Do Extraterrestrials Render Abductees Invisible During Alien Abductions?

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August 19, 2022
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There are many aspects of the alien abduction phenomena that researchers and investigators simply don’t understand, not least who is behind them and what the reasons for them might be. One aspect that is perhaps little investigated or even contemplated, is how many of these alleged alien abductions appear to take place in full view of large crowds of people without anyone being none the wiser.

An alien with a planet between its hands

Do aliens have invisibility technology?

One possible answer to that question is the ability of these alien abductors to render the abductee – and themselves – invisible. Ultimately, these abductions could be taking place all the time, right in front of huge crowds of people, and the vast majority of the population wouldn’t realize it was happening. That is certainly a frightening prospect. It is, though, one that at least some researchers have contemplated.

In the book Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic Beings, Carol Rainey and Budd Hopkins highlight several intriguing alien encounters that suggest the abductee themselves is somehow rendered invisible to those around them. We urge you to check out their work in full, and it is from their research files that we will examine some of these fascinating cases.

A Strange Fall From The Bedroom Window – The Encounter Of Molly And Danny

Perhaps the best place to start would be a case that occurred in the late 1940s, right at the beginning of the Modern UFO era. [1] These strange encounters involved a young family – “Joan” and her children Molly and Danny and were only revealed almost half a century later in 1993.

During the summer of 1948, the family was at home in the Price Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Joan had put the children (Moily was four and Danny, six) in their bedrooms to take an afternoon nap, while their baby sibling also slept. However, a short time after, for reasons she couldn’t completely recall, she had the sudden urge to go and check on them. To her disbelief, when she arrived in the room, she found the window open and her two children missing.

She ran down the stairs as fast as she could and after quickly scanning the lower floor went to the front door. There, right in front of her were Molly and Danny. And it appeared that they had fallen out of their bedroom window, and both were paying on the steps that led to the basement property.

By this point, a tailor whose shop was in the property downstairs had come to see what the problem was. He quickly realized what had happened and instructed a neighbor to watch the baby while he took Joan and the two children to the doctors. When they were both examined, each of them was found to be completely uninjured.

They were ultimately allowed home. However, when Joan spoke to the children later about what happened, she was unprepared for what they would tell her.

A “Silver Plane” Over The House

In response to Joan’s questions, Danny claimed that there was “a plane overhead” and that he had wanted to see it. Encouraged by her brother, Molly had then jumped out of bed insisting she wanted to see it too, and in doing so, pushed past Danny. At that point, according to Danny’s recollections, they both went tumbling out of the window.

The young boy insisted that this “silver plane” was low enough for them to see it clearly. Joan, however, couldn’t recall hearing a plane go overhead – which she surely would have done, especially if it was particularly low. Even the fact that Danny – who had a genuine passion for planes – had claimed the aircraft was silver was a little strange, given that most commercial aircraft tend to be painted white.

Joan would further recall how neither of the children appeared to be in any pain and neither was crying, which you might have expected following a fall onto concrete steps. Instead, she recalled how both of them simply appeared as though “they had the wind knocked out of them”. The fact that they had no bruises or any other physical marks you might have expected following their impromptu landing was also perplexing.

When Hopkins asked Joan if the doctor had found it strange that, according to her account, they had fallen from a window and sustained no injuries or even markings, she replied that he was “old-fashioned” and simply put it down to children being resilient.

Memories Of “Floating!”

For her part, Molly claimed that had no memory of actually falling out of the window (which is perhaps interesting). The first thing she recalled after going to see the “plane” was of “looking up”. She then claimed, “it got kind of dark, and we were looking up at a silver-colored plane”. She elaborated that rather than falling out of the window, she remembered “going out of the window” and then “floating” directly under the craft. Although it was the middle of the day, she realized somehow that nobody could see them.

Molly would further offer that while Danny could remember the incident, he rarely spoke of it. She claimed that he recalled “a silver airplane that was above the house”. In fact, it was the lowest he had ever seen an aircraft fly, yet there was no noise whatsoever. Molly would offer her own memories that the aircraft was directly over the top of their home.

