The Alien Skulls Of The Caucasus Mountains

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The Caucasus Mountains, as we have mentioned before, are a place of both historical importance and, it would seem, a hot-spot for paranormal activity and mysterious finds. Perhaps none more mysterious than the finds of an “alien skull” and “Nazi briefcases” – news of which appeared online in early-2016.

A elongated skull with an alien face superimposed underneath it

Is this an alien skull?

Although the discoveries were not made together, their close proximity raised an eyebrow or two among researchers of Nazi secret projects. Particularly those of the Ahnenerbe projects that saw the Third Reich invest countless resources and manpower in the search for ancient knowledge and relics. Not least were the suspicions of the person responsible for bringing the finds to the public, Vladimir Melikov. He believes the remains not only offer proof of alien contact in the distant past but that the Nazi regime was actively interested in the remains of technology once utilized by this cosmic race.

Furthermore, as we will look at later, it would appear likely there is a connection between the “demon-like” skull recently discovered by Melikov, and the perhaps better-known Paracas Skulls, discovered in 1928 by Julio Tello on the other side of the world, in Peru. If that is the case, then it surely does offer proof of alien civilizations and their presence here on Earth thousands of years ago. It will also force us to finally address the growing notion that mainstream history, in so many ways and on so many levels, is wrong.

 “Horned” Skulls Are Bipedal Species “Unknown To Science!”

It would appear the discovery of the bizarre skull was made in the summer of 2014 by a team of researchers led by Russian ethnographer, Vladimir Melikov. The find came to light in a cave in the area around Mount Bolshoi Thach in Adygea region of the Caucasus Mountain range. [1] The strange skull had an apparent “horned” look leading some to describe it as having a “demonic” appearance. Initial testing on the skulls suggests they belong to a “bipedal species unknown to science”.

The find further fuels speculation of an unknown species that possibly calls the cave systems and unknown reaches of the inner-Earth home – one that may or may not be terrestrial. It also raises the claims made by many researchers over the second half of the twentieth century. That Hitler and the Nazi regime were actively utilizing “advanced alien technology”, and that their search for ancient relics and knowledge may have been far more successful than many might imagine.

Melikov himself believes the remains belong to “an alien species that visited Earth in the past!” Also an experienced cryptozoologist, Melikov would point to the “round hole at the bottom of the head” and how its positioning showed the creature “moved on two legs!” He would also note the strange “absence of cranial vault and jaws!” The eyes would appear to be “unusually large”, while two separate markings above the eyes would suggest the presence of horns. This, in spite of the flat facial bones typical of hominids.

An already mysterious find would soon take an intriguing if dark twist.

Nazi Briefcase From The Ahnenerbe Organization

Around two years later, a local hermit who called the woodland around Mount Bolshoi Thach home would approach Melikov. Aware of Melikov’s work, the man would hand over a briefcase, itself awash with Nazi symbols and insignia. Inside was a detailed map of the entire Adygea region, which was dated 1941. According to the hermit, the briefcase was hidden away only a short distance from where Melikov had discovered the “alien” skulls.

Melikov immediately recognized the emblem of the Nazi “Ahnenerbe” group, active from 1935 until the end of the war. With the official moniker of “The Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Society”, the organization’s main focus was the hunting down and capturing of ancient relics and knowledge. Some firmly believe the group – at least those high-ranking members – were actively seeking entrance to the inner-Earth, and communication with its apparent inhabitants.

It is perhaps a bizarre notion to think while the horror and perpetual bloodshed of the Second World War raged, certain high-ranking members of the SS, through the Ahnenerbe group, were searching the world for long-lost alien technology and looking to invoke powers “from elsewhere” in the struggle for world domination.

Perhaps we should think again about the claims of the great-granddaughter of one-time US President Dwight Eisenhower, Laura Eisenhower, who claimed recently that things are happening in the background of “a world most of us don’t realize exists!” She would also go on to state that the Second World War didn’t end but was “still being fought behind the scenes. It’s like this whole other reality is going on that we don’t hear about. These timelines and deeper history connected to secret societies. Connected to these deeper ET agendas that have been around for thousands of years!”

