The Best UFO Sightings Videos & Encounters Of 2021

Marcus Lowth
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January 31, 2021
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September 7, 2021
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We start 2021 very much in the same way we began 2020 – with an apparent expectation of a huge release of information combined with an admission of prior knowledge about the existence of UFOs and alien life. Essentially, “disclosure”.

Of course, whether that disclosure arrives remains to be seen. However, sightings of strange lights and objects in our planet’s skies have continued over the first four weeks of the new year, suggesting that 2021 will indeed be a busy year for all things UFO-related.



As much as there has been multiple sightings of strange objects in the skies throughout August, the talk of such incidents has remained very much in the mainstream news, with several suggestions that there are further official revelations to come. Whether that proves to be the case or not remains to be seen.

Much like many months, August has seen reports of many different shaped objects, from oval to elongated and triangular, for example, as well as many different sightings of strange lights in our collective skies. What’s more, there are many sightings over or near water, perhaps strengthening even more the link between the world’s oceans and lakes and these strange otherworldly vehicles.

While we will turn our attention to some of the incidents that have unfolded during August 2021 shortly, as always, we will start with some of the UFO sightings that took place in previous months but that have only just been reported.

Multiple Lights Hover Over Babylon, New York, 3rd June

In the early hours of 3rd June, at around 2 am in Babylon, New York, a man was fishing off the road on the beach at Democrat Point when they noticed three strange lights appeared over the ocean. They had appeared to come out of the cloud and now appeared to be hovering in a straight line (although the witness also claimed this could have been triangular and only appeared in a line from his point of view).

At first, the witness believed he was watching police or military helicopters. That was until he realized none of the objects had the usual flashing safety lights that such vehicles would have had. They remained visible for almost two hours, not moving at any point during this time until they finally went into action.

Remaining at the same altitude, two of the objects went in opposite directions, and did so at significant speed. They moved much faster than a helicopter or plane would and were quickly out of sight. The remaining object continued to hover for around 30 seconds before it too left at a blistering pace, disappearing within several seconds. Not at any time did the witness recall any sound or noise from the objects, even when they disappeared as quickly as they did.

What is interesting – especially when we recall the increasing connection to the waters of the world and UFOs – is that the witness recalled the objects appeared to be a considerable distance from the beach, as if they were hovering over the open water. Whether they appeared from above or actually came from the water itself is perhaps open to debate.

Unfortunately, there is no video footage or pictures of the sighting.

Strange Picture Captured By Commercial Pilot Near Greenland, June 2021

Perhaps one of the strangest reports to surface in August came from a commercial pilot who captured a picture of a strange object while flying approximately 60 miles east of Greenland in June (the exact date has been withheld so as to keep the pilot’s identity secret). The pilot claimed he was flying at an altitude of 36,000 feet when he noticed the bizarre-looking object below him.

He would state in his report that the object did not appear to be moving but that he did believe he could see a “definite disturbance in the ice flow”, almost as if the object had perhaps surfaced from under the water. The picture also appeared to show that the object had a definite smooth surface and appeared to have a matt-type of finish which didn’t seem to reflect the light as the ice did. It also appeared to be slightly above the ice.

The pilot would further state that the weather was perfectly clear and that he was particularly focused on the outside environment as they “rarely get a day crossing when we get to see Greenland”. It was at this point when he managed to capture the picture which you can see below.

The photograph certainly sparked some debate as to what it might have been. UFO researcher, William Puckett – who received the original report – had some particularly intriguing suggestions. He would also point out that the object could have, in fact, emerged from the water, adding that there have been many reports of strange object in the Arctic region, and that he has previously had “military witnesses report them”.

He would also suggest that, given the altitude from which the picture was taken and the fact that the object appeared to be near to the surface of the ice that it was likely “miles across”.  Puckett also suggested that the object was “likely coated with ice” given its very similar color to the background.

White Objects Captured On Video By Drone Over, Topeka, Kansas, 29th July

At around 7 pm on 29th July, a local resident of Topeka, Kansas captured several seconds of footage of strange white objects while flying their drone. As the drone hovers over the residential area, two round, white object can clearly be seen moving across the screen.

The witness managed to take a close-up still frame from the footage, which you can see below.

The witness claimed there were four of these objects in total, remaining in sight for around 30 seconds (although his video only managed to capture two of them). They considered that they might merely be birds, but decided against due to the speed with which they moved as well as the fact that there appeared to be a trail of sorts coming from them. Furthermore, when they viewed close-up images of the footage it was clear to them that it didn’t visually resemble a bird.

You can see that footage below.

Round Object Hovers and Fades “Into Nothing” Over Jacksonville, 30th July

On the afternoon of 30th July in Jacksonville, Florida, at just after 3 pm, a motorist a “shining ball or rounded football shaped thing” overhead. What’s more, the witness would claim there was a “wall of dark clouds” behind it.

The witness would continue that the object was “too round and wide” to be a plane, and the fact that it simply hovered in the same place made them dismiss this notion entirely. Even stranger, rather disappear at speed, it simply faded away “into nothing” before becoming “intensely bright once again” before disappearing for good.

Might this fading away coupled with the intense brightness suggest some kind of portal-type technology? It is certainly an interesting report. Unfortunately, there are no pictures available of the object.

UFO Spotted By Two Plane Pilots Off The Canadian Coast, 30th July

Although it occurred at the end of July, an incident involving a military and a commercial plane didn’t come to light until the middle of August. According to the report, pilots of the two different planes witnessed a “mysterious green UFO vanish into the clouds” off the Atlantic coast of Canada over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

The two planes were flying in opposite directions, with the Canadian military aircraft heading to Ontario from Cologne in Germany, while the commercial plane was a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines aircraft on its way from Boston from Amsterdam. A report made to the Canadian aviation authority the “bright green flying object flew into a cloud, (and) then disappeared”.

While some believe the object was a UFO (as we understand the term) others stated it was likely a meteor that the pilots witnessed.

Fast Moving Object Filmed Over Seattle, Washington, 4th August

At around 4:30 pm on 4th August in Seattle, Washington, a local resident witnessed a “dark, fast-moving” object moving across the sky. They at first thought it was a seaplane landing. However, as she watched the strange object she witnessed it ascending and heading out toward the horizon.

Although there is little other detail known about the sighting, the footage that was captured is very intriguing. And while it can’t be ruled out that it was merely plane, it does appear to be something a little more out of the ordinary.

You can view that footage below.

Large Disc Hovering Over Manhattan, New York 7th August

According to a report made to MUFON, a dark, disc-shaped object was filmed over Manhattan in New York on the afternoon of 7th August. The footage is certainly intriguing and does appear to show an object that is rotating as it hovers in the cloudy sky. It remains visible in the footage – seemingly in the same spot – before beginning to ascend and eventually disappears. Just before it does so, it appears to change shape ever so slightly.

The witness who recorded the footage claimed that they “couldn’t believe what I was looking at” and that it really “freaked me out”. Many who have viewed the footage online are more than impressed with the clearness of the video, and many have expressed their opinion that what was captured really might be an extraterrestrial craft.

You can see that footage below and make your own mind up.

Strange Lights Over Quebec, Canada, 9th August

Although there is little know of the incident, several strange lights were witnessed and photographed in the early evening sky over Quebec, Canada on 9th August.

The lights appear to move in a circular formation and appear to be individual objects as opposed to the lights of a larger object with the person who uploaded the clip to YouTube calling them a “fleet of luminous UFOs”.

One commentator claimed to have witnessed a similar formation of objects over Newbury in the United Kingdom in 2018.

You can see that video clip below.

Two Large UFOs Over Stoke-On-Trent, 14th August

At around 9:30 pm on 14th August, a local resident of Stoke-On-Trent in the United Kingdom managed to capture footage of two strange objects in the night sky. The resident was stood in her garden when she noticed the two objects before she reached for her phone and started to film.

She would claim they were too big to be drones and as they made no sound whatsoever, she believed it was highly unlikely they were planes, stating that “if a plane was flying that low it would sound like it was going to land on your house”. She continued that the objects appeared to be “flying really close together, and really low”, adding they were “really colorful” and had “flashing lights”.

After viewing the objects, the witness looked at flight tracking website to see if any flights were scheduled over the region at the time in question. None were. The witness would state that she had “no explanation” for what she had seen but was certain it was something out of the ordinary.

You can see a still from the video footage below.

“Black Streak” Captured In Picture Over Palmerton, Pennsylvania, 20th August

On the morning of 20th August, at around 6 am in Palmerton in Pennsylvania, a local resident managed to capture a picture of what could be an elongated UFO. They hadn’t intended to capture anything strange, only taking the picture due to the “extremely vibrant” sunrise, as well as a rainbow that was arcing over the town.

When they viewed the picture only seconds later, though, they could see a “black streak” underneath the rainbow. They would enlarge the picture in an attempt to identify what it might be. However, they could see no “form or structure”, suggesting to her that it was not a plane or “any other type of man-made vehicle”.

You can see that picture below and make up your own mind.

“Fleet Of UFOs” Over Nashville, 21st August

Multiple residents of Nashville, Tennessee witnessed a “fleet” of strange lights overhead, with one witness managing to capture several seconds of footage and eventually posted it online.

The incident unfolded in the early hours of 21st August, with the person who uploaded the video a short time later asking if “anyone in Nashville (was) seeing these lights right now?”. He would further describe the lights as moving in “what seems like random flight patterns” and would then “suddenly accelerate around”.

The video received hundreds of comments, with some stating they had seen similar lights. However, not all who viewed the footage were convinced it showed extraterrestrial vehicles. Some claimed they were likely bats flying in the early morning sky, while others suggested they might be connected to a nearby military base.

You can view a still from the video footage below.

Silver Object Witnessed Over Kansas City, 23rd August

Although there is no footage or pictures currently available, a resident of Kansas City, Missouri claimed they witnessed a large “silver object” approximately the size of an airliner hovering in the skies at just after 12 noon. What’s more, the craft appeared to be in two distinct sections.

The witness was a passenger on a bus at the time when they happened to look out of the window and spotted the silver aerial anomaly. As well as noticing the two different sections, the witness claimed that it appeared to have a strange fuzziness around it.

Whatever the object was, it appeared to be completely motionless, simply hovering in the sky (which would rule out that it was a plane).

The witness watched object for just short of a minute when they realized their stop was coming up. By the time they had exited the bus and looked up to the sky once more, the object had vanished. The incident remains without explanation.

Strange Lights Over Sebastian, Florida, 23rd August

On the evening of 23rd August over Sebastian, Florida, several orb-like objects were filmed by a local resident. The unidentified objects changed color from orange to white and appeared to move in a purposeful formation.

The footage was recorded by local resident, Michael Evanchik who would estimate they were at an approximate altitude of around 2000 feet. He first noticed the object at around 9 pm as he was riding his motorcycle. He brought his bike to the side of the road, at first suspecting they were helicopters. However, when he realized they weren’t making a sound he realized they were something far more out of the ordinary. He would describe the incident as “really strange”.

As we might imagine there were many suggestions as to what the objects might be, ranging from vehicles from another world to military drones. Perhaps interesting in this case is that a spokesperson from the nearby Kennedy Space Center viewed the footage and stated that whatever the objects were, they were not connected to anything launched from Cape Canaveral.

They eventually faded out. You can see that video below.

Bigfoot Footage Filmed In Idaho, 27th August

Although it isn’t a UFO, a recently filmed video from Idaho appears to show what some researchers are calling “genuine” footage of a very real Bigfoot. Many people have studied the footage, and after attempting to spot signs of a “costume” and ultimately a hoax, have come away feeling that the creature in the footage is indeed the legendary Bigfoot.

As well as dismissing the idea that the footage showed a “man in a suit”, many who viewed the footage believed that “the heavy build and all the muscles” could clearly be seen in the footage and would have been “hard to replicate” in such detail.

One person who viewed the footage stated that people should “pay close attention to the calf muscles”, adding that “with every step they bulge up and down” and that the “hair covering them actually bounces up”.

One question that was raised in doubt of the footage, however, was why the person who filmed it only did so for such a short amount of time. Indeed, without speaking to the person who captured the footage, it is a valid question as to why they did not continue to record.

You can view the footage below.

Strange “Ball” Over Alaska, 28th August

At around 2:30 pm on the afternoon of 28th August in Anchorage, Alaska, a resident witnessed a bizarre ball-shaped object appear out of nowhere overhead. They would state in their report that the object was only in sight for a matter of seconds. They would further state that the object was around the size of a one-person airplane but was most definitely “completely round like a ball” and was a definite black in color.

They claimed that after the object appeared out of nowhere it appeared to “float” in the same spot for several seconds before it shot straight up. By the time they adjusted their focus, the object had vanished from sight. Unfortunately, there are no pictures or video footage of the incident.

Silver Object Over Arizona, 28th August

On the same day, at around 1 pm over Flagstaff, Arizona, a local resident witnessed a “long silver object” that was “streaking” across the road approximately 200 yards in front of him at an altitude just above tree height.

Thinking, at first, that it might have been a drone, he quickly dismissed the suggestion as there appeared to be no wings, no sound, and it was moving much too fast.

They attempted to follow the object but due to its speed it was quickly in front of them and almost out of sight. Even stranger, though, the witness noticed “three other weird things” that suddenly appeared in the sky at a similar altitude. These other objects – perfectly round and silent – calmly made their way toward the initial silver craft and joined it, remaining in a “perfect straight line” as they did so. All of the objects quickly disappeared into the distance.

Again, this is a sighting of which there are no pictures or video footage.

Strange UFO Over Island Lake, Illinois, 28th August

During the afternoon of 28th August, according to MUFON case file no. 117660, a local resident of Illinois managed to film several seconds of footage of a strange, tablet-shaped UFO of Island Lake.

The object, which appears to be a white color (although it is not certain if that is a reflection of the sun) can clearly be seen moving through the sky at a considerable pace, also appearing to fly through the cloud as we would expect from a conventional aircraft. It also appears to be rotating slightly as it moved.

The witness themselves stated that they noticed the object by change, adding that there was “no sound, (and) not trail”. What’s more, they believed it was “moving too fast for a blimp”.

Many who have viewed the footage are convinced it shows a genuine UFO that very well could be an extraterrestrial craft. Others, though, suggest that the object could very well be a drone (although it appears – at least from the footage – to be at a relatively high altitude, perhaps too high for a drone).

You can see that footage below and make up your own mind.

UFO Witnessed From Plane While Traveling From Texas To Florida, 30th August

While traveling from Texas to Florida on the 30th August, a passenger not only saw a strange object out of the window of the plane, but managed to capture around two minutes of footage of it. The witness claimed that she was on the flight with her boyfriend, who just happened to be recording with his phone from the window seat and managed to unintentionally capture footage of what appears to be a dark, circular object that is rotating as it moves through the air.

According to UFO researcher, Scott Waring, the object is approximately “the size of a car” and is around 300 feet from the plane. Waring also points out his lack of surprise that the object was seemingly not witnessed by the pilot, pointing out that flights are often conducted on autopilot and that the radar systems are by and large the same as they were decades ago.

Whatever the object might be is open to debate. One online commentator who viewed the footage claimed that it was almost as if these objects are attracted to the aircraft, adding that it might be a case of them “scanning the passengers”. Another person who viewed the footage claimed they witnessed the same kind of object during a flight from Italy to Bangkok in 1995.

The footage is certainly intriguing, and you can see the video below.

Bright Light Videoed Over Florida, 31st August

At around 8 pm on the 31st August, in Greenacres, Florida, a local resident captured footage of a “bright, stationary object” over their home while in front of their home.

The witness claimed they were filming footage of a recent storm that was moving off in the distance when they noticed the strange object “just sitting there”. They snapped several pictures before continuing to record. Both the witness and his wife saw the object, claiming that around 20 minutes later they looked to find the object and it had vanished.

Some who have viewed the footage – including UFO researchers – have voiced their opinion that the object is, in fact, nothing more than Venus, which would have been very bright at that time. As for the disappearance, this could be explained simply by it disappearing behind the clouds (there was a storm in the area that night).

You can see the footage below and see what you think.


July 2021 has seen UFO reports continue from all corners of the planet, and like always, they feature reports of all manner of strange aerial objects ranging from strange discs, to triangular craft and even cigar-shaped object, and one incident that appears reminiscent of the angel hair sightings of previous decades.

