over the basics of Susan’s account and examine the potential disturbing reality that awaits us if there is any truth to it, the book fully explores the anguish and mental torture that quite often twists their way through the lives of abductees.

“We Are A Commodity To Them!”

At that initial meeting, Susan admitted to Davies that she had not arranged to meet with him to discuss the Welsh Triangle UFO cases. She did, however, wish to speak with him about what had happened to her. [1] And what’s more, it had happened very recently. She would, though, only speak about it from her apartment, where they would be the only ones who would be privy to their conversation. He agreed, and several days later, he arrived at her flat.

Over the following months, Susan would speak extensively with Davies of her encounters, stating during that first, in-depth conversation with him in her flat that most people are “unaware of something very dominant that treats us like we treat animals”, adding that “we are a commodity to them”.

She had, she continued “witnessed and experienced experimentation and unimaginable pain and terror at the hands of a race who are not human”. What’s more, it wasn’t just her. She had witnessed many other women undergoing the same thing, adding that there would be many others, both in the United Kingdom and around the world, who might suffer from such things as sudden memory loss, strange rashes, and bizarre dreams who could very well have undergone the same encounters but had somehow remained unaware of them.

Even though it had been several years since she had last been taken by these apparent extraterrestrial creatures, she stated to Davies that she lived in constant fear that they would return and that she would be “plucked like corn in a field that is ready to be harvested”.

Missing Time In The Bathroom?

Susan would go on to tell Davies that the first encounter she could recall had taken place in November 2009 while she was staying with friends whose parents owned a farmhouse in the country. There were four of them in total, and after enjoying a few drinks, Susan opted to sleep in the converted barn that was a guest house, and she would take Lennie, the boxer dog with whom she was quite taken. It would be a decision that would lead to one of the most unnerving nights of her life.

The strangeness, though, began before Susan retired for the evening. She had left her three friends in the living room in order to use the bathroom. While she was there, she what she thought were car headlights coming up the drive, and also heard Lennie barking downstairs, as he did when someone was approaching the house. However, several seconds later, the “car headlights” were seemingly switched off, and at the same time, the bathroom light also cut out leaving Susan in the dark.

Then, the entire bathroom lit up, light coming in through the sky window. She contemplated whether it might be a helicopter but if that was the case, she couldn’t understand why there was no sound. All she could hear was her friends talking below and Lennie barking. Then, as quickly as it had come on, the light went out. A moment later, the bathroom light came back on.

When she went back downstairs, her friends informed her she had been gone for over 15 minutes. She insisted she had been no more than five minutes at most. She put it to the back of her mind.

The Unfortunate Incident Of Lennie

Several hours later the four friends decided to turn in for the night. Susan said her goodnights, put Lennie on his lead, and made her way to the converted barn. After smoking a quick cigarette by the door, she returned to the barn and went to bed, Lennie already laying out asleep. She lay down and drifted off too.

She awoke suddenly and looked at the clock beside her – it said 3:18 am. Then, the clock suddenly went off and she had the sudden feeling that someone – or something – was in the room. She could still hear Lennie breathing beside her on the bed. As she squinted into the darkness, she could make out something moving, about the size of a small child. Just as she was about to sit up, the entire room lit up, just as it had in the bathroom earlier.

A depiction of a UFO over a house

Were aliens responsible for the missing family pet?

At this point, Lennie awoke and began to bark intensely, obviously sensing something in the room too. At this point, the pain was rising in Susan’s head, and she could see a thin, black figure that appeared to be staring back at her. Lennie left the bed and launched himself at whatever was in the room. Then, he let out a “howl of pain” before a flash of light interrupted the scene and the unfortunate dog became still. Another flash followed and he had disappeared altogether. Then a third flash came followed by a “black featureless face mere inches” from hers.

The next thing she realized, she awoke with a start and sat up in bed. She looked at the clock which was now working. It showed 7:44 am. Her entire body ached, as did her head, as though she was suffering from a severe hangover. It was as she was making her way to the bathroom that she recalled the previous evening. She realized that Lennie was nowhere to be seen. Still telling herself that the events of several hours earlier had to be a dream, she hoped against hope that her friend had let themselves in and taken Lennie for his morning walk. However, when she arrived at the main house and found Lennie was not there, fear rose up inside her.

She awoke her friend and asked if she had come to collect Lennie in the morning. When she said she hadn’t they immediately went looking for him. However, the family pet was nowhere to be seen.

