The Super Soldier Conspiracies

Marcus Lowth
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December 2, 2018
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August 30, 2020
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Much like the conspiracies of the secret space programs, those that revolve around “super soldiers” are equally outrageous, at least to some. In fact, the space programs and super soldier programs pretty much go hand-in-hand with each other for relatively obvious reasons. It would be virtually impossible to run such programs without a substantial leak. However, what if those programs made use of time travel, memory wiping, and even age-reversing? Or if those missions took place on another planet, maybe even another galaxy in another time? As crazy as those notions are to most, to some they are not only plausible, they are the reality of our world. A world within which, according to the great-granddaughter of President Eisenhower, Laura Eisenhower “there is this whole other reality going on that we don’t hear about”.  And those that do speak of such realities are considered “crazy” and dismissed by most.

Depictions of a city of the future blended into a drawing of a space soldier

Depictions of a city of the future (left), space soldier (right)

While there is no doubt we should take these claims with a healthy pinch of salt they are certainly not claims for instant dismissal either. Despite their outrageous nature some of them fit in very nicely within areas of conspiracies that we already now know are fact. Such things as the remote viewing and mind-control experiments of the CIA. Or the public declaration from the United States’ government of their absolute lack of interest in the UFO phenomena, despite the absolute abundance of declassified files that now tell a completely different story.

We have recently looked at secret space program conspiracies and connections of the Occult and aliens to the Third Reich in previous case study articles. As we progress through our examination of the conspiracies of super soldiers and the secret agendas they carry out, we will see connections to both of them.

The Fascinating Claims Of Ingo Swann – A New Breed Of “Astral” Soldier!

Perhaps one of the finest psychic minds, certainly to be in the employment of the CIA was Ingo Swann. Swann would prove particularly consistent and, more importantly, remarkably accurate. One of the most famous of these sessions, and one that is fully on the historical record, is his remote viewing mission to Jupiter. Just think about this for a moment. From a room somewhere in the United States, Swann would leave his body, leave the planet and find himself staring at the behemoth-like gas giant.

According to the records he was in front of Jupiter within three minutes of the experiment starting. Once there, though, he would issue several statements that would ultimately be proven accurate when NASA’s technology managed to venture out to the planet. For example, he would report that the planet had a ring similar to Saturn (it does although we didn’t know this in 1973). He would also report other technical details that would also prove to be accurate. This particular experiment remained classified for over twenty years. It was finally released in 1995.

Swann himself remained in the employment of the CIA for several years. And although he didn’t ever set foot on a physical battlefield, he was one of the United States’ finest soldiers. One that would conduct his battles in the astral realm as opposed to the physical one.

We have to ask, then, if Swann was accurate about the ring around Jupiter, as well as with the many standard experiments of reading an envelope many miles away from his physical location, what should we make of some of his more “out there” claims? As we will examine next, Swann certainly has some intriguing claims to make.

Before that, however, check out the short video below.

The Strange And Ominous “Mr. Axelrod”

In early-1975 Swann was approached by a mysterious gentleman who claimed to work for the US government. He would state to Swann that he should expect to receive contact from a “Mr. Axelrod” in the coming weeks. This contact would inform Swann of an upcoming top-secret mission. Several weeks went by when suddenly in March of that year, the mysterious contact telephoned Swann and instructed him to go the National Museum of Natural History (in Washington) where he would meet him. He did so and was not long at his destination when a mystery gentleman approached and introduced himself as Axelrod’s representative. Almost in one fluid motion, and before Swann could respond, he was ushered into a dark, government styled car.

Swann didn’t have a chance to attempt to track where they were going. Once there, though, they would exit the vehicle and step onto a private helicopter that stood waiting for them. Once Swann had sat down and strapped himself in, the representative placed a blindfold on him. Unnerved and a little frightened, Swann simply remained quiet and waited. The blindfold was left in place when the helicopter landed. He was taken to a room which when he would feel a “drop” he realized was an elevator. The drop seemingly went on a considerable amount of time. This would suggest that wherever they were going, it was a facility deep under the ground. Once the elevator came to a stop, the man would lead him to a small room where he finally removed the blindfold. In the room with the two men, was Mr. Axelrod.