There had also been several sightings that have caused debate among UFO enthusiasts and researchers as to whether the footage that has been captured is genuine or an apparent hoax (more about those later).

As usual, though, we will begin with several sightings from previous months that have only just been reported, the first of which occurred back in March in Tennessee.

Several Orb-Like Objects In Tennessee, 7th March

At around 7:20 pm on the 7th March in Germantown, Tennessee, a local resident noticed several strange orbs that were “moving in formation” from one of the windows of their home.

They would state that the orbs moved at a steady pace and while they remained moving in formation, some of the lights would “dip down” occasionally.

Some who have viewed the picture of these objects claim they are very likely to be Chinese lanterns. You can see that picture below and see what you think.

Glowing Lights Splits Into Multiple Objects, Oregon, 5th April

Perhaps one of the most intriguing incidents to have come to light in July actually occurred on the evening of 5th April. At a little after 9 pm while driving toward Independence, Oregon, a motorist and their passenger witnessed a strange, hovering light. What struck the witness, and indeed first caught his attention, was the light was hovering much lower than a plane normally would.

After watching it for several minutes, he finally asked his passenger if he could see the lights and if he thought it was a plane. He could and replied with certainty that it wasn’t a plane. At this point, the witness slowed the vehicle a little so they could focus their attention on the object a little more. A short time after that, he pulled the vehicle to the side of the road. As he and his passenger got out they realized the object – whatever it was – was seemingly hovering over the river.

Then, things turned even stranger.

According to the witness, the pair watched as the light bent itself in t a V or boomerang shape. At the same time, the single light had now somehow morphed into four separate lights. It then changed again, this time separating into two sets of two lights. One of these sets of lights disappeared moments later, while the other morphed back into a single light. It then began “zipping” and “darting” in the place which it was previously hovering.

The next thing the witnesses knew, all of the lights came back together to form its original dimensions, and then proceeded to head off into the distance. They both jumped back in the car and set off down the road. Not long after, they could see the strange lights once more. The witness once more brought the vehicle to a stop and he and his passenger stepped onto the roadside.

The lights were moving relatively slowly but were heading in their direction. They would pass over the top of the witness – “about as high as a hand glider would be” – proving themselves to be a “pale blue” in color and not making a sound. As they passed, the witness managed to capture a picture, albeit a little blurred (see above). The passenger, on the other hand, had just enough time to reach for his phone and begin recording them.

You can see that video footage below.

Silver Cylinder-Shaped Object, Oregon, 23rd May

Although there are no picture or video footage of the incident, another UFO sighting only recently reported from Independence, Oregon is most certainly worthy of our time here. The incident unfolded around six weeks after the above encounter, at around 3:30 pm on the afternoon of 23rd May.

Once more, it involved a driver and his passenger (note – it isn’t certain, but this may even be the same driver as the April encounter) who were on their way to Independence at the time of the sighting.

According to the report, the vehicle was heading along a straight stretch of road before an upcoming bridge that stretched over the river. The witness explained that from this viewpoint you can “see through the trees that flank the river”. It was as he was looking at these gaps in the trees that he noticed something “glimmering” over the water. At the same, his passenger also noticed the object and let out a noticeable gasp.

The witness would describe the object as cylinder shaped, and seemingly made of metallic silver, elaborated that the appearance was almost “milky” or like a “brushed silver looking metal” that “glistened” in the afternoon sun. The object remained visible for several seconds before the car began up the bridge and so blocking their view. By the time they had crossed it and come out on the other side, the object was no longer there. They were certain the object was much too large to have passed under the bridge, and although the scanned the skies, they couldn’t see any sign of it.

Brightly Lit UFO Over The Devon Coast, UK, (End Of June)

Toward the end of June, a sighting of a UFO off the coast of Devon in England was reported by a “shocked” student. According to the report, the brightly lit object hovered over the water for around 10 seconds before shooting off into the distance at great speed. The 36-year-old, witness, Matthew Evans, claimed he saw the object by chance while looking out of the window of his apartment on the top floor.

Realizing he was looking at something truly strange, Evans managed to snap several pictures of the object before it vanished into the distance. They do indeed appear to show four bright lights – possibly on a triangle formation, or possibly showing the glow of disc with a domed top.

He would state to local media that he “couldn’t help but see it” and that it “wasn’t moving like a plane would”. Although he stopped short on elaborating on what the object might be, he did state that it was “hard to place so I suppose it is an unidentified flying object”.

In light of the recent release of information on UFOs and the increasing connection to the oceans and seas of the planet, it is perhaps interesting to note this is yet another incident of a strange object hovering over the water before heading out to sea.

You can see one of the pictures Evans captured of the strange object below.

Strange Hovering Object Over Houston, Texas, 1st July

An interesting account occurred at a little after 6 am on the 1st July in Houston, Texas. On the morning in question, a resident witnessed a three “bright blue lights” hovering in the air, seemingly purposely out of the flight paths of arriving and departing flights from the airport. The mysterious Object remained in sight for approximately five minutes, during which time, a friend of the witness arrived. Although they saw the light, they were not as convinced as the witness that it was anything strange.

The witness would attempt to capture a picture of the anomaly but was unable to bring it into focus. It was as they were attempting to do this that object suddenly “blasted deep into space”.

Interestingly or not, the witness also mentioned previous sightings he had had when he lived in Australia – almost always while looking out to sea while walking on the beach. Make of that what you will.

Object Shaped Like Cloud With Dome, Oregon, 4th July

We return to Independence, Oregon, for our next encounter, and a sighting that took place on 4th July at around 4:25 pm. And once more, we might reasonably suspect that this sighting comes from the same driver as the previous two we have examined earlier.

On the afternoon in question, the driver was running late, having meant to have had his passenger at his destination by 4 pm. The driver was on a stretch of road with fields at either side of his vehicle. As he was making his way along the road, he suddenly noticed a strange cloud that appeared distinctly disc shaped. In fact, the witness would state in his report, it appeared to be the shape of a “classic flying saucer”.

He claimed that at this stage, his passenger was also leaning forward in her seat, also looking at the strangely shaped aerial anomaly. They turned to each other briefly to remark on what they were seeing. When they turned their attention to the where the cloud-shaped object had been, it was now gone. The witness immediately questioned with himself how a cloud could have disappeared so quickly.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures or video footage of the apparent object for us to make an assessment. The person who took the report would suggest that the witness may, on this occasion, have witnessed a Lenticular could, which are often mistaken for disc-shaped objects.

Triangular Craft Observed Over Colorado, 4th July

A sighting of a “large, dark grey triangle” was witnessed at around 10 pm on 4th July in Frederick, Colorado. According to the report, the witness was sitting outside their home watching some of the fireworks being set off by his neighbors. As they were doing so, their attention was captured by a particularly large object moving through the sky at a much higher altitude than the fireworks.

As they turned their full attention to the object, they could clearly see that it was triangular-shaped and moving at a speed that appeared much too slow for a craft of its size. There were no lights of any kind, and perhaps even more amazing, there appeared to be no sound whatsoever from the strange vehicle.

Although it didn’t appear particularly shiny, the witness could clearly see the reflection of the town lights on the underside of the object. He would estimate that it was in view for approximately 15 seconds.

Unfortunately, there is not video footage or photographs of this particular incident.

Cigar-Shaped Object Moves Calmly Across The Sky In Delaware, 4th July

At around the same time on the same evening in Selbyville, Delaware, a local resident was in their yard watering it when they saw an “amber-red object” that appeared to be hovering overhead. Even stranger, the witness recalled that the strange object appeared to have a “halo” around it.

They continued to watch for several moments before the object suddenly began to move, calmly and to the north. However, a short time after, the aerial vehicle changed direction and headed toward him. The closer it came to him, the whiter and brighter it appeared, and most definitely cigar-shaped. It eventually passed directly over the top of him and disappeared into the western part of the sky. Within several moments it had become nothing more than a mere red dot in the sky.

Unbelievably, a short time later, an almost identical object appeared, making its way slowly across the sky in the same direction. The witness was certain the object were not fireworks or Chinese lanterns, although he stopped short of hazarding a guess as to what it was. Although a video was taken of the incident, it has not yet been made public.

Object Hovering Over The Water Off Florida Beach, 5th July

An intriguing potential sighting was captured on film at just before 7 am on 5th July at West Palm Beach in Florida. The anonymous woman was with her granddaughter and her father at the time of the sighting. The witness claimed to have noticed strange green lights “dancing on the sand” around them.

The witness would immediately reach their phone and begin recording the incident. Only when they watched the footage back a short time later did they notice a dark object seemingly hovering over the water in the distance. The object then “zoomed across the sun” before “looping around” and then disappearing into the distance. The witness would manage to capture the object in a still frame for analysis.

As one UFO researcher noted, although the witness claimed to have seen the green lights on the beach, it would appear that the green light is likely a lens flare but the black object in the distance over the water is a little more intriguing. Although there is a chance that it could be nothing more than a bird in flight, it appeared very disc-shaped, or possibly elongated depending on its distance from where the picture was taken.

You can see that picture below and make up your own mind.

Strange Lights On Security Camera Footage, Pennsylvania, 10th July

Another piece of footage that has caused debate as to whether it shows something otherworldly or something with a much more rational explanation comes to use courtesy of security footage from Grill in Pennsylvania.

The footage in question was captured at a little after 11 pm on the 10th July on a security camera that was facing the witnesses home. There is little other information on the sighting, and while it may not be anything extraterrestrial, given that we have examined several such security footage incidents, it makes sense that we include this one here.

One suggestion put forward for the apparent anomaly is that the strange lights are, in fact, the light reflecting off a strand of a spider’s web, with the further note that this occurs a lot with these kinds of security cameras.

You can see that footage below and see what you think.

Spinning Orb Object Over Granite Falls, 11th July

According to a report from a resident of Granite Falls in Washington, a bright spinning orb was hovering over the area at around 1:30 am on 11th July, an orb, incidentally, that the witness managed to capture footage of.

The witness would state in their report that the viewed the object from their home and noted the spinning motion of the object as it hovered at a similar distance that an airplane or helicopter might. They claimed to have watched the object for several minutes as it made its way over their house and disappeared behind the mountains.

What is perhaps also of interest is that the witness also claimed to have seen many similar bright, glowing objects in the skies over the area, and even has around 10 videos of these incidents.

You can see the video of this sighting below.

“Cloaking” Object, Veddrif, South Africa, 15th July

Perhaps one of the most intriguing, and detailed reports of UFO activity in the month of July comes from Veddrif in South Africa. According to the report, at around 4 am on 15th July, the witness was stood in their garden after letting out their pet dog when they noticed a strange object moving across the night sky. The object appeared to be flashing or “cloaking” as it flew.

The witness claimed they at first thought the object was a flock of birds but as they focused more on the object, they quickly dismissed this. They would estimate that the object was perhaps only half a mile away from them, and that they had a clear view of it for around 60 seconds.

You can see a sketch made by the witness of what they claimed to have seen that evening below.

Donut UFO Over Utah, 15th July

On the afternoon of 15th July in Ogden, Utah, a donut-shaped object was witnessed and filmed by a local resident. The witness would claim that the object, which was “nearly flat”, moved across the sky “like a balloon”. However, as there was no wind at all at the time of the sighting the witness quickly dismissed this idea.

Whether the object is a secret military craft, or a genuine UFO is perhaps open to debate. It is, however, an intriguing piece of footage, which you can see below.

Rectangular Object, Vacaville, California, 24th July

At just before 11 pm on 24th July over the town of Vacaville in California, a witness was driving with their son when they saw a rectangular-shaped object in the skies overhead. They pulled the car to a stop and got out in order to take the picture. In total, the strange craft would remain in sight for approximately two minutes.

The witness described the object as “black with four light in a row”, adding that it “blended into the night sky but could just barely be seen because of the Moon shining on it”. Similarly to the sighting witnessed in South Africa several nights earlier, the witness claimed they had the feeling the object was operating under some kind of “cloaking” device.

Incidentally, the witness has an extensive background with the United States Air Force and currently works as an FAA inspector. We should also note, that the witness physically saw the object with their own eyes as opposed to discovering it on the pictures after the fact which would rule out a trick of the light.

They did manage to capture a picture of the object, although it is slightly blurred.

Strange Video Surfaces Showing Object Over Colombia, 25th July

A strange and intriguing video surfaced on YouTube appearing to show a bizarre object in the skies over Colombia.

Several thousand people have viewed the video to date, with various explanations being offered as to what it might be, including that it is nothing more than a kite. However, as one UFO researcher pointed out, there appears to be no evidence of strings attached to the object and so making the kite explanation a little unlikely.

There is little else known about the sighting at this stage, but the footage is intriguing and certainly worthy of our attention here. You can see that video below.

Bizarre Object Sending “Beaming Rays Of Light” Over Italy, 28th July

At around 11 pm on 28th July in Belpasso in Sicily, Italy, a local resident was relaxing on the roof of their house when they witnessed a “beaming red ball” moving across the night sky. As they continued to watch the strange spherical object, it changed from red to green, and then again, from green to orange. Even more amazing, as this was happening, “beaming rays of light moved vertically downwards and disappeared”.

The object only remained in view for around 10 seconds, but certainly long enough for the witness to dismiss that it was an airplane, helicopter, or even a satellite, especially as he was more than familiar with such objects from the perspective of his rooftop.

The witness would state in their report that they are “very skeptical” of UFO sightings, but what he had seen had left him in such shock that he felt he had to report it.

You can see a sketch of what the witness saw below.

Bizarre UFO Filmed By Plane Passenger, 28th July

Although it isn’t clear exactly when it was filmed (at some point between late June and late July) a video appearing to show a glowing aerial anomaly has become quite a sensation on social media networks, so much so that it has even been picked up by several mainstream media platforms.

The video appeared on the Disclosure Screen YouTube page and shows a glowing object that appears to be angel-like. Indeed, some who have viewed the footage have described the “object” as looking more like a glowing humanoid or some kind of “shapeshifting phantasm” or some other unknown “biological entity”.

Others have suggested there might be a connection between this strange aerial anomaly and “angel hair” incidents that have been recorded several times in the past. Other suggestions feature the idea of a portal opening or closing, or that it might be some kind plasma-based entity, possibly from another dimension.

One particularly intriguing comparison is to the apparent sightings of huge, angelic beings witness by cosmonauts on board the Salyut 7 space station in 1984.

It is not known exactly where the footage was captured or at what altitude. And as we might imagine, not everyone was convinced as to the authenticity of the footage, with some claiming it was an outright hoax. Others claimed there was almost certainly a reasonable explanation for the footage, most likely that it was a high-altitude weather balloon.

The short video below looks at this incident a little further.


Perhaps the best place to start when examining the UFO sightings of the past four weeks is with the long-awaited report from the Pentagon. In short, the release proved to be what many people in the UFO community were expecting – essentially, that these strange crafts are real, and they don’t appear to be manmade. The report, however, stopped short of including alien-built craft, stating instead that they “couldn’t be sure”.

Perhaps of more interest, however, was information passed to UFO researcher, Richard Dolan, regarding what was left out of the report made for mass public consumption. A great chunk of missing information revolved around propulsion systems, including Energy Pulse Propulsion System (EPPS) projects, Ion Propulsion Systems (IPS), Anti-gravity and Anti-matter Propulsion Systems, Ramjet Hydrogen Propulsion Systems (RHPS), and Compressed Nuclear Propulsion Systems (CNPS).

Also annexed is information on the “advanced use of exotic elements for energy research (ET related items), and information on the “K-Song Energy/Propulsion System Research Project (KEPSRP).

The information continues that “all these highly classified projects are under the control of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency”. Going further, they are being “managed by a classified group”. This discreet group goes by the name of Advanced Group-6.

Even more revealing – and something that many researchers have also claimed over the years – these projects are funded through “black confidential funds” which are obtained under “intelligence operations costs”, with other funds coming from “private contractors”. What’s more, “prototypes” have been made of several crafts that have used the advanced propulsion technologies mentioned above, with many of these test flights have taken place at Area 51 or at Tonopah Air Force Test Range. Some of the UFO sightings “in and around Nevada” are very likely to have been these experimental crafts.

