Eisenhower’s Meeting with Aliens: The Facts

First Published: January 29, 2015 Last updated: June 3rd, 2019 Written by: Ian Stephens Estimated Reading Time: 14 minutes Posted in: Aliens

For many years, one of the most intriguing tales out there has been humanity and our contact with aliens. With so much out there it’s almost impossible to deny – for example, there have been numerous governments and former administrators around the world who have effectively “disclosed” – it’s no surprise that the variety as well as the severity of the stories has grown exponentially over the years. This usually comes down to one thing for most people, however – the fact that our top brass are well in the know about the alien races we’ve come across. Whether you are talking about the Anunnaki, the Nordics or anything else that has been mentioned throughout the various studies that have been held into alien life, finding links that are far more than a small pointer in the right direction is easier than ever before.

Eisenhower's meeting with the Aliens

One of the most explosive stories in the entire catalogue of alien disclosure and meetings, though, is the stories that revolve around President Dwight David Eisenhower. In office for eight years from January 20th 1953-1961, Dwight Eisenhower is one of the well-recognized names within United States politics. It was his leadership that got the States through the battles on the Western Front, and he was also the first Supreme Commander of NATO. By all accounts, though, he was one of the first presidents who really went after the alien side of things. There’s no doubt that the idea of disclosure and meeting new species piqued the interest of Eisenhower.

Despite being deemed by many as something more akin to a spiritual or religious experiment – such is the lack of genuine, cast iron proof – there was a clamor within the White House to find out more about extraterrestrial races. After all, if we aren’t alone out there would it not be beneficial for the administration that runs the country to know about it? The problem is that, just as you might imagine with most UFO-based stories, there’s a lot of conjecture out there. Are the meetings true? Did they even take place? How credible is the sources? Can we genuinely believe that Eisenhower met with aliens and just neglected to mention it?

As one of the more credible Presidents of recent times, does it strike anyone else as quite worrying that disclosure was never brought forward by Eisenhower? Out of each of the President’s outside of Kennedy, he seemed to be the most likely to actually bring this to this to the attention of the American people. Add in the fact that the rumors have flown around for many, many years without any kind of 100% proof for or against the theories, and you’ve got one of the most confusing parts of the recent American history.

So, just what are the striking stories and rumors? If we are to believe that Eisenhower was carrying out these kinds of missions, what is supposed to have taken place at these specific points in time? The most common one that you will hear is the Edwards Air Force Base story.

The Edwards Air Force Base Story

This is a hugely popular form of story that centres on a specific event that took place in the early months of 1954. This is what makes this story so great – it’s so varied that even a set date isn’t likely to be found anywhere.

Aerial shot of Edwards Air Force Base

Aerial shot of Edwards Air Force Base

It’s said that the President made a “routine” trip to the Edwards base as a means of diplomacy. However, it’s alleged that what went on inside was far more than just your usual partaking of an air force base for PR or morale reasons. Instead, the story tends to follow two specific trains of thought;

Eisenhower visited the base in an attempt to start dialogue with an alien race that had landed. This is the one that people love to believe the most – what sounds more like a movie than the US President going to meet with a clan of aliens who have arrived on Earth? This is the story with the most traction in terms of people loving it and wanting to believe it, but does not really stand the test of time when you look at various facets of the story

Eisenhower was there visiting a crashed wreckage of a UFO. Whether or not this is true is entirely open to interpretation – nobody knows, obviously. This was deemed to be the first time that a story broke in the “underground” about dead aliens and spacecraft being captured across the globe. This holds more credence with many people as there are far more “images” and other useful features flying around that depict the fact we’ve found corpses of aliens rather than spoken with them directly, and on a regular basis face-to-face. Whether it’s the Eisenhower theory you are looking at or you wish to go back a little longer in history, there is far more supporting evidence that we have found dead aliens

The issue then, of course, is how did they die? There are plenty of clips on YouTube of what appears to be fighter jets engaging in combat with something otherworldly. Then there’s the legislation that runs around from Russia and Mexico. Both of their administrations have, at one point, more or less admitted that they’ve come across things in the sky that aren’t human. They’ve engaged them and merely lost ships.

