Alien Conspiracies And Mysteries Of The Mayans

Marcus Lowth
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November 3, 2018
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September 26, 2021
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The ancient civilization of the Mayans is fascinating in its own right, and perhaps on par with such other ancient societies as the ancient Egyptians or Sumerians. And, much like the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, there are ample suggestions in their ancient writings and legends of some kind of outside influence, possibly extraterrestrial. When you look at the highly advanced nature of the Mayan civilization, for example, including advanced knowledge of the alignment of the stars and the positioning of the planets, it is hard not to look at such suggestions of alien contact in the distant past in a new light.

Depiction of a UFO over a Mayan pyramid

Depiction of a UFO over a Mayan pyramid

The ruins of much of the Mayan civilization lay in the middle of dense jungles in what is now southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. Furthermore, these architecturally precise monuments, buildings, and temples are also astronomically sympathetic and accurate. Where did this knowledge, for buildings dating back at least 1800 BC, come from? Further still, how did the Mayans – supposedly without tools or the wheel – manage to construct such monstrous buildings in such dense jungle areas? Not least, due to the “thin soil” often found in such jungles which simply should not have supported these huge buildings? And how, in this otherwise unfriendly terrain, did they achieve such advanced methods of agriculture and irrigation? Were the Mayans really responsible for these ancient cities? Or, like other advanced ancient civilizations, might the origins of such societies stem from other worlds, somewhere in the stars?

Before we move on, check out the short video below. It looks at the basics of the Mayans, a most fascinating culture.

The Most Advanced Of The Ancient Civilizations?

Many scholars of history, both in the mainstream and on the fringes, now state that the most advanced of all the advanced civilizations, [1] including the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, and Sumerians, were by far the Mayans, although that statement and assertion is still very much up for debate to some.

For example, as well as their advanced forms of agriculture and forest gardens, they made great use of the water supplies at their disposal. [2] They were able to create aqueducts using water pressure which would siphon water from the surrounding rivers, often sending it uphill, so that it would reach the cities. Even water supplies and sewage wastes were separate.

It wasn’t just the day-to-day living standards which were of high advancements. Still today there remains “ballcourts” where the Mayans played a team game, extremely similar to modern-day basketball, where a ball had to be thrown or placed through a sideways-on concrete hoop on a wall on one side of the court.

For all of their advancements, however, part of their society was brutal in that it relied heavily on blood sacrifices. This is an interesting fact, particularly when we study the creation legends that speak of Quetzalcoatl, the “feathered serpent” who as well as beginning the Mayan civilization, is featured throughout all of ancient Mesoamerican culture. Might these serpent origins suggest a reptilian link who, if we believe the claims, require the intake of human blood to maintain their human form? Might that explain the rampant number of blood sacrifices in the ancient Mayan world?

Drawing of a Mayan ball court blended into the remains of a Mayan ball court

Mayan Ball Court, genuine remains (right)

Palenque And Pakal The Great

Although the ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Palenque date back to around 200 BC, the city underwent an advanced transformation in the 600s under the rule of Pakal the Great, who we will come to shortly. Following the death of Ajen Yohl Mat, whose rule over Palenque was disastrous and saw the city partly destroyed and run into the ground, Janaab Pakal would assume power in 612, in part due to political lobbying that would see him assume the duties of king, but he wouldn’t be crowned. This is an interesting situation and one that can also be found in the ruling lines and dynasties of other ancient societies. Ralph Ellis demonstrates this perfectly in the book Jesus – Last of the Pharaohs of how families and influential people assume roles and positions, eventually maneuvering themselves or their successors into positions of power and the dynastic bloodline.

And much like certain dynastic lines in ancient Egypt, the origins and background of Pakal are uncertain. Some claim him to be the brother of Ajen Yohl Mat, but if this was the case he should have been crowned king in his own right. Instead his daughter, Sak K’uk ruled as queen for three years until her son, K’inich Janaab Pakal I (or Pakal the Great) assumed control at 12-years old. Incidentally, Pakal the Great’s father was K’an Mo’Hix, who interestingly or not, some claim was also the father of Ajen Yohl Mat. If this is true, it is a good example of how the same “bloodline” maintains control but with an added “outside influence” now within that bloodline.

