Aliens, The Occult, And The Third Reich

Marcus Lowth
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November 25, 2018
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December 6, 2021
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The Nazis, the Third Reich, and some of the high-ranking individuals involved with it have been subject to a plethora of conspiracy theories since the end of the Second World War. And, it is easy to see why. The military strength of the Third Reich would catch the entire planet off-guard when they launched their offenses against Poland, swiftly followed by their capturing of entire countries of Europe with apparent ease. In fact, given the astonishing precision of their military, combined with the fact that many scientists working in Nazi Germany were collectively and literally years ahead of any others, as well as the regime’s genuine interest in seeking esoteric knowledge, wisdom, and relics, and further rumors of crashed and recovered UFOs, many researchers have asked the question. As bizarre as it sounds, may they have received “help” from non-human intelligence, whatever that intelligence might be.

A picture of Hitler blended into a depiction of an alien in a Nazi uniform

Did the Nazis make contact with aliens?

Furthermore, what should we make of the regime’s equally genuine interest in the Occult and dark arts of what most of us would recognize as witchcraft or sorcery? Or what of the equally bizarre claims, but made in all seriousness by some, that Hitler himself was possessed by a “dark force”. A force that some of those close to him claimed would haunt and torment the leader of perhaps the most brutal regime of the twentieth century? Indeed, the Second World War, as well as the events that followed and led to it, are themselves surrounded in conspiracy and hidden agendas. And as bizarre as some of these claims of Nazi powers might be, if they are proven true, if only in part, it would suggest not only a different version of events during the war, but also to our collective history that followed and continues today.

The Black Forest Incident, 1936

Although there is no absolute and definitive proof of the incident, in the 1990s, in part through the release of documents from behind the Iron Curtain and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, reports began to surface of a crashed UFO in the Black Forest near Frieberg [1] at some point in 1936. According to the claims, the SS were quick to recover the downed vehicle. It was discreetly transferred to the main Nazi headquarters at Wewelsburg Castle, the famous triangular, three-towered building built in the early 1600s, and privy to what was undoubtedly some of the most brutal military planning in history.

Once there, numerous German scientists and engineers would examine and begin to reverse engineer the craft. They would also extract certain aspects of the technology that they perceived to be able to use to their advantage during the upcoming war. Which Hitler and the regime were already planning and building up their military in anticipation of.

Might incidents such as this, if we assume them to be true for a moment, have contributed to the far advancement of German scientists? Both in the run-up to, and, increasingly, during the Second World War, seemingly right up until the fall of Berlin? We will look at this more, shortly. As well as what potential achievements scientists working with this recovered otherworldly technology might have managed. However, a claim from 2013 is worth looking at here.

An unnamed author would claim in an online article that he had recovered a pair of field glasses used by one of the SS officers on the night the UFO crashed. By “channeling” through this item he would declare as well as the craft, there was a survivor. What’s more, these occupants weren’t alien, but humans from the future.

Nazi Scientists Far More Advanced Than We Might Think!

In his book The Occult Connection: Unidentified Flying Objects, Ken Hudnall would highlight several instances that would suggest the recovering of alien technologies by the Third Reich. As well as the apparent successful reverse-engineering of such technologies, if only in part.

Hudnall states that following the releasing of classified documents, as well as through the numerous witness statements that have since come to light, it is now known that behind closed doors throughout the Second World War “Nazi researchers succeeded in the development of nuclear bombs, digital computers, the use of liquid air, super metals and a host of other advanced projects”. Many of those involved in these projects were callously rounded up and executed by high-ranking Nazis when it became obvious the war was lost. At the same time, the vast majority of research notes were destroyed. Only a small portion of these records still survive.

As we will examine in more detail shortly, the Nazi regime would send its researchers and scholars to all parts of the world in search of ancient relics, texts, and esoteric knowledge. One of these apparent expeditions to Tibet, at least according to one of the aforementioned surviving Nazi records, would result in the discovery of “one or more” crashed alien crafts. As well as “at least one alien crew”. Some rumors, although there are no reports to back up such claims, suggest that an alien outpost was discovered somewhere deep in the Himalayas.

As bizarre as these records and subsequent suggestions are, might the Nazis have come to some arrangements with a “non-human” race and come into possession of highly advanced technology? Or might they have discovered knowledge in the ancient Sanskrit texts that speak of Vimanas – literal flying machines of the ancient world? More on this later.

An Absolute Fury Of Advancement

Wherever any help might have come from, or whether their advancement was simply one of more funding, or even a fear to fail, technology and how it found its way into the German military and the many vehicles and weapons it produced, even during the war years alone, was an astronomical achievement. For example, according to Hudnall, the German military were in possession of 57 submarines at the end of the 1930s. However, during the years of the Second World War, they would suddenly build 1,163 submarines. And furthermore, these new submarines were the most advanced and technologically sound as the world had ever seen.

There are also several interesting notes in the war files of both the British and United States. And what’s more, many of them are surprisingly similar. They mention seeing “flying apparatuses resembling British military helmets” while on bombing missions over German airspace. Many of these reports speak of pilots opening fire on these strange objects but they would cause no damage whatsoever. Major R. Holmes of the British Air Force would file a report on 14th October 1943 of seeing several “big bright discs” during a mission over Schweinfurt. Like other pilots, they would fire upon these discs. Their rounds, however, would have no effect.

Might scientists and engineers working under the Third Reich have really managed to reverse-engineer, or even build from ancient texts, a flying craft unlike any other. One we would call today a UFO?

Blueprints of the Nazi disc

Blueprints of the Nazi disc

The Haunebu Disc

We will look at where the inspiration and drive from within the Third Reich to carry out such programs eminates in a moment, but there were several apparent projects and disc-shaped crafts [2] produced by German engineers under the Nazis. Perhaps the best known of these is the Haunebu Disc. [3] According to records, under the guidance of the Vril Society, scientists and engineers in Nazi-controlled Germany would begin development of this saucer-shaped craft in 1935. They would look to use electromagnetic fields as well as “free energy” as a form of propulsion. It would also put to work the vast amounts of research that had gone into anti-gravity technologies.

Testing of the Haunebu Disc, which was around 25 feet across and would seat eight pilots, would take place in the town of Hauneburg. According to some researchers, the disc would reach speeds of up to 3,000 miles per hour. However, it could only operate at very low altitudes. Test flights would continue, however, and by the early-1940s, it is suggested that such breakneck speeds of over 10,000 miles per hour were achieved.

Was the disc-shape arrived at merely through study of physics and German engineers’ own findings? Or did the influence of such a craft come from elsewhere. It is perhaps worth looking at the group overseeing the projects, the Vril Society.

The Huge Influence Of The Vrill Society

The Vril Society, a secret society that developed out of the very similar esoteric Thule Society, was established after medium and founding Vril member, Maria Orsic claimed to have received telepathic messages from extraterrestrials who once resided on Earth, in what we would now call Sumer. [4] According to researchers, “Vri-ll” is an ancient Sumerian word which translates as “God-like”.

Despite their connections to the Third Reich, many researchers state that the core members of Vril society were far from the aggressors that their Nazi members were. And, as we shall see in a moment, their apparent activities in the final days of the war, at least for the Third Reich, would suggest an independent agenda. One revolving around exploration and ancient wisdom as opposed to outright aggression and conquest of entire nations. And, in turn, the world.

According to some theories, when it was obvious that the war was lost, and with Soviet and Allied troops marching down on Berlin from both sides, Orsic would send out a predetermined code of sorts to Vril members who understood it. They were to meet at a certain destination where they would be picked up by visitors from another world. Interestingly, Orsic and many other Vril members simply disappeared off the face of the planet following the war, possibly quite literally. Another high-ranking Nazi, Martin Borman, who was also a high-ranking Vril member and vanished shortly after the fall of Berlin.

Interestingly, Orsic would also claim to have received telepathic messages on how to construct a space-faring craft. This was something the secret society would have the SS develop with the engineering might of the Nazi regime.

The “Breakaway Society” Theories!

The presence of the Vril society and the influence they had within the Third Reich, also highlights the amount of apparent double-crossing taking place during the war years. Hitler, who was a member of “The Order of the Black Sun” believed that he had successfully infiltrated the highest levels of the Vril society. It would seem, however, given how they disappeared without a trace, that they may have been one cosmic step ahead of them.

The Black Sun group, though, according to some researchers, mediums, and whistleblowers, would make contact with another extraterrestrial race through the Vril’s methods. One that was much more in line with their ambitions. This race is said to originate from Draco in the Orion constellation. Furthermore, they are “reptilian humanoid” in nature and would appear to be the same reptilian aliens that, most prominently, researcher David Icke has spoken about since the late-1990s. A secret race who he claims hold positions of power in the world today. What’s more, the ultimate goal of this race of aliens, who themselves controlled by an artificial intelligence, is to control all biological life wherever it is found in the Universe.

Perhaps it is the murky conspiracies such as these that lead to the claims of a Nazi base on the Moon. There are several claims that circulate regularly. Perhaps one of the most intriguing is that made by Bulgarian researcher, Vladimir Terziski. He claims that Nazi scientists managed to land Germans on the Moon in 1942. [5] They would then proceed to tunnel under the surface and establish a permanent base on Luna. Furthermore, the launch-point for these missions was an undisclosed location in Antarctica. Further still, the rash of UFO sightings in the early-1940s was, according to Terziski, were actually Nazi test-flight to and from Earth.

The Involvement Of Karl Ernest Krafft

At this point it might be worth our time examining the role that astrologer Karl Ernest Krafft plays in the connections between the Occult and the Third Reich, specifically Hitler himself. It is known that Hitler, much like Stalin, incidentally, often used prophets and even apparent mind readers before making political decisions or those connected to the course of the war.

Incidentally, we might note that the use of such individuals was illegal in Hitler’s Germany. So, given the fact that Hitler himself (as well as other high-ranking Nazi officials) used them, we might suspect that the reasons for making them illegal was not that they saw such beliefs as nonsense, but rather that such powers should remain in their corner only. In fact, it was a prediction that Krafft made about Hitler himself that first brought him into contact with him.

Ernest Krafft

Ernest Krafft

Krafft had stated that Hitler’s life would be in danger, even fixing the dates between 7th and 10th of November 1939. By the 2nd November, with the window of time coming ever closer, Krafft took it upon himself to write to Dr. Heinrich Fesel of what he had foreseen. However, given the official attitude of the Occult by the Nazi party, Fesel simply put the letter to one side and didn’t act on it.

On the 8th November, an apparent assassination attempt was made on Hitler’s life when bomb went off at the beer hall in Munich less than 30 minutes after Hitler had left the building. At this point, rather than believe that Krafft had indeed foreseen the assassination attempt, Hesel believed that he himself had been involved in the plot to kill the Fuhrer, and immediately notified Rudolph Hess of the letter.

An arrest warrant for Krafft was issued and the Gestapo apprehended him a short time later. Fortunately for Krafft, he was found to have had no connection of being involved in the apparent plot to kill Hitler, and he was released. He had, though, now come to the attention of Josef Goebbels.

The Potential For Propaganda

It is interesting to note about Goebbels that not only was he the head of the Ministry of Propaganda, but he had an intense interest in the apparent predictions of Nostradamus. When he heard of the apparent abilities of Krafft, he immediately issued orders that he was to be put to work examining and decoding Nostradamus’ predictions. Particularly those that could be used for propaganda purposes as predicting the rise of the Hitler and the Third Reich.

It wasn’t long before Krafft was requested to conduct a horoscope reading for none other than Hitler himself. He did so and advised that the Nazis planned attack on the Soviet Union be postponed until the following year. Perhaps remarkably, Hitler listened to the advice, and did indeed postpone the attack until June 1941. When it was launched, the Nazi war machine cut through Soviet resistance relatively easily. This, in the minds of Goebbels and Hitler, was proof that Krafft had genuine ability and could be used to their own ends.

Krafft would make further predictions shortly after – which, in retrospect, would prove to be accurate. He would state, for example, that in order for Germany to win the war, they would have be victorious by 1943. Any later would result in ultimate defeat.

Unlike his previous predictions, Hitler was said to be enraged by Krafft’s assertions and promptly had him arrested and imprisoned. Not stopping there, he then ordered that all known occultists and astrologers to be arrested and imprisoned also.

It is worth pointing out that during 1943, the war very much appeared to be in Germany’s favor. However, as 1944 unfolded, things started to turn against the regime and very in favor of the Allies.

The Missed “Opportunity” Of Krafft For The Third Reich

Despite his imprisonment, Krafft was released the following year in 1942 and immediately ordered to study the horoscopes of Allied leaders in order that the Third Reich gain an edge on them on the battlefield. Once more many of his predictions would prove to be extremely accurate and were undoubtedly used for temporary advantages for the Third Reich.

However, he would run in trouble yet again with high-ranking Nazis when made predictions of a bomb destroying the Propaganda Ministry (in Berlin) in the immediate future. Although he would ultimately be proven to have been highly accurate in this final prediction for the Third Reich, he was charged with treason for his efforts and once incarcerated. It was during this last spell in prison that Krafft would lose his life, eventually succumbing to typhus in 1945.

One of Krafft's astrological charts

One of Krafft’s astrological charts

What is particularly interesting about the way in which Krafft was used by Hitler and other high-ranking Nazis is the fact that his accuracy was seemingly second-to-none at the time (at least those who were known and didn’t hide their abilities). That they should discard him as soon as he made predictions that didn’t sit well with them is perhaps a testament to their own mental states as to Krafft’s ability to accurately predict upcoming events. Indeed, had they heeded all of his predictions – and we only know some of them, there could have been many more – perhaps the Third Reich would have been victorious in the Second World War and have gone on to rule for “a thousand years” as Hitler claimed they would.

We might also note that this belief – if only potentially – in the Occult and people who could predict the future was seemingly shared by several Allied leaders. Particularly so when they heard of Krafft’s apparent accuracy. How much this might have helped the Allies is open to debate. It is intriguing, though, that running through the middle of such serious, world-changing events, is the use of ancient abilities that, officially, are dismissed unreservedly.

Further Connections And Belief In The Occult

As we know, many high-ranking members of the Nazi party were also members of the Vril Society. And those that weren’t had passionate and genuine interests in similar things. Particularly, the Occult. Indeed, it is an interesting notion in itself that at the heart of one of the most accomplished and brutal regimes in history, is a core of people with a genuine belief in such “black arts” and, more importantly, a desire to use them for their own ends. We might ask, which attracted which? Did these members of such a bloodthirsty yet focused organization share a belief in such energies because of their desire for bloodthirst? Or was their belief in such arts ultimately venerated by their sudden rise to political and military power?

As a result of this genuine interest, many mediums and psychics would often be brought in to Nazi headquarters for assistance and otherworldly insight into a whole manner of details. In fact, so passionate was the Nazi’s interest in these things and the people that could provide them, British secret intelligence services would begin to do likewise in an apparent effort to combat the Nazis in the psychic realms as well as on the battlefield. This is an interesting detail and one that would replicate itself decades later when the American intelligence services began experimenting with remote viewing upon receiving intelligence that their Soviet counterparts had been doing likewise.

What is clear, interest in the Occult, while likely more widespread in general throughout “upper class” European societies at the time, was particularly prevalent in the Nazi party and the Third Reich. In fact, how far such interests went is very much open to debate. Especially when you consider the claims of Hermann Rauschning.

Possession By “The New Man” Living Among Us?

According to Hermann Rauschning, who we should note many mainstream historians dismiss as a reliable source, Hitler was likely “possessed” by a dark force unknown, perhaps even the Devil himself. And what’s more, he would suggest that Hitler himself was in constant fear of this otherworldly energy. In his book ‘Hitler Speaks’ he would liken Hitler to a “medium” who would suddenly take on “supernatural powers” temporarily before falling “back into mediocrity” once more. Hitler would do this when giving his speeches and was “possessed by forces outside of himself – demonical forces”. Furthermore, Hitler was merely the “vehicle” for these forces to carry out their will.

Perhaps most unnerving, however, are the claims of Hitler’s recurring night terrors, from which he would wake screaming and in a blind panic. On one particular night, according to Rauschning, he would state to his aide he had come into the room, “What will the social order of the future be like? Comrade, I will tell you. There will be a class of overlords. After that, the rank and file of the party members in hierarchical order. And then the great mass of anonymous followers.” He would then continue, “And over and above all these will reign a new and exalted nobility of whom I cannot speak. But of all these plans the militant members will know nothing. The ‘new man’ is living among us now. He is here. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him”.

There are many theories and interpretations of what Hitler might have meant here. Was it a moments “clarity” on the state of humanity? Or was his meaning more direct and literal? Was he speaking of some force that would rule him from the shadows by “possession”?

“Follow Hitler! He Will Dance, But It Is I Who Have Called The Tune!”

As bizarre as Rauschning’s comments sound, though, he is certainly not on his own in making such claims. For example, Alan Bullock, in his book ‘Hitler, a Study in Tyranny’ would state that Hitler had a “power to bewitch an audience” similar to the effect that the “occult arts of the African Medicine-man or the Asiatic Shaman”. He would also state how some would refer to him more as a “medium” or a “hypnotist”.

Another writer, and one of Hitler’s childhood friends, August Kubizek, would recall in his book ‘The Young Hitler I Knew – The Memoirs Of Hitler’s Childhood Friend” a conversation with the (then) 17-year-old Hitler. He would suddenly begin speaking of restoring Germany to its former great position and place of glory. Kubizek would remember “it was if another being spoke out of his body”. He would add that this apparent entity seemingly “moved him as much as it moved me”.

Theosophist Alice Bailey would claim during the Second World War that Hitler was in the possession of “dark forces”. Followers of her work have since claimed that Hitler, along with several other prominent leaders, were possessed by such dark forces as part of a coordinated attack by evil energies against the Earth.

Perhaps most notable, and chilling if there is any truth to it, are the apparent comments in a letter of Dietrich Eckhart, Hitler’s mentor as a young man in the 1920s, to a like-minded friend in 1923. According to author and researcher, James Herbert Brennan in ‘Occult Reich’, Eckhart would write, “Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. We have given him the means of communication with Them. Do not mourn for me. I shall have influenced history more than any other German”.

Who, were Them?


As well as their apparent interest in entities and energies from other worlds and dimensions, many of the same high-ranking members of the Third Reich would share an equal desire to track down lost relics of the ancient past. Even such relics that mainstream history would suggest don’t even exist, such as the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail.

Just one of these was Heinrich Himmler. He would be the driving force behind an education institute for the study of German ancestral heritage, or Ahnenerbe. [6] However, many researchers believe the real reasons for its existence was to allow Himmler, on behalf of the Third Reich and Vril Society, to look into evidence of a “superior” alien race. As well evidence of such legendary worlds as Atlantis and even entrances to the inner Earth. In fact, Himmler’s firm belief was that Atlantis did exist. And survivors of the disaster had not gone to Egypt (as many researchers theorize) but had “gone north to Germany”. He would further state that “true Germans were of Atlantean heritage”. While most, even those open to suggestions of Atlantis, reject his claims, it certainly galvanized many Germans to back the program. Which was, most likely, the ultimate aim.

However, Himmler would lead archeological expeditions all over the world. And always in places of antiquarian historical significance. These would include to such places as Scotland, France, and various places in the Caucasus Mountains, but also as far as north Africa, India, Tibet and other destinations in the Far East. We should also note, that Himmler is widely considered to be directly responsible for the implementation of strategies at the many concentration camps that still haunt much of Europe today. An example of how knowledge and interpretation can be twisted so horrifically.

What Were The Nazis Looking For In Ancient Sanskrit Texts?

A large part of the reason the Nazis underwent such archeological missions in India and the Far East was to learn and recover ancient Sanskrit texts. [7] Their interest in these texts is, once again, both interesting itself while also extremely dark and disturbing at the same time. According to them, these texts would tell of a “superior” race of extraterrestrials, who in ancient times, conquered the country and then installed “a caste system” over which they would rule. While many, especially more mainstream scholars, reject Himmler’s perception or interpretation of the texts, several prominent researchers believe they do appear to tell a factual account of some kind of battle between alien or advanced civilizations in the Indus region in ancient times. And, as we mentioned above, what appear to be genuine nuts-and-bolts aerial crafts known as Vimanas. Might these ancient crafts have provided a blueprint for future Nazi projects?

What is also perhaps interesting here is Swastika (the Nazis actually called their symbol “Hakenkreutz”), although slightly different in design to the one used by the Nazis, originates from same cultures from the region as the texts they sought.

We should perhaps remember that as the Nazi war machine ran roughshod through Europe, annihilating all in its path, thousands upon thousands of paintings, sculptures, and numerous religious relics were looted and systematically sent back to Germany for “relocation”. Although much of these priceless pieces of art and relics were recovered in the immediate aftermath of the war, and some on occasion over the decades since, much of it is still missing and unaccounted for. With that in mind, then, it is perfectly reasonable to suspect there is at least the possibility that some ancient relics of consequence may sit among these looted treasures.

Typical display of the Third Reich

Typical display of the Third Reich

Nazi Missions For Noah’s Ark?

There is also perhaps reason to contemplate that the Third Reich actively searched and possibly located the remains of Noah’s Ark. According to researcher and author, Nick Redfern, who writes in the book Keep Out: Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You To Know About, the Nazi regime, according to rumor, had managed to locate the “legendary Ark of Noah”.

Redfern would elaborate that, according to MI6 files from 1948, in the late stages of the Second World War, they were receiving rumor-based intelligence that “German military personnel were then engaged in flying a spy balloon over Mount Ararat”. What’s more, these balloons were based upon Japanese designs, which were cutting edge for their time.

Legend states, as we know, that the Ark did indeed come to rest on Mount Ararat, and given the Nazis’ interest in a wide ranch of items from antiquity (including apparent “Biblical” items) it should come as no surprise that they should search for the legendary vehicle. Furthermore, according to the intelligence files, they not only planned to locate it but also recover it.

Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat

We should also note that Redfern describes the released intelligence files as “frustratingly incomplete – maybe too conveniently and suspiciously incomplete”. What’s more, they don’t make any mention of the success or failure of such a speculative mission. Is this a tell-tale sign that the information was left out on purpose and does this suggest that there is more credibility in the rumors than many people might think?

That they mention such things at all, though, is perhaps interesting enough. And, if we take the possibility of disinformation out for a moment, perhaps also tells us all we need to know about the seriousness of the Third Reich to pursue such interests. And, perhaps, of the awareness of the Allied nation of this.

Similar Discoveries By The United States Military?

What is perhaps interesting, and again something documented by Redfern in his book The Pyramids and the Pentagon: The Government’s Secret Pursuit of Mystical Relics, Ancient Astronauts, and Lost Civilizations, he reveals missions on the United States military’s part in the years following the war in the same area and for the same reason. To potentially locate the remains of Noah’s Ark.

He would document how the United States Air Force set off from a base in Europe in June 1949 to photograph what was being reported as a build-up of Soviet troops unsettlingly close to American military bases. However, their flight plan took it right over the region of Mount Ararat that the Nazis were potentially surveying several years earlier. Whether this is intentional or not is perhaps open to debate. Regardless, what they apparently saw was “life-changing”.

As they looked down on the ancient mountain, they could clearly see an “intelligently designed craft of some sort”. The crew at first thought the object was the wing of an airplane. However, its sheer size made that seem impossible. They would fly back around the location several times and take several pictures of the strange anomaly which, ultimately, as we know now, was of similar size and dimensions to what we would expect the Ark to be.

the apparent remains of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat

Does this show the remains of Noah’s Ark?

Redfern also writes of the incident in the book Strange Secrets: Real Government Files On The Unknown, in which he states that some sources state the Ark was not only located by the United States but that whatever remains were found were “spirited away to classified military and governmental installations and institutions in the USA”.

He would even reveal that some rumors spoke of “intimidation by Men In Black-type characters”, who would issue warnings to anyone who knew of the discovery of speaking of it. It is certainly an intriguing prospect. And one that, if such a discovery was made, would perhaps not be too much of a stretch of the imagination.

An Example Of The Third Reich’s Obsession With The Occult?

The following findings and developments of the American mission are a little outside of our scope for this article. Needless to say, though, it would appear at the very least that an anomaly matching the legendary Ark was photographed.

Whether its discovery was a complete coincidence or whether there was a passing of information from the United Kingdom and the previously mentioned intelligence file of 1948 is perhaps open to debate. The point, though, is the very fact that something was seemingly identified in the same area that the British intelligence agencies claimed the Nazis were potentially conducting their own missions perhaps lends credibility to the idea.

What the Nazi regime believed would be of benefit to them in light of the way the war had turned against them is a little less easy to understand. After all, with American and British troops approaching from one direction and the Soviets from the other, all of their military resources were about to be stretched to eventual breaking point.

We should note that, according to most research, many high-ranking members of the Third Reich didn’t just have an interest in the Occult and ancient relics and a possible connection between the two – they were obsessed with it. Perhaps so much, we might speculate, that even in the final months of the war when it was all but clear the fight would be lost, they put time and resources into such seemingly outlandish missions.

Might they have believed coming into possession of such an ancient relic such as Noah’s Ark would have assisted somehow in the war effort? Or might they – or at least those at the top – have become so drunk on the obsession with such things that they pursued them regardless of what was taking place around them? If nothing else, it is yet another layer of intrigue and mystery that surrounds this dark regime. And perhaps demonstrates just how real and genuine their discreet missions to get their hands on such relics.

Check out the short video below. Although it doesn’t examine the claimed photograph of the American military, it does examine the very same site where many people believe the Ark is located.

The More Discreet Hunt For Ancient Relics In The Mountains Of Europe

While the Nazis very much sent units on archeological missions to such faraway places as Egypt, Tunisia, India, and Tibet, with their depiction in the ‘Indiana Jones’ movies being basically accurate, they also spent considerable time carrying out more discreet missions in the woodlands and mountains ranges of Europe.

A recent discovery in the Caucasus Mountains of a bizarre skulls with distinct horn shapes would raise an eyebrow or two when a briefcase from the World War Two era came to light, discovered in the same vicinity, several years later. What’s more, the briefcase carried symbols suggesting its owner was there on behalf of the Ahnenerbe organization. When analysis results came back from the strange skulls they were of a species “unknown to science”. This, combined with Nazi Ahnenerbe briefcase and our knowledge of what those at the top of the organization were really looking to achieve, suggests to some that the Nazis may have indeed made contact with a non-human race. And one of the “inner Earth” to boot.

Incidentally, the discoverer of the skulls, Russian ethnographer, Vladimir Melikov certainly believes the skulls belong to “an alien species that visited Earth in the past”.

Perhaps even more interesting are the apparent secret Nazi missions, often led by Himmler himself, in the Beskidy Mountains in Poland. What makes the rumors even more interesting is that once captured, the area was put under direct SS command as opposed to the military. There were several uranium oxide mines in the area that many local peasants would work in under force. There were also, if the claims of Himmler’s quiet beliefs were true, an entrance to the inner Earth. What is further interesting are local legends, dating back centuries, refer to the region as “Agharta” or “The Underworld”.

The Nazi Bell

Perhaps one of the intriguing elements of the uranium oxide mines in Poland’s Beskidy Mountains and the direct SS presence around them may be connected to the apparent “secret weapon” of the Nazis, Die Glocke, or The Nazi Bell. This apparent otherworldly device constructed by some of the finest scientific minds under the Third Reich would first come to light in the 2000 book ‘The Truth About the Wonder Weapon’ by Polish author and research, Igor Witkowski.

Witkowski would claim to have made the discovery in the leaked files, given to him by a contact in the Polish intelligence services, of Nazi SS officer, Jakoc Sporrenberg. While Witkowski had permission to read and translate the documents, he could not reproduce them. For obvious reasons of respecting the wishes of his source lest he may help him again in the future, he would agree.

The drive of the Nazi Bell was anti-gravity technology and propulsion. According to Witkowski’s translations, the device would work by the counter-rotation of two cylinders. As this was taking place, an extremely volatile, heavy metal substance, Xerum-525, would enter the cylinders. Inside the interior surface of the bell was a “mirror-like” material. According to the leaked files, when the device was active, this mirror-interior would fill with “visions of the past or future”. Furthermore, while most experiments were carried out in “controlled” conditions, the Bell, set to certain levels had the ability to “bend time and space”. This, essentially means, if we can believe Witkowski’s translations, means the Nazis had a time-machine, although one, that while it could show visions of the past or the future, could only actually move, in terms of time, one way, forward.

“The Henge” – Testing Place Of The Nazi Bell?

The experiments and testing of the Nazi Bell, according to Witkowski, would take place at a site nicknamed “The Henge” where there are the remains of one-time Nazi military facility near to the Wenceslaus Mine along the Czech and Poland border. The object itself would stand around 15 feet high and around nine feet across. And was chained to the henge site. This would stop it from taking off and heading out into who knows where. It was very much a bell shape, hence the name. And had strange Egyptian-like writing along its base.

One thing appears certain, at least according to the leaked files. The Bell was a deadly device for anyone too close during testing. Which was the fate of several scientists. The “effect zone” was over 600 feet. Rather ominously, anyone or anything within this effect zone would be “greatly affected”. According to the brutal, cold details of the report, blood would gel and separate. Meanwhile, any animal tissue would be subject to the immediate formation of crystals. At the same time, plant-based life would instantly decompose into a “grease-like” substance.

Perhaps what is interesting about the Nazi Bell is another mysterious device of modern legend, The Chronovisor, a device housed in the Vatican that allows those who use it to see into the past. The person behind the device was Father Ernetti, a one-time physicist from Italy who, according to the claims, began work on the device in the early-1950s. One of the scientists from the international community was none other than Wernher Von Braun. While there is no evidence to link Von Braun with the Nazi Bell device, it is interesting that another similar device should appear less than a decade later, utilizing similar technology, under the advice of a former Nazi scientist.

A picture of the Nazi Bell blended into an image of The Henge

A picture of the Nazi Bell blended into an image of The Henge

Connections To The Kecksburg UFO Crash?

Although we won’t examine the actual event in detail here, an apparent UFO crash at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in December 1965, almost twenty years after the disappearance of the Nazi Bell, and the main overseer of the project, Hans Kammler. Given the suggestion that the device had the ability to physically travel forward into the future, is it possible, however unlikely, that at the very end of the war, Kammler took himself and possibly several other close allies, and traveled forward in time, to the future, and to the relative safety of the United States?

The shape of the object in Kecksburg was distinctly like a bell. And furthermore, there were several reports of the Egyptian-style writing along the base of the object, much like the symbols on the base of Nazi Bell. As bizarre as that claim is, let’s say for a moment it was true. The technology, essentially a time-machine, albeit that can only travel forward but can view the past, is now in the hands of a shadow department of the United States intelligence department. At least, in speculative theory.

For his part, Witkowski believes the device would somehow make it out of Europe. And now resides somewhere in a “friendly” South American country. He also claims Kammler also escaped war-ravaged Europe with his prized project. We will come back to quite strong and valid connections of escaped Nazis finding refuge in South America.

Antarctica, Base 211, And The Entities Of The Inner Earth

If the Third Reich did progress into the inner Earth, a likely spot would be Antarctica. This mysterious, icy world remains off-limits to the vast majority of the world’s population. It would appear this only adds fuels to the plethora of conspiracies that surround it. Not least, those of secret Nazi bases and highly advanced flying machines. Not to mention a species that resides here, inside the Earth itself.

Was there a conspiracy regarding secret Nazi bases near or on Antarctica? If so, it would appear that planning for such a base was in motion before the start of the war. In 1938, for example, the Schwabenlard vessel would claim New Swabia as their territory. This was to “secure Germany’s whaling industry”. However, according to conspiracy theorists, including former Nazi sympathizer, Ernst Zundel, the real reason was to establish a base there. And to make contact with non-human entities that had lived there, secretly, for thousands of years. Furthermore, this facility – Base 211 – would serve as a sanctuary for many high-ranking Nazis after the war, including, for a time, Hitler himself.

The idea sounds crazy to most. The idea of an inner Earth and a race of people who might reside there, however, isn’t new. Or exclusive to the Third Reich. Indeed, many great minds and thinkers stretching back to the enlightenment period would ponder such a notion. Furthermore, numerous legends, particularly those from the Far East and Indus regions interestingly enough, speak of such the ancient kingdom of Shambhala located deep within the earth. Or perhaps many of the Buddhist legends that would speak of “super men and women”. Who would venture up from the Earth through tunnels and out through the caves.

Operation High-Jump And The Claims Of Admiral Richard Byrd

Although there is a downplaying of events now, the claims of Admiral Richard Byrd in March 1947 are worth examining. The mission would take place as “Operation High-Jump”. And was a multi-national effort, led by the United States, to establish a permanent base at the South Pole. Highly respected and decorated Air Force pilot, Byrd, would fly a reconnaissance flight over the sheets of ice. This occurred on the afternoon of 19th February 1947. However, instead of the thick sheets of ice there was instead “lush, green vegetation”. Furthermore, the area was alive with cattle and other animals running free.

His claims, which he would make in front of the world’s media no less, were shocking. There was, he would say, a “huge opening” in which he found himself “inside the Earth”. Even stranger, though, as he continued into this strange cavern, something took control of his aircraft. Suddenly, several strange saucer-shaped “flying crafts” were around his plane. Each donned a Nazi-style swastika. Without the use of his controls, Byrd would allow his plane to stop inside the Earth. When he looked around his surroundings, he could see running water, green vegetation, and even a sun.

Several weeks later, he would speak at several press conferences to reporters from around the world. His statements would appear in several newspapers. But it was one that ran in the ‘El Mercurio” newspaper in Chile that would perhaps cause the most concern. At least, it would seem for the United States military. He would state that “in case of a new war, the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects. Which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speed”.

Operation Paperclip

German technology would figure into the end of the Second World War. The remaining German scientists and engineers were unofficially divvied up by the Soviet Union and the United States. The American side of this would go under the name “Operation Paperclip”. Those who would make the trip to the United States were officially Nazis through “forced membership”. And didn’t hold any such abhorrent views. Many, however, believe this to be a stretch of the truth at best. Much like many of the Japanese scientists who operated out of Unit 731 would have their war crimes “overlooked”, and in some cases all but wiped from the historical record, many would suspect the same of at least some of the Nazi Paperclip scientists.

It is easy to see why this happened. They did indeed have a common enemy in the Nazis. And even then, only because the Nazis had attacked the Soviet Union. Who had until then been supplying them with much-needed materials. Each knew, though, that their countries operated at vastly different ends of the political system. Neither could afford for the other to gain a significant advantage in terms of technological advancement.

For his part, Von Braun would state his reasons for dealing with the United States. In light of the V-2 rocket, he and his fellow scientist “knew we have created a new means of warfare. And the question as to what nation, to what victorious nation we were willing to entrust this brainchild of ours was a moral decision more than anything else”.

You can check out the short video below. It goes over the basics of Operation Paperclip in a little more detail.

The South America Connections

The conspiracies surrounding Antarctic and the Nazi presence around the South Pole are interesting enough. They take on another layer of significance, however, when we look at the extensive evidence of Nazi “settlements”. Particularly in such South American countries as Brazil, Chile, and perhaps most notably, Argentina. Even more so when we look at the plethora of UFO sightings in these countries since the early 1950s.

Are these sightings actually a continuation of alien-Nazi technology? Do they, in turn, share a connection to the aforementioned Operation Paperclip? Does this mean that for all intents and purposes, many of the Nazi scientists and engineers basically continued their research? From other locations around the world? Some of them directly for the governments of the west? While others, as “fugitives” that somehow escaped the claws of the supposedly finest intelligent services in the world.

We have examined before the claims that Hitler did, in fact, escape Berlin as opposed to taking his own life. If that was the case, then surely the “Fourth Reich” would have not been long in getting underway. Particularly if such pre-prepared bases as the alleged Base 211 were ready and at their disposal. It would also appear that by the time of his alleged “real” death in 1962, he was very much alone. All but abandoned by anyone with a connection to the Third Reich.

Still Many Unanswered If Controversial Questions!

Going back to the claims of possession, perhaps it is worth examining the memoires of Dr. Otto Lehmann. Lehmann claims to have treated Hitler in his final days, which he would spend in a lonely room in Argentina. According to his memoirs, he would often hear the one-time leader of the Third Reich. Crying and howling in anguish and mental torment. He would not ever dare to enter the room during these episodes. On one occasion, though, he had reason to shortly after.

He would claim to see pictures of the horrors of the concentration camps. And general death and destruction across much of Europe following the war. Was it possible that the Hitler, if we accept Lehmann’s claims, that lay withering away, eventually dying of a stroke at the age of 72-years-old, was now no longer under the control of “dark forces”? Are claims of possession more accurate than most of us would accept?

It is a higher controversial theory, no doubt. But what of the other high-ranking Nazis – those not already guaranteed safety under Operation Paperclip? Did they manage to assert their influence anywhere? Perhaps profiting from the shadows from technology, knowledge, and whatever other secrets that competing intelligence agencies coveted greatly. It is no doubt that much of the work started by scientists under the Nazis would continue in America. And help shape our modern world. How much and how far-reaching, and if there was still an ultimate agenda in place is perhaps open to debate.

A picture of a Nazi rally

A picture of a Nazi rally

Many Far-Reaching Influences In The Twentieth Century?

It is pure speculation, no doubt. But let’s return to the seemingly bizarre claims of the Nazis managing a successful landing on the Moon. In the early 1940s, no less. Perhaps we should look at the person largely seen as the “man who put America on the Moon”. Werner Von Braun, the former Nazi engineer would transplant himself to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip. There is some doubt as to just how involved and how much sympathy Von Braun had for the Nazi regime. Many accept his membership of the party was not voluntary. Certainly if he wished to continue his scientific work. He is still a very high-ranking Nazi to go on to hold such a high-ranking position in post-war America.

Might he have been more than aware of the Nazi base on the Moon? Might the moon missions have been nothing more than a continuation of the Nazi missions from nearly three decades earlier? Maybe this also explains why, after several successful missions, the moon landing project suddenly ceased with little explanation. This, despite the fact that the next three mission (at the time) already received cleared costings. If this was the case, might whatever clandestine mission have been accomplished? And now the world’s attention, and indeed their interest in the moon landings, required diverting elsewhere?

Might this also explain the need to keep the world’s “prying eyes” away from Antarctica? Might this alleged launch point set up by the Nazis now be in use by the world’s shadow government? Maybe there was also a connection to the alien abduction phenomenon that would begin in the sixties. And then surge forward over the following decades?

So, With All This Technology, Why Didn’t The Third Reich Win The War?

Many skeptics ask, quite rightly, one particular question. If the Nazis did indeed have access to such advanced technology, then why did they not win the war? Why did they not create the (much talked about – which is interesting enough) “Super-weapon” and wipe out their enemies once and for all?

There are reasons for this apparent lack of advancement. They were still working, we would imagine, with advanced technology. One so far ahead of their understanding that any progression would still be relatively slow. With this in mind, we should perhaps go back to the sheer number of advancements of the Nazis. Be it weapons, submarines, or jets produced during the war years. It would appear that such Nazi scientists were under orders to reverse what could be done quickly. Their weapons were no doubt in advance of everyone else. The war, though, was still a constant drain on the regime just as it was for the Allies.

They were undoubtedly looking to develop such a weapon that would “end the war”. In the meantime, though, they required  “fast-turnaround” tech, ready for immediate use on the battlefield. And, what of the alleged Nazi Bell? While they could view the past, if the leaked documents are accurate, they couldn’t physically travel there. In short, they couldn’t change or alter the past. With that in mind, any traveling forward would trap the traveler in their new time. With no help of getting back.

Perhaps, had the war continued just a year longer, as speculative as it is, that breakthrough might have been realized? Maybe such a weapon nicknamed the “New York Rocket” would have come to fruition? Or maybe their finest scientists would achieve traveling back in time instead of only forward.

Check out the video below.


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