Alien Alley: The Abundance Of UFO Activity In Chile

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May 9, 2022
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There is so much UFO activity over Chile, a long strip of land that runs down the western coast of the South American continent, that it is referred to in some circles as Alien Alley. What is particularly intriguing about Chile, is that much of the country is uninhabited and nothing more than miles and miles of untouched desert, valleys, woodland, and cave systems. Essentially, it would make an ideal place for UFOs to come and go largely undetected.

A UFO over the Atacama Desert

Chile has more UFO sightings than you might think

What is even more interesting, especially when we consider the legends, myths, and creation stories of the region suggest this UFO presence goes back thousands of years, is that this part of the world is abundant in raw materials – materials that would be very useful for an advanced, space-faring civilization.

In short, for the sheer volume of UFO and alien encounters to come from this part of the world, Chile perhaps flies under the radar for how important it might be in unveiling vital information regarding the UFO and alien question – why are they coming here, for how long, and from where.

Might the UFO sightings of the Modern UFO era tell us why these apparent extraterrestrial visitors have seemingly held an interest in this part of the world perhaps before even the beginnings of known civilization?

The Enthralling Claims Of Former General Hernan Gabrielli Rojas

Perhaps the best place to start with UFO sightings in this part of the world is with the claims of a former high-ranking member of the military and their claims on national television about encounters with vehicles from another world.

In an interview conducted by journalist, Alejandro Guillier in August 2003, a former general in the Chilean Air Force, Hernan Gabrielli Rojas would make startling claims about an encounter he had with an unidentified craft in 1978. [1] Rojas would offer that he was returning to base in Antofagasta in his F-5 jet along with another plane at around noon on the day in question. When they were a short distance away, a line appeared on their radar screen that went from one side to the other. Rojas explained that for a battlecruiser, a line of around a centimeter would register. This line, however, was more than 10 times that size, perhaps more.

Refusing to accept that the radar could possibly have picked up a vehicle so large, he believed the equipment was malfunctioning and requested the pilot of the other plane, Danilo Catalan, for his radar readings. They were, though, exactly the same as his.

Superimposed UFOs over the desert

Chile is sometimes called Alien Alley

However unlikely it was, he pressed on under the assumption that both planes’ radars had failed and contacted ground control at Cerro Moreno Airport in Antofagasta. To his shock, they too were registering the same monstrous line on their screens.

It was at this point that the pilots each spotted a “deformed cigar-shaped” object to the east of their location. It appeared to be “swathed in smoke” and appeared to be moving in the same direction as they were at an approximate distance of between 15 to 20 miles. With extreme caution, the planes headed toward the mysterious vehicle.

The two F-5 planes came toward the object from an attacking position, although neither plane was armed with any missiles or guns, and did, in fact, carry nothing but mounted cameras. The closer they got, the more detail they could see concealed by the smoke, although all they could later describe as “truly something strange” appeared to remain stationary.

Before they could reach the strange craft, however, it suddenly headed off to the distance, disappearing within seconds in the direction of Easter Island. As soon as it did so, the lines on the planes’ radars, and that on the radar screens of ground control disappeared also. When he was pressed as to just how fast the object moved, Rojas responded that it moved at “unimaginable” speed and that it must have been traveling at “thousands of nautical miles a minute”.

Further Revelations Of The Chilean Navy

In the same show, Rojas detailed the sighting of another pilot near Calama around the same time. This time, the pilot found himself directly underneath a strange object which appeared to continue descending – so much so, that they could no longer keep track of it. A short time later, after the initial pilot had vacated the area, two F-5 jets were sent on an intercept mission.

Once more, they found themselves directly underneath a triangular-shaped object. They continued to ascend until reaching an altitude of 50,000 feet – the limit they could travel it. The object continued upwards and out of range, forcing the jets to return to base.

In light of his fascinating revelations, Rajos was asked why the authorities, or more specifically, the Chilean Air Force had remained so tight-lipped on the subject of UFOs over the years, this despite the fact that such matters had been discussed openly in parliament and before Congress. Guiller would state that because of this stance of the air force, the general consensus among the public was that they must know “something awful” that they don’t wish the public to know.

Rajos would respond that there was not so much an “unwillingness to talk” about the subject, but that it comes down more to a lack of tangible evidence. He would elaborate that although reports are not dismissed by superiors, they are simply logged and then forgotten about.

How accurate Rajos might be in this assessment of the Chilean Air Force is perhaps open to debate. His sighting, however, is far from the only one.

