The Kelly Cahill Incident – An Encounter With The Shadow People?

Marcus Lowth
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September 13, 2017
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September 6, 2020
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The strange encounter that twenty-seven-year-old, Kelly Cahill and her family would experience, while driving home through the otherwise pleasant foothills of the Mount Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia, would be one of strange crafts and terrifying “soulless” beings.

Time would eventually unlock Kelly’s memories and reveal an ordeal unlike any she might have previously imagined. Far from believable, her account would bring forward other witnesses, corroborating her version of events. Like most claims and encounters of this nature, opinion remains divided as to the authenticity of the account.

A depiction of a shadow person

Are shadow people and aliens one and the same?

What is interesting about this particular case, however, is that it bears hallmarks to another strange and chilling phenomenon – the shadow people. These accounts of strangely intense black beings are becoming increasingly linked to UFO activity. In particular, many who have claimed to have suffered abductions, also report seeing strange “blacked out” beings.

A Life-Changing Journey Home

It was shortly after midnight in the early hours of 8th August 1993 when the Cahill’s lives would change forever. There, directly in front of them, hovering slightly above the road’s surface, was a round disc-shaped object. A fantastic array of colored lights emanated from the underside of the strange craft, spraying the area with color. Windows were even clearly visible, as were what Kelly presumed to be the “crew” of the otherworldly vehicle.

Almost involuntarily Kelly let out a scream, inquiring if her husband could see what she could. As she did so, the round object would vanish in an instant.

The pair would manage to locate a light in the sky. Almost as soon as they did, it suddenly increased in brightness to the point of being blinding.

Kelly, her emotions reaching the point of terror, asked her husband what they should do, to which he responded, “I am going to keep driving!”

“What Happened? Did I Blackout?”

A second later, each was considerably calmer, the light gone, and the vehicle under Kelly’s husband’s control. Kelly asked if she had blacked out. What she was not aware of at this point, was her husband was experiencing exactly the same feelings as she.

He continued to drive home, though each sat in silence for the remainder of the journey. Something wasn’t right, of that they were certain. As they made their way inside the house following their arrival, they realized that an hour of time had disappeared from their memories.

Kelly would also notice a strange triangular marking on her torso as she prepared for bed a short time later. Over the next fortnight, she would experience general ill-health, even attending hospital twice with separate infections and stomach pains.

Over the following weeks, memories would begin to seep back into her conscious allowing her to piece together the events. When she finally achieved this, it would make for one of the most fascinating encounters in recent history.

Unlocking Memories and Other Witnesses

Kelly remembered events differently from her initial memories. She would recall that the craft had first been in a gully to the side of the road. Her husband had brought the car to a halt. Each of them then left the vehicle to get a closer look at the bizarre sight in front of them.

It was at this point that Kelly would recall another car passing by at the same time had also come to a stop – presumably for the same reason as she and her husband. She would also recall how the object seemed to have some kind of magnetism about it. As if they moved in its direction against their will.

They then noticed the strange being. A deep black color, but unlike any black Kelly could previously recall. She described the deepness of the blackness, and indeed the being, as “not having a soul” and being “void of color!” It was around seven feet tall and thin, but most noticeable were the piercing red eyes – themselves large and out of proportion to its head.

As she scanned her surroundings, she would notice many more of these strange beings. A group of them were suddenly directly in front of Kelly and her husband, moving with immense speed from their original position. She could recall seeing a similar group in front of the mystery car.

It was then that Kelly screamed out loud. The next memory she could recall would be of her and her husband driving home.

Check out the videos below. The first is a basic overview of Cahill incident. The second looks extensively at the incident and features interviews with Kelly Cahill.

The Shadow People?

The people in the mystery car would indeed come forward. Furthermore, they would offer the exact same story. Kelly would also experience intense dreams regularly – dreams where she could see a “black alien” looking down at her. In particular, it would focus on her torso – the same place as the strange marking she discovered.

Might it be possible that the Cahill’s experience was one of the shadow people? Although it is a phenomenon generally associated with a paranormal activity, there are accounts of such beings linked to UFO encounters. Perhaps more important, many repeat alien abductees recall or have even captured images of strange dark figures during the course of their experiences.

Might these shadow people be entities from another dimension? Inter-dimensional travel is another theory that has been explored by many in the UFO field as a possible explanation for such sightings. Might this, for reasons as yet full-unknown to science, explain the “blacker-than-black” coloring? Might it be some kind of unknown consequence of crossing dimensions?

Check out the short video below. It features interviews (including footage) with people who claim to have witnessed shadow people.

Connections to Ancient Civilization on Mars?

In February 2017, declassified CIA documents would report on the use of remote viewing. While this is something that most in conspiracy circles are aware of, one particular session from 1984 reports that “the subject” speaks of “very large, thin people” who were “like the perception of the shadow of people!”

Even stranger, the coordinates of the location the subject was viewing were on Mars – over one million years BC. The subject tells of a small team of these ancient people leaving the planet in order to “find somewhere else to live!” The vehicle they used to travel in is described as having “rounded walls and shiny metal” – very similar to the descriptions of many UFOs, not least the description given by Kelly Cahill.

Is it possible that these ancient beings from Mars made it to Earth? Or, might their journey have not have simply been in terms of miles through space, but also forward through time? If there is a connection to these shadow people sightings and UFO encounters, should we have a concern about the apparent increase in sightings of them?

It is certainly an aspect of the subject that perhaps warrants further cataloging and study.

Check out the video below. It features Simon Parkes discussing some of the theories regarding connections between alien encounters, and the shadow people.

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