They Might Be Giants? Well, They Just Might Be!

Marcus Lowth
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October 9, 2016
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September 27, 2021
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Just about every culture on Earth has myths and legends of giants who once called our planet home.

Even The Bible speaks of such behemoth-like creatures. Aside from the most obvious story of David and Goliath, are mentions of the Nephilim – said to be the result of interbreeding between The Watchers and the “daughters of man”.

In the Book of Genesis verses 1-4, it states quite clearly that “When human beings began to increase in number on the Earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.”

The “Sons of the Gods” are otherwise referred to as The Watchers – thought by those who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory to be the Anunnaki – were alien soldiers and workers. When they “married” human women, The Bible states the offspring produced from these liaisons were giant creatures – known as the Nephilim.

Giant skeleton with a man stood nearby

Giant skeleton

Did these Nephilim and other “mythical” giants really once exist? Surely we can’t “cherry-pick” what we accept to be true from such ancient writings.

There have been many finds of giant skeletal remains of these alleged giants (some of which we will look at shortly), but there have also been numerous giant “footprints” unearthed all over the planet, forever cast in stone for all to see. In South Africa in the small town of Mpaluzi sits the four-foot-long “Goliath’s Footprint” – estimated to be anywhere up to three billion years old and a perfect match in terms of dimensions to a human foot. In San Jose in California, at least two separate reports were run in newspapers of five-foot and eight-foot footprints discovered in 1925 and 1926 respectively.

Perhaps, though, it is a discovery of a normal size pair of footprints – at least in terms of the big picture of human history – that might of most interest to researchers. In 1976, Mary Leaky would make the discovery of an apparent definite set of human footprints fossilized into the rock in Tanzania. However, what made the footprints leap out at Leaky was that they were – according to all the accepted tests, she performed – around 3.6 million years old.

The point to consider here is that this obviously goes against what accepted history says is correct for the human presence on Earth. Not only would this suggest that humans may have been on Earth much longer than we currently believe, but that if the claims of giants in the ancient past are true, then they would have lived alongside each other. Perhaps this is where the legends and ancient myths come from. It just might one day prove to be the case that giants did exist. And that the apparent discoveries we will examine will one day be vindicated.

While the thought of giants having once existed is a reach for some people, others go as far as to say they are still here today. And what’s more, there are those in positions of power and influence, who are fully aware of their presence.

Further Evidence Discovered?

According to some, the tales and records of Ancient Egypt also speak of giants. Much of the ancient artwork and wall paintings in the remains of the great Egyptian empire clearly show “giant” people among “normal” sized people – often seen worshipping the oversized person.

Photographs of a giant finger, supposedly the remains of a long-dead giant found in Egypt, began to appear online in early 2012. [1] A photograph of the fifteen-inch long digit was offered as proof of the find. However, at present, the finger’s whereabouts in unknown.

The picture comes courtesy of Gergor Sporri in 1988. [2] He had paid a large sum of money to a man claiming to be from a family with a long history of grave robbing to do so. According to this mystery man, the finger had come into his possession in the 1960s but that is all the information that is on record.

You check out the short video below and see what you think.

An Attempt To Suppress Forbidden Knowledge?

A discovery made in 1940 during the early months of the Second World War also suggested that the tales of giants in antiquity may be true. However, it seems that there was a successful effort to cover-up the find.

According to well-respected zoologist, Ivan T. Sanderson, the find came to him by an engineer stationed on the Aleutian Islands in the North Pacific Ocean. [3] While building airstrips on the islands in preparation for a potential (and eventual) conflict with Japan, a discovery of huge human skeletal remains – including skulls – was made. By the time Sanderson had managed to make the trip out to the islands, the remains were no longer there.

According to the engineer, representatives of the Smithsonian Institute had removed the remains. When Sanderson pressed the organization on this, they denied any involvement in the incident. A second engineer also corroborated the story to Sanderson. We should perhaps note, Sanderson was not one to make up such wild statements.

A discovery made in the early years of the twentieth century in 1912 also went “missing” soon after their uncovering.

The Lake Delevan Discovery

In Wisconsin at Lake Delevan, a total of eighteen giant skeletons was made by two brothers. The remains were human but had features similar to those of a monkey. The brothers had been investigating a burial mound when they made the discovery. They believed they had found the remains of an unknown race of ancient people who once called the area home.