Artist's impression of a Nazi UFO

Artist’s impression of a Nazi UFO

Evidence Of Persistent Nazi “Missions” In The Caucasus Region

As well as the briefcase itself were the contents inside it. A ring, for example, that would seem to have once belonged to a Nazi soldier or high-ranking party member. There was also a very precise map of the region.

Melikov believes that the connection between the two finds is strong and that Nazi officers were searching the region, possibly as a secret mission during the Nazi push towards Moscow, in order to locate both the skulls and any remains of ancient alien technology.

Others believe the remains to be neither alien or human, but something demonic. Given the well-documented interest (and belief) in the occult by many high-ranking Nazi members, perhaps that is not as wild an assertion as it first looks.

It certainly isn’t the only evidence that the Nazis had an interest in the region. Only a short time before Melikov’s discovery, came the uncovering of another Nazi briefcase with the same Ahnenerbe insignia on it on Mount Elbrus – the highest mountain in Europe. Once again, a ring would come to light as well as several Nazi uniforms. Even the remains of a German huntsman was found.

As you might imagine, the discovery doesn’t convince everyone, with some even asserting the claims are “an elaborate hoax”. Melikov would offer examination of the remains, as well as sending detailed pictures of the finds to paleontologists, including ones in Moscow. However, few would show an interest in them, with one suggesting the skulls could be sheep remains, distorted by pressure over many years.

Before we move on, check out the short video below. It looks at the find of Vladimir Melikov a little closer.

Nazi’s Were Looking To Contact Aliens?

Malikov is far from standing alone in his belief, however. Professor of Economics at Maikop State Technical University, Ivan Bormotov shares a similar view. It’s his belief that the Nazi regime was sending “surveillance expeditions” into the Caucasus Mountains. In particular, the Adygea region as late as 1944. Bormotov, however, perhaps erring on the right side of caution, would offer he wasn’t sure that the Nazis knew what they were looking for. He would also state, though, perhaps as a caveat to his own skepticism that regardless of what the truth may be, “the remains found in the mountains of Adygea will force you to think!”

Others, though, believe they knew exactly what they were looking for. As the war raged on and the tide was slowly turning against the Third Reich, the Nazis were increasingly throwing resources behind the search for “super weapons” and “advanced technology” that could turn the war back in their favor in one quick strike. So much so, that as well as searching for advanced ancient technology, they were also studying UFOs, and “attempting to make contact with aliens” so that they might “obtain advanced technology!”

The aforementioned expeditions into the Caucasus region throughout the early-1940s were not a one-off. The Nazi regime would send similar missions to Tibet, Antarctica and North Africa. They would even travel to the regions once home to the ancient Indus Valley civilization. Basically, their depiction and their interest in such relics in the Indiana Jones movies is completely accurate.

The short video below looks at this aspect of the Nazi regime a little further.

The Bizarre Conspiracies Of The Lake Ritsa Project

These activities were also taking place before the war. As we have written about before, a series of pacts between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union was signed in the run-up to the Second World War. There are many claims as to the true reasons these deals went ahead. And, in a world where “dual-thinking” is a necessity, there is probably a degree of truth in all of them.

In 1936, the Nazi regime, in an effort to show friendship between themselves and the Soviets, would begin the tunnel project that would connect the Black Sea coast to Lake Ritsa, which resides in the Caucasus region in what is now modern-day Georgia. This would make it possible to draw water from the newly established Ritsa Nature Reserve.

According to some researchers, the Nazi’s real prize was, in fact, the water itself. They believed, according to some, that the water had a “special composition”. Furthermore, this composition was perfect to make “synthetic blood plasma”. Those involved in the project would refer to this apparently mysterious substance as “living water”. It would be carefully placed into “silver containers” and then moved by submarine, boat, and plane to Germany. Along with the substitute blood liquid, periston, “an oxidation production of adrenalin” would allow the Nazis to successfully produce this blood plasma on an industrial scale.