The Strange Object Over The Estuary

Although her friends and the parents were forgiving and told her not to blame herself, she sensed that they did indeed blame them for losing their beloved pet. Susan was certain they felt that she hadn’t locked the door before going to sleep and Lennie had simply escaped. As it happened, Susan would rarely see her friends following the encounter. Her ordeal, though, was only just beginning.

She would still feel intensely ill several days after the encounter at the barn house, including several nosebleeds and an intense pain right behind her eye. She felt so shaken by the events that she temporarily moved in with her aunt, who lived alone, aside from her cat, Mog. However, the strange events would follow her there.

One night while she was out with her (then) boyfriend, Adrian, they sat in their car park after having picked up some fast food. As they looked out on the water, they could see the lights of the boats making their way through the water of the estuary. As they were doing so, they saw a bright orange light that appeared to be hovering, increasing in size. Susan quickly realized that whatever the light was, it was heading toward them, and she alerted Adrian to its presence.

He immediately tried to start the car engine, but it repeatedly failed. The object eventually stopped directly in front of them. Susan would recall that she could hear “popping” in the air as it hovered and that everything around them was “bathed in its orange fiery glow” and she could feel “energy pulsating off it” as it hung. Then, it shot off into the distance at great speed.

The car started as soon as the object disappeared. They drove away, eventually pulling over in the car park of a nearby pub. Adrian began calling friends, wanting to meet up and return to the spot they had witnessed the object. Susan, though, already wondering if there was a connection between this anomalous object and her bizarre evening in the barn house, wanted to go home, much to Adrian’s annoyance. Instead of taking her home, though, he drove her to a nearby bus stop and left her there alone. The bus arrived a short time later and she got on. When she sat down and saw blood running down her nose.

She returned to her aunt’s house, and after showering, still feeling intensely ill, she went to bed.

A Very Twisted Nightmare That Wasn’t

That night she would experience what appeared to be a bizarre, twisted nightmare, but one that Susan realized was intricately connected to the strange events that were unfolding all around her. She found herself walking in a country lane with a “tall man” with a seemingly featureless face. Even though, at the time, she thought she was dreaming, she suddenly realized that this is not a memory of hers upon which a dream would be based. Then, a bright light appeared behind them, and she began to sense fear rising inside her. The next thing she realized, a bright flash blinded her and her surroundings suddenly changed.

She now found herself on a street in Haverfordwest. She noticed that there were Christmas decorations everywhere and it had been snowing. She was perplexed as to what was happening, increasingly so. Then, she saw a row of pubs ahead and found herself walking toward them. When she went inside, it too was decorated with Christmas decorations, and a Christmas song was playing on the sound system.

A depiction of a person being dropped from a UFO

Many of Susan’s abduction encounters felt like actual nightmares

It was then that saw a woman at the bar. When she looked at her face, she was shocked to see it was her grandmother, who had died years earlier from cancer. She walked over and began speaking with her, only this conversation took place telepathically. Her grandmother then began telling her that she had to be brave and help her friends, before reaching forward for her arm. As she did so, the music ground to a stop, and the Christmas light dimmed and went out. It was at this point that she sensed there were several figures watching them from the shadows of the room.

A flash occurred and she felt a sudden pain, as if “something was sticking into the back of my head”. She felt as though she was suddenly paralyzed, and she could no longer see her grandmother. The only sound she could hear was the sound of her own screams.

A moment later, her surroundings changed yet again.

A Truly Horrific Turn Of Events

Now she found herself sitting in what appeared to be a cinema. She was facing a huge screen and she could sense someone sitting behind her, although she seemingly was unable to turn around. Then, images suddenly appeared on the screen. She recognized them immediately as locations in her hometown. To begin with, it appeared like a promotional video showing all the best parts of Pembrokeshire. Then, things changed dramatically, showing a graphic nature-like scene of a large spider being swarmed and overtaken by ants. She wanted to look away but was unable to.

As the film reached its apparent climax, she heard her grandmother’s voice before another bright flash appeared which caused her head to throb with pain.

The next thing she knew she was awake on her bed. She got up to get a drink of water, her throat extremely dry. However, when she opened to door of her room the tall faceless figure was standing right in front of her. It reached forward and touched her on the side of the head. The next minute, she was on her bed once more. When she looked at the clock it was 11 am.

She was sick for most of the day, and despite having slept for over 12 hours, she felt completely drained. Later that evening, realizing she was in desperate need of a good night’s sleep, Susan’s aunty offered her two sleeping tablets. As she climbed into bed a short time later, she purposely left the door of her room open, which allowed her to see into her aunt’s room across from her.