They might not have been far wrong either. Several other newspaper reports exist that tell of similar finds in the Wisconsin area. Two discoveries came to light in the 1890s. In Aztalan in 1891 was the unearthing of giant remains. And in 1897, in Maple Creek, came the discovery of a nine-foot skeleton.

What links all three of the Wisconsin discoveries, as well as the finds on the Aleutian Islands nearly half a century later, were the mysterious disappearance of all the unearthed remains. The persistent rumor is that the Smithsonian Institute has “taken” the bones.

The Moberly Coalmine Discovery

As far back as 1885 newspapers were reporting on strange discoveries [4] of gigantic remains. According to a story that appeared in the New York Times in their 9th April edition, a “buried city” in Moberly, Missouri also contained the remains of giant skeletal remains.

The report states that as coal miners were “sinking a shaft” at the location, they suddenly broke through to a previously unknown cavern. Even stranger, this cavern was “looming over the streets of an ancient city”. What’s more, this ancient city was “regularly laid out and enclosed by walls of stone” and further features a “good, although rude style of masonry”.

Newspaper clipping regarding the find of Giants in Moberly

Newspaper clipping regarding the find of Giants in Moberly

The miners, as well as two city representatives, would carry out an extensive exploration of the underground city. One of the things they would discover was a huge hall – approximately 30 by 100 feet – which was full of large stone benches, tools, as well as “statues and images made of a composition closely resembling bronze”. Further exploration would reveal a fountain made of stone that still produced “perfectly pure water”.

However, when they moved past the impressive and still active fountain, they made the most remarkable discovery of all. There, right in front of them, was a partial human skeleton that appeared to be that of a giant. For example, the leg measured at least for and a half feet. This allowed those investigating to estimate the size of the full skeleton would have been somewhere between 10 to 12 feet tall. They would also discover the remains of a giant “shattered” skull with all manner of saws and knives scattered around it.

No Record Of A Promised Second Search Mission

The report continues that the investigative team spent just short of 12 hours in total exploring the newly discovered remains and tools. In fact, they would only return to the surface when they had run out of oil in the lamps. Interestingly, though, despite the newspaper reporting that a second search would take place in the near future, no records of such a search exist. Whether a second mission went ahead in secret or the find was covered over (literally and figuratively) is perhaps open to debate.

Despite plenty of apparent evidence – at least in terms of the newspaper reports – there are many who have since dismissed the account as possibly “partly true” but essentially, mainly based on “hearsay”. For example, a professor at Northwest Missouri State University, Dr. Tom Spencer, would offer that the newspaper likely ran with the claims without researching the facts, or even embellished the story for no other reason than to sell newspapers. They would then simply distance themselves from it and not report on it again.

A depiction of a giant

A depiction of a giant

It is Spencer’s opinion that while an underground cavern likely was uncovered beneath the mine, and perhaps even a human bone or several tools were discovered, the other more elaborate details are likely overdramatized at best.

Others, though, remain convinced that there was a significant discovery made that day on Moberly. One group of local residents continue to search for the “Crystal City” and any further remains of giant skeletons. Whether they do make a discovery over 100 years since the last apparent find remains to be seen. As does whether the wider world hears about it, or whether it, potentially, is suppressed and kept out of the public arena.

The Tomb Of Giants In A Secret Cave Along The Colorado River

In 1909 there were reports of a discovery of giant remains in a cave system off the Colorado River. A report appeared in the Arizona Gazette in April of that year stating that an explorer by the name of G E Kinkaid had made the discovery while rafting in the area. He claimed to have noticed the opening to a cave that when he entered, stretched around a mile underground.

However, it was once he was at the end of the purposely created tunnel that he discovered a huge room that contained all manner of items such as statues, tools, and even weapons. Even more intriguing were the large tablets that had strange symbols and writing on them – very similar, Kinkaid would claim – to ancient hieroglyphics.

Picture of the Colorado River

The Colorado River

By far, however, the most interesting and shocking discovery in the huge mausoleum-type room were the several huge mummies, each of which stood at least 9 feet tall. Furthermore, unlike Egyptian-style mummies, these were clothed and wrapped in strange, dark material.

