The Shadow Snatchers Of The Kentucky Caves

Marcus Lowth
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December 29, 2018
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October 3, 2021
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We have recently ventured, on several occasions, into the idea of the many mysterious cave systems around the world housing entities or lifeforms that most of us wouldn’t wish to even contemplate much less meet face-to-face. One such location that is perhaps more mysterious than most is “Hollow Cave”, part of the equally mysterious cave systems of Kentucky. And more specifically the “Shadow Snatchers” that some claim reside deep within them.

A Depiction of cave carved into a skull blended into an image with a hand coming out of a mist

Are the Kentucky Caves home to something otherworldly?

Strange activity in this location dates back to the early-eighteenth century, before the official formation of the United States of America.  And what’s more, it appears this strange activity very much continues today.  Further still, the Kentucky cave systems, including Mammoth Cave National Park, are the largest such cave systems in the world. And it would appear that much of the underground terrain is still undiscovered. In fact, according to some, parts of these ancient cave systems have been purposely sealed shut and remain undeclared. And according to one researcher, whose accounts we will examine in a moment, the secrecy that surrounds parts of these cave systems is not for the protection of the cave. But purely for the protection of those who dare to enter them.

While there is no doubt that many of the legends that surround the Kentucky caves have their roots in the witchcraft accounts of the early-1700s, the fact that they endure so strongly today three centuries later perhaps means we should pay a little closer attention to such events. Indeed, perhaps such tales as the Shadow Snatchers may prove to be more than just mere folklore. And furthermore, maybe we should look at some of the other cave systems around the world in a new light and from a different perspective lest they prove to be the same.

Hollow Cave – Whose Location Must Remain Secret!

The account of the Shadow Snatchers of Hollow Cave [1] enters the public arena via researcher and writer, Allen Kopp. And furthermore, the incident is one involving Kopp himself. Before revealing the details of his account, he rather cryptically states that the location of the cave in question must remain “a strict secret for reasons I can not tell you”. He then goes on to state that this is for the protection of the reader.

What we do know is that the cave is somewhere in an abandoned quarry, behind a retirement home in Louisville, Kentucky. According to Kopp, the cave would stretch for at least a mile, reaching all the way to the Cave Hill Cemetery. At one stage, there was apparently an entrance to Hollow Cave at the cemetery location. Out of this entrance, “spring waters” flowed into the nearby lake. A boat is required to reach this entrance (which is now concealed). According to legends of the area, this lake was around 25 acres and around twenty feet in depth.

What’s more, due to the “quarry blasting” the terrain to and in the cave is “treacherous” at best. Furthermore, rockfall and quicksand litter the walkways. However, that is not all that resides in the cave systems. It isn’t even the worst. The shadows, that appear without the presence of light, no less, are “what dwells” in Hollow Cave.  And further according to Kopp, “they are everywhere. But without light, no one can see them”.

Perhaps even more alarming, these shadows are far from dormant. And are waiting for the chance to be complete once again. At the expense of the unfortunate adventurer who dares enter.

Entrance to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Entrance to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Without A Shadow, A Person Can’t Exist!

It would appear the origins of these mysterious shadows of Hollow Cave stretch back to the early 1700s. During this time, when the United States of America was still in the future and the “new world” was still in the process of “settlement” by pilgrims from Europe, witchcraft was particularly widespread. And although The Inquisition had no authority in the new world, plenty of women would meet their end among accusations of witchcraft. While the vast majority of those women were undoubtedly innocent, and none surely deserved the treatment they received in the last moments of their lives, there are some curious and suspicious cases. It would seem it wasn’t just enlightened free-thinkers who wished to practice the finer details of their art and beliefs.

What’s more, it wasn’t merely individual witches brewing up poultices and potions in the middle of nowhere and away from the majority of the population.  Entire covens of witches existed throughout the many woodlands and backroads of the quickly growing nation that would be the United States.

In the area that would become Louisville, Kentucky in the early-eighteenth century, in the location where the one-time cave entrance was in the cemetery, a coven of witches would meet at night to perform “rituals”. According to reports of the area, around this time, at least two young girls would go missing near the same location. Neither of them was seen again. Further according to the reports and legends of the area, a “Countess” of the coven, named as “Mary Smith” which is unlikely her real name, would place a curse on many a young victim. Including the two young girls. She would steal their shadows, a curse from the Black Book of Curses from “the old country”. Without a shadow, a person can’t exist.

“They Walk Amongst Us Every Day And We Pay No Attention To Them!”

Kopp himself would investigate these strange legends. Indeed, it was this interest and research that would lead him to Hollow Cave in the first place. And it is in these deep, black cave systems, where the shadows of the unfortunate victims of Mary Smith’s coven reside. At least according to Kopp. And here resides the complexity of such legends.

As Kopp explains, “In the darkness you can not see the hidden shadows. And turning on a light of any type will not help. As soon as light emits onto a shadow, it ceases to be a shadow”. And furthermore, they can no longer be seen. Much like they can not be seen in the dark. What might happen to our “mortal remains” is still a mystery. As Kopp asks, “did we ever really exist?”

Further to that, Kopp insists that we have all seen these shadow snatchers. Responsible for turning once “flesh-and-blood” humans into shadow-less, formless memories. According to Kopp, “they walk amongst us every day and we pay no attention to them”. Furthermore, on many occasions, we might even find ourselves speaking to such creatures, although again we wouldn’t be aware of anything untoward or out of the ordinary. However, despite this, we should be careful of who we befriend. According to the legends, should an unfortunate person happen to befriend such an entity, they are likely to lose their shadow. And ultimately their soul.

These shadow-stealing entities are the true witches from legends. Ones who can alter their appearance depending on their target. Rather than the pointy-nosed, repulsive “hags” of fairy tales, these creatures would, for example, when attracting a young man, project themselves as a beautiful young woman. So beautiful most men couldn’t resist her charm. Or her seductive and fatal attack.

A depiction from inside a mammoth cave

Many caves are yet to be fully explored

A Perpetual State Of Nothingness, Watching And Waiting!

Once these deadly entities have their soul, they also have a person’s shadow. These shadows are “hidden” and reside within the darkness of Hollow Cave.

It is certainly an interesting concept. Without light, no shadows can exist. As Kopp himself asked, “did we ever really exist”? Are we perhaps nothing but shadows and projections? Might this explain the obsession in multiple ancient texts of “the light” and how important it is? Might it be esoteric information and wisdom on the true nature, state, and existence of humanity?

Perhaps what is most chilling, certainly for those who wish to explore such cave systems is that these “Shad-O-Cavo” caves are present all over America, and even the world. And what’s more, they are full of the shadows of those who have gone missing. These shadows, in their perpetual state of non-existence, wait, looking for an opportunity to exist once again. As much as we can’t see these shadows, they, equally, can’t see us. However, they can “sense” a living presence.

According to Kopp’s research, the average temperature of a typical cave is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The average human body temperature, on the other hand, is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. It is this change in temperature, almost like a supernatural heat sensor, that alerts these shadowy entities to a human presence. And the chance for them to take control of a human body and live once again.

As outlandish and truly bizarre as this notion is to many, it would perhaps tie in the absolute plethora of “missing people” in this part of the world. There is indeed a wave of theories as to just where those missing people are. And who or what is behind their disappearance. Maybe some are victims of the shadow snatchers?

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