Hidden Messages And Warnings In Blockbuster Movies?

Marcus Lowth
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January 17, 2017
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September 23, 2021
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While many films have fascinating backstories or apparent curses associated with them, some are said to contain very real warnings and predictions hidden in plain sight in their backdrops. Although these apparent “warnings” and hidden messages need to be taken with a considerable pinch of salt, the thought process, as well as how the apparent “connections” are made are remarkable and interesting in themselves. A lot of these claims can quite convincingly be dismissed as pure coincidence no doubt, but at what point does coincidence become evidence – as crazy as the “evidence” might sound?

Perhaps even more intriguing, is that some of these warnings appear to have been the product of prior knowledge to certain events. Again these assertions are pure speculation but they make for interesting reading, and are perhaps worth keeping on the back-burners of our minds at the very least.

Frame from Duck Tales showing Illuminati sign.

Duck Tales Illuminati.

In the film, The Dark Knight Rises for example, at 1 hour and 58 minutes into the movie, while predicting the location of an upcoming crime a section called “Sandy Hook” is clearly pointed out. What’s more, this section of the fictional “Gotham City” was not called by this name in previous films in the series. Was this a warning of an upcoming event from one unknown power player to another that only they would know to look for?

Or perhaps it is worth taking note of an episode of Disney’s Duck Tales in which a sign – again hidden in plain sight – reads “Ask About Illuminati” on what appears to be an eye chart on the doctor’s wall. Is this a warning that we should be concerned about such a group? Or is it simply someone poking fun?

The 9/11 Predictions

Perhaps predictably, maybe even understandably given the many questions that still surround it, the events of September 11th 2001 are also claimed to have been discreetly predicted in various blockbuster movies over the years.

In the 1999 film The Matrix, the main character, Neo, had his passport highlighted by eagle-eyed viewers. The date it is due to expire is clearly seen as September 11th 2001.

During a scene in the second installment of The Terminator series, released in 1991, just prior to a truck being driven into a bridge that it is too short for it to pass through, appears a warning of the maximum height for vehicles. The sign, clearly visible in the shot, reads: “CAUTION 9 11”.

Even the 1993 Super Mario Bros movie seemed to tip its hat to the upcoming tragedy, when a scene towards the end of the film shows two dimensions merging together. As they do so, the Twin Towers – which are plainly visible – disintegrate temporarily to the ground. If that wasn’t enough, as they do so, a plane flies where the tower would have been, seemingly in a replica of the events that were still eight years away.

Again it is easy to brush these aside as coincidence and nothing more. However, when you see them so clearly again and again, in films released before the events themselves to boot, at the very least it makes you wonder, if only slightly.

One particular and hugely successful blockbuster trilogy apparently offered warnings of the 9/11 events more than any other. Before we look at those particular movies though, the short video below looks at various clips from cartoons and films over the years that some claim shows “warnings” of the 9/11 incident.

Back To The Future – An Intricate Warning Of Horrific Events To Come?

One film series that has seemingly come in for deep analysis by those who subscribe to such beliefs of hidden agendas and Illuminati symbolism, is the Back To The Future trilogy. [1] The connections, symbols, and references to 9/11 are very much open to interpretation. That being said, they do seem to come up repeatedly, and even interpretation has to have something to interpret in the first place.

Researchers into this theory site that there are multiple displays of the numbers “911” throughout the films, as well as references to the Twin Towers.

Towards the end of the first film, where Marty shouts up to Doc. Brown that he “has to warn him about the future”, the hands of the clock are set on the 9 and the 11. Furthermore, when the bolt of lightning hits the clock tower a few moments later, the time is 9:59 – the time that the first of the Twin Towers fell in 2001 was 9:59 am.

In the second movie, in Marty’s “future” house, the Twin Towers are seen on a “hologram window” that is designed to show scenery instead of just a window. As the image flickers, if you were to turn the frame upside down, it appears as though the towers are falling.