It was Kinkaid’s belief – as well as that of the reporter at the Arizona Gazette – that the mummies suggested a race of giants could very well have inhabited the America’s long before official records suggest a human presence. He would elaborate that the tunnel system and the huge secret room showed ample evidence of advanced engineering.

Also of interest was evidence of an ancient religion practiced by whichever race created the underground chamber. Not only did Kinkaid discover a “cross-shaped plant” but also “an idol” that was sat cross-legged holding a lotus in each hand. The oriental features of the face made the idol appear very much like Buddha, at least according to Kinkaid.

What’s more, Kinkaid would state that following the discovery, the entrance to the cave system had been intentionally sealed shut by mysterious people claiming to work for the United States’ government.

Perhaps we should also note that Kinkaid was a respected archaeologist as well as a member of the Smithsonian Society. In short, he was a very credible witness.

The Giants Of Lovelock Cave

Two years after the apparent discovery off the Colorado River, in 1911, came a discovery of gigantic remains in Lovelock Cave in Lovelock, Nevada. The cave itself – sometimes referred to as Horseshoe Cave or Sunset Guano Cave – is said to be the oldest such cave system on the North American continent, and certainly predating any known human presence by thousands of years.

So, when two miners, [5] David Hart and James Pugh, made the remarkable discovery while searching for guano for gunpowder, they were shocked, to say the least. After discovering the apparent remains of an ancient civilization – including the discovery of several mummies seemingly 10-foot-tall and giant handprints on the wall as well as giant sandals-like footwear – they would ask Alfred Kroeber of the University of California to assist them.

Picture of Lovelock Cave

Lovelock Cave

As well as the giant mummies, around 60 further mummies of a standard human size were discovered. They would also make discoveries of numerous artifacts, tools, and even weapons. Several digs would take place between 1912 and 1929. All would bring more and more revelations.

For example, they would discover a “donut-shaped stone” that had 365 very clearly marked notches on the outside edge, as well as 52 evenly spaced notches on the inside. This would seemingly some kind of calendar, which again would suggest a relatively advanced civilization. What’s more, following several carbon dating tests, it was determined that whoever had lived in the cave systems at Lovelock, they did so from approximately 1500 BC and could have remained there as late as the 1500s. While there is no doubt about the discovery itself, the claims of 10-foot giant mummies is disputed by many – not least, as no physical proof of the mummies remains.

Even more intriguing, though, are some of the legends of the Native American tribe, The Paiutes. They have resided in the region for thousands of years and one of their legends (although it said by the tribe to be true) is that the cave systems were once home to the Si-Te-Cha who were “red-haired, white-skinned giants”. Similar legends of red-haired giants can also be found in several parts of South America.

Intricate Network Of Giant Tunnels Under Death Valley, California

We should perhaps also take a moment [6] to consider the alleged finds of Bruce Russell in Death Valley, California in 1931. The wider public wouldn’t learn of the apparent discovery of giant skeletal remains until almost a decade and a half later when Howard Hill publicly spoke of them at the Transportation Club in Los Angeles.

According to Hill’s retelling, the Russell, a retired physician from Ohio, had discovered an intricate tunnel and cave system below Death Valley while exploring with a friend, Dr. Daniel Bovee. Of more interest, though, was not so much the network of tunnels, but the discovery of skeletons approximately 9 feet tall. Even more amazing, the skeletons were clothed with “trousers extending just below the knee” as well as a jacket-like garment that appeared to be something similar to sheepskin.

A depiction of a giant skeleton

A depiction of a giant skeleton

When the pair explored further, they would find what they would describe as a “ritual hall”. Stranger still, on the walls of this mysterious room was markings very much like “those used by the Masonic Order”. Indicating the room had played host to some kind of ritual were the remains of several animal skeletons – including those of saber-toothed mammals. While we don’t have the reasons for the claim, Russell would apparently estimate that the remains must have dated back at least 80,000 years – which if true, would make it one of the most important finds in history.

In total, the pair would record 32 separate tunnels over an area that covered approximately 180 square miles. Despite the apparently tantalizing promise to young explorers and archaeologists of making themselves famous by confirming such a discovery, none appeared willing to attempt to locate the underground network of Death Valley.

Whether attempts have been made and blocked by authorities is unknown. Only time will tell if any further explorations go ahead of the apparent cave systems under Death Valley.

