Conspiracies And Extraterrestrial Links To Leonardo da Vinci

Marcus Lowth
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July 23, 2018
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September 26, 2021
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Leonardo da Vinci was quite rightly seen as a genius of his time. In fact, a watertight argument could be made that he is the most intellectually gifted person in the entire history of humanity. His absolute onslaught of creativity is unparalleled elsewhere across the ages, and it stretched so far beyond the paintings that most in the modern age know him for. He produced a wealth of writings, theories, speculations, and even inventions that were literally hundreds of years ahead of his era. His eclectic approach to life would also lead him to contribute to other fields of interest such as geometry, anatomy, mechanical engineering, biology, chemistry, and astrology. In short, he was truly a unique individual and what many would label a “universal genius”.

A image of the planets revolving around a sphere containing the notes of Da Vinci

Was Leonardo Da Vinci a genius?

Perhaps not surprising, then, that some people suggest this uniqueness and genius might have a source other than just the chemical reactions and electrical charges of Da Vinci’s brain. That Da Vinci had access to “secret knowledge” is pretty obvious when examining some of the contents of his paintings and putting them against other revelations that have come to us, some only in the last few decades. However, might that knowledge itself have a more cosmic origin? Some researchers go as far as to speculate some kind of extraterrestrial contact, even hybridization, as being the reasons for this plethora of ideas, not seen from one individual, before or since. And while that sounds outlandish nonsense to some, the reasons for these claims are fascinating and go back to Da Vinci himself.

Centuries Ahead Of His Time

Just to underscore how important Leonardo da Vinci’s place in history actually is, is the fact that many of his inventions and blueprints from the late-1400s and early-1500s are still utilized today. For example, he had blueprints for modern machines such as tanks, submarines, and even helicopters. And what’s more, prototypes of these prove they work. Flight, in particular, was something that fascinated Da Vinci all his life.

Underwater diving equipment, designs for cameras, and the mechanics that would lead to all manner of instruments utilized in modern warfare – all can be found within the many notes and writings of Da Vinci. He was also the inventor and maker of a fully-working and moving wooden, robot lion. The mechanical lion was a gift from Da Vinci to King Francois I of France in 1515, where Da Vinci would spend the final years of his life. Recently, a recreation of this robotic animal [1] was made using Da Vinci’s exact specification. You can check out the short video below which shows the robot in motion. Another example of how far advanced Da Vinci’s mind was.

He would also show a vast understanding of the natural world around him, including the many species of animals. This, in part, was due to him being the “illegitimate child” of a nobleman and his peasant mother, which excluded him from attending the prestigious schools of the day. He would, instead, spend hours wandering around the countryside around Florence. Aside from basic schooling when he was young, as well as a later apprenticeship with Andrea del Verrocchio, he would teach himself the wonders of the universe. In fact, it is one of these wandering walks that would lead to what some believe could have been the most important intervention in Da Vinci’s life.

The “Cave” Experience

Some researchers, particularly those who operate in the grey areas of the fringes, look at the only time in Da Vinci’s life that isn’t documented as perhaps being key to understanding his creative genius. Between 1476 and 1478, Da Vinci for all intents and purposes simply vanishes from the face of the planet. There is no record to suggest where he was living during these years, nor whose employment or service he may have been in. What is even more interesting, is when he returned to Florence following this “disappearance” his creativity went into overdrive, taking on the eclectic attitude we know of him today.

Some researchers look to one of the few autobiographical accounts written by Da Vinci as being of great importance in relation to these missing years. It speaks of when he was wandering around the quiet, open country just outside of Florence before he came upon a dark opening to a large cave. He would write of how he feared what was inside the cave, but how his curiosity outweighed this fear. He would feel a “need” to enter the cave, which he did. We don’t know what happened once inside.

Some suggest an encounter with an extraterrestrial. There are, for example, many other encounters in ancient writings that speak of such incidents with “demons” or “angels” which take place in similar locations. If there was an alien presence on Earth in antiquity, if it was to remain covert, the cave systems would have made ideal places to reside. Or, as some researchers have suggested, might he have discovered a portal allowing time-travel. Might this explain why his blueprints and plans were so far advanced? Because he had seen them with his own eyes?

A design for a helicopter in Da Vinci's notes

A design for a helicopter in Da Vinci’s notes

Mirror Writing

One of the “other” fields of research of interest to Da Vinci was the human body. And more specifically, the dissection of it. Such work was considered heretical at the time and would have led to his execution if caught. As if just to add another twist to his already mysterious life, he performed most of these dissections within the walls of Vatican City during his time there when commissioned to paint directly for the Catholic Church.

These illegal autopsies would take place in the catacomb-like basement beneath the Vatican. In order to cover up his work, Da Vinci would employ a trick. One he had used for decades in all of his work. Mirror writing. He would write backward, from the right of the page to the left. It would then only be readable by use of a mirror.

