Just How Into Alien Tech Was The Third Reich?

First Published: July 21, 2016 Last updated: July 5th, 2019 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes Posted in: Conspiracy
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Over the years, the brutal acts of the Nazi party of Germany has been the subject of much debate. Every year it seems, new discoveries are found about the rank ideology of the government of the era. Not only was the Nazi party – and Adolf Hitler, of course – involved in horrible crimes, it was a fan of the occult.

Many entertaining elements exist involving the history of the occult loving of the party itself.

Within the ranks of the Nazis were people who had engaged with multiple otherworldly events, apparently. Not all of the events were to do with re-animating the dead and zombies, though. Many of the Nazi outside thinking came from outside of this planet, and our species. They wished to communicate with aliens – listen to some sources, and apparently they did.

Third Reich flag with alien face on flag

Third Reich flag with alien face on flag

In this article we’re going to take a closer look at just what the story might be behind the Third Reich and their love of alien technology.

Is there really anything in the suggestion that the Nazis were in control – or sought control – of alien hardware?

Whilst a topic with plenty of different ideas, opinions and “facts” we’ll try find the best ones. We’ve done all that we can to whittle away some of the more dubious ideas about this topic, as ever. The aim here is to try and showcase some of the more believable ideas behind what the Third Reich may have been involved with.

This is quite an exciting topic, but we’ll be looking at some ideas that should be quite haunting. We can’t say for sure what we believe is the truth in this one. Instead, we want to try and present the most reliable ideas so you can see for yourself.

The Nazi Moon Base

If there was ever a good place to start, it probably involves the horrendously brilliant idea of a Nazi Moon Base. If this is true, then we’re probably due an Apocalypse!

The theory goes that the Germans had secured a moon base far beyond the supposed Moon landing. The American version was meant to have taken place in 1969. Well, Hitler blew the Americans away by 27 years, by achieving movement to the Moon in 1942. Not just movement to the Moon, though, he had a base.

The theories even proclaim that the Nazis were up there with the US and the Russians in the 1950s! Sometimes, you just need to love the invention that comes out from these theories.

Of course, things don’t stop there – why would the Nazi joint landings and a Moon Base be as crazy as this one gets?

Artist's impression of the Nazi Moon Base.

Artist’s impression of the Nazi Moon Base.

Also, the Nazis are still up there. Yup, they’ve been controlling the tides of the planet since the 1950s and use these crazy lasers that can strike targets on this planet. This might be one of the most outlandish Nazi theories we’ve ever heard – so thought we’ve put it first.

However, that’s not to say it’s not true. Given that the Flat Earth theories have gathered so much pace over the years, what’s to say that the Moon is what we suggest?

It’s probably up there with the most creative of the Nazi alien tech theories. It was done by using an “exo-atmospheric saucer” of the traditional saucer variety, apparently. If this is all true, and the Nazis were the first humans to ever get out to space and meet other species, it’s no wonder we’re still waiting for another meeting.

The other species would likely rather just avoid us entirely after that!

Nazi Aliens!

Not done at the Moon Base? Well, things can always get a little crazier when we’re talking about aliens. Apparently, the events that have taken place over the last few years regarding renegade Edward Snowden prove Nazi alien events took place. This is according to the news agency in Iran, Fars.

Fars reported that a group of gentleman known as the “Tall Whites” reign supreme over the US Government. They were also instrumental in the rise of the Germans, too. Therefore, the Nazis apparently had assistance from an otherworldly source.

Would it not excite you to know that humanity defeated not only a horrible regime, but an evil alien power?

However, how would you feel when you see how we’ve done since this supposedly took place?

Anyway, according to Fars, the Russian Federal Security Services has found proof in files released by Snowden. They say that there is “an alien intelligence agenda is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945.”

Alien face with Swastika

Alien face with Swastika

This would mean that, allegedly, the US was the next “symbiote” of evil from the defeated aliens. The proof that the Nazis were backed up by aliens, apparently, came from their highly powered submarines. This report goes on to claim that post Nazi defeat, these “Tall White” fellows met Dwight D. Eisenhower. This took place in 1954, allegedly, and established the order who are now doing such a stellar job of controlling America.

If you would like to know the good news, it’s that Fars used a questionable source. All of this information’s comes from a website called whatdoesitmean.com. Whilst we like the work over at whatdoesitmean.com, we doubt that this part of the Nazi regime is true – is it really likely they were run by a super race of aliens?


One of the most wonderful UFO rumours involving Nazi tech, though, is the EMP aircraft. During the Second World War, apparent UFO sightings took place on a semi-regular basis. Multiple accounts exist from over the years of people seeing the kind of saucers that we see so regularly in UFO myths.