Perhaps most important of all, however, is the detail that none of these top-secret experimental aircraft have been flown outside of the Nellis Test and Training Range, further stating “none of these experimental crafts can be contributed to the sightings photographed by the US Navy”.

What is interesting about this are claims from other researchers (dating back decades) that the main reason for UFO secrecy is the propulsion systems involved. And there are various reasons for this, ranging from the concern that such technology would end up in the hands of an enemy state to the notion that such advanced propulsion systems might be able to free of us our reliance on fossil fuels (and so depraving certain corporations millions, if not billions of dollars).

Of further interest is the fact that Ion Propulsion systems are mentioned. Information about similar engines used on flying crafts thousands of years ago can be found in the ancient Sanskrit texts – writings that many scholars suggest is historical fact and that many in the western world dismiss as nothing more than myths. Might this be, at least in part, the reason why?

In short, it appears that while some UFO sightings – as we have all long suspected – are very likely to be of top-secret military aircraft, any outside of that specific location is almost certainly not. Whether any of those experimental military aircraft are the result of reverse-engineered technology remains open to debate. It is certainly going to be an interesting few months in the UFO world. And any further releasing or leaking of information will be found here.

As always, though, we begin our round-up with several sightings that took place the previous month but have only just been reported.

Bright Circular Light Hovering Over Louisiana 13th May

A sighting that only recently reported occurred over Natchitoches in Louisiana at around 11 pm on the 13th of May. A picture of a strange, circular light was captured by a local resident who lives close to the airport with a Stealth Cam. Given that we can see the stars in the background of the image, the size of the light appears to be considerable.

Unfortunately, little else is known of this sighting, other than the witness claimed when submitting their report online that they often see such strange lights hovering over the region.

You can see that picture below and see for yourself if the object is something out of the ordinary.

Strange Bar Of Light Witnessed By Dogwalker, Oregon, 15th May

Two days later in St. Helens, Oregon, at around 10:30 pm, a local resident was walking their dog when they noticed a strange “bar of light” in the night skies above. It appeared to the witness to be approximately the same size as a plane and was at an altitude of around 4,000 to 5,000 feet.

Although they weren’t sure of the speed of the craft, it was constant with no variation and was moving in a straight line. The witness managed to capture an image of what they saw – which you can see below.

Some who have viewed the shot have offered that the “bar” may in fact be Star-Link satellites, although that is very much open to debate.

UFO Captured On Film Off The US East Coast, 16th May

Filmed on the 16th May off the east coast of the United States during a filming session for the YouTube channel Sailing And Fun, a strange “spherical” object was captured moving across the blue skies.

The witnesses would state that the footage does not show the object as clearly as it was viewed with the naked eye and that a dark circle in the center of the object is also not clear in the footage. They would continue that the object appeared to “rise above and drop below the clouds in relatively the same spot for hours”.

After looking online, the witnesses viewed several videos of apparent UFOs – including the recently leaked videos that the Pentagon has addressed – claiming that what they saw was very similar.

You can see the footage below.

Over 30 Lights Surround A Larger Light, Illinois, 26th May

Another sighting only recently reported occurred at just before midnight on the evening of 26th May on Bourbonnais in Illinois. The witness would claim that they happened to be outside and saw a “circular flashing bright light” in the sky. As they watched, multiple other lights came “from all directions” and gathered around the flashing light. They would count somewhere between 30 and 35 smaller lights in total.

They would witness a “partial triangle” around the light, remaining in that formation for several moments. Then, as quickly as they arrived, the lights shot off in all directions at a “super-fast” speed. All the while, despite this lighting pace, the lights remained completely silent.

The witness was certain that what they had seen was not planes or helicopters and very much appeared to be something otherworldly.

Unfortunately, there is no video footage or photographs of this particular sighting, although the witness claimed that her son, husband, and mother were all present at the incident and could corroborate it.

Three Dark Objects Hovering Over Mount Rainer, Washington (State) 26th May

On the same night as the sighting in Illinois, several hours earlier at around 7:30 pm in Auburn over the state of Washington, a local resident managed to capture a picture of three dark objects hovering in the early evening sky over Mount Rainer.

The witness was driving at the time they first spotted the strange objects – which they estimated were around 75 miles away. When they had the chance to stop at a traffic light, they immediately reached for their phone and captured a picture of the hovering objects. Even when they drove on they could see the objects with an “unobstructed view” for around two minutes.

The witness claimed that the objects were much darker to the naked eye than they appear in the photographs and were clearly visible. We should note that many mountains around the state of Washington, much like the rest of the United States, are regarded as hot spots for UFO activity.

You can see the picture captured by the witness below.

Green Light Entering Volcano In India, 27th May

A bizarre but intriguing potential sighting appeared on Instagram very recently and appeared to show either a green laser beam or a green-colored UFO moving at such speed it appeared as such, entering the Mount Merapi volcano in India.

The person captured the apparent anomaly unintentionally as they were taking pictures of the volcano from a distance. He noticed the object, which he claimed was relatively small but was moving at such a pace that it appeared as a beam of light.

You can see a picture of the green UFO below and make up your own mind.

Fast Moving Object Over Frankfurt, 30th May

At around 3 pm on the afternoon of 30th May a strange white, round object was captured on video over Frankfurt in Germany. The witness at first thought the object might have been a drone but when they realized how high it appeared to be flying, they questioned this initial assessment.

The footage clearly shows the object going behind one of the buildings in the shot, suggesting that it was indeed some considerable distance away from the witness. It is also unlikely to be a meteor due to the lack of a tail (which would be present). What it might be, however, remains open to debate.

You can see that video clip below.

Pilot Witnesses Round, Silver Object, 1st June

A very exciting sighting unfolded on the 1st of June in the skies over Toledo, Washington, when a pilot witnessed a strange object near his plane shortly after taking off from Tacoma Narrows Airport at a little after 12:30 pm.

According to the witness they were flying from Tacoma to Pearson Field in Vancouver at an altitude of around 3,5000 feet when he noticed a metallic object around 500 feet below his plane and slightly to the left and in front. He quickly glanced at his Traffic Alert Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) but it showed no register of the strange object.

He slowly gained on the mysterious vehicle, noting that it was ball-shaped and of a definite silver metallic material. He could no wings or any obvious signs of propulsion. At this point, he pointed the object out to his passenger, who was in the co-pilot’s seat, and she too also saw how strange it was.

As he was contemplating what it might be, the object suddenly began to pick pace, accelerating off into the distance. In total, it was visible for around 90 seconds. The witness would contact local airports, as well as a skydiving facility in the days following the sighting, discovering there were no known flights or skydiving events planned on the day in question.

Given the altitude the object was flying, it probable that a drone can be ruled out (drones typically fly no higher than 400 to 500 feet). And the fact the TCAS didn’t pick up the object suggests it is not a conventional aircraft.

You can see a snapshot of the flight data from the incident below.

Humanoid Figure Captured Walking On Road In Jharkhand, India

Perhaps one of the most bizarre sightings of otherworldly activity over the past several weeks comes to us from Jharkhand in India, where a ghostly alien-type humanoid was spotted by several motorists walking along the road.

Footage of the strange figure has entered the public domain courtesy of a motorbike rider’s helmet cam as they approached and then rode past the creature.

While we should perhaps take the footage with a pinch of salt as it could quite easily be someone pulling a hoax, the arms do appear to be particularly long compared to the rest of its body, and at least some of the motorists appear a little perplexed as to what they are seeing.

You can see a news report on the incident below.

Bizarre Rising Red Lights Over Indiana, 4th June

Three red lights were spotted and filmed over Huntingburg, Indiana at around 10:20 pm on the evening of 4th June. The witness was walking home from a local store with his girlfriend when they noticed the “odd red light” overhead.

They each dismissed it as nothing special, to begin with before noticing that it appeared to be gaining in altitude. However, instead of rising straight up like a lantern might, for example, it appeared to have a “wavy” type of movement to it. Eventually, the glowing red object disappeared out of sight.

The pair continued on their way home but soon saw another light rising upward in the exact same way as the previous one. This was then repeated with yet another bright red light almost as soon as the previous light had disappeared.

Whatever the witnesses say, it is certainly an intriguing sighting. You can view that video footage below.

Hovering Object Changes Shape Several Times Over Bridgend, Wales 11th June

At just before midnight on the 11th of June in Bridgend in Wales a resident of the Kenfig Hill area noticed a bizarre object overhead. What was truly strange about it was that it would change shape several times, shining a different color each time it did so.

It remained in sight for around ten minutes, although it didn’t make a single sound according to the witness.

You can see that footage below and see what you think it might be.

“Extremely Fast And Agile” Object Over Florida, 12th June

An oval-shaped object was captured on film at just before 6 am on 12th June in Orlando, Florida by a local resident. And while there is little detail regarding the incident, the footage is certainly intriguing, to say the least.

The witness states they noticed the object moving overhead in “up and down patterns” and appeared to be heading toward the east. It then performed a “quick loop” and went in a westerly direction.

The object itself was oval-shaped and most definitely solid, with several lights on its side. It was also “extremely agile and fast”.

You can view the video footage below.

Strange “Phoenix Lights” Style Object Filmed Over Utah, 14th June

On the evening of 14th June over Lehi in Utah, a strange row of lights was captured by a local resident on video camera. The video shows four lights that appear to be a part of one solid structure.

Veteran UFO researcher, Scott C. Waring, claimed that the lights reminded him of the Phoenix Lights incident of 1997, and it is hard to disagree. It is certainly intriguing footage, and perhaps one of the more credible sightings of 2021.

You can see the video clip below.

Multiple Orange Spheres Filmed Over Texas, 16th June

On the evening of 16th June, at around 11 pm over Keller in Texas, several red, round, spheres were filmed overhead. The main witness claims she was alone outside of her home when she first noticed the sphere-like objects in the night sky. She immediately ran inside to tell her husband of them, and to retrieve her phone.

When the pair made it back to the yard, there was now a “steady stream of spheres” overhead. The objects, whatever they were, were completely silent and remained visible for around 40 minutes. The witness claimed that they live near to Dallas Fort Worth Airport and are used to the various sounds of the aircraft taking off and landing and that the objects certainly appeared to be something out of the ordinary, and even resembles the footage of the Stephensville UFO incident of 2008.

The sightings remain unexplained, with some offering that the footage could just show Chinese Lanterns.

You can see the footage in question below.

UFOs Shoot Out Of Volcano, Popocatepetl, Mexico, 16th June

There have been several UFO sightings spotted over the volcano in Popocatepetl, Mexico, and another has been spotted on the evening of 16th June. The sighting was captured on a volcano cam and appears to show two round objects merging from the top of the volcano at a significant speed. Several moments later, a third UFO can be seen zipping across the screen passing directly over the top of the volcano.

A close-up of the objects appears to show something truly out of the ordinary and could be a genuinely credible recording. The question we would have to ask if the incident is a genuine one of an extraterrestrial craft, is what interest do these volcanos have to these alien visitors? Might it be, as many researchers have put forward, that they house alien bases or perhaps an entrance to a vast underground tunnel network?

The video below shows the apparent sighting.

Neon Blue “Alive” Object Over New Mexico, 17th June

Although there are no public pictures or video footage of it, a sighting that took place at around 3 am on 17th June over the town of Hurley in New Mexico is worthy of our examination here. Two friends were outside when they noticed a “glowing neon blue floating object” over the nearby woods, which was around 150 feet from where they stood.

Interestingly, the witness claimed that there was a “crazy cult” who summon the object, and worship it, continuing that it was “like a ship but alive as well”.

Although the above statement might sound outlandish, some UFO witnesses and researchers have questioned whether, at least in some instances, the strange objects witnessed might be “alive” in some way that we don’t understand. Whether there is a cult that is summoning these strange objects in New Mexico is perhaps a topic for discussion. Of course, if anyone out there does know of such a cult, feel free to let us know.

Blinking Object Captured On Film Over Massachusetts, 21st June

During the late afternoon of 21st June in Pepperell, Massachusetts at around 5 pm, a “blinking object” was videoed in the bright, blue sky. Although there is no information from the witness, aside from them being heard on the video that “it started on the treeline, now it is slowly moving up. I have no idea what it is”, it is an interesting piece of footage, and does appear to show an object that distinctly “blinks”.

As has been pointed by some researchers who have viewed the footage, there is little background to determine such things as size or how it moves, and even how fast it might be going.

You can see that video clip below and see what you think.

Glowing Round Object Photographed Over Nebraska, 21st June

At a little after 9 pm on the same evening as the sighting over Massachusetts, in La Vista, Nebraska, a glowing, round object with a particularly strange “dark center” was seen in the late-evening sky.

An anonymous parent and their son when they noticed the strange object overhead, claiming that to the naked eye it appeared globe-like. They managed to capture a picture of it, although stated that it appeared “distorted” in the picture, more so than it was when seeing it in person.

Unfortunately, little else is known about the sighting, and there is no background so as to determine the dimensions of the apparent object.

You can see that picture below.

Strange Lights Over Gujarat, India, 22nd June

On the evening of 22nd June over the city of Gujarat in India, multiple residents spotted at least two sets of three strange orange lights in the night sky overhead, with at least one witness managing to capture the sighting on video.

Even more intriguing, when the objects first appeared there was a “large explosion” heard by many which was likely something akin to a sonic boom. The light appears to be a part of a solid craft as they move as one across the sky over the awestruck residents.

As we have written about recently, India and this entire region of the world is no stranger to UFO sightings, with this being just the latest of a long history of strange aerial vehicles in Indian airspace.

You can view footage of that sighting below.

Bizarre Black Cube Over California, 25th June

During the early evening of 25th June somewhere in California, local residents managed to capture footage of a strange, black cube speeding through the sky. The footage is particularly clear and shows an object with no visible wings or means of propulsion.

Despite the strange shape of the apparent aerial vehicle (a cube is not aerodynamically sound, for example), the object moves through the sky at great speed. What the object might remain unknown, but the state is no stranger to strange objects overhead.

You can view that video footage below and make up your own mind.

UFO Spotted Near Collapsed Miami Apartment Building, 25th June

On the same day as the sighting in California, a TikTok user captured a strange, disc or oval-shaped object flying over the recently collapsed apartment buildings in Miami, Florida.

As we might imagine there are several theories as to what the object might be or why it was hovering over the crippled building. There is a history of UFOs being spotted over the sites of disasters, and many theories have been put forward to explain these types of sightings.

Whether that is the case, and if the object is indeed a UFO perhaps remains to be seen. It seems the object was also captured in a news broadcast, which is also contained in the footage.

You can view that video below.

Lights In Shape of A Triangle, Manitoba, Canada, 27th June

Another sighting that has no public pictures or video footage but is still worthy of inclusion here unfolded during the early hours of 27th June over Cooks Creek in Manitoba, Canada.

It was around half past midnight when a couple was lying in bed noticed several strange lights in a triangular shape out of their bedroom window. Although they at first thought the lights belonged to a plane it became apparent that they were something a little more out of the ordinary.

They would recall how some of the lights had appeared to be white, with others being orange-red. Using a tree in the distance, the couple managed to establish that whatever was behind the lights was not moving and simply remained in that same spot. Although they were uncertain about what it was, they realized that it wasn’t a conventional aircraft such as an airplane or helicopter.

Strange Object Over Albuquerque, New Mexico, 28th June

According to MUFON case no. 116566, a local resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico was recording footage of the cloud formations near their home on the afternoon of 28th June. When they later reviewed the footage, they noticed a strange object appear in the upper right part of the frame.

The witness continued to watch the objects, noticing how it descended, then hovered for several moments before descending once more. At the time the footage ends, the object was level with the setting sun.

Sphere Shaped Object Over California, 30th June

At just before 1 pm on the 30th of June over Hemet in California, a local resident observed a sphere-shaped object overhead that appeared to be “partially transparent”.

The witness was driving at the time and first noticed the strange object as they approached a stop at a junction. Although the object appeared transparent in part, it was clear enough for the witness to clearly see it move through the sky. They would estimate that it was approximately 50 feet from the ground and was around 10 to 15 feet in diameter.

They would estimate the speed of the object to be around 40 miles per hour, certainly fast enough that by the time the lights had changed, and he was moving again, he was unable to catch up to it and ultimately it disappeared into the distance.