The next thing she recalled was of laying on the concrete steps, looking up, before her mother arrived. She further recalled that she “couldn’t say anything, couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything!” She stressed that she wasn’t in any pain and that she wasn’t hurt in any way. She simply didn’t have the ability to talk or move. And while, retrospectively, she questioned whether this was purely down to shock, it is an interesting detail.

It was quickly determined that there was no way the children could have snuck downstairs, not least as they would have had to go directly past their mother. Perhaps strangest of all, though, the bedroom window was not directly above the steps. If they had fallen, they would have gone straight down. Instead, it appeared as though they “fell” sideways and down, which would be physically impossible.

A Fall They Wouldn’t Have Survived!

Molly would eventually undergo hypnotic regression in an attempt to unlock further memories of the events that afternoon in 1948. She would recall that the reason it had “gone dark” all of a sudden was due to the fact that the “silver plane” was so low down to the house that it case a shadow completely over it.

She further recalled both she and Danny floating out of the bedroom window and being moved into a beam of light which then slowly brought them up into the waiting vehicle. Inside were several alien creatures, and she further recalled medical examinations and procedures taking place. All of these details can be found in multiple other accounts of alien abduction, perhaps suggesting, at least in terms of abduction itself, that the same alien race is likely behind it. Even the abductee finding themselves lying neatly on the ground following an abduction encounter, often a lot further away than just a few feet, is repeated more than many might think.

A depiction of three aliens

Just what is behind the alien agenda

The incident is truly remarkable. As Rainey and Hopkins write, generally speaking, a person can’t fall three stories and not sustain any injuries whatsoever, elaborating that “anyone falling three stories has only a 50 percent chance of living through it”. This detail alone alerts us to the fact that something truly strange occurred that summer afternoon in 1948.

It is interesting that Joan referred to the events as “miraculous” and referenced the fact that “guardian angels” must have been present that day. While she most likely said this merely as a phrase and her way of expressing her utter disbelief in the incident, it is perhaps worth bearing in mind many such events where “miracles” are used to explain the unexplainable and ask just what might be taking place right under our noses.

Without a doubt, though, the most bizarre aspect of the entire event is just how it had managed to unfold in the middle of the afternoon in a suburban area with no one seeing anything out of the ordinary.

Is it possible, then, as Rainey and Hopkins ask, that the children were somehow made invisible, much like the craft itself by these apparent extraterrestrials in order that the abduction could take place without anybody being any the wiser?

“Marianne” – Missing From A Basement They Never Left!

Another case that Rainey and Hopkins relay that could also feature the use of invisibility technology is that of “Marianne” from Queens in New York. She would contact Hopkins with “partially recalled abduction experiences” which went back to when she was a young girl (another detail that is often found in repeat abductees). During her conversations with Hopkins, she suddenly recalled an encounter that took place with her best friend, “Angie”, when the pair were around eight years old in 1957.

She recalled that she was at Angie’s house and the pair were playing in the basement. It was a room the two children would spend a lot of time during the school holidays, often being down there for hours. On this occasion, after spending the afternoon coloring, the pair decided to go outside for some fresh air. However, when they emerged from the basement into the driveway, each could see their mother on the other side of the street. What’s more, several of the neighbors were also outside of their houses, and there was even a police car parked up.

A depiction of alien entities

Just what happened to Marianne?

The young girls walked across the street. When Angie asked her mother what was happening, her mother burst into hysterics, asking repeatedly where they had been. Angie informed her that they had been in the basement coloring in. To this Angie’s mother insisted that the house had been searched from top to bottom – including the basement – and that there had been no sign of either of them.

By this time, it was early evening time, certainly much later than either of the young girls had imagined it was. Even so, both were completely confused as to why they seemingly couldn’t be found when they had not left the basement all afternoon.

