What Are The Reasons For UFO Secrecy?

Marcus Lowth
Published Date
December 22, 2019
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October 13, 2021
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There are many theories as to why authorities across the world choose to keep their UFO files secret. And, in many cases, to outright deny that such files even exist. The disclosure of documents over the decades have at least proven a recording of and interest in such sightings of UFOs and claims of encounters with strange entities from other worlds.

The general official stance from governments around the world, however, is there is essentially nothing to declare. And any grey areas that prove inconvenient to the official story are usually dealt with by claims of “national security” or something similar, which we will return to shortly.

A picture of the Pentagon blended into a crashed UFO

Why do governments keep UFOs secret from the public?

With that in mind, then, we know for a fact that the governments around the world have discreetly monitored, recorded, and in some cases investigated such sightings and encounters, should we not be at least suspicious of the way information has been withheld from the public? Or of how hundreds of people have been forced to sign what amounts to nothing short of a “gagging order” in order that the truth of the UFO and alien question remains buried and out of the public arena, and ultimately, the public consciousness.

Just why are those who hold power over all of us seemingly withholding information from the rest of humanity? And as much as the following, by the nature of the subject, is very much speculation, might it be time that we at least contemplate such seemingly outlandish notions before it becomes too late to do so? There is most definitely a hidden truth to be found within the murkiness and intentionally blurred lines of the UFO and alien question. Only through researching and questioning of official stances we know not to be accurate, will we get to that truth.

The “Coincidence” Of The National Security Act Only Weeks After The Roswell Crash?

Perhaps before examining some of the possible reasons for UFO secrecy and the covering up of information pertaining to an alien presence on our planet, we should turn our attention to approximately 6 weeks after the Roswell crash in late July and early August 1947. On 26th July the National Security Act was approved. By 3rd August, it came into force.

While there could very well be very good reasons for such an act to be in place, the fact is it is highly suspicious that an act that would allow the United States governments and, in turn, its military arms, to refuse to answer questions of the American public, anytime they wished, under the guise of “national security”.

Furthermore, they could, and would, use national security to essentially gag witnesses to events, particularly if those witnesses were police officers or military personnel.

Perhaps, then, this act along with the timing of its coming into force should make us all suspicious enough to at least start to consider that such notions of alien visitation and contact with life from other planets is a lot more likely than most of us might think. And what’s more, that the dark conspiracies of government knowledge of, and perhaps even involvement with such an extraterrestrial presence on Earth are also perhaps much more credible than many would want them to be.

In short, there is ample reason to believe a cover-up of such events does exist. And what’s more, it goes in many, twisting and intertwining directions. We will return to the aftermath of the Roswell crash a little later. First though, we should re-examine very briefly one of the most intriguing and credible claims for why the UFO subject is fiercely protected by those who rule over us.

It’s The Propulsion Systems That Are Kept Secret

We have examined relatively in-depth one of the main perceived reasons for UFO secrecy, at least according to Bob Lazar. According to Lazar much of the study on official information regarding UFOs is “all about propulsion”. Further still, according to the researcher, Glen Campbell, the information held by the United States government on these extraterrestrial propulsion systems is “more classified than the atom bomb”. Campbell makes his claims following an apparent conversation with a whistleblower (named Alfred) concerning a conversation he had with one Otto Krause, who claimed that Krause informed him that the propulsion system “was the classified part of the UFO – (and) the mechanism that powered it”.

Further to Lazar’s whistleblower information in the late-1980s, researcher and author, Frank Scully, is also said to have zeroed in on the propulsion methods being of much importance to authorities 30 years earlier. Scully is also a great example of how disinformation enters UFO circles, although through no fault of his own. Rather once trusted sources, perhaps themselves unaware, would begin to pass inaccurate information to Scully, and other UFO researchers of the era. Might that information have come because Scully was indeed, to use a cliché, too close to the truth?

And why would the propulsion systems specifically be the subject of such a lockdown? Might it be, as we and others have suggested before, that to keep such advanced propulsion systems out of the public arena not only means that such technology is exclusively for the American authorities, so keeping them ahead of the rest of the planet? It also, at the same time, keeps the rest of the planet reliant on oil, and the petrodollar.

You can check out a short video on the Petrodollar conspiracy below.