Back in the first film, another example of the Twin Towers being referenced is when Marty first arrives at Twin Pines Mall. The digital clock shows the time as 1:16 am. If this is flipped upside down, it reads 9:11. What’s more, when Marty arrives at the same Mall after returning from 1955, it is now called Lone Pine Mall. This is said to be a reference to the loss of the Twin Towers, and them being replaced by the lone Peace Tower. The fact this particular scene in the Twin Pines Mall is also host to a “terrorist” attack, is all but proof to some that it is meant as a dire warning.

The Two videos below both look at the hidden messages concerning 9/11 in the famous trilogy in a lot more detail. While they both speak of similar things, both also offer very different perspectives, the second one even offering theories, that connect the Back To The Future films with Zemekis’s recent work, The Walk.

Symbolism In The Comedy Classic Trading Places?

We will stay with the apparently hidden warnings of the 9/11 attacks for a moment and the alleged mountain of warnings of them in the 1983 comedy classic Trading Places. And these claims perhaps take on even more suspicion when we note that the film’s producer, Aaron Russo claimed in an interview that he did indeed have prior knowledge of the attacks courtesy of a conversation he claimed to have had with Nick Rockefeller.

Essentially, according to Russo, he was told that the 9/11 attacks were a planed and purposeful event. And the reason for doing so was simple – to create fear and anger in the American people so that they would back war in the oil-rich desert lands. Furthermore, this conflict would be an “endless war” that would go on for decades.

Promo from the movie Trading Places

Promo from the movie Trading Places

As we know, the “war on terror” following the Twin Tower attacks did indeed take some strange twists and turns and did indeed stretch on for years. Russo would pass away from cancer several years following the interview. However, several rumors soon sprang up that he was silenced by people unknown.

We will return to those rumors shortly. First, though, we will turn our attention to the apparent conversations between the film producer and Nick Rockefeller and examine them in a little more detail.

A Relationship Built Up Over Many Years

While we should treat much of the following with a cautionary pinch of salt, several statements made by Russo to Alex Jones – and subsequently later ones made by Jones himself – regarding his friendship with Nick Rockefeller are extremely intriguing.

On a broadcast on the 29th January 2007, Russo would recall that Rockefeller wished to meet him after viewing his film Mad as Hell. Russo would describe him as a “very, very smart man” and someone that he liked. This relationship would develop and strengthen over a period of years. The two men regularly dined and “shared thoughts and ideas”. Furthermore, many “business opportunities” would come Russo’s way during this period.

Aaron Russo (left) and Nick Rockefeller (right)

Aaron Russo (left) and Nick Rockefeller (right)

It was also during this time that Rockefeller informed Russo – around 11 months before the 9/11 attacks – that “there was going to be an event”, the result of which would be “we would invade Afghanistan”. Furthermore, they would then “invade Iraq to take over the oil fields and establish a base in the Middle East”. He would further claim that “other countries such as Venezuela” were also on the government’s radar.

Russo would also state that once these invasions commenced, the military would be “looking in caves for people” they would never find. Rockefeller allegedly told Russo that “there’s going to be a war on terror in which there’s no real enemy” and that “it would be endless”. As well as the opportunity to take control of the oil fields in the region, this would also create a feeling of “terror” in the general public.

However, it wasn’t merely information seemingly about the 9/11 attacks that Rockefeller would reveal to Russo during this time.

A Desire To Control Society

Russo would also claim he was offered a position with the Council of Foreign Relations during his time spent with Rockefeller. It was an invite he would decline as he was “well aware of the true intentions of the inner-core of the CFR”. He would state he claimed to Rockefeller that he “didn’t believe in enslaving people”. To this Rockefeller responded by asking Russo “what do you care about these people? They are just serfs”.

It was also around this time when Rockefeller discussed population control with the film producer. According to Russo, it was the CFR’s desire to reduce the population by around 50 percent. And furthermore, during these discussions, Rockefeller was very “cold” in his stance and attitude. Perhaps especially when Rockefeller conceded that most people involved with the CFR do not share the views of those at the top and that “most of them believe they are doing the right thing”.