After introductions and apologies for the rather strange journey, Axelrod (an obvious pseudonym) would get straight to business.

Ingo Swann with a superimposed image of Jupiter over the top

Ingo Swann

“Isn’t That Something, Huh?”

Although Swann was under the impression that he was working for the US government, Axelrod would offer him a “large amount of money” for his services. On the understanding, of course, that the work would remain completely private such was the top-secret nature of it. Swann would accept the offer. After grilling him about the basics of remote viewing and his experience, Axelrod then turned his attention to the Moon.

He would hand Axelrod some coordinates and asked him to remote view the destination. He did so and within minutes he would find his astral self on the dark side of the moon as it hurtled around the Earth on its orbit. That’s when he saw the “large glass dome-like structures”. Shocked he looked down at the “Moon city” before projecting himself inside the mammoth buildings. As he did so he was aware of a surge of activity inside. The place was bustling with life. What’s more, these entities unlike the majority of humans, were very much aware of his presence.

When he informed Axelrod of this, the mysterious gentleman’s demeanor changed immediately. “Come away from there right now” he would order Swann.

Swann would rush back to his physical body and was soon looking back at Axelrod in the room at the strange facility. He would blurt out several questions at once regarding this most bizarre set of circumstances. After several moments, Mr. Axelrod stood. With a matter-of-fact tone, he would state to Swann, “Isn’t that something, huh?”

Check out the short video below. It features Swann speaking of his experiences with the intelligence services. As well as of his psychic talents in general.

Randy Cramer – Left His Bedroom Through A Suddenly Appearing Portal In 1987

While Swann performed his duty for United States’ military intelligence in the relative safety of the astral plane on a psychic level, Randy Cramer’s claims are much more hands on. And equally more outrageous.

Although he wouldn’t speak of his experiences until the 2000s, Cramer claims that in 1987, when he was 17-years-old, a bright light would appear in his bedroom one night dragging him from sleep. As he came to and took in the situation, he could see the light was in the shape of a doorway which appeared to be a portal. Two men stood in front of the glowing door. One of them reached towards Cramer, assuring him it was safe for him to join them. Not quite believing the events unfolding, Cramer stepped from his bed and approached the men in the doorway.

The next thing he knew he was in a bizarre hangar-like room. Around fifty other teenagers were there also. Almost all of them were fixated with the awesome black triangular craft in the middle of the room. Then, they were told to get on board which they all duly did. This is perhaps an interesting detail. Particularly when we consider the TR-3B patents and the apparent military ownership of such a craft. Does this, then, make Cramer’s account more credible? At the time of its telling, these documents were not public knowledge.

Cramer then claims one of the military men would instruct them to look upwards. They did, and through the glass window, they could see the Earth. It was also evident they were moving away from it. According to the military man, everything they were about to undertake was to “defend it”. Once again, as trivial as it is, this use of words sounds quietly militarily authentic.

Two Decades Service In A “Specialized Off-Planet Military Unit!”

They would, according to Cramer land on the Moon. Interestingly, much like Swann, he would describe seeing huge glass dome-like buildings as they approached. They would then transfer to another spacecraft. This would take them to Mars where Cramer claims he would spend the next twenty years in a “specialized off-planet military unit”.

He would also claim that he, like all of those “selected” for such specialized military duty, had a very specific genetic make-up. This is another interesting detail. As we will examine later, another whistleblower who claims involvement in very similar secret programs and has direct links to one of the families involved would make similar claims. As hard as it is to fully believe such accounts as Cramer’s, it is perhaps these small details that will ultimately prove their authenticity.