Giant Bones Discovered In The Mountains Of Ecuador

A little more recently in 1964 came another discovery of giant skeletal remains, this time in Ecuador. The discovery was made by several of the villagers who, in turn, informed a local priest, Father Carlos Vaca, of the discovery. Cava would return with the villagers to see the huge bones for himself. Once there, he would take as many as he could carry and store them in his house. Nothing much happened with them for several years until Vaca’s death.

Picture of bones from an alleged giant

Are these the remains of a giant?

It was several years after Vaca had passed away that Austrian researcher, Klaus Dona, would hear of the apparent discovery and would seek permission to display the bones in an upcoming display, as well as having them examined. Perhaps amazingly, this was agreed, and Dona did indeed take the bones for further analysis. What’s more, following such tests by experts, the bones were indeed verified as human. And what’s more, if this is accurate, it would suggest that the person they belonged to was somewhere close to 25 feet tall.

Furthermore, tests on the age of the bones – while inconclusive – led Dona to believe they were at least 10,000 years old, if not even older. Even more intriguing is that local legends apparently refer to the region of the mountains where the bones were discovered as the “cemetery of the giants”.

The Giants Of Kyrgyzstan – An Unintentional Discovery

It might be worth our time examining some of the accounts to come out of Russia and the old Soviet Union. Perhaps not least as some of these speak not just of the discovery of gigantic human bones, but of giant creatures that appear to be still alive and living a discreet existence still today. Indeed, some of the accounts of giant humanoids from Russia are some of the most intriguing on record.

According to an article in Fate Magazine by veteran researcher Paul Stonehill titled Mysterious Giants Inhabit Eurasion Lakes deep in the northern Tian Shan Mountains in modern-day Kyrgyzstan, a discovery was made of three 10-foot-tall skeletons were discovered in the 1930s.

According to Stonehill’s article, the discovery was made by a local man and his friends as they explored a cave in the region near the Issyk Kul Lake. Hanging on and around their skeletal remains were silver decorations that most resembled bats.

Despite the fear they all felt at this remarkable discovery, the men removed the silver decorations, eventually melting most of it down. They did, however, save a small piece which years later was passed to Soviet scientists for examination. Ultimately, according to the report, they were unable to determine how old the decoration was.

What is perhaps interesting, as Stonehill goes on to tell, are legends from the region that speak of a “submerged city” in the lake near to caves where the discovery was made. And perhaps of further intrigue, the lake and the surrounding area have a long history of paranormal goings-on. And it is to those that we’ll turn our attention to briefly.

The Long, Strange Paranormal History Of The Issyk Kul Lake

While paranormal events have likely occurred in this region of the world for hundreds, if not thousands of years, one of the first put on record occurred in the final years of the Russian Empire in the early-1900s in what is now modern-day Georgia.

According to the account, a group of young boys was walking in the area when they came across a cave in the mountains after swimming in a lake. Immediately curious, the group entered the cave and discovered several huge human skeletons, each of which was around 10 feet in height. Whether these were the same skeletons as the ones discovered in the 1930s is not known.

Issue four, 1992 of the Russian magazine ANOMALIYA (which concentrates on the paranormal) would tell of an even more thought-provoking account that occurred a decade earlier in the summer of 1982 during the Afghan War. The article, written by Mark Shteynberg, who Stonehill informs us is a “Soviet veteran of the Afghan War”, “an author of several books”, and “an expert on Russia’s military who now resides in the United States”.

According to Shteynberg’s account, he and Lieutenant Colonel Gennady Zverev were carrying training exercises with “reconnaissance divers” at the Issyk Kul Lake. While there, he would learn of an encounter during a similar training exercise near Lake Baikal from Major-General V. Demyanko, whose arrival at the lake was unexpected, to say the least.

According to his briefing, Soviet divers had encountered humanoid beings under the waters of Lake Baikal during a recent training exercise that were at least 10 feet tall. Although the waters were icy, these humanoids only wore skintight suits and a strange, spherical helmet, with no visible breathing equipment. An attempt to capture one of the humanoids, however, resulted in some type of sonar weapon being used by the entities which, ultimately, caused the death of three of the divers. Incidentally, Stonehill draws our attention to the research of Mikhail Demidenko, who spoke with several local fishermen during a journalistic assignment to Lake Baikal several years later in 1986. They would tell of witnessing several Soviet divers being “propelled out from the lake” and being thrown around 50 feet into the air.

