The Chilling Caucasus Mountains Abduction Encounter

Marcus Lowth
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May 25, 2018
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We have looked before at some of the more interesting UFO sightings to come out of the old Soviet Union, many of which remained unknown to the West due to the secrecy and distrust during the Cold War.

A depiction of two people stood underneath a spaceship

The Caucasus Mountains have a long history of strange incidents

While they are not as prominent, several accounts of alien contact behind the Iron Curtain have also come to light in the decades following the collapse of the Soviet regime. One particularly chilling encounter stands out more than most. What’s more, the location of the incident, the Caucasus Mountain range, is a location of apparent widespread importance and has been throughout history. Indeed, as we will look at in more detail in a future article, they served as a gateway for the remains of the elites of the Babylonian and Egyptian empires to enter into Europe thousands of years ago.

While there is understandable doubt as to the authenticity of the upcoming account – which was sent to Russian UFO investigators by letter in 2001 – some of the details crop up in other similar encounters. At the very least, both the account and the location should perhaps be subject to further investigation.

One Sunny Afternoon In The Summer Of 1948

The main witness was only a young boy at the time in 1948 and would only give his name as “VZ”. [1] Along with his sister and her friend, the three of them would eat a small lunch in the sunshine along the Caucasus Mountains while watching the cows grazing in the field opposite them. The two girls would then lie in the sun with hopes of “getting a suntan”. VZ would opt to walk a short distance away into a part of the hillside that enjoyed the shade.

He must have fallen asleep, at least for a short time, as shortly after lying down he was awoken due to a “high-pitched buzzing” noise. As he came to his senses he noticed a silver object that “resembled a huge upside-down plate” descending towards the ground. As it did so, three “legs” emerged from the underside of the craft in preparation for its landing. All the while, there was no sound other than the high-pitched whirring, which itself wasn’t loud but most definitely prominent. The object would rest a short way from where he stood. Curiosity won out over fear, and fighting the urge to run, he remained watching the other-worldly events unfold.

Suddenly, a door opened along the side of the craft. From inside, three tall, humanoids emerged, each wearing a tight, silver suit. They would make their way calmly to VZ, and one of them took his hand. Now paralyzed by the bizarreness of the situation, the young boy simply followed them on board the silver ship.

The Cages and The Dissection

Once on board, the humanoids would lead him down a corridor which eventually opened out into a small room. The first thing VZ saw was the cages along the wall. Rightly, he sensed the encounter was about to take a surreal and brutal turn.

Inside one of the cages was a wild bear that was very obviously agitated with the surroundings. A woman, herself hysterical and screaming, was in another cage, and three men, seemingly in prayer, sat huddled in yet another. VZ was taken to a cage containing a solitary man and placed inside. All the while, he remained frozen with fear and in an almost “trance-like” state.

The man with whom VZ was now sharing a cage spoke to him quietly, telling him to remain calm. Shortly after, he began to comprehend his surroundings. He was on board a “spaceship” and the tall “humanoids” were alien creatures.

As his mind continued to race, he could feel the craft move from under him. It was obvious to him, that the silver disc was now moving upwards and away from his sister, and safety.

At the same time as the craft began to move, the aliens returned to the room. One of them would “pull” an operating table from out of the wall, while the other two would take one of the three men out of the cage. The man, obviously in a weakened state, was placed on the table. Then, in a matter-of-fact way, and with cold precision and purpose, they would proceed to conduct a dissection of the man. It was obvious he was very much alive when the procedure started. When complete, the pieces were placed into boxes, and the “mess” of blood and tissue cleaned away.

A depiction of a UFO Caucasus Mountains

Some of the details of the incident can be found in other encounters

Escape and Recapture

Following the dissection, the three creatures once again left the room. The man would introduce himself to VZ as Alexander, a mining engineer from the Ural region. He would attempt to communicate with the woman and the remaining two men, but all would ignore him, likely in a permanent state of shock.

Between them, Alexander and VZ would concoct and put into action an escape plan. The man would lift the young boy to the top edge of the cage. Although it would take considerable effort, he finally managed to squeeze out of the small gap. Alexander directed him to a button on the wall that would open the locks. However, it was much too high for VZ to reach. Removing his outer clothing and rolling them into a ball, he would instruct VZ to stand on them as if they were a stool. He did so, and he hit the button, opening the cage for the man to walk out. He put the clothes back on and the pair looked to make their way out of the room.

They would quietly navigate their way around the ship. To their disbelief, they would find their cosmic captors asleep in a separate room. They would eventually find their way into the engine room. Alexander would cause some damage to what appeared to be a control panel of sorts by throwing a metal box they found on the floor. This would bring the aliens rushing into the room, where they were quickly overpowered when one of them pressed a metal rod was against him which resulted in his immediate paralysis.

Information And Deals!

The two were placed back into the cage they had escaped from. Two aliens now remained to guard them. They would, however, begin to speak with Alexander. They were, apparently, interested in the intelligence they had shown by escaping. The aliens would offer that they were essentially scientists and were on Earth as part of a data-gathering mission.

