Time Travel – If It Had Been Achieved, We’d Know About It, Right?

Marcus Lowth
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September 20, 2016
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October 5, 2021
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The assumption that we would be aware if time-travel was possible due to the fact that someone would have come back to tell us, is a relatively tight argument. The one problem with that argument however, is even when a person claims to have proof, most remain unconvinced. Many people are still not prepared to accept even the possibility that the person may be correct in their claims.

The fact is, many such claims have surfaced over the years.

Perhaps one of the strangest claims of time-travel, but maybe all the more believable because of its bizarreness, is that of Hakan Nordkvist from Sweden. According to Nordkvist, he returned home one evening in August 2006 to discover his kitchen floor covered in water. He quickly went to work under the sink, assuming that a leak was responsible for the mini-flood.

Two people walking into a portal.

Two people walking into a portal.

He reached in with tools in hand but reaching the piping was proving to be difficult. He then reached in further, and further still, until he was crawling in the cupboard under his sink. Nordkvist continued to move inwards under the sink when he realised that he had crawled much further than the space should allow. Regardless he continued on, now intrigued.

Ahead of him, a light shone. He headed towards it before it engulfed him and he could stand upright. In front of him, once he had gathered himself, was himself, only himself over thirty years older.

According to Nordkvist, he stood in 2042, and his future self was seventy-two years old. He compared tattoos with the man, and even captured the moment on video as proof of his adventure. You can check out the video below and make up your own minds.

“We stood there talking, and it was a nice feeling. A really great feeling,” Nordkvist insisted. The pair spoke about things that only Nordkvist would know, convincing him of the authenticity of his experience. He further stated, “I don’t care if people think I am a liar. I know I am not!”

Might Nordkvist have stumbled on to a wormhole or portal to another time? The video below features him speaking further of his experience

Other “Teleportations” Caught On Tape

In April 2016, a video appeared online that appeared to show a person vanishing into thin air and through a pair of locked shop doors. The footage allegedly came courtesy of a security camera at what appears to be a convenience store.

While the first couple walking up to the store looks slightly rehearsed to some, the flashing that is present is interesting. If only the detail regarding the times at which they occurred. If indeed the video is a hoax, the forethought that went into this is quite intricate.

Assuming for one minute this guy did go through the locked doors, the flashing was first seen then. Another flash then came from inside the store a few seconds later, indicating he had gone through another wall. Shortly after a third flash is visible from inside the store and approximately in the same amount of time it took him from “entering the store” to the second flash, he appears again amid a fourth flash and leaves – indicating the third flash was him on his way back through the wall and out of the store.

Other people also noted how the date appeared to flicker from 2016 to 2019 at the same time as the flashes occurred. Perhaps it wasn’t teleportation in terms of going through walls. Maybe the flashes were the person teleporting through time, and then back again. It is an interesting thought if nothing else.

There are numerous other such pieces of footage that do the rounds on people’s social media feeds.

Although it is not clear when the footage is from, a short video appeared online of a police car apparently giving chase to another vehicle. Believed to be in or around Los Angeles, the car speeding away simply disappears leaving only a wire fence in its wake.

Time-Travelling Soldier Or Bored Hoaxer?

With a story that was similar to that of The Terminator franchise, an internet forum poster made some curious statements in 2000 and 2001. He claimed to have been from the future where the world was at war. [1]

The first post appeared on November 2nd 2000 on the “Time Travel Institute Forum”. The message in full read:

“Greetings. I am a time traveller from the year 2036. I am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975. My ‘time’ machine is a stationary mass, temporal displacement unit manufactured by General Electric. The unit is powered by two top-spin dual-positive singularities that produce a standard off-set Tipler sinusoid. I will be happy to post pictures of the unit.” [2]

A flurry of questions, not to mention, accusations of him being nothing more than a bored hoaxer ensued. Further conversations between Titor and other internet users continued over the following months into early 2001 on the Art Bell BBS forum.

Bell, the host of Coast To Coast radio, had claimed to have first heard from the man claiming to be John Titor back in 1998 through a faxed message. The message he had sent Bell, released online later, contained very similar content to the internet posts made in 2000/2001.

In short, Titor stated that he was a soldier from 2036. In 2015 a world war had overtaken the planet and nearly three billion people lost their lives as a result. In the ruins, people now lived in smaller communities and relied on local produce as opposed to mass-corporate companies. He also mentioned that the United States had broken up into several smaller states.

He further declared that a “divergence” of between 1-2% concerning timelines existed. In other words, his future 2036 may be different to “our” 2036 when we eventually get there. As the divergence is only small, many of the key events would be the same, but outcomes and then subsequent future events would be different. Some might say that this is convenient to say the least.