After the two-decade active service, Cramer was then returned to Earth. He was age-revered back to 17-years old. And through the portal device was returned to his bed in 1987 to within fifteen minutes of his “abduction”. No-one was even aware he had been gone. Due to the memory wiping and mind-control techniques, Cramer would think any trace memories were merely dreams. That was until a decade or so later, however, when he began to remember larger and larger chunks of his past from the future.

Over time, he would eventually unlock the vast majority of his time on Mars. You can see Cramer speaking of his experiences in the video below.

Outrageous Claims In An Already Outrageous Conspiracy

Claims of age-reversing undoubtedly sound bizarre, even to the most open-minded of people. However, others have made similar claims. Perhaps one of the most controversial of these is Al Bielek, who not only claims involvement in The Philadelphia Experiment but also of numerous time-travel missions to various other planets. His experience also involved age-reversing, and even a morphing of the consciousness of two people into one. Effectively erasing someone from existence. A scary prospect, no doubt. However, we will not look at Bielek here as he will be the subject of an upcoming case study article. Perhaps that gives an indicator as to the intriguing nature of his claims.

Another apparent whistleblower, and in a similar way just as controversial, is Corey Goode. Goode has made claims of travel to other planets, as well back in time here on Earth. We have examined before, for example, his claims of “giant alien entities” in suspended animation deep under the ground. Some of those who subscribe to his apparent leaks of information have theorized these giant aliens are the Anunnaki. Perhaps awaiting the return of the legendary Nibiru, the winged planet of ancient times.

Two more particularly interesting claims, perhaps not least because of the similarity in detail, are where we will make our next stop.

More Claims Of Secret Twenty Year Service Time-Travel Missions To Mars

Perhaps one of the most intriguing claims of secret CIA time-travel missions involving specially selected individuals are those of Dr. Andrew Basiago. And what’s more, he had done so since being a child. According to Basiago, the CIA’s time-travel experiments go all the way back to the late 1960s. And more often than not, these top-secret missions involved “gifted schoolchildren” who the services would hunt out. Because of their largely unprejudiced mind and lack of life-experience, scientists believed children to be ideal candidates for time-travel. Basiago would further state that, for the most part, adults who had involvement in the time-travel missions would usually “go insane”. Their preconceived view of the world unable to cope with the mind-bending concept and then reality of time-travel.

Perhaps one of Basiago’s most controversial statements, though, is his claims of seeing pictures in 1971, brought back from the future, of the 9/11 attacks. He would claim these pictures were for “research” purposes. It is certainly an interesting claim. Especially when you consider the number of times apparent “warnings” of the attacks were displayed in major films. When you consider the connections between Hollywood and the intelligence agencies, those warnings don’t sound as unbelievable, if unlikely.

Michael Relfe has also made similar claims. Already a serving member of the United States’ army, Relfe would claim he was “recruited” for top-secret service in 1976. In similar claims to Randy Cramer, a portal would take him to Mars where the stunned military servicemen would work for twenty years at a military research facility. Just to add even more security to these research programs, they would take place many years into the future. Following this, he also would be age-reversed, have his memory wiped, and then returned to society. Only years later did he begin to remember.

The Mysterious Death Of Alleged “Super-Soldier” Max Spiers

One of the most intriguing, and perhaps sobering of these types of claims are those by the late Max Spiers, the British conspiracy researcher. Not least because of his sudden death in extremely ominous and suspicious circumstances. Only days before he died in Poland, he had sent a text message to his mother. It read “If anything happens to me, please investigate”.

Spiers had become a regular speaker on the UFO and conspiracy talking circuit. And while many brushed off his talks, others gravitated towards him and what he was saying. The bulk around his claims was that in his early-30s he began to experience an unblocking of his memory. Suddenly, things he hadn’t thought about, possibly ever, were flooding back to him.

