The Best UFO Sightings, Videos & Encounters Of 2019

First Published: January 31, 2019 Last updated: April 4th, 2019 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 22 minutes Posted in: Editorials

2019, according to many UFO researchers and those who claim to be close to both official and unofficial sources, is to be a year of increased UFO activity and further disclosure of information regarding the UFO and alien question. While only time will tell if this proves to be the case, 2018 certainly ended with a flurry of bizarre UFO sightings, and so far as 2019 unfolds, we have been privy to many more. In fact, one forum user recently asked whether we were “experiencing the beginnings of another UFO wave”.

2019 Best UFO Sightings

Make sure you check in with us each month as we will update the page regularly with the most recent UFO sightings of 2019. Might we indeed be set for another UFO wave? Are sightings going to increase as we head through 2019? And will we receive the ever-promised disclosure of UFO files and documents that many insist is soon to happen?

Feel free to send us your sightings or links to videos you think we should see, either using the e-mail below or message us directly on our Facebook page. Any that we like we will include in our regular updates here and will also upload the original sighting videos to our new YouTube channel (all videos will be credited to the sender accordingly).


March 2019

Following on from the frenzy that marked February, particularly towards the end of the month with some of the most intriguing and unnerving encounters so far this year unfolding, March has proven to be no different.

It has been another interesting month as far as UFO sightings and alien encounters go. And while we can only examine a handful of them here each month, there would appear to be a plethora of activity in our planet’s skies.

Intriguing Sightings From Previous Years, Only Recently Comes To Light!

Although the incident occurred in the summer of 2018, it only came to light very recently in late-March 2019. An apparent sighting of black square-shaped UFOs over England occurred on the afternoon of 27th July 2018 in the Sussex region of the country.

The footage clearly shows a large, rectangularly square object zooming through the skies suggesting it was moving at “mind-blowing” speed. Furthermore, many researchers and enthusiasts pointed out the strange cloud formations that appeared to follow the equally bizarre craft.

You can view that footage below. The object itself is best visible just after the 20-second mark.

Another sighting from years previously also surfaced recently, this time from the previous summer on 6th August 2017 from Sun Valley, California. At around 9 pm, the witness, along with their brother in law, witnessed a “gelatin-like object” from their back yard. They managed to capture just short of 20 seconds of footage and captured several photographs. What’s more, according to the information on their report:

…if you zoom into the photos, you will see an alien entity staring at you and you will also see a square door in the UFO!

While those things might indeed be down to individual interpretation, it is no doubt that the footage and pictures are intriguing. They would further describe the object as being “like gelatin” and flashing a combination of red, orange, and white. As it came lower to the ground, but out of sight in the distance of the ground of an old power plant, a strange blue glow appeared.

You can check out that particular footage in the video below.

Two Hovering UFOs Over Lima, Peru

Although the sighting happened in the early hours of 27th February, just after 6:30 am, it didn’t really begin to enter the outside and wider world of the UFO community until several days later. Consequently, we will examine it here in our March sightings. And what’s more, the sighting in question took place over a busy airport in Lima, Peru. This would result in an official report, acknowledgment, and statement from the airport themselves.

On this occasion, that statement came from Jorge Chavez, who would inform the media on behalf of the Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation (CORPAC) that “two unidentified flying objects” were not only witnessed, but for considerable periods, recorded, as they hovered over the airport for around an hour. You can view one of those pictures below.

March 2019 UFO Peru

This would mark the first time that such an official body would offer such detailed UFO footage and information in such a public arena. Incidentally, this is certainly not the first time in recent years that airport officials, in various parts of the world, have been, to some, surprisingly open and cooperative regarding such sightings. Might this indeed mark a persistent shift in opinion by such official groups?

Not only were members of the airport’s control tower among the witnesses to the two, hovering craft, but several grounds crew also saw events play out in full. Perhaps of interest, despite control tower operators being able to visually see the UFOs for close to an hour, they would only appear briefly on their radar screens. Were they using some kind of cloaking device?

The short video below looks at this sighting a little further.

UFO Emerging From Wormhole On The European Observatory Skycam, 12th March

According to one eagle-eyed space and UFO enthusiast, the skycams of the European Southern Observatory would capture a “UFO going in or coming out of what looks like a wormhole”.

You can view one of the pictures below and see what you think.

