There’s Something In The Waters: USOs And Subaquatic Alien Bases!

Marcus Lowth
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June 6, 2023
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While most of us perhaps imagine scenes of space and other worlds when we speak of UFOs and aliens, the fact is there is a large portion of such reports that involve the great depths of the world’s oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers.

In fact, although there are no official statistics to back it up, it is widely estimated and agreed that at least half of UFO encounters occur near or over water. And if we further recall that water covers around 70 percent of the planet and that around 90 percent of what might lie beneath those waters remains unexplored, these aquatic regions perhaps offer ideal cover for some kind of underwater facility.

A depiction of an alien base

Do alien bases exist under our waters?

Indeed, it is the suspicion of many UFO researchers and investigators that it is deep below various bodies of water where aquatic alien bases are likely to be found. There are, after all, numerous sightings and reports of these strange, futuristic crafts leaving and entering the waters, whether out on the open seas or over the many lakes and rivers around the world.

Might it be that at least some of those who experience alien abduction are actually taken to an underwater facility? And if so, what type of facilities actually are these underwater bases? Are they the temporary outposts of extraterrestrial visitors? Or might they act as a more permanent settlement? Ones that have been there for thousands of years.

What Is Going On Around The Waters Of The UK?

Perhaps the best place to start would be to examine some of the proposed locations of these underwater alien facilities.

For example, the southwest and northeast coast of the United Kingdom have multiple UFO sightings each year and both locations are home to rumblings of an extraterrestrial base somewhere between the waves.

In the case of the northeast, the North Sea has a long history of UFO activity, with many residents of the coastal towns in the region claiming to have seen strange objects and lights hovering over the water. What’s more, there are several encounters on record of military jets encountering strange, fast-moving objects over the water off the east coast of England.

A depiction of a UFO emerging from the water

UFOs are spotted regularly over the North Sea

In more recent times, several UFO sightings have been reported claiming to show UFOs entering and leaving the North Atlantic waters off the coast of southwest England. According to one UFO reporting website, on consecutive days in July 2020, a local resident of the Devon region witnessed a disc-like object exit the water one afternoon, while also seeing a similarly shaped craft appear out of nowhere the following day and quickly disappear beneath the waves.

We will stay in the United Kingdom for a moment to examine briefly the claims of UFO activity in and around the regions of the Welsh coast, and specifically (as far as alleged underwater bases are concerned) strange activity and bizarre lights off the coast of Puffin Island. Many residents of the region have reported seeing strange, bright objects entering and leaving the water. And what’s more, several alien abductees from the area have made claims of being taken to underwater bases off the Welsh coast.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

It is also very much worth our time to examine the apparent artificial structure discovered in the Baltic Sea which, relatively speaking, is only a stone’s throw away from the North Sea. And furthermore, the Baltic Sea is another body of water that has an impressive collection of UFO activity over and under the water, with at least one military deployment (in 2014) in the region taking place due to unknown underwater activity.

The discovery of an apparent artificial structure came to light in 2016 when a “Millennium Falcon-type anomaly” was found at the bottom of the Baltic sea. As we might imagine the discovery has been dismissed as a naturally occurring formation. However, many who have viewed it are more than impressed with the apparent purposeful markings and precisely straight lines and “cuts” that appear in it.

It isn’t just the seas of Europe that have claims of underwater alien activity, though. The many lakes of the Americas are equally as active. And it is there we will turn our attention next. Before that, though, check out the video below.

Claims Of Alien Bases And The Ancient Lakes Of The Americas

Many of the lakes of North America are also rife with UFO activity. Without a doubt, one of the strangest such lakes is Lake Ontario. Not only is the region around the ancient waterway awash with UFO activity, but there are several strange disappearances, of both individuals and entire planes, around the water. We could say much the same for the stretch of Lake Eire that runs through Ohio. There are multiple reports of strange, glowing discs that suddenly dive into the water and disappear.

If we move our attention to the southern continent, then there are two particular bodies of water that are of interest to us. Lake Titicaca is one of the world’s oldest lakes, and certainly one of the highest. It also, like the others mentioned above, has a long and rich history with UFOs and strange entities. What’s more, from an ancient astronaut perspective, much of the ancient mythology and creation stories revolve around this particular body of water.