However, a rather interesting theory exists about what they may have been. One idea stems from the idea that these “Foo Fighters” were Nazi tech. The idea was that these systems would have been used to create an Electromagnetic Pulse. This would short-circuit electrics in other vehicles, and render Allies defence and offence totally useless.

This idea was seemingly floated amongst Allied troops, who were unsure of what else it may have been. At such a time of such incredible war and terror, it wouldn’t be so crazy to imagine this is what Germany had produced.

These systems, though, would need to have been backed up by the aforementioned alien allies. There’s no way that in 1950 such hardware could have been available, as EMPs were nowhere near invented. At best, it was thought to be something that could have damaged radars and perhaps harassed aircraft with over disruptive tactics.

Since this idea has been floated for some time, it might be fairly probable. Whether it was a genuine prototype disruptor device, or it was a UFO, we’ll never know. However, the idea that radars and comms would be thrown by a UFO appearing is very interesting indeed.

For those who want to believe that there might have been at least some kind of UFO inspiration, this seems to be the most fitting selection. It’s not entirely out of the realms of possibility, but it’s most likely not the alien superpower we’re speculating it may be.

The Alien Space Program – Antarctica

One of the most terrifying of the old rumours and ideas across the years, though, has been of Nazi presence in Antarctica. So the rumours go, they conquered New Swabia and similar parts of Antarctica and set up shop there. From here, they created a space program and were involved in acts that nobody else could have been at the time.

According to William Tompkins, a former U.S. Navy intelligence op, a lot of stuff went down prior to WW2. Apparently, the Nazis forged their way over to Antarctica and set up shop. Not only that, but they were guided here by three reptilians, in the David Icke style. From here, they forged massive underground bases in the remote caverns, located alongside caverns that are held by the reptilians.

The US learned of these via their implanted spies in the Nazi regime, apparently. These bases were being used to launch missions to the Moon and to other planets in the solar system. These “reports” even went as far as to say that the Germans were making their way to interstellar venues.

Mountains in Antarctica

Mountains in Antarctica

This all began in 1913, apparently, as the Germans began their Second German Antarctic Expedition. This coincides also with a large part of German society seeing greater influence by secret societies. At this time, many of these societies were in favour of large, foreign expeditions to look for occult artefacts from the past.

By the beginning of WW2, equipment was already being moved at a great pace. The “Third” expedition started in 1938, apparently. Whilst it all was moved slowly but surely to this point, it was all in place by ’38. Want to know more about this idea? You can watch a full episode of ExoNews TV, with Tompkins himself – or read on!

The Space Program Continued – The Ice Fortress

If you’ve ever indulged in any fantasy to do with this period, you’ll no doubt have heard of the Antarctic Ice Fortress. Well, the information that Tompkins provides seems to fit with the supposed timeline for this. According to Grand Admiral Karl Donitz, a massive fortress was being built by Hitler in a remote venue.

By using the immense power of the supersubs they were using, they could do all this without being seen or spotted.

An apparent Nazi underground base in Antarctica.

An apparent Nazi underground base in Antarctica.

Apparently, Donitz told the world that

“the German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Fuhrer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress.”

In 1944, he reaffirmed this idea. Whilst the war was in the favour of the Allies by this point, he revealed plans were in place to move Hitler to the fortress. From there, he would be able to carry ouf his “Thousand Year Reich”. Again, talk of occult stuff there with the thousand years.

Lastly, he eventually made claims at the Nuremberg War Crime trials. He suggested that it was in Antarctica where the Nazis had most of their power stored up, and that it was by submarine fleet indeed. He spoke of a “paradise-like oasis, in the middle of eternal ice”.

The Words of a Cartographer

If this all sounds a bit too insane, then consider for a moment the words of Heinrich C. Berann. Berann is a cartographer and artist for the National Geographic Society. In 1966, Heinrich found something quite interesting. In his idea of an ice-free Antarctica, he showed massive underground passageways bellows the continent itself. This would mean that it would be possible for these immense submarines of fact/fiction to get underneath and begin transporting objects.

It might be a stretch, but it’s by no means impossible?

Heinrich C. Berann

Heinrich C. Berann

These claims are even further backed up by the words of a German submarine crewman. Allegedly, anyway. He explained that U-Boat captains were to reach the bases through the hidden passes in the continent. Apparently, the images that you can find over at Atlantean Gardens shows just this.

These are allegedly the instructions for getting from A to B, although you would think it might be a bit more complex than words scribbled onto a sheet of paper like this. It’s all just other parts of the idea of Nazi alien technology worth considering – without these submarines, they’d never have their supposed fortress.

