The Trinity UFO Crash – Another Covered-Up UFO Encounter Of The 1940s?

Marcus Lowth
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March 11, 2023
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There have been several claims of UFO crashes from the 1940s, but perhaps one of the most interesting is also one that is lesser known. What’s more, it was an event that saw the retrieval operation witnessed in its entirety by the witnesses, an entire family whose ranch the crash occurred. It is also a case where at least two of the witnesses claimed to have seen strange, humanoid occupants inside the downed craft, occupants that later disappeared, seemingly into the Texas wilderness.

The incident unfolded in the small town of Trinity in Texas. However, what might prove to be important to the location is the fact that atomic bomb tests had taken place only a very short time previously, perhaps lending credence to the notion that such nuclear weapons is what brought humanity to the attention of this presumed alien race.

As with all such claims of UFO crashes and sightings of apparent alien beings, we need to treat the case with a pinch of salt. However, the fact that it is a case that has attracted the attention of one of the most respected UFO researchers and investigators of the past several decades perhaps gives it a little more credence than most such claims.

An Egg-Shaped Craft Crashes On The Ranch

In recent years the case has come into the limelight through the research and investigation of Jacques Vallee, in his book TRINITY: The Best-Kept Secret. [1] According to the account, one evening in the summer of 1945, a rancher and his family witnessed an egg-shaped object appear out of the sky before crashing into a nearby communications tower before coming to rest on the ranch.

The family cautiously approached the downed craft, later recalling that it was mostly still intact, with only one single hole in its side. Even more remarkable, the two children claimed to have seen three humanoid occupants inside the object. Each was around four feet tall and appeared without a helmet, suggesting they were able to breathe the air. Each of these occupants appeared to be dressed in the same type of grey overalls, and each had particularly large eyes, as well as a small nose and no apparent mouth.

During his research, Vallee would calculate that the object was likely between “four and a half to five tons” weight and that it had been transferred from the crash site by a heavy-duty truck, something, incidentally, that the family also witnessed.

However, rather than authorities instantly swooping on the crash site, the object remained unattended for nine days before a retrieval team finally arrived. And by the time they got there, all three of the occupants had disappeared.

It is Vallee’s belief, however, that the atomic bomb tests less than 20 miles away at White Sands a short time before are connected to the incident.

Occupants “Running Back And Forth, As If In A Panic!”

Vallee would research the events of that evening extensively, including speaking in-depth with the family themselves. One of the children, Jose Padilla, would recall that on the day of the incident, there was a particularly heavy rainstorm. Suddenly, they heard what they would now describe as a sonic boom before seeing smoke rising into the air.

They immediately rode their horses in the direction where the object had struck the communications tower. They would look in the direction where the object had crashed, immediately noticing a “long gash in the earth” that was “as long as a football field. They got to around 300 feet of the object before the flames from the greasewood nearby that had caught fire stopped their progress.

It was at this point that the two youngsters witnessed the three men “running back and forth as (if) in a panic”. After watching the bizarre scene for a considerable amount of time, they returned to the house to inform their father, who, in turn, notified the state police department.

“A Lot Of Fragments” At The Location Seen From The Air

When Knapp appeared on the George Knapp radio show he would speak of his conversation with Jose, relaying once more that they were distinctly humanoid, around four feet tall, and appeared to be able to breathe the air around them (we might recall there was an apparent hole in the side of the ship).

He would also inform Knapp although the figures very much appeared to be agitated, they otherwise appeared largely uninjured. While the older boy wanted to head toward the craft and try to go inside, the younger boy began to become fearful and upset, so much so that they both agreed to head back to the house. Incidentally, it would take the police 48 hours to respond to the report.

As Vallee points out, not only did the family witness the crash, but also the full military retrieval operations, perhaps one of the only times witnesses had done so.

There was also further information that Vallee has managed to bring to light over recent years. For example, according to the testimony of a one-time United States Air Force pilot, Colonel William Brothy, he was operating a B-25 aircraft shortly after the incident. What’s more, when he passed over the crash site, he could clearly see “a lot of fragments” on the ground. Of even further interest, Brothy claimed that the vast majority of the crew also saw the scene.

Of course, the case is one that almost certainly has more revelations to be discovered. And, due to a recent amendment to an American congressional spending bill, those revelations might come quicker than we think.

Hope Of Further Revelations

According to an article in the January 13th 2023 edition of The New York Times, an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act will result in the Defense Department having to review all of their files and documents concerning UFO sightings and encounters. [2] And they have to do this for files dating all the way back to 1945.

Of course, if that was the case, if there is any truth whatsoever to the claims of a downed UFO being recovered from the land of a ranch in Trinity, Texas, then there very well could be files that have been tucked away out of the public arena ready to be released.

And while many might remain skeptical that anything of importance would be allowed to enter the public domain, there is a genuine sense among some UFO commentators that there is a genuine desire of the Air Force and other military departments to come clean about what they know about UFOs and rid themselves of the distrust that many people have for their transparency. And while this might seem wishful thinking to some, we should remember that those in positions of power within the military and government are far removed from those who, if there are UFO cover-ups from the 1940s and the decades that followed to be exposed, locked down such information in the first place.

Indeed, some serving politicians, such as Mike Gallagher, are publicly calling for a “comprehensive timeline” of government UFO records, adding that it was an “important step” in giving “a more comprehensive understanding” of just what is known about these strange objects.

Vallee himself was full of praise for the move, calling it an “absolute turning point” in getting to the bottom of UFO sightings, elaborating that it appeared “the stigma had been removed” in terms of seriously looking into the subject, and that civilian sightings would be treated a lot more seriously than that had been in the past.

Could it be possible that this amendment could reveal further details of the alleged Trinity UFO crash?

More To This Than We Might Think?

As with all claims of UFO crashes, if there is any truth to the Trinity UFO crash account, then it will have ramifications not only for those in the UFO community but for humanity as a whole. And if the claims are true, does that endorse the suggestion of a connection between nuclear weapons and the arrival of these visitors from elsewhere in the universe? Indeed, if that did prove to be the case, it would suggest that intelligent life can monitor us from afar – and be able to take action.

We might perhaps ask if the apparent lack of urgency to retrieve the craft might also suggest that this was one of the first such events, one that caught the authorities completely off-guard. And, perhaps above all else, just how did authorities manage to keep the encounter largely covered over for so long until recent years?

As is always the case, the more we stir beneath the surface in an effort to reveal further details, the murkier and cloudier they become. Although while those waters are perhaps in flux at the moment, when they do settle with further information, it is the hope of all that a much clearer picture will appear.

The video below features Nick Pope speaking of the bill that could result in further UFO files being released.


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