The Nuclear Issue

We have examined the fact that many UFO encounters have occurred over or near nuclear facilities. We have also examined and mentioned on several occasions, that such UFO events usually occur near or over large bodies of water. What we haven’t discussed before, though, is a combination of both of these notions, and more to the point, at least according to a recent article by Tom Rogan, [1] is a vital clue to the reasons the world’s governments keep such UFO sightings a tight and closely guarded secret.

The article comes off the back of the secret Pentagon program to study UFO encounters (after publicly declaring no such interest), which became public knowledge thanks to an investigation by the New York Times. And while such programs are now public knowledge, the waters that swirl around the UFO and alien question are as murky and rough as ever and still swarm with disinformation.

An image of a space shuttle high above the Earth

Why are UFOs visiting the Earth?

And so while we need to treat every suggestion, claim, and theory cautiously, the apparent reasons for Pentagon concern with a very specific grouping of UFO encounters should perhaps concern all of us. If only due to the notion that should any of these alien visitors prove to be warlike (very much like ourselves) we could be in a very precarious position.

In Rogan’s article, he states that the Pentagon claims that their “aviators” tend to interact on a “particular frequency” with UFOs. Furthermore, these incidents tend to be with “US Naval aviators operating off aircraft carriers”. As Rogan writes, though, the Pentagon does not address why it is, more often than not, that these UFOs, at least the ones the Pentagon are secretly concerned with, happen with naval aircraft and pilots who operate off these various aircraft carriers.

Our Defenses Are An “Absurd Joke By Comparison!”

What Rogan claims is that the reason for the interest in these UFOs and their apparently regular and persistent interaction with these US naval vessels is down to the fact that they are “nuclear-powered”. And Rogan himself points out that many UFO sightings take place “near nuclear submarines and Air Force nuclear weapons bases”. Rogan further points out that regular sightings have occurred over Los Alamos in New Mexico, as well as other nuclear testing grounds around the world.

What Rogan then goes on to point out, as many others have over the years, is that these aerial vehicles, seemingly capable of spaceflight and maneuvers far beyond anything we currently have access to, are so far in advanced that suddenly the military strength of the United States “looks like an absurd joke in comparison”.

What is also interesting is that, if only from Rogan’s perspective, the US government very well fear the Russian or Chinese governments may attempt to replicate this seemingly alien technology for itself, especially if they “share what they know!” As valid as those concerns might be, such a mindset, from any country, will likely lead us to our own end.

Might this be the reason for the tightlipped nature of what UFOs are, where they come from, and just what the governments of the world know about them? Perhaps the nuclear connection to these interested visitors from the cosmos will indeed prove to be a key one in unlocking the secrets of the UFO and alien question. However, our next stop, at least partially, rests with the notion that should the alien presence on our planet, whether one race or multiple ones be of an unfriendly or aggressive nature, that our best defenses would seemingly be woefully insufficient.

An Admission Of Extraterrestrial Life Visiting Earth Would Cause Panic, Right?

Of course, perhaps the official version – or as close to – is that an admission of extraterrestrial visitation would ultimately lead to widespread panic among the world’s population. Especially, it would seem, if such an alien force should prove to be hostile.

Supporters of this theory and explanation for UFO secrecy point to the War of the Worlds experiment of the 1930s. According to many reports of the time, multiple citizens around the United States would leave the cities fearing an actual alien invasion. There are even reports of suicides from panic-stricken residents. We should note also, however, that in recent times, there have been reports as to the authenticity of such claims of mass panic by the population in light of the War of the World broadcast. Might this suggest, then, that such reports were manufactured and placed into the public consciousness as accepted fact in order to justify such a tight grip on detailed information?

Perhaps as a discreet afterthought, we should ask just why it was considered a worthwhile exercise in the first place? Was it purely for “fun” and just to see what happened? Or were authorities looking to record just what the reaction would be should such an announcement be real?

Would that really be the reaction of most people around the world? Many people are hard-pressed to lend credence to such a notion.

Perhaps we should consider that despite all of the sightings of strange objects in the sky throughout history, but especially since the second half of the twentieth century, no alien invasion has taken place. At least not overtly. And that leads us to the next possibility and reasoning as to the secrecy surrounding information on UFOs.

Secret Deals With Extraterrestrial Visitors!

We have examined several of the allegedly secret deals between an apparent “shadow government” and extraterrestrials. Most specifically, the apparent “grey alien” race. Incidentally, many people who claim to have been abducted by these strange crafts often describe such creatures that we would all recognize as “typical” grey alien.

