Ancient Alien Links To The Great Sphinx Of Giza?

Marcus Lowth
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February 3, 2018
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September 26, 2021
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The Great Sphinx is arguably the single most intriguing monument on the planet. Perhaps even more than the Great Pyramids it sits in front of. And there is good reason for that. If geologists and researchers are ever given permission to truly examine and delve into known anomalies under and around the Sphinx, what they find may truly rewrite history. Furthermore, their potential discovery may perhaps even show humanity our true history on Earth for the first time.

The Sphinx with an alien face superimposed underneath

Alien overlooking the Sphinx

To some, the fact that permission for further excavations of very specific locations around the ancient structure has fallen on deaf ears is telling enough. Many in the ancient astronaut community have long claimed there are very definite links to extra-terrestrial activity. Perhaps even of interaction with the population in Ancient Egypt. More to the point, much of the proof of these theories will reside within the chambers and tunnels of the Great Sphinx, as well as the Pyramids.

Although it might sound crazy, there are some intriguing arguments that suggest an alien presence in human history. Not least it would seem, are the arguments for such an influence and connection to the Sphinx of Giza.

Before we look at some of these connections in more detail, check out the video below. It looks at some of the basic facts about the Great Sphinx.

A Monumental (Re)Discovery

The Sphinx that we enjoy today was essentially a head in the sand for most of the last two-thousand years. Even when such figures as Napoleon “discovered” it on their campaigns, it wasn’t as revealed as it was today.

In fact, it was down to a “mere engineer”, Emil Baraize, [1] that the Sphinx was uncovered when it was. For reasons he didn’t understand, he insisted that efforts should begin to remove the sand away from the Sphinx. He simply “knew” that there was more of this mystical monument laying hidden away.

It would take Baraize over a decade to complete, but by 1936, all of the sands were removed. What stood before the world was a two-hundred-and-forty-foot long, sixty-six-foot high, single piece of rock monument. The Great Sphinx, the largest such monument of the ancient world. As well as the Sphinx were impressive temples in the immediate vicinity – themselves made from huge mammoth stone slabs.

For all the wonder, however, there was no indication of who built the Sphinx, why, or when. One of the few pieces of information regarding the history of the Sphinx resides on a large tablet that rests between its paws, the Dream Stele.

Before we look at that, however, check out the video below. It looks at a timeline of the Sphinx leading up to the late-1930s.

Legends of Thutmose IV

One of the most interesting legends surrounding the Sphinx is that of Thutmose IV. According to writings on the Dream Stele, Thutmose IV – before he was a Pharaoh – came to rest under the Sphinx. Even at this time, it was covered in sand to its neck. Thutmose was on an expedition and used the Sphinx as a resting spot for the night. As he slept he dreamed of the Sphinx speaking to him. In the dream, Thutmose was told to move the sands that covered the entire body of the Sphinx. If he did, it would ensure that he would become Pharaoh.

When he awoke, the legend states, he began to remove the sands from around the ancient structure. When he had finished, the Sphinx made good on its promise, and Thutmose became Thutmose IV. How much truth there is in the account is obviously open to debate. Some argue that such stories are exactly that – stories. Others assert that only the most important events were recorded – and fairy tales wouldn’t have been among them.

What is immediately interesting here is that Thutmose IV lived in the 1400s BC – over three-thousand years ago. However, according to the story of Thutmose IV, the Sphinx was “already ancient” during his time. As we will look at later, this does not sit with mainstream history’s view of the age of the Sphinx.

And if there is any truth to the account, what was behind the dream? Might some kind of communication device connected to the Sphinx have been responsible? And further still, how did it then make good on its promise? Many ancient astronaut theorists claim an extra-terrestrial connection. And they point to a strange symbol on the Dream Stele, and the grandson of Thutmose IV.

The Aten Disc and Akhenaten

Sitting at the top of the Dream Stele is a symbol known as “The Flashing Eye Of The Lord”. According to the Thutmose IV account, this may have been the “source” of power that ensured Thutmose’s rise to Pharaoh.

Perhaps there is even more interest in the grandson of Thutmose IV, Amenhotep IV, who would soon change his title to Akhenaten.

Akhenaten was heretical, at least that is how history records him. Following his reign, almost all of the changes he made were rejected. Even statues of him are almost always found disfigured in some way. This would perhaps suggest a deep hatred from the people at the time.

