The Ark Of The Covenant – Is It Real, And Where Is It?

Marcus Lowth
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March 21, 2017
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September 27, 2021
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The Ark of the Covenant is, without doubt, one of the most sought-after relics in the world. A fact even stranger as there is no absolute solid proof that it even exists. Many people believe it does though, and indeed have done throughout history. And there are a plethora of theories as to where it lies today.

For anyone who has watched “The Raiders of the Lost Ark” movie from the Indiana Jones series, the idea of Nazis searching for ancient relics is not so bizarre, for example. However, the fact is the sentiment of such notions displayed in the film is spot on. The Nazi regime had a real desire to track down as many of these ancient relics – including the Ark of the Covenant. They spent considerable time and money doing so.

Biblical scene of people carrying the Ark of the Covenant

The Ark Of The Covenant?

During the Indiana Jones movie is also the claim that the Ark was a “telephone straight to God!” Some people, again, believe that statement might have been quite close to the truth. The Ark appears to be more than a mere box that holds stone tablets. It seems – at least based on ancient descriptions – to be a technological device and a dangerous one at that.

Those who approached the Ark without permission or the protective robes required would most often die instantly. The biblical story of Aaron, the brother of Moses, and the death of his two sons tells of exactly this. As they approached to make offerings, a flash of lightning shot and entered their nostrils, and “burnt them from the inside!”

Whether the Ark is a divine device or extra-terrestrial technology, it has been a fascination for many people for centuries. Before we look at the infamous ancient relic in more detail, check out the trailer of the aforementioned movie below.

Old Bible Legends, Accounts, and Stories

Legends and descriptions of the Ark feature most prominently (at least in The Bible) in the Book of Exodus. It was during this time – 1500BC – that Moses went to Mount Sinai, where he would ascend and meet the Lord. Upon his return, he carried with him two tablets – the Ten Commandments. He also carried instructions on how to build a “container” where he would house them.

This container was in fact, the Ark of the Covenant. This incident is interesting in its own light. Not least of which why Moses appeared to have aged greatly and had a distinct “glow” to him. Might Moses have in fact met extra-terrestrial beings who gave to him knowledge and technology?

Was the ability to part waters allowing people to cross something connected to the Ark’s power? Although the power required would be immense, it would be possible to “move” water in such a way. If of course, you had a device that could harness and dispense such power.

Another story is that of the “Walls of Jericho”. The Israelites – under instruction from God – were to march around the city of Jericho carrying the Ark for seven days. Upon the blast of the horns, the wall fell to the ground. Might this have been some kind of sonar or sound technology?

What makes the texts from the Exodus even more interesting are the claims of the construction of a second Ark. This Ark, however, would remain under the Tabernacle.

The short video below looks at the Ark from a biblical perspective. They are also a good background to the legends we are about to explore in a little more depth.

The Manna Machine

During their four-decade exodus through the harsh deserts, the Israelites sustained themselves through “Manna” – a foodstuff that fell from the sky upon the Ark’s command. It is arguable that the Ark – at least in part – may have contained a device that was somehow able to produce this “Manna” out of thin air. Perhaps by utilizing moisture and such that is already present in the air. In the book, The Manna Machine, co-authors, George Sassoon and Rodney Dale, theorized that this device sat in the Ark. [1]

The Manna Machine was key to providing sustenance in such a desolate landscape as the Sinai Desert. It was basically a device that the authors claimed used a nuclear power to produce Manna. This is perhaps very similar to the algae experiments of recent years in terms of sustenance supply. Incidentally, the nuclear element would also explain and back up the “instant death” stories.

The machine ran for six consecutive days, before cleaning every seventh day so that it remained in good working order. This, the authors claim, is where the idea of the seventh day being the Sabbath and the day of rest stems. They stated their information came after they had decoded writings in the Kabbalah.

The Ark may have played a part in finding areas of the desert that were key to the Israelites survival. Might verses, telling of the Ark going forth into the wilderness before the Israelites, in fact, be descriptions of technology analyzing the area? It appears that the Ark is a multi-useable device, without which their journey would have been likely impossible.

The video below is a Bible verse that explains more about Manna and what it actually is.

Real Dimensions of The Ark From Biblical Descriptions

The exact measurements and materials for the Ark clearly reside in The Bible. Many people have scrutinized these and made attempts to build a modern version. What has become apparent in all of these projects is that the instructions are genuine – in that the device is very much electrically chargeable. It is essentially an electrical energy capacitor. [2]

Ancient texts speak of the image of God resting between the Cherubs when the device was active. Might this really have been some kind of hologram projector? Might this be the meaning and origin of the belief that the Ark was the “Throne of God Himself?”

Or given that descriptions of God are most often those of fire, smoke or bright lights, it is reasonable to suggest that these images are what would be seen atop the Ark? Particularly if indeed it had been used as an electrically charged device. To those ignorant of its technology, these could easily be seen to be proof of a God.

