The Chilling And Bizarre Abduction Encounter Of Myrna Hansen

Marcus Lowth
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May 19, 2018
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December 5, 2021
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The 1980 encounter of Myrna Hansen, recalled under hypnosis with experienced UFO investigator, Leo Sprinkle, is one that drifts into other fields of the paranormal, as well as different areas of conspiracy. The account is one that is so chilling, it would lead respected UFO researcher, Paul Bennewitz, down a path of disturbing if outlandish conclusions. Other respected researchers, incidentally, from different angles and in different ways, have reached similarly dark conclusions.

A depiction of a cow being abducted by aliens

Was Myrna Hansen abducted by aliens?

Furthermore, another case seven years previously and, relatively speaking, nearby to Hansen’s New Mexico location, would share details so precisely that coincidence could not seriously be considered an option as an explanation. Further still, it would lend researchers such as Bennewitz, if only slightly, a little bit more in terms of evidence for their theories. If they were correct, then not only was the alien presence on Earth very real, their intentions may be far from beneficial to the vast majority of humanity.

Muddying the waters even further, perhaps intentionally so, are the claims and admissions of “disinformation” entering the details of true accounts. We have written before of William Moore, for example, who would admit at a MUFON conference to such actions. While he would maintain he had done so in the hope of “double-bluffing” those who requested he plant such information so that he could “burrow his way into the defense and intelligence matrix to learn who was directing it and why”, he was almost universally shunned by the UFO community afterward.

As we will look at with Bennewitz a little later, there appears to have been very similar activities taking place in the background to the investigation of the Hansen case. Before we move on, check out the short video below. It not only looks at disinformation but how it often comes at us under the guise of misinformation. Essentially another way a lie can be told in a plain and obvious way but with no discernable “intent to deceive”. And what should be a concern to anyone, it is not something that is limited to the UFO conspiracy.

A Mistaken Abduction?

As she was driving home from Oklahoma to Eagle’s Nest, New Mexico, on 5th May 1980, Myrna Hansen and her six-year-old son were about to become embroiled in an event so other-worldly, it would take the aforementioned hypnotic regression sessions to fully recall the events. [1] As they approached the small town of Cimarron, Myrna noticed several UFOs over a nearby field. Both she and her son looked on in horror. One of the UFOs “caught” a cow grazing in the field and lifted it on board via a “tractor beam”.

The next thing the pair knew, the UFOs were gone, and although the car engine was no longer running, they were back in their vehicle. The regression therapy, however, would reveal the timeline of events that evening.

One of the UFOs had seemingly turned its attention to Myrna’s vehicle. Shortly after both she and her son were taken on board one of the crafts in a similar manner to the cow. The description she would give of her abductors was one that matched that of a “gray” alien. Each was undressed and subject to various examinations and procedures. All of which were carried out in a cold, medical manner. Following this, whether intentional or not, each witnessed the “mutilation” of the cow captured earlier. Although she didn’t go into detail, Myrna would recall one of her captors informing her that “it had to be done!”

Myrna would also recall the presence of a tall “man” who had a “jaundiced color” stating to her that their abduction “was a mistake” and shouldn’t have happened. He was dressed in attire similar to a priest or the early pilgrims. The evening, however, was about to become more frightening than she could ever have imagined.

Human Body Parts Suspended In “Bubbling liquid!”

During this time, the craft had come to land in the New Mexican desert. Myrna and her son were led to a “hidden elevator” and transported to a “base city of operations” somewhere inside of the vast mountain ranges of the region. She quickly scanned her surroundings. She noted more gray aliens busily working at various stations inside the base. What shocked her, however, was the presence of humans working alongside these alien creatures.

It was as she was taking in this activity, that her son was separated from her. Any composure she had managed to maintain now left her. Going into a panic of sorts, she ran from her captors, screaming her son’s name. As she ran and ran, she would eventually turn into a dimly-lit room. All around her were large vats and illuminated containers. Sensing she was about to witness something beyond comprehension, she peered into one of the vats. Inside was a “bubbling liquid” that housed “suspended human body parts”.

Screaming and crying at the same time, the horror overcame her. She would fall to the floor, unable to process the monstrous scene around her. Shortly after this, her captors would find her where she lay. They would take her into another room in the base and insert “several devices” into her body. Incidentally, these devices would later be confirmed following a CAT-scan.

Her son would return a short time later. Each would then make their way to a large, empty room and subjected to “intense flashes of light”. Myrna would offer that this was a procedure that would wipe clean their memories of the incident. Following this, the pair would enter a craft similar to the one that brought them and taken back to their car on the highway.

A depiction of a futuristic spaceship

A depiction of a futuristic spaceship

Disinformation Agenda By US Military?

Details of what Myrna Hansen had revealed during her hypnosis sessions would go to nearby US military facility, Kirtland Air Force Base. Rather than dismiss or refuse to acknowledge the incident entirely, they would confirm that the description matched completely a “fortified section of its facilities”. They would further declare their belief that the witness was describing the ‘Manzano Weapons Storage Complex’. This housed nuclear weapons and was an underground facility.