March 2019 UFO Wormhole

Whatever it might be, to many it is certainly something of interest. And something to be investigated further. Some who viewed the still shots would theorize that perhaps instead of a wormhole or portal, the “sphere” was leaving a trail behind it.

Perhaps interestingly, the video of the sighting was also put up on social media for all to view. However, that footage has since been removed. Furthermore, a search of the usual online platforms doesn’t appear to bring back an alternative option to view.

What should we make of this? Is there really nothing at all to the glowing sphere-like object in the image above? Or is there really an effort to scrub such examples of its existence from the public arena? While many believe the website to have captured something truly unique, others, from within the UFO community no less, believed the “sighting”, at least on this occasion, was a “lens fault” or simply a low-resolution image.

Hovering Flashing Lights, New Mexico, 16th March

In the early hours of 16th March in the town of Espanola, New Mexico, approximately between 2 am and 4:30 am, a local resident would witness a “bright hovering white light” which would then flash red and blue.

What’s more, the witness would claim in their report that they often see these lights. Further still, on occasion, they have managed to witness the solid object behind the lights, and the spinning motion that appears to be taking place. This is an interesting description – albeit one not backed up with footage – but one that matches other UFO sightings, especially of the last two decades.

March 2019 UFO Sightings

The witness claimed to have systematically ruled out known star systems, major satellites, and the International Space Station, and was now at a loss as to what the anomalies could be. The sighting, as would other sightings in the area the witness had seen, would last between 2 to 3 minutes before disappearing.

While it is pure speculation, New Mexico has multiple US military bases as well as, if rumors and claims are to be believed, several discreet “research” bases. It is not unfeasible, then, that these apparently regular sightings might be of some kind of top-secret military craft. Possibly one using reverse-engineered alien technology.

UFO “Formation” Over Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, 17th March

On 17th March over the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles in California at around 8 pm, the lady who made the report and her family were in their yard enjoying a barbecue. As her husband tended to the grill, he glanced upwards at the sky.

According to the report, he could see “a group of glowing UFO discs” – approximately 18 in total – that were “coming out of the clouds” and into the clear part of the evening sky. He called to his wife, who along with their two children, ran to the grill area.

In total, the family watched events unfold before the lights slowly began to disappear back into the clouds, although this time in the opposite direction from which they appeared. The report would state that:

…the discs were traveling from north to south over the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley area…approximately (at) 10,000 feet of altitude…

Unlike many similar sightings of lights or orbs, aside from the sheer volume of them, the witnesses would report now flashing or changing colors. The lights were a solid bright, white light throughout the encounter. The witness would further add:

I have seen many civilian and military aircraft in my years. And these glowing discs were not aircraft!

Furthermore, they would stress the point by stating they were no “any known man-made objects” that they had ever witnessed. In total, the lights were visible for between 20 and 30 seconds.

Although the video below is not the footage of the recent sighting, it is an almost identical incident from July 2014.

Flickering “Triangle Of Lights”, Nashville, Tennessee, 20th March

At around 10 pm on the evening of 20th March in Nashville, Tennessee, an unnamed witness managed to capture around 20 seconds of footage of several flickering lights in a distinct triangular shape.

The witness observed the strange flickering lights for several moments before finally retrieving their camera and taking a much closer look. When they did, it was perfectly obvious that the lights were most definitely changing colors and were “orb-like”.

Before the witness realized what was happening, the lights vanished, as though they were “sucked through a portal” leaving “dust-looking stuff” in the gap in the sky where it was only seconds previously.

Unfortunately, the video footage, which you can see below, doesn’t capture this disappearance.

Faded Rainbow-Colored Boomerang-Shaped Object Over Newmarket, Canada, 19th March

The night previously and across the border to the north in Newmarket in Canada, a sighting of a boomerang-shaped object was reported. According to the details, the object had a “faded rainbow color” while also going “around itself in circles”.

The object was witnessed by two friends who each stood in front of their houses on the otherwise quiet street. The witness would recall that it was so clear that it was obvious that “it wasn’t a drone”. Nor did they believe it was anything else made by human hands or design.

After around ten minutes of watching the display, the object began to steadily rise into the air. It would circle in the air, almost majestically as it did so. Then, it faded away into the night sky.

While there is no video footage of the sighting in question, UFO incidents in Canada have seemingly continued to increase over the last several years.

