The Secret Network Of UFO Research Bases Under Rudloe Manor

Marcus Lowth
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June 14, 2018
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October 13, 2021
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Allegations of underground bases housing UFO technology, even aliens, are not new to the majority of people. While most of us, perhaps due to the Hollywood conditioning effect, will think of these bases to be somewhere in the deserts of the United States (which some undoubtedly are) they are, if you believe the claims, all over the world. Some of the most intriguing, it would seem, reside within the United Kingdom.

Superimposed UFO over Rudloe Manor

Superimposed UFO over Rudloe Manor

We have written before, for example, of the Berwyn Mountains incident of 1974. According to UFO researcher and author, Tony Dodd, whistleblowers would inform him that authorities would transport “live cargo” from the crash site to the highly-secret Porton Down Facility in Salisbury (recently in the storm of the Salisbury poisoning case). This would make sense given it is a chemical and biological research facility. However, the remains of the craft itself, it would appear, stopped around forty-five miles short of Salisbury, near Bath. More specifically, at Rudloe Manor.

Even the Rendlesham Forest encounter, perhaps the most famous UFO encounter on British soil, may have connections to this on-the-surface, typical stately home. Despite being around 200 miles away from Rudloe Manor, there are several mysterious military tunnels in the middle of Rendlesham Forest. Given the subject matter, it isn’t that much of a stretch to think these tunnels could run for hundreds of miles. Perhaps it is also worth remembering that the alleged underground “AL/499 Base” connected to Project Mannequin mind control programs, is also only a little over forty miles away.

The Mystery Of Rudloe Manor

The history of Rudloe Manor [1] is rather pedestrian at best. Dating back to the times of Henry III in the 1200s, it has since progressed down to lords and nobility until Lord Methuen sold the estate privately in 1870. In 1918, the American widow of a German Count, Countess Pappenheim would purchase the estate. It would be Pappenheim’s daughter, Countess Raben who would sell the entire estate to the Air Ministry in 1940 to aid with the war effort.

The underground mining tunnels under and around the estate were modified. British warplanes were built deep underground, away from the German bombing missions. Many such stately homes would be utilized in similar ways around the country during the early years of the 1940s. However, following the end of the war, unlike most of the others, Rudloe Manor remained in the UK military’s possession. And by the mid-1950s, whisperings were already beginning to circulate, albeit among high-ranking types, about crafts from other worlds and highly advanced technology.

We have examined before, for example, how respected journalist, Dorothy Kilgallen, would report on a crashed UFO. She claimed the information was given to her by a “British Official of Cabinet rank”. She would go on to state how British military scientists were involved in top-secret projects to reverse-engineer the other-worldly craft, which, she quoted her source as saying, “come from another world”.

The British military would deny the story, claiming it must have been a hoax. Kilgallen, incidentally, was also investigating the Kennedy assassination at the time of her death, which to some was suspicious in itself. UFO researcher, Gordon Creighton, was one who consistently believed Kilgallen’s claims. According to Creighton, a UFO researcher himself, the craft she referred to crashed somewhere in England during the war. And went to Rudloe Manor.

Below The Foundations

Rudloe Manor today still sits within very visible, high-security, military-style fencing. Although the UK government would deny for years their interest in UFOs, declassified files show this not only to be false, but that Rudloe Manor was one of the main places where such UFO research went ahead.

The areas in and around Wiltshire are a hotbed of UFO sightings. And while many people have theories as to why this is, including the presence of leylines, it certainly makes the rumors and conspiracies surrounding Rudloe Manor a little more credible.

The Manor house itself once housed the RAF Provost and Security Services headquarters. This organization conducts covert business, with such things as “special security needs” being a part of their remit. They also connect to such organizations as MI5.

Nobody knows for sure just what exactly goes on under the property and the land within which it sits. Many rumors exist of “secret experiments” with alien technology. There are also rumblings of the base going down several floors, with bunkers for the Royal Family and government officials. Some claim bunkers go even further below this, but these are “off-limits” to all but a very select few. According to some, huge stockpiles of food and general supplies reside in large spacious storerooms. Perhaps most worrying, however, are the claims the facility is powered by its own nuclear generator. Needless to say, if there was any truth to this last point, the effects of something going wrong with such a generator would be catastrophic.

Officially, the site was abandoned from active use, although the high-level security remains in place. As you might imagine, many believe the operations at Rudloe Manor very much continue. And, particularly when we remember the government’s past denials of activity, they could be right.

A depiction of a secret tunnel

Are there secret tunnels under Rudloe Manor

Timothy Good’s Information From 30 Years Ago

Much of the above information was first thrust into the public arena by Timothy Good [2] in his 1991 book “Alien Liaison”. In it, he claimed that a source who worked for the Provost and Security Services (PSS) informed him that all UFO reports in the UK are first fed through the PSS at Rudloe Manor. From there, they would go to a Metropole Building in Northumberland Lane in London and on to the appropriate department of the Ministry of Defense. What is interesting here, as Good points out, is that the aforementioned Gordon Creighton, the former intelligence officer who took an active interest in the study of UFOs following conversations he had with US intelligence officers, would work in the same building in Northumberland Lane.