Many UFO Encounters Continue Today

The accounts of Rojas are but two of many UFO encounters to have taken place over Chile. And these encounters are not merely ones from yesteryear but continue to happen today in the twenty-first century. While we don’t have time or space to examine each and every case, some of them are more intriguing than others. We will start with a particularly thought-provoking encounter from the mid-1990s.

An Object That Was Not A Plane And Not A Flying Saucer

As the end of the twenty-first century approached sightings of UFOs had shown no signs of slowing down in Chile. According to the research files of Scott Corrales, on the evening of 27th June 1996, at around 8 pm, 47-year-old electrician, Gabriel Encina was traveling between Los Sauces and Angol when he noticed a strange light moving through the sky.

He would state in his report that what he saw “wasn’t an airplane or a flying saucer”, continuing that it was “simply a very bright light that landed on top” of his car. He would elaborate that the light was so bright that it lit up the interior completely. Even stranger, no matter how much he pressed down on the accelerator, the car simply slowed down. Then, he blacked out.

When he came to, the vehicle had come to a complete stop. Even stranger, he was just short of 10 miles from where he was when he had seen the light. He further noticed that while the clock on the dashboard stated it was 9 pm, his wristwatch had stopped at just after 8 pm.

He noticed how much his head hurt and was certain that something untoward had happened. In fact, he was certain he had been abducted by entities from another world.

Another Abduction Just Outside Los Sauces?

Just over a year later, between the towns of Los Sauces and Puren in July 1997, an incident unfolded that was not just a sighting of a UFO, but an apparent abduction of a local resident.

According to an interview the witness, Hector Acevedo gave to Erick Bellido, he was driving his truck early one morning, dropping off milk products throughout the country’s Ninth Region as he did most days. On this particular cold evening, at around 8 pm with all of his deliveries made, he was traveling between to pick up an appliance he had taken to be repaired.

As he paid for the service and loaded his appliance into his vehicle, the repairman began telling him of strange lights that had been seen flying in the region. Thinking the man was pulling his leg, he paid little attention to the tale and went on his way. However, as he was approaching Los Sauces, he would see the strange glowing object for himself.

Superimposed UFO over the desert

Why are there so many UFO sightings in Chile?

He would state that it was circular and was at an extremely low altitude, around 150 feet away from his vehicle. The object was quickly over the top of his truck and a large beam of lit came from it lighting the interior up completely. Within seconds, the engine died and the vehicle came to a stop. Bizarrely, as the car’s speed dropped, it appeared as though some invisible force was steering it.

He estimated the object remained in sight for around 10 minutes, elaborating that he could clearly see a reddish-violet hue around it – a light that didn’t cast a glow as the beam did. Then, the next thing he knew he was approaching Los Sauces, and the clock stated it was 11 pm. Just under three hours had passed and he had no idea what had happened.

Just what did happen in those three hours remains a complete mystery.

Sightings Continue Into The Twenty-First Century

UFO sightings have continued to be reported over Chile as the twenty-first century has unfolded. For example, on the evening of 18th September 2002 in Angol in the Ninth Region – a region that has had a particularly high number of sightings – a local resident and businessman witnessed a red-colored object overhead. Even more remarkable, the bizarre craft fired a blue beam of light outward.

Then, as the witness looked on, another object appeared, then another – each of which fired identical blue beams. Then, without warning, each of the objects suddenly “turned off” leaving only the original object visible. On the same evening in the same location, two security guards at a local radio station also witnessed a red spherical object moving in the night sky.

Two months later at around 3 am on 20th November 2002, once more in Angol, a local resident along with two friends was in the dining area of the Alberto Larraguibel Morales Sports Facility when they noticed a large “luminous orange object” in the sky above. Two security guards on duty at the facility were also present.

The witness reported how the object had a strange “ruby hue” around it and was at an approximate altitude of around 5000 feet. It remained in sight for almost 90 minutes, appearing to remain stationary at times. It eventually changed direction and disappeared into the distance. The sighting remains unexplained.

Strange Craft Captured On Film

On the evening of 10th December 2008, a local resident managed to capture several minutes of footage in Santiago. The footage appeared to show a huge mothership-type vehicle with several lights on its underside.

Although the shape and dimensions of the craft were hard to make out, some witnesses stated it appeared to be disc-shaped.

For their part, the Chilean Air Force issued a statement stating that the UFO was, in fact, an air force training exercise. Needless to say, many who saw the light display for themselves found such an explanation hard to contemplate.

