Intriguingly Mind-Bending Digital Reality Simulation Theories

Marcus Lowth
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August 15, 2018
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October 4, 2021
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Theories of our reality have occupied humanity since antiquity. Even such great thinkers and philosophers as Plato, for example, wondered thousands of years ago if our surroundings were as we perceive them to be. The Chinese philosopher, Zhuangzi, would describe life as “the great dream” around 369 BC. Perhaps one of the most interesting speculations comes from Rene Descartes, who in the 1800s suggested that the collective reality could be controlled and changed by an “all-powerful, invisible demon”. Similarly, although slightly less dramatically, eighteenth-century philosopher, George Berkley would state that what we perceive as “the world” was merely an illusion.

A digital tunnel in a lonely concrete building

Might our reality be nothing but a digital simulation?

In the modern age, with science-fiction films regularly using such theories as their plots, the concept of our reality actually being a simulation, or a computer program has gained significant traction. And not just in the Internet forums of conspiracy enthusiasts as you might expect. Very serious and scientifically minded researchers have explored the notion, all asking if our collective reality is what we have been led to believe. In the movie ‘The Matrix’, for example, one of the main characters, Morpheus asks what “real” is. “What is real?” he asks. “How do you define, ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

Before we delve into some of these theories in a little more detail, you can check out the trailer of The Matrix below.

We’re Real, But The World (As We See It) Isn’t?

There are several “splinter” groups or theories regarding this particular concept. Some believe The Matrix, for example, is not merely allegory for our modern existence and the decreasing levels of critical thought from individuals. They believe it entirely accurate, at least in its premise. [1]

To some, while we ourselves are very real, our surroundings, or our perceptions of them, are not. And, as you might imagine, theories vary as to why that is. Some believe that the collective human consciousness is locked into a certain frequency. Remember, the human eye can only “see” a tiny part of the light spectrum and human ears can only hear an equally tiny part of the sound frequency range. But just because we can’t see or hear something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

A dog whistle might be a good example. It is perfectly clear that the dog can hear it, but to you, nothing. So, we either say that the dog whistle doesn’t exist, or we accept that certain things are beyond, for most of us, the human sight and sound, or frequency range, which they obviously are, but these frequencies still exist.

To some, and here is where we delve into conspiracy territory, the collective human conscious has been purposely locked in this reality. Author, David Icke calls this the ‘Five Sense Reality’, in that, for most people, if they can’t see, hear, feel, smell, or taste something, it doesn’t exist. It’s not part of their reality.

Who “they” are who have locked us in this reality might be is open to debate. The aforementioned Icke states it is the Reptilians, who themselves reside “in the lower fourth dimension” and who control humanity to their own ends by keeping them trapped in the third dimension.

They Don’t Exist Until You Look At Them!

Perhaps one of the most accurate paraphrased statements in history is that “The more one knows the less one understands”. This would seemingly be the case with physics, particularly quantum physics, and quantum mechanics. In fact, in anything dealing with quantum particles, although the reasoning is arguably true for most fields of study. In many ways, scientists and researchers from the mainstream have been dragged into these anomalous areas of study by unexpected results through their own advancements.

For example, one of the truly bizarre anomalies of quantum particles is that they don’t take up a state, any state, until they are physically observed. As writer of all things strange, Brent Swancer states this is “a fact that has spooked and baffled physicists for years”. As well it might. It essentially calls into question everything we know about reality and how we perceive it. Physicist, James Gates would state that “if you studied physics long enough, you too can become crazy”.

Perhaps even stranger is the fact that these quantum particles can only be viewed clearly to a certain point. After that, they become out of focus and distorted. Those who subscribe to claims of reality simulation offer that this is possibly down to the particles only having a certain “resolution” – something you would expect in a software program.

The Human Mind Exists In Another Dimension!

It is certainly an outlandish notion, and one that should there be any degree of truth in it would obviously bring with it a tidal wave of questions. Another recent theory, this time revolving around quantum entanglement – the connective relationship of particles over great distances – suggests the human mind exists in another dimension. [2] Professor at the University of Groningen, Dr. Dirk K.F. Meijer, would make the suggestion in the September 2017 edition of NeuroQuantolgy, peer-reviewed and well received in its field.

In the article, Meijer would suggest that consciousness “resides in a field surrounding the brain” and what’s more this field is likely itself to exist in an alternate dimension to ours. He would suggest this field may use the magnetic field of the Earth to “transmit wave information to the brain”. This, he would suggest, would explain the “computer-like” speeds with which the human brain can, and does, function at. Speeds at which science remains at a loss as to how it manages to work at such acceleration.

What is perhaps also interesting here is that what Meijer is suggesting might be likened to claims of the Akashic Record, perhaps most associated with such mystics as Edgar Cayce. If our collective reality is a simulation to one degree or another, might there also be a central brain? One from which our individual minds draws their information?

And what might that say about what we know about human consciousness, collective or that of the individual?

A close up of a human eye as a camera

Just what is real and what isn’t?

The Simulation Hypothesis

Some of the theories of simulated reality, however, question whether we, all of humanity, are nothing more than a simulation. There is one such theory that those nearer to the mainstream embrace. It was first put into the public arena in 2003 by philosopher from Oxford University, Nick Bostrom.

Bostrom would point to the rapid increase in technology. And how in the future it is likely that the technology will exist to create virtual worlds with virtual populations. Just look at the plateau AI and virtual reality devices enjoy today, only fifteen years later. It is perhaps easy to see, then, why some academics and mainstream researchers picked up on Bostrom’s thoughts.

He would go on to state that the increase of “virtual” intelligence would quickly outweigh the “real” humans. This would mean, if you subscribe to the theory, that we ourselves are very likely of intelligence simulation.

This technology, as would tie in with theories in conspiracy circles mentioned above, could have been in use in antiquity. Or what we perceive and recognize as antiquity. We could, after all, be nothing more than a short computer program. One covering hundreds of thousands of “years” within its software. Software made by a cosmic architect who resides elsewhere. Likely in a very “real” existence very similar to the simulation they created.

A picture of a Network Simulation around the Earth

Might the entire universe be nothing more than a simulation

Links To The CIA And The Creator God Of Ancient Egypt?

Both of the above theories are interesting concepts, if equally near-impossible to prove. Although the idea that humanity’s perception of the world is under manipulation in some way is perhaps, while unlikely, more likely than that of living and being an artificial simulation of life.

There are some interesting connections to other fields of research too. For example, part of the MKUltra projects would experiment with the power of thought to manifest physical forms into reality. A lot of these experiments, at least according to whistleblowers, would take place on a device called “The Montauk Chair”.

Given that we have previously examined seemingly bizarre connections to esoteric knowledge and wisdom of ancient Egypt, it is perhaps interesting to look at the legends and myths of one of the earliest gods of ancient Egypt, Ptah. It is said that Ptah “created the universe through the thought of his heart and the utterance of his tongue”. [3] Essentially, he managed to manifest his thoughts. Furthermore, he did this while sitting on a winged throne. Perhaps the creations of Ptah and claims of “simulated reality” are the same thing? Particularly if we believe that the bloodlines of those same gods of ancient Egypt still oversee the world today. An intriguing thought, although we very likely, as a collective, understand neither the perceived legend or the technology.

Maybe the words of Nikola Tesla are worth hearing again when he says, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence!” As we head through the twenty-first century, there is increasing focus on “empty space” and “black holes”. And the accepting realization that energy is everywhere and, in turn, is everything.

Check out the video below.


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