When he was a young child, he would claim, he was “taken” by government forces and trained to serve as a “Super Soldier” for a world shadow government. And not one that had the bulk of humanity’s best interests at heart. He, like many others with similar claims, would serve several years on other worlds and even in different dimensions. Once his service was over, he was age-reversed, his memories of the future wiped away, and then sent back to childhood. As these memories were now coming back, he also realized that he had certain “commands” or “trigger words” deep in his subconscious. If these were activated, he would perform an action, likely an assassination, and would be completely unaware of it.

Interestingly or not, many who worked with Spiers for television appearances and interviews would state that not only did Spiers seem genuinely concerned of “agents” following him, but they too, on occasion, would witness a very menacing and persistent presence that would show up wherever they chose to be.

Max Spiers speaking

Max Spiers

Mystery People In The Background!

In early-July 2016, Spiers would travel to Poland to speak at an event as well as on Polish radio. It was a trip he would not return alive from. According to information and investigations since, he would stay with a science-fiction publisher, Monika Duval, who for reasons unknown had taken a sudden interest in the conspiracy theorist. However, during the radio interview, Spiers became suddenly unwell. So much so, that the interview would be paused on several occasions.

It is around this point that things begin to go a little blurry. In what may turn out to be important information as to what happened in those final 24-48 hours of Spiers’ life, a correspondence of e-mails would surface. One of the writers was Duval, who Spiers was staying with and, it would seem, had chaperoned Spiers wherever he had gone on this ill-fated trip. The other is a woman known only as Madelaine, and a third person, Mr. Kristoff, who from the information in the correspondence is a quantum physicist.

It is perfectly clear from following the conversation trail that each of the two women are aware of Spiers’ medical conditions. For example, Madelaine would state to Kristoff, presumably while Spiers had deteriorated to such a state that he could no longer speak for himself, that he suffered from personality disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. Both of which he was prescribed medication for. Kristoff would respond with a recommendation of Niacin supplements. He would then arrange a meeting to take place with Spiers and the two women. This should have happened on the 16th July. However, shortly after Spiers was dead.

A Plethora of Post-Death Suspicious Activity!

There are some established facts, at least according to the official findings, of Spiers final twenty-four hours. At least one doctor attended the property where he was staying. According to his notes, Spiers had an extremely high temperature. Perhaps more ominously, he had vomited “dark brown fluid!” This mystery fluid remains a mystery.

However, there was still plenty of alleged suspicious activity that would take place in the weeks and months that would follow his death. For example, by the time his body arrived back in the United Kingdom, only six days after his death, there was a level decomposition that appeared somewhat accelerated. In fact, so bad was this deterioration of his body, that his relatives were recommended to forego formal identification. One family member did witness Spiers’ remains, however. They would claim that he was “barely recognizable”.

Furthermore, there was a strange red mark on his forehead that remains unexplained. This mark was not present in the otherwise thorough notes of the Polish emergency crew who attended the property and attempted to revive Spiers. This might suggest that the mark was placed there after he died. We will come back to this in a moment. The official autopsy results are also “inconclusive”.

Even more suspicious was the complete wiping of his laptop of every last folder and file. This was a substantial amount, make no mistake. He had researched his subject for over a decade and had built up a significant digital mountain of information. That Spiers himself would have wiped the computer clean, while not impossible, is not very likely. Furthermore, his phone was similarly wiped, with the SIM card removed and its whereabouts still unknown.

Max Spiers with a superimposed splatter of blood over the top

Was Max Spiers a “super soldier”?

Strange, Possibly Satanic Ritual Following Spiers’ Death?

If we return to the strange red mark on Spiers’ head, and indeed the black (or dark brown) fluid that he vomited, which according to Duval was over two liters worth, there is surely questions left to answer. Specifically when we look at accusations of strange rituals being performed on Spiers’ body in the immediate moments after his death.

According to Spiers’ mother, Vanessa, she would speak to Duval only hours after her son’s death. She would claim, with absolute certainty that she could hear some kind of ritual taking place in the background where her son’s dead body lay. As well as an audible cacophony of activity, she could make out certain words such as “salt” or “milk” (both of which are often used in rituals and ceremonies).