You can view that footage below and make up your own mind.

Another intriguing incident occurred several years later on 3rd May 2014 in Valparaiso a local person had pulled their car to the side of the road and wound down their window. They began taking pictures of the mountains in the later afternoon sun.

However, when they later viewed their pictures, they realized they had captured an oval-shaped object. The craft appeared to be glowing although it isn’t certain if this was a reflection of the sun.

The picture is certainly interesting, with the witness himself stating that they had viewed thousands of pictures of apparent UFOs and believed that his was “one of the clearest”.

You can see that picture below.

Multiple Witnesses Viewed Over San Antonio

Several years previously at just before 8 pm on 4th May 2007 an even closer encounter occurred on the shores of San Antonio. [2] On the night in question, several residents noticed a strange object moving across the night sky, occasionally flashing a particularly bright light that would momentarily change several colors. It also appeared moved in a way that allowed those who viewed it to dismiss that it was a conventional aircraft or a satellite.

It eventually came to a stop and hovered over a forest area of the town, close to El Canelo beach. After several moments, with more and more witnesses coming out onto the roads and streets to see the bizarre vehicle, reports were made to local police who would send a patrol unit to investigate.

Depiction of UFO sightings near El Canelo Beach

Depiction of UFO sightings near El Canelo Beach (c) UFO Casebook

One witness, 20-year-old Nataly Aranda witnessed the object with her 9-year-old brother, Matias. She recalled that the object was like looking at a star, to begin with. Then, however, it would disappear and reappear somewhere different in the sky, before moving in an erratic but controlled manner. After they had viewed it for around an hour, the object headed in the direction of the beach.

Another witness, Sergeant Nelson Velazquez initially received several reports of the strange object. He would eventually see the object for himself and would describe it as a “luminous ball that flew in every direction”. Ultimately, he contemplated seriously whether it really was an alien craft.

Ultimately, the sighting remains unexplained, as does whether the craft did land on the beach or disappear out to sea.

Bizarre Sighting Over Santiago Air Force Base

One of the most intriguing UFO encounters of recent years occurred on the morning of 5th November 2010 over Santiago Air Force Base. [3] The incident occurred during the changing of the Air Force Command, meaning that many of the base’s personnel were present, many of whom used their phones to capture video footage and pictures.

However, when these pictures and videos were examined later, one engineer noticed a blurred object zip past. When he slowed the footage down, he could clearly see what appeared to be a solid vehicle moving across the sky above the base. What’s more, when the footage was examined by experts, it appeared to be genuine and not some kind of anomaly. In total, three videos appeared to clearly show the aerial anomaly.

The object can clearly be seen performing loops dangerously close to F-5 and F-16 jets. And what’s more, it was determined that it must have been traveling at untold speeds as it was not visible to anyone on the ground or the pilots in the air. They would ultimately estimate these speeds could have been anywhere from 4000 to 6000 miles per hour. If this was the case, at least according to our collective understanding of physics, no human being could survive traveling at such speeds.

UFO near jets

Note the UFO at the bottom-middle of the picture

Close up of the UFO

Close up of the UFO

The mysterious vehicle has a flat underside and a domed top that appears to shine as if it reflecting the sunlight. There also appeared to be no visible means of propulsion nor any vapor or signs of an exhaust. When the videos were subjected to infrared examinations, it showed that the object appeared to be “radiating heat”. What’s more, despite the apparently blistering speed the object was traveling at, no sonic boom was heard, nor were any shock waves detected.

Perhaps of even more concern, the object appeared to be clearly under the control of intelligence given how it zoomed toward the jets before changing direction with utter precision.

Ultimately, the sighting remains unexplained. However, vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, and drones, as well as objects such as meteors have all been ruled out. It is, by definition, an unidentified flying object.

A Long History Of Strange Visitors And An Abundance Of Raw Materials

We should perhaps turn our attention to the location itself, as well as the many legends that hail from this part of the world. [4] The wide-open spaces of the Atacama Desert are arguably some of the most interesting and breathtaking spaces on Earth.

Perhaps what is most intriguing is the many geoglyphs that can be found in the Atacama Desert – five times as many as are at Nazca in Peru and the much more well-known Nazca Lines.

One of these geoglyphs is known as the Atacama Giant, a particularly extraterrestrial-looking character that measures almost 400 feet in length. And much like the lines at Nazca, this figure is almost indistinguishable from the rest of the landscape on the ground, but when viewed from the air easily stands out. Was this ancient geoglyph intended to be seen by aerial visitors in ancient times?