Although the incident was spoken of every now and then over the years, it was, by and large, forgotten about. However, as a young adult, Marianne suddenly began to recall further details of that day. And when she underwent hypnotic regression, further revelations would surface.

Something In The Basement

Once Marianne was under hypnosis, her memories of that afternoon in the late 1950s became altogether clearer. She would recall that a strange change in the atmosphere came over the entire room. Even stranger, at one point, Angie was not there, although she couldn’t remember her leaving. She recalled thinking that she must have gone to the bathroom, but she also had a nervous feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

She went on further that there was “a different feeling in the air” and that she remembered “something coming from the area (in the basement) that was not finished”. After this change in the basement, Marianne found herself “floating”, going up the basement stairs, and then found herself inside a strange room onboard a hovering vehicle.

Following the typical examinations and procedures, Marianne was transported back to the basement. However, her memories of this return journey are perhaps as intriguing as the abduction itself. She claimed that during it she became “caught somewhere in the actual structure of the house”. She would elaborate that as she was floating back to the house, from the kitchen and into the basement, she recalled becoming trapped in the wood as if she had gone through the floors and walls of the house.

The next thing she could remember was being sat back in the basement, coloring. When she looked around, Angie was there also. It was a moment or two later that the two girls decided to go outside where they saw their concerned parents across the road.

As Rainey and Hopkins point out, if the pair were abducted by alien entities, then it was an event that took place in the middle of the day in a (relatively) busy housing area where at least one or two people would have seen a hovering UFO, and most certainly a pair of children floating through the air toward it. Were they, then, somehow made invisible during this process? And what should we make of being “caught in the wood” that Marianne recalled? There are many abductees who have made similar claims of somehow floating through walls and ceilings. Might this invisibility technology also allow a person to literally travel through solid objects? Perhaps that is why almost all abductees don’t recall entering these disc-like crafts, because they somehow pass through its exterior.

Missing Time While On Watch

Rainey and Hopkins also highlight the case of 21-year-old “Dennis” – who was in the United States Air Force in 1974 undergoing combat training. Part of his duties at the time, as to be an emergency first responder in the event that a trainee pilot, essentially, crash-landed during training. On this particular night, he and another soldier, “BJ”, were on first responder duty.

To begin with, the evening was uneventful, as the two men sat in their positions in case they were called to action, watching the aircraft take off and land. Then, the next thing each realized, they were both waking up suddenly. Neither knew what had happened. Before he could contemplate anything else, Dennis felt a sudden urge to be sick and indeed vomited for several seconds.

After taking a moment or two to come to their senses, the pair realized they were several hours late from checking back in and made the decision to return to base straight away. It was as they were gathering their things that Dennis noticed that his shirt was buttoned incorrectly and that one of his shoes had been removed. He also noted what appeared to be a small amount of dried blood near his nose.

They eventually were back in their vehicle and headed back to base, still confused as to just what had taken place. It was only when they arrived back and had parked their truck that the pair realized they were wearing each other’s shirts. They quickly switched back and made their way to bed.

The two soldiers would do their best to forget about the incident, although, Dennis found this difficult to do, and ultimately began seeing a psychologist. However, years later, several memories of the evening forced their way back into his mind. So much so, that they began to suspect that something otherworldly had taken place, something possibly to do with UFOs and alien abduction. And hypnotic regression would unlock further lost memories.

A ”Funny-Looking Person” From Out Of Nowhere

According to what Dennis recalled under hypnosis, as he and BJ were sitting in their truck watching the flights, there was suddenly “a lot of light around us” that appeared to be coming from above. At this point, Dennis exited the vehicle and looked up, seeing “something descending” in their direction directly above them.

Then, out of nowhere, something grabbed a hold of his hand and he felt himself rising from the ground. He recalled what the owner of this hand looked like, describing them as a “funny-looking person” that looked like a “Pilsbury Doughboy (that had been) melted”. He would further describe this creature as very thin and kind of “distorted”.