We know today, thanks to the declassification of files, that Good and his source were indeed correct. This, despite the constant denials by the UK government that it had any interest in UFOs. Or that Rudloe Manor was the location of their study hub. Perhaps, with that in mind, it might be worth examining more of Good’s (already credible) work.

Good’s source at the time would tell him, “I believe the activities of this unit to be so secret, that fellow investigators serving in the Special Investigations and Counter Intelligence services are not aware of their activities”. According to UFO researcher, and former Ministry of Defense employee involved with UFO sightings, Nick Pope, this was very much the case. During the time he spent working on UFO cases for the UK government, he was not aware of any activities at Rudloe Manor. Nor, he claims, was he aware of any details concerning our next mysterious location.

The Corsham Computer Centre

Although it is “just” a data processing unit, the Corsham Computer Centre (otherwise known as the CCC) is one of the most highly guarded places in the UK. And it has been for decades. It is said that over 4,000 people are employed in the underground facility, all of which enter the facility under strict conditions and only with their ID at all times.

As you might imagine, many believe while there might be a data operation within the confines of the CCC, its main purpose is far from sorting information. It is said that from the CCC, tunnels under the ground link it right the way to under the Rudloe Manor estate. So large and widely distributed is this tunnel network, it is almost like an underground city.

Many of the old mining caves and tunnels can take you into the underground facility. As will some of the very old rail systems. Those who have ventured down there through these unorthodox routes would see fully tarmacked roads and intricate and extensive lightings systems. For those who approach the CCC at the main gate, they can expect a visit from a police unit. Very likely within minutes. Every part of the facility is under strict 24-hour surveillance, as is the entire surrounding area.

Sky News received permission to film inside facilities and some of the tunnel systems in September 2000. Huge ventilation fans more akin to a jumbo jet engine were visible. As well as decommissioned nuclear bunkers and parts of an underground rail network.

According to some reports from researchers, the CCC houses a mammoth computer system that links in to GCHQ and the NSA. Many also believe that part of the rail network has a direct route directly to Westminster in London.

The Warminster Thing

While there is no denial that the CCC remains active (although just what they do is up for debate), many believe the activity at Rudloe Manor also continues. And the Wiltshire area, in general, remains active as far as UFO sightings. Interestingly, UFO sightings in the region began to increase from the early-1950s onwards. Many would report disc-shapes or bright lights overhead. As the 1960s progressed, however, sightings would begin to increase dramatically.

In December 1964, residents began to notice a “crackling, humming” sound. At the same time, an entire flock of pigeons simply fell to the ground. As if they had struck something unseen in the air. Sightings would explode over the following years, becoming known as the “Warminster Thing”. [3] These would continue in regularity until the mid-1970s. Despite another spike in 1978, they would begin to decrease somewhat, although not entirely.

UFO researcher, Arthur Shuttlewood, would write about the sightings extensively, both for Warminster and Wiltshire newspapers and in his book ‘The Warminster Mystery’. He would face the usual ridicule and mocking for his claims. He would remain, however, steadfast in his belief that “something” was happening in the area. Shuttlewood certainly wasn’t the only person to experience strange sightings during this time.

A sighting witnessed by UFO researcher, Kevin Goodman, in early-1977 is of particular interest. Not least due to its location near the military installation. As he was looking in the direction of Cradle Hill, “four red lights, evenly spaced apart” [4] came into his view. The lights stopped over Battlesbury Barracks where they hung silently for a moment. Suddenly, one of the lights would shoot directly upwards into the sky at “great speed”.  A moment later, the other three lights followed in the same manner.

Still Evidence Of “Activity”

In February 2017 multiple sightings were made of “strange orange lights” [5] hovering in the air for several minutes. What is interesting here is that several well-documented sightings of orange balls of light [6] are on record throughout the 1980s in the Wiltshire area. In August of the same year, Pierre Beake, an expert on crop circles, [7] claimed to have captured film of “two mysterious balls of light” traveling across a Wiltshire field. Interestingly or not, Wiltshire is also home to several famous crop circles incidents.

Whether these strange events occur here because of the military presence, or whether the military had an interest in the area due to the strange occurrences is a topic of debate for some. What if a UFO was recovered and reverse-engineered below the depths of southern England? Logistically, it would make sense to test that vehicle close by. It is also interesting to note the feeling of “sonic shocks” experienced by residents in the mid-1960s. Might this also have been down to the secret testing of technological weapons on an unsuspecting population? Highly speculative, admittedly, but not speculation without reason.

Very recently in May 2018, a YouTube group would check out the facility for themselves. Within minutes, the police would arrive at the allegedly abandoned property, and follow them.

The small unit check out abandoned places on their YouTube channel. On this occasion, they manage to negotiate the perimeter of the property. And film for several minutes in and around the apparently secretive facility. However, shortly after, sirens are clearly audible in the background, and the group believe that someone is also approaching them. They return to their vehicle but police eventually pull them over. Although the incident didn’t escalate, it demonstrates how closely watched the “abandoned” estate remains.

The group’s video is below.


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