Diamond-Shaped Craft Sightings In Arizona And Pennsylvania, 28th March

On the same evening of 28th March, two sightings of specifically “diamond-shaped” crafts would be reported. And, also strange, these sightings were on virtually other sides of the country to each other, with one occurring in Arizona in the west of the United States and the other in Pennsylvania towards the east.

In Conway, Arizona, the unnamed witness claimed to see “two UFOs in the sky moving (from) west to east”. They would further state in their report:

I could see they were not anything that I have ever seen before!

They would further describe the object as an “upside down diamond” with a black underside and a shining silver color on top. Although they moved at a considerable pace, they remained completely silent.

March UFO Diamond

On the same evening, in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, a local resident was stood on their decked porch when they noticed a “diamond-shaped UFO” with “4 red lights” seemingly at each corner position. It moved relatively quickly against the night sky. However, and much like the sighting on the same evening in Arizona, it didn’t make a sound.

Even more bizarre, the witness claimed that seeming out of nowhere, another identical craft suddenly appeared in the sky. The witness would go to retrieve their phone with a view to getting a picture of the craft. However, when he returned, they were gone.

They would reappear several moments later but in a drastically different part of the sky. They would do this on several occasions. The witness and her husband, who has also witnessed the same object on previous occasions, would state they both work as security officers and so are both trained to observe accurately.

“Mysterious Object” Plummeting To Earth, Anchorage, Alaska, 26th March

Although the exact date is uncertain, other than it happened in late-March in Anchorage in Alaska, a resident managed to capture just over 30 seconds of footage of a mystery object seemingly plummeting towards the ground. Two “plumes of black smoke” can also be clearly seen emanating from the object as it falls.

There are several US military bases that actively operate in the region. However, for their part, US authorities stated that they were carrying out no exercises and the object was not part of any of their operations.

Whatever the object was, it made many on the Internet voice their opinions and theories as to just what it might have been.

You can view that footage below and see what you think.

February 2019

The month of February would prove to be as full of strange accounts and multiple UFO sightings as researchers and enthusiasts might have hoped.

From mysterious noises right across the United States of America, to strange red orbs witnessed at opposite sides of the world within days of each other, to perhaps the most intriguing incident of the month, the capturing of several pictures of the infamous triangular shaped crafts that have taken on an area of research in their own right, if the last four weeks have proven anything it is that these bizarre incidents continue to happen right across the globe.

However, we start our February round-up with a sighting that happened at the end of the previous month in North Carolina. It features such good footage we simply can’t ignore it. And what’s more, the footage is remarkably similar to another piece of footage almost a decade previously on the other side of the Atlantic.

Pill-Shaped UFO Over, Greensboro North Carolina

Our first incident of February actually occurred late in January in North Carolina and features some excellent footage captured by the witness, Bret Jones (spacebret) who was attempting to film birds in flight when he noticed a “flashing light” moving overhead.

He at first thought it was simply an airplane but after watching it for several seconds realized it was moving much too slow for that to be the case. He could also see “random flashing” coming from the object which was not typical of planes or helicopters.

Bret would state:

When I got inside and checked the footage, I was blown away by what I saw. I have no idea what this object is. It is pill shaped with bullet headed ends!

Incidentally, the footage and the object it captures is extremely similar to a piece of footage captured over the skies of Manchester, England in 2011. Are these strange, apparently mammoth crafts secret government crafts? Does that explain their similar design? If so, why would they choose to fly them over such populated areas?

Or might they indeed be visitors from another world? Perhaps unconcerned, or even unaware, that we might see them? It is certainly an intriguing account.

You can view the footage of the North Carolina incident below.

Mysterious Sounds And Flashes Of Light Across America?

Although it might prove not to have connections to the UFO and alien question, recent claims of “strange sounds” right across the United States are most certainly worthy of a mention here. Not least as no one appears to know what is responsible for these mystery noises.

According to online and media reports from US citizens, “mysterious flashes of light” as well as “booming sounds” have been heard for several weeks since the end of January 2019. These strange “apocalyptic sounds” appear to be completely random. And what’s more, they are without acknowledgment or explanation.

Many people report that these booming noises are of such a level that they “shake houses” and “rattle windows”. Furthermore, they are not isolated to one region of the United States, with reports coming from east, west, and central America.

One resident from the east coast from Rhode Island would state:

The whole house shook. It woke my wife up. It woke up all (of) my children!