Perhaps as an extra twist to the conspiracy are the deaths of the specialist engineers. Those who oversaw the construction of the tunnel system. Upon its completion, their car would “plunge into a ravine” killing all of them.

To demonstrate how far ahead the Nazi regime really was, it is worth looking at the following article from 1946. In turn, some people believe they had “help” in their endeavors,

The Harper Magazine Article, October 1946

According to an article in the October 1946 edition of ‘Harper’s Magazine’, the United States had recovered “fifty tons” of secret Nazi documents relating to the work and research of their top scientists [2] and weapon’s designers. Needless to say, along with Operation Paperclip that would transplant hundreds of Nazi scientists to continue their work in America, these documents would assist in building the modern western world. We will look at some of the finds in a moment. Just to stress, however, in how many areas the Nazis were ahead, was the discovery of “over 50,000 dyes”. Many of these dyes were “faster and better” than those in the United States. Many of which they “were never able to make!” The report would state that the “American dye industry will be advanced at least ten years!”

The advancement was across the board. They would achieve highly efficient ways to freeze and preserve food. This would allow submarines to undertake extended missions without surfacing. Infra-red technology would allow Nazi vehicles to travel at full speed at night. To them, they would “see objects as clear as day up to 200-meters ahead!” This infra-red technology would also allow tanks to “spot targets two miles away”. While a German sniper could “pick off a man in total blackness!”

There were, however, also the grim experiments and scientific research. Just one of which would speak of freezing “patients” to the point of death. All the while, monitoring every aspect of their bodily functions, with no regard for the patient’s ultimate well-being. One report spoke of seven such patients, all of whom died. It later states that transferring the patient into water in excess of 100 degrees proves preferable. The patient successfully recovers and comes back to life. Grim reading but important information.

A picture of the Caucasus Dolmen

Caucasus Dolmen

The Dolmens of the Caucasus Region

Another area of “research” to the Nazis, and to Melikov over half-a-century later, are the thousands of megalithic dolmens throughout the Caucasus region. [3] Mainstream archaeologists date these dolmens between 4,000 and 6,000 years old. Some researchers, however, contend the dates of their constriction likely lies between 10,000 and 25,000 years ago.

What is particularly unique about these buildings is their curved architecture and the precise 90-degree angles. Furthermore, each of the monuments has a weight between fifteen to thirty tons. However, there is no sign of a nearby quarry, nor any indications of how the stones were moved into position. In what is already treacherous terrain, there are no paths or makeshift “throughways” that might have been utilized. Further still, much like the pyramids of Ancient Egypt and many other structures from antiquity, the stones fit tightly together. So tightly, it is impossible to fit even a small blade in between them.

Local legends credits “dwarves who settled the area” as responsible for their construction, although not directly. According to the legends, this small race of people lived in harmony with “giants”, who would build the dolmens. Furthermore, the legend continues, the giants were “not repaid” for the act of kindness. The little people would use herbs and potions to blind them and corrupt their minds. A war ensued, resulting in the extinction of each side.

Whether these “little people” were real and are the same race as the recently discovered skull is open to debate. Perhaps they were, as Melikov contends, aliens from a long time ago.

The short video below looks at these ancient buildings a little closer.

Further Legends Of The Caucasus Mountains

As well as the Dolmens of the Caucasus region there are other intriguing legends and folklore associated with this most mysterious and ancient location.

For example, as well as claims of alien skulls, general UFO activity, and even connections to the reptilian lineage that used the mountains as their passage from the ancient lands of what is now the Middle East into Europe, there are stories of wild beast-like men, shape-shifting entities, and even recorded factual cases of what could very well have been the exploitation of an African slave under the notion of hunting a strange beast-like creature that calls the mountains home.

Indeed, the Caucasus Mountains are perhaps one of the strangest, most mysterious locations on the planet. No wonder, then, that there are many equally strange legends and folklore tales that also call the region home. We will start with one such legend that not only has distinct paranormal undertones, but which very well may be evidence of the presence in the Caucasus Mountains of something normally confined to areas of the Middle East.