There is also an area known as El Enladrillado – a huge formation of stone slabs, some of which weigh in excess of 10 tons each. That these are in such a remote location and have been for thousands of years has led some researchers – particularly those with an interest in the ancient astronaut theory – that these slabs were once arranged in a much more purposeful manner. Might they, for example, have been a platform of sorts, essentially, a spaceport in ancient times. And were they purposely destroyed by those using it, or have simply become victims to the passage of time?

It is also worth mentioning that as well as the wide-open spaces that could serve very well as a place for a discreet base in the cave systems of the mountains and glaciers, there is an abundance of raw materials and natural resources, including vast amounts of copper and lithium, both of which, at least to us, is vital for space travel. And they are vital for our space missions, they are very likely to be just as vital for extraterrestrial space travel.

El Enladrillado

El Enladrillado

Perhaps of most intrigue – and an incident that would truly appear to connect the past to the modern UFO era – is a sighting of a UFO on 11th November 2014. On the day in question, the Chilian Navy was running training exercises with a Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera from a helicopter at an altitude of around 4,500 feet. During the exercise, they noticed a bizarre object moving through the sky at a similar altitude.

The entire sighting was filmed using the camera and remained in sight for almost 10 minutes. Towards the end of the incident, a strange vapor was emitted from the craft. What made the sighting even more intriguing is that the mysterious object was not visible to the crew with the naked eye. The Chilean government released the footage in 2017 and many UFO researchers almost immediately drew a comparison with a strange geoglyph in the Atacama Desert that appeared almost identical, right down to the vapor trail.

On the television show Ancient Aliens, UFO researcher, Travis Taylor examined the footage with image analyst, Michael Bradbury. The conclusions were remarkable, to say the least.

They would highlight that the object appeared to be two diamond-shaped objects that, according to Chilean Navy records, were at least 35 miles away, meaning that it was likely a large vehicle. They also noticed further revealing details. For example, Taylor noticed that the object was “hot, and then instantly, it’s cold”, elaborating that there was a “different temperature bubble around the vehicle” which “suggests some type of field”. They would note that this same quality existed in the vapor trail, which was even more bizarre.

When they drew comparisons to how similar looking the object was to the geoglyph, they felt certain that there was “something to the ancient astronaut theory”. Perhaps there is. After all, this is an official navy video release. That the object captured on that footage matching a geoglyph that is thousands of years old can surely not be put down to coincidence.

You can check out the video below which examines this particular footage a little further.

The Blond-Haired Aliens Of “Friendship” Island

On the afternoon of 17th August 1985, at around 4 pm, television shows around the country were interrupted by a breaking news bulletin by Channel 7 from Santiago. There, thousands of people, including journalists and television news reporters, were observing a round, metallic object in the mid-afternoon sky. What’s more, Channel 7’s news team managed to get the considerable footage of the object as it hovered overhead.

Since that news broadcast, it was put forward that what was observed, was, in fact, a French weather balloon. And while most people accepted this explanation, there were many who refused to do so. Following the sighting, rumors began to circulate that what had been seen was the extraterrestrial vehicle of a group of aliens from nearby Friendship Island. And what’s more, as strange as these assertions might have been, legends of the region would appear to back them up, at least in theory.

These islands, it was said, were a discreet home to a group of tall, blond aliens known as the Nordics, an alleged group of extraterrestrials, incidentally, that feature in a large number of reports from across the South American continent.

According to most accounts, at some time in 1984, Octavio Ortiz was listing to an SOS call from a ship off Chile’s south coast that had seemingly spotted a UFO. [5] Although it isn’t entirely clear what happened, it appeared from what Octavio could hear that several of the crew on the boat were badly burned.

He would respond to the distress calls, speaking to a man naming himself Alberto, who claimed that a huge, glowing object had been directly over his ship before it had vanished with alarming speed only moments before his response.

Alberto would contact Octavio again several days later.

A Truly Strange And Controversial Tale?

He claimed that he was employed by several businessmen to carry out various smuggling missions on their behalf, which is what he was doing on the night he witnessed the bizarre, bright object. During one of these missions, he inadvertently met a group of “strange people” on Friendship Island. Even stranger, these strange people took him to a bizarre, futuristic underground facility where they requested his help in bringing them several items of equipment from the mainland. He agreed, and they fitted several unknown devices and pieces of equipment to his boat.