Another witness, this time on the other side of the United States in Tucson, Arizona would state:

…first it was like a major rattle, like a huge truck about to plow into my home. Then, the boom! That shook my windows…I was sure some of them were broken!

Interestingly there are no reports of evidence of seismic activity in the United States during this time. There are many theories and claims, ranging from proof of the “elite” constructing underground facilities to the opening of portals. The fact is, however, no one seems to know what is behind these strange incidents.

You can check out the video below which looks at this and other strange occurrences in the world at the moment. If you wish to skip to the mysterious sounds it is approximately six minutes in.

UFO Or Drone Over Women’s Football Match, London, England?

While there is not much information on the incident, and many commentators are fairly certain this particular incident may be nothing more than a drone, a sighting over a recent women’s football match is still worth including here.

The match, broadcast on television, appears to show a mystery aerial visitor hovering over the stadium. A London resident who was tuning in made the spot. Is this simply a drone operated by someone close by, perhaps innocently enough and just happens to be in the shot? Or might this be an unintentional capturing on film of something altogether otherworldly?

You can view the footage below and draw your own conclusions. Apologies for the “computer-voice”, it is the only footage available.

“Millennium Falcon” UFO Pictured In Calgary, Canada, 3rd February

On the evening of the 3rd February a resident of Calgary, Canada, captured three photographs of a “Millennium Falcon” shaped UFO in the clouds of the night sky overhead. Whether the craft had broken through the clouds prior to the picture and so leaving the bizarre but recognizable shape, or whether this is the shape of the craft itself is open to debate.

One researcher would offer that it was most likely that the craft was operating under some type of cloaking technology. They would explain:

…(despite cloaking) the UFO still has mass. And that mass is pushing aside the clouds its using to hide in!

It isn’t the first time that UFOs using and even creating clouds for them to “hide” in has been put forward as a real possibility. And cloaking is something that many serious researchers have stated is a very real technology, both for extraterrestrials and, if we subscribe to the claims, for black budget reverse engineered alien technology.

Controversial (to some) researcher Bob Lazar, for example, has long stated such cloaking technology is available and used, both by government agencies and alien visitors.

You can view one of those pictures below.

February UFO Falcon

Glowing Craft Photographed Over Montelimar, France, 17th February

On the evening of 17th February in the Montelimar region of France, a motorist witnessed and managed to photograph a strange glowing object traveling overhead. At a little past 9 pm, he witnessed the red and white flashing object descending as if “falling” from the sky.

Before it hit the ground, however, it suddenly leveled and hovered over the treetops for several moments. It would then move off towards the north. The witness, slowing somewhat continued to follow the slow-moving glowing craft. From inside his vehicle, through the open passenger window, he would then take the pictures that would later find their way to the Internet.

He continued to watch for around three or four minutes. Suddenly the craft began to glow even brighter than it already was. As it did so, the land below bathed in the neon-type light. Then, the light was gone and all that was left was the blackness of the night sky. It is an interesting observation as it indicated that the craft glowing brighter was some kind of preparation for the breakneck speed with which it disappeared.

The witness, according to the investigator who would receive the pictures, is credible and trustworthy. And furthermore, his pictures appear to be completely genuine.

You can view two of the photographs below.

February UFO France 1


February UFO France Close Up

Pilots Witness “Unexplained Airborne Lights!”, 14th February

According to their own Facebook page, at a little after 8:15 pm, two Air Midwest aircraft were “conducting night navigation exercises” heading towards Gloucester in England. As they cut through the night sky both pilots witnessed “one red and one orange light in the sky”. One of the planes would attempt an approach but the strange anomaly vanished before he could get close.

The pilot would later state:

I observed Initially 2 large square orange lights. One on top of each but slightly off set however there was a gap in height between them. The top object was constantly orange. The lower one occasionally flicked white but majority of time was orange!

He would also state that five orange lights were visible at one stage, but only momentarily.

Air Midwest would stress that while they were not at all certain the object was of extraterrestrial origin, their pilots were witness to “unexplained airborne lights that defied our normal expectations of standard aircraft or meteorological activity”. They would also offer assurances that both pilots were experienced flyers, with over 25,000 air miles between the two of them. In short, they were trustworthy witnesses.