What would be the purpose of an electrically charged device? Aside from the uses as a weapon [3] we looked at previously when reading more of the ancient texts of Exodus, it appears it could be some kind of communications device.

There are claims of special “breast plates”, worn by high priests who entered the Tabernacle where the Ark resides. As the Ark became active, the pulsing energy would resonate with the stones, causing them to light up in sympathy with each pulse. Is this perhaps proof of coded communication between the priests, and “God” – or extra-terrestrials?

Where Did It Go?

There are many theories as to where the Ark might rest today, such as those of Masanori Takane. He was so convinced that the Ark was in Japan, in Mount Tsurugi, that he conducted a full-scale archeologic dig for it in the 1930s. The area is now a protected national park, so it’s highly unlikely any type of renewed search here would go ahead.

It is not inconceivable that such a journey to Japan happened thousands of years ago by a tribe of Israelites. One thing of interest to note is the Shinto Warriors’ tradition of carrying an “Omikoshi” to Mount Tsurugi’s peak. The Omikoshi carries the spirit of God. Might this be an ancient tradition that has its roots in the same story of the Israelites forty-year Exodus?

Others believe that the Ark was secretly smuggled out from the modern-day West Bank. The group thought to have provided its passage were the infamous and feared Knights Templar. [4] Many theories persist that the Ark’s eventual sanctuary lay in the mountain regions of France. The Nazis incidentally conducted extensive research in this area although they, like all others, were unsuccessful in their mission.

Different theories still suggest that the Ark traveled much further. After going through England it found itself in the small village of Roslin, Scotland. It eventually took up residence in Rosslyn Chapel, where it still remains. It is perhaps worth mentioning that Rosslyn Chapel is a mysterious place in its own right. Many reports of UFO sightings come from here. Rumors even swirl that there is a portal in the church itself.

There are two other destinations, however, that are perhaps more likely, both because of their location and some of the other, circumstantial, yet very intriguing and supporting evidence.

Is The Ark In Aksum, Ethiopia?

One of the more credible theories is that the Ark of the Covenant lays in Aksum, Ethiopia. In that small town sits the Cathedral of St. Mary of Zion. Is it within these walls that the Ark sits, hidden in plain sight, even today?

A story even surfaced in 2011 stating that a leak in the church roof [5]  was threatening to reveal the sacred object to the whole world. Speculation even swirled that the Ark was to relocate from the premises. Of course, this story was pure speculation at best, but the fact they make mainstream media is interesting enough.

Author and experienced researcher, Graham Hancock, spent considerable time in Ethiopia. He claims it was his interest in the Ark of the Covenant that “led him out of mainstream journalism!” Feeling he simply must get to the truth of the mystery that surrounds it.

He also spoke to the several priests who had dedicated the rest of their lives to guarding the building’s contents. Hancock states he believes what the priests told him merely due to the sincerity and conviction in their eyes. The Ark of the Covenant, so the story goes, resides in this small and modestly guarded building. His own research also supported the priest’s claims somewhat. As Hancock states, “there is an ancient Jewish civilization in Ethiopia!”

Hancock sites of how quickly the priests who take on the task of guarding the building’s contents, always die a short time afterward from illness resembling radiation poisoning. One such priest specifically informed Hancock that the Ark of the Covenant was responsible for these illnesses. He even described the ancient relic he had devoted his life to guarding, as “a thing of fire!”

The video below features Hancock speaking in depth about his theories.

Temple Mount

Another theory that many subscribe to is that Ark sits where it has for thousands of years. At Temple Mount, under the Dome of the Rock, on the West Bank. It is equally important to both Muslim and Jewish followers and is the Ark’s last “known” location.

In 2015, during an apparent routine carpet change [6] under the Dome of the Rock, it appeared that a secret code that may describe the location of the Ark of the Covenant lay there. Before anyone had the chance to take detailed pictures or even limited study of the find, they were carpeted over. Whether or not there was anything significant in terms of the Ark’s location is now speculation and theory only.

The short video below looks at the incident.

In 1981, Rabbi Yehuda Meir Getz believed he was all but forty feet away from uncovering the much sought after Ark.

After secretly tunneling under Temple Mount via the Western Wall, Rabbi Getz led an expedition team into the ancient tunnels. Soon, the noise of their work reached the outside world, including angry residents. Tempers flared and with the situation beginning to escalate, police had to separate people opposed to Getz’s work at this deeply sacred site. The entrance to the tunnel sealed shut and officially “off limits” to anybody.

Not only is it said that the Ark still resides here, but there have been many strange UFO sightings in the skies over Temple Mount. One of these – captured on film – shows a strange glowing light descending directly over the globe. If the Ark does reside here, might this have been some kind of communication or other interaction?

The video below shows the UFO sighting.


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