There have even been several videos that have appeared online appearing to show large, solid, black objects moving below the water, with one particular video shot by Italian tourists causing waves for a time in the UFO community.

A depiction of an underwater base

The Great Lakes of North America are hot spots for UFO activity

Perhaps one of the most active countries in terms of UFOs is Puerto Rico, and that is much the same with sightings off the northeastern coast. Of even more interest are the apparent findings of researcher and journalist, Jorge Martin. He would claim that he had uncovered evidence of artificial structures running from several miles out to sea, to under the ground in various cities on the mainland. He claimed he had unveiled these tunnel-like structures using images from the NOAA satellite.

What is particularly interesting about these claims is one of the cities that one of these alleged tunnels stretched out to, the city of Ponce, had experienced several strange noises coming from under the city in the late-1980s. Residents would describe these noises as machine-like as if heavy-duty drilling was taking place below them. The noises would cease as suddenly as they began before any investigation could take place.

The Underwater Battle With Aliens At Lake Baikal?

It also might one day prove to be true that an underwater alien base resides in the ancient lakes in and around Siberia. One particular body of water – Lake Bakial – has an account attached to it that certainly suggests an extraterrestrial presence in the area.

According to files that were eventually leaked into the public domain following the break-up of the Soviet Union, at some time in 1982 a team of military research divers would encounter several strange entities under the water of the lake.

The account states that the unit had already noticed strange aerial activity in the days leading up to the incident and was even tracking an unknown object for a significant amount of time. However, it was when several members of the unit went ahead with a research dive mission that they suddenly realized they weren’t alone.

To their disbelief, around half a dozen ten-foot humanoid creatures, each wearing a tight-fitting shiny suit and a strange helmet, were several feet away watching them.

A depiction of an underwater battle between soldiers and aliens

Did an underwater battle take place below the waters of Lake Baikal?

The two groups remained stationary from each other for several moments. However, the diving unit was given instructions to attempt to “capture” one of the strange creatures. Responding to the order, they would move toward the alien group in an attempt to net one of the humanoids.

The next thing they realized, though, they were shooting toward the surface of the water at rapid speed. It would appear, according to the files, that a suspected high-tech sonar weapon had been deployed by the mysterious visitors. So rapid was the rise through the water, that three of the unit would die, while the remaining surviving divers were significantly injured.

While we should perhaps treat such claims with a pinch of salt if only to guard against the possibility of purposely planted disinformation, it is certainly one of the most intriguing on record. If we accept for a moment that the incident is authentic and genuine, then might it suggest that a long-hidden extraterrestrial underwater facility resides below the icy waters of Siberia?

Incidentally, when the region was recently mapped by satellite, two strange anomalies on the bed of the lake were seen. And what’s more, they appeared to be decisively artificial.

Alien Abductions And Water Connect More Than We Think

If there are underwater alien bases in several locations around the planet then we might expect details of them to show up in claims of alien abduction. And while they might not be as well-known as some, there are several intriguing cases that provide very heavy hints of just such an aquatic domain. And some that outright state so.

We might, for example, look briefly at one of the most famous cases of alien abduction of them all – that of Betty and Barney Hill. While on the surface this appears to be a standard alien abduction on a lonely road in New Hampshire, when we examine some of the transcriptions of the hypnotic regression sessions, we find some potentially revealing details. During one exchange, while describing the moments after being taken on board the strange craft she would recall, under hypnosis, that it was “entering the water”.

Another well-known alien abductee is Betty Andreasson, who would claim that her abduction encounters had been happening for decades going back to her childhood. One specific case, she would claim, occurred in 1950. After strange entities appeared in her room and transported her to a presumed spacecraft, she was taken and placed inside a wheel-like vehicle. This would launch from the main ship under some kind of remote or artificial control and plummet into the ocean. She would soon find herself entering some kind of strange and magnificent underwater facility. What’s more, while she was there, she was taken to a strange room that she would recall as a “museum of time”. In this room, were several glass-like containers, each of which contained a human being from a different era of history.

