The Waco Siege And Chilling Links To The Ancient Pagan Deity Moloch

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The stand-off, siege, and eventual savage destruction in Waco, Texas on 19th April 1993 was one of the bloodiest and seemingly most unnecessary operations in history. More than that, it is an event that the more one studies, the more it appears to have been a small piece in a much larger picture.

Exactly two years following the ghastly events in Waco, the Oklahoma Bombing would shake the United States further. The person found guilty of the bombing, Timothy McVeigh, would claim that the events at Waco served as his inspiration. Whether we believe McVeigh or not is irrelevant in as much that millions of people around the country, and indeed the world, were exactly as sickened by the events at Waco as he claimed he was.

Fire at the Waco siege

Fire at the Waco siege

To those that believe attacks such as these are very much orchestrated, there were cover-ups of a much darker scenario. There was a desire among those at the top of US government, to crack down on any type of descent. Out of these claims of elite manipulation, are further connections made to the ancient Pagan deity of Moloch. A deity said by some to be very important to elite bloodlines often connected to the manipulation of world events.

Before we look at that though, the video below is a brief run-down of the events of the Waco Siege.

Background To The Waco Tragedy

The Branch Davidians would operate relatively freely until the sudden onslaught of military might directed at them. The fact the media were present to such an operation is perhaps telling in and of itself.

The Branch Davidians, as an organization in the US, date back to the mid-1950s. However, the branch eventually headed by David Koresh had its roots in a splinter group started in 1959. Koresh himself was controversial, even within the Branch Davidians. Entering the group in 1981, by 1987 he essentially took the role of leader in a coup over George Roden, the son of the splinter group’s founder, Benjamin Roden.

It was perhaps this coup that put the group on the public radar. By the early nineties, the American media would largely describe them as a “cult” or a “sect”. To the American public, they were an “outside” group who were dangerous to society at large. That is not to say that a lot of the people under the apparent control of David Koresh were not misguided. Koresh himself would certainly be a “person of interest” by even the most liberal minded people. It appeared to some, however, that the group were having the public’s perception of them molded a predetermined way.

These “cults” were dangerous according to the media. Incidentally, the eventual response to these “cults” would allow the US government to deploy the military into domestic law situations. To many, this was allowing the implementation of Martial Law by the back door.

Initial Raid And Siege

On top of this public perception, shaping exercise came the altogether more serious charges of child abuse and weapons violations. With public opinion swinging to proactive action to “save the children”, the government, through the arms of the FBI and ATF agencies, would begin to go on the offensive.

On 28th February the FBI and the ATF agents would take the decision to attempt to enter the compound housing the group. Officially, a gun battle broke out, resulting in the deaths of four government agents. Following these events, a siege and standoff began that would last fifty-one days. However, investigations later would suggest an orchestration of this initial incident.

According to the documentary, “The Big Lie” by Linda Thompson, the fourth agent is clearly on the roof that morning to throw a grenade into the room after his fellow agents. Was this mistake or had this fourth agent intentionally set up his unit? Was the gunfire heard from his own agents believing the grenade was from the Davidians? Above all, why? Was this a first attempt to draw the Davidians into active conflict? And what of the charges of child abuse and weapons violations?

Incidentally, all four of the agents who went into the building that February morning turned up dead. There are various theories as to both the identity of the men and their real reasons for entering the compound. Regardless, what would follow was an almost seven-week stand-off. A stand-off that the whole world would watch come to a bloody end, live on their television sets.

Before we look at that day in detail, the video below features news footage of the events. It is a good example of how horrific the incident truly was.

The Death And Destruction Of 19th April 1993

As the sun cast light over the compound in the early hours of 19th April, considerable activity began from the ATF and FBI teams surrounding it. It appeared to all present, that action of some kind was imminent. A heavy media presence had also built up seemingly out of nowhere. It would come to light later that a strategic phone call of sorts went out to key media outlets.

A tank was moving back and forth over the same specific piece of land in front of the building. We will look possible reasons for this later. However, it would come to light after the events, that under this same patch of land, was a shelter where many of the women and children slept through fear of night raids by the authorities. Not to mention to escape the constant noise thrown at them from government agencies.

It was a little while later that entire units went into action. Flame throwers appeared to throw flames from the tanks in operation. Witness accounts and official narrative differ on this, perhaps not surprisingly. While the FBI would attest the fire came about through members of the sect, many would state the FBI were in fact responsible. A tear gas attack also took place, not to mention a barrage of gunfire, apparently from both sides.