The next thing he realized, he was laying on a table inside a strange room, presumably onboard the craft that had descended from above. Several procedures followed, some of which he recalled as being particularly painful. Then, he was waking up in the truck with an intense feeling of wanting to be sick, which he ultimately was.

Was this another case where invisibility played a part in the abduction of the two servicemen?

A Truly Bizarre Encounter At O’Hare Airport

There is also a truly bizarre case that Rainey and Hopkins relay concerning Katharina Wilson who after flying from Portland, Oregon to Chicago, experienced a truly strange and disturbing apparent alien abduction in the middle of a busy airport on 5th October 1995. She had made the journey in order to speak at a UFO conference and little did she know that it would lead to one of the most bizarre experiences of her life.

In fact, as she would tell Rainey and Hopkins, she claimed things began to “feel funny” while she was in the air before she even landed at O’Hare Airport. She claimed that she was somehow drawn to a woman sitting in front of her, and more specifically, what she was reading, which was a book on Scientology. As soon as she the book, and began reading over her shoulder, for reasons she couldn’t explain, she began thinking of aliens and extraterrestrial life. And, of more concern, she began to get herself discreetly worked up into an agitated state. Despite this, however, when she looked at the woman, she had a distinct impression that she was “nice and loving”.

Regardless of what the importance, if any, there might have been to the strange encounter, the real strangeness began a short time after her plane landed at O’Hare Airport and she had deboarded the plane.

“Am I Invisible Or Something?”

As she made her way through the check-in desk, she caught a glimpse of her watch. She noted that it was 2:10 pm, Portland time, meaning her flight was just short of an hour earlier than scheduled. She had arranged to meet the hostess of the UFO conference, Mary Kerfoot, along with her assistant, Judy, at the United Airlines luggage area. Before she made her way there, though, she decided to take a trip to the bathroom that was nearby. It was when she had come back out of the stalls that things began to turn decidedly strange.

She walked toward the sink as she would do normally, lathered soap onto her hands, and then held them under automatic taps to rinse them off. However, the water didn’t emerge, no matter how many times she placed her hands under them. She took a look at other women washing their hands, noting that their taps appeared to work fine. Perhaps, she thought, she had simply opted for a faulty tap.

She waited patiently to use one of the other sinks. However, when the respective women had left, those taps failed to work for her either. She even slipped her hands under the running water that one of the women had just used, but almost as soon as she placed her hands under the water, it shut off.

Bizarrely but perhaps quite accurately as it could well be, Katharina had the strange thought that she was “not registering on the sensors” running through her mind. Then, partly without thinking, she turned to another woman who was using the sink near to her and asked, “Am I invisible, or something?” The woman turned briefly in her direction, but didn’t respond to her question and simply looked away. The lady then walked past her and left the bathroom.

It was the lady was leaving that Katharina spotted a baby-changing room. She walked over to it and was most relieved to find it had an old-fashioned-type tap that she could merely turn on. She quickly washed her hands before leaving the bathroom in order to meet Mary and Judy.

The strangeness, however, would continue.

The Missing Hour

After leaving the bathroom on her way to the luggage area, she stopped by one of the public payphones to call her husband. As she was speaking to him, however, she happened to glance at her watch. It now read 3:20 pm. She knew she had been in the bathroom for only a few minutes. How, then, had over an hour passed?

She finished the conversation with her husband and then set off to the luggage area. Her mind was now racing. So much so, that she couldn’t even recall the walk to her meeting point with Mary and Judy. She did recall how the area she was walking through had a “yellowish tan” to it. And she had vague memories of going up an escalator.

She would offer that her first prominent memory after the phone call is of walking up behind Mary and Judy, during which time she could see her large red suitcase and carry-box in the luggage area. More worryingly, a security officer was about to take the bags as unclaimed. She ran up to them and claimed them, dragging them along to where Mary and Judy were standing, each looking out of the window.