The unit at the Issyk Kul Lake was ordered not to approach or attempt to capture these strange entities should they witness them during their training. He would refer to these entities as “swimmers”.

Might these 10-foot-tall humanoids be from the same civilization as the similar-sized skeletons discovered in the caves around the Issyk Kul Lake? And while the attack on the Soviet divers appears to have been an act of self-defense, are these humanoids peaceful or should we fear them? Interestingly, according to Stonehill’s Fate magazine article, a briefing was issued by the Engineer Forces of the Ministry of Defense naming several lakes and bodies of water in the Soviet Union where similar humanoids, as well as sightings of huge disc and sphere-shaped objects, had been reported.

The Exhaustive Research Of Mikhail Demidenko

It is worth our time staying with the research and writings of the previously mentioned Mikhail Demidenko a little further, as he too has had many strange and fascinating encounters, some of which are very relevant to us here.

For example, in 1954 he found himself in Western Tibet with Beijing and Soviet military commanders as part of an inspection of Red Chinese troops. Staying overnight in a Lamaist monastery, a Mongol monk who spoke Russian spent a considerable amount of time speaking with him.

He would eventually inform him of “giants” that resided in the caves of the Tibetan mountains – giants that were at least 10-feet tall. Even stranger, these giants were in an “anesthesia-induced sleep”.

This is a particularly intriguing detail when we recall accounts of such giants in some form of “suspended animation” elsewhere around the planet. If we accept these claims to be for just one moment, what might be behind this apparent deep sleep of the giants? Might they have volunteered themselves into such technological suspension of time in order to return at some stage in the future? If this is the case, for what reason did they do so, and at what point in time might they be waiting? According to the story, the monk told Demidenko, they would “one day” wake up. Or might some other force have placed them in such a state due to a possible threat they presented to other life on the planet? If so, who, and where are they now?

Of course, all of this is just pure rampant speculation. However, Demidenko’s research on the subject was exhaustive, to say the least. He would further right that many high-ranking members of the Third Reich – including Hitler – were very much in the know regarding the existence of giants in the Tibetan mountains, even claiming this was the reason behind the Nazi archeological missions to the region.

“Giant” Humanoids And The Disappearing MIG Fighter Jet

In the same article, Stonehill tells of further apparent sightings of 10-feet-tall humanoids in and around many of the ancient lakes of the former Soviet Union. An incident courtesy of the files of Russian researcher Mikhail Gershteyn is particularly intriguing, not least as it occurred only months before the incident in Lake Baikal.

According to the account, on 26th May 1982, at the same time a UFO was spotted, a MIG fighter jet would disappear over the Voronezh region. The following day, a search team was sent into the region, and while they didn’t locate the pilot or signs of any wreckage, they did witness something otherworldly and unnerving.

As they walked through the thick forest, they suddenly came out into a clearing. There, a short distance away in front of them was a humanoid creature, at least 10-feet-tall and dressed in a tight-fitting silver suit. Perhaps realizing it had been spotted, the strange creature when into the woodland on the other side of the clearing.

A short time later, however, a sudden explosive sound and flash of light was witnessed coming from the woodland. A second later, the search team witnessed a “luminescent object” making its way skyward at great speed before disappearing.

Similar Creatures Described In Many Soviet Waterways

Another intriguing encounter with apparent flesh and blood giants occurred just short of a decade later in 1990. According to the report – featured in the Russian newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda – a Soviet sentry spotted two strange figures, around 10-feet-tall and wearing what he described as “silver overalls”.

Unnerved, the soldier fired a warning shot, which immediately sent the two figures running into the shelter of the nearby forest. When Soviet troops inspected the area the figures had been seen, they discovered large footprints in the wet soil with strange “shapeless feet”.

Perhaps one of the strangest and most intriguing accounts comes from shark hunter, B. Borovikov, who while diving in the Anapa region witnessed “gigantic beings” rising up to meet him at a depth of around 25 feet.

He would describe these creatures as being of a “milky white” complexion, with human faces and what appeared to be fishtails. There were three in total. Shortly after he noticed them, they stopped in front of him, their large eyes looking straight at him. After a short while, one of the creatures waved their hand at him, before the group turned and swam off into the watery distance and disappeared.