In May 1985, Alberto and Octavio set out to meet one of these Friendship Island natives. According to his account, all of the inhabitants of the secret facility had a specific area of knowledge or expertise, and each can instantly access the thoughts and memories of a person when they meet them. So much so that they wished to take Octavio to their base and correct an illness he was suffering from – an invitation he politely declined.

Incidentally, it is perhaps interesting to note that legends of the Watchers speak of each individual watcher having a special area of wisdom).

It was several months after this incident when the huge potential UFO sighting erupted in Santiago (where Octavio lived). Whether there is indeed a connection to the apparent aliens of Friendship Island remains open to debate.

What is perhaps interesting is that Alberto would claim to have been first sent to the island and informed of the strange people there by a man named Ernesto de la Fuente, a controversial person, at least to some, who had also claimed contact with these strange beings. And not just contact – he claimed on national television that they had cured him of cancer.

While many put de la Fuente to be nothing more than a charlatan, at best – not least due to his ongoing paranormal experiences – according to an article in Mysterious Universe by Micah Hanks, his great-nephew had spoken to them and confirmed the cancer story to be true. They further claimed that their great uncle had become inundated with phone calls wanting information and help, and consequently relocated to a small village somewhere in the north of the country. This mystery great-nephew would offer that the paranormal phenomena his great uncle experienced were very real.

Links To Secret German-American Cold War Projects?

There are, of course, more down to Earth, if no less obscure suggestions to explain the strange goings-on at Friendship Island.

It is perhaps interesting to note a book by Victor Farias named Chile: Hitler’s Final Bunker. In it, he claims that several prominent politicians began receiving substantial amounts of money from the bank of the Third Reich in return for an island off the southern coast of the country. The use of this island, at least officially, was for a secret submarine base.

Might claims of members of the Third Reich, or at least those with connections to them and Friendship Island have more credence than most would think?

Whatever the truth, the surge of interest in the island died down as the 1990s began to unfold. There would be, however, further investigations into this strange location that would unearth further remarkable accounts, and it is to these that we will turn our attention next. And as we examine them, we should keep the last suggestions in mind.

Later Accounts From Friendship Island

As the 1990s and the 2000s went on, more and more people would volunteer information to researchers about what they knew regarding the apparent alien presence of Friendship Island. One of these researchers was Raul Nunez, who would receive correspondence from several such witnesses. [6]

One particularly intriguing account came from 35-year-old Antonio Bellcanto. He would state in his letter that he had spent six years researching the Friendship Island encounters and, he believed, he might have uncovered important information. He claimed that in 1998 he witnessed a television program looking at the island in the south of the country in which the television crew undertook their own investigation. They would learn of a yacht under the name Mytilus II, that would arrive from time to time to either pick people up or drop them off. There was little detail about the crew or owner of the boat, other than they appeared “foreign”.

When the records of the Harbormaster’s office were searched, there was no record of any vessel under that name – and all boats must be registered. Whoever owned the boat, they were, as far as Chilean authorities would be concerned, operating illegally.

The Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert

As part of the television show, the crew obtains the services of several members of the Chilean Navy and a patrol boat to travel to Friendship Island to see if they could uncover any more. Strangely, they failed to reach the island before the weather turned severe enough to force them to head back to the mainland. Upon returning to Santiago, part of the show featured the crew visiting a mystic who ultimately informed them that one of the Navy servicemen was, in fact, a member of the strange Friendship Island aliens. They had, she informed them, discreetly altered the coordinates to put them off course from their destination.

So, were there extraterrestrials on Friendship Island? Not according to Bellcanto. He would state in his letter that the “Chilean Navy is concealing this information” and that there were “no extraterrestrials on the island, only normal people”. And even more startling, he claimed that “the United States is behind all this”.

They would conclude that Friendship Island had been discreetly sold to the United States in the last days of President Allende. What’s more, it now acted in an identical way to Area 51 in America. This, he would offer is why there was so much UFO activity in the region, and that stories of extraterrestrials had been allowed to build up so as to easily dismiss anything that might be seen there as nonsense. Similar suggestions have been put forward for both Area 51 and the alleged underground base in Dulce.

Time Spent Working On “Strange Machinery” That Could Not Be Described!

Another letter received by Nunez was from 65-year-old Zolia Zenteno Rubio. She would claim that in 1954, her father was transferred to an island facing the south coast of Chile by his German employers who wished him to carry out some repairs on their farm equipment. Rubio would describe her father’s employers as hard-working but somewhat mysterious.