As well as utilizing mirrors to secretly record his written thoughts, Da Vinci, it would seem, would use them with a great many of his paintings. When researchers, using such pointers as where the hands of the people in the paintings are pointing, use the same mirror effect, the results are extraordinary. A strange other-worldly entity appears in the “middle” of the picture. And what’s more, this doesn’t just happen on one or two of his works, but several. Further still, these pictures are still under examination by many researchers. It is likely the same “figure” will appear in others also.

We will look at who this mystery figure might be in a moment. First, though, check out the short video below. It shows some examples of this strange face that appears in many of Da Vinci’s most famous paintings.

Hidden Messages Within Pictures

Are these paintings really showing a grey alien? Furthermore, they appear to not only show a grey alien head, but one with a robe draped over its shoulders suggesting royalty, or even divinity. The fact that these aliens are disguised through the mirror techniques perhaps suggests a “real” disguise in reality. Is it suggesting that those who rule over us – which at the time would have been the royal houses of Europe, using the “divinity” of the Church as a method of control – are extraterrestrials in disguise?

An image showing what appears to be a grey alien using the mirror technique

Does this image – using the mirror technique – show a grey alien?

He wouldn’t be the first person to have made such a suggestion. Many researchers have claimed that the “royal lines” of ancient Egypt are alien-hybrids. What’s more, these royal bloodlines continued forward through time, kept intentionally strong by the purposeful breeding within their own bloodlines. They would eventually become the royal houses of Europe. Many of whom still exist today, perhaps not least the Royal Family of Great Britain. Indeed, this theory is essentially central to controversial author, David Icke’s basic theory of reptilian control over humanity. Perhaps when we look at ‘The Baptism of Christ’ – a piece by Andrea del Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci – and the use the mirror technique, it is just coincidence that the head of a snake appears with human arms on each side. The hands reaching to the head as if it is about to pull off a mask.

Are the “reptilians” actually what we recognize as “grey aliens”? And was Da Vinci making a similar statement, albeit hidden within conventional artwork, to Icke? It is perhaps also worth bearing in mind the claims that many Hollywood filmmakers hide messages within their work. Again, if we accept these claims to be true, why would Da Vinci be any different?

An image showing what looks like a reptilian being using the mirror technique

Does this image show a reptilian-like being?

Consistent Links To Ancient Egypt?

A recently sold picture, the ‘Salvator Mundi’, which exchanged hands for a record $400 million and resides in a museum in Abu Dhabi, is perhaps another which contains secret messages. It features the subject holding a Chintamani Stone – a common object in Hindu and Buddhist culture. Aside from how and why Da Vinci would have been aware of such an object at the time, many eagle-eyed researchers point out three bright stars within the stone. Many researchers believe these stars are the main stars of the Orion system. What is interesting here, as will become apparent over the following paragraphs, is the stars known as Orion’s belt, correspond exactly to the three pyramids of Giza.

In the ‘Adoration of the Magi’ is another recent find. Using thermographics, researchers in Florence would discover a film of brown paint covering over an original sketch in the background. According to examinations, this brown film was not the work of Da Vinci. The sketch revealed the building of a temple rising from the ruins of a Church. Incidentally, some of the facial features of these figures building the temple have an uncanny resemblance to grey aliens.

Some might argue this is Solomon’s Temple. Others claim it to be an Egyptian temple and point to a column capped with a lotus flower. In ancient Egyptian culture, the lotus flower would represent the flower of life. The understanding of the universe, or sacred geometry.

This idea of sacred geometry, which suggests a higher intelligence to the universe, was one that permeated Da Vinci’s life. And that could be a key point to understand.

Forbidden Secrets Of The Ancients?

Perhaps these references to ancient Egypt are crucial clues. The ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ is perhaps another good example. There is the figure that appears in the middle of the picture by use of the mirror technique. There is, however, a detail possibly overlooked by some. And very familiar to others. The painting features a baby Jesus and John The Baptist. However, in the picture, Jesus sits with John The Baptist’s “protector”, Uriel, while John The Baptist sits with Mary.

Might this be Da Vinci stating that John The Baptist was the real “divine” leader? Many researchers have made this assertion. Even the Knights Templar were accused of such worship and the knowledge that Jesus was merely a man. And, while most believe them to be outlandish and hoax-like claims, Leonardo da Vinci was claimed to have been the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. Which itself had direct connections to the Knights Templar, and in turn, over the centuries, the Freemasons.

Might this be why the painting of John The Baptist is pointing upwards to the sky? Might this be another way Da Vinci was telling us of the true importance of John The Baptist? And might the “grey alien” that appears using the mirror imaging be a hint that the bloodline came from elsewhere? Not just from the families of ancient Egypt, but from another world altogether. One that resided somewhere in the Orion system, like the ancient Egyptians believed their creator gods came from. And where the Pharaoh’s returned to in the afterlife.

Check out the video below. It looks a little further at the mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci. And the secret information his work of arts very likely possesses.


1 Da Vinci’s lion prowls again after 500 years, Estelle Shirbon, Reuters, August 14th, 2009

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