Red Orb “The Size Of A 747”, Pulupandan, Philippines, 17th February

Several nights later on the 17th February in Pulupandan, Philippines multiple residents would witness a “red orb the size of a 747”. Typical of the modern age, many would capture several minutes of footage of the huge glowing orb on their mobile phones. Furthermore, though, several local and national news agencies managed to capture extremely steady footage of it on their cameras.

Due to the location of the incident being near water, many researchers in the area would claim it was further proof of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth. One using the world’s oceans to hide their underwater alien bases. While this is an outlandish claim for some, even in UFO circles, there is persistent supporting evidence of this. We have mentioned before, for example, how many UFO sightings occur over or near large bodies of water.

The object glows constantly, leading one researcher to state that “there is no technology that I know of that can produce a flying light like this!” Might this be the same object the two Air Midwest pilots would see on the other side of the world only days earlier?

You can view a short news clip of the incident below.

Box Shape Object, San Diego, California, 22nd February

On the evening of the 22nd February in San Diego, California, at a little after 10 pm, a 15-year-old dance student, and the mother of another dance student (but not the mother of the witness) were driving home from dance practice.

As they were making their way along the highway, the student, from the front passenger seat, witnessed two “bright colored golden” square shaped objects overhead. She would exclaim, “Look! Aliens!” to the woman driving. However, despite seeing then from her position in the vehicle, she paid little interest in them other than that she couldn’t explain them.

The teenager continued to watch for several seconds until the two light began moving in opposite directions. Then she began filming the object closest to her side of the car. She would continue to film it for around a minute until it was out of her sight. The young girl witnessed a third craft briefly shortly after she had stopped filming.

You can view the footage below.

The Black Triangle Incident, Orlando, Florida, 18th February

Although the following incident unfolded around ten days prior to the above sighting, it is certainly one of the most intriguing of recent weeks. If only for the apparently four crystal-clear photographs captured.

According to Dr. Michael Salla, his source, “JP”, took the photographs in Orlando, Florida shortly after 1 am on the 18th February. He also managed to capture several minutes of footage. Around ten minutes after he did so, however, “two men in black” would approach him and tell him not to talk about what he had witnessed. You can see one of those pictures below.

February UFO Triangle

The incident took place near his home. He would estimate the object was no more than 45 feet from him as it hovered over a nearby field. According to the witness, after the two men approached him, the next thing he knew it was shortly after 2:30 am and he was back in his bed. He quickly checked his phone. To his dismay, and anger, the video footage was gone. The four pictures, however, apparently missed by these mysterious men, remained.

While “JP” is not certain of what happened, he believes the two men discreetly followed him home and rendered him unconscious and removed the footage. Whether they returned him home or he returned with no memory of the journey is not known.

JP claims to have witnessed several such incidents near his home. So much so that he has had several similar encounters with these mysterious men in the past. Perhaps interestingly, he claims that he has, on occasion been encouraged to capture imagery by “covert personnel” but then threatened by the same people not to take any video footage.

You can view the video below which features enhanced quality images.

January 2019

While the skies of New York and Louisiana were experiencing strange alien glows as last year gave way to 2019, similar strange sightings have continued into January. One of them, only days later, across the pond over the skies of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire in Northern England.

The Glowing Green Skies Of Derbyshire And Nottinghamshire, England, 8th January 2019

During the late-afternoon of 8th January 2019, between 4 and 5 pm, multiple residents in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire areas of England witnessed a “neon green” flash or streak of light cut across the quickly darkening skies. One of the witnesses, Debbie Pickard, would claim to see “three flashes of green light” that were at low altitude and “traveling horizontally”. She would further dismiss the notion that what she witnessed were drones. Aside from the speed of the objects, the distance at which the lights could be seen was out of the range of such drones.

Pickard would further recall a previous UFO experience that she witnessed with her father in 1988:

It’s a UFO by definition. It was like someone had thrown a frisbee. Me and my dad spotted a similar thing in 1988, it was in the papers then and confirmed on Gatwick radar. You do wonder what these things are!

Interestingly enough, and while we will attempt to obtain confirmation from the witness, it would appear the sighting she is referring to is an incident we will be examining in the near future here at UFO Insight. Regarding the night in question, though, many theories were put forward to explain the strange green flashes. And both the UK and American meteor societies would state they received “dozens of reports of a fireball” on the night question.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any footage of this sighting available. However, the footage below is remarkably similar and from the same region of England. It is worth including here. Incidentally, if anyone does have any footage of the above incident, or anything similar around the same time or location, get in touch with us.