Her father remained on the island for several years, and being a clever man, he managed to pick up much of the German language while he worked, essentially being able to listen to what his employers were saying without them realizing it.

When he returned home for good after having completed the work he was asked to do, he had some fascinating revelations for his family. He would claim that he had been asked to carry out repairs to “strange machinery” that he was “unable to describe”.

One particularly bizarre encounter, however, saw him taken to a strange place where a strange ceremony of sorts was performed. He would describe it as a “laying on of hands” ceremony that lasted three days. At times, strange, metallic plates were placed on his body. At the end of the three days, much to his surprise, his chest – which was often heavy from smoking and caused him difficulty catching his breath – was like new. He couldn’t remember much about the experience, other than he “returned aboard a very modern vessel”.

Rubio would continue that for the rest of his life, her father said there was “something not right” about the island he had worked, Even stranger, there were long periods of time for which he had no memories. Furthermore, he had vague, broken memories of what he thought were doctors who he described as angel-like entities.

Were these German employers actually extraterrestrials? Perhaps they were merely in contact with them? Or might there be more truth to the claims of a Third Reich presence on the island?

Currency Made From “Strange Metal!”

As the years went on, further letters would arrive with the researcher, allowing a fuller, if at times, more confusing picture of the island. One, received in October 1999 came from Pedro Herrera. He would claim that in the late-1960s while returning from fishing off the southern coast of Chile, that he and his father witnessed what at first appeared to be a strange yacht. The vessel appeared strange as it had a bizarre glow to it. However, the longer they looked at it, they realized it was not actually in the water, but floating several feet above it. The vehicle remained completely silent as it moved, and even stranger, there appeared to be no crew whatsoever onboard.

A very similar correspondence was received in September 1965 from Julio Azocar who told him of an account relayed to him by his grandfather in 1965. His grandfather – a fisherman – was on a small island on the south coast of the country when he was approached by a “foreign gentleman”. This stranger would barter with certain fishermen who exceeded their quotas and paid with a “strange metal resembling lead or platinum”. What’s more, this currency was accepted exclusively by these particular merchants only and all aspects of these discreet deals would remain secret.

His grandfather informed him that on one particular occasion, he agreed to obtain several mechanical parts for this gentleman, and was indeed paid for his services with the obscure metal coins. Here, however, the story becomes hazy, as all his grandfather would recall was of getting into a violent altercation with several of the other fisherman following the incident. Following this, he never returned to the island again.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing accounts of strange activity near Friendship Island came from Maria del Carmen Robles. She would recall, not long after moving to south Chile, her mother and father had a terrible argument over something that had happened on one of the small islands just off the coast. During a fishing trip with two other local men, her father had gone missing for an entire week. When he returned, he and the two other fishermen refused to speak about what had happened. Given how frightened they were, and given her father’s otherwise clean-living reputation, it is clear something terrible happened.

However, years later on New Year’s Eve, her father finally offered what had happened all those years before. He claimed that while they were on the water, an unusual light had appeared directly over the top of their boat. The next the two other fishermen recall is of waking up with him not there.

Her father was eventually discovered walking along the beach, confused and disheveled. It was assumed that he had simply fallen overboard and was suffering from shock. It is also interesting to note, according to Maria’s report, that the other two fishermen both deteriorated, mentally, following the encounter. By the time they were each on their death beds, they would rant and rave about “tall luminous beings” appearing from a large light above them.

Another South American Country Of Extreme Interest To UFO Researchers

While many countries around the world are perceived as UFO hotspots – and rightly so – what perhaps makes Chile different is the combination of multiple sightings in the modern age, a long history of legends that speak of visitors from other worlds, and the raw materials present in largely uninhabited areas. Essentially, there is a potential reason that this part of the world seemingly attracts so many UFOs.

Are extraterrestrial visitors from another world using this part of the planet as a way of obtaining raw materials that are of use to spaceflight? Might the location of the country which runs along the coast of South America be of use due to the fact that these aliens might have quick access to the alleged underwater bases that many researchers suggest exist in this part of the world?

And might these alien visitations have been taking place for thousands and thousands of years, perhaps for a lot longer, in fact, than many of us would even begin to imagine? Chile is indeed a country that, at least in UFO terms, very likely has many more secrets to give up.

The short video below looks at another UFO sighting from Chile.


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