Underwater Connections To The Cortile Case

Yet another case of alien abduction that received (relatively) widespread attention is that of Linda Cortile. In a case that was investigated by veteran UFO investigator and researcher, Budd Hopkins, Cortile would claim that she was abducted right out of her downtown New York apartment on the evening of November 30th, 1989.

What was particularly intriguing about the Cortile case was that – unbeknown to Cortile and Hopkins when she reported the abduction and began regression – was that two security guards had witnessed the abduction taking place.

Known as “Richard” and “Dan”, they were working as drivers and security for the (then) security general of the United Nations, Javier Perez de Cuellar on the evening in question. They were driving along a road near the East River, under the Brooklyn Bridge, below Cortile’s apartment when their car’s engine suddenly died. It was as they stepped out of the vehicle to see what the problem might be that they witnessed a woman “floating through the air”. Even more bizarre, they could see three strange figures floating with her.

They would keep watching the strange scene until Cortile and the three creatures were inside the disc-shaped craft that hovered a little way from the tower of apartments. It then moved away and came screeching toward the surface of the East River. Within seconds it had vanished below the water.

What makes the testimony of the two security guards even more compelling is that before they even made contact with Hopkins, Cortile had made statements under hypnotic regression of the craft she was on board coming to a sudden stop under the water. What’s more, through a window in the otherworldly vehicle, she could clearly see soft drinks bottles and other garbage on the bed of the water, which we might safely assume was somewhere under the East River.

Many More Underwater ET Encounters Than We Think

The three cases mentioned above, while perhaps three of the most well-known alien abduction encounters in the public arena, are far from the only ones we might wish to examine.

A particularly intriguing recall of apparent alien abduction encounters can be found in the book The Alien Jigsaw by abductee, Katharina Wilson. In it, she would describe being in a strange craft that would make “sharp turns” before heading “downward at a very steep angle” before she realized there was “water all around us”. She soon realized that they had entered some kind of underwater tunnel or tube.

A depiction of a UFO hovering over the water

Is there a connection between UFOs and the water

Anna Jamerson’s encounters are also of interest to us here. She would speak of abduction events involving underwater tunnels and of crafts entering the water in her book Connections. She would state, for example, that during one encounter she could recall being on a craft that seemingly entered the water in front of an approaching ocean liner. She would further recall traveling underneath the huge vessel before entering a “long tunnel”. This tube had “soft walls” which very well could have been a perception of water around her. Unfortunately, that is all that she would recall of this particular incident.

There are also other encounters that provide much more in-depth details of these apparent alien abductions to underwater bases.

A Permanent Subaquatic Presence?

The abduction of Orlando Jorge Ferraudi from an Argentinian beach in 1956 (some sources state the year was 1965) is perhaps a good example. After being approached by a seven-foot humanoid in a tight-fitting shiny suit, he was taken on board what he believed was a spacecraft. However, instead of venturing into outer space to another planet, it instead took him beneath the waters.

He would eventually find himself in a “giant underwater dome” that he was informed was a “base to recondition our ships”. What’s more, Ferraudi was told that this alien presence has been here for thousands of years, seemingly performing experiments on all manner of life, and that Earth was, essentially, a “zoo planet”.

A similar encounter occurred in January 1979 on a quiet road in Miami, Florida, when Filiberto Cardenas was taken on board a disc-like craft via a strange beam in front of his friend and his family while attempting to see why his car had suddenly died. His friend would report him missing to the police. He was eventually discovered over ten miles away in the middle of a busy highway with no recollection of how he arrived there.

Only when he underwent hypnotic regression months later did he begin to discover what had taken place. He would reveal that after arriving onboard the craft – which contained several strange humanoid figures – he was strapped into a smaller vehicle. This then launched out of the main craft and descended into the cold waters below, presumably somewhere off the coast of Florida. The smaller craft would then enter some kind of underwater tunnel before eventually coming to a stop in a larger hanger. According to what he was told by his hosts, this was just one of many such aquatic facilities based all over the planet.

That there is a connection, then, between UFO sightings, alien abductions and the deep depths of various bodies of water all over the planet is surely without a doubt. What that connection means and indeed what it might be in truth remains very much open to debate and further investigation.

The video below looks at UFOs and water.

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