The Morana – Similar To Legends Of The Djinn?

Although many researchers [4] class the Morana as a female vampire, it is perhaps more correct to describe “her” as an unknown shapeshifting entity. In fact, as we shall see as we examine the legends of the Morana, there are many details that are similar to the accounts of the Djinn, perhaps, in turn, suggesting that the presence of these entities is much wider spread than the regions of the Middle East.

What is also interesting is that while there are accounts of the Morana throughout the Caucasus Mountains, a great many of them appear to be in and around the Sochi region. Perhaps the reason many refer to this apparent bloodsucker as a female or “she-Vampire” is that is how the mysterious entity most often appears – as a beautiful and captivating young woman.

However, according to the legends, her actual form is that of a demonic creature, with black, oily skin, glowing red eyes, and talon-like fingers. What’s more, this entity also contains what is akin to goats’ horns on its head. However, as we might suspect, in its appearance as a beautiful young woman, the Morana is looking to attract men who unsuspectingly go to their doom.

It is perhaps intriguing, especially in the areas in and around Sochi, belief in the Morana remains today, albeit perhaps not as intensely as hundreds of years ago.

Chilling Legends And Tales Of The Svokan

Without a doubt, one of the most unnerving legends [5] of the region are those of the Svokan, an apparent 20-feet Bigfoot-type creature that is said to roam throughout the Caucasus Mountains. According to paranormal researcher, Nick Redfern, many of the sightings occur near the town of Tyrnyauz.

It is said to be covered from head to toe in white fur (very much like the descriptions of the Yeti), with some who claim to have seen it further stating that it has “glowing red eyes”. Even more alarming, this monstrous creature is said to actively attack humans. However, rather than just attack them in an animal-like manner, the cunning creature is said to display some remarkable intelligence and planning before such attacks.

For example, Redfern claims that the creature “hides out in the woods” before making the sounds of a crying child to “entice” locals to enter the woods and unwittingly into the trap. The creature waits for the unfortunate victim to enter the darkness of the forest before it makes it move. However, it seemingly turns the person into a “small ball of stone” which the creature then scoops up and takes back to its lair somewhere in the mountains. It is claimed that it is stored there with other such balls of stone for when the creature is hungry.

As another researcher points out, many Bigfoot researchers have claimed to have discovered very similar piles of rocks in locations where Bigfoot sightings and encounters are known to have taken place. And it is perhaps further interesting that some Bigfoot researchers also suspect that there could be an altogether more mystical aspect of the Bigfoot creatures as opposed to it being “just” an unknown humanoid animal.

The Disturbing Account Of “Zana”

Perhaps one of the most disturbing accounts of strange creatures living in the wilderness of the Caucasus Mountains is that of Zana – not least as there is evidence that she may have been human, as opposed to the apparent Almasty creature (which we will look at in more detail shortly) that those who captured her insisted that she was.

It is important to treat this story with the contempt that the facts state, which, as our source [6] writes, is “nothing but a sick and sordid story of abuse”. Indeed, while some have speculated that Zana may have been evidence of an unknown form of human, it is ultimately more likely that she was a modern slave who was not only held captive but was seemingly forced to have four children by her captors.

Two zoologists, Professor Alexander Mashdovtsev and Boris Porshnev would conduct interviews with several people who claimed to have seen Zana with her own eyes.

It would appear that Zana was captured at some point in the late 1800s and was described as being particularly tall at around six and a half feet. What’s more, she was entirely covered in red hair and even had red eyes. Reports of Zana also claimed she was almost unnaturally strong, and while she had definite human facial features, her nose was more akin to an animal, as were the “muzzle-like jaws” which contained strong teeth.

What’s more, according to the reports given to investigators from those that had seen her, she was amazingly fast, even able to “outrun the swiftest horses”.

Perhaps of more interest to those who have researched Zana’s case, and as we mentioned above, she gave birth to four human children who, in turn, would have children of their own. This, then, despite the unnatural abilities and appearance, would suggest she was human.