Whether there is a connection between these apparent giant creatures and the many UFO sightings over such bodies of water remains open to debate. However, these lonely regions of Russia and the one-time Soviet Union appear to be of immense interest to researchers.

Are Giants Alive Today In The Uninhabited Northern Regions Of Russia?

Of course, perhaps the difference in the accounts of the researchers highlighted by Stonehill is that many of the accounts feature living, humanoids – essentially giants – as opposed to the discovery of skeletal remains. Whether there is a connection between the two perhaps remains open to debate.

Might it be that these giants continue to reside here on Earth, perhaps mainly in the northern regions of Russia? And might they use the icy waters as a way of navigating the planet and of keeping their presence largely unknown?

If this is the case then we have to ask, are these giant creatures indigenous to this planet, maybe descendants from such lands as Atlantis? Or might they have arrived here from elsewhere in the universe? Might these giants have a connection to UFO sightings as opposed to an unknown link to a lost civilization of the past?

Without a doubt, the attire of these apparent gigantic creatures – always described as tight-fitting and silver – is a detail that can be found in many close contact alien encounters across the world, even though many of these accounts feature creatures decidedly less human-looking and at least half as tall.

And are these giants aquatic beings or do they merely have a technology that aids them in breathing underwater? If they are aquatic, might we consider a connection to the accounts of reptilians? Many people who claim to have witnessed these reptilian entities often claim they are between eight to 10 feet tall and are often a very pale off-white color, for example, descriptions that are found in these encounters with strange gigantic humanoids in the Russian lakes.

As with many strange accounts from the world of the paranormal, we can see avenues running in various different directions, connecting seemingly unconnected areas of interest. UFO sightings with alleged legends of giants from the ancient world. Alien entities that might possibly be an unknown indigenous species that inhabit the cave systems of the planet, possibly using the water networks to negotiate themselves from one location to another.

If there is a genuine attempt to suppress information about UFOs and the possible existence of extraterrestrial life, and assuming for a moment there are connections between these seemingly unrelated fields of interest, then might that be why some believe there is a similar attempt to suppress archeological finds that go against the grain of mainstream thinking and acceptance? Might one shine a light on the other and vice versa?

The video below examines accounts of giants in Russia a little further.

More Recent Discoveries

More recently in 2015, was a feature on the television show “The Unexplained Files”. The alleged discovery of gigantic remains in Georgia in the vast Caucasus Mountains. Georgian researchers had first heard of the discovery from a local man who claimed he had accidentally found the remains. What’s more, he claimed he had discovered them in a sitting position. And at a huge table that sat inside an ancient stone crypt.

By the time the research team had located the crypt for themselves, it appeared to have collapsed in on itself. They did, however, unearth the remains of huge human bones from under the remains.

In a bizarre twist, the bones went for analysis to the respected scientist Professor Vekua. However, Vekua died while conducting his research into them and the remains have disappeared. No-one knows their current location.

You can check out the episode of The Unexplained Files that looked at the giants of Georgia below.

In the same year, a similar claim of discovered giant remains came from Bulgaria in the town of Varna. What was particularly interesting about this find is the location was once the ancient Greek City of Odessos. The mythology of this long ago city run rampant with stories of giants. As do many ancient Greek myths. It begged the question if these myths might have more reality in them than we might think.

Where From Here?

There have been numerous photographs of these finds. Many see these as evidence that these giant race of people did at one time exist. More often than not, however, the tangible evidence becomes lost or misplaced.

This leads to suspicion from those who suspect these finds to be hoaxes. As well as from those who claim a cover-up of this evidence.

And what to make of the claims of Corey Goode of giants existing on Earth in suspended animation? There is no tangible evidence to support his claims, however. So we should perhaps treat them with a pinch of salt at best. However, should there be any truth to them it would bring up a whole host of questions that would need answers.

For a little further viewing on ancient giants, check out the documentary below.


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    It could be very much possible that Giants once roamed the earth.The theory of fallen angels however is not as straight forward as it seems.Has anyone ever seen an “Angel”?what would an angel be?More likely these giants would be genetic hybrids,created by Ancient astronauts/aliens. Any other explanations for the mythical creatures such as Cyclopses,Minotaurs,seamonsters?

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