Reality! Shifts In Perception And Parallel Existences

Marcus Lowth
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July 2, 2018
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October 4, 2021
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Much like time, reality, and our perception of it, both collectively and individually, is something largely accepted yet not fully understood. Many would suggest, for example, that reality is what we experience through the five senses – touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. However, what about what we don’t see and hear, or what we can’t touch physically?

A depiction of Parallel Worlds

Might parallel worlds exist?

For example, the human eyes only observe a fraction of the light spectrum which our brains then convert to images and ultimately what we see. Similarly, human hearing is geared to only a very small frequency range. Hence, dogs can hear a dog whistle that is inaudible to us, but that doesn’t mean that sound doesn’t exist. It simply isn’t part of our reality. We might look at sight in much the same way. There is a wealth of colors from the spectrum that are essentially invisible to humans.

Humans Are Like TVs

Some people would say that psychics or mystics are not so much “magic” but have the ability to see beyond the “normal five senses”, or at least the normal limits of the human range of the five senses. Perhaps they also have the ability to see other dimensions and “realities” that most of us can’t, or simply do not know how to see. Maybe this increased perception goes hand in hand with time itself, allowing people we would call clairvoyants, for example, the ability to perceive time differently to most, and in effect, tell the future.

Author, David Icke, explains this using a radio or television and the frequency waves it uses which are then converted into sounds and pictures. If we change the dial and tune into another station – another frequency – we can now hear or see something different, but the first station is still there. We are just not tuned into it anymore. It is a great way to view how we (literally) see and hear the world, which ultimately are our bodies’ own conversion of frequencies and waves into sounds and images. Indeed, even solid objects are made up of vibrating energies (molecules) but at such a low frequency that they are “solid”. At least our perception of them is.

Perhaps it is worth remembering the words of Nikola Tesla who said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”. At times, some people believe, these realities – energies, frequencies, and vibrations merge into one, temporarily, and “shift” between each other.

The Origins Of The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is, without doubt, one of the most bizarrely outlandish paranormal phenomena [1] of the twenty-first century. And yet, many people believe to have experienced it. And further still, there are heaps of intriguing examples that, at the very least, have you thinking just what is real and what isn’t.

The theory itself entered the public conscious courtesy of paranormal researcher, Fiona Broome, in 2010. Broome claims that she suddenly had the realization that a news story she clearly remembered seeing in the 1980s was, in fact, false. At least according to the accepted history of 2010. She claimed, online no less, that she remembered seeing news coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death over twenty years ago. What’s more, rather than mercilessly mock her (which some most definitely did), many, many people professed to recall the same news coverage. Some even went on to claim they had even covered his death in school.

Broome began to investigate these apparent “differing versions” of history. She would claim that the Mandela Effect is when “someone has a clear memory of something that never happened in this reality” [2] She would further claim that many people across the world remember the same “events and details” from the past that are “different front what’s in the history books”. While this might suggest some kind of mass-De Ja Vu event or even a conspiracy of memory implants and “glitches” in false history, Broome would distance herself from such notions. Instead, she would insist, this phenomenon was evidence of parallel realities and the “sliding between them” that many of us do without knowing or understanding how.

A mystical image of inter dimensional travel

Is the Mandela Effect something that deserves further study?

Songs, Cartoons, Children’s Books, And Non-Existent Film Lines!

Along with the swarms of people who “remembered” Nelson Mandela dying in a South African prison cell in the 1980s, many other loose groupings began to form, and apparent “glitches” noticed. For example, the Queen song “We Are The Champions” ends with the line, “We are the champions…of the world”, right? However, in reality, “champions” is the last word. What is interesting, since this song was written in the late-1970s, it has been pumped out of stadium and arena PA systems countless times as a soundtrack to the end of umpteen sporting events. While many swear otherwise, perhaps the perception of how the song ends is more in line with a “mixing” of it for such events sticking in many people’s minds. Perhaps not though.

There are several other weird examples where huge groups of people find agreement of alternative memories. For example, is it “The Flintstones” or should it be “The Flinstones”? Or how about “Looney Tunes”? Should it really be, “Loony Toons” as so many people seem to remember? What about shows such as “Sex And The City”, which many people claim is actually “Sex In The City”?

Perhaps one of the first to go viral online [3] was the claims surrounding the “Berenstain Bears”. Or is it the “Berenstein Bears”? According to the thousands of fans of the children’s books and eventual TV series, “Berenstein Bears” was the correct spelling. According to history, it is very much “Berenstain Bears”. Indeed, so convinced was one internet user that they would write on Broome’s site around 2015, “At some point in the last ten years or so, reality has been tampered with and history has been retroactively changed”.

A Crashing Of Dimensions And Realities

Perhaps not all of these parallel shifts occur “en masse”. Maybe some affect only individuals or small groups. We have written before, for example of the man flying into Japan from Taured, a country he claimed as his own, with over a thousand years of history to its name. Japanese authorities would detain the man while they attempted to “find” this mystery country, only for him to disappear from a locked and guarded hotel room. Might there be a country in another reality by the name of Taured? One that has stood proudly for over a thousand years no less?