A still from the movie showing the hands of the clock at 9 and 11

A still from the movie showing the hands of the clock at 9 and 11

When Russo would challenge Rockefeller as to why he would desire to be a part of such happenings, especially given all the money and power he already had he would reply that the “end goal was to get everybody chipped”. And once this was done the “bankers and elite people” would control every aspect of society.

It is also interesting as to the apparent reasons that Rockefeller sought out Russo in the first place. According to the film producer, they wanted him to “stop his political activities and join them”. They believed, according to Russo, that he was a “mover and a shaker. And rather than opposing them, they wanted me to join them”.

By this time in their relationship, however, Russo was beginning to see the real personality of Rockefeller. Ultimately, he declined all such offers.

Death Caused By A Direct Energy Weapon?

With all of the above in mind, then, what should we make of the claims that Russo’s death from cancer was not as natural as we might think. During another Alex Jones show – this time on 23rd October 2007 – Jones would claim that Russo had privately confided in him that he had “been threatened”. And furthermore, that he believed the cancer he was suffering from was the result of a Direct Energy Weapon.

We should also note that on yet another Alex Jones show several months previously on 29th August 2007, Russo’s girlfriend, Heidi Gregg, dismissed such claims. She would state clearly that she believed Russo’s cancer was a result of “his lifestyle” and that claims of him being murdered through the use of clandestine technology had no grounds.

Aaron Russo

Aaron Russo

While it is easy to get wrapped up in such claims, especially given that Russo had made such large claims of corruption at the heart of the United States’ elite, we also have to question why Russo kept such fears private. For example, why did he not speak of these fears and beliefs on air? Or even make a wider public statement and use the platform that would have been open to him?

It is an intriguing if grim theory. And rumors of murders of people by dark shadowy departments of the intelligence agencies then being made to look like suicide are rampant. In fact, when we examine another film later, this notion is touched on heavily. And if we believe hidden messages are contained in movies, then such assertions should perhaps be taken a little more seriously. But what about the symbols and messages in Trading Places?

Constant References To 9/11 In Trading Places?

If we turn our attention to the film itself, we will see there are certainly some intriguing finds. And as well as apparent warnings of the 9/11 attacks, many claim the movie contains multiple symbols of the Illuminati. Right from the start in the opening sequences of the movie our attention is taken to a homeless person sat on the street. Around them, there are several newspaper pages blowing in the wind. When we focus in on one of the pages, the headline clearly shows the numbers 9 and 11.

Perhaps the most blatant signs, however, occur toward the end of the film as the protagonists, Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) and Louis Winthorpe (Dan Ackroyd) venture out to the Stock Exchange (which, incidentally, was housed in the Twin Towers) in order to do financial battle with the “bad guys” of the film, the Duke brothers.

Still from the movie Trading Places

Still from the movie Trading Places

They arrive there in a taxi. As they exit the vehicle, the phone number of the taxi firm is clear on the car door. It contains 9s, 1s, and 0s. However, those familiar with Illuminati symbolism claim that 0s can be ignored with only the 9s and 1s being relevant.

Then, there is the line issued by Winthorpe just before the pair enter the building in which he claims, “nothing you have ever experienced can prepare you for the unbridled carnage you are about to witness. In this building, it’s either kill or be killed!”

Just to hammer the point home further, several scenes later as Valentine and Winthorpe wait for trading to begin on the floor of the stock exchange, the camera clearly shows the clock on the wall with its hands pointing to the 9 and the 11.

How Credible Might The Claims Be?

Perhaps one thing worth noting, and certainly a fly in the ointment to those who subscribe to the suggestion of hidden symbols of 9/11 in Trading Places, is that Russo claims he was informed of the attacks just under a year before they happened.

So, we have to ask, who – if anyone – was responsible for inserting such hidden messages in the 1983 film? And was it just a coincidence that Russo – the film’s producer – was then sought out and offered, albeit guarded, information on the incident in New York that changed the course of world history? If Russo had inserted these warnings and messages, had he done so unconsciously?

If we were to go through Russo’s entire film back catalog, might we find further messages pertaining to other incidents? Furthermore, it would appear – if we assume Russo’s claims to be credible – that there was a genuine attempt to “recruit” the filmmaker. Once more, this sits nicely with many claims of the elite pursuing people of interest to them and essentially, enrolling them into their top-secret activities.