We will not go over the details in full here, but the apparent crucial year when this deal took place was early 1954 when President Eisenhower (who was officially undergoing emergency dental treatment) was actually, according to the claims, meeting representatives from the grey alien race, eventually striking a deal with them. The basics of this deal were advanced technology from the greys in return for “access” to human subjects for tests.

It is certainly an interesting claim. And, as outlandish as it sounds, if we accept just for a moment its authenticity, it would certainly result in the desire and indeed necessity (from a government standpoint) to protect such deals from public knowledge. Of course, and by definition, there is very little solid proof of these secret deals. There are, however, numerous whistleblowers and high-ranking government and military officials who have gone on record to state such notions are not at all that far from our reality.

If we stay with the claims of secret deals between a “shadow government” and an extraterrestrial race for a moment, might the result of such a secretive arrangement have been the sudden influx of highly advanced technology? Possibly technology that began its existence on another world.

Is Back-Engineered Alien Technology The Basis Of Our Modern World?

If we return to the aftermath of the Roswell crash for a moment, we might remind ourselves of the National Security Act of 1947.

Might it be possible that after recovering the debris from the downed UFO in the desert of New Mexico, the United States government quickly realized what they had? And furthermore, in order to keep such advanced technology for themselves and their own ends (both militarily and financially), such acts were brought in to ensure any information or physical evidence would be enveloped under the far-reaching all-encompassing type of act of national security?

Further to this, we have previously examined the claims of Jack Shulman, the CEO of the American Computer Company. Shulman would claim to have proof of not only recovered alien technology being in the hands of the American government since the Roswell crash but that they had “gifted” this technology to very specific companies for them to reverse-engineer and “patent new technologies”, many of which would then enter the public arena as a newly invented product. Even more specifically, this information was in a “notebook” that had come into his possession and was coined the Lab Shopkeepers Notebook and read like a catalog of futuristic technologies.

It might be easy to dismiss such seemingly wild claims of Shulmans. If it were not for the equally explosive (and almost identical) claims of other whistleblowers. Perhaps most predominantly is Philip Corso, who would claim in his book The Day After Roswell of “untraceably transferring” such recovered technology to companies like Bell Labs, IBM, and Monsanto.

Incidentally, Shulman would suffer several attacks, both physical and mental at the hands of mystery figures following his disclosure of information.

The Nazi-Operation Paperclip Connection

In fact, a lot of the technology that came to light in the second half of the twentieth century, whether extraterrestrial or not, has its roots in Nazi Germany.

There are perhaps, as bizarre as they might once again first appear, the connections to the equally secretive (at the time) Operation Paperclip. This discreet project would see dozens of Nazi scientists, including many rocket engineers, transplanted from their homelands of Europe to the United States where many of them would continue their work for the Americans.

One of those was Wernher von Braun, who was essentially the person responsible for landing the Americans on the Moon following the initial victory of the Soviet Union in placing a man in orbit around the Earth.

A mysterious image showing a man standing before three doors

Has UFO secrecy been going on for longer than we think?

The conspiracies surrounding the American rocket and space program under Von Braun’s leadership are numerous and varied. Some perhaps more credible than the others. And we have mentioned before of apparent admissions from high-ranking German officers of “help from others” when questioned as to their apparent high advancement compared to most other militaries and scientific programs around the world. For example, according to some researchers, when the Americans examined the Nazi science programs, specifically the rocket programs, they would find they were “around 25 years ahead” of its own similar programs.

This certainly helps explain the rapid development of American technology following the end of the Second World War. But we still have to question just how valid it might be that such technologies occurred as a result of either recovered alien crafts (in Europe during the 1930s) or direct contact with entities from another realm of existence (remember, many high-ranking Nazis had a genuine belief and interest in the Occult).

Recovered Ancient Texts, Science, And Weaponry

There is, however, another possibility as to why the Nazis, and in turn, the American governments that housed their leading scientists following the end of the war, were so far in advance of everyone else around the world.

When we examined some of the strange occult and paranormal connections to Adolf Hitler, the Nazis, and the Third Reich, we touched upon the Ahnenerbe program. And while this was, at least officially, an exercise in “Germanness”, it would appear perfectly obvious that there were alternative reasons for the vast amount of archeological missions the Nazis would become involved in, both before and to a certain extent during the Second World War.