There were certainly many theories and findings – including that she may have been a link to an unknown type of human thought to have died out thousands of years ago, and even some that she was an Almasty. However, investigations in the 2000s [7] suggesting she was most likely a slave that had been transported to the Caucasus region at some point during the mid-to-late-1800s.

Professor Bryan Sykes would perform DNA tests using the saliva from direct descendants of Zana. He would ultimately conclude (with 100 percent accuracy) that Zana’s ancestry came from Sub-Saharan Africa. And what’s more, she had most likely arrived in the Caucasus region through the Ottoman empire.

While there is, then, little to no chance that Zana was anything other than an unfortunate slave who was not only taken advantage of by her captors but who many claimed she was a “wild woman” in an attempt to justify that incarceration, there are many other claims of such wild creatures of the Caucasus region. Before we examine those, though, the short video below looks at this harrowing case a little further.

The Almasty Legends Of The Caucasus Mountains

It might also be worth our time examining the legends of the Almasty, the Bigfoot-type creature that many believed Zana was (although once more we stress that the scientific evidence very much suggests otherwise). There are, though, other accounts.

One of them can be found in the book The World’s Weirdest Places, in which the previously mentioned Redfern relates an apparent encounter with an Almasty from October 1944. According to the account, a policeman, Erjib Koshokoyev, [8] along with several colleagues, were on horseback carrying out patrol duty in the quiet wooded area of the region.

Things were uneventful, to begin with. Then, without warning, one of the horses suddenly stopped and reared up on its back legs. It had obviously sensed something, making the men look in front of them a little more closely. According to the account, in front of them was a strange creature, stood upright and covered in hair. It was seemingly eating hemp that was growing in a field near to the roadside.

Then, things turned even stranger.

The creature suddenly realized it was being watched and bolted away from the roadside and toward a cabin. Amazingly, it went inside the cabin suggesting it was its home. Koshokoyev ordered his men toward the cabin and they went to surround it. However, before they could put a capture plan into action, the beast-like creature burst from the front door of the cabin and moved at lightning speed toward the approaching police officers.

Such was the shock at the counterattack of the creature that the officers essentially moved out of its way and disappeared into the woodland. Although the officers conducted a brief search of the area the beast was nowhere to be seen.

There are several intriguing details to consider here. Perhaps the first is the cabin the creature entered. Was this simply an unoccupied building that was discovered in the moment by chance by this strange beast? Or does it suggest some level of basic domestication? There were also reports of the creature wearing a caftan (or long shroud-type dress). Once more, is this something the creature might have discovered by chance? Or does it add more layers of mystery and intrigue to the apparent existence of these alleged “wild” creatures of the Caucasus Mountains?

The video below explores further legends of the Almasty.

Link To The Paracas Skulls?

Many mainstream scientists and archaeologists contend the Paracas Skulls are the result of intentional or accidental disfigurement. And more to the point, human. Many people on the fringes reject this notion. Not least because of the multiple differences between them and a standard human skull.

One of the main differences is the parietal plate, of which a human skull would have two. The Paracas Skulls, however, have only one. Brian Foerster, the director of the Paracas History Museum would even offer, “they were a mix or…hybrid of different people”. He would, however, essentially state the species was a “deformed sub-species” of the human race. What makes his statement even less likely, is that DNA tests show that the origins of this apparent “sub-species” is the Caucasus Mountain regions, between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.

Foerster believes that these species migrated from the heart of Europe to Peru around 3,000 years ago. This scenario seems unlikely – at least given the backdrop to history offered by mainstream historians. It also doesn’t at all address the anomalies between the Paracas Skulls and a human one. To say they are the result of a “hybrid of different people” is ambiguous.  It would surely have to be a drastically different race to produce such differences. With this in mind, it seems likely that the Paracas Skulls and the discovery found by Melikov in the Caucasus region, share much of the same history.

And if the Caucasus Mountains were an important “gateway” for the Babylonian Elite to infiltrate Europe by way of “breeding and interbreeding” their bloodlines into positions of power many thousands of year ago, as some researchers suggest, then we have to ask, just who were the Babylonian Elite and where did they come from?


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