Have The Men In Black Been Here For Hundreds Of Years?

Marcus Lowth
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October 11, 2022
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In the book Casebook On the Men In Black, Jim Keith brings together multiple intriguing encounters from hundreds of years ago that very much could be interpreted as Men In Black encounters. [1] Keith writes that “during the Middle Ages, ‘the Black Man’ was a term synonymous with Satan”, which is undoubtedly true. But might it be that these dark, shadowy figures from hundreds of years were indeed the same entities we would recognize as the Men In Black?

What is perhaps interesting is that Men In Black in the twentieth century synonymous with UFO encounters, leading many to suggest there is a direct connection (as well there might be). However, might it be more to do with a connection to a cultural taboo of the time, which might explain why “The Devil” and “Satan” might be chosen as the taboo that the Men In Black of the Middle Ages perceptually aligned themselves?

A picture of dark, shadowy figures

Have the Men In Black been here for hundreds of years?

For example, one of the earliest examples Keith relays is that of two shepherds from France in 1520. According to the account, they “confessed” to several meetings with a strange “tall, dark man”. This shadowy figure told the men he was “the Devil’s bondsman”. Even stranger, and much more harrowing, seemingly under the influence of this dark figure, the shepherds murdered five people before eating them. They were, ultimately, burned at the stake.

A similarly grim incident occurred half a century later, also in France in 1577 when a woman – Catherine Doree encountered a “tall dark man” and sacrificed her own child upon his orders.

Just over a decade later in Great Britain, Dr. John Fian stood trial for witchcraft – eventually accused of plotting to kill the future King James I and of being part of a cabal of witches. During the trial, one of those accused of being in the cabal, Agnes Sampson claimed that they conversed with a strange man who wore black clothing and a black hat. What’s more “his face was terrible” and he had a nose similar to the beak of a bird. Even more alarming, he had “burning eyes” and claws for hands.

Even worse for Fian, one of his colleagues claimed to have seen the doctor become enthralled with this strange, dark man.

Were The Men In Black Here During The Middle Ages?

These apparent encounters with Men In Black in the Middle Ages continued as the 1600s unfolded. For example, back in France in 1603, a man was arrested and ultimately confessed to the abduction, killing, and eating of a local child. During his confession, he claimed he was made to carry out the atrocity by the “Lord of the Forest” who he described as a “tall, dark man” who dressed only in black.

What is perhaps of further interest to the above account is that is not only similar to Men In Black encounters but bears a remarkable similarity to the Slenderman legends of the early twenty-first century. Also in France seven years later in 1610, a father and his son made the rather remarkable confession of acting as the Devil’s bankers. They claimed that a tall, dark man had delivered money for them in order for them to carry out their duties.

Only four years later in 1614, again in France, Silvain Nevillon confessed to being involved in a strange Black Mass. During his confession, he would tell of a “tall dark man” who was present at the dark ritual. The remained in the corner of the room, holding in his hands a dark book with black pages.

The “Tall, Dark Man!”

In England, Keith highlights several more strange cases, all of which also point out a connection between these dark figures of the Middle Ages to the Men In Black and alien abduction in a contemporary era – specifically strange markings and even scoop marks that many abductees claim to suffer from.

For example, in 1644 in Yarmouth, England, a woman on trial for being a witch claimed that a tall, dark man visited her and insisted on seeing her hand. He then proceeded to take out something which looked like a blade and make a small scratch on it, deep enough to break the skin and draw blood. Another similar claim is on record in 1665 in Wincanton, when Christian Green (on trial for being a witch) claimed that a “man in black” pricked several points in his hand and between his fingers, all of which left a considerable mark.

A picture of a figure dressed all in black

Legends of the Tall Dark Man go back to the Middle Ages

Keith further quotes from an early eighteenth-century writing named The Trial of Witchcraft in which it is written that “the witch” often leaves small marks or red spots that were similar to flea bites and “sometimes the flesh is sunk in and hollow”. The manuscript also claims that these markings are often placed in “secret places”, including under the hair on a person’s head and under the armpits.

Here, then, we have details concerning these dark entities that also present themselves in cases of alien abduction. We should ask ourselves not only if the Men In Black are indeed connected to extraterrestrials, but if their activities have been going on for centuries.

Strange Figures Who Were “Colder Than A Man!”

There are many other apparent accounts to be found in the historical record. For example, in 1645, Mrs. Bash from Suffolk told during her trial that a dark, young man who was “colder than a man” and who she described as The Devil, appeared to her on several occasions.

Three years later in Italy in 1648, Bartolomea Golizza stood accused of witchcraft when she made the remarkable confession of witnessing “the devil” change form from a ram to a “fine gentleman with a large, plumed hat, wholly dressed in black velvet”.

A dark figure in the woods with glowing eyes

Many claims of encounters with The Devil may have been encounters with the Men In Black

In 1665 in the Scottish Highlands, Gowdie and Janet Breadheid also reported contact with the Devil and described the entity in a strikingly similar way. They claimed that the man was tall, dark, and appeared “cold”. What’s more, he dressed completely in black and appeared to have extraordinarily long arms, hands, and fingers – similar, perhaps, to claws.

Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing of these centuries-old Men In Black occurred in Salem in Massachusetts in 1692. It is recorded that a “West Indian slave” told a tale of meeting a “tall man with white hair in black clothes”. Of more interest to us here, however, is a creature that accompanied this mysterious gentleman, who he described as “hairy” all over its body but who “goes upright like a man” on two legs. As Keith states, this sounds very much like a Bigfoot-like creature, which are often seen in the same locations as UFOs, and potentially, the Men In Black.