When the two women turned around and saw her, both had a perplexed and surprised look on their faces, with Mary exclaiming it was like she had “just appeared” out of nowhere.

“Something Happened” In O’Hare

The two women informed Katharina that they were starting to think she had missed the plane. Even though she knew that her plane had actually landed early, she offered that she had only just arrived at the airport. Perhaps that is why subconsciously she looked at her watch. When she did, though, she realized it still said it was 3:20 pm.

She couldn’t understand how she had made it from one part of the airport to the other in seemingly no time at all. She once again pondered the notion that she had no memory of this walk, only of walking up behind Mary and Judy. It was only later, after she had digested what had happened, that Katharina spoke to Mary in a little more detail about the incident.

According to Mary, the first thing Katharina said to the two women upon meeting them in the luggage area was that she had just encountered an episode of missing time after entering the airport. Katharina claimed she had no memory of saying such a thing, although Mary was certain this is what she had claimed.

Mary was also quite insistent that Katharina had not simply walked up to them, but that she had, quite literally, appeared out of nowhere, so much so that to begin with Mary “refused to believe that you were standing there”.

However, it was when Katharina was preparing to make her journey back home from O’Hare to Portland that further revelations surfaced in her mind. For example, the airport no longer appeared yellowish in color as it had when she had walked from the payphone to the luggage area. In fact, it looked so different that Katharina felt as if she was walking through it for the first time. She became certain that “something happened” shortly after she deboarded the plane.

Another Probable “Invisibility” Case

Mary would have more to offer Rainey and Hopkins with regard to her take on the situation and just what happened to Katharina that afternoon at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. She explained how it would have been impossible for Katharina to have walked up behind simply due to the way Mary and Judy were facing (toward her flight’s carousel) and the fact that they were facing the only entry point that Katharina could have taken. In short, they would have seen her arrive.

She went on to say that although she mentioned to Katharina that they were surprised to see her, both she and Judy were immediately aware that something strange had taken place and, ultimately, didn’t reveal to their guest just how shocked they were.

Mary further recalled that she noticed Katharina appeared to make a considerable effort to explain why she was so late – as if she was trying to convince herself as much as Mary and Judy. She also remembered that Katharina mentioned several times about “being invisible” and being unable to work the taps in the bathroom. Although they didn’t understand what the significance of these ramblings were at the time, they both knew that something was not quite right about the situation.

To Rainey and Hopkins, it was becoming increasingly clear that this was yet another case of apparent extraterrestrial entities using some kind of invisibility technology in order to carry out a probable abduction in the middle of the afternoon in a busy airport. And they would begin to put a probable timeline of events together.

An Abduction In The Middle Of A Busy Airport

We know that Katharina’s flight arrived at O’Hara at a little after 2 pm, and that she had deboarded and was in the bathroom by 2: 10 pm. However, after only spending a few minutes in the bathroom and then going to call her husband, she discovered it was now suddenly 3:20 pm. After this, hazy memories of a yellowish environment aside, she found herself in the luggage area, with her watch still saying 3:20 pm. What’s more, she had no memory of how she had arrived there. As Rainey and Hopkins write, “she did not recall having to look for and follow the signs” in order to get to the luggage area in the first place.

Rainey and Hopkins also then highlight Katharina offering that her plane had, in fact, been late, and had only arrived minutes earlier. However, when she met with Mary and Judy, her bags were the only ones left in the luggage area and she was the only passenger. If she had only landed minutes earlier, the luggage area would have been awash with passengers looking to reclaim their luggage and be on their way. Further research on this matter, incidentally, would show the plane did arrive at just after 2 pm and that Katharina had deboarded within minutes along with the rest of the passengers.

There was no doubt in Rainey and Hopkins’ minds, that Katharine “was abducted during that hour-long period of missing time”. And what’s more, it was very probable that her abductors had made sure she was “unseeable” when she departed the plane and entered the airport. They would put forward that it was “probably just after her trip to the rest room (at 2:10 pm) that the aliens took her from the building”. They then likely returned her just before she called her husband at 3:20 pm, although it was likely she was still invisible at this point given her experience with the taps. Following her call with her husband, it appears as though some kind of technology on the aliens’ part was used to transport her directly to the luggage area where she became visible once more (remember Mary and Judy stating it was as though she had “just appeared out of nowhere”).