It is also worth staying with the notion of the elite and their symbols and alleged rituals when we examine our next well-known movie, A Nightmare On Elm Street. First, however, check out the short video below looking at Russo’s claims.

A Nightmare On Elm Street – A Glimpse Into Elite Ritual?

One of the most famous movie franchises is the Nightmare On Elm Street films. And while the subject matter is disturbing enough (although completely fictional) there are some who believe the film has an altogether hidden meaning.

The movies revolve around a dead child murderer (Freddy Kruger, himself murdered by the parents of those he has killed) who comes back to haunt the children of Elm Street by killing them in their sleep. The creator of the films, Wes Craven, would claim he first had the idea [2] of some being killed by a nightmare after reading of several refugees who had fled the communist dictatorship in Laos and arrived in the United States.

Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare In Elm Street

Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare In Elm Street

Craven had read of the account in a newspaper. There were 18 refugees in total. However, after settling in the United States, each of them would suffer the same, strange death. Each was discovered in their beds as if they were simply sleeping. It was suspected that each had died from Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome – essentially, that they had died from fright as a result of an intense nightmare. What is also particularly interesting is that the legends from where the refugees fled state that spirits often claim young people in their sleep – particularly men.

While the interview is most likely accurate in terms of what influenced the film’s basic plot, there are others who believe it acts as a way to display ancient esoteric knowledge of brutal elite rituals.

Is Freddy Kruger A Representation Of The Ancient God Cronus?

To some people, the main character in the Nightmare On Elm Street movies is actually a discreet representation of ancient god, Cronus – sometimes called the “devourer of children”. Cronus (the Greek name) is also known under other names in other cultures – such as Ba’al or Moloch – both of which are often brought up in connection with ancient ritual child sacrifice which some claim continues in the realms of the elite today.

In ancient times, children were often sent hurtling into pits of flames as a sacrifice to Ba’al or Moloch. So when we consider how fire and flames are important to the Freddy Kruger story, it is hard to completely ignore such claims. There is also a famous scene in the third installment of the films where the faces of presumably murdered children can be seen trying to force their way out of Kruger’s torso. When we consider that Cronos “devoured” children, this can again be seen as a discreet message of the true nature of the film.

Ba'al or Moloch - a god from ancient times

Ba’al or Moloch – a god from ancient times

Is this a warning from Craven that such ancient rituals are still taking place today? Perhaps even in the circles of the Hollywood elite. We should not underestimate the number of very powerful (if relatively anonymous) people who reside in such circles.

We might also take note that Craven initially had Kruger as a murderer who also sexually abused children. However, this was changed while filming, in order to make it more palatable to watch as entertainment. Might it be, though, that such high-ranking people in the film industry felt the notion was a little too close to the truth? When we examine our next point, it is again easy to see why some people become convinced there really is a message to be gained from the premise of the Elm Street films.

Connections To A Very Real Abuse Scandal?

Although the property wasn’t raided until 1982, rumors of child abuse taking place at the Elm Guest House hotel in London had been swirling since the late 1970s. Following the raid, Carole Kasir (the owner) would face several charges of improper conduct.

The grimmest discovery, however, was that of 12 young boys in the hotel. They would each tell the same story, that they had been sexually abused by a variety of men who visited the hotel. Essentially, they had been groomed. And what’s more, the rumors claimed that a lot of the men that regularly visited the Elm Guest House were well-known to the public, whether through politics, business, or entertainment. When the Jimmy Saville revelations hit decades later, we might consider how accurate these rumors might have been.

Perhaps unbelievably, no significant investigation went ahead following the claims of the boys, and it wasn’t until 2012 when the police finally returned to the claims to investigate further. Perhaps even more interesting is the sudden “suicide” of Kasir just short of a decade after her arrest. Coincidentally or not, only a short time after interest in the case began again.

A Warning Or Discreet Information?