One of the places they traveled to was the territories said to have been home to a one-time Indus Valley civilization, that some researchers insist would rival such respected civilizations as the ancient Egyptians or the Mayans. There are also several claims, following extensive research in the area, perhaps most recently in the early 2000s, of signs of an atomic, nuclear explosion here in antiquity, possibly due to nuclear weapons.

An image of a UFO in a cloudy sky at sunset

Might UFOs have been visiting the planet since ancient times?

When we add to this the many written accounts of crafts that fly through the air in such ancient times, known as the Vimanas, which themselves would often engage in aerial battles, we should perhaps start to wonder what these Nazi archeological missions to the region were really for. Might they have discovered ancient writings and equally ancient technology? Did such discoveries aid already mentally advanced scientists as Von Braun in developing weaponry and aircraft that was beyond anything the (modern) world had previously seen?

And might this, in turn, through the Paperclip project, have led to such advancement transferring to the Americans? And ultimately, if such speculative claims were true, it would certainly explain why such connections had to remain a secret. Perhaps this sudden knowledge rather than the Roswell crash is what prompted the National Security Act to become law in the summer of 1947?

Some Intriguing If Speculative Points To Consider

It is perhaps interesting to note that the two claims of recovered alien technology from Roswell and the continued programs of Nazi scientists working with seemingly similar alien technology appear to be at odds with each other. For example, if we accept that one of those outlandish claims is correct, that must mean the other one is wrong. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. For example, if we accept there is an alien presence on Earth, it perhaps makes sense that that presence is not limited to the United States, even if alleged secret deals of the mid-1950s, in turn, attracted such prolonged and persistent activity.

Furthermore, and we are admittedly straying into extreme speculation territory here, there just might be a connection between the two. Is it possible, for example, that the alleged alien technology that several sources claim Nazi scientists were working with in the late-1930s and during most of the Second World War would find its way to the United States via Operation Paperclip? And consequently, the attention of the alien race behind such technology seemingly transferred its focus stateside also.

Perhaps we should consider that the foo fighter and ghost rocket sightings of the early-to-mid 1940s over much of western and northern Europe ceased just prior to the Roswell crash. Was this due to the end of the war, which seemingly always see an increase in such sightings? Or might these transferences of secretly recovered alien technology be the key, whether from a downed craft or courtesy of the Nazi’s persistent archeological missions?

Experimentation And A Breakdown Of Arrangements?

If we keep the idea of secret deals in mind for a moment, part of those arrangements would revolve around extraterrestrial entities having access to members of the human population. What is perhaps intriguing about this is that a large proportion of alien abduction claims come out of the United States. Might the simple reason be that “access” to American citizens is aided and assisted by a shadow government?

Of course, it goes without saying that should such an agreement have been entered into by a shadow government of the United States, it would very much be in their interests that the world’s population remains largely unaware of such an arrangement.

A mysterious image of a night sky with a various planets in

Are alien entities really abducting the public

We should also consider, however briefly, the claims and conspiracies that surfaced in the 1990s of an apparent battle between humans and extraterrestrials at underground facilities in the west of America. While details are to be taken with a pinch of salt, this apparent battle occurred in the late 1970s and was seemingly brought about by a “straying” from the agreement on the grey aliens’ part.

Interestingly or not, while abductions began to steadily increase beginning in the 1960s, and even more so in the 1970s, as the 1980s came into view, claims of alien abduction were becoming more and more common. Might this tie in with the apparent breakdown of relations between the shadow government and the grey alien race, or at least their representatives here on Earth?

Of course, whether this incident occurred is very much open to debate. As are what the consequences were for those on both sides. Indeed, might the claims of a “secret war taking place behind the scenes” be more accurate than most of us might think?

General Control And Information Gathering

As we will contemplate and examine a little more later, there are many researchers who subscribe to the notion that an extraterrestrial presence remains in control of humanity. And what’s more, they have done since the beginning of time when they were called The Gods.

With that in mind, it is perhaps worth reminding ourselves that we live in an era where almost everything we see and do is recorded. And much of that information we volunteer ourselves without really questioning where such information is going. And for what reason? Who exactly is monitoring this build-up of information on each one of us? And from where?

Might the reason for such constant monitoring of our movements not be for our own protection but to build up a database ripe for exploitation? Particularly if the “end-user” of this information is a collective not officially recognized by government controls, nor by the vast majority of the population. Indeed, such dismissiveness on the one side and complete disinterest on the other, at least in theory, makes control of the entire population quite possible by not only a (relatively) small number of people but an apparent invisible, covert rule. One that there are no records of and that is never spoken about.