The Mini-Wave Of Hull, North East England, Early-January 2019

While it is most likely to be quite far down anyone’s list when it comes to UFO sightings, the city of Hull in the north east of England was subject to a surge of sightings over several days in early January. And what’s more, these sightings would come from different witnesses and would occur at various times of the day. To say they are very likely some of the most intriguing UFO encounters so far in 2019 would be an understatement.

The first incident occurred on the early-evening of 6th January at around 5:40 pm. Two unnamed women – a niece with her aunt – were near the Spring Bank area of the city when they saw the mysterious red glow hovering in the skies above them. They would tell Hull Live that:

We were walking towards the shops when we saw a big red ball in the sky that was really low down and wasn’t moving that looked like it may have rings around it! It didn’t seem to be moving and it just seemed really weird as it definitely wasn’t a laser, a helicopter or another light that was supposed to be there – it was just stationary in the sky and we thought it could have been a UFO!

The pair would snap a picture of the strange object which you can see below.

2019 UFO Hull

Three days later, another anonymous Hull resident had come forward claiming to have witnessed a “massive red orb” in the sky after being awakened by a loud bang at around 1:30 am in the early hours of New Year’s Day. It was remarkably similar to the photograph captured by the two women several days later. Two days later came a report of a third sighting – and another photograph to back it up.

A “Scary Multicolored UFO” Above A Hull Shopping Centre!

Two days after the second report, came a third report of a UFO sighting over the skies of Hull. This one occurred on the late-afternoon of 4th January at just after 4:45 pm. A family was walking towards a shopping center when suddenly a “scary, multicolored UFO” caught their attention. It was hovering overhead and appeared to be a circular shape and sparkling in various different colors. The entire family looked upwards, shocked at the scene before them. Then, the object vanished in a second.

Around a quarter of an hour later, though, the strange craft appeared in the skies once more. And this time, the unnamed witness would manage to take a picture of the aerial anomaly. Once more it was “flashing red, blue, green, yellow, all sorts of colors”. However, within seconds, the object would vanish just as quickly as it had the first time. The witness would claim there was no doubt in their mind that the object was not a plane. It was “moving too quickly” and besides, it simply wasn’t the shape of a plane.

You can view a picture of that sighting below.

2019 Hull UFO

If anyone has had any similar sightings in this region of Hull or the wider regions of the north east of England, then get in touch with us.

Orb-Like Object In Doncaster Garden, South Yorkshire, 17th January

Staying in England for a moment, an apparent sighting of a strange orb from Doncaster in South Yorkshire went viral for several weeks following its appearance online on the 17th January. The footage comes courtesy of a security camera at the front of the property. A “globe of light” appears to land in the front yard of the home, hovers for several seconds and then disappears. Some viewers of the footage claim to see the orb vanish upwards, with some even drawing comparisons to the Dome of the Rock sightings of the early-2000s. Others, however, while seeing the orb perfectly clearly claim to not see the upwards motion of its disappearance.

You can view the orb footage from Doncaster incident below. Perhaps tongue in cheek, the witness who uploaded the video would state on the post, “aliens exist and now living in my 10-ton sand pile”. Whatever it might be, the footage is very much worth watching.

UFO “Lands On Roof” In Trinidad, Colorado, 14th January

Just three days earlier on the evening of 14th January in the city of Trinidad in Colorado, a wife and husband would witness a “UFO landing on the roof” of their neighbor’s home. And what’s more, she would capture the incident on film. The lady in question, Dorothy Romero, would capture the footage while her husband was outside washing the porch. He would see the strange craft “flying directly over our house” before it landed “very suddenly”.

Although she believed her husband had witnessed a storm anomaly Romero would take her phone out and begin filming. She would capture several minutes of captivating footage. Furthermore, the anxiety is clearly present in the pair’s voice. Although she would apologize for the quality of the footage (which isn’t that bad), she would state “you can see very well hot the UFO is still on the roof” behind their property. Then, “in a flash” it vanished.

You can watch that footage below. It certainly makes for interesting viewing.