Not only does this suggest something more in connection with Spiers’ death but, according to Vanessa, there was “definitely something going on” and there was definitely more than one person in the home with Duval. Was Spiers’ death a result of satanic type ritual due to his claims of involvement in Project Mannequin. Perhaps when we take into account the claims that his most recent investigations had connections to satanic black magic ring of notable politicians and celebrities, these claims of “black magic” appear a little more serious.

And what should we make of the black substance that Spiers’ vomited? As unlikely and outright bizarre as it sounds, some in the UFO and alien community refer to this as “Black Goo”. What’s more, even though it sounds like a sci-fi plot, this substance is an alien life form that resides here on Earth. According to some researchers, this alien life entered the United Kingdom and onto Europe following the Falklands War. It is in a perpetual state of learning.

The Ultra-Secret Project Mannequin And AL/499 Base

Perhaps one of the most intriguing of Spiers’ claims was of his involvement in the top-secret program, “Project Mannequin”. This program, according to Spiers was one that involved both the NSA and British intelligence services. The program itself is a cloning, behavioral, and training program that targets individuals when they are still young and enters them into mind-control sessions. This is essentially MKUltra programming in all but name. Most often these individuals will have military connections, perhaps their father or uncle is a high-ranking officer, for example. On other occasions, they will simply kidnap individuals, often from the homeless shelters and communities. And it is also interesting that thousands upon thousands of teenagers and young adults go missing each year, particularly it would seem, in the United States and parts of Europe.

The heart of the project operates from a top-secret and not officially recognized underground facility in Peasemore, in Berkshire, England. According to whistleblower insiders, this facility goes by the name “AL/499 Base”, or “Base 499” and is over 200 miles under the ground.

Many activities take place here under the Mannequin umbrella. Many remote viewing sessions take place from, for example. However intense “Illuminati controlled” training programs also exist. Programs that produce mind-controlled and remotely activated assassins. So deep is this mind-control, that most often, the assassin simply goes back to their “normal life” unaware of their apparently shadow government approved killer status.

Many reject Spiers’ claims that such a program exists. However, he is not the only one to issue such statements, as shocking as they might be.

A long corridor that turns around a corner in the distance

Secret underground base

James Casbolt And Connections To “The Royal Family of the French Revolution!”

Like Spiers, James Casbolt also claims to be an insider from these dark and far-reaching programs, including Project Mannequin, of which, he was “born into”. Furthermore, he would claim his family had long-reaching connections, both into the intelligent services and the secret societies collectively known as the Illuminati. Not only that, his family descends from the “royal family of the French revolution”.

This last statement is of particular interest. Many who study secret societies and the possibility of several influential families and organizations controlling the world would raise their eyebrows at it. There are many such families of that time who have connections to Freemasonry. However, depending on which royal family he is really referring to, could even connections to the Knights Templar. It is certainly one to ponder at a later time. However, it is worth mentioning, in Casbolt’s own words of his selection for such a project “because of rate genetic attributes that I possess. Which the handlers of the project are looking for”. What is so special, if we accept his claims for a moment, about his (and possibly his family’s) DNA?

Interestingly, and another connection to such mystery groups and ancient esoteric wisdom, Casbolt claims that Project Mannequin uses “such esoteric methods as numerology and archaeometry”, an advanced form of remote viewing. Even his name, James Casbolt, when using such ancient numerology methods translates as “valiant, decorated warrior of death and destruction”. Given his claims of involvement in the secret mind-controlled assassination teams, this is grimly intriguing. He also describes these secret mind control programs as a “multi-generational thing”. Each generation “is more easily programmed” according to Casbolt. If we think of the claims of mind-controlled politicians for a moment, perhaps it would be worthwhile examining some of the multi-generational pollical families a little further.

Genetically Enhanced Assassins And Espionage Agents!