That could quite possibly be the case for an account that surfaced in 1988 but occurred almost two decades previously on 20th October 1969. That afternoon, “LC” was driving with a colleague towards Lafayette along Highway 167. They were the only ones on the road, so they cruised along on the bright, blue-skied afternoon, largely carefree and relaxed.

Suddenly, in front of them was a vehicle traveling much slower than them, ultimately causing them to slow their speed. The vehicle was an “old turtle-type car” from the early twentieth century. They assumed it was an antique, perhaps out for a rare drive, as it appeared to them to be in pristine condition. After admiring the bodywork of the vehicle for a moment, the pair decided they should attempt to pass so they could continue on their way. LC noticed as they did so that the number plate clearly said “1940”, which was illegal under US law. As they made their pass, LC became even more confused as he took in the passengers and their attire.

An image of multiple Earths in space

Might multiple other realities exist all around us?

The Vanishing Car

As they passed LC could see the driver of the vehicle was a young woman. Next to her was a young child although LC couldn’t be sure if it was a boy or a girl. Each was, however, dressed in complete 1940s clothing. He quickly wondered if they were on their way to some kind of ball or function. Maybe that explained the pristine conditioned old car and the 1940 number plate. Something told him that wasn’t the case. His colleague, Charlie, was equally perplexed.

The windows of the car were tightly wound up so precise details were hard to take in. He could, however, see a look of panic and fear on the woman’s face. He wondered if she were lost. At this point, the vehicle LC was riding in was moving alongside the 1940s car. He called out to the distraught woman, asking if she was in need of assistance. She replied that she was, although she kept her eyes firmly down and forward on the road.

He motioned and called for her to pull over to the side of the road. She didn’t appear to understand to begin with. After several seconds, however, she began to pull her car to the road’s edge. Charlie moved ahead slightly so that they too could pull to the side of the road in front of them. As he brought their car to a stop, he and LC exited the vehicle. To their amazement, the 1940 car that was in their sight only seconds earlier was no longer there. It had simply vanished into thin air.

Parallel Dimensions And Time-Travel Share The Same Roots?

The tale of LC and the mystery 1940s woman and child are remarkably similar to the man from Taured. It would appear, given the look of distress on the woman’s face, that she had perhaps shifted from her reality into that of LC’s. Much like the man from Taured apparently shifted into our reality in Japan.

In the tale of LC, it would even seem that the incident is one more in line with time-travel. Indeed, perhaps time-travel and alternative realities are a closer thought-process than they would at first appear. If we accept, for example, that time is not a linear experience but one more “spherical” where all aspects of time exist concurrently, then each of these timelines would, in turn, be a reality in its own right. It would be hard to imagine so many different realities and alternative timelines – essentially frequencies – not crashing into each other on occasion. And there being consequences of these interactions.

There is, though, as interesting and thought-provoking as these theories are, no proof to back any of them up. And what’s more, it would be hard to see where that proof would come from. Or how one might present such proof in a palatable way. Because of this, many incidents go unreported and those who might question events or timelines, do so in private. And ultimately cut off from others who might potentially be a jigsaw fit to their own experience and research.

The result is such groups who congregate and investigate a wealth of apparent collective and alternative memories. These make up such notions and claims as “The Mandela Effect”. And this theory might prove to be but the tip of the iceberg.

A painting of a human face on a red background with a clock over the top

Are dimension jumps the same as what we understand time travel to be?

Secret Experiments To Blame?

As intriguing as these apparent differences in collective memories are, if we accept for one moment that the “Mandela Effect” is absolute truth and real, perhaps the more intriguing question would be why are certain people affected? Why do some remember the “alternative” timelines while others’ minds apparently reprogram their memories in sympathy with these shifts?

Or, are the ones affected the minds that are experiencing incorrect memories in this reality? Their brains somehow “reprogrammed” in sympathy with the alternate, and temporary, reality shift. And then, in turn, out of synch with its actual reality? And if so, what makes these minds – essentially electrical signals – susceptible in the first place?

Might it be even more disturbing than some crazy, yet natural phenomena? The dark creation of powers unknown for reasons equally unclear? And if so, how? What would that suggest about not only our reality and who shapes it, but also the nature of human existence?

Whether fairly, rightly, or even reasonably, many people point an accusing finger at the CERN project. And the Large Hadron Collider. To them, it is no coincidence that such feelings of “incorrect memories” began following the initial experiments of 2009. [4] And furthermore, that is just the experiments we, the public, know about. Further still, are these effects an unfortunate, unforeseen byproduct of such experiments? Or is there a more purposeful, dark, and monovalent agenda behind them? And what would the ultimate end-game be?

It makes for interesting, if grim thinking. Perhaps, though, we should take note of details a little closer, lest they suddenly change without us realizing it. The short video below looks at theories of reality shifts and the Mandela Effect in a little more detail.


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