Other Intriguing Sightings Over The United States

On the evening of 13th January at a little after 8:30 pm in Keizer, Oregon, the witness would film around twenty seconds of a “small red, green, and blue lights in a Y-formation”. He would view the lights – which were hovering – for around twenty minutes before capturing them on film. They eventually changed formation and hovered again. The skies were clear at the time of the incident. You can view that footage below.

A more recent sighting in Carnation, Washington on the evening of 28th January appears to show a star-like object moving over the sky before disappearing out of sight. The two witnesses were driving at the time of the sighting at a little after 6 pm. The sky was clear when they noticed the strange object. There was no sound and after first considering it might be a satellite, but they would later state it was “too low and too large”.

You can view the footage below. However, one thing to note, investigators would note that the International Space Station was in their location at the time of the sighting. While it is not definite, it would appear that this could be a mistaken sighting of the ISS.

Strange “Circle Of Lights” Over London, 11th January

On the evening of 11th January, back in the United Kingdom in London, a strange “circle of lights” was seen by multiple residents. It would start rampant speculation that the incident was one of an extraterrestrial UFO nature.

The lights were spinning and visible all over different areas and boroughs of London. And many would manage to capture footage of the bizarre aerial display. Many seemed to show a blue glow emanating from the clouds above. Then, this glow morphs into “dots of light” which appear to move through the sky.

While some Londoners were convinced that the UFO was indeed the result of alien visitors, others would claim the display was some kind of projection or light display, possibly from the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Some even claimed a “laser light show in Walthamstow”.

You can check out the two videos below. They are a collection of the best pieces of footage from the night in question. Perhaps a testament as to just how many people actually witnessed this most bizarre occurrence.


UFO “Revealed” By Police Lights And The “Trash Bag” In Space!

Although there was no video footage of the object an eagle-eyed resident in Spain, at least according to the report, managed to capture a UFO hovering in the background behind a police car. The officers were taking pictures of their vehicle when they noticed the object in the background. While many people believe the object to be nothing more than a drone, others believe it to be something more.

One particularly intriguing theory was that the UFO was likely “cloaked” but the neon blue flash of the police vehicle’s lights likely “revealed it”. You can view the picture below and make your own mind up as to the authenticity.

2019 UFO Spain

Even more recently, a strange sighting of a UFO in the Earth’s lower atmosphere has some in the UFO community wondering if the object is some kind of scout ship or monitoring device. However, astronomers at the Northolt Branch Observatory stated the “UFO” was, in fact, a “trash bag”. This is a jargon name that astronomers use for light debris and material. Most likely left over following a shuttle launch.

You can view the footage below.

“Top-Secret” Pentagon Video File Shows “Collision With Aliens”, 12th January

Although it isn’t strictly a UFO video, the incident is mysterious enough to include here. Even though there is understandably considerable doubt as to its authenticity. According to the claims made on the original posting of the video, the file was obtained through an unknown hacker who had “hacked into the secret Pentagon servers” and discovered some of the most sensitive and classified files. Including many video files.

These files, according to the claims, contains various documents and files. These include, “unidentified flying objects, extraterrestrial civilizations” and perhaps most interestingly “collisions of people with aliens”. It is this last title that the leaked video claims to come from. It features apparent footage from a police-dashcam. The officer, it would appear, pulls over a motorist who parks in front of the police car. The officer then exits his vehicle and approaches the car in front. He begins to speak with the driver through the side window. A bright light then appears to rush towards the officer. The next thing, he simply disappears as if he is simply a “pile of ash”. The car in front of the police car then simply drives away.

There are a plethora of claims currently roaming around the Internet. Both as to whether this footage is genuine and, if it is, what it might be. Some claim the occupant of the vehicle to perhaps be an alien. One who would use whatever powers it had to avoid an imminent arrest. Others state the officer was the victim of alien abduction, or even teleportation.

You can view the footage below and make up your own mind.

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Marcus Lowth is a writer with a love for anything interesting, from UFOs, aliens, and the Ancient Astronaut Theory, to the paranormal, general conspiracies and unsolved mysteries. He also has a passion for film, music, and the NFL. Marcus has been Editor-in-Chief for several years due to his excellent knowledge in these fields. Marcus also regularly appears as an expert on radio talk shows discussing these topics.

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  • Lawrence Cushing says:

    What is your problem? All you do is try your best to make a joke out of every sitting. Your credibility is zero with me and many others.

  • James Barrett says:

    I do not for one second believe that the aliens coming here are benevolent.

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