There is also another account that is worth examining here – sightings of mysterious men during times of plague and disease.

Men In Black And Plagues And Disease?

Perhaps the most well-known among the deadly diseases that have overrun our planet during the history of human civilization is the Black Death. And as we might expect, there are certainly some intriguing accounts to examine from what little still survives of the era.

What is interesting, at least according to some ancient astronaut researchers, are reports of “bronze shields” or “ships” in the skies overhead. What’s more, reports state that a mist would come from these strange, glowing aerial vehicles.

Even more bizarre were reports of strange, black-cloaked men spraying mist on the ground or in wheat fields. According to Chris Pittman, witnesses would report seeing such strangely clad men “mowing down wheat” in a field. However, their “scythes”, although making a “swooshing” sound, did not manage to cut down any wheat at all. This has led Pittman to speculate that the scythes were, in fact, some kind of device to spray the fields as opposed to cutting them, and ultimately to infect them with the plague.

Another researcher, Philip Imbrogno would also state that several records tell of “strange beings that would spray (something) onto the wheat”.

It is widely accepted that these types of accounts are hallucinations of delirious and disease-ridden minds. And perhaps they are. It is certainly the most likely explanation. Unless, of course, we take into account the multiple witnesses in many such accounts. As well as the fact that, as we will examine shortly, very similar details are present in other outbreaks throughout history.

Incidentally, it is thought that the descriptions of these mysterious and black-cloaked figures during this time resulted in the eventual legends, tales, and physical descriptions of The Grim Reaper.

Of course, the insinuation is that these cloaked “men” were, in fact, extraterrestrial visitors spreading what we know as The Black Death or Black Plague. While this is perhaps a suggestion too far for most – and understandably so – from an ancient astronaut perspective, if we believe that we are some kind of real-life, live laboratory experiment to these apparent extraterrestrial visitors, such claims would make sense.

As we are well into speculation territory here, might we even consider that these cloaked individuals were not alien visitors at all, but perhaps very human members of an elite? Might there have been a conspiracy, even in the mid-1400s to “thin out” the population of Europe?

Admittedly this is a bordering-on absurd suggestion and one that we ourselves do not necessarily lend a lot of credence to if any. However, if we accept that there is even the slightest possibility that such accounts of these cloaked individuals are correct, then we must search for satisfactory explanations for them. And certainly not rely so heavily on the notion that they were “hallucinations”.

Further Connections To Outbreaks Throughout History

In ancient times, as we might expect, there was almost always a connection between the respective general populations and sudden outbreaks of disease. And while it is perhaps understandable in certain eras that members of a populace living under the heavy hand of the Church and accusations of heresy to those who refused to submit to them, that such horrors as a deadly disease were thought to be the acts of a vengeful God not happy with the subjects of the planet.

However, what is also interesting is that there are plenty of accounts of “strange aerial sightings” around the same time as many such outbreaks.

For example, in the book The Ancient Alien Question: The Lost Civilization Enigma, Philip Coppens states that several prominent UFO sightings were placed on official records in 1731 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Romania. This was only 12 months before the “worldwide flu epidemic of 1732” took hold of the planet, particularly the “thirteen colonies” of the United Kingdom.

Perhaps we should also look to the Justinian plague of 541 to 542. Much like the claims of people caught in the Black Death spread almost 800 years later, many people would report – at least according to one researcher, Philip Imbrogno – a “strange bronze ship” in the skies overhead.

Again, mainstream scientists and historians would likely argue that such claims were the result of mass hysteria and hallucinations. And they well may be right. However, rather than explain such sightings it really raises the question of how multiple people can hallucinate the same thing at once. And if they can, does this perhaps suggest a legitimate manifestation caused by the unknown powers of the human mind?

Might, though, there have been accounts and sightings that have gone unrecorded during these times of strange men dressed in dark clothing and might they have been Men In Black seemingly orchestrated events against humanity.

Just Who Are The Men In Black?

As we can see, then, from these few examples alone, and going back only to the start of the 1500s, there are many examples of accounts that potentially be regarded as encounters with the Men In Black. Perhaps should researchers delve back even further in time, other similar accounts will be revealed.

This should force us to ask if these mysterious “dark, tall men” who crop up in the accounts we have examined above are none other than the Men In Black of modern times, then just how long have they been on Earth, and just what are there reasons for being here?

While they are synonymous with UFO and alien encounters in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, they are seemingly connected to witchcraft and the worshipping of the Devil in the Middle Ages. Might this suggest a connection between such things as witchcraft, demons, and devil worship hundreds of years ago with the apparent visitation of aliens visiting the world in the modern era? After all, many researchers have suggested aliens are not, in fact, aliens, but demonic entities.

One thing is certain, if the Men In Black have been interacting with humans under a variety of guises and agendas for hundreds of years, perhaps even longer, then it will force us to readjust not only what we know of history but our entire reality. It will also force us to rethink what we think we know of UFO visitations and a potential alien presence on Earth.

Might these mysterious entities have been manipulating world events for as long as humans have walked the Earth? And do some of these events include some of the deadliest outbreaks of disease in human history? It is certainly interesting that many UFO sightings are on record during these times.

We have seen at least one example here of the Men In Black shapeshifting or changing form. Might this indicate a connection to reptilian entities, or even the gods of ancient times, who also had such an ability – an ability they used to turn the advantage in their favor in all manner of situations in order to assist them in ruling over humanity from the shadows? Indeed, the Men In Black may prove to be of more importance to understanding our reality than many of us might think.

The video below examines some of the most mysterious Men In Black encounters.


1 Casebook On the Men In Black, Jim Keith, ISBN 9781935 487357

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