By the time it was all over shortly after noon, seventy-six people – many of them children – were dead. Most of them had seemingly burnt to death. Among the dead was David Koresh.

The video below is one of many online. It appears to show the government tanks using flame-throwers. The video below that asks the question of who exactly did start the fire at Waco?

Questions, Conspiracies, And Accusations

Questions, accusations and conspiracy theories within theories would follow. In short, there were many who refused to believe the official version of events that morning. For example, why were the many chances to apprehend Koresh not taken when he was out in the open? He would regularly walk freely about the town for example.

If a gunfight had broken out, and there was a resistance from members of the sect, why were the vast majority found in the ruined underground bunker, huddled together? Given that heat sensitive equipment would have been at the agencies disposal, why would they have allowed fire to spread to the bunker knowing so many innocent people were trapped inside?

The bunker, incidentally, is at the center of some of the more far-reaching theories. For some, there are connections much further than mere heavy-handedness.

Might it be that the manner the FBI/ATF conducted itself was more akin to ritual than a show of muscle? The tank moving back and forth very purposely over the land above the compound where many of the children were sheltering took place arguably for one reason only – to cause the underground structure to collapse and trap them inside.

The video below is the documentary from the aforementioned Linda Thompson, The Big Lie. It is interesting to say the very least.

Connections To Ancient Rituals?

Most of those who died – many of them children – would burn to death in the crippled ruins of the shelter. When consideration is given to the theories of “elite control” and their apparent liking for satanic type rituals, the purposeful burning of children, makes many people take note.

Dating back to ancient times and in many various forms, the same principal ritual has taken place. For thousands of years as offerings to the sun god, Baal, or Moloch, the sacrificing of children to fire would take place. Accounts talk of large pits of fire, purposely shaped into the head of Moloch, being awash with flames, while townsfolk “rolled their young” into the blazing pits as their offerings.

Incidentally, the date of the Waco Siege, and in turn, the Oklahoma Bombing two years later – 19th April – is an important date in the satanic elite calendar. It is the first day of the thirteen day period of satanic ritual to Moloch. During this time, the sacrificing of children would have taken place, and maybe still does. Controversial author and researcher, David Icke, writes extensively about Waco and Moloch in “…and The Truth Shall Set You Free” and “The Biggest Secret”.

It certainly isn’t the first time such a seemingly outrageous claim has surfaced in connection to such tragedies. Before we look at that incident, however, the video below looks at occult connections to the Waco Siege.

The Luna Park Tragedy, Australia, Sydney 1979

In Australia in 1979, at the Luna Park, a horrific fire in a ghost train amusement killed seven people. These included several children. Jenny Godson would lose her husband, John, and their two sons in the tragedy.

In the days following the incident, a photograph – the very last picture of her son, Damien – came to light. In it, Damien while sitting waiting for the ghost train to start, looked on in anticipation. At his side was a strange-clad man wearing a horrific and chilling mask. Jenny would swear the man was not present when she took the photograph. Furthermore, despite extensive pleas and attempts, the man’s identity remains a complete mystery.

A strange chilling figure captured in a photograph at a children's ride

The strange figure.

Given the fact that several young children perished in the fire at the scene of the tragedy, combined with the strange photograph widely circulated with Jenny Godson’s permission, a bizarre but spine-numbing theory soon developed. Bizarre that is, if you are not aware of the history and legends of the aforementioned Moloch.

Is it pure coincidence that a strange figure, with an exact resemblance to the ancient deity, whose preference was for children burning alive as a sacrifice, appears in a photograph at the scene of such an event? Most, even those that believe that there is “something” to this tragic account, admit it is a crazy suggestion. Crazy, but chilling. Perhaps it is worth remembering that Jenny Godson would always maintain that the deaths of her husband and two young sons were the result of “something evil!”

Check out the video below. It is the follow-up to The Big Lie by Linda Thompson, The Big Lie Continues. Whether there is a connection between the Waco tragedy and the ancient deity, Moloch, is still open to debate for some.


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    The cult of moloch is the ‘illuminati’ controlling the world. And they have for thousands of years, through the religious institutions and the Roman empire, which became the Vatican. Moloch is the God of the abrahamic religions. The bible does say that satan is lord of the earth. And that next time the world will be cleansed not by a flood but by fire… but that’s just a ‘conspircytheory’, right? The fact golden bulls and owls are everywhere doesn’t mean anything…. blind. People are blind to the truth staring them in the face..

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