Unfortunately, the witness “didn’t have time for a photo”.


May 2021 appears to have been no less active in UFO reports than in previous months. Perhaps of more intrigue to many, though, is that UFOs, their origin, and what the governments of the world may or may not know, in particular the US government, have very much been on mainstream platforms for several weeks. So much so, that the anticipation of disclosure of recent times has seemingly returned to fever-pitch levels.

With intelligence agencies set to deliver a report to congress on 1st June on their knowledge and understanding of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs – essentially a new way of saying UFO), many people are expecting a huge reveal, and perhaps even confirmation that not only does alien life exist, but it is intelligent and has been seemingly visiting our planet for a long time. Of course, we should remember that some of that report could stay out of the public domain, although most (at least) is expected to be accessible by the general population.

This anticipation comes after several leaked military videos have been confirmed as authentic by the authorities, with another surfacing online very recently. The video in question appears to show an unknown object hovering and moving purposely near a US Navy ship located off the coast of San Diego.

You can see that video below.

Of course, whether that disclosure comes and if it comes in a way the collective UFO community would find satisfactory remains to be seen. As does just exactly how much of it will be made public, and if the entire “admission” is merely a double bluff of sorts to allow them to kick the subject into the long grass in the long term.

Perhaps one last thing to mention on the subject was an exchange between former president, Barack Obama, and The Tonight Show host, James Corden about the subject. Obama stated that “there’s footage and records of objects in the skies, that we don’t know exactly what they are, we can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory”.

The short video below is a news report on the former president’s comments.

Several days later, President Biden was asked about Obama’s comments and while he laughed the question off, at least to some, he seemed rather uncomfortable by the sudden mention of the subject.

You can see that exchange below and make up your own minds. What is for certain, though, is that the subject of UFOs looks set to remain in the mainstream spotlight for some months to come.

Until that report is submitted, we will examine what people have been seeing in the skies over the last four weeks. We start, though, with a sight that occurred at the start of the year, but has only very recently been reported.

Three Triangular Objects Witnessed Over Thailand, 15th January

Although it occurred at the start of the year on the afternoon of 15th January, a sighting of an apparent triangular-shaped UFO over Chonburi in Thailand is certainly worthy of our time here.

The sighting occurred at a little after 12 noon, when the witness was driving in the countryside, heading toward a water reservoir. However, when they happened to look out of their window, they noticed three strange objects “high up in the sky”. Each of the objects appeared to be flying at the same altitude.

The driver quickly brought his vehicle to a stop and reached for his phone in order to capture a picture. However, as he did so, two of the objects “disappeared in an instant”. They did, though, manage to capture a picture of the remaining object. It was only when the witness zoomed in on his picture that he realized it was a distinct triangular shape.

You can view that picture below.

Circular Object With Trail Over Portland, 8th Feb

Another recently reported UFO sighting occurred in the early evening of 8th February in Portland, Oregon. At around 5:30 pm on the evening in question, the witness was at the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and was attempting to photograph a pair of eagles. However, when they returned home later and reviewed their pictures, they realized they had captured a strange object in the distance.

The object appeared to spherical or oval-shaped, and a distinct trail followed its apparent movement. Some who viewed the picture suspect that it could be nothing more than a meteor, but most agree it certainly isn’t a terrestrial aircraft.

You can view that picture below.

UFO Over Rochdale, UK, 22nd April

During the late afternoon of 22nd April, at a little after 5 pm, a local resident, 59-year-old Dave Watkins, claimed to have spotted – and filmed – a strange, circular UFO over Rochdale in the United Kingdom.

He was sat in his car at the time of the sighting, waiting for his wife who was with his mother-in-law for a hospital appointment. Even when he first spotted the strange object, he told himself it was a reflection on the windscreen. However, when he got out of the car in order to check this, he realized that he was looking at something a little more out of the ordinary.

The round object appeared very much like a “bright light” and was most definitely moving purposely and seemingly with intelligent guidance. Watkins only managed to film several seconds of footage as the battery on his phone was low.

He followed it with his eye, though, for several moments before finally losing sight. He would upload his video footage to social media where several people weighed in on the discussion as to what it might be. Some believed it was nothing more than a helium balloon, while others thought there was something a little more to the strange object than that, not least because of the rapid movements and even a change of color.

The sighting remains, at least for now, unexplained.

Underwater Object Or Creature Filmed Off The Coast Of Belize, 29th April

At the end of April, although only reported at the end of May, a diver operating around 20 miles offshore Placencia in Belize, appeared to capture something very strange under the water.

The witness, Robert Schultz, claimed that they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary at the time. It was only later when they were reviewing their footage of the dive that they noticed something strange in the water.

Is this an underwater UFO – a USO? Or might it be a strange sea creature?

When a person who viewed the footage, a “Master Diving Instructor” who has been diving since the late-1970s, Jerry Gray, claimed that “there is no (known) underwater critter like this one”. He would further state that Schultz had either captured a “new species…. with high-speed propulsion”, or he had, indeed, captured “something that is not of this world”.

You can view that video footage below and make your own mind up.

PGA Golfer, Bryson DeChambeau Speaks About UFO Sightings

It might also be worth our time examining the comments of PGA Golfer, Bryson DeChambeau, who recently caused a stir of sorts during a recent interview. Much like NFL quarterback, Baker Mayfield, who commented publicly on his own UFO sighting several weeks ago, DeChambeau did likewise on the SiriusXM PGA Tour Network show.

He would recall how the previous year, he and his instructor, Adam Hurley, saw “three little silver metallic discs” moving in the distance from his backyard in Texas. The pair continued to watch the display for around an hour, with the objects “moving in a triangle shape”. He claimed the pair went inside very briefly and by the time they returned to the yard, the strange objects had disappeared.

The golfer would speak of much more than just this recent sighting, stating his views on the subject in general. He would state that these UFOs could be one person who has developed or has access to highly advanced technology. However, he also states it was more likely (by comparison) that these strange vehicles are the result of “us being future time travelers that are able to come back with technology that we’ve never seen”.

He would elaborate even further, stating that he personally thinks UFOs are “some other life that we don’t understand or know, as of right now” or that they were the consequences of a “parallel universe, flipping over and jumping through a wormhole”.

It was certainly an interesting interview which you can view a little more below.

Row Of Lights Moving “Very Fast” Over Gold Bar, Washington, 4th May

On the evening of 4th May, just before 9:30 pm, a local woman noticed a “long, vertical row of lights” in the skies over Gold Bar, Washington. She claimed that there appeared to be seven lights in a tight line moving in a southeast direction and going “very fast”. The light remained solid at all times during the sighting, with no blinking.

The witness stated that the light remained in sight for several minutes before disappearing past the mountain area of Stevens Pass, which was approximately 60 miles away.

She at first considered that she might have witnessed a meteor or a comet, but quickly dismissed this as there was “no flicker or arc” to it.

You can see a picture captured by the witness below, which the witness herself notes does not show the individual lights but rather a long, bright line.

Strange Marks Appear On Man’s Back, Marysville, 4th May

Over the previous years, we have highlighted several cases of strange marks – sometimes in a “grid” pattern – suddenly appearing on a person’s back. In all cases, the respective person is completely unaware of how they could have gotten the marks.

Another case has seemingly surfaced when a woman from Marysville, California, noticed several strange, red marks on her husband’s back on the evening of 4th May. She stated that her husband has been recovering from a back injury, but the markings – similar to bruises – had “super-freaked” her out.

It isn’t known if the witness or her husband has noticed any strange lights or other phenomena associated with potential alien abduction or a close contact UFO encounter, although we might suspect, if they had, they would have mentioned it in their report.

You can view a picture of them below.

Multiple Residents Witness UFO Over Albuquerque, 5th May

On the evening of 5th May multiple people witnessed several strange objects – many reports stated at least six – over Albuquerque, New Mexico. The sightings occurred a little before 10:30 pm, with one of the first witnesses – a reporter from KOAT News, Brittany Hope – posting on Twitter at 10:23 pm asking if “anyone else just see this in the Albuquerque sky” with a video she had shot of the footage.

Many would respond to the tweet, claiming they had indeed seen the strange glowing objects. Because some people claimed that the lights appeared to be in a “string” and sometimes disappeared from view, there were suggestions that they could have been some of the Starlink satellites regularly launched by Elon Musk’s company, and which are regularly mistaken for UFOs. This would appear to be the case here also.

One of the witnesses to the sighting also managed to film the lights. You can see their video below.

Delta Air Lines Pilot Reports UFO Over Saskatchewan, 9th May

Perhaps one of the most intriguing sightings of a UFO occurred on the 9th May over Saskatchewan in Canada, not least as it came from a professional pilot of Delta Air Lines. The flight itself was making its way from Fairbanks in Alaska to Minneapolis in Minnesota when the pilot spotted the strange object, which was “way above them” (the plane was already flying at 39,000 feet).

They would check with the control tower, who confirmed that there was “no known traffic in the area”.

UFO researcher and writer, Chris Rutkowski would offer that it was strange that they couldn’t figure what the object was, given the amount of time the pilots have spent in the air and the amount of (terrestrial) traffic they would have seen. He would further offer that when “a UFO is reported by a pilot, we should take notice because it suggests perhaps there’s something in the sky that shouldn’t be there”.

There is little other detailed information about this sighting at the moment. However, we should note it is yet another UFO sighting in our contemporary era from a trained, professional pilot. Something that we should indeed take note of.

Strange, Black UFO Hovers Over Nevada, 14th May

On the afternoon of 14th May in Minden, Nevada, a local resident witnessed a “very dense black circular object” that was simply hovering overhead. She would further recall that the object appeared to have “heatwaves” emanating from it, something caused an “aura” that seemed to encase the object entirely.

The witness would state that the object remained entirely motionless and was visible for around 20 minutes. After watching it for that duration, the witness happened to look away for no longer than 15 seconds. However, when they returned their attention to the skies, the strange object was gone.

Details such as heatwaves or auras are contained within numerous other UFO reports, as does the fact that went from hovering motionless to simply disappearing after the witness took their attention from it. This sighting is perhaps one that should be treated as potentially very credible.

You can view that sighting in the video below.

“Super Bright” Glowing Orb Over Gold Creek, Montana, 14th May

At a little after 10:30 pm on the evening of 14th May in Gold Creek, Montana, a witness noticed an extremely brightly glowing orb overhead.

They would recall how the “super bright orb” appeared to “zoom across the sky”. However, it only remained visible for a few seconds before fading out of view as it went behind the treeline in the distance. They would note how, to them, it appeared to be “brighter than any satellite” they had seen.

When examining the available data, though, it has been determined that this object was, most likely, the International Space Station, which was visible in the area at the time. You can still check out the video below, though, if only as a marker to determine future sightings of similar objects.

“Donut-Shaped” UFO Witnessed By Multiple People Over London, 17th May

During the early evening of 17th May, at around 6:40 pm in Welling, South London, 38-year-old postman, Mark Banks was at his girlfriend, Vicky Andrew’s home, along with his teenage daughter, Aimee. When Vicky happened to glance out of the window, she noticed two strange objects in the sky. She alerted the others and they quickly went outside in order to get a better view. And, of more importance, managed to capture over a minute of footage of the strange aerial vehicles.

They would later describe the objects as round but with what appeared to be a hole in the middle – like a donut, and appeared, according to Mark, to be “flipping around”.

Perhaps interestingly, Vicky can be heard saying in the footage that she had told him she “saw something the other day”, indicating that other strange objects have possibly been over the skies of south London in the previous days and weeks.

Mark would state to the Daily Mail newspaper that he doesn’t necessarily believe the objects were extraterrestrial, he has dismissed the idea that they could have been airplanes or helicopters. And he would further state that they definitely weren’t drones as they were “too high” and because of the “way they moved and flipped upside down. Furthermore, the possibilities of them being a lantern could be dismissed as these objects were solid black.

He would further state to the newspaper that the experience had “changed his opinion” on the possibilities of such things, and he was clear was “looking at something he never expected to see!”

They were in view for approximately 10 minutes.

You can view that footage below.

Triangular-Shaped “Cloud” UFO Over Tennessee, 18th May

According to MUFON case 115575, during the early evening of 18th May in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a strange triangular-shaped object was witnessed in the clouds. According to the witness, she was with her boyfriend when he noticed a “triangular-shaped cloud” appear in the sky overhead.

There was no sound coming from the object, but it made a definite turn that you wouldn’t expect a cloud to make. Then, as quickly as it arrived, it disappeared.

The sighting is intriguing as some UFO researchers assert that these seemingly extraterrestrial crafts use clouds, or disguise themselves as clouds, in order to traverse the planet without being seen. It is certainly an interesting notion.

The witness’s boyfriend managed to get several pictures of the object. You can see one of those pictures below.

Strange Object Over Auburn Hills, Michigan, 19th May

Another MUFON reported UFO occurred the following day on the 19th May in the Auburn Hills area of Michigan. A white, disc-shaped object was captured on film in the blue skies overhead.

There is little information on the sighting, although veteran UFO researcher, Scott Waring states it is his belief that this craft likely arrived in the area courtesy of Lake Michigan.

You can view the sighting in the video below.

Black Triangle Over Vancouver, 25th May

Although there is little in-depth detail about the incident itself, a sighting of a black, triangular UFO unfolded a little after 3 pm on the afternoon of 25th May in the skies over Vancouver in Washington.

The witness would recall that the object was approximately 3,000 feet long, with no lights, and that it appeared to emerge suddenly from out of the clouds. As they happened to have their binoculars with them at the time, they viewed the object through them, ensuring that what they were witnessing was not an airplane.

They would further estimate that the triangular craft was traveling at an altitude of around 15,000 feet. They would also note that aside from the cloud that the craft emerged from, it was an otherwise clear sky.

You can see a drawing of the UFO submitted by the witness.


April has not only witnessed multiple sightings of strange objects and lights in the sky but there have also been several intriguing releases of information (one of which we will examine shortly). Sighting themselves, however, have continued in abundance, featuring all manner of objects and orbs.

There have also been several UFO incidents that have taken place in the previous months, and in some cases, the previous years that have only come to light over the last few weeks. As usual, we will look at these before moving on to the most recent sightings of strange objects in our collective skies.

First, though, we will look at the fall-out from one of the claims of a UFO sighting from the previous month, that of Baker Mayfield.

Baker Mayfield Insists What He Saw “Was Real!”

Perhaps one of the strangest reports of the previous month was that of NFL quarterback, Baker Mayfield, who very publicly claimed to have witnessed a UFO while returning home from dinner.

Over the last few weeks, as we might expect, the Cleveland Browns signal-caller has been asked several times of his sighting. And Mayfield has not backed down from his initial report on social media.

Not only would he confirm to the media via a Zoom call recently that the UFO he witnessed “was real, I saw it” but that he was also a “firm believer in UFOs and Sasquatch”. He would also elaborate hos he was “glad the Navy finally confirmed some more pictures. Now everybody doesn’t think I am crazy”.

Mayfield is certainly sticking to his version of events. And what’s more, it appears there are several other witnesses on the night in question who have since corroborated the sighting.

Pentagon Confirmation Of More Leaked UFO Photographs, April 2021

One of the most exciting pieces of news came early in April, and was, in fact, the confirmation that Mayfield was speaking of. The leaked photographs in question were captured in 2019 and were taken from the rear of a F/A-18 fighter jet. The three pictures were published courtesy of veteran UFO investigator and researcher, George Knapp on 6th April. They show several strange pictures – labeled “Acorn”, “Sphere”, and “Blimp” – clearly show strange aerial vehicles unlike anything terrestrial.

You can see those pictures below.

The Department of Defense’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) stated:

I can confirm that the referenced photos and videos were taken by Navy personnel. The UAPTF has included these incidents in their ongoing examinations!

It is thought that the pictures were taken over a 32-minute period in March 2019 off the East Coast of the United States and have been confirmed to have definitely three separate objects. Initial suspicions that the objects might have been high altitude air balloons were also dismissed when official records showed no such activity in the region at the time the pictures were taken.

While the confirmation is still far short of the long-waited for “disclosure” of just what these strange objects are and where they are coming from, the admission is certainly a significant step forward.