An image of a spaceship traveling through space

Are humans being monitored from space?

Indeed, those inspecting this wealth of information could be viewed as The Watchers of our modern times.

With that in mind, there is one other consideration when we think about the many reasons for UFO secrecy. How might such a disclosure of information affect the world’s religions? What might their respective reactions be? And might their still considerable collective weight and influence in world affairs be a defining factor in the long wait for the release of information regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The “Religion” Aspect

One of the considerations that often arises when discussing whether world governments should release information to the public regarding the presence of extraterrestrial life – both in the cosmos and visiting Earth – is that such a declaration would signify the end of organized religion.

While there very well could be a questioning of beliefs of many of the most ardent of religious people, however, it would appear that again, such a concern is more of a guise than anything else.

Of course, how each religious organization chose to react to such potential disclosure would be entirely up to them. If, of course, they haven’t already strongly considered the notion.

Perhaps we should consider, for example, the observatories of the Vatican, particularly the one in Arizona near Mount Graham in the United States (the other sits in Rome).

The Mount Graham Observatory in Arizona

The Mount Graham Observatory in Arizona

What is interesting about this observatory is its location to Mount Graham, which several of the Native American tribes in the region claim is where the “star people” would come down to Earth. And what’s more, in our modern era, the area is still regarded as a hot spot of UFO activity, with some suggesting a portal of sorts exists there which acts as a cosmic doorway that allows this otherworldly craft access to our world.

All highly speculative claims, no doubt, but ones that when viewed with the wealth of information available in other cases from around the world and across time, begin to make much more sense than at first glance. And does that make the Vatican’s apparently sudden interest in UFOs, (at least publicly) one of mere passing intrigue and an attempt to make itself more relevant and appealing in the modern world? Or might the high-ranking members of the Vatican, be privy to information that most aren’t?

A Potential Trigger To Self-Fulfilled Prophecies?

If we remain with the world’s major religions for a moment, particularly in light of such trains of thought as the ancient astronaut theory, might there be more credibility in the claims of extraterrestrial influence, whether intentional or not, with almost all of the religions we see today?

Might this be the reason for the secrecy behind UFO sightings? After all, the majority of those of a religious persuasion would no doubt handle a disclosure of information in their stride, and most importantly, peacefully. Even if that disclosure made them reassess their own beliefs.

However, as unsavory as it is, there will undoubtedly be within all of the religions of the world, small select ardent hardline groups, which very well might use such an incident to trigger violence between themselves and those who accept such “blasphemous” preaching. In short, however small such pockets of resistance to information might be, a new era of zealot-type religious warfare could be triggered by such information.

An image of two UFOs in a dark night cloudy sky

Might UFO sightings and religious end-of-the-world prophecies become intertwined?

That is not to say that the general public should be held ransom by the potential actions of what is essentially an extremely small part of the world’s population. However, it is certainly a reaction and subsequent situation that we should be aware of. Maybe the world’s governments, as well as the respective leaders of the different religious perspectives, have also taken such apparent consequences of the releasing of groundbreaking historic information into consideration.

Indeed, as overdramatic as it might be, such religious violence against the backdrop of momentous releasing of information could very well lead to a doomsday, end-of-days scenario. Armageddon, in a bizarre way, could prove to be self-fulfilling as opposed to the fate of humanity.

Claims Of UFOs Used To Cover “Other” Secret Activities?

Perhaps one interesting perspective as to the reasons for the secrecy of UFO and alien encounters is that many claims of UFOs and government facilities are gladly used by those in the dark reaches of the shadow government to avoid the scrutiny of those looking to enforce environmental and human rights laws.

Perhaps a good point in question are the claims that the real reason for the secrecy surrounding one of the most famous “UFO facilities” in the world, Area 51, is not down to the fact that alien bodies or extraterrestrial aircraft exist there, but rather that many who did work in this “black facility” were exposed to many deadly toxins and chemicals [2] without warning or explanation. Indeed, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times, two such workers after attempting legal action have already died from the respective and suspicious medical conditions.

An image of a UFO flying away from the Earth

Might claims of UFOs be a smokescreen for other government secrets?

Due to the facility enjoying “black” status – essentially protected under the banner of national security – those working in the confines of Area 51 (and no doubt several other lesser-known facilities) didn’t enjoy the protections of lawful rights on the one hand, while those in charge (essentially, the United States government) had no need to enforce them. They were, quite literally in these circumstances, above the law.