What those in charge of these programs wish to achieve is “genetically enhanced assassins and espionage agents”. And furthermore, through generations and possible cloning programs, they are looking to develop “inborn genetic traits such as psychic ability”. It is easy to see where the military advancement would be with this. However, even if we were to get over how such “subjects” arrive in these programs, any enthusiasm is perhaps tempered by Casbolt’s claims that these “genetic enhancement methods are a continuation of the Nazi geneticists and mind control doctors of the Second World War”. And, according to the whistleblower, it was the Nazi’s belief and passion for the Occult that drove these types of programs. They were looking to tap into the powers of the paranormal realms and the astral planes.

This is another interesting claim. Particularly when we know that many of those Nazi scientists would make the journey to the United States in the months following the end of the war as part of Operation Paperclip. While officially, those who were part of this transplanting of Germans scientists to America were Nazis in name only. Forced to join the party of risk a cutting off of funding, or worse. However, many believe this is likely not entirely accurate. And while the majority of the Paperclip scientists were certainly not active Nazi members, there is little doubt that some were. With the Soviet Union poised to pick off any such brilliant minds the US discarded, they simply couldn’t risk such technology and mental knowhow to find sanctuary with their Cold War enemies.

It is almost beyond doubt that many of those brutal, yet fantastic minds will have worked within the “grey areas” of the intelligence departments. Specifically, military intelligence.

Check out the video below.

Fatal Astral Attacks?

Let’s go back for a moment to the claims that remote viewing sessions take place from deep underground at Base 499. Spiers, like Casbolt, would claim to have taken part in these remote viewing sessions. And while for the most part, these sessions are more for reconnaissance purposes, there could be a reason to believe that are much more sinister aims for at least some of them.

Spiers, for example, would make several claims of suffering from “astral attacks” from those who didn’t wish him to speak. This happened on several occasions during prearranged radio interviews. On one occasion the disorientation was such they would have to pause the session. While many people who don’t necessarily subscribe to Spiers’ claims state his behavior is of someone who appears intoxicated, Spiers is far from the only person to make such claims of astral attacks. And their use as a matter of course by some of the world’s intelligence agencies.

David Icke, for example, would write specifically in ‘The Biggest Secret’ of how this method of “psychic wars” was used by the “controlling elite”. Both against each other, and to anyone who threatened their control or power in any way. He would state that “I have experienced such attacks myself. And I understand how they can kill people in this way”. Given the ominous nature of Spiers’ death, not to mention the alarming elements of conspiracy around it, perhaps Spiers’ own claims of suffering astral attacks might be more credible than many, even those in the conspiracy community, would give him credit for.

The video below features Spiers speaking on this subject in Poland in April 2016.

Vril, “Psychic Influence” As Warfare

What is also worth mentioning here are the connections astral attacks have with the Vril Society and many members of the Nazi regime. They very much believed in astral energies and even astral entities. It is interesting that many of those who claim involvement in these programs also speak of an overriding “power” that controls events here. Icke, for example, refers to this power as the reptilians and even asserts that using astral energies and vibrations allows them to synchronize with a person’s mind and body. In other words, to possess them. Other alleged insiders also claim an extraterrestrial control over these dark programs. It is also perhaps another example of how different areas of interest share very layered connections

Both the CIA and the KGB according to many researchers would also research and use psychic warfare on the other throughout the majority of the Cold War. Not only that, when we take someone such as Uri Geller, for example, who claims to have the power to influence anything from the bending of spoons to a person’s will with his mind alone, there are claims of such governments using similarly gifted individuals to concentrate their efforts towards an international political opponent and indeed influence their decisions. Some claim these efforts take place at the highest level at such international meetings as the United Nations.

Indeed, once again, the words of Laura Eisenhower of a “reality most of us don’t know exists” begin to ring louder and louder.

Non-Physical Time-Traveling Super Soldiers?

While many of the apparent super soldiers undoubtedly believe themselves to have physically traveled forward in time and to other worlds, and they very well might have, perhaps their travels are not physical ones. Or at least how we understand them.