He declared that all of the various gods were not gods. Instead, there was only one god, according to Akhenaten. This god is symbolized in Ancient Egyptian writings as a round disc, Aten, very similar to the Flashing Eye of the Lord found on the Dream Stele.

This disc, some suggest, represents the Sun, the new god that the Egyptian people would now follow under Akhenaten’s rule. Perhaps it is of interest that many religions, including the story of Jesus, can all be argued to be an allegory of the Sun. Others in the ancient astronaut community put forward that the Aten disc may have been based on an actual “nuts-and-bolts” craft.

Before we explore further theories the short video below looks at the basics of a possible extra-terrestrial link with Akhenaten.

From Overt To Covert Rule?

Many writers have suggested possible alien/human hybridization in antiquity. Furthermore, that the “gods” of such times were actually extra-terrestrial. And given the details mentioned above, Akhenaten is perhaps more important than most in terms of tracing this alien hybrid line.

Interestingly, the body of Akhenaten is always of an odd out of proportion shape in any depictions of him. His skull is also of a particularly strange shape. Does this suggest that perhaps Akhenaten was at least part extra-terrestrial? As crazy as that sounds, testing of DNA samples belonging to Akhenaten [2] compared to “standard-human” DNA would highlight several differences. So much so, that theories began to abound that perhaps the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt had been “genetically modified” by an unknown alien race. Was Akhenaten the first of such beings? Or might this have been the case for thousands of years before that?

Author and researcher, David Icke has made similar assertions for decades. He even claims this bloodline did indeed come from beyond this planet. It would then go through Sumer and Babylon, to Ancient Egypt, and eventually through the royal families of Europe and subsequently to the people of influence in American and western society today. While many struggle with Icke’s reptilian alien claims, he is not the only one to suggest such a notion.

Icke also speaks of a time when this “rule” over humanity was not so covert. Was the sheer rejection of Akhenaten (including by his own family) when this began to happen? The answers to these seemingly bizarre questions may reside within the Great Sphinx.

The video below looks at Akhenaten in a little more detail.

Ancient Egypt’s “Golden Age” and “The First Time”

According to the aforementioned Dream Stele, the Sphinx has “been here since the first time!” This period, the first time, is Zep Tepi [3] and is seen as a golden age in Ancient Egyptian history.

According to the writings, during this period in history, “the gods” lived and interacted openly with human beings. While most mainstream historians believe this to be mere myth, some are beginning to wonder aloud if this is the case. As we mentioned before, not only has so many of the ancient writings proven to be accurate and correct, why would “mythical” accounts be among them? Might this “golden age” even be the link to such supposedly mythical worlds as Atlantis and Mu?

One particular researcher, Robert Bauval, has spent decades researching Ancient Egypt and the true history behind it. His research suggests that the Sphinx is at least 12,500 years old. He has also researched the positions of the Orion constellation, which the site at Giza appears to align with. According to Bauval, this particular alignment would have matched with absolute perfection around 10,500 years ago.

One interesting point regarding the Orion constellation in relation to the alien/human hybrid theories and their connections to Ancient Egypt are the claims of Credo Mutwa. According to Mutwa, this race of beings was an “aquatic” race (reptilian?) who came from a planet in the Orion constellation.

Before we look at another apparent account of “flesh and blood” extra-terrestrials in Ancient Egypt, just how old is the Sphinx? Are claims of the Sphinx being tens of thousands of years old really credible?

The Sphinx with flying saucers superimposed over the top

Flying saucers and the Sphinx

Just How Old Is The Sphinx?

As we mentioned earlier, mainstream history states that the Sphinx is around three-thousand years old. However, this is getting harder and harder to justify all the time. Most outside of mainstream history firmly believe that the Sphinx is at least 12,000 years old, if not older, much older.

Researcher and geologist, Robert Schoch claims he has proof that the Sphinx is far older than the estimated “official” age of three to four-thousands years. According to Schoch, clear evidence of water erosion suggests the Sphinx to be at least seven-thousand years old, but more likely somewhere in the region of 12,000 years, and possibly older than that. Some researchers even suggest the Sphinx to be hundreds of thousands of years of age. If that is true, then perhaps it wasn’t built by the Ancient Egyptians at all, but merely claimed and recorded by them.