They would claim that the reason the men in the cage together didn’t respond to them was they were “low-level humans” (they didn’t state whether this was meant in terms of modern civilization or if they were taken from another point in time). As for the woman, it was their belief that she had “gone insane” from the experience.

They would continue, that following the atomic blasts at the end of the Second World War, a decision was made to conduct “in-depth” studies of the planet and the human race. The idea of “wasting radioactive materials” for bombs was “madness” to them. They used such materials as an “energy source” and for “space-travel”. Both Alexander and VZ somehow got the impression that it was these materials on Earth that were as much the reason for their sudden interest in the human race as anything else.

According to VZ, however, the aliens had a genuine interest in Alexander and the potential insight he could give them into the planet and the human race. They would ask him to join them on their “mothership”. He would agree – on one condition. That the young boy and the remaining three adults were released from their captivity. Reluctantly, they would agree. He got the impression that their journey was dependent on precise time-keeping as they appeared to “hurriedly” make preparations to release their human prisoners.

“…..In Trouble With the Militia!”

As they prepared to release VZ back to the location of his abduction, they would insist on administering an injection. They would state that due to the time he spent in the engine room he had received a potentially lethal dose of radiation. This would, they said, neutralize the effects of the fatal dose.

Upon receiving the injection, he began to feel drowsy. The door to the craft began to open. He could tell that it was early morning just before he blacked out. The next thing he knew, he could hear voices asking if he was OK. As he opened his eyes he could see multiple people nearby. They were calling his name. Suddenly, as he sat up a little, his mother came running over to him.

He would make a full recovery, but he would battle ill-health for some time following the incident. He initially wished to tell anyone who would listen of the encounter. However, his mother would discourage such action as “it might get (him) in trouble with the militia!”

When he was a young man and working on the family’s farmland, he would receive a random visit from several military officers and a man in civilian clothing. It was this plain-clothed man, who was obviously from the secret police, that did the talking. VZ didn’t answer any of the questions the man asked him. And he would ultimately leave, frustrated at the exchange. He did, however, state to VZ that he shouldn’t talk of the experience he had as a young boy. Nor should he talk of their conversation.

Before we move on, the video below looks at the secrecy of Russia’s UFO files.

The Ukrainian Catacombs Incident

Although it is a different region entirely, at the time of the incident, in the summer of 1971, Ukraine was still under Soviet control. And the case in question is another that suggests forced alien intervention. A citizen of Crimea known only as “Marsha” would take a trip to Odessa to explore the city’s catacombs.

As she followed the tour guide and the rest of the group of tourists, she could clearly hear the sound of a young child crying. Marsha would stop momentarily in an effort to locate the source of the cries. She was almost immediately isolated from the group who were quickly out of sight. She continued to try and track down the crying child. Then, out of nowhere, she would experience what she would later describe as a “kick to the head!”

Everything went black. She was not sure for how long she was “out”, or what happened to her.

On the surface, the tour guide quickly realized they were missing a person. The news of Marsha’s disappearance would make several newspapers in the region. And a search team had made several unsuccessful attempts to track her down. After several days, she emerged from the labyrinth of the catacombs and into a group of tourists about to embark on a tour. They would quickly take her to the authorities who would confirm her identity. After ensuring she was physically able to travel, she returned to Crimea.

Odessa Catacombs

The Odessa Catacombs

From Odessa To The Caucasus Mountains?

Her parents, who she lived with, knew little of the incident. Marsha would grow increasingly quiet and removed, spending increasing amounts of time in her room alone. Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of the entire case was the sudden revelation that she was pregnant.

She would ultimately give birth to the child – a young boy – and bring him up as a “normal” little boy. He was, however, far from normal. He had little to no interest in activities other children his age indulged in. As a young child he would read books far beyond his years, for example, and at a fast pace to boot.

Perhaps the most intriguing twist occurred in the mid-1990s when Marsha’s son was in his early-20s. He would take a sudden trip to the same catacombs as his mother had two decades earlier. He would enter the underground maze with a group of tourists, however, he would not return. Despite a wide-ranging search, he or his body never surfaced.

What many researchers note regarding this particular case is the fact that the witness – Marsha – didn’t undergo hypnotic regression at any stage following the incident. While such sessions aren’t guaranteed to work, more often than not they help to reveal timelines of events. We can only guess as to what happened to Marsha following the “kick to the head”, for example. What is interesting about this is that other UFO cases speak of such a sensation, but one that comes from a “metallic stick” in the alien’s possession. Remember, during the recapture of VZ and Alexander, one of the aliens used a metal stick to paralyze them.

Whether whatever was responsible for the “abduction” of Marsha was of the same race as the aliens in the Caucasus Mountains incident is open to debate.


1 Cross of Centaurs, Rostov-on-Don, Number 1, 2001 (Letter from witness)

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