Multi-Witness Black Triangle Sighting, Texas, 2008

The first of our only-recently-reported sightings comes from over a decade ago in 2008. According to the report of the witness, the incident occurred one Saturday when two young brothers were playing in their garden. It wasn’t long before they grew bored and decided to go to a neighbor’s house so they could play “on his Xbox”. By mid-afternoon – around 2 pm – they were all on the outside porch when the main witness suddenly noticed something “in the sky in front of me”.

He would go on to describe the object as a “black triangle object with three white circles on the corners”. He would elaborate that, on the side, there were “little colorful changing lights in two rows”. These lights would change colors as they went from left to right. It simply hovered motionless in the sky, making no sound whatsoever, at an approximate altitude of 300 feet.

He would quickly call to his friend, and his brother. They each soon turned their attention to the sky and witnessed the bizarre aerial vehicle also. It was around this time that they noticed a car driving up the street.

Even stranger, his friend’s computer console – which they had dragged to the outside porch – suddenly switched off of its own accord. At the exact same time, the witness noticed that the car’s engine suddenly turned off, as if “the person was driving and just turned the car off”.

There was a trailer outside belonging to their friend. Realizing something bizarre was taking place, they ventured inside. When they did, they realized that all the power was off inside the trailer also. They tried several light switches and power sockets – all of them were dead.

They were inside the trailer for approximately two minutes. However, by the time they went back outside, the triangular object had disappeared. A moment later, all the power returned, the Xbox turned back on, and the car restarted.

Whatever the object was remains unknown.

You can see a sketch by the witness of what they saw below.

Transparent Curved Object Over Oklahoma, 9th April

Although there is not much known in terms of detail, an apparent sighting of a transparent, curved object was captured on the afternoon of 9th April 2014 over Sayre in Oklahoma, although the sighting was only recently reported.

The incident unfolded around 4 pm on the day in question when the witness was taking pictures of the cloud formations overhead. It was only when they viewed the pictures they had taken later in the evening that they noticed a strange “large transparent ship with a long body and curved on the top and bottom”.

The witness would also claim that they have unintentionally pictured several mysterious ships and objects all over the state of Oklahoma.

You can view the picture from the 2014 sighting below.

Rosary Like Object, Canada, 25th February

Although it happened back in February, a sighting over Ontario, Canada was only recently reported. The incident occurred at around 4:30 pm on the 25th of February when a local resident ventured outside their place of work so they could enjoy a cigarette. As they were doing so, they suddenly “felt an urge” to look upwards into the clear, blue sky overhead.

When they did, they would notice a “very long, white object at around 1,000 feet” moving across the sky. Realizing they were watching something out of the ordinary they reached for their phone and began to film.

When they viewed their footage a short time later, they could see that the object appeared necklace-like and almost similar to a rosary. It is certainly an intriguing piece of footage, which you can see below.

Red Circular Object Over Delaware, 3rd March

Another bizarre sighting only recently reported occurred over Lewes, Delaware on 3rd March. The sighting occurred at around 6:30 pm on the night in question when a local woman witnessed a strange, red object in the sky overhead while in a moving car.

She managed to capture several pictures of the apparent aerial vehicle which eventually disappeared.

There have been several possibilities suggested, even that the light was a red light from the dashboard of the car reflected in the window (you can see other dashboard details, for example). However, the witness is certain that she saw the light with her own eyes.

A further claim, and perhaps the correct one, is that the red light was, in fact, a NASA suborbital rocket that launched on the same day from Wallops Island. You can see one of those pictures below.

Rectangular Bus-Sized Object Over Kentucky, 24th March

Somewhere between 9:15 pm and 9:30 pm on the 24th March in Louisville, Kentucky, a local man was taking out his trash when he noticed a strange orange light in the sky. What’s more, it was heading in his direction. He noted that although they could hear traffic noise in the distance, there was no sound at all from the glowing object, even though it was now at an altitude of only 400 feet. The witness would further guess that the object was a little over a mile away from them and was moving approximately 70 miles per hour.

As it continued its apparent approach the witness believed the object was diamond-shaped. However, when it changed direction and moved to the east, they could see how it now appeared distinctly rectangular shaped. The witness would further recall that the exterior was a dark, gray color and had “railings” along the underside. They would estimate that the object was around six feet in height and was approximately the size of a bus in length. Furthermore, an orange light glowed on either end of the object while a yellow light did so from the middle.

He watched the object for around 30 seconds before quickly going to shout his wife. However, by the time he returned, it had disappeared. Although he would attempt to find other witnesses to the event (among his neighbors) it appeared he was the lone person who saw the strange craft.

You can see a sketch by the witness of what they saw below.

Blue Beams And Lost Memories In Kentucky, 25th March

The following evening, just short of midnight on the 25th March in Salyersville, Kentucky, a husband and wife witnessed a strange object in the sky while observing the Moon. They managed, according to their report, to capture pictures and video footage of the object. However, these have not yet surfaced for viewing.

Several nights later, while taking a walk in the evening, the couple again witnessed “a light moving slowly through the sky”. Instinctively, the husband lifted the flashlight he was carrying and pointed the light at the object, although he could not have expected what happened next.

Suddenly, “within a second”, a disc-shaped object was directly over the top of them, approximately 30 feet away. He would recall how the object was “so shiny we could see ourselves in it”. What’s more, the object shone a blue beam directly onto the couple. The witness would recall that they “didn’t know what happened (after that) because the next thing we remember is I was standing on my porch looking up at it across the road from my house”. Even stranger, his wife was asleep in bed.

Although the footage of the first sighting is yet to be received, the second incident – if we accept for one moment its authenticity – very much appears to be an abduction encounter. Only if the witnesses decide to explore, and then indeed, reveal more details, will investigators be able to determine that.

UFO Hovering Over Mountains Over Deming New Mexico, 3rd April

The first of several intriguing MUFON cases unfolded a relative stone’s throw from Roswell in Deming, New Mexico on the afternoon of 3rd April. According to MUFON case number 114560, a truck driver was leaving Roswell when, at around 4:30 am, he noticed a strange object “hovering over the mountains”. He immediately pulled his truck over to the side of the road in order to examine the apparent object more closely.

After watching it for several moments, he put the vehicle into motion once more, driving approximately 10 miles up the road. As he did so, he saw several cars that had pulled over to the roadside, their occupants clearly having spotted the object also. He also noted that when he had first noticed the object it appeared dark-colored but now he had progressed down the road, it appeared white, which he suspected was the sun’s reflection.

He would dismiss the notion that it might be a helicopter due to its height. And nor did it appear like an airplane or even a blimp. He would eventually find another place to pull his truck over so he could attempt to capture the object on his camera. However, he would declare that his “camera failed multiple times” before he finally managed to do so.

He would eventually drive on his way, eventually stopping at a nearby gas station. However, it appeared from the fact that most people were simply going about their business that they were unaware of the bizarre object just several miles up the road.

You can see a video from veteran UFO researcher, Scott Waring regarding the sighting below.

Glowing Orange Orbs Over Dana Point, California, 3rd April

In the early hours of 3rd April at approximately 1:30 am, a local man was outside his home when he noticed an “orange glowing orb above the ocean”. In fact, when the video footage he managed to capture is examined, there appear to be several orbs seemingly moving steadily in the night sky.

It is not clear if the orbs are separate entities in their own right, or part of a larger, single craft. Of course, there is also the possibility that they could be satellites in orbit or even space debris. The sighting is certainly worth logging and examining, though.

You can see the footage below and make up your own mind.

Two Glowing UFOs Over Barstow, California, 3rd April

A resident in Barstow, California managed to capture footage of a glowing UFO on the same evening as the previous sighting. In the footage, two glowing orb-like vehicles are clearly visible, even changing colors as they darted about the sky in ever-changing directions.

There is little other detail about this sighting. However, it certainly worth including here. You can view that footage below.

Strange Footage Captured On Security Cam, North Dakota, 5th April

During the night of 5th April over a farm in Williston, North Dakota, a security cam captured what appeared to be a strange descending UFO over the land. According to the MUFON file 114593, the witness claimed that the footage was captured on a motion-detected camera that overlooked the area in question.

Immediately after the footage, the next recording was several hours later in daylight. Even more disturbing, though, was that the farmer in question would discover two of his cows dead a short distance away. Each was covered in mud and there was no obvious cause of death. He would further state that he had “never seen anything like this out there on the cameras”.

You can view that footage below.

Glowing UFO Over Virginia, 6th April

On the evening of 6th April in Charlottesville, Virginia, a local resident managed to capture around a minute of footage of a bright, glowing object moving through the sky. According to case number 114606 from the MUFON files, the witness was walking their dog in a local park when he suddenly noticed his dog looking upward. It was then that the witness noticed the “bright, roundish-shaped object”.

As they watched the object move, they noticed how it made no sound at all, meaning it couldn’t have been a helicopter or small aircraft. The witness even managed to confirm the object was not a scheduled flight through an app on their mobile phone. With this done, they began to film the strange glow. They would also eliminate the possibility that the object was a satellite upon returning home later that evening.

Whatever the object was remains unknown. You can see that video below.

White Metallic Cube Over Texas, 6th April

On the afternoon of 6th April in San Benito, Texas, a local resident spotted a strange oval-shaped craft in the blue skies above. The witness would recall that around 10 minutes before he spotted the strange object, a “helicopter was seen flying extremely low in (the) residential area” of the city.

He would further state that with the naked eye it appeared like a “metallic cube spinning like a top”. He quickly retrieved his phone and began filming it. Perhaps also interestingly, the witness would claim that at some points, when he attempted to focus on the object, his phone “started to glitch”, something he had not witnessed his phone do before. Even stranger, he would claim that at the same time he noticed the glitch on his phone, he “instantly felt weak and (had) a sharp pain in my chest followed by a dizzy spell”.

He does state in his report that although he doesn’t know what the object was, he was sure “it wasn’t an airplane”.

You can view the video in question below.

Strange Oval-Shaped UFO Over Germany, 7th April

The following day, another interesting video surfaced out of Germany on the 7th of April when a local resident believed they spotted and filmed a white, oval-shaped UFO in the early evening sky overhead.

Unfortunately, there is only several seconds of footage and little known in terms of details of this particular sighting as it appears that the witness was so shocked by what they had seen that they lost track of the aerial anomaly and was unable to locate it again.

You can view that video below and make up your own mind.

Strange String Of Lights Over Texas, 9th April

Another sighting of strange, orb-like lights occurred at a little after 9 pm in Gatesville, Texas on the evening of the 9th of April. A local resident saw (and filmed) a “string of Christmas-like lights” moving silently across the night sky.

The lights appeared to be flying much higher than a helicopter would and were moving much quicker. They would eventually disappear into the clouds. However, despite waiting for several moments for them to emerge from the other side, they didn’t reappear and had seemingly vanished.

Although there is the distinct possibility that what was witnessed was nothing more than Star-link communications satellites, the footage is certainly interesting and worth viewing, which you can do below.

Glowing Object Over Blackhawk, Colorado, 9th April

According to MUFON case 114659, a glowing object was witnessed and photographed over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado on the afternoon of 9th April. According to the witness, the “orb was stationary for 20 minutes” over Niwot Ridge. The witness viewed the object through his Canon telescopic lens from his fourth-floor tower room overlooking the area.

As he watched the hovering glowing orb, he managed to take several photographs, one of which you can view below. The witness further claimed that before the orb vanished, it “diminished slightly”. They also recalled that there was no sound whatsoever from the sighting.

He would further reveal that he had witnessed a similar object several years previously, although he would state these previous sightings moved in a distinct L-shape movement as opposed to merely hovering.

Oval Shape Over Lake Havasu City, Arizona, 10th April

An extremely intriguing UFO sighting occurred early in the morning of 10th April in Lake Havasu City in Arizona. At around 5 am, while traveling to Lake Havasu, an unnamed witness noticed “circular lights that morphed together in the sky”. Realizing he was watching something strange, he stopped the car and reached for his camera in order to capture footage of the incident. When he did, it appeared that the lights were, in fact, a “bright oval-shaped object”. There are other lights, and even a streak, that the witness saw, although it is not clear if these are connected to the anomalous oval shape, or whether they are merely other, terrestrial objects.

The witness also claimed that the region where he witnessed the strange sighting was used extensively for the United States military for nuclear tests and experiments with “advanced technology”, particularly during the 1940s and 1950s. Whether those kinds of activities are still taking place there today is perhaps open to debate.

You can see the video footage in question below.

Apparent Bar-Shaped Object Captured By Doorbell Cam Footage, Florida, 10th April

Even going back to previous years, there have been several intriguing pieces of footage captured by door cams or doorbell cameras. Whether these pieces of video are showing orb-like objects from another world or whether they are merely tricks of the light showing glowing out of proportion insects remains a topic of conversation, at least for some.

Another such piece of video surfaced from the 10th of April from the Rotonda West region of Florida. The footage, captured at a little after 1:30 am when a bar-shaped object is seen moving across the screen. Furthermore, according to the witness, the object later returned, this time moving in the opposite direction.

Like other similar such sightings, what the object might be is open to debate. You can view that footage below and make up your own mind.

Erratically Moving Blinking Orb Over Florida, 15th April

At a little after 9 pm on the evening of 15th April over Naples, Florida, a local resident managed to capture around 20 seconds of footage of a blinking orb moving erratically above, even appearing to change color on occasion.

While there is little other information known about this sighting, it appears clear from the footage that the object is not a terrestrial vehicle such as an airplane or helicopter. It also sits nicely with other similar sightings of erratically moving orb-like objects over the years.

You can see that video footage below.

Appearing And Disappearing Object Over Shelton, Washington, 16th April

A potentially interesting sighting unfolded in the middle of the afternoon on the 16th of April in Shelton in the state of Washington. At around 2:30 pm the anonymous witness noticed seven individual aircraft in the clear blue afternoon sky, perhaps standing out due to the contrails behind them.

However, as they watched the seemingly terrestrial aircraft, they noticed “something appearing and disappearing” with alarming speed. The witness reached for their phone and began to record in an attempt to identify what the mysterious reappearing object was. When they later viewed the footage, they claimed to be able to witness three separate objects, appearing and disappearing, in and around where the planes were flying. We should note that this video footage has not yet been made available by the witness.

They would also claim to have captured a “ball of light shooting up” high into the sky, as well as another object seemingly zipping through the sky.

If the report is accurate, then are the appearance of these strange and seemingly otherworldly objects just coincidence, or might they have taken an interest in the planes that were in the sky that morning?

Although the video is yet to surface, you can view one of the pictures below.

The Space X Near Collision With An Unknown Object, 23rd April

According to several reports, a strange, anomalous object was spotted during the recent Space-X launch. And whether or not it was an extraterrestrial vehicle or something more mundane, it would be bordering irresponsible to not include it here.

According to the reports, following a successful launch with no problems, the crew were notified of a “possible conjunction” midway through their journey to the International Space Station. What’s more, the object was “classified as unknown”.

Due to the last-minute nature of the incident, there wasn’t time to change the course of the SpaceX vehicle. With that in mind, the crew was advised to “don their pressurized suits” and prepare for the possibility of a collision with the unknown object.

Ultimately, the collision didn’t occur, leading ground control to confirm “all aboard are safe and the spacecraft was not at risk”.

It is thought by most that the “object” was space debris, which it most likely was. However, there is little more details available. For example, how big was this space debris? How close did it come to the SpaceX craft? And just why didn’t the collision occur.

While it is only rampant speculation by some sections of the online UFO community, many would wonder whether the debris was, in fact, an extraterrestrial object. And if it was merely watching what was taking place with regard to the planned, and successful docking with the International Space Station.


As 2021 progresses, so does the apparent anticipation of more releases of information as to what might be behind UFO sightings. And while we should note, there is nothing solid to suggest any type of disclosure in the immediate future, sightings continue to take place, and perhaps more importantly, interest in them seemingly continues to grow. Perhaps whether that general interest results in more sightings or more sightings stoke such interest is an intriguing notion in itself.

From glowing spheres to cigar-shaped objects, bizarrely moving lights, and even more celebrities revealing their UFO sightings, March 2021 has been as active as the first two months of the, at the very least. And if the opening quarter of 2021 is anything to go by, we can expect such sightings to continue in abundance as the year unfolds. And, of course, you will read about them here first.