So, how is it possible that our jets of today can be swatted away like plastic toys? Yet our aircraft in Eisenhower’s time could shoot down an aircraft? This is the only part that leaves me feeling skeptical that they were killed. Instead, it’s more likely that there’s been a crash or some form of incident that left the aliens in a less than satisfactory position.

It’s deemed that on the night after Eisenhower met the aliens that he enforced his closest confidantes and strategists to keep quiet about the possibility of aliens. Does this make it more or less likely? Was there an incident that occurred that night?

The Supporting Cast

There are, however, some little inklings that have been recovered from the time of the event that do make one’s eyebrows stay risen. For example, it’s been pretty much proven that Eisenhower spent time at the airbase sometime between the 17th and 24th of February. When it was discovered that the President was, in effect, missing the repress went into overdrive. Was he dead? Had he fallen ill? Where was the President? It was these kinds of messages that broke out; at the same time of year he was estimated to be meeting an alien species. Does that add up, or is it just us?

The official story at the time was rather comical, too. Apparently, the President was enjoying some fried chicken and just so happened to damage his tooth. He was therefore en route to an emergency appointment to get his cap fixed. Now, I’m a huge believer in the fact that the US has pulled some pretty devious tricks in the last 20-30 years but I think that they can do better than this. It would appear that, in the 50s, their “lying” team wasn’t very good!

Sold to the world as a quick vacation away from the stresses of running the United States, the entire Palm Springs scenario simply died off at this point. But, given the fact that it’s a verified fact the President enjoyed a holiday just a week before, in Georgia, why would he have two holidays in two weeks? Running a country is tough work, sure, but you don’t tend to get that kind of social mobility and freedom. Therefore, what could be the reason for the hastily arranged trip to the Springs? What are people not being told that they simply need to find out?

The next strangest thing to come out of all this was in a 1979 interview with the dentist who fixed Eisenhower’s tooth. Despite having passed on, his widow was unable to recall a single thing about the President being there – it’s as if it never actually happened, in all honesty. Surely you would remember small details about meeting the President? Especially in such comical circumstances?

He dentist’ wife was even able to whip up small, insignificant details about the night after where they went for a meal and were treated as heroes. So, how can they get around with this kind of publicity and such a memorable time of their lives without having any semblance or idea of what happened when they met the President? Does that not strike anyone else as even the slightest bit strange? Surely you would recall meeting the President of your nation?

A Lack of Clarity

Other factors point to this being the case, though – there’s far more to this than just some sketchy facts. For example, there’s a document that is held within the Eisenhower Library. It’s got countless books and resources on the great man himself – it’s even got a little book about his medical history and anything that he had to go undergo whilst in office. How convenient! Why, then, is there absolutely no mention of work on his teeth on that night? Surely such a widely publicized event would be included in the book itself?

There is a separate file at the same location titled “Dentists” that holds no records of any of this work ever actually being carried out. The other odd thing that goes on here is the fact that, during the Palm Springs trip, the President pretty much left a trail. There were notes throughout the Library all from this trip that were left as thank you notices to those who looked after him on his trip.

It’s for things like giving the President a flower, or for looking after the plane that he arrived in. so, why would there be no mention of the dentist? Why is there no commendation letter for the individual who took away the President’s pain at short notice?

Why would such a routine and absolutely necessary emergency appointment be concealed like this? It’s not like it was all a big cover-up because the President hurt his tooth, is it? No, they told the world via a press conference in the White House that dental work was carried out. With such a huge amount of “proof” hanging over the project, is it any surprise that people tend to believe what they want to hear when it comes to stuff like this?

In fact, the rumors that follow this story around have come from a variety of different sources and timelines. The rumors, though, started early. They could be found in pubs and in the streets around Palm Springs even a month or two after the President had originally arrived.

The Light Show

One of the most prominent pieces of evidence out there, though, is the letter sent by Gerald Light. Gerald Light hailed from the Hollywood Hills and was probably the dictionary definition of strange. However, he wrote a leer to the South California Metaphysical Organization whereby he claimed to have been in the Edwards base that day. He says in the letter, which has been around the mainstream media more than any other part of this theory, that he witnessed the “saucers” as well as the aliens within the airbase. It’s been a big part of the story for many years and explains why so many people have turned up to look into the origins of the letter.