However, when she fell asleep, she suddenly found herself back in the same dream-like scenario has she had the previous evening. This time, though, instead of finding her grandmother inside the pub, she found a young girl – a girl she immediately realized was herself when she was young. Like her grandmother the previous evening, her younger self spoke to her telepathically, telling her that she “had done well” and that “her friends have been very grateful” for her help.

Susan was asked several questions of a nature that suggested she was being subjected to some kind of evaluation, although these questions were of a truly bizarre and intrusive nature. When these questions were over the usual flash appeared before her eyes and she suddenly found herself awake on her bed. This time, however, she couldn’t move. She could, though, see across the room into her aunt’s room, and more importantly, the mysterious figure she could see walking toward it.

Then, she saw something in her aunt’s room.

A Jellyfish-Like Creature In The House

Susan would inform Davies that what she saw she could only describe as some kind of strange and monstrous jellyfish. Of more concern, this creature was on the bed, over the top of her aunt. She watched aghast as the creature got closer to her aunt’s face. A long tendril-like object then moved directly to her nose and went inside it. Susan saw another tendril stretch towards Mogs’ nose and doing the same thing.

Then, the unfortunate cat began to rise into the air, the tendril still attached and now inserted into its mouth. She wasn’t sure if Mogs was dead but its body had gone limp. At this point, Susan’s aunt woke up and saw what was happening around her, and screamed.

The next thing Susan realized, she was waking up once more, still lying on her bed. She could immediately see it was now daylight and the thirsty feeling was still with her. She immediately looked toward her aunt’s room. She was no longer there but Susan could hear her aunt. She appeared to be vomiting in the bathroom.

She went to the bathroom, discovering her aunt on her knees in front of the toilet. She asked if she was OK, to which she responded by simply raising her thumb. When Susan saw inside the toilet bowl she was horrified to see it was completely splattered with blood. She told Susan that she must have caught a bug from work and motioned for her to leave the room so that she didn’t catch it too. She would eventually help her aunt to bed and left her to rest. Susan would discover Mogs on one of the chairs a short time later. He was asleep, but even to Susan, he didn’t look himself.

A Vision Of Armageddon

Susan managed to make an appointment with the doctor for later that day and was prescribed anti-anxiety and sleeping tablets. By the time she returned home, her aunt was downstairs. She still looked unwell, but she assured Susan she felt better. Mogs, however, had not eaten all day, and she was worried about him. The evening was largely uneventful and after several hours, the two women retired to their rooms.

Almost inevitably, Susan soon found herself in the same dream-like state. This time, however, instead of her grandmother or her younger self, the person waiting for her in the pub was her friend – Sian – whose dog, Lennie, had seemingly been taken from the barn house on that fateful night. As before, this figure spoke to Susan telepathically, telling her that Lennie was with her friends and that it was her fault he had gone missing. Once more, she was told she had to help these friends and that she had to be brave.

Then, the music stopped, and the strange figures became visible around her. Then, following the usual flash, she found herself once more in the cinema room. Once more, it showed Pembrokeshire from various locations, even showing people on the streets going about their business.

Suddenly, though, everything changed. Everything became very dark as the skies darkened. The footage now showed a boat on the estuary – the same stretch of water where she and Adrian had seen the bizarre orange object. The waters became increasingly choppy, and it appeared that fires were everywhere. In fact, the sea itself appeared to be on fire and was “rushing down through the estuary”.

A depiction of a UFO over trees

Susan was shown horrific visions of the future

She could see cars fly past as if they were nothing but toys, and the people of the town were beginning to burn, one of whom she saw “melting like wax”. As this “fiery water” swept over everything in its path, people were incinerated, and buildings crumbled to the ground. She watched in horror as an oil tanker on the water tipped on its side and exploded. The explosion was so powerful that it made the camera shake.

As this carnage continued, the screen eventually faded to black.

Susan thought it was over, but then images appeared again. It appeared to show the aftermath of what she had just witnessed. Remains of people lay all around. Every now and then she would see survivors looking around them or holding dead loved ones. The scene was one of the most harrowing she had ever seen. And she couldn’t escape the feeling that what she had witnessed was a vision of the future.

Then, a young girl, her face burnt severely looked into the camera and directly at Susan urging her to “run”. With that, a flash appeared, and Susan woke up in her room. She quickly went downstairs. When she arrived there, she discovered her aunty standing in the living, her dead cat lying limply in her arms.

Following the three consecutive nights of intense activity, things settled down a little. Susan’s aunt, though, despite being told she was simply suffering from the flu continued to be unwell. Things eventually came to a head of sorts when her aunty told her that she should move out and back to her parent’s home, which she ultimately did. Things settled down for several months. Then, however, new recurring dreams began. And they would progress to become more unsettling than before.

