The Woman From An Alternate Reality

Marcus Lowth
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July 14, 2018
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October 4, 2021
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According to an account from Lerina Garcia, a 41-year-old “well-educated professional” from Spain, she awoke one morning to find herself in the wrong reality. This reality. What she remembers as the backdrop to her past does not match the history of this realm. She firmly believes she has crossed dimensions from an alternative universe, which to her is the “correct” timeline. And what’s more, she is now stuck here in our reality. So convinced was she of these things, that in 2008 she would take to the Internet to tell of her account.

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Do alternative realities exist?

A forum of people interested in researching alternative dimensions and planes of existence picked up on her account, and it is through them that her story finds its way into wider social media circles of conspiracy and fringe researchers. What’s more, the gap in this particular field of study between fringe researchers and “academics” is getting closer all the time.

Before we look at this and several other such encounters, check out the short video below. It goes over the basics of the Parallel Universe theory.

“Little Differences” Upon Waking

According to Garcia when she awoke one morning (sometime before or around 2008) she was aware of “little differences” [1] around her. The year was the same as it was the previous evening. Even the day was correct. However, as the day progressed, “many things were different” and not as they were only hours previously. The very first thing she noticed, for example, was the bedsheets were ones she had not seen before.

Although unnerved she dressed and went to work as normal. When she arrived at her office, though, she stared in shock as the name on her office door was not hers. Believing she was perhaps unwell, she reasoned with herself that she had come to the wrong floor. When she realized the floor was correct, she went to the main entrance area and looked at an employees list and where they were based. She did indeed still work for the same company, but she was now in a department she had not worked for before. And with a manager she didn’t know.

Now confused and panicked slightly, she marked herself as having arrived at work, but also as having had to leave due to being sick. She then hurried home and attempted to make sense of her experiences. Although she would return to work the following day, it was obvious to her colleagues, very few of whom she knew although they “knew” her, that she was “not right”. She made an excuse that she wasn’t feeling well and was “out of sorts”. However, the experience endorsed her suspicions that she would have to, for now, keep the experience to herself.

A Jump Between Realities?

As the days went on, more and more obvious things began to stand out to Garcia. Perhaps the most urgent was her boyfriend of four months, Augustine. He was not only not her partner in this new reality, he didn’t seem to even exist here at all. A stranger was in what should have been his apartment. Furthermore, there appeared to be no record of him anywhere. Even on internet posts that she clearly remembered making with him in forums were nowhere to be found.

Perhaps even more unsettling, in this reality, she appeared to still be in a relationship with her previous boyfriend. The person who she had broken up with over six months ago.

Even events involving her family appeared not to have taken place in this reality. According to Garcia, her sister had a major operation several months earlier. However, no one in her family can recall this operation, least of all her sister. According to them, it never happened. Garcia didn’t push the subject for fear of being labeled insane. However, in her mind, she knew she hadn’t imagined all of these incidents. Further still, clothes hung in her closet that she had no recollection of buying. The more she discovered about her new existence, the more confused and frightened she became.

She would further describe feeling as though she had “fallen asleep and dreamt the last five months”. She might be able to believe this was the cause of her confusion if not for all the background news and world events being exactly the same in this reality as in her “dream”. For reasons she can’t explain, Garcia believes she made a “jump between realities” at some point while sleeping.

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Do some people experience different realities?

A Road To Another Dimension?

Lerina Garcia’s account, if we accept it as genuine, is certainly an intriguing one. And what’s more, it is one of many accounts of other realities and dimension jumps.

While they should be treated with caution, there are several equally intriguing claims to be found online in paranormal circles. [2] One such post appeared online from a person using the handle, “paddjo95”. According to the account, which took place somewhere in rural southern Arkansas, the witness and his younger brother would go out into the woods one afternoon, seeking adventure and whatever else they might find. After wandering around for several hours they found a “brand new paved road”. One which neither had seen before despite both knowing the area intricately.

Rationalizing the new road as exactly that, the two brothers began down it, now curious to see where it would lead. As they took their first steps, however, the air around them suddenly took on a thick, icy feel. Furthermore, they noticed redwood trees on each side of the road, the sort neither recalled being present before. They continued down the road before finally becoming so unnerved that they turned around. They each would note, with both awe and confusion, how the air turned decidedly warmer the very instant they stepped off this curious road.

The pair returned home as the skies were darkening with the arrival of night. They would return the following morning, though, determined to find the road and this time see where it went to. However, despite their searching for hours it was nowhere to be found. Perhaps they had stepped into an alternate reality? One that was open only temporarily? Or maybe a rip in space-time might have presented a gateway to another time? Perhaps the two are the same thing?

The Drive To The Near Future?

Another online encounter is equally chilling. The unnamed witness would detail the incident on reddit’s paranormal forum. The date and the location is unknown, other than it was sometime in the 2000s and likely in the United States. The witness would claim to have driven to a local McDonald’s early one evening. Other than his dog, he was alone in the car as they made their way to the fast-food outlet.