The problem is, like most of this situation, it’s shrouded in mystery. Despite being labeled as form of Shaman or magician who could use out of body experiences to place himself elsewhere – according to Mr. Light, anyway – his claims stop short because of one key fact. It was the belief of Mr. Light that he was simply viewing what was going on via an out of body experience, not that he was physically there in the first place after all.

But, when you are dealing with the facts and figures that surround the potential President of the US meeting up with aliens in a hidden bunker, should the word of someone like this be discounted so much? If it was to proven that this was what went on at the airbase, it would change everything. It would probably, in all honesty, make magic seem a little bit boring if we discovered that all of the stories out there about different aliens coming to visit us and work with us actually had a genuine foundation and came from the actual truth!

Do you find this kind of stuff a little scary? Then this account by Ed Komarek is one of the most outstanding sections available about this. Komarek claims that he was contacted by a close friend who put him in touch with various pieces of information regarding the ET connections and Eisenhower. As he states himself in the start of the article, the information that proved everything he was about to be told was “burglarized” by the government. Now, this might be heading straight for “Tin Hat Alley” when you start to read into this side of the story but there is some VERY interesting details found within this program that you should definitely consider reading.

It was the claim of Komarek’s contact that, from his own eyes, he had seen up to nine “saucers” by 1959 when working as a USAF pilot. He also claims to have seen photographs of both live and dead alien species, varied in their styles and their makeup. Additionally, this same contact claims to have seen a damaged cruiser on the back of a flatbed truck.

The saucer had a large hole in the side of it. The strangest remark made was that the aircraft could be lifted up with just two men! Do you know of any aircraft that we can lift with the same difficulty as a coffee table?

The Actual Meetings

This same contact claims to have seen video footage of the Eisenhower meeting. The next part is the kind of thing that, if true, really does send shivers down the spine. Allegedly the aircraft arrived in the form of three separate saucers, and that one landed to meet Eisenhower. It’s said that the aliens offered Eisenhower a special deal – technology to cure disease and to totally change the use of fossil fuels in exchange for humanity to make concessions on warfare and greed.

Eisenhower with an Alien

Eisenhower refused. He believed that the American economy would be de-stabilized by this and that they weren’t ready for that kind of change. I could rant for hours about this, being the most selfish and governmental decision ever made in human history. Knocking back the chance to change the world and probably stop the coming wars that we’ve all witnessed since the 1950s to help keep some fat cats rich? Sounds like a President to me…

As someone with more faith in an alien intervention changing the future of humanity rather than a forward thinking President (all of these stories, in fiction and in reality, lead to them making Greed over Need choices) it’s quite damning to read this. Is it possible that Eisenhower actually turned his back on some of the most impressive technological advancements and changes that humanity still needs today, purely to protect money and position?

If so, it’s little surprise that disclosure is yet to happen. Why would aliens want to deal with such a stupid, selfish and narcissistic race? It’s these kinds of decisions that you hear about that make war far more understandable. It’s easy to wonder “how did we get here?” but when UFO disclosure stories point to numerous refusals for helps to protect position; it’s not hard to see how we make such stupid decisions!

The most terrifying – and humiliating – aspect of this story is what comes next. Seemingly, the aliens acted in good faith and entered the hanger with Eisenhower. They were then surrounded by armed guards and told to give out the information or face the consequences. According to Komarek’s contact, they just walked through the walls and back to their ships!

Eisenhower was known to have suffered from a heart attack – it’s no surprise if you witnessed such a ridiculous thing. For a start, who pulls a gun on an alien?! If a ship can fly through space and get to our planet, the aliens are probably quite resistant to things like bullets…

This same contact is the person who says he witnessed two fighter jets literally get melted in the skies above him. Is that not just the most terrifying thing you’ve ever heard of?

So – there’s far more proof out there than originally conceived about the actual reality of an alien race having visited our planet. Did it go as far as it’s being suggested by Komarek and his contact? Perhaps not. But, when you see so many different videos out there today – this video in particular – it’s becoming harder to dismiss the crazy things out there.

Consider that, today, we stand at what we believe is the apex of human technology and development. But even twenty years ago we were light years behind where we are today. How do we go from the 80s and 90s to the 2000s? No other decade has shown such incredible technological growth. Are we really led to believe that we just started ticking the right boxes and delivering all of this totally life and society changing technology on our own?