The Appearance Of A “Feminine” Creature

As well as the strange dreams – in which she would often find herself walking naked in a field with several other women she didn’t know – she would find herself having strange encounters while driving to and from university, including seeing the orange object on several occasions, as if it were following and tracking her movements. And even though she hadn’t had any encounters like those she had experienced while living at her aunt’s house, the permanent feeling of anxiety that had, temporarily at least, left her returned once more.

Her aunt, incidentally, would eventually be admitted to hospital when it was discovered she had extremely advanced cancer. She passed away a week later. It was shortly after her funeral that she made the decision that she would find a flat so she could live alone. After what had happened to Lennie, and then her aunt and her cat, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she would bring danger to her parent’s home if she continued to live there.

The strange dreams continued. In them, she would see foxes and owls, and couldn’t help but wonder if these were symbolic and what they might mean. She was always in the fields, naked with other women. On one particular evening after having gone to bed she awoke in the street, still wearing her pajamas. Then, on the street, she saw a tall figure that she sensed was a woman – or at least female. It was dressed in a red coat with the face covered with some kind of hood.

Susan turned around and made her way back to the flat. She began to ask herself when she would wake up and started to contemplate whether she was, in fact, fully awake. She eventually returned to her flat and made her way to the window. She couldn’t see the figure, but she noticed that the street appeared to be awash in a mysterious red glow. She remained at the window for a moment longer before returning to the living room. When she got there, the tall figure in red was standing, seemingly waiting for her. Even more bizarre, around her was some kind of vortex, perhaps suggesting the use of a portal or teleportation technology.

She would go on to describe to Davies that this creature was clearly feminine, although not human. She recalled that her head was bigger than the rest of her body and she had “huge, dark eyes” that were “more insect than human”. This strange figure stepped toward Susan and touched one of its claw-like hands to her head. She instantly felt something like electricity shoot into her body. Then, a moment later, she went silent, stating that “it was as if the world stopped spinning and time froze”. The figure then stepped back and disappeared into the strange vortex and they both disappeared leaving Susan along with a strange “static clicking” audible all around her.

Not A Dream But A Premonition

As unsettling as these events undoubtedly were, it was the revelations of one of Davies’ last interview sessions that were the most unsettling. And not just for Susan but for humanity as a whole – if, of course, there is any truth to them. This time, the events weren’t intertwined with events made to appear like a dream to Susan. They occurred out of the blue as she was driving home after having visited her parents.

It was around 8 pm on the night in question. She was driving along the road when suddenly a fox – much like her dream – appeared in front of her. She watched the fox for several seconds before realizing the now familiar red glow was overtaking her surroundings. The next thing she knew, the car headlights faded, and everything went black.

The next thing Susan could recall was of walking out of some woodland and into a field. When she looked up, the entire sky was bathed in red. She stumbled forward for several moments before noticing the fox sat a slight distance from her. As soon as she looked at it, it turned and ran. Susan couldn’t escape the feeling that it was wanting her to follow it into an area of tall grass. She did so, and as she went, noticed other women there also. Eventually, there were dozens of women of various ages, all making their way in the same direction.

Her recurring dream, it would appear, was not a memory of a recalled event, but a premonition of things to come. And things, at least for Susan and the other women she was with, were about to get even more terrifying.

A Horror Beyond Imagination

Susan suddenly began to notice a trembling sensation in the ground that appeared to be getting stronger. Then, the women began to lift off the ground with a distinct “whoosh” sound, spiraling and twisting as they did. Susan recalled an intense red light and of feeling “excruciating pain” before everything went black. When she awoke, she was standing in a long line of women in what appeared to be a dark, uninviting room. What’s more, the women were all naked and tightly packed together, the bodies almost touching.

She did her best to look ahead, seeing nothing but a seemingly endless line of women in front of them. Then she noticed a light above the line that was moving closer. She could see that it had what looked like wings on each side of the glowing red orb, and it appeared to be scanning the women below. As it moved over them, it was spraying the woman with some unknown misty substance. Susan noticed how this spray appeared to have a calming effect.

Because the women were so tight to each other, they were each forced forward by the steps of the person behind them. When women would fall and attempt to climb out of the line, the winged red lights would force them back. Even more harrowing, when one woman fell forward and lost her balance, the red light extended a tube-like device to her, lifted her up by her head, and carried her away.

As they moved forward, Susan noticed that the floor was becoming increasingly sludgy and slippery. She would state to Davies that she later thought that this substance below them “could have been human remains”. All the while, the women were forced forward, one systematic step at a time.