While such a battle for this information continues, it certainly does those who wish to protect the secrets of such facilities to entangle them with UFO and alien question. And that isn’t to say that UFOs are merely an invented distraction. There is surely too much evidence of their physical existence to simply accept such a simplistic explanation. However, it might suggest an opportunistic use of such information, that distracts two sets of people away from the truth, and further muddies the waters for those in both camps.

The “Ultimate Dirty Secret” Of The UFO And Alien Question

According to a 2016 interview with the BBC, one-time government UFO investigator for the British Ministry of Defense, [3] Nick Pope, would claim that the “ultimate dirty secret” of the UFO cases, at least from a military point of view, was the cases that appeared to be “natural aerial phenomena”. And it was these cases that were, and likely still are, of most interest to most militaries around the world.

Essentially, if these natural weather phenomena can be understood and even harnessed and possibly replicated, from a military perspective, they can be “weaponized”. Of course, to many in the UFO community, particularly those with non-military ties, this would be quite horrific. That not only would the issue of UFOs prove to be nothing more than a natural phenomenon of our own environment, but the continued study of such “sightings” could result in a potentially deadly weapon, the existence of which, in whoever’s hands it might end up, would bring the world one step closer to annihilation.

An image of a UFO in a large hangar

Might UFOs be “natural aerial phenomena”?

It is also perhaps important to remember that this only covers some of the sightings, with many more that don’t conform to the natural phenomena of military interest, still unexplained. We should also recall the alleged claims of the apparent Reptilian entity name Lacerta, in an interview conducted, according to the files, in December 1999 in a small town in Sweden.

One of things that it is of interest to us here in terms of Pope’s comments above, is a revelation that some of the UFO sightings that the world’s governments are studying are actually “plasma flares” in the atmosphere. As tentative as the alleged statement might be, it certainly sits in sympathy with Pope’s statements above.

From Inside The Pentagon UFO Program

Incidentally, perhaps we should examine some of the comments from a one-time intelligence officer, Luis Elizondo in May 2019 [4] concerning the data they worked with and the types of things witnessed within the previously mentioned Pentagon program. And while, with the warnings of rampant disinformation being present in UFO circles, we should treat any such claims with appropriate caution, they are indeed intriguing. And furthermore, mirror other claims that came to the forefront before the New York Times investigation following the disclosure to them by Elizondo in 2017 that revealed the Pentagon program.

For example, Elizondo would claim that objects traveling at “hypersonic speeds – more than five times the speed of sound” were regularly tracked by the Pentagon. However, unlike terrestrial aircraft that might reach similar speeds, no consequences such as sonic booms were present.

Even more intriguing, is the gravitational capabilities of these apparently otherworldly crafts. Given that the limit of an advanced terrestrial fighter jet would be between 16-18 G’s, the fact that, according to Elizondo, these strange crafts were regularly witnessed traveling between 400 to 500 Gs, it is seemingly obvious that such vehicles are significantly more advanced than our own. And furthermore, appear to “defy the natural effects of the Earth’s gravitational pull”.

With the above statements in mind, then, it is clear that, barring the revelation of a conspiracy of a secret human space program, these aircraft are the result of a higher, organized intelligence far beyond our own technological advancements. Perhaps these concerns contribute to the ongoing policy of keeping the reality of UFOs, at least officially, a closely guarded secret.

Why “It” Is Unlikely To Happen Anytime Soon!

Although there has been a growing expectation among many in the UFO community that some kind of release of information would be forthcoming from the world’s government, specifically the United States, regarding UFO accounts and extraterrestrial life, such a declaration has not been forthcoming. And what’s more, it is unlikely to be so any time soon.

And as we eluded to above regarding the propulsion systems inevitably leading to less of a reliance on oil for the world’s population, it simply isn’t in the ruling elite’s interest to share such information. When we consider that many politicians have connections to corporations and business interests, this makes even more sense (from their point of view).

Perhaps we should examine the claims of Dr. Steven Greer – undoubtedly a controversial person – but one whose claims resonate with many others around the world.

An image of a spaceship approaching an alien planet

Will governments ever come clean about UFOs?

It is Greer’s belief that alien technology is already in existence behind the closed doors of the world’s governments. And what’s more, a disclosure of this information and a releasing of these technologies into the public arena would likely lead to a cheaper and more reliant form of energy for people all over the planet. Energies and technologies that the “third world” could use to transform their respective outlooks almost overnight.