If there is any truth to such claims of the Anunnaki or those of Credo Mutwa, then perhaps these ancient wonders of our modern world are the result of alien technology and know-how many hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Check out the video below that looks at the real age of the Sphinx.

Anubis and Osiris – Real “Flesh & Blood” Beings?

One of the most well-known and recognized of Ancient Egyptians is the god, Anubis. What is perhaps interesting about Anubis in relation to the Sphinx, are the theories that the face is not that of a Pharaoh, or even of a human. They believe a refashioning took place during history to represent a human face.

Some researchers looking at the overall stance and detail of the Sphinx suggest that the head is too small in relation to the rest of the body to be human. What’s more, they reject the notion that the body of the Sphinx is a lion.

Instead, they draw comparisons to how a dog would sit with a flat back when it is in a relaxed guarding position. Given that Anubis is a dog God, might it be that the Sphinx is actually Anubis [4] in a sitting guarding position? Perhaps when you take into account that according to the Egyptian legends, Anubis is the “Guardian of the Necropolis” it would make even more sense that he should be “guarding” the Pyramids behind him. If that is true, then that would suggest the Pyramids were at least as old as the Sphinx, and if the “golden age” was also true, does that mean Anubis is perhaps a flesh-and-blood alien?

Perhaps these claims take on more credibility when the fact that a tomb of Osiris [5] was discovered in the Sphinx ruins. If these apparently mythical “gods” were actually extra-terrestrial beings, where did they come from?

Check out the video below which looks at the theories of Anubis being the real head of Sphinx.

Stargate And The Mars Connection?

The claims of the discovery of Osiris’ chamber are intriguing in themselves. When combined with the legends and writings of Ancient Egypt some researchers believe there is a possibility that stargates or portals are the ultimate reasons for the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

We have written before of the claims that the Pyramids were actually ancient power plants. Might this power have contributed to something more than we could even imagine. Might they have really been a stargate to another world? Outlandish, no doubt, but when images from Mars appeared to show a very similar looking sphinx, sat in front of pyramid-shaped mountains, the idea began to circulate again. As did the suggestion that there were connections between extra-terrestrials, Mars, and Ancient Egypt.

There are some intriguing supportive facts, however. For example, it is largely believed that the Sphinx at Giza was originally a deep red color. Also, the Arabic name for Cairo (where the Sphinx resides) is al-Qahirah, which translates as “The Place Of Mars”.

If any of these apparently crazy claims are true, then does that suggest Ancient Egyptians had the means to visit Mars and to build their own monuments there? Or, given the suggestion that there are very definite alien links in Ancient Egyptian culture, is it more likely that a civilization who once called the red planet home came to Earth in the distant past, and brought with them their culture? A culture that we associate with Ancient Egypt today?

If we accept that many of the ancient religions and cultures share very similar “origin stories”, then it is perhaps not that crazy a notion. All such accounts tell of “visitors from the stars” or “from the heavens”. Might they have been, as cliché as the movies made it, visitors from Mars?

Edgar Cayce and More Unanswered Questions

We have written before about the claims of psychic and mystic, Edgar Cayce, who claimed a connection to Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. He also claimed proof of this connection, a Hall of Records which, according to Cayce, rests under the Sphinx’s paw.

As we mentioned in the opening, many requests to explore areas of the Sphinx have been refused. These include the one by Dr. Joseph Schor and Joe Jahoda, who in 1997, after conducting extensive seismological studies of the area directly under the paw, requested permission to explore an “artificial chamber” with “precise ninety-degree angles!” It is their belief that the space they have detected is definitely not a naturally forming one. Whether it is actually the Hall of Records is very much still up for debate.

What is also interesting about the claims made by Cayce, particular his claims of Atlantis, is that the ancient metropolis suffered its tragic end around 12,500 years ago. This is right at the same time of Ancient Egypt’s “golden age”. Cayce himself would state that survivors from Atlantis would migrate in all directions, some of which “went north” and to what we know as Egypt.

There is no doubt the Sphinx has many secrets to divulge, but just how great those secrets might be is still a mystery. Only unrestricted and detailed study of the ancient monument will truly reveal the real purpose and story of the Sphinx. The aforementioned Robert Bauval, a leading expert in the magical ancient site, states his research and transcribing of ancient writings say about the Sphinx, “I have under me the knowledge of our Genesis!”

Check out the video below. It looks at some of the ancient alien connections to the Sphinx and Ancient Egypt.



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