Masonic Rites And Rituals On The Apollo 11 Moon Landing?

Marcus Lowth
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December 28, 2016
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September 25, 2021
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When the historic moon landings are brought up in earshot of anyone with a liking for conspiracy theories, the first thing they will likely want to debate is the question of whether or not they even happened. While there are certainly some interesting arguments, for the sake of this article at least, we are working on the assumption that the Apollo 11 mission was very real, and achieved its purpose of landing humans on the Moon.

Freemason logo over Apollo 11 footage.

Freemason logo over Apollo 11 footage.

There are, however, plenty of interesting points to dissect regarding the Apollo 11 mission. Not least, the apparent Masonic rites and rituals that, according to some, were central to its entire planning. What’s more, when information of the launch and the landing is scrutinized, it appears that the actions were more than just symbolic, but an actual attempt to replicate alleged “communications with the gods” – such ceremonies that go all the way back to ancient Egypt.

NASA and Apollo 11 Connections To Secret Societies

By the time of Yuri Gagarin’s orbit around the Earth in 1961, which would establish the Soviet Union as the frontrunners in space exploration, the goal of NASA and United States would switch to having a successful mission to the moon – one that would be broadcast around the world for all to see no less.

By 20th July 1969, Apollo 11 was racing towards the celestial body, only hours away from finally touching down on its surface. Meanwhile, below on Earth, arguably every television set in existence at the time would witness and relay the moment.

The short video below is NASA footage of the historic moon landing.

What some don’t know is that many with secret society, and in particular, Freemason connections were involved heavily in the planning of the mission.

NASA’s administrator from 1961 to 1968 – right before the Apollo 11 mission launched, was James Edwin Webb – a known Freemason. As was the manager of the Apollo Program, Kenneth S. Kleinknecht. [1] Buzz Aldrin himself was said to be a 33 Degree Scottish Rite Freemason and is believed to have even taken a silk, masonic scarf with him on the mission so that he could donate it to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction, who were based in Washington DC.

The Far Reach Of The Masons

The fact that such societies as the Freemasons would share involvement in such a huge endeavour was no secret. At least in print at the time of the missions. An archived edition of the November 1969 issue of The New Age Magazine explored Aldrin’s feat and his Masonic connections. One particular quote from the article reads, “When man reaches new worlds, Masonry will be there!”

Many of the astronauts of missions before and after Apollo 11 also had strong ties and connections to Freemasonry and secret societies. Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr. of Project Mercury was a Freemason, as was Virgil Grissom and Donn Eisele. Even John Glenn, who first went into space in 1962, was part of the secret society. He became the oldest person to participate in a space mission [2] when he took part in the Discovery mission of 1998 at the age of seventy-seven.

The Landing And Ancient Rituals?

The moon landings took place in an area named the Sea of Tranquility. [3] The flat surface, according to the research, would make an ideal landing spot. In retrospect, some theorists have cast doubt on this reason.

Farouk El-Baz was the person responsible for developing the launch window of the mission. Scrutiny of these times and coordinates of the astronauts’ final destination would reveal connections to ancient Egyptian ceremonies. Particularly when we know that El-Baz’s father is an expert in such rituals.

Believers of this theory state that the site’s selection was for reasons other than a smooth landing surface. Meticulous workings out, they believe, would state that on that date and time, exactly thirty-three minutes after landing at the desired destinations, Orion’s Belt would be perfectly aligned on the moon’s horizon. The fact that the landing was timed so that it was thirty-three minutes before the alignment was in line is due to the importance that the number “33” has to the Freemasons.

Indeed “33” appears to crop up, coincidentally or not, a lot in the NASA missions. The landing strip where the first shuttle mission came back to earth was Landing Strip 33 for example. Similarly, the only launch pad at White Sands, New Mexico, is Launch Pad 33.

Some believe that even the moon-rocks that would return to Earth with the astronauts were likely not rocks at all. But remnants of ancient alien technology, discarded on the moon’s surface. The amount of moon rocks that have gone “missing” or are unaccounted for, [4] combined with the number of photographs and even recordings and footage that have become “lost” by NASA, makes it is easy to see why some become suspicious in the first place.

The video below examines the landing site.

Ancient Communications With Osiris?

According to the legends of ancient Egypt, it is believed that performing ceremonies and making offerings directly under Orion’s Belt, would open communications with Osiris himself.

Shortly after landing, Aldrin – himself a Freemason, remember – would, according to some, perform such a ceremony. One following Masonic traditions – which is essentially, ancient knowledge for the minds of only a select few.

It is perhaps easy to explain the communion that took place on the moon between the two astronauts. Simply a religious ceremony that would be relevant to many people worldwide. It is also worth noting, however, the origins of such a ceremony. Which again, go all the way back to ancient Egypt, and are an offering to Osiris. The short video below looks at this in a little more detail.

If they were performing rituals and making offerings to the ancient Egyptian deity, for what reason would this have been? Why had they focused on this particular god of antiquity of all the thousands they could have chosen? Was it simply to satisfy one particular person’s interest in such things? A person who, by coincidence, was in charge of planning the launch? Or did the real drivers of the mission have knowledge that remains out of the reach of the vast majority? Knowledge that is only available to those in such secret societies. It is worth remembering that many of these secret societies believe their bloodlines go all the back to the Pharaohs. And even the gods of ancient Egypt.

Perhaps more importantly, is the question of did they actually manage to achieve communication with such higher entities? In an event that is already a magnet for conspiracy, it is certainly otherworldly food for thought.

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