Of course, whether there is a connection or not to the alleged secret message of child sacrifice and ritual sexual abuse between A Nightmare On Elm Street and the Elm Guest House abuse scandal remains open to debate.

It is often said that Elm Street was used in the title of the films as a reference to the street that Kennedy was shot on in Dallas in November 1963. And this would perhaps make a certain amount of sense – after all, it is arguably regarded (with the exception of 9/11) as America’s darkest day. However, the fact that such harrowing abuse might have taken place at an establishment named the Elm Guest House, and did so only years before the release of the first movie, is enough for some people to make the connection.

The model of Freddy Kruger with souls emerging from his torso

The model of Freddy Kruger with souls emerging from his torso

The claims of hidden messages within the Nightmare On Elm Street movies is a particularly interesting one, in that it is easy to both see the connections and to dismiss them as an overreach. However, the more that comes to light today decades later, the more those coincidences appear a little more tenuous.

If there are messages to be found in the Elm Street films then we need to ask, were they meant as a warning, or as a way of carrying information discreetly among the elites of the film industry?

Eyes Wide Shut – A True Reflection Of What We Know As The Illuminati?

Without a doubt one of the most controversial films said to contain hidden symbols and messages is Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. And we should mention before we even examine some of these claims, that Kubrick died only days after the first showing and before its eventual release. [3] And given the content and plot of the film, it is perhaps easy to see why the conspiracies began almost immediately.

The film revolves around a doctor (Dr. Bill played by Tom Cruise) whose job involves him mixing with several members of “high-ranking” society. The movie revolves around many of the conspiracies that serious-minded researchers (and some a little more outlandish, admittedly) have been speaking about publicly for decades.

Rainbows are often associated with Mind Control

Rainbows are often associated with Mind Control

Dr. Bill, through a chance meeting with an old friend, bluffs his way into an elite party (which turns out to be an Illuminati style sex party). Once there, and after having been thrown out and threatened, his life begins to unravel somewhat. Furthermore, he begins to notice strange behavior and symbols all around him that he had previously been blind to. By the end of the movie, it is all but confirmed to him that elite secret societies exist and that they control the police, politicians, and even the media.

For example, one of the “sex slaves” in the film is seemingly murdered but her death is reported in the newspaper as a “drug overdose”. This is exactly what many conspiracy writers have claimed happens to “mind-controlled sex slaves” after they have fallen out of favor with their elite masters. Even the constant references to rainbows are said to be a symbol of the MKUltra mind control techniques that some say still continue secretly today.

References To Secret Ritual Parties?

Even the location of the party that Dr. Bill unwisely sneaks into is almost identical to an apparent Rothschild party from 1972, of which, there are several photographs leaked online. To say the scene appears bizarre and disturbing would be an understatement. Whether Kubrick just wished to paint such a scene for the sake of the film or whether it was a not so subtle reference to the event and the claims that surround the family name, is perhaps open to debate.

If we examine some of the particular scenes in the film, it is easy to see why many claim it to be an obvious warning of what takes place behind the doors of high-ranking society. Perhaps a good place to start would be near the opening of the film where Alice (Nicole Kidman) is getting undressed between two pillars which some claim is an obvious reference to the masonic pillar, Boaz and Jachin.

Still from the film Eyes Wide Shut

Note the two pillars on each side of the frame

Another interesting scene occurs shortly after Dr. Bill enters the party and is greeted by two Monarch Presidential models. According to those who claim to understand the symbolism of the Illuminati, this is a reference to “Presidential Monarch mind-controlled” subjects, often selected at birth, and are subconsciously trained to be “high-level sex slaves” who also act as information carriers between the world’s elite.

While this sounds a little outrageous, if we remember the references to rainbows and the apparent connection to mind control, the dialogue between the characters in the scene is certainly interesting, at the very least. When Sr. Bill asks one of the girls where they were going she replies “where the rainbow ends” before the second girl asks “don’t you want to see where the rainbow ends?”

Symbolism And Messages In Almost Every Scene

There are certainly other discreet references that are often found in Masonic or elite circles. [4] For example, the Star of Ishtar is seen on various occasions, while there appears to be an overuse of mirrors (which suggest is another reference to the “looking glass” and mind control techniques).

