UFOs And Time Travel

Marcus Lowth
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March 7, 2020
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October 4, 2021
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Of all the theories and claims of what might be behind the UFO and alien question, the notion of time travel is perhaps one of the most intriguing. The idea that there is a connection between time-travel and what we currently consider alien visitation does itself branch off in several directions. And what’s more, it is one that appears more reasonable the more we explore the reasons for such claims.

An image of a UFO entering a portal

Is there a connection between UFOs and time travel?

It is, however, one that even some in the UFO community do not lend much credence to. And while it is, admittedly, an outlandish notion, it is perhaps only so because the knowledge, technology, and scientific understanding are currently beyond the scope of our collective understanding.

The entire notion of time-travel is one that we are unlikely to ever resolve short of seeing it with our own collective eyes. Yet such possibilities continue to fascinate people the world over. Not least when the notion of UFOs is thrown into the mix.

Might we find the truth of the UFO and alien question resides in the theories of time travel? Might these apparent aliens from some distant planet actually be ourselves from Earth at an unknown time in the future? And, as ever, if the answer to the above questions is yes, then for what purpose are our future selves traveling back in time? Should we be concerned, for example, about what our future selves know about our immediate collective future?

OK, Just What Is The UFO Time Travel Theory?

Essentially, the time travel theory in relation to UFO sightings revolves around the notion that UFOs, and more to the point, their occupants, are human beings visiting us from the future. The reasons our potential future selves might be visiting us are as varied as they are interesting – some of which we explore in a little more detail a little later.

Before we explore one of the most intriguing and recent arguments for this theory, maybe we should consider the possibility, of course, that the occupants of these strange crafts are indeed extraterrestrials, but they are themselves traversing time as well as space. Perhaps even traveling through time as they negotiate different dimensions.

An image of warped clocks suggestive of time travel

Might UFOs be coming to us from another time?

Such a concept, if we accept that extraterrestrials are traveling to us from another planet, is not that much of a stretch of the imagination. After all, being able to travel through time would essentially negate the problems of traveling the vast distances through space.

At least one person, though, Dr. Michael Masters, believes that this theory is likely to be completely the opposite to that. And that the “aliens”, are, in fact, human beings from the future. And the argument he makes is very compelling.

Physical, Biological Details Of “Aliens” Suggest Human Time Travelers

Masters, who is a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Technical University, would make the claims in the book Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon in 2019. [1]

He would argue, essentially, that the most likely explanation for UFO visitation was that our future selves had mastered and engineered technology to the point where such travel was possible. And he looks at the typical descriptions of those who have claimed close contact with apparent aliens.

They are, for example, almost always “bipedal, hairless, human-like beings”. What’s more, although their eyes are larger, as are their heads, it is essentially the same as a human head with two eyes, a space for a nose, and a small mouth – some accounts even note very small like ears.

The assertion being, then, that these so-called aliens are actually humans from the future, complete with the evolutionary (and physical) changes that are to take place, at least in theory.

We know, for example, our own heads have grown in size to accommodate a larger brain than our distant ancestors. Might this be the case with the apparent “grey” alien? Might they indeed be humans from the future whose larger brain requires a larger head? And might the fact that we would, most assume, be carrying out less and less manual work as technology moves forward results in the frames of our bodies becoming increasingly less robust and much more fragile or slender.

Might we even consider potential changes to our environment in the future? Maybe we spend more time indoors and consequently, our eyes have evolved to accommodate these new surroundings.

The short video below looks at how humans might look in the future and the reasons for this change.

Technologies That Appear To Have Their Basic Origin In Our Recent Advancements

What’s more, during many of these apparent contact encounters, these apparent aliens manage to communicate with the abductee in their own language. If these aliens were humans from the future, they would – those who had studied them – have a plethora of examples of all known human languages at their disposal, certainly of our contemporary era. It is not that much of a stretch of the imagination to think such time-travelers would have learned the language of their chosen location, maybe even several of them.

Perhaps even more intriguing are the accounts that speak of a technical device that appears to translate one language to another. These boxes exist right now for travelers to make use of. And this is a point that Masters highlights – that many of the apparently advanced technologies are very similar – if only in their basic forms – to many things we have now.

A close-up of cogs

Are aliens humans from the future?

Masters goes further, claiming that even the fact we are aware of the potential for time-travel, as well as the theories that tell us it is indeed possible to traverse time, is testament to the high likeliness of humans achieving such things in the future. Once more, we should consider – relatively speaking – how rapidly these advances have come to the human race.

Even if we take the advancements of medicine and science back to the age of the Enlightenment, in terms of the history of human civilization, those advancements have happened over a relatively extraordinarily short period of time.

Once more, if Masters is correct, then the advancements in a thousand years or more, could be, to us, mind-blowing.

Time-Travel Tourism?

Perhaps an intriguing part to all of this, however, is the notion that, if we accept Masters’ theories as accurate for a moment, many of the UFO sightings are nothing more “time-travel tourism”, featuring a combination of academic and wealthy people from the future who wish to see certain events in history up-close.

After all, while we are still far from conquering space, the notion of space tourism is but a small step from becoming a reality. And, like today, maybe such advancements in the future will have to be paid for by opening up such technologies to the commercial sector.

A picture of a road stretching into the distance with the Milky Way over the top

Might time travel one day be a commercial venture?

As much as such potential tourism, however, if the alien visitors to our planet are, in fact, us from the future, then at the heart of such trips through time would be scientific and historic research. For example, Masters states that it is “probably future anthropologists, historians (and) linguists coming back to get information”.

We might imagine, if time travel was available to us today, would we not (as a collective) wish to view certain events up close, if only for historical accuracy? We will come back to this notion a little later, as there are several claims that state humanity has managed to create technology that does just that. And furthermore, what would the ramifications be if such time-travel went beyond mere observation?

For now, though, we will turn our attention back to Masters’ theories.

“Our Job As Scientists Is To Be Asking Big Questions!”

Whether we subscribe to Masters’ viewpoint or not, it is perhaps refreshing to see someone in the mainstream of science on such a high plateau making such statements. Indeed, Masters would state that it was very much his belief that it was “our job as scientists to be asking big questions”. As we know, many such questions go unaddressed by many in the mainstream for a variety of reasons – not least a sudden lack of funding and ostracization.

Perhaps even more remarkable, in terms of UFO sightings and apparent cases of alien contact, he would state:

There’s something going on here. And we should be having a conversation about this! We should be at the forefront of trying to find out what it is!

For anyone in the UFO community, this is music to one’s ears. And essentially, when all is said and done and the wildly speculative theories have been debated and explored, all anyone of us wants is to discover what lies at the heart of such bizarre incidents.

At the core of Masters theories is the evolution of humans that we already know and, in particular, the rapid onset of the technology we have developed. Given this rapid pace – especially since the end of the Second World War, we can only imagine the developments in 50 years or 100. Imagine, then, what those developments might lead to in several thousand years.

And furthermore, what the appearance and genetics of the typical human being might be like at that time, given that our appearance has changed to suit our modern environment compared to the cave-man times, for example.

If They Are Time Travelers, Why Are They Coming Back Here?

There are several intriguing things to consider about what we know of UFO and alien close contact incidents, and the claims of Michael Masters (and other).

Might this be why, for example, there appears to be a distinct lack of direct contact between the occupants of these UFOs and humanity? After all, if we ourselves were to master the technology and knowledge to travel across space, surely we would, at some point, introduce ourselves to any perspective intelligent life we might discover, with all the appropriate caveats of ensuring such intelligent life was not hostile, of course.

Might it be, given that most of us understand that time-travel if it was possible, would have consequences on such things as timelines and continuity? Most of us will have seen such Hollywood classic as Back To The Future where small changes in the past affect the future (or what is to the protagonist, the present).

So, with this in mind, then, might it suggest that the occupants of these mysterious crafts really are our future selves? That such contact, other than when there is a mistake, and even then only basic forms of communication, is a purposeful decision.

Premonitions And Warnings About The Future

If such a theory was correct, then that might also explain why those who claim to have been visited – and in some cases, abducted – by these allegedly extraterrestrial creatures often receive warnings of future events. What might the reasons be for this? Might these be genuine warnings from those from the future? And if so, what should we do in light of such apparent premonitions?

Indeed, we have examined several of these cases before. As well as the sudden ability – in some cases – for contactees to suddenly develop psychic abilities themselves. We have asked before if this is some kind of purposeful “upgrade” of the human mind (albeit on individual levels only). Might this sudden ability in some share a connection to time travel? Might such feats be achieved through the mind and out of body experiences as opposed to physically traveling to a destination in the future or past?

A picture of a clock blended into a skull

Should we take claims of time travel more seriously?

We might remind ourselves of Paul Amadeus Dienach, who after falling into a coma following an illness in 1922, would claim his consciousness had traveled thousands of years into the future to 3096. He would even claim to have seen the future through the eyes of a person his consciousness entered, a person he claimed was called Andrew Notham. This, then, not only suggests time travel might be possible through what is essentially astral projection, but it also hints at elements of possession, albeit not demonic.

He would eventually instruct an associate to release his notes in what would eventually be called The Book of the Future. [2] Needless to say, no publishers would widely distribute the work, and it is little known today.

Time Travel An Aspect Of The Airship Sightings?

There are a small plethora of sightings that could be potential incidents of time-travel. Many of them we have examined extensively before. So, we will not go over the intricacies of such incidents again here, we will remind ourselves of some of the most intriguing aspects of these incidents in relation to the notion that UFOs and their occupants are, in fact, time-travelