The Best UFO Sightings Videos & Encounters Of 2021

First Published: January 31, 2021 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 11 minutes Posted in: UFOs, Sightings

We start 2021 very much in the same way we began 2020 – with an apparent expectation of a huge release of information combined with an admission of prior knowledge about the existence of UFOs and alien life. Essentially, “disclosure”.

Of course, whether that disclosure arrives remains to be seen. However, sightings of strange lights and objects in our planet’s skies have continued over the first four weeks of the new year, suggesting that 2021 will indeed be a busy year for all things UFO-related.


We will update this article each month with the latest UFO sightings from the previous four weeks as we go through 2021. As usual, though, we start with several recently reported sightings that occurred back in December.

Two Strange Objects Photographed Over Florida, 2nd Dec

Although it wasn’t reported until the middle of January, a strange object was photographed in the skies over Seffner in Florida on the morning of 2nd December. The witness was driving at a little after 10 am she they noticed a strange formation in the cloudy skies above.

They brought their vehicle to a stop and reached for their phone in order to take a picture of the apparent anomaly. When the pictures were viewed a short time later, two strange objects appeared to be in the shot. The witness claimed that they hadn’t noticed them when actually taking the pictures.

It is highly like that the “objects” in question were actually simply lens flares. There is, though, perhaps some doubt, and the picture is certainly intriguing. You can view that picture below.

String Of Red Lights Over Idaho Falls, 5th Dec

Although there is little information at this time, another December sighting not reported until January unfolded over Idaho Falls in Idaho on the evening of 5th December.

At just before 6:45 pm a local resident noticed “two sets of three lights in a slight curved line”. It appeared that each set of three were in motion in their own right as they “blinked separately”. The lights were moving, however, in the same direction, occasionally flashing a white light as they moved.

You can see a picture of the lights that the witness managed to capture and make up your own mind.

Bright, Circular Object Hovers Over Dorchester, Massachusetts 26th Dec

Our last late-reported sighting of December that we will examine took place in Dorchester, Massachusetts on the 26th of December.

At a little after 6 pm, the local resident happened to notice a “white circular object hovering and flashing” while looking out of their window. They watched it move in several directions before seemingly heading toward them. It was at this point when they reached for their phone and began recording the unusual aerial activity.

When they zoomed in with their camera, they noticed how the object was “moving in uncharted flight paths, as if it was trying to get a better look at something”. Once more, then, although it is only a suggestion, there is the notion of some kind of reconnaissance to this UFO sighting.

Furthermore, the witness would claim that the object remained in the sky almost the entire evening. Even more intriguing, the witness claimed that the four objects returned into the same position in the sky and once more acted as though they were scanning the ground below.

The online website where this report was submitted noted that there were no bright planets visible in the area where the incident occurred.

You can view that video below.

Blue UFO Over Hawaii, 29th December

At the end of 2020 on the 29th December, a local resident of the Hawaiian island of Oahu spotted and reported a glowing, blue UFO overhead. The shape of the object appeared to oblong and was “larger than a telegraph pole”.

The sighting was captured on film and was appeared to travel across the sky before eventually entering the waters of the Pacific Ocean. This is, once again, an intriguing detail given the number of researchers who suggest that underwater alien bases exist in several places around the world.

There are, however, plenty of theories and suggestions as to what else the object might have been. Perhaps one of the most recurring was that it could be an “LED kite”. As we might imagine, the debate continues as to how otherworldly or terrestrial the blue object might actually be. It is, however, one of the most intriguing to recently come to light.

The sighting was officially reported to the Federal Aviation Administration. Their initial investigation has not revealed any “aircraft disappearing off radars” and have had “no reports of overdue or missing aircraft”.

You can see footage and a news report of that sighting below.

Demi Lovato Claims Another UFO Sighting, Mid-January

Before we move on to other sightings throughout January, we should perhaps turn our attention to another celebrity claiming an apparent extraterrestrial encounter. And while we might be suspicious that such celebrity claims are nothing more than an exercise in staying in the public eye, they still very much require documenting and examining.

The claim came to light in the middle of January when the singer stated on social media that she had managed to film a UFO “in broad daylight”. The circular object may or may not be a UFO – and certainly got a reaction from her followers, with some stating they were merely balloons.

Incidentally, Lovato has made several claims of seeing UFOs in the past. In October 2020 she released similar footage of an apparent UFO, even claiming she had been in the company of Dr. Steven Greer when the video was captured. From her social media posts and recent interviews, it would appear Lovato is very much a believer in at least the possibility of alien life visiting our planet.

Cube-Like Object Filmed Over Palm Beach, Florida, 3rd Jan

Early in the evening on the 3rd of January in Palm Beach, Florida at around 6 pm, a local resident was leaving a department store with their 10-year-old son when they noticed a “dark, cubed-shaped object” overhead. which was “moving slowly” through the cloudy sky.

