Human Interactions With Aliens Before The Modern Era

Marcus Lowth
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May 18, 2017
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While there are many well documented UFO sightings throughout history, accounts of “flesh and blood” aliens are a little rarer. Anything before the 1947 Roswell Crash is rarer still. However, there are several that stand out that could very well have been an interaction between humans and aliens.

Although the sightings we will look at in this article are, for the most part from the 1800s, there also appears to be many records of alien and human interaction going right the way back to antiquity. Indeed, the Ancient Astronaut Theory’s basis lies in this notion. And many ancient writings and scriptures appear to mention these meetings.

Spring Heeled Jack.

Spring Heeled Jack.

We have written before for example, of the Ark of the Covenant, and the possible extra-terrestrial abilities it may have had, not to mention Moses’ famous trip to the top of Mount Sinai, that to some is a clear account of him going aboard a spacecraft that awaited him at the top of the famous mountain top.

Before we move on to the 1800s, check out the video below. It looks at some of the examples of aliens and UFOs in The Bible and other ancient writings.

The Attempted Abduction of H.G. Shaw, California, 1896

Although it didn’t succeed, according to reports, aliens attempted the abduction of H.G. Shaw in California in 1896. What is particularly interesting here, apart from the incident itself, is the timing of it. Shortly after this encounter, began the Great Airship Sightings of 1896 and 1897 that would send shockwaves across much of America. Might Shaw’s encounter have a connection to the many sightings that would follow?

The incident began while Shaw and his assistant were traveling to Stockton to take part in an exhibition. Suddenly, their horse-drawn carriage came to a halt, the horse obviously spooked. As both men looked forward, they could see three tall creatures, with delicate frames and frail and long arms. Their heads – larger than they should have been for their bodies – had large eyes and a small mouth.

Even more bizarre is some of the details that the men – who made a full report to authorities of their encounter – would report. Each of the creatures (whose description is essentially of “gray” aliens) had in their hand a strange bag. Attached to this bag was a hose, which the creatures would periodically place in their mouths as if for air. They also each possessed a lamp in the shape of an egg.

Mesmerized by the encounter, the two men almost didn’t notice the creatures coercing them into a large craft behind them. Coming to their senses – drastically outweighing their abductors – they fought off their potential captors and backed away from the area.

Before they were out of sight of the encounter, Shaw would turn to see the three aliens “walk on the air as if it were ground!” Each of the creatures entered a cigar-shaped object, which then took off at speed.

Spring Heeled Jack

Just over half a century earlier, and on the other side of the world, a different creature, although no less other-worldly, would make itself known to the wider world.

The legends and stories of Spring Heeled Jack appear to have begun in the 1830s on the streets of London. Whether they were ultimately the work of hoaxers, secret society members, or indeed an extra-terrestrial that somehow found itself on the streets of Victorian London are very much up for debate. That the sightings did occur, however, is beyond doubt. The press would carry various reports at the time, and even notable figures – akin to celebrities of their era – publicly declared their intention to capture the apparent menace.

The first official sighting on record is that of the twenty-five-year-old, Jane Alsop, in February 1838. After hearing a knock at the door of her family’s London home, she would open it to a bizarre spectacle. A tall figure, wearing a cape, with claws for hands and eyes the color of “balls of fire!”

The chilling creature then “vomited blue and white flames” towards Jane, which temporarily rendered her blind. She later told police that the figure had what looked to be a “fishbowl on his head” and that he adorned a “tight fitting costume” that had an oily feel to touch.

Dismissed Sightings Re-Examined

Although largely dismissed at the time, reports of a similar creature several months previously, in September 1837 would come to light. An unnamed businessman, walking along Barnes Common after working late, was suddenly confronted by a tall figure. It stood in front of him suddenly, as if it has “been propelled from a springboard!” The only other thing the man noticed before fleeing the area in terror, was the “glowing red eyes!”

Another report would come from nearby Clapham Common, from a servant, Mary Stevens. After visiting her parents, she was heading back to her employer’s residence in Lavender Hill. Out of nowhere, a tall, dark man would block her path, while wrapping his long arms around her. The creature attempted to kiss Mary until she let out a scream as loud as she could. It then unlocked its grip and vanished from the scene in an instant.

The following evening, in exactly the same spot to Mary Stevens’ encounter, the same creature stepped in front of an oncoming horse and carriage. The horses, unnerved by the menacing figure, bolted out of control, crashing the carriage as it did so. The mystery figure itself, in full view of several witnesses, would leap over a nine-foot fence, and vanish from sight.

Reports of several other sightings surfaced over the following weeks. However, it wasn’t until Jane Alsop made her report that widespread public acceptance of the encounters took hold. It was also when the creature became known as “Spring Heeled Jack” for the first time.

The Lord Mayor of London, Sir Jim Cowel, would even declare that Spring Heeled Jack to be “Public Enemy Number One!”

More Sightings And “Hunt” For Jack’s Capture!

It also soon became apparent that Spring Heeled Jack appeared to have struck the night prior to the encounter with Jane Alsop. Another young lady, eighteen-year-old, Lucy Scales, had reported a strange figure leaping out of nowhere and shooting out “blue flames from his mouth” that blinded the teenager.

Nobility and influential figures of the day would offer handsome rewards for the capture of Spring Heeled Jack. And many would attempt in vain to cash in. Perhaps most notable being the Duke of Wellington, who at seventy, would state his goal to hunt Jack down. Although he was not successful, it was not for a lack of trying. By all accounts, the Duke of Wellington got into several “cat-and-mouse” chases with the creature known as Jack. The mysterious outlaw would ultimately prove too elusive, even for the Battle of Waterloo war hero.

Although sightings continued, they died down somewhat until a cold, snowy morning in February 1855. The headmaster at Topsham School in Devon, Albert Brailsford left his home early that morning. When he did, he noticed strange “hoof prints” in the otherwise undisturbed blanket of snow. The prints were singular and in a straight line. It was as if whoever had made them had “hopped along” the snowy ground.

The whole town began to follow the prints, stunned when they seemed to carry on, even over tall obstructions. Many panicked townsfolk believed The Devil was responsible for the “cloven” prints. For several weeks, many pitchforks were literally at the ready.

The short video below looks at the basics of the Spring Heeled Jack legend.

Early 20th Century Sightings – Same Creature?

Strange sightings carried on long into the early 1900s. Whether these are the same creature that terrorized residents of London almost a century earlier is unknown. The sightings though are too strange to ignore.

In Aldershot in 1877, a person similar in description to Spring Heeled Jack, failed to stop at a military outpost. The guards fired at point blank range. Reports state that the figure not only “bounded away unhurt”, but that not even a drop of blood escaped what should have been fatal wounds. A bulletin of the encounter appeared in the “London Morning Post” newspaper. One of the guards who witnessed the incident would state that “the intruder was no ordinary mortal!”

Several months later, residents would see a similarly strange creature on the rooftops of houses in Newport. And then again in Lincolnshire. Each time scared townsfolk would discharge their guns at the figure. And each time the strange creature had “jumped” to safety.

In 1904, in the Everton district of Liverpool, a mysterious creature – in front of hundreds of people – passed the time leaping from rooftop to rooftop. In Warrington in 1920, outside the Central Railway Station, a person in a “white radiant costume” would also appear to be leaping back and forth from the path to housetops. He did this several times before finally jumping, in one effortless motion, right over the top of the train station.

Check out the video below. It looks in a little more depth at the stories of Spring Heeled Jack.

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