UFO Conspiracies Of The Gulf Wars

Marcus Lowth
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May 21, 2018
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October 13, 2021
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In our article looking at the UFO Jet Chase incident over Tehran in 1976, we also looked at several other Iranian UFO sightings. Some of the interesting accounts were not only of regular sightings of UFOs during the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s but of sightings by Iranian Intelligence of UFOs in Iraq over key Coalition targets in the Gulf War – in particular, the first conflict.

A superimposed UFO over a Gulf War scene

A superimposed UFO over a Gulf War scene

With the passing of time and the rolling out of the Internet across the planet since these sightings have proven to be persistent if nothing else. And they range from the very plausible to the extremely outlandish. It should perhaps be of no surprise that such accounts are on record during the recent Gulf Wars. Documented UFO sightings at times of conflict date right the way back through history, to the beginning of the written record. Perhaps we should ask why this is. Is the intelligence behind these crafts merely a casual observer? Or, particularly since the leveling of Nagasaki and Hiroshima following the end of the Second World War when UFO sightings almost immediately increased considerably, might they be there for more “definitive” action?

Saddam’s Alien Guests And “Genetically-Altered Watchdogs”

We have written before of the intriguing if outlandish claims of the Iraqi Stargate and the “real” reasons for the Gulf War (at least the second version of it). According to some, however, the reason the United States suddenly had an increased interest in going back to Iraq was due to a crashed UFO, which rumors state was in Saddam Hussein’s possession [1] right up until the conflict in 2003.

Claims differ as to exactly when this other-worldly craft crashed in the open deserts of Iraq. Some sources state the incident occurred during the first Gulf War of January 1991. Another persistent claim is that the object crashed in December 1998. Further still, according to some, the object was caught on a CNN broadcast which, incidentally, was covering a “raid” by US forces.

Further claims were even made that there were survivors of the crash. These entities would be offered “residence” at the Qalaat-e-Julundi fortress. One person would even go on record making such claims. Mohammad Hajj al-Amdar, a guard stationed at the former fortress of the Iraqi royal family, would insist that he witnessed the extraterrestrial guests. He also witnessed the results of their advanced technology and intelligence.

According to the former guard, the aliens “genetically altered” scorpions found in the desert to be “the size of cows”. They were then used to guard the fortress from attack. He would elaborate, “They are wonderful watchdogs” and how they “move on their warm-blooded prey for a decisive attack”. Furthermore, their prey would have their necks and legs “crushed” in huge pincers and would fatally badly beaten by a “barbed tail”.

Alien Weapons “Given” To Saddam?

Another bizarre conspiracy to come out of the war zone that is now Iraq were claims of “alien weapons” [2] in the hands of Iraqi insurgents. These weapons were used against US forces several months following the invasion of Iraq in August 2003. What’s more, this technology would be captured by US forces and taken back to America to be reverse-engineered.

What is perhaps interesting is that the weapon has a similar description to some of those described in the ancient Hindu texts such as the Mahabharata. According to the story, “Zarzi aliens” (the same ones staying at the Qalaat-e-Julundi fortress in Zarzi) would give the technology, and the know-how to use it, to Baathist units following the American-led invasion. This intervention of sorts on their part came following the destruction of the base by Coalition forces. According to the aforementioned palace guard, the weapons given were only of minimal effect simply because the aliens “didn’t trust Saddam Hussein” with anything stronger.

On 28th August 2003, shortly before dawn, a US patrol unit was “hit by something!” Further inspection would reveal a “molten yellow metal” had pierced the armor of an M1 Abrams tank. Furthermore, the damage caused to essential navigation and battle equipment was complete.

According to some conspiracy theorists, these weapons are tested at Detroit Arsenal in Michigan and operate using electromagnetic energy. According to those who have witnessed these weapons up close, they are similar to a “sawn-off shotgun” but with a muzzle that looks similar to a vacuum cleaner head. An advanced laser system also locks on to the target with absolute accuracy.

A depiction of a large scorpion

A depiction of a large scorpion

F-16 Fighter Jet Shoots Down UFO Over Saudi Arabia

Whether there is a connection to the apparent UFO in Qalaat-e-Julundi, an alleged incident during Operation Desert Storm of the first Gulf War suggests a UFO was intentionally brought down by an F-16 jet. It would crash over the border in the Saudi Arabian desert, around 250 miles north of the capital, Riyadh. The claims would come to light through a Russian official, Colonel Gregor Petrokov who further claimed, “it is a cover-up waiting to explode!” [3]

According to Petrokov, a retrieval team with representatives from the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, and Russia (including Petrokov), would reach the crash site. Before covering over any evidence of the crash, the US military would take away the wreckage to an undisclosed location.

The craft was of a circular shape and of an unknown material. About a third of it appeared to have been “blown away by American missiles!” Although Petrokov and his fellow Russians were kept at a distance by Saudi military, they could clearly see instrument panels with writing markings unfamiliar to any known language. There were also no bodies around the crash site. After speaking with Saudi radar operators, Petrokov doesn’t believe they jettisoned from the crippled craft. According to the operators, the object literally “appeared out of nowhere” before the attack.

The American military would eventually order Petrokov and the Russians out of the area. They would escort them to a military vehicle and fly them to Riyadh. Petrokov would further state to a Saudi newspaper, “I don’t know all the details but I’m sure that when this story comes out it will shake the world!”