Pakal the Great would go on to arguably be the greatest of the Mayan rulers and was the penultimate ruler of the ancient Mayans. He would rule for almost seventy years.

The Tomb Of Pakal!

One of the most interesting relics of the Mayan world is the Tomb of Pakal (the Great). And more specifically, the sarcophagus lid. It shows Pakal himself seated and appearing to look upwards. According to mainstream interpretations, he is preparing for his journey into the underworld. However, many people, certainly those who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory, believe what the carving really shows is a depiction of Pakal positioned in a very real, nuts and bolts craft. [3] One that may indeed have been capable of taking the Mayan king up into space. Might this suggest some kind of hybridization with an alien race? Perhaps even to such creator gods as Quetzalcoatl?

It is certainly an interesting theory, and it is easy to see where the comparison to the spacecraft comes from. Researcher and model maker, Paul Francis would manage to create what such a craft might look like.

Firstly, the positioning of Pakal appears to show him in a seated position. Very similar, according to ancient astronaut theorist and author, Erich Von Daniken to “modern-day astronauts”. Furthermore, his hands appear to be actively manipulating controls. His feet, meanwhile, seem to be pressing down on some kind of pedal, perhaps an accelerator? Even more intriguing, a tube appears to be attached and fixed to Pakal’s nose. According to legend, this particular piece is called the ‘giver of life’. As Francis would state, a giver of life could very much “be oxygen (in order) to breathe”. Might this giver of life have been an oxygen mask for space travel?

The short video below looks at this remarkable theory, as well as Francis’ model, which is stunning in itself.

The Colossal Heads Of The Olmecs – Proof Of An Ancient “Original” Civilization?

There are also other bizarre discoveries in locations once a part of the Mayan world. One of the strangest of these is the discovery of strange stone heads. Of which, thirteen have been found to date. These heads show the faces of people not thought to have been indigenous to the area. Certainly not at the time they were carved (thought to be over 2,000 years ago, at least). Among these, are faces more akin to Africa, the Far East, and even China.

What’s more, each of these huge stone, intricate carvings appear to have a strange head-piece on. Many subscribers to the ancient astronaut theory insist this headgear looks very similar to some kind of space-helmet.

Given that, at least according to mainstream history, there was no contact between the Mayans of the ancient world and other civilizations from such places as Africa or China, why were such depictions present in these mammoth stone heads? They must have been considered important for such detail and depictions to have been made in the first place. If the heads are the work of the Mayans, where did they see such other cultures? Or might they hail from a previous time?

Do these thirteen stone heads, showing faces apparently “typical” of different parts of the world, suggest a one-time original civilization? Do these heads represent the apparent “creator” gods? Is the number thirteen relevant? Legends say, for example, there are thirteen crystal skulls from the ancient world. One of which, incidentally, has apparent Mayan origins. Or what of the constant legends from around the world of twelve followers and one, special, divine, leader? Do they share connections with these thirteen stone heads? And do they suggest a history much different from the one we know?

An Olmec Head

An example of an Olmec Head

The 3,000-Year-Old Landing Pad?

Although the incident would end in court among accusations of fraud and breach of contract, [4] a potential documentary on the Mayans set for release in 2012 claimed to have proof of alien contact in the past between an extraterrestrial race and the Mayan culture. [5]

In fact, even the Mexican Minister for Tourism, Luis August Garcia Rosado, would speak up. He would claim there were “3,000-year-old landing pads” in the Mexican jungles. Rosado would elaborate even more stating that extraterrestrials and the ancient Mayans had contact in the distant past. A claim “supported by translations of certain codices”. According to Rosado, the Mexican government had these translations secure in “underground vaults” and had done for some time.

However, before the release, the film’s producer Raul Julia-Levy would suddenly halt production. He would claim his partner, Elizabeth Theriot, was attempting to take control of production, a charge she essentially countered. A judge would ultimately rule in her favor. Furthermore, some of the claims of Julia-Levy would face specific scrutiny. In particular, that the Mexican government would release proof of alien contact. And that they were “working alongside him” on the project.

Was Julia-Levy simply an eager filmmaker making big claims? Or might his sudden fall from grace have been much more calculated? And what of the claims of Rosado? Only time will tell if any more information is forthcoming. The short video below looks at the apparent connections between the ancient Mayans and extraterrestrial contact.


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