During one particular stretch of road, he noticed how the streetlamps would momentarily “flicker out” before returning back on again. This happened several times as his car approached them. However, when he went to take a turning off the street, things became even stranger.

He would claim the world suddenly became “blurry” and he could hear a “loud feedback noise” inside his head. He had the feeling he had just entered a “thick sheet of static electricity”. This would last for several seconds before things came into focus and the intense electrical pressure and noise were gone.

At this point, he realized his car had stalled. He reached for the key and turned it. The engine fired back to life. He gathered himself and set off again, convinced there would be a reasonable explanation for their strange experience. However, as he continued down the main road, he suspected a reasonable explanation might not be so forthcoming.

Feedback And Electrical Pressure

The first thing that struck him was how suddenly different the streetlights were. And where there should have been further lights there were now rows of trees. Confused he continued towards the McDonalds restaurant. However, when he arrived, the burger outlet was in a different part of the building complex. He reasoned it could be possible it had moved, but he didn’t recall any such relocation.

He drove his car towards the drive-thru section. As he did so he peered out of the window and noticed how many of the cars had logos on them that were not at all familiar to him. Even stranger, some of the cars were of designs he not seen before. Also, the brand names on these strange vehicles were words that meant nothing to him.

He arrived at the menu board, noticing instantly how expensive everything was compared to usual. Nevertheless, he gave the person his order and gave his card for payment. However, the clerk returned informing him his card was declined. In his hand was a red device that he urged the witness to place his finger on in order to pay. Not wishing to do this, he instead brought out cash, handing over the paper bills. The clerk accepted them, but only gave a piece of paper in return, something he said was a “cash voucher”.

Then, he noticed how the clerk’s movements began to become “sticky” as if he were stopping and starting. Suddenly, he realized he could feel the electric pressure again, and the feedback noise once more went through him. A bright light filled his eyes. The next thing he knew, he came to in his car. Only now, the McDonalds was behind him, where it should have been.

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Might more people than we think experience these strange dimension shifts?

Are These Incidents Increasing?

Like the encounter from southern Arkansas, it would appear the witness somehow moved into another reality. Or perhaps forward in time to the near future. What is also worth noting is neither were aware of how they had done so which perhaps suggests some kind of natural phenomena, albeit one that we collectively don’t understand. Both of the encounters from the 2000s each speak of some kind of atmospheric change, whether it be the drop in temperature or the feeling of static electricity.

Perhaps these dimension trips happen more than we think. Furthermore, perhaps those who come back to tell of them are the lucky ones. Is it possible that many of the “missing people”, of the North American continent in particular, many of whom vanish from lonesome places such as national parks or mountain ranges, are victims to such reality shifts? Only they fail to return back? Perhaps they remain, very much like Lerina Garcia from our first encounter, in an alternate dimension.

As we touched upon in our recent article looking at reality shifts, is it possible that the CERN project is responsible for these bizarre dimension jumps? Might it be the secret testing of technologies to open such gateways, of which those experiencing such “shifts” are the unfortunate ones caught up in such experiments? Or might these reality shifts be an unintended consequence of the CERN project?

The Many Interacting Worlds Theory

Many researchers into the notion of alternative dimensions and realities suggest that there are a fantastic array of alternative histories and futures. And according to the Many Interacting Worlds theory, these alternative realities regularly interact with our own. At least “on the quantum level”.

What is perhaps interesting here is that many researchers in the paranormal fields also look to quantum physics to reach entities from “the other side”. Perhaps that other side is actually many other sides – or realities.

According to Howard Wiseman, it will one day be possible for humans in this reality or dimension to interact with other realities. Perhaps then, when many people see ghosts, particularly of loved ones, they are in fact seeing alternative energies of them from another dimension that has temporarily leaked into our own. Might this also explain the doppelganger phenomenon? Perhaps should you ever “meet yourself” it quite literally might be you from another dimension?

If we also accept, that these dimensions, along with everything else in the universe is an expression of energy, and how we see the universe depends on our perception of that energy, then maybe we collectively have quite a way to go before truly understanding our own existence and our place in the reality we call the Universe. To some, it brings forward the notion that perhaps we are not as in control of our own world as we might think. If our reality is based purely on perception, how do we know the universe and indeed our own reality is what we perceive it to be? Might it be that those who argue we exist in a kind of “Matrix” system are perhaps closer to the truth than most would give them credit for?

The short video below explores this notion a little further.


1 Woman Claims To Be From A Parallel Universe, Alexander Light, Humans Are Free, September 16th, 2015
2 Mysterious People Who Spontaneously Travelled to Parallel Realities, Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe, April 11th, 2017

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    I’ve had have numerous encounters very similar if not identical to those described in this story. They will be detailed in the second book I am now writing. From bilocation to women who claimed they knew and dated me. The make, model, and color of the car was correct, but I never met these girls, let alone dated them.

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