Not only is this proposed timeline credible and mind-blowing, it is also interesting in that these abductors appeared to be concerned with Katharina after her abduction, and were aware of her plans (in terms of meeting up with the two women in the luggage area), and perhaps more intriguing, they were concerned with making sure she kept the appointment (as best they could) while seemingly continuing to monitor her from afar as opposed to simply dumping back in the same approximate location and leaving her to her own devices. This might sound trivial, but it surely suggests a much bigger program and agenda than simply random abductions to perform experiments. Indeed, it suggests a much bigger picture to the UFO and alien phenomena.

Many Other Examples Of Invisibility In UFO And Alien Encounters

The cases we have picked out of Rainey and Hopkins’ fine work (and once more, we recommend you explore their research and findings in full) certainly do support the notion that invisibility – in some way that we don’t yet understand – is very much a part of the UFO and alien question.

It is interesting to note there are many more encounters and incidents where invisibility has played a significant role. Perhaps one of the best examples comes from Mexico in the early 1990s, where three pilots from the Mexican Air Force encountered multiple anomalous objects on their radar – at times in the immediate vicinity – yet could not confirm them visually.

Much more disturbing, are the Tujunga Canyon abduction encounters, during which, several of the alleged abductees recalled “invisible entities” that harassed her. Many reptilian encounters speak of invisible entities that even, on some occasions, have the ability – or the technology – to render those they interact with invisible.

The idea of invisibility should not surprise as much as it perhaps does. After all, we ourselves are and have been for decades, experimenting with the very real notion of invisibility, and how this might be achieved scientifically. We might imagine that should a race of extraterrestrials that are advanced enough to overcome (potentially) interstellar space travel would also have scientifically unlocked the key to invisibility in its various forms.

And we might ask if we, humans, did have invisibility technology available to us we could rest assured it would be deployed in all types of ways. Whether for use on the battlefields between two nations at war, to hostage situations, and even, as bizarre as it might sound, the ability to observe nature, up-close, without such majestic but dangerous creatures savaging you, there are many ways such technology would be useful. Why, then, would it be any different for extraterrestrials looking to explore (to them) an alien civilization on an equally alien world?

Yet Another Layer To An Already Complex Picture

The fact is, if there was any truth at all to the notion that extraterrestrials could render themselves, their ship, and the abductee invisible, abductions could potentially be taking place every single day all around the world without us being aware of them. And while that is admittedly still an unlikely scenario, the idea that a person could taken from any location at any time with all around them being none the wiser, should be at least a little bit concerning for all of us.

If this invisibility technology is a part of the alien abduction process, then it would certainly explain, at least in part, a lot about the phenomena itself. Not least, aside from the obvious question of how people can be abducted in the middle of busy places in apparent full view of multiple witnesses, why people see these object one moment, and then they simply vanish as if they faded away the next.

Although we should perhaps treat them with a pinch of salt, some whistleblower testimony claims state that these craft operate using cloaking technology that renders it invisible to both radar and human sight. Furthermore, that almost all sightings of these objects are the result of faulty cloaking technology or simple pilot error.

Ultimately, the idea of invisibility, both of the extraterrestrials themselves and their advanced vehicles, but also of the people they are seemingly abducting for purposes largely unknown, simply adds yet another layer to an already complex and bizarrely interwoven structure. Yet it is a detail that has to be considered given the wealth of accounts that put forth such a notion. And, if we want to get a true, full picture of the UFO and alien question, one that has to be understood.

The short video below looks at some of the most intriguing alien encounters in history.


1 Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic Beings, Carol Rainey and Budd Hopkins, ISBN 9780743 412186

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