The Words of Tompkins Continued

In the same interview as before, Tompkins provides plenty of interesting ideas about flyer saucing programs. These programs were developed in both Antarctica and in Germany. Apparently, the pre-prototype was ready in Antarctica, and that resources were being placed over many parts of Occupied Europe. They continued to build several vehicles of the same kind in Antarctica, too, apparently!

Back to the idea of space missions, though. Apparently, their Reptilian allies helped them get up and off this planet to head out to multiple locations. In the interview above, Tompkins says the following;

“Now the question was asked whether did we ever get to the Moon? You see it was in some way, it was well known that the Germans had a number of vehicles that flew out and came back. One of the first ones, they got into trouble, they crashed and the whole group died. But that was almost all coming from Antarctica. Way before, four years before, the war ended, they were always moving all of this stuff out. And so the flights, almost everything came from Antarctica with the same people. … I don’t know if it was true or not, but it was stated by some of those fellows [Navy spies] that they had gone to other stars and come back.”

Pretty interesting words, wouldn’t you agree? His words apparently chime in along with the ideas of an old whistle-blower from the past, Corey Goode. Goode claimed that from 1987-2007, he had access to glass pads that described the success of this space program. Goode, though, says that Secret Societies across Germany were in charge of the program, rather than Reptilians or even the Nazis themselves.

The Space Program – Alien Allies

Another part of the Goode theory was that the old Antarctic ruins were that of an ancient civilization. Apparently, the Secret Societies of German wanted to break away from the rest of mankind. They kept the best technology away from even the military and the political leaders, and created global enclaves.

There was a renovation project when they arrived, as they fixed up the damage from the ancient civilizations collapse. During the entire course of the Second World War, this was built upon to forge an incredible ice fortress.

Whether this information came from these Reptiles, the “Tall Whites” or any other alien source, is unknown. What is speculated on is that an alien source brought them to the Antarctic, and helped the Nazis set up camp. Why they would do this is obviously only ours to speculate upon, but we doubt it was for a good purpose.

The rest of the ice fortress rumours, forged wit alien submarines, was also introduced by these alien allies. The rumour claims that the aliens provided access and the knowledge how to get to the passes, which is next to where they reside at present. That sound equally terrifying, to be honest!

Other Exceptional Claims

However, other claims do exist about the ideas of Nazis playing with alien technology. Not only were they apparently going traveling around the universe with their alien friends, they built massive fortresses together. One wonders why they managed to lose, then?

Anyway, some other great claims exist about the Nazis and their love – and use – of UFO tech. one of the most popular stories from the German documentary known as “UFOs in the Third Reich”. According to the documentary, the Roswell incident was actually the result of the US working on their own version of an old Nazi tech!

The idea here is that the Third Reich, still going in the year 1947, were testing out their ‘Bell’ technology. This Bell was a copper aircraft three metres in diameter, with a propulsion unit that ran on electric particles. It would have been, for the time, the height of technology. It was apparently the precursor to what became the stealth bomber, too.

This monstrosity was created by V2 rocket engineers who escaped to the United States after the war. They then worked for the US to build weaponry that could help beat the Soviet Union, at least so the legend goes.

V2 rocket engineers

V2 rocket engineers

Apparently, one of the people who escaped was the monster Hans Kammler. Kammler was the head of Nazi construction and defence in the Third Reich, and took part in the creation of the likes of Auschwitz and the secret German V2 rocket plants.

This information all stems from the documentary pulling from archived material. One of the experts involved in the documentary – which is well worth watching – concentrates on the role of the Bell.

The Bell

Apparently in a desire to have the very best at his disposal, this Bell was part of Hitlers experimentations for the very best in aviation. This all comes from the book by Igor Witkowski, the expert we referred to above. In his 2000 book, Prawda O Wunderwaffe, he spoke of the Bell and what it really existed for.

He’s backed up by the claims of Georg Klein. Klein was an engineer after the war, and worked in aeronautics after the war ended. He says that although he does not consider himself “a crackpot” he seen a “Nazi UFO.”

Nazi Bell UFO

Nazi Bell UFO

Even strange reports exist from back in the day from Allied bombing squads who seen weird objects during the end of the war. As they proceeded to hammer the Germans with abandon, odd reports of what may have been Bell test flights existed. Although we’ll never get the full truth, the documentary above gives some great insights into what may have been the attempts of the Third Reich to harness alien tech.

These pretty incredible revolutions all seem to point towards, at the very least, Nazi attempts at alien technology. Whilst it might all be a bluff, or just utter nonsense, it’s a pretty terrifying thought. If the Nazis were such an incredible evil – just how bad must the evil who secretly commanded them be?


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