The witness immediately reached for their phone, realizing they were witnessing something out of the ordinary, and began to film the aerial anomaly from the street below. They continued to view the object for some time. And while it appeared to be descending, they would eventually lose sight of it as it disappeared “behind the store” which blocked their view. The witness would estimate that it was around 500 feet away from where they stood. Although they would quickly get in their car and attempt to locate it once more, they could not find the object after that.

They would further recall how there was a “dim light” on one side of the object and that it appeared to be completely silent. What’s more, it appeared as though there was “some rotation motion” to the apparent craft.

You can view that footage below.

UFO Captured In Time Lapse Photos, Hatteras Island UFO, 7th Jan

At 10:20 pm on the evening of 7th January, at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, a photographer, Wes Snyder, was shooting time-lapse photos for a project that was upcoming. However, during this photo mission, he managed to capture just under three minutes’ worth of footage of a strange object.

Snyder realized he had captured something quite extraordinary when he reviewed the footage. He could immediately see that the object was moving “faster than the clouds” and was much too big to be a plane. Snyder himself is unsure of exactly what the object might have been and asked for viewers’ thoughts when he posted it online.  He did, however, dismiss that it might be a meteorite or a shooting star due to how long it remained in shot.

It is a possibility that the UFO disappeared into the ocean as opposed to into the distance (although there is no footage of this). We mention regularly that many UFO sightings occur near water, with one of the main theories as to why this might be being the presence of underwater alien bases off the coast of the United States.

It is certainly an intriguing piece of footage. You can view Snyder’s video below.

Ring Of Light Captured Over Fargo, North Dakota, 9th Jan

After finishing work at a little after 7 am, a local resident of Fargo, North Dakota, witnessed a strange, glowing ring of lights in the still dark sky as they drove home. Although there was a fog in the sky, the lights were clearly visible.

The witness, who sat waiting at the traffic lights, reached for his film and managed to capture several seconds of them. They would note that the lights appeared to be completely stationary and didn’t move at all during the incident. It appears, when the footage is viewed, that the lights are the underside of a solid object, most likely a circular, disc-shaped one.

One intriguing theory was put forward by veteran UFO researcher and writer, Scott C. Waring. He would state that it was possible the UFO had just landed and the “aliens disembarked to study” the area. If that was the case, then the witness might have been nearer to a much closer encounter than they previously thought.

The witness eventually drove away from the scene. You can see the video in question below.

Glowing Rectangular UFO Over Hollywood, Florida, 12th Jan

Just before midnight on the evening of 12th January in Hollywood, Florida, a rectangular UFO was captured for several minutes on video. The person who captured the footage first noticed the three rows of lights of yellow, red, and white, seemingly hovering overhead in a stationary position.

They managed to use their phone to capture the footage. The object remained visible for some time before disappearing behind buildings and then reappearing again. The lights eventually faded and the object disappeared from view. Whether it moved away into the distance or whether it simply turned off its lights is unclear.

You can view footage of the sighting in the video below.

Objects “Appear Out Of Nowhere” Alejandria, Mexico, 13th Jan

At just after 7 am on the morning of 13th January in Alejandria in Mexico, several UFOs were witnessed and filmed in the skies overhead.

The witnesses to the incident would claim that these strange objects “appeared out of nowhere” and at first were just three lights. However, as they came closer, they very much appeared to have a solidness to them. They would elaborate on how their “glow is fascinating”. The witnesses were in the highlands of the area when they filmed the strange crafts.

The sighting is interesting not only because it appears authentic, but Mexico is home to many UFO sightings month after month. Some researchers even suggest that the several mountains and volcanoes in the area are home to extraterrestrial bases which results in the increased sightings in this part of the world.

You can see that video below and make up your own mind.

UFO Captured Going In And Out Of Clouds Over Picos, Brazil, 15th Jan

On the morning of 15th January over Picos, Brazil, a strange object was filmed leaving the clouds before disappearing back into them. Local resident, Luan Silva had noticed the strange object emerging from cloud and disappearing back into them several times before finally reaching for his phone, managing to film this action.

There is little information or explanation as to what was taking place, but the footage is seemingly credible. If we assume this object was a solid, intelligently guided craft, what might the purpose be for such a display? For example, if this was some kind of reconnaissance mission why would it allow itself to be seen several times? Or might this have been an intentional action to make its presence known, and if so, why?

You can see that short video below.

Pilots Witness UFO Over Pakistan, 23rd Jan

Another sighting involving commercial pilots occurred on the 23rd of January over Pakistan when several pilots with Pakistan International Airlines witnessed something strange in the skies with them. And what’s more, one of the crew managed to capture footage of the obscure object.

The plane was making its way from Karachi to Lahore at around 4 pm when the pilot spotted something out of the ordinary approximately 1000 feet above their own altitude. The captain, Faisal Qureshi, immediately contacted the control tower and reported the strange object. Shortly after, he captured the video footage.

The crew would describe the strange object as being “extremely bright” and appeared to have a metal ring around it. In the video, the pilot is also clearly heard saying “it’s not a balloon, it’s not an aircraft”. We should note that many who have viewed the footage believe there is a distinct possibility that it could indeed be a balloon.

Perhaps an indication of the authenticity of the sighting is the fact the airline themselves issued an official statement regarding it. In it, they stated that it was “too early to say what the object was” and that they might not ever “be able to tell”. However, as it was reported as per protocol, they would investigate.

Just what the object might have been remains open to debate. You can watch a short video on the sighting below.

Strange Object With Rotating Lights Over Great Falls, Montana, 27th Jan

While the following sighting doesn’t have any photographs or video footage to back it up, it is perhaps one of the most detailed incidents of the opening month of 2021. The incident in question took place in Great Falls, Montana at a little after 6 am.

The witness stated how they were laid in bed looking out of the bedroom window having been awake for several hours already. As they did so, they noticed what they at first thought was a plane in the distance. However, when they noticed it was heading toward them, they began to watch the object more closely. It was quickly growing larger in size suggesting it was approaching the house with some speed.

Now beginning to fear the object was about to crash into their home, the witness jumped out of bed, continuing to watch the aerial anomaly as they did. Suddenly, though, the object stopped and hovered. The witness would estimate it was no more than 50 feet from the window he was watching it from.

The witness doesn’t state what actual shape the strange vehicle was, they did state that they briefly contemplated that it was a helicopter which perhaps suggests an oval or cigar shape. They did, though, reveal that in the underside were red and white light that appeared to be rotating randomly. They also recalled that it was completely silent. As he struggled to open the blinds so that he could see the craft more clearly, it suddenly disappeared, again without making a sound.

The witness would make it clear that they were not dreaming nor in a state of sleep paralysis, and that what they had seen was definitely real.

Glowing Spherical Object Moving Slowly Over Touchet, Washington, 27th Jan

A recent MUFON report (MUFON 113398), a local resident managed to capture around 30 seconds of footage of a glowing spherical object moving across the sky. The witness was in their back garden when they first noticed the strange object. They would note how slow and controlled the movement across the sky was, and how it appeared to pulsate somewhat as it moved.

As UFO researcher, Scott Waring asks, might this slow movement over the area be due to a surveillance mission? Or might it even be to monitor how humans react to seeing such alien craft? The debate, on the previous questions and this particular sighting continues.

You can see the video in question below.

Glowing Object Photographed Over St. Peters, Missouri, 28th Jan

According to another recent MUFON case (MUFON 113445) on the 28th of January in St. Peters, Missouri, a passenger in a car noticed a “very bright stationary light in the sky”. They would estimate that the object was around a mile or so away from the moving vehicle and was in view for around 30 seconds. However, during that time, the witness managed to capture several photographs.

What is interesting is that the photographs do appear to show a solid object that is reflecting the sun from a seemingly shiny exterior. And what’s more, very similar photographs have been captured going back many years. Of course, whether the incident was a case of an intelligently guided craft or not remains open to debate. It is perhaps interesting that the object – if we assume for a moment that it is indeed a solid craft – was witnessed over powerlines. Some UFO researchers claim this could be a way of them extracting power from them, or even using them to spy on our own communications.

Incidentally, this sighting is very similar to the sighting over Washington State the day before that we examine above. Might it be the same object?

Blue UFO Over Charlotte, North Carolina, 29th July

On the evening of 29th January over the city of Charlotte in North Carolina, local resident Alisa Homewood witnessed several strange lights overhead. She would recall how she was leaving a grocery store with several members of her family when she “happened to notice the lights”.

She continued to watch them as they approached. When she realized that they were making no sound whatsoever, she decided to take out her phone and photograph them. She would later post the pictures on Facebook stating that although they “flickered like lanterns” they were seemingly unaffected by the wind and instead “followed the same exact path”.

She would conclude that although it was unlikely that “they were aliens” there was nothing to suggest they were “definitely lanterns”.

Interestingly, only hours earlier on the morning of the sighting, Alisa witnessed “approximately six military helicopters fly over the area”. Whether there is a connection between the military helicopters and the later sighting of the apparent blue UFO is perhaps open to debate.

You can see one of those photographs below.

Bright Object Rising Into The Air, San Diego, 28th Jan

At a little after 7 pm on the 28th January in San Diego, California a strange ascending object was captured on a security video. It wasn’t until the following day that the owner of the property realized he had captured something a little out of the ordinary.

This is another sighting that doesn’t at this stage have a lot of information, and there is still speculation as to whether the light belongs to a terrestrial aircraft. However, it is certainly worth including here for your examination.

You can view that footage below.


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