There’s a fair chance that, if they were the first meetings between human and alien leaders, we’ve worked out some kind of compromise. If what is suggested by Komarek’s contact to be on tape is true then we are a very lucky race. Having shunned assistance from afar in the past, the only real explanation for how quickly technology moves today is that this meeting with Eisenhower could have been a pre-cursor to where we are today. Was his where the seeds of alliance were formed? Or were the foolish actions of the greedy enough to ostracize us in the future?

Given that we went from dial-up internet to fiber optic cables in such a short space of time, it’s hard to believe that we’re just so good scientifically.

The Commander

However, one of the most striking pieces of evidence out there aside from the story itself and the contact is the words of retired Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean. Dean believes that there was something far more sinister at play than what has been mentioned so far.

If you’ve never heard of the Anunnaki then this might be a bit of a leap of faith for you to take in. the Anunnaki are one of the many alien races that have been discussed as potentially an alien race we’ve met before in the past. It’s alleged by the Lt. that the meeting took place with four members of social society present. They were;

  • Gerald Light (!) – Metaphysical Scientist
  • James McIntyre – Bishop & head of the Catholic Church in LA
  • Franklin Allen – Respected journalist
  • Edwin Nourse – Economist

It was decided that in this meeting, sections of society’s most important factors would need to be present to try and determine just how to “break the news” as it were. Did you notice that the name of Gerald Light appeared again just above? Well, according to a letter sent to a close friend in April 1954, Light remarked that “I had the distinct feeling that the world had come to an end with fantastic realism. For I have never seen so many human beings in a state of complete collapse and confusion, as they realized their own world had indeed ended with such finality as to beggar description.”

It’s suggested that what the group – Eisenhower included – met were large Nordic figures. Around eight feet in height and with an appearance akin to what you might imagine Thor would look like, these large beings seemingly offered a fair trade to humanity. Technology and prosperity in exchange for removing nuclear problems. According to Michael Salla, a retired expolitical scholar, they were concerned about the damage that nuclear fission have on space itself, as well as other alien races. Therefore, the deal was fairly simple – remove these instruments of massive destruction, and receive an equivalent that can be used for good instead of war.

Like any typical politician, suspicion and paranoia led to this being refused. The Nordics, allegedly, also noted that we should be “Beware of the Grays”. The Grays are another species of alien we’ve deemed to have met over time, and are known to be devious.

So, what is an Anunnaki?

It’s a race of aliens that the Sumerians alluded to numerous times over history, across thousands of ancient drawings and clay tablets that have been recovered. These Nordics shared the same attributes and style as the proclaimed Anunnaki, and therefore it’s been concluded that this famous meeting came with a race of aliens much more similar to ourselves than we might have previously imagined.

The good that we can take from this situation – according to the experts of these kinds of situation – that these Anunnaki came from the clan Enki. It’s estimated that 4,000 years ago the Anunnaki effectively held dominion over Earth, and that they were ran by two different factions. The Enki, those who were for mankind and wish to educate and help us, and the Entil. The Entil were known to use humanity as tools and slaves, so it’s most likely that those who Eisenhower met with must have come from the Enki side. Why else would they offer help and assistance?

The information used in here mostly came from this video, as it’s the direct testimony of a dying CIA agent. Watch this similar video by Lt. Dean, though, and you can really see that the dots are beginning to join together on this whole thing:

With so many governments being far more open about the possibilities of alien existence, as well as many governments that are now pretty blatant about their interactions with other races, it’s probably as close as we’ve ever been to seeing disclosure. While in the 50s it might have been a harder sell to the people – the world was far less open to new changes and possibilities then – today it’s something that we simply need to look at and address. We all read about this kind of stuff, and there’s so much information out there from far too many reputable people to simply just disregard the evidence any longer.

Have you ever heard of Steven Greer? He’s one of the most prominent names in the UFO business, and has been involved in the medical profession as well as being the founder of The Disclosure Project. He’s spoken about the Eisenhower situation quite openly in the past and you can hear a great selection of it here.

He states that, in his belief, disclosure and the chance to improve humanity is stunted by the fact that we don’t have a single government that would actually respond, in his words, in a “rational way”.