Thinking back to the experiences of Ingo Swann and the extensive research in remote viewing these intelligence agencies have obviously undertaken, perhaps the reality to these claims resides in some kind of astral journey. Perhaps, speculative as it is, such soldiers as the aforementioned Randy Cramer are placed in some kind of suspended animation and the energy of their life-force, their soul in essence, proceeds forward from there. Perhaps they are aware of this (at the time) or perhaps the entire service is one of a distorting of reality?

While it sounds preposterous, the idea of one’s consciousness traveling to another time is more plausible than one’s physical body. We already know, for example, that such people as Swann have traveled to other planets in this way.

Perhaps as further evidence of how time-travel might work is the case of Paul Amadeus Dienach who would claim to travel to the future while his physical body was in a coma. He would, according to the memoirs he would write, exist in the year 3096 and would see the world through Andrew Notham, a resident of that time. After falling into a coma in 1922, Dienach would claim his consciousness had traveled forward (perhaps this is even a cause of a coma?). Upon returning to his body he would come out of his coma. Although he would ultimately pass away from tuberculosis only two years later, he would record his experiences on paper. He would give these to his student, George Papahatzis who would make several attempts to publish them.

An image showing a futuristic alien world

Do secret remote missions take place to other planets?

The Mind Boggles At The Advancement “Private Technology!”

So, what should we make of such bizarre claims as those discussed above? Perhaps we should remember before the forced publication and admission of mind-control programs by the CIA. We largely thought claims of “real-life mind-control programs” were conspiracy and silly rumors. We now know nothing could be further from the truth. And what’s more, most researchers would agree, such admissions or declassifying of documents almost always leaves a huge portion undeclared. Forever locked away somewhere in the name “security”.

It is much the same with the Kennedy assassination. Almost nobody believes the official story that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone-gunman that fateful day. However, the official story remains steadfastly unchanged. The promise of the release of all documents relating to the incident hasn’t happened. Let’s leave aside the technological logistics of the situation for a moment. How easy would it be, then, to simply dismiss such a “wild claim” as those above?

And what should we make of the obviously advanced technological, biological, and overall genetic and scientific breakthroughs we would surely have to happen? Most researchers would accept that the intelligence services would certainly keep such technological breakthroughs secret. At least for a considerable time before declaring them to the public. Particularly ones that could have use within the military. Most would agree they are likely several decades ahead of where they claim. Imagine for one moment the cutting edge and upcoming technology largely available today. The mind simply boggles at where things might be privately and behind closed doors.

“Anything You Can Imagine We Already Have The Technology To Do!”

And, of course, if we bring in the claims of recovered alien technology, and perhaps even extraterrestrial assistance, then suddenly such claims appear altogether more plausible. If you believe in the authenticity of such claims that is.

We recently examined the claims of Jack Shulman. He would claim that the majority of the technology of our modern world is the result of reverse-engineered alien technology. From the Roswell crash, no less. He would even upload (apparent) proof of this online. And would suffer attempts from mysterious organizations to shut him and his company down. Perhaps an indication of the authenticity of his claims.

Maybe we should imagine for a moment, if Shulman, and many others like him who make similar claims, are correct. Then what kind of alien technology are scientists deep in government black-budget programs working and experimenting with? And indeed, what type of experiments are taking place and to what end. Given the military involvement, there would certainly have to be a “military return”. And, whether through a desire to “conquer space” or through genuine information of an outside threat from the great beyond, a secret “super soldier” program would certainly fit that bill.

Perhaps we should remind ourselves of the words of Ben Rich who was once the CEO of Lockheed Skunkworks programs. He would state that “anything you can imagine we already have the technology to do”. And, what’s more, “these technologies are locked up within black budgets. It would take an Act of God to get them our to benefit humanity”.

Check out the video below. It looks at these bizarre but intriguing, and possibily important claims and leaks of information in a little more detail.

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