We will start, though, as usual, with several sightings that occurred the previous month, but have only been reported within the last four weeks. In fact, one of them, as we shall see in a moment, occurred over half a decade ago involving a (then) active NFL athlete. Before we turn our attention to that recently revealed encounter, we will go to the appearance of strange lights over West Virginia in mid-February.

Strange Lights Appear Suddenly Over Huntington, West Virginia, 22nd February

Although it wasn’t reported until the first week in March, video footage of four blinking lights over Huntington in West Virginia at around 9 pm on the evening of 22nd February.

On the night in question, the witness had stepped outside for a cigarette after eating dinner. As they smoked, they happened to look up to the sky. The witness claimed they “thought out loud” that “if you guys are out there, then why won’t you show yourselves?”

Then, as if in response, the strange lights appeared. The witness managed to capture around a minute of footage. They also went on to claim in their report, that both his wife and his mother have had “many sightings”, with his mother actually “blacking out” and going missing for around six hours. She still has no memory of the incident (other than something happened) and apparently still has “night terrors” due to it.

What is interesting here is that this suggests continued monitoring of sorts of an entire family over several generations. This is something that comes up a lot in alien abduction accounts. And perhaps that the lights seemed to appear in response to the witness’s statement might also suggest some kind of subconscious communication.

You can view that footage below and make up your own mind.

The Recently Revealed UFO Account Of Former NFL Player, Nate Burleson (Early 2013)

Another sighting that occurred some time ago – in this instance in 2013 – but that has only recently come to light is an account of the former National Football League (NFL) wide receiver, Nate Burleson, who would tell Sports Illustrated of the encounter at the start of March.

Burleson claims it was at the start of 2013 when the sighting happened (after the completion of the 2012 NFL season) and while he was playing with the Detroit Lions. On the night in question, Burleson had been out for the evening with his wife. It was somewhere between 10:30 pm and 11 pm, while the couple was driving home when the one-time NFL player noticed “some lights off in the distance”.

At first, he believed he was witnessing two helicopters, even asking himself why they were flying so close to each other. He would estimate the display was around five to ten miles away from him. He continued on, allowing his focus to keep returning to the strange lights. However, after several moments, more lights suddenly appeared. At this point, Burleson brought his car to a stop, got out of the vehicle, and reached for his phone.

As he began recording, the lights began moving in a “zig-zag formation” before moving into a “squiggly line”. He also noticed how, despite the approximate distance, the lights appeared to make no noise whatsoever. As this was happening, perhaps a little unnerved, Burleson’s wife urged him to return inside the vehicle. However, enthralled with what he was seeing, he remained where he was.

Suddenly, the lights appeared to “drop to like a cloud height” and remained “sitting there” for several moments. Then, without warning, Burleson witnessed the light “take off into the distance”.

Burleson, who claimed that he had “always known aliens exist” has no doubt as to what he witnessed that winter’s evening in 2013, adding that “you got to be foolish to think we are the only beings in existence”.

Although there is no footage (at least publicly available) of Burleson’s sighting, as we will examine shortly, another UFO incident of March 2021 features another NFL player. Before we examine that sighting, however, we will turn our attention to an incident that took place over Las Vegas.

Strange Series Of Lights Over Las Vegas, 1st March

On the evening of 1st March, at around 7:30 pm, hundreds of local residents witnessed a bizarre row of lights appear over the skies of Las Vegas. And what’s more, the witnesses would come forward from all sides of the city. After around half a minute, things turned even stranger when the glowing orbs seemingly “switched off”, one by one.

Within minutes videos and theories as to what the lights might have been were pouring from social media platforms.

As we know, Las Vegas is no stranger to bizarre UFO sightings, and this one would appear to be no different. The lights appear to be the side or front of a solid object with at least partial triangular dimensions to it. In fact, they have a slight similarity to the famous Phoenix Lights episode of over two decades ago.

If this was a solid object was it extraterrestrial in nature, or might it be a top-secret military vehicle? Perhaps the detail of the lights “switching off” one at a time is most intriguing. There are many similar UFO sightings over the years that feature this claim. Are they literally being turned off? Or might they be simply vanishing from our realm of existence?

You can view that footage below and see what you think.

NFL Quarterback Baker Mayfield Claims UFO Sighting On Twitter, Cleveland, 4th March

During the early hours of 4th March (at 4:40 am to be precise) current Cleveland Browns and NFL quarterback, Baker Mayfield unleased a tweet. And it was a social media post that would cause quite a stir in the Cleveland community.

According to Mayfield, he was “almost 100%” that he “just saw a UFO drop straight out of the sky”. The quarterback would claim he, and Emily Mayfield, were on their way home from dinner when they witnessed the bizarre aerial display. He would go on to describe it as a “very bright ball of light” that was “going straight down” and appeared to be heading toward Lake Travis. He would finish his tweet asking if anyone else had witnessed the bizarre object.

He would receive several responses. One Twitter user (David) would claim he thought he “was the only one”, further stating that he lived on Lake Travis and he had witnessed the same thing. Others were more skeptical, searching for more rational explanations.

The short video below is just one of the news reports of the apparent sighting.

Silent Bright Object Over Hudson, Maine, 9th March

A particularly intriguing incident unfolded at just before 9 pm on the 9th March over Hudson, Maine, when a local resident noticed a strange motionless light in the distance.

They would claim they saw what appeared similar to “a car’s headlights at a low elevation” and that they appear to be simply “sitting” or hovering there. When a bank of cloud passed over them, the witness realized how bright they had to be as they shone “outward through the cloud”. As they continued to watch them, they began to make out more details.

For example, over the left light was “a continuous strobe” making them temporarily think that they might belong to a helicopter. However, despite the slow (helicopter-type) speed with which they began to move, the complete lack of sound made the witness all but dismiss this idea.

Suddenly, the lights simply disappeared as though someone had turned them off. The witness even took it upon themselves to check flights from the nearby Bangor International Airport. However, official records showed that there were no flights in the area at the time of the sighting.

Unfortunately, there are no photographs or video footage of this incident.

Band Of Light Photographed Over Cle Elum, Washington, 11th March

Just before 5 am in the early hours of 11th March in Cle Elum in the state of Washington, a local resident witnessed a “light band” moving at a consistent speed and in a purposeful direction. They couldn’t hear any sound coming from the objects, perhaps suggesting that it wasn’t an airplane or other terrestrial aircraft, with the witness estimating that it was traveling at around 40,000 feet and quite possibly traveling at around 1,000 miles per hour.

As with other similar sightings of this nature, many skeptics will argue that this object is nothing more than star-link satellites. However, it appears that this is very much a solid object as opposed to a string of lights. What’s more, there was also an almost identical sighting in nearby Chehalis at around the same time. According to the witness of that sightings, the band of light resembles something akin to a ladder.

You can see a picture of the Che Elum sighting below.

Disc-Shaped UFO Captured On Deer-Cam, Orlando, Florida, 13th March

An intriguing sighting of a disc-shaped object was captured on Deer-Cam in Orlando, Florida in the early hours of 13th March. The footage – which captured with a field camera that the witness claims were around five feet from the ground – sees a deer feeding on the grass when the bizarre object goes past.

It appears the animal was largely unaffected by the object’s presence, leading the witness to conclude that not only did the apparent craft pass by at high speed, but it likely made no sound whatsoever.

You can view that video footage below.

Black Object Caught On Film Over Markleeville, California, 14th March

MUFON case 114334 features a solid black UFO that was captured on film by the witness over the mountains in Markleeville in California on the evening of 14th March. The sighting occurred at around 7 pm on the night in question when the witness suddenly noticed the strange object purely by chance from the corner of their eye.

At first, they claimed they thought it was nothing more than a bird. However, when they put it in perspective with the background and surroundings, they realized that it was “way too big” to be so. Realizing they were witnessing something a little strange, the witness immediately reached for their phone so they could film the incident.

As they were doing so, they realized there was no sound whatsoever coming from the object, and so they dismissed any notion that it was a terrestrial aircraft. And the fact that the strength of the wind meant it was highly unlikely to be a glider or a paraglider. In fact, the witness recalled that at the time of the sightings, a “significant storm” was heading toward the region. However, the object “maintained its path” suggesting it was very much solid.

Even more intriguing, the witness claimed they could see a “mist or aura” around the object as it moved. What’s more, as it went along its way, it appeared to be turning as it was flying, perhaps rotating on its own axis.

The footage is certainly some of the most intriguing of recent months, which you can view that video below.

Bright “Fireball” UFO Over Peachland, British Columbia, Canada 17th March

On the evening of the 17th March, in Peachland, British Columbia in Canada, a bizarre “fireball” object lit up the night skies drawing the attention of local residents, one of which – Jay Balehowsky – managed to capture several seconds of footage of the anomalous craft.

Balehowsky claimed he had gone outside in order to empty the garbage when he saw the strange object. Not only was it glowing brightly but it “seemed like it was kind of circling around” in the sky above. Then, however, the object began to “break up” and began heading in their direction. While some of the objects “burned out”, a large piece fell completely in one of their neighbor’s yards. Although Balehowsky wasn’t aware that the fallen object had sparked a significant blaze at that time, he claimed to have immediately jumped into his truck in order to find the downed object.

The local fire service eventually located the blaze and went about snuffing it out. Although there were no reported injuries, some of the surrounding buildings did suffer some damage, including the melting of vinyl siding on one house.

Perhaps fanning the flames of speculation were the comments of the fire chief who attended the situation, Dennis Craig, who claimed that he was not convinced that what fell to Earth was a meteorite. He would state to local media that “rocks (don’t) remain combustible too long” and that it was his opinion that it was unlikely a “hot rock would cause a fire like that”. He would add that meteors “show the flame” as a result of friction with the atmosphere. However, once they cease movement, “they don’t support combustion”.

Craig also witnessed the video captured by Balehowsky and stated that it “clearly shows something at a high altitude that fell from the sky”, adding that in over two decades working with the fire department, the incident was “a first” for him.

According to initial investigations and official reports, the incident has been treated as “undetermined”. The two videos below report on the incident a little further.


Strange Lights Over Pie de Palo, Argentina, 17th March

When a group of local residents noticed strange lights over the town of Pie de Palo in the San Juan province of Argentina, they would report the phenomena to local UFO investigators who immediately began “skywatches” in order to try to capture the strange anomaly on film, which ultimately, they did.

It is unclear whether the lights are individual entities in their own right or part of a larger craft. They are, though, extremely intriguing, as is the footage that has been captured which you can see that video below. Investigations in the region, incidentally, continue.

Triangular Lights Over Toronto, Canada, 20th March

On the evening of 20th March, at a little after 9 pm in Toronto, Canada, a local resident and his girlfriend noticed “several glowing orange-red orbs” that appeared to be in a distinct triangular formation moving across the sky.

The light appeared to hover for several moments, before moving away from the witnesses and disappearing behind several trees. At this point, the couple went outside of their house in order to relocate the bizarre sight. When they did, they spotted “three glowing orbs in a triangle formation” behind where they stood.

They remained watching the lights for several moments, remaining completely silent as they did so. After several minutes, the lights eventually disappeared into the distance.

You can see this fascinating footage below courtesy of veteran UFO researcher, Scott Waring.

Zig-Zagging Object Over Arcata, California, 21st March

Although there are no photographs or video footage of the incident, an intriguing sighting occurred in the early hours of the 21st March in Arcata, California. At around 2 am in the night in question, a local resident was sat in their car with their partner, watching the sky and highlighting stars. The witness spied what they at first thought was a particularly bright star. However, when it began to “dart” and “zig-zag” around, they realized they were seeing something a little more out of the ordinary.

They continued to watch the strange light as it moved through the sky, noting that the sharp turns and rapid circular motions meant it was highly unlikely to be something such as a satellite. The two witnesses continued to watch the light for around ten minutes. However, when they looked away for just a second, it simply disappeared.

While there could indeed be a rational explanation for this sighting, there are many other similar sightings that have surfaced over the years of star-like lights that suddenly begin to move in rapid zig-zag-type motions suggesting they are indeed something strange.

Strange, Bright Lights Over Lake Michigan, Chicago, 21st March

A bizarre sighting of strange lights over Lake Michigan in Chicago was captured on film from an apartment window in the Windy City on not one occasion but on two consecutive nights.

The lights can be seen hovering over the lake, occasionally moving toward the water. What is also interesting about this sighting is that, on occasion, the reflection of the lights could even be seen on the surface of the water. This would suggest that the footage was not the result of some kind of trick of the light, but of a very real, solid object.

The witness claimed that they “honestly did not know what they are” but that they appeared on two consecutive nights. And given that they were filmed from the same location on each occasion suggests that the lights appeared in almost the exact same place.

You can view each of those videos below as filmed by the YouTube channel Of Mice and Mandrakes 100.

Brightly Lit Sphere Over Ushuaia, Argentina, 22nd March

While recording a live webcam of Ushuaia in Argentina, UFO researcher, Gina Maria Colvin Hill, manage to capture a brightly lit sphere moving through the skies over the bay area. Perhaps an indication that the sphere was very much a solid object are the reflections of it that can be seen, at times, in the water itself.

What’s more, the general movement of the object suggests that it is not a terrestrial aerial vehicle such as an airplane or a helicopter.

This location is one of the furthest south in the country, and given the (relatively) short distance from here to Antarctica (which has a long history of UFO conspiracies connected to it), the sighting is indeed an intriguing one.

You can view that footage below, which is most definitely one of the most intriguing pieces of UFO footage of the last few weeks.

Father And Son Several Bright Lights “Dancing” Over Southaven, 24th March

On the evening of 24th March in Southaven, at around 10 pm while getting something out of his car, local resident, David Howell saw several bright lights that he would describe as “dancing” in the sky above. He immediately called to his father, James, to come outside and see the bizarre orbs also.

Between them they counted a total of 10 different lights, each seeming to move of their own accord. And what’s more, because of their apparent size, each felt it was unlikely that they were drones. James would recall that “one of them was a lot bigger than the other nine”, and that they would “change positions” seemingly moving very purposely and with intelligence.

Although the neighborhood where the sighting was witnessed from is (relatively) close to Memphis International Airport, David believes that what he and his father witnessed was almost certainly something out of the ordinary, offering that he now “finds it hard to believe we are alone”.

Although the local police were informed of the strange sighting, they would offer that they had received no other reports. At the time of writing, this would appear to remain the case.

Strange Lights Over Richland, Washington, 25th March

At a little after 9 pm on the 25th March in Richland, Washington, a local resident managed to capture several seconds of footage of strange fireball-type lights heading overhead.

The witness filmed the footage near their home after first noticing the strange string-like lights in the night sky. After watching them for several moments, the lights simply “died out”, leaving the witness to state they were the “most bizarre thing” they had ever seen.

Some who have viewed the footage claim they are nothing more than star-link satellites, an assessment that could prove to be very accurate. However, as one researcher pointed out, the fact that we can see one of them seeming to “blink” perhaps suggests that they are a little too bright to be merely satellites.

You can view that footage below.

Glowing Objects Captured On Video Over Ceccano, Italy, 27th March

On the evening of 27th March in Ceccano, Italy, a local family who watching the skies from a mountaintop, noticed two strange lights moving around above them. As they continued to watch, the objects began to descend, eventually being so low that they were just above the treetops in the distance.

Eventually, after several minutes the two objects moved back away from the location and disappeared into the distance. They way they moved does indeed suggest an intelligently guided craft and not simply balloons or lanterns. Whether they are of extraterrestrial origin, of course, is open to debate.

You can view that video footage below.

Multi-Colored Object Over Kentucky, 29th March

Just before midnight on the evening of 29th March in Salyersville, Kentucky, a glowing object that appeared to change color several times was witnessed and filmed by a local resident.

In the video clip, filmed on Route 40, you can hear the witness claim that the object was “weird” before going on to state how it was “changing (from) blue, to green, to yellow”. The continues to narrate the sighting, stating that “this is a UFO, an unidentified aerial phenomenon”. The witness can also be heard describing the object as being “like a rainbow” as it continued to change colors.

The witness would estimate that the object was approximately 15 to 20 miles from their position, as well as stating that this “is something I have been seeing a lot”.

You can view that video below.