This show that you can listen to is one of his best and gives you some great information regarding the Eisenhower situation. So, we’ve got a series of military generals, a medical professional, an extraterrestrial expert and various other people in the industry all backing this claim. There are simply too many people out there now who have spoken positively about the Eisenhower situation, they can’t all be discredited.

These are intelligent people who hold high positions of power, or did before retirement. The fact that so many pro-meeting messages exist, and they give you far more details than the fobbed off excuses of others, makes this very believable.

So, what do you think? Based on what you’ve read and seen, how would you consider the Eisenhower situation to have done down? Would you have made the same call, given the opportunity?

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Ian Stephens is an editor and writer for UFO Insight. He has a keen interest in the fields of strange phenomena, UFOs and aliens. He is also interested in space, physics and science in general. Writing for over 10 years in these fields, Ian has a lot of experience and knowledge to share.

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  • Jim says:

    I witnessed a UFO sighting as a child of 4. My recollections were of a warm summer day in late August.
    The craft was circular shape and came close to my home. It was witnessed by many neighbors. I lived in Paterson near school number 15 and the armory. The appearance of the circular craft was silvery. I could remember the appearance of figures siting near windows in the craft.I was a young child so I was confused over the fuss people were making? my neighbor was a young man and a engineer. He photographed the crafts.
    My mother and I and brother saw the ship but we were told it was a weather balloon. I know it was not a weather balloon? Also it was chased by 2 Jet planes.
    This craft was very quiet and hovered over my yard? I still remember it…. I always felt whoever visited us still
    kept a eye on us? It is tough to speak about it because people still feel that we are not visited by aliens….How ignorant to think that we a are the center of the Universe? I sometimes dream of this event… I am will be 71 in June so I wish that the Public could be told the truth? I guess some people would be terrified to think that a more advanced group of aliens are watching us. I am reluctant to speak anymore of this encounter…. In 2014 i had a blackout following a fall. It was determined that I had a stroke and it has taken to this present date much hard work getting well… I am now epileptic and am reluctant to speak of my childhood experience …. they would say I am having mental problems or neurological difficulties.
    Just wanted to share my experience before I pass from this world…..also had a near death experience when I blacked out which also have to suppress..

  • steve o says:

    The ongoing coverup was started with Roswell. It will continue till the truth can be wrested from the powers that be. And I dont mean the President. He doesn’t have a high enough clearance. Too many creditable people have told their stories to say it’s all a hoax. I dont believe in a God ,but I sure do believe in aliens with superior intelligence and technology. We should be grateful they’re not hostile. Even if they offered to save us from ourselves, we would resist, at least the 50% that want to stay in the past.

  • Ronan Coghlan says:

    The term Annunaki in Sumerian mythology was applied only to their top seven gods. Zecharia Sitchin felt the term, which he applied to the whole race of gods, referred to extraterrestrials. Having read the Babylonian version of the Akkadian epic “Enuma Elish”, which is the standard one, I feel a mythological rather than any kind of historical origin is more likely. I would not say ancient visits by aliens were impossible, but I would hesitate to call them Annunaki.

  • Jeremie says:

    Keeping extra-terrestrial secrets under wraps is becoming ever more difficult – just think about Bob Lazar or the last guy who has been discovered, Stanford Mc Krause.
    Stanford Mc Krause actually piloted the very objects that were being tested in Area 51, and did so earlier than Bob Lazar, in the 70s. In fact, Stanford Mc Krause had a very good relationship with President Eisenhower, which might be the reason that Mc Krause has been associated with Majestic12.

  • Acer says:

    It is astounding that us in the last 100 years or so have made such huge strides in technological advancements. There has to be some sort of external assistance to achieve this in such incredible short space of time. Looking at top government officials in power rubbish the claim of UFO’s and cover up is simply frustrating. I think the present generation is ready to accept the reality given the speculations and information that has been circulated for such a long time since these incidents. We want to know the truth, we are ready for it, some big mass movement on this needs to happen worldwide with prime focus on Alien issue. Only then we may be able to get the answers we deserve.

  • Paul Dempsey says:

    I need more proof and hard evidence about the existence of aliens in space and with in the universe itself. I am very interested and very intrigued about Aliens in general and there existence.

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