If we stay with the mind control notion a little longer, especially in light of how it is sometimes used (according to some research) to create sex slaves, we might take note of the number of “scarlet women” who are involved with Dr. Bill throughout the movie. As well as the sex-slave who is eventually murdered (or overdosed) who has noticeable scarlet hair, Dr. Bill’s wife Alice and their daughter both do.

Still from the movie Eyes Wide Shut

The Star of Ishtar in the background

This is implying that these are all mind control victims, with Dr. Bill and Alice’s daughter being a future slave “in training”. Rumors that circle of these sex slaves have often stated that in many cases, the child’s parents act as “handlers”. And while we still do not know the full facts of the case, we only need to look at the Epstein affair to realize that these events likely do take place. Perhaps the only question is on what scale might they be?

If we stay with this a little further, there is a scene that is witnessed in the Rainbow shop where the shop owner offers his obviously underaged daughter for services. This again (keeping in mind the rainbow connection) is a further reference to the nature of these apparent mind control programs and how the parents (often mind-controlled themselves) are “willing” participants.

Was Eyes Wide Shut Trying To Warn Us?

It is perhaps also worth our time examining the scenes in the ritual hall where Dr. Bill is eventually uncovered as being an uninvited guest. In that scene, the leader of the ritual is sat upon a throne which contains a double-headed eagle with a crown resting between their heads. While it could be a coincidence, the 33-degree Scottish Rite Freemasons use an almost identical double-headed eagle in their emblem.

We might also consider why the film is called Eyes Wide Shut in the first place. According to those in the know, it is a reference to the hundreds, perhaps thousands of people – in this case, Hollywood – who are aware of what is taking place around them behind closed doors, but not willing to say or do anything about it. Perhaps, in some cases, as it might risk their own skeletons (whatever they might be) being aired very publicly.

There is a particular line toward the end of the film that stands out somewhat with this in mind. As Alice and Dr. Bill are bringing themselves back together following their ordeal, Alice says “The good thing is we are awake now”. To many who have seen the film, it is not Dr. Bill she is speaking to, but us, the audience, the general public.

We should also consider that many suspect the film underwent substantial editing following Kubrick’s death. And while there is no proof of this, it is the belief of some that the most damaging scenes were removed from the final movie as a sort of “damage limitation”. If there is any truth to such rumors, it would be very interesting to know what was removed from the version Kubrick produced.

An Indirect Corroboration Of Conspiracies?

Perhaps what lends some of these claims a little credence are the comments of Seth MacFarlane, who has made public “jokes” and used lines in his productions such as Family Guy that would appear to have actually been very true warnings.

For example, a scene in an episode of Family Guy is of particular interest to us here. It features one of the characters – Stewie a toddler – come running into the frame while screaming “Help, I’ve just escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement!” It was something little thought of at the time. However, as we know now, several years later accusations were leveled at Spacey involving teenagers that were remarkably similar.

Perhaps an even more intriguing comment came in 2013 when MacFarlane was presenting an award at the Academy Award ceremony. After reading out the nominations (for best supporting actress), he would quip that “you five ladies no longer have to pretend you’re attracted to Harvey Weinstein”. Once more, nothing too much was thought about the comment at the time – at least not until Weinstein faced multiple charges and accusations – including rape – from actresses and female employees in the industry.

It is also of interest that the mainstream media immediately jumped on these two comments following the respective revelations. If there is any truth “the elite” controlling the media (and there is definitely truth that only a small number of people own all the media outlets) then it is perhaps an interesting move that such attention would be further brought to the news. Unless, that is, as some researchers suggest, it was an attempt to sacrifice such people as Weinstein in order to take attention away from those even higher up this seemingly secret chain.

Hollywood – The Playground Of The Freemasons And The Illuminati?

Hollywood has always come with warnings of a dark underbelly that runs in parallel to the apparent glitz and glamour. Some take these tales as perhaps metaphoric warnings of the consequences of chasing fame and fortune at the expense of others, and even oneself. Some though have taken such warnings much more at face value, and believe the Hollywood and Disney film industries are run by elite secret societies such as the Freemasons and in turn, the Illuminati.