Iraqi Soldiers Surrender Following “Green Light” UFO

There are several sightings on record from US military personnel also. Two in particular come from the first conflict. A Gulf War veteran known only as “William C” from Texas [4] was serving with a communications unit near to the Euphrates River in March 1991. Aside from the ancient river, they were completely alone “pulling guard duty in the middle of nowhere!”

One evening, shortly after midnight, a “greenish ball of light” appeared high overhead. It moved slowly and silently, pulsating slightly as it did so. The unit’s supervisor would request any information on friendly aircraft in the area. The reply came back that nothing was currently overhead of their location.

By this point, the entire unit had their focus on the green orb in the sky. Suddenly, it sped off into the distance, disappearing in a matter of seconds. However, just as the unit were about to retake their positions, “everything lit up in a greenish light. As if a hundred cars suddenly turned on their headlights and then vanished!”

The following morning, the unit supervisor continued to make inquiries as to any aircraft crashes, or even missiles that might have gone off-course. All would come back “negative”. Then, in a further bizarre twist, an entire unit of 200 Iraqi soldiers surrendered to the easily outmanned US unit without prompting or coercion. Whether there is a connection to this sudden desire to be in American custody and the events the previous evening is open to debate.

A superimposed UFO on to an image of the Gulf War

A superimposed UFO on to an image of the Gulf War

Mass Sighting From A Roof Top In Zahku

According to former paratrooper, Jim Miller, a mass UFO sighting occurred in the summer of 1991 [5] near the Iraqi town of Zahku. Miller was serving with a unit deployed in the region as part of Operation Provide Comfort that saw US and coalition forces “maintain order” in the years following the first Gulf conflict.

That particular evening, after setting up their Ops base in a “blown-out shell of a building” in the center of the city, the unit would opt to sleep on the flat roof of the property (which they often did) due to the intense heat. As they lay there that evening, Miller, familiar with the night sky and its fixtures, began looking for a satellite that should be overhead. He soon found it – or so he thought.

As he watched the bright light move across the sky, it suddenly “stopped in mid-orbit!” He would look away temporarily, thinking perhaps his vision had become unfocused. He quickly managed to locate it again, at first seeing it move as normal. However, after a second or two, it would stop dead once again.

He quietly asked a unit member next to him if they saw it too. They did but had no interest. Miller, however, continued to watch as the light began to move in purposeful circles and figure-eight patterns. When it remained stationary, its light would glow slightly brighter. As quietly as he could, he asked aloud if anyone else was seeing what he was. Around thirty of the unit replied they were indeed watching the object above them. They continued to monitor the bizarre light for around twenty minutes before it suddenly vanished in a flash. The sighting remains unexplained.

USS Wisconsin “Blows UFO To Bits!”

Perhaps one of the grizzliest UFO encounters of the Gulf War is the apparent attack by the USS Wisconsin on a UFO in the opening weeks of the first conflict. According to the leaked information, several hours after launching Tomahawk missile strikes at key Iraqi targets, on the evening on 24th January 1991, the USS Wisconsin would come under direct attack from a UFO.

The object would come out of nowhere and immediately begin flying in low towards the vessel. Each time a “high-pitched” buzzing would get louder and significantly more uncomfortable for those on board. According to the report, the USS England and USS O’Brien were also present. As well as two British Royal Navy ships, the HMS Battleaxe and the HMS Jupiter.

After around thirty seconds of erratic flying and increased “buzzing” around the ships, the decision to attack went green. All vessels would turn their firepower towards the unknown craft. It would appear, however, that a missile from the USS Wisconsin delivered the fatal strike. The Americans would recover the debris and take it to an undisclosed location in the United States.

What is interesting about this account is that many respected UFO researchers have suggested it really could be true. Craig Shopley, for example, would state UFOs often appear in times of conflict. And furthermore, such action against them could prove “devastating for all mankind!”

Further still, following only partial disclosure of the incident, London journalist, Anthony Edens, managed to access the joint British-American account. According to Edens, that the craft came down shows the “sophisticated military hardware” of the United States. Where the basis for some of that hardware comes from, however, is perhaps another matter entirely.

A depiction of a UFO over a navy ship

A depiction of a UFO over a navy ship

Secret Deals? Or Stolen Alien-Tech?

Might that “sophisticated military hardware” of the United States, at least in part, have come from somewhere else? Might the multiple accounts of retrieved wreckage from UFO crashes prove to be true? And effective in terms of the ultimate back-engineering of them?

Or might this technology have been “gifted” to the US military? Perhaps in a similar way that the apparent aliens gifted Iraqi insurgents with “molten metal-type” weapons? We have written before of the many claims of “secret deals” between alien races and the United States government. What is perhaps interesting are the claims of only passing over “limited” knowledge or access to such weapons.

As crazy as some of the above claims appear to be, perhaps it is worth ending this piece with an interview with Paul Hellyer. We have also written about him several times before, and with good reason. Not only is he perhaps the highest-ranking government official to go on the record regarding the existence (and government knowledge) of UFOs and extraterrestrials, his message is consistent and precise. Aliens are here. There is more than one species of them. And it is our “war-like” tendencies that prevent these species from sharing advanced knowledge with us. And one day may lead to our abrupt destruction.

The video below features Hellyer speaking in-depth about his assertions. Something, incidentally, he is not alone in thinking. Given the lofty position from which he makes his claims, perhaps the wider public should listen to him more closely.


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