Titor’s mission of obtaining the IBM computer from 1975 is interesting though. His reasons for doing so were due to the system featuring software that would enable it to debug older machines that were still in use in 2036. Titor claimed that this feature had not been made public by IBM through fear of how their competitors may use it.

When one of the designers of the machine in question offered commentary about this, he indeed confirmed that this was true. The 5100 IBM machine did have undeclared software that could “emulate older computer languages!”

As soon as they began, the messages stopped in mid-2001. Titor indicated that he was ready to proceed with his mission. He did leave what some viewed as a warning of sorts in his last post however. It read:

“Bring a gas can with you when the car dies on the side of the road!”

Many people researched Titor, if only to identify who the hoaxer actually was. Dr. Larry Haber became linked to the postings when discovered that he acted as a solicitor for a Florida woman named Kay Titor – who incidentally claims that John Titor is none other than her son.

Haber himself has denied the story to be a hoax, or that he is behind the postings. Perhaps most damning however is Haber is the CEO of the John Haber Foundation. This company just happens to have published the book John Titor: A Time Traveler’s Tale – all the proceeds of which go to the foundation. Make of that what you will.

Top Secret CIA Time Travel Experiments?

As you might expect, there have been numerous conspiracy theories that government agencies – in particular the CIA – have long had their fingers in time travel experiments. Several people have claimed involvement and have in turn come forward with their stories.

Micheal Relfe for example, claims that he was a serving member of the United States Army when he was “recruited” for a top secret operation in 1976. According to Relfe he was “teleported” into the future and to Mars, where he worked on military research bases, already present on the planet. The mission took place in the future so as to maintain their absolute secrecy.

Relfe claimed he had served two decades on the red planet, before he was “age-reversed” and transported back to Earth and his own time. He claimed he had recalled memories of his mission years later. Standard practice, Relfe said, was to have memories of the mission blocked, or even erased entirely.

Dr. Andrew Basiago made similar claims, although he stated he had taken part in time travel experiments run by the CIA as a child. Basiago stated that the CIA were flirting with time travel experiments since the late-1960s. They particularly targeted “gifted schoolchildren” to train them for the top secret missions.

According to Basiago, children were a perfect fit for time travel missions. Mostly, their lack of experience and even prejudice to what they “know” allows their minds to cope with time-travel better than an adult’s. Basiago stated those adults who had taken part in the experiments would usually end up insane.

Maybe Basiago’s most controversial claim was that in 1971 he saw pictures of the September 11th attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001. He stated they had come “from the future” and then taken back to the (then) present time for research.

Although we have no solid proof from either Relfe or Basiago, their mention of being “age-reversed” is worth taking note of.

In January 2014, Dr. David Sinclair, announced that he and his team had managed to “age-reverse” cells in mice. [3] Although the work is only at its very initial stages, Sinclair explained that they had progressed to human trials and that so far they were seeing “promising results!”

Check out the short video below where Sinclair explains a little more about age-reversing.

If we assume that secret research does go on, then we can also assume that governments are several decades ahead of what we, the public, know. There is at least a good possibility that if the public announcement has only recently hit the internet about successful results in mice, then privately, who knows how far “they” have actually got?

Quantum “Consciousness” Theory

Of course, some people believe that travelling in time is more about allowing a person’s consciousness to travel.

Just before his death in 1924 at the age of just thirty-six, Paul Amadeus Dienach handed over his journals to his favourite student, George Papahatzis. The writings were Dienach’s “memories” of the future – a place he went to while in a coma.

Papahatzis made several attempts to have the diaries published once he had translated them fully. He eventually succeeded, but only in a limited way. Their circulation has always suffered with problems.

Dienach claimed that while in a coma, his consciousness had travelled forward in time to the year 3096. He had “settled” into a man of that era – Andrew Notham – and consequently saw the future through his eyes. The writings also suggested that people of that time were aware that he was essentially “in possession” of Notham’s consciousness. So much so, that they willingly fed him information regarding key events since his time in the early twentieth century.

One of the interesting pieces of information contained in Dienach’s memories of a time still to come, is the next evolution of human beings. According to Dienach, human beings in 3096 have evolved into Homo Novus Occidantalis.

Whether Dienach’s claims of time-travel are real or not, or whether they are simply memories of a mind locked in a comatose body, is open for debate. As are all other claims. Although they are fascinating, most people want solid proof of the claims, but what people will accept as proof is another question altogether.

So if time-travel has happened would we know about it?

It could be that we have been told many times, but we choose not to believe it. While we are probably right to do so, maybe the words of the alleged soldier from the future, John Titon sum it up best of all. In response to his claims being a hoax, he stated, “I find it ironic that when what they are looking for falls in their lap, they can’t believe it!”


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