Strange Moving Light Over Lake Charles, Louisiana, 31st March

According to MUFON report 114498 a local resident of Lake Charles, Louisiana managed to capture footage of strange moving light over the city.

The witness claimed they were simply speaking on their phone outside on the night in question when they noticed the strange light heading in their direction. It appeared to “do some pretty incredible acrobats” as it approached and made no sound whatsoever.

The witness also recalled how, despite the evening being particularly windy, the light appeared to be unaffected by the gusts suggesting it was not a balloon or lantern of some kind, but an intelligently guided craft. The witness estimated that the object was traveling at an approximate altitude of around 3000 feet. However, as they watched the light, they realized it was descending toward them. It would, however, disappear temporarily behind the clouds, before coming to a hovering position once again, this time at an altitude of around 2500 feet.

The witness noticed how the light would change color slightly, almost in sympathy with its movements and went “from a deep barely visible red, to a brilliant white”. This is an interesting detail as such notions of a connection between color change and movement in UFO encounters has been noted in other cases. For the majority of the time, though, the color was yellow.

The witness would further describe the movement of the lights as “effortless” while the speed was much too fast to have been a drone. Perhaps of further interest is that the witness claimed that they had seen similar lights before over the city.

You can view video footage of the incident below.

Daylight UFO Spotted Over Argentina, 31st March

Although there is no footage available, a group of cyclists did manage to capture several pictures of a strange disc-like object over a trail in Malargue in Argentina. And what’s more, they did so completely unaware until they looked back through their pictures later and spotted the aerial anomaly after intending to capture the landscape.

Once the pictures were made available to the public on social media sites, an avalanche of possibilities were raised as to what the object might be. And while some people were insistent that the cyclists had definitely managed to capture something otherworldly, others insisted that there had likely just been dirt on the lens of the camera.

What is perhaps interesting about this picture is that around a decade ago several similar pictures were captured of a very similar flying object. This, to some UFO enthusiasts, is perhaps proof that there is a definite extraterrestrial presence in this part of South America.

You can see one of those photographs below and make up your own mind.

Glowing UFO Over Illinois, 31st March

A particularly intriguing UFO sighting was caught on film on the evening of 31st March in McHenry in Illinois. The witness was at an intersection when they suddenly saw a strange, yellow, glowing object in the skies above them.

They would describe the object as a “single, fiery, orange glow” which was mainly “round in shape”. However, they would elaborate in their report to MUFON that “the bright area within the round shape was not consistent in its position or intensity”. They would state that this middle section “flickered like a fireplace or a lantern”.

Although the object moved at a similar pace to a low-flying airplane, the light “looked nothing like” those you would expect to find on a plane. The witness also dismissed that it was a meteorite due to its purposeful movements. They would estimate that it remained in sight for approximately 30 to 45 seconds before disappearing into the distance.

You can view the footage captured by the witness below.


February was witness to many varied UFO sightings all around the world. And like previous months and years, the variety of the sightings is matched only by the intrigue they generate. From sightings of strange orbs rising rapidly into the atmosphere, disc-like objects emerging from the clouds to fleets of UFOs hanging over busy cities, February has once again played host to various aerial anomalies in our collective skies.

As always, however, we begin our round-up with a look at some of sightings that occurred last month but have only recently been reported in the last few weeks, the first of which features the previously mentioned UFO fleet.

UFO “Fleet” Captured On Video, Lehigh, Florida, February 2020

Perhaps the eldest sighting only recently reported is MUFON case 113798, which while unfolding on February 2020, has only just entered the public domain. The sighting is particularly interesting in that it appears to show many different lights – described as a “fleet” by some UFO enthusiasts – that are clearly visible in the night sky.

The witness would claim that they had just finished work for the evening when they noticed “all these orbs just stationary in the sky”. What’s more, some of these objects would “disappear and reappear”. Realizing they were witnessing something out of the ordinary, the witness reached for their phone and shot around a minute of footage. They would state, however, that despite the extraordinary nature of the incident, they were “in a hurry to get home” and had to turn their mind to the journey.

Once more, if we take note of the location, is this another sighting that lends credibility to the notion of secret bases somewhere under the water off the American coast? It is certainly a thought-provoking sighting, which you can see below.

Bright Glowing Object Captured On Camera Over Wasilla, Alaska, 10th Jan

Although it wasn’t reported until the third week on February, a sighting that occurred in Wasilla, Alaska appears to show a bright object in the early evening skies. Captured somewhere between 7 pm and 9 pm, the witness would claim that they had seen many UFOs over the area.

This is interesting as Alaska is a relative object for such strange and intriguing sightings. Was this another one that suggests an apparent alien interest in this part of the world?

This particular sighting was of a glowing object – either spherical or disc-shaped – that, from the brightness of it, appears to be very large. As we will examine shortly, in the very same location a little over a month later, another similar sighting occurred.

You can see the picture the witness captured below.

Bright Ascending Object Captured Over Montana 30th Jan

A sighting from Montana on the evening of 30th January was captured on video and appears to show a bright object ascending over the city of Ferndale. The footage was captured at a little after 10 pm and does indeed appear to show large, artificial object heading high up into the atmosphere.

The witness was at a local bar when they captured the footage, near the Swan Mountain range. While some who have viewed the video state that the object could be something due to atmospheric conditions, others believe that it shows a genuine extraterrestrial craft. One thing that all appear to agree on, though, is that it is a very interesting piece of footage.

You can see that video footage below.

Strange Object Witnessed Over Edinburgh, Scotland, 30th Jan

At around 5 pm on the 30th January in Edinburgh in Scotland, a local woman noticed a strange “UFO-like object” hovering almost directly over her home. Thew witnessed managed to obtain several moments of video footage of the object, which according to the Edinburgh Live platform (who received the report) showed a “dark object (that) flies back and forth”.

The witness claimed that she had dismissed the notion that the “object” might have been merely birds due to how it “kept disappearing” and then reappearing. She did say, though, she was not sure what the object was, but that birds, in her opinion, what not have remained in such an aerial position for as long as the sighting went on for, around 10 to 15 minutes.

The witness was also certain that the object disappeared on several occasions, stressing that she meant “proper disappearing”, and that the activity appeared to be taking place close to or over Edinburgh Airport. We should note that many UFO sightings have occurred near airports, many of which have unfolded in recent years. Whatever the object was on this occasion, though, remains a mystery.

Strange Trails Over Denver, Colorado, 31st January

During the morning of 31st January (according to separate MUFON reports – number 113474 and 113475) at just before 11 am, several local residents of Denver, Colorado spotted strange objects that appeared to be falling to the ground leaving trails behind them.

One witness would claim they were simply drinking their usual morning coffee and looking out of his window as normal when they noticed the strange trails. He alerted his friend who was with him and both kept their focus on them for several moments. As they watched, the witness recalled how you could “see that there as a directional change in the upper atmosphere”. Furthermore, after reaching an approximate altitude of around 1,500 feet, the objects themselves appeared to change direction, heading toward nearby Buckley Air Force Base.

The witness would further state that all three of the apparent objects “maintained a perfect formation” and that they made no noise whatsoever. They eventually disappeared into the distance.

A second witness would claim that they too had seen “three large white objects” that moved at a “high rate of speed”. They would also state, like the first witness, that they “maintained their formation” and that they appeared very much like “cloud tear-drops”. They would claim the objects appeared to “fall” before they suddenly changed direction, heading east at a “high rate of speed”. The witness would eventually lose sight of them behind the trees and buildings in the distance.

As we might imagine, there were a whole host of explanations offered for the strange objects, including that they were extraterrestrial crafts.

However, one UFO researcher, Scott Brando, would suggest in the Express newspaper that there was a “terrestrial explanation” for the sighting, elaborating that they were “contrails from three military aircraft”. Furthermore, he would claim another researcher, Mick West of Metabunk, had already identified two of them as “C-17A Globemasters”. We should perhaps note that one of the witnesses claimed the objects intentionally changed direction and headed toward Buckley Air Force Base. Might this suggest that they were indeed military aircraft?

What do you think? Are these merely military aircraft? Or might there be an otherworldly explanation? You can see the footage below and make up your own minds.

Strange, Glowing Object Spotted Over Coventry, England, 1st Feb

Another sighting from the MUFON files (case number 113692) unfolded in the daylight skies of Coventry, England on the 1st February.

According to the witness, they spotted a “helixical shape” while they were pruning trees in their garden. They watched the strange shape for around a minute before reaching for their phone and beginning to film it. Shortly after the did so, “another faster moving shape enters the frame” and was “moving erratically”.

While this second object disappeared, the first continued along a “fairly straight trajectory”. The witness’s wife also saw the bizarre object along with her husband. Although they were uncertain of what the object was, they believed it was “too erratic to be a satellite” and also felt that the International Space Station (which was over the UK at the approximate time of the sighting) would not have been invisible during the day.

You can see video footage of that sighting below.

Orange, Glowing Craft Over Colina, Chile, 3rd Feb

On the evening of 3rd February over the city of Colina in Chile, a strange object was captured on video moving through the skies overhead. The object in question appears orb-like and has a gentle orange glow. The way it moves suggest that it is not a planet and it has no standard lights that suggest it is a terrestrial aircraft.

The footage itself is all we have to go on with this particular sighting as there is little other details in the public domain at this stage. Given that the sighting occurred over such a populated area it would be a little surprising if it wasn’t seen by other local residents.

You can check out that video footage below.

Object Appears Out Of Clouds Over Georgia, 9th Feb

At 10 am on the morning of 9th February over Moultrie in Georgia, a local resident spotted what appeared to be a disc-shaped object in the grey, morning sky. The witness, who was visiting a local Walmart store, noticed a strange shape in the clouds and immediately went to capture the anomaly on camera and snapped off three pictures “back-to-back”.

However, when the witness studied the pictures, they noticed what appeared to be an object shaped decisively like a disc. They attempted to take several more pictures in an attempt to capture the object once more. However, all they showed were the clouds suggesting that the object, whatever it was, had gone.

The witness would conclude that the object must have been “moving extremely fast” and appeared to have “come straight out of the clouds”.

Did the witness capture a UFO on film by taking a picture by pure chance at the exact moment it was leaving the cloud cover and heading off into the distance and presumably very high speed? If so, we can assume that the object made no noise whatsoever as they were not aware of its presence in real time. How many other objects might be zipping around our skies without anyone noticing them?

You can check out some of those pictures below.

Several Strange Lights Over Los Angeles, California, 10th Feb

During the evening of the 10th February over the skies of Los Angeles in California, a local resident – Bobby Cail, managed to capture footage of several strange lights seemingly hovering over the city.

The witness claimed he watched the brightly glowing lights for several moments before reaching for his phone in order to record them. However, within seconds of the recording beginning, the lights begin to fade away and disappear, almost as if they are aware of being captured on film. While this could merely be coincidence, and most likely is, it is still an intriguing detail that we shouldn’t ignore.

Whatever the objects were, they are just one of many UFO reports that come out of California. And as we shall see in a moment, around 48 hours later, a similar sighting would unfold in nearby Arizona. Before we move on to that, though, you can see that footage below.

Multiple Orb-Like UFOs Over Tempe, Arizona, 12th Feb

Only two nights later, and from another case from the MUFON files is case number 113700, a similar sighting unfolded when several strange orb-like lights appear in the early evening sky over Tempe, Arizona on 12th February.

The witness would claim that they were speaking with their wife and looking out of their kitchen window when he suddenly noticed “a group of strange lights” in the sky. He alerted his wife before reaching for his phone in order capture several moments of the bizarre scene. He would later that the strange objects moved for so long before becoming stationary, “pulsated and then vanished into the clear night sky”.

At one point during the sighting, an airplane traveled in the same direction of the objects, with them seeming “unaffected by this”. In fact, once the plane had disappeared out of sight, “more (objects” returned to the sky”. The witness would further describe the objects as being a “reddish orange color” although the color didn’t appear on the video footage.

You can see video footage of that sighting below.

UFOs Captured During Interview On RT News, 13th Feb

During a live television interview on RT (Russia Today) News, two distinctly disc-shaped objected seemingly appeared behind one of the interviewers. The objects appeared to move at a high rate of speed and appeared to move in a strict formation.

There is little further information as to what the objects might have been, as well as if there as an official reaction to the sighting. The brief seconds of footage, though, are extremely interesting.

We should note that this is not the first time where UFOs have been captured on screen during live television broadcasts. As we have examined before, these strange objects have shown up on news interviews, weather reports, and even live sports broadcasts. Once more, we might ask, given that we are not actively recorded all parts of the sky all the time, how active with UFOs they just might be.

You can see that news clipping below. The UFO enters the screen from the left.

Meteor Or UFO Over Melbourne, Australia, 14th Feb?

On the evening of 14th February in Melbourne, Australia, a local resident filmed what they believe to be a meteor falling from the sky. However, according to UFO researcher and author, Scott Waring, the footage might actually be that of a UFO descending in a controlled fashion.

Waring would state on his website that if the object was a meteor, it would likely be “moving twice as fast”. Furthermore, there appears to be “no tail” that is visible. Waring also notes, that after the flash that most would suspect to be an explosion, it is clear the object itself was “still intact” before “going dark”.

Was this a UFO that was entering the Earth’s atmosphere? And was the flash the start of some highly advanced propulsion technology? According to many who have viewed the footage, it is, in fact, a meteor, but the debate, it would seem, is still to be had.

You can see the original footage below and make up your own mind.

Strange Glowing Orb Witnessed Over Spain, 15th Feb

Although the footage is only 20 seconds long, a sighting of a strange orb filmed over Badajoz in Spain is very worthy of our time here. The object in question appears to move slow and purposely over the region before disappearing into the distance.

The aerial anomaly also appears to have a persistent glow and a definite solid, disc shape to it. Briefly, it even appears to be rotating around its own axis (something which many UFO reports state and that has been captured on other videos before).

You can see that footage below.

Strange Object Over Cape Town, South Africa, 16th Feb

On the 16th February, local residents of Cape Town in South Africa, witnessed a bizarre green glow in the sky overhead. One resident even managed to capture footage of the strange sighting from the balcony of an apartment at the The Sentinal Luxury Apartment Building, before uploading the video to YouTube under the header “Cape Town UFO Sighting”.

While there is debate as to what the strange green glow might have been, it isn’t the first time in recent weeks that residents of Cape Town have witnessed strange aerial anomalies in their skies. At the start of the month on the 5th February, multiple residents witnessed and reported a “string of lights” moving across the sky at great speed. They then disappeared into the distance. South Africa, like many countries around the world, also has a long history of UFO sightings and activity.

You can view the footage captured on 16th February below.

Lights With “No Sequence Or Rhythm” Gulf Breeze Sighting, 17th Feb

A particularly interesting UFO sighting unfolded at around 10 pm on the 17th February in the Gulf Breeze region of Florida.

The witness would claim they were outside their home using their phone when they “saw a bunch of lights that were blinking”. What’s more, the witness is relatively familiar with both commercial and military planes that fly over the house. These lights, however, the witness recalled as moving “randomly” and with “no sequence or rhythm”.

The sighting lasted for around 10 minutes in total, although the witness only managed to capture around 60 seconds worth of (undoubtedly valuable) footage.

As the witness also correctly points out, the entire Gulf Breeze area has regular UFO sightings, and has done for decades. Might it be that there are some truths in the conspiracies of secret bases, possibly extraterrestrial ones, residing of the coast of Florida, as well as other coastlines of the United States?

You can see the video captured by the witness below.

Another Glowing Orb Witnessed Over Wasilla, Alaska 17th Feb

We began our look at UFO sightings for the month of February by examining an incident that took place at the start of January but was only recently reported. On the 17th February in the same city of Wasilla in Alaska, a similar sighting of a glowing orb hovering high overhead.

The incident occurred at approximately the same time – somewhere between 7 pm and 9 pm – and was captured on camera by the witness. It would appear that the picture wasn’t showing the setting sun as this had occurred earlier. What’s more, due to the cloudy skies, it is likely not a planet either.

Is this more evidence that there is a persistent UFO presence over Alaska? You can see that picture below.

Two Strange Objects Overtaking A Plane Over Rioverde, Mexico, 19th Feb

On the evening of 19th February a local resident, Alejandro Garcia, captured around 30 seconds of footage of two UFOs over the city of Rioverde in Mexico. The footage shows the two objects moving past a plane suggesting they are traversing the skies at a considerable pace. Furthermore, the objects appear to be traveling purposely one over the other.