It is also Greer’s opinion that those in power have no desire whatsoever to see their influence or their financial standing suffer in any way. Consequently, a suppression of such technologies is widespread throughout the elite ruling factions of the world.

Perhaps we should remind ourselves of the computer hacker, Gary McKinnon, who made very similar claims while (successfully) fighting extradition to the United States on a matter of violating “national security”.

Just Think About This For A Moment!

Before we move on and wrap up our breakneck examination of just why information on apparent UFO activity in the Earth’s skies is so protected and under strict controls, perhaps we should consider the above point once more.

If there is any truth in the claims of the ruling elite withholding information on technologies that would not only prove life very much exists outside of our own planet, but would dramatically improve the existence of everyone on the planet today and all who would come after us, in order to keep their stranglehold on the resources of the planet and our “need” for them, we should really stop and consider such a stance for one moment. And really let this mindset sink in.

Not only are this ruling elite (if we accept the claims as true) intentionally keeping whole groups of people in poverty and at the mercy of their products, but they are denying humanity as a whole, lifechanging information about our present existence, as well as our collective history, which no doubt would suddenly appear very differently.

In short, greed is not only keeping people at the elite’s mercy but is stopping the progression and evolvement of humans. Evolvement that could see us take to the stars and explore the universe, while at the same time improving life for each and every individual alive today.

It is, on the one hand, a rather simplistic notion that such historic information would remain under wraps in order that select individuals can gain financially. However, in various ways throughout history, whether for cold, cash or treasure or for the influence conquering and ruling a land brings, a select number of people, all from the ruling elite, have arguably done exactly that for thousands of years. Why, then, we might ask, would that formula change today?

How Will Future Generations View The UFO Incidents Of Our Era?

Keeping the “ruling elite” in minds, perhaps we should consider, as bizarre as it might sound, the conspiracies of the Anunnaki and the fact that an alien presence has discreetly continued to rule over humanity since antiquity.

Are such conspiracies of an alien presence existing and controlling the events of human beings more credible than we might think? Might at least some of the various extraterrestrial races that are seemingly visiting the Earth actually be doing so in an attempt to break such control?

We will remind ourselves of the many high-ranking whistleblowers who insist that there is more than one extraterrestrial race visiting the Earth. And most likely, at least in the words of Paul Hellyer, anywhere between “4 and 12 different races” are regularly coming and going to our planet from theirs.

A depiction of a landed UFO

Will UFO secrecy lift in the future?

Also, as we have touched upon before, might the alien presence in our lives today, be the same as the goblins, fairies, demons, and devils of antiquity. And if so, if we assume the same alien presence will still be here in one form or another in another several thousand years, what will the perception of them be in that futuristic era? Would they be influenced by our contemporary research? Or will our work today be seen as ancient and bordering on laughable beliefs as many of us sneer at legends, folklore, and ancient writings.

If history is, as the saying goes, written by the winners, then perhaps much of how future generations will view UFO and alien encounters, both the ones in our own contemporary era as well as the ones they would presumably experience, will depend very much on how we ourselves react, research, and push for the revealing of the truth to the UFO and alien question.

Where Do We Go From Here?

While we have gone through many of the possibilities here at a fast pace for considerations of the space available and indeed the platform, such possibilities could be explored over several volumes of works.

What does seem to become apparent, is there are seemingly valid connections between the many UFO sightings and alleged encounters of alien abduction to suggest to ourselves that such accounts can not simply be dismissed. And what’s more, unlocking these accounts will not only resolve the mysteries of the UFO and alien question but will most likely remold what we know of our own history, both recent and in antiquity, as well as drastically altering the path on which our future selves will travel down.

The vast majority of people inside the UFO community, to varying degrees, believe the world’s governments are withholding information from the public at large. And even a significant portion of those who have only a passing to little interest in UFOs and the possibility of life existing on other planets very likely hold beliefs of such a suppression of details and facts surrounding this and other controversial incidents throughout history.

Whether through a reality created purely by the paranoid minds of the masses, or whether there is a genuine reason to be suspicious of those who rule over us, at least in terms of their honesty and full transparent disclosure of information, the subject continues to fascinate many, many minds from all walks of life all over the world. And what’s more, it will continue to do so, barring some release of information or a very public appearance by these otherworldly visitors, for generations.

Check out the video below. It looks at extraterrestrial cover-up a little further.


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