What’s more, it is these groups that ensure the appearance of symbols in such blockbuster films and popular television shows. According to such theories, it is partly an arrogant mocking of the public that they include such references to events like 9/11, and partly a means of communication and ritual between themselves.

These assertions take an even darker turn when considered alongside accusations like those from Roseanne Barr that we covered in our MKULTRA article, and even more so when Corey Feldman’s claims of child abuse rings in Hollywood, rings that he says he himself was a victim of at the hands of the “elite!”

The references and symbols used in many big film productions for the most part are very real and not just seen by a few people with overactive imaginations. Whether their presence is indeed sinister, or simply just to satisfy the artist’s amusement is the question that is debated.

The video below looks at some of the symbols that are often connected with the Illuminati and how they are included in numerous big budget movies.

The Power Of Television And The Silver Screen

If the writer and director of the Back To The Future films, Robert Zemekis, or any of the writers, directors, and producers involved with other such films, were trying to get information to the wider public through their work, aside from asking why, perhaps we should ask, how did they become privy to such “secret” knowledge in the first place?

It is no secret that the world of Hollywood and the big guns that inhabit it is a world quite different from the one that most of us reside in. It is a world where some people have more influence than most could possibly imagine, and with that influence, or perhaps even as a result of it, is access to information reserved for only a very select few.

Perhaps there is good reason that many people over many years have stated that such groups as the Illuminati treat Hollywood as their playground, where they use the medium of the silver screen to not just tell stories and entertain, but to sway the will of the public themselves. They essentially have their audience under a self-imposed, subconscious form of mind control.

Jim Morrison’s famous quote of “Whoever controls the media, control the mind” should perhaps be taken a little more seriously than a flippant, throw-away line.

Morrison, himself studying to be a filmmaker leading up to the success of The Doors, was certainly a perceptive person. Given that the 1960s also witnessed the beginnings of the television becoming a “must-have” item in most homes in the western world, Morrison was perhaps well placed to make his claim, and no doubt saw first-hand the effects of such a device, and indeed his own fame as a result of it, on the general public.

The video below is an expanded look at these apparent symbols that are left within such media. It looks at the Back To The Future movies, but also includes other predictions and theories that take us right up until the present day – check it out, and make your own mind up.


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  • Archimedes of the Trashweb says:

    Watch for the links between various major films of the millennium that transcend plagiary; Fight Club, Pi, The Matrix, AI… The relationship between these films particularly, and largely US films sharing a single release period, is striking.
    As another note, the WTC is associated with the Two Towers of the Lord of the Rings in the Dungeons and Dragons-scare movie Monsters and Mazes.
    As for the twin pines motif, no, I would invert that link – the diad and companion are a consistent metanarrative motif in American film, influenced by Freemasonic iconography by all means, and the WTC event is also noticeable for this reason. The trees and leaves are consistent for the consistent child lost or ‘born in the woods’ for forty years of Bowmans, Woodhouses, Berries, Davids, etc., and the breeding pine trees pun indicative of the Oedipul dream the film engineers at one level. Hardly any wonder all those women in SRA claimed they were being forced to make babies for a cult in rooms with doors with triangles on, or alien abductees claimed they were being ‘selected for breeding’ (like Neo!) on spaceships with triangles everywhere, eh. The signs are toyed with in Gibson’s Gernsback Continuum, and are only retarded until society shows to be being run, shaped and exploited by the mass media promulgating trash like a scratched record to a dumbed tabloid public deprived of an academic demonstration of repetition in culture and propaganda in American film, and until anyone exposes the media’s interface with a corrupt and destructive society.
    Good luck with your researches.

  • Meridith says:

    Thank you for the great article

  • Andries says:

    Great article that gets one thinking.I personally think in some instances it’s making fun and inside jokes being used as fillers.In other instances I think the hidden messages are placed deliberately because who would look for hidden messages in a Disney movie/cartoon series,right?Coincidental or not,It’s freaky stuff.

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