What isn’t clear is whether the footage shows two objects throughout or whether it shows one object becoming two.

As we have mentioned previously, Mexico is one of the places you might be most likely to see a UFO, with many sightings reported there each year. This incident only adds to its reputation as a UFO hot spot.

The footage in question can be seen below.

Silent Orbs Making Their Way Over Metairie Louisiana, 21st Feb

According to MUFON case 113579 – as highlighted by Scott Waring – a local witness managed to capture footage of several glowing orbs going over the Metairie region of Louisiana. And what’s more, we are not talking just a few – the witness would claim there was likely more than 30 of the strange glowing spherical objects.

Also of intrigue is the fact that some of these glowing orbs appear to change speed (which can be seen in the footage). Does this suggest an intelligence behind them?

The witness stated in their report that the light had “no sound” and were moving in an east to west direction. They glowed with a “reddish pink hue” and were not flashing at all but were consistent.

You can see that footage below.

The American Airlines Flight 2292 Incident, New Mexico 21st Feb

While flying over north east New Mexico, the pilots of American Airlines Flight 2292 witnessed an “unidentified cylindrical-shaped object” speeding through the sky at an altitude of around 36,000 feet. What’s more, the incident has not only been officially confirmed by American Airlines, but the FBI is also said to be investigating the sighting.

Upon seeing the bizarre object, the pilots asked ground control if there were “any targets” in the sky with them as they had “just had something go right over the top of us”.

Interestingly, the sighting occurred in almost the same location as a sighting that occurred in 2018 when two aircraft had such close encounters at almost the same altitude of 37,000 feet. What’s more, one of the pilots involved in that incident would speak to the media, with the descriptions he gave being very similar to those of the recent sighting.

While there is some debate whether such sightings in this region of the United States might be connected to the White Sands Missile Range, many others believe the incident to be yet another encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence.

You can listen to the incident in the video below.

Strange Object Appears Out Of The Clouds Over Cairns, Australia, 22nd Feb

Another MUFON case (113765), on the evening of 22nd February in Cairns, Australia, two local residents witnessed and filmed strange flying object that seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

The witness would state in his brief report of the sighting that they at first believed the object was a “hole in the clouds” until they realized that the clouds themselves were moving behind the object. Then, after several moments, the object “pulsated (and) then disappeared”.

Veteran UFO researcher, Scott C. Waring, would state that this action was “clearly noticing the two men watching it and recording it”. Whatever the object was, if indeed it was a solid object, remains unknown and there if little other details at this point regarding the sighting.

You can view footage of that sighting below.


We will update this article each month with the latest UFO sightings from the previous four weeks as we go through 2021. As usual, though, we start with several recently reported sightings that occurred back in December.

Two Strange Objects Photographed Over Florida, 2nd Dec

Although it wasn’t reported until the middle of January, a strange object was photographed in the skies over Seffner in Florida on the morning of 2nd December. The witness was driving at a little after 10 am she they noticed a strange formation in the cloudy skies above.

They brought their vehicle to a stop and reached for their phone in order to take a picture of the apparent anomaly. When the pictures were viewed a short time later, two strange objects appeared to be in the shot. The witness claimed that they hadn’t noticed them when actually taking the pictures.

It is highly like that the “objects” in question were actually simply lens flares. There is, though, perhaps some doubt, and the picture is certainly intriguing. You can view that picture below.

String Of Red Lights Over Idaho Falls, 5th Dec

Although there is little information at this time, another December sighting not reported until January unfolded over Idaho Falls in Idaho on the evening of 5th December.

At just before 6:45 pm a local resident noticed “two sets of three lights in a slight curved line”. It appeared that each set of three were in motion in their own right as they “blinked separately”. The lights were moving, however, in the same direction, occasionally flashing a white light as they moved.

You can see a picture of the lights that the witness managed to capture and make up your own mind.

Bright, Circular Object Hovers Over Dorchester, Massachusetts 26th Dec

Our last late-reported sighting of December that we will examine took place in Dorchester, Massachusetts on the 26th of December.

At a little after 6 pm, the local resident happened to notice a “white circular object hovering and flashing” while looking out of their window. They watched it move in several directions before seemingly heading toward them. It was at this point when they reached for their phone and began recording the unusual aerial activity.

When they zoomed in with their camera, they noticed how the object was “moving in uncharted flight paths, as if it was trying to get a better look at something”. Once more, then, although it is only a suggestion, there is the notion of some kind of reconnaissance to this UFO sighting.

Furthermore, the witness would claim that the object remained in the sky almost the entire evening. Even more intriguing, the witness claimed that the four objects returned into the same position in the sky and once more acted as though they were scanning the ground below.

The online website where this report was submitted noted that there were no bright planets visible in the area where the incident occurred.

You can view that video below.

Blue UFO Over Hawaii, 29th December

At the end of 2020 on the 29th December, a local resident of the Hawaiian island of Oahu spotted and reported a glowing, blue UFO overhead. The shape of the object appeared to oblong and was “larger than a telegraph pole”.

The sighting was captured on film and was appeared to travel across the sky before eventually entering the waters of the Pacific Ocean. This is, once again, an intriguing detail given the number of researchers who suggest that underwater alien bases exist in several places around the world.

There are, however, plenty of theories and suggestions as to what else the object might have been. Perhaps one of the most recurring was that it could be an “LED kite”. As we might imagine, the debate continues as to how otherworldly or terrestrial the blue object might actually be. It is, however, one of the most intriguing to recently come to light.

The sighting was officially reported to the Federal Aviation Administration. Their initial investigation has not revealed any “aircraft disappearing off radars” and have had “no reports of overdue or missing aircraft”.

You can see footage and a news report of that sighting below.

Demi Lovato Claims Another UFO Sighting, Mid-January

Before we move on to other sightings throughout January, we should perhaps turn our attention to another celebrity claiming an apparent extraterrestrial encounter. And while we might be suspicious that such celebrity claims are nothing more than an exercise in staying in the public eye, they still very much require documenting and examining.

The claim came to light in the middle of January when the singer stated on social media that she had managed to film a UFO “in broad daylight”. The circular object may or may not be a UFO – and certainly got a reaction from her followers, with some stating they were merely balloons.

Incidentally, Lovato has made several claims of seeing UFOs in the past. In October 2020 she released similar footage of an apparent UFO, even claiming she had been in the company of Dr. Steven Greer when the video was captured. From her social media posts and recent interviews, it would appear Lovato is very much a believer in at least the possibility of alien life visiting our planet.

Cube-Like Object Filmed Over Palm Beach, Florida, 3rd Jan

Early in the evening on the 3rd of January in Palm Beach, Florida at around 6 pm, a local resident was leaving a department store with their 10-year-old son when they noticed a “dark, cubed-shaped object” overhead. which was “moving slowly” through the cloudy sky.

The witness immediately reached for their phone, realizing they were witnessing something out of the ordinary, and began to film the aerial anomaly from the street below. They continued to view the object for some time. And while it appeared to be descending, they would eventually lose sight of it as it disappeared “behind the store” which blocked their view. The witness would estimate that it was around 500 feet away from where they stood. Although they would quickly get in their car and attempt to locate it once more, they could not find the object after that.

They would further recall how there was a “dim light” on one side of the object and that it appeared to be completely silent. What’s more, it appeared as though there was “some rotation motion” to the apparent craft.

You can view that footage below.

UFO Captured In Time Lapse Photos, Hatteras Island UFO, 7th Jan

At 10:20 pm on the evening of 7th January, at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, a photographer, Wes Snyder, was shooting time-lapse photos for a project that was upcoming. However, during this photo mission, he managed to capture just under three minutes’ worth of footage of a strange object.

Snyder realized he had captured something quite extraordinary when he reviewed the footage. He could immediately see that the object was moving “faster than the clouds” and was much too big to be a plane. Snyder himself is unsure of exactly what the object might have been and asked for viewers’ thoughts when he posted it online.  He did, however, dismiss that it might be a meteorite or a shooting star due to how long it remained in shot.

It is a possibility that the UFO disappeared into the ocean as opposed to into the distance (although there is no footage of this). We mention regularly that many UFO sightings occur near water, with one of the main theories as to why this might be being the presence of underwater alien bases off the coast of the United States.

It is certainly an intriguing piece of footage. You can view Snyder’s video below.

Ring Of Light Captured Over Fargo, North Dakota, 9th Jan

After finishing work at a little after 7 am, a local resident of Fargo, North Dakota, witnessed a strange, glowing ring of lights in the still dark sky as they drove home. Although there was a fog in the sky, the lights were clearly visible.

The witness, who sat waiting at the traffic lights, reached for his film and managed to capture several seconds of them. They would note that the lights appeared to be completely stationary and didn’t move at all during the incident. It appears, when the footage is viewed, that the lights are the underside of a solid object, most likely a circular, disc-shaped one.

One intriguing theory was put forward by veteran UFO researcher and writer, Scott C. Waring. He would state that it was possible the UFO had just landed and the “aliens disembarked to study” the area. If that was the case, then the witness might have been nearer to a much closer encounter than they previously thought.

The witness eventually drove away from the scene. You can see the video in question below.

Glowing Rectangular UFO Over Hollywood, Florida, 12th Jan

Just before midnight on the evening of 12th January in Hollywood, Florida, a rectangular UFO was captured for several minutes on video. The person who captured the footage first noticed the three rows of lights of yellow, red, and white, seemingly hovering overhead in a stationary position.

They managed to use their phone to capture the footage. The object remained visible for some time before disappearing behind buildings and then reappearing again. The lights eventually faded and the object disappeared from view. Whether it moved away into the distance or whether it simply turned off its lights is unclear.

You can view footage of the sighting in the video below.

Objects “Appear Out Of Nowhere” Alejandria, Mexico, 13th Jan

At just after 7 am on the morning of 13th January in Alejandria in Mexico, several UFOs were witnessed and filmed in the skies overhead.

The witnesses to the incident would claim that these strange objects “appeared out of nowhere” and at first were just three lights. However, as they came closer, they very much appeared to have a solidness to them. They would elaborate on how their “glow is fascinating”. The witnesses were in the highlands of the area when they filmed the strange crafts.

The sighting is interesting not only because it appears authentic, but Mexico is home to many UFO sightings month after month. Some researchers even suggest that the several mountains and volcanoes in the area are home to extraterrestrial bases which results in the increased sightings in this part of the world.

You can see that video below and make up your own mind.

UFO Captured Going In And Out Of Clouds Over Picos, Brazil, 15th Jan

On the morning of 15th January over Picos, Brazil, a strange object was filmed leaving the clouds before disappearing back into them. Local resident, Luan Silva had noticed the strange object emerging from cloud and disappearing back into them several times before finally reaching for his phone, managing to film this action.

There is little information or explanation as to what was taking place, but the footage is seemingly credible. If we assume this object was a solid, intelligently guided craft, what might the purpose be for such a display? For example, if this was some kind of reconnaissance mission why would it allow itself to be seen several times? Or might this have been an intentional action to make its presence known, and if so, why?

You can see that short video below.

Pilots Witness UFO Over Pakistan, 23rd Jan

Another sighting involving commercial pilots occurred on the 23rd of January over Pakistan when several pilots with Pakistan International Airlines witnessed something strange in the skies with them. And what’s more, one of the crew managed to capture footage of the obscure object.

The plane was making its way from Karachi to Lahore at around 4 pm when the pilot spotted something out of the ordinary approximately 1000 feet above their own altitude. The captain, Faisal Qureshi, immediately contacted the control tower and reported the strange object. Shortly after, he captured the video footage.

The crew would describe the strange object as being “extremely bright” and appeared to have a metal ring around it. In the video, the pilot is also clearly heard saying “it’s not a balloon, it’s not an aircraft”. We should note that many who have viewed the footage believe there is a distinct possibility that it could indeed be a balloon.

Perhaps an indication of the authenticity of the sighting is the fact the airline themselves issued an official statement regarding it. In it, they stated that it was “too early to say what the object was” and that they might not ever “be able to tell”. However, as it was reported as per protocol, they would investigate.

Just what the object might have been remains open to debate. You can watch a short video on the sighting below.

Strange Object With Rotating Lights Over Great Falls, Montana, 27th Jan

While the following sighting doesn’t have any photographs or video footage to back it up, it is perhaps one of the most detailed incidents of the opening month of 2021. The incident in question took place in Great Falls, Montana at a little after 6 am.

The witness stated how they were laid in bed looking out of the bedroom window having been awake for several hours already. As they did so, they noticed what they at first thought was a plane in the distance. However, when they noticed it was heading toward them, they began to watch the object more closely. It was quickly growing larger in size suggesting it was approaching the house with some speed.

Now beginning to fear the object was about to crash into their home, the witness jumped out of bed, continuing to watch the aerial anomaly as they did. Suddenly, though, the object stopped and hovered. The witness would estimate it was no more than 50 feet from the window he was watching it from.

The witness doesn’t state what actual shape the strange vehicle was, they did state that they briefly contemplated that it was a helicopter which perhaps suggests an oval or cigar shape. They did, though, reveal that in the underside were red and white light that appeared to be rotating randomly. They also recalled that it was completely silent. As he struggled to open the blinds so that he could see the craft more clearly, it suddenly disappeared, again without making a sound.

The witness would make it clear that they were not dreaming nor in a state of sleep paralysis, and that what they had seen was definitely real.

Glowing Spherical Object Moving Slowly Over Touchet, Washington, 27th Jan

A recent MUFON report (MUFON 113398), a local resident managed to capture around 30 seconds of footage of a glowing spherical object moving across the sky. The witness was in their back garden when they first noticed the strange object. They would note how slow and controlled the movement across the sky was, and how it appeared to pulsate somewhat as it moved.

As UFO researcher, Scott Waring asks, might this slow movement over the area be due to a surveillance mission? Or might it even be to monitor how humans react to seeing such alien craft? The debate, on the previous questions and this particular sighting continues.

You can see the video in question below.

Glowing Object Photographed Over St. Peters, Missouri, 28th Jan

According to another recent MUFON case (MUFON 113445) on the 28th of January in St. Peters, Missouri, a passenger in a car noticed a “very bright stationary light in the sky”. They would estimate that the object was around a mile or so away from the moving vehicle and was in view for around 30 seconds. However, during that time, the witness managed to capture several photographs.

What is interesting is that the photographs do appear to show a solid object that is reflecting the sun from a seemingly shiny exterior. And what’s more, very similar photographs have been captured going back many years. Of course, whether the incident was a case of an intelligently guided craft or not remains open to debate. It is perhaps interesting that the object – if we assume for a moment that it is indeed a solid craft – was witnessed over powerlines. Some UFO researchers claim this could be a way of them extracting power from them, or even using them to spy on our own communications.

Incidentally, this sighting is very similar to the sighting over Washington State the day before that we examine above. Might it be the same object?

Blue UFO Over Charlotte, North Carolina, 29th July

On the evening of 29th January over the city of Charlotte in North Carolina, local resident Alisa Homewood witnessed several strange lights overhead. She would recall how she was leaving a grocery store with several members of her family when she “happened to notice the lights”.

She continued to watch them as they approached. When she realized that they were making no sound whatsoever, she decided to take out her phone and photograph them. She would later post the pictures on Facebook stating that although they “flickered like lanterns” they were seemingly unaffected by the wind and instead “followed the same exact path”.

She would conclude that although it was unlikely that “they were aliens” there was nothing to suggest they were “definitely lanterns”.

Interestingly, only hours earlier on the morning of the sighting, Alisa witnessed “approximately six military helicopters fly over the area”. Whether there is a connection between the military helicopters and the later sighting of the apparent blue UFO is perhaps open to debate.

You can see one of those photographs below.

Bright Object Rising Into The Air, San Diego, 28th Jan

At a little after 7 pm on the 28th January in San Diego, California a strange ascending object was captured on a security video. It wasn’t until the following day that the owner of the property realized he had captured something a little out of the ordinary.

This is another sighting that doesn’t at this stage have a lot of information, and there is still speculation as to whether the light belongs to a terrestrial aircraft. However, it is certainly worth including here for your examination.

You can view that footage below.

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