She would further state that it appeared as though they were “being herded into areas based on our type, body type, age, (and) health”. As they continued forward, eventually entering a tunnel of sorts, Susan could increasingly hear cries of pain and desperation ahead of them.

They eventually came out into a larger room. She noticed on the walls was what appeared to be cubes of meat. Before she could contemplate any more, another substance was sprayed onto them, and it appeared as though it was here that women were being separated out into different sections for different purposes.

“Dozens Of Women In An Instant Gone!”

Susan and the women that were with her had various samples taken from them which, although invasive, left them uninjured, at least physically. However, what Susan witnessed in another section caused her to question her sanity.

She looked on in horror as a conveyer belt of restrained women were moved into place before being – or least attempted to be – artificially inseminated by what seemed to be a lower half of a man that was seemingly kept alive by a network of electrical wires, like some kind of perverse unfinished cyborg. Once this was done, the women were moved along before being replaced by another set.

Even worse, as she and her group moved along this house of horrors, she witnessed a group of pregnant women, seemingly giving birth, alone and unaided, to their children. She wasn’t sure what the purpose of this was, but she recalled seeing one of the jellyfish-like aliens approach one of the mothers who had just given birth and “drop” onto her before seeming to consume her and her newborn child.

As they moved on she witnessed another conveyor belt, only this one appeared to have human body parts on, including torsos, limbs, and heads. And they appeared to be of various different ages. Why they had been seemingly slaughtered Susan didn’t know.

The most horrific sight, though, was of an area that featured women, all screaming, who were literally being deconstructed and torn apart. Susan would describe this as them being “harvested right there!”, adding that “pipes filled them (and) they were pulled apart” with every part of their body being used. As if to hammer home how horrifying the sight was, Susan would state to Davies that there were “dozens of women in an instant gone, dismembered”.

The next thing Susan was aware of was waking up in a field. When she looked around her surroundings, she could see the headlights of her car on the road a short distance away. When she made her way to her vehicle she discovered her clothes in an untidy pile by the car door. When she looked at the clock it read 8:03 pm. Although the ordeal had appeared to last hours – and indeed it might have – in Earth’s reality only three minutes had passed.

“We Are Defenseless!”

Davies published Susan’s account in the previously mentioned book, Harvest. When read in full, it becomes clear the sheer torment and agony that permeated Susan during and following the encounter. The incident above, at least at the time Harvest was released, was the last encounter Susan experienced. However, she continues to live in fear that the monstrous beings will return at any time.

Following her interviews with Davies, Susan disappeared into anonymity, telling Davies that she had bought a plane ticket to leave from Heathrow Airport to an undisclosed location. She had, though, offered her own explanation as to what these entities were.

She would state to Davies that it was her belief that “these beings are very old and advanced” and were “on a technical level that far exceeds anything we have a grasp of”. She then went on to state how she dismissed many of the theories that have been put forward to explain alien abduction. She didn’t believe, for example, that they were human time travelers who were taking samples from humans for scientific studies. She also dismissed the idea of entities from inside the Earth or from the Moon.

She offered that the hell they came from “was way beyond all that”, elaborating that it was her belief that “they found us in our infancy, and they permitted us to thrive and cover the world”, adding that they were “harvesting us a little to begin with and increasingly as the population grew”. She added that, essentially, “we are defenseless”.

Her further thoughts can be read in full in Harvest, and they are very much worth exploring and contemplating.

A Truly Unsettling And Disturbing Prospect

Clearly the implications of Susan’s claims, if there are even slightly accurate are huge for all concerned. Could it really be that any one of us could be subjected to these horrific and terrifying ordeals? And could it really be that we have no defense against these abductions and ultimate agendas?

Furthermore, what should we make of the footage that Susan viewed in the “cinema” during her ordeal? Could her hometown be subject to some kind of Armageddon-type scenario, and if so, when will this happen? Will this be due to an outright attack or the result of some disaster or another? And if it is an attack, what follows after this? Would these alien beings go from operating out of the shadows to turning the entire planet into a huge cattle-type labor camp? Susan would speak of a “hierarchy” that existed between the various entities she encountered. Which would suggest a highly organized operation.

Indeed, the claims are truly disturbing and should give us all of us food for thought, regardless of how outlandish they might sound. If, there is any truth at all to what Susan described to Davies, then it would take a fully concerted and cohesive effort from all of us to mount some kind of fight back.

The short video below looks at some of the strangest alien abduction encounters on record.


1 Harvest: The True Story of Alien Abduction, Gavin Davies, ISBN 9781789 043853

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