In an even more out-of-left-field move from the US military, they would put forward as a serious possibility that Hansen had not “physically” been in the room in question, but her terrifying abduction experience had forced her into an altered state. Essentially, she had left her body. Some would call this astral projection. Many believe the Nazis experimented with this in their concentration camps, noting how severe pain might cause this to happen. Although they used different methods, the CIA also conducted at least basic research in this field.

Was there an alternative agenda behind the officials at Kirtland and their sudden openminded approach? It is perhaps interesting to recall that Myrna would claim her abduction had been “a mistake”. It is also interesting to note that if the abduction and the US military facility don’t share a connection, is it merely a coincidence of alien activity over a facility housing nuclear weapons? Perhaps most chilling is the connections to cattle mutilations. And more specifically in terms of what Myrna claims she saw, human-cattle mutilations.

The short video below features Sprinkle speaking a little more in-depth.

The (Purposeful) Discrediting Of Paul Bennewitz?

Paul Bennewitz was one of several UFO researchers who would take an active interest in alien abduction cases throughout the 1970s. Not only were they increasing, but details of them, no matter how far apart the cases were, matched again and again. After hearing of cases such as Myrna Hansen, Bennewitz became convinced of an “alien colonization” project [2] that had been underway for decades.

It is worth noting that Bennewitz is far from being the only researcher to publicly shout about such claims. Respected academic and UFO researcher David Jacobs would undertake meticulous research of the alien abduction phenomena. He would ultimately agree with Bennewitz’ assertions that some kind of “hybridization program” was underway. Furthermore, Jacobs would state it was his belief that this program was not for the benefit of humanity.

Many would accuse Bennewitz of having paranoid delusions and he would spend considerable time in mental institutions. However, it would also come to light that much of the information given to him by supposed “trusted” sources was, in fact, the subject of intentional disinformation. Richard Doty, for example, was just one who agreed to pass over false information as legitimate at the behest of US intelligence services.

Many believe in the goading of Bennewitz into such a state of mind by those who wished to discredit him. And more specifically, to discredit the notion of such a program existing. While it is a claim that has little in way of solid evidence to back it up, it is perhaps one that we should keep on the backburner for now. And one that we should revisit regularly. While it sounds like the stuff of science-fiction, as the saying goes, the truth is often stranger than fiction.

The Equally Chilling Account Of Judy Doraty

On the evening of 23rd May 1973, just outside of Houston, Texas, Judy Doraty was driving home from bingo. [3] Her daughter, mother, sister-in-law, her sister, and brother-in-law were also in the car. After dropping off her sister and brother-in-law, they cruised along the lonely highway a bright light suddenly appeared in the night sky. Of more concern was the fact it was following their vehicle. The light would continue to follow their car, with Doraty eventually pulling over so they could exit the vehicle and get a closer look.

As Doraty and her passengers exited the vehicle, they could hardly believe their eyes to see a “huge disc-shaped object” hovering over the nearby field near to the property. The craft had a neat row of “windows” along its thin edge and was silent as it hung in the air.

Suddenly, the craft would shoot directly upwards, vanishing into the night sky in seconds. While most of the witnesses soon forgot about the episode, Doraty would begin to have intense nightmares. It would soon come to light, that the other passengers in the car with Doraty would recall her leaving the car upon first seeing the light coming towards them. She would then climb back in and start the vehicle. When she eventually agreed to hypnotic regression through the aforementioned Sprinke, it would suggest a lot took place while she was outside.

Matching Details – To The Very Word!

The regression of Judy Doraty took place only two months before the Myrna Hansen incident. Sprinkle would take her back to the moment she stepped outside of the car. [4]

She would describe a “spotlight” shining on her car from above which “had substance to it!” Although she couldn’t make out what it was, a small animal struggled against the light. It was “squirming and trying to get free” as it ascended upwards. She would eventually state the small animal was a young, brown and white calf.

She would describe, in great detail, how they would place the calf into some kind of chamber. The “gray aliens” then “moved very quickly” to “excise parts”. During this procedure, the calf remained alive. By the time they lowered it to the floor, however, it was dead. The grays would insert tubes and probes in specific parts of the carcass before a dissection begins. She would state how thoughts would enter her mind from the alien. They continued to work with absolute precision and alacrity. “It has to be done right away” enters her mind. As does “this had to be done” and it was “for the betterment of mankind!”

What is interesting here, firstly, the notion of things “having to be done quickly”. In any standard medical procedure, particularly one studying or replacing organs or tissue, time is very much important to avoid the cells dying. Perhaps of greater interest is the almost identical message from the “grays” that “this had to be done!” Even the wording is identical to the claims of Myrna Hansen two months later.

A depiction of a top secret alien base

A depiction of a top secret alien base

Personal Agendas Over Progress?

Doraty would also recall seeing her own daughter on top of an operating table. Around her, grey aliens performed numerous examinations. Despite her protestations of the procedures, “they don’t listen, they just ignore me”. She would go on to state that “they don’t seem to have any emotions!”

The next thing Doraty was aware of was of getting back inside her car and driving away, the “bright light” following them. Incidentally, several years later when Doraty’s daughter, Cindy, underwent hypnotic regression, she would confirm the details given by her mother.

One particularly peculiar detail from the sessions with Doraty was the notion that she was both “on the craft” while at the same time “standing by the car”. Again, drawing comparisons to the Hansen case, did Doraty “leave her physical body” through one trigger or another, and view events on the UFO through astral projection? Or was her claim of being in two places at once due to some kind of alien technology? And might this have been the case with Hansen?

A further point of interest perhaps suggests the military may indeed have been aware of much more than their eventual response to the Hansen case. At least according to a statement made by Doraty almost thirty years following the incident in February 2003.

She would state that Sprinkler, and fellow UFO researcher, Linda Moulton-Howe, had abandoned her after getting what they needed for her documentary. She would also state that both researchers “used my case for their own agenda!”

A Truly Disturbing Notion?

Perhaps of most interest, however, were the claims that another researcher had privately told her in the early-1990s that Moulton-Howe had received a grave warning from those at Kirtland Air Force Base to “keep her (Doraty’s) mouth shut”. Doraty would suggest this was in relation to “a formula” she had received during her experience.

Linda Moulton-Howe is, without doubt, a respected and solid UFO researcher. Although there are no claims of her planting misinformation, some believe Moulten-Howe enjoys slightly more “privileged” access to certain information than others. Perhaps the fact that she manages to tread that fine line of trustworthiness to either “side” is the reason for this. With that in mind, maybe her sudden withdrawal from the Doraty case was for good reason. Or maybe she had simply done all she could?

She has, for example, written and spoken extensively about what she believes to be “a harvesting” of humans and animals by extraterrestrials. It would seem unlikely, regardless of whereabouts on that fine line she treads, that she would suddenly back-off. Particularly if proof of her claims were right in front of her. Her involvement simply adds another layer of intrigue to the already mystifying affair.

Perhaps these incidents were precursors to the deeply dark claims of the Thatcher-Reagan “recovery” program established in the 1980s. This not only covers up, as much as possible, UFO activity and claims of cattle mutilations. It also erases the methodic mutilation of humans. Richard D. Hall is just one of many UFO researchers who have presented evidence that this is very much the case. The documentary below looks at these seemingly inconceivable notions of secret governments and human experimentation and alien hybridization.


1 Out of Body Abductions, Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe, 6th March 2013
2 The Destruction of Paul Bennewitz, 30th September, 1997
3 1973, The Doraty Abduction, Houston, Texas, UFO Casebook
4 An Abductee’s Account of a Calf Mutilation Aboard An Alien Craft, Richard Bonenfant, 2014

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  • Zoser says:

    All evidence points to a harvesting program where species and samples are collected and taken away to other places. Yes this does involve human beings, and I have no doubt from reading the case studies that some humans have been forcibly abducted and returned while others have not returned. This planet being such a prolific producer makes her a target for these ET’s and who can say if this work is natural and necessary to the universe? Other worlds are probably desperate for ecological seeding. Some humans have been given the option to go or not. There are a million questions. How do they build their craft? No one has seen flying saucer factories to my knowledge. How are they powered? How are they guided? How far out do the reach? Why do they never seem to try and collaborate with us officially? Why do they work in such stealthy and clandestine ways? Is their work natural or destructive? How long has it been going on? Is there clandestine co-operation with the US Military?

    These visits explain Missing 411, Bigfoot and probably much much more.

  • Mary Lewis says:

    This is the first time that I am revealing this in a public forum. I am mentioning it because of the timeline being 1979-1980. While in bed had an out of body experience wherein I was taken below ground to a facility by little ones that were almost like greys but had more childlike features and rounder heads and more circular not almond shaped eyes. Can’t remember much of what I saw except that I clearly remember that I was given a tour of their facility and they were monitoring my reactions to whatever I saw. (Like I was a less evolved species being shown a light switch that produced electricity etc. and how I would be awed and frightened at the same time, that type of feeling while in their presence.) Anyways what I clearly do remember, perhaps because it was so traumatic for me and I will never forgot it, was that at one point they took out a rodlike instrument and pointed it at me from a few feet away and activated it. I immediately felt as if I was disintegrating, or demagnetizing and falling apart. Thought I was being killed by them. They then reversed the process on that rod and I “reintergrated? ” back together terrified of what had just happened. They told me telepathically to not to be afraid, that they were not going to hurt me and that they were only showing me how it worked. Do not recall anything else. This occured while living in New Hampshire.

    • John Reed says:

      That would have blown my mind, I sure hope that is a rare event.

  • Gabriel Weldon says:

    Anything that is purposefully hidden from you and/or forced upon you, with the absolutely lame statement of it is “good for all of mankind”. Is an outright lie as well as being the exact opposite of the ‘good for’ bs.
    There are so many people on this planet that if such actions and or experiments needed to take place there would be a line a mile long willing to sacrifice themselves “for the good of mankind”. Since that line does not exist, therefore the lies which these beings would like to disseminate are just that.
    Shoot to kill and anything that dares harm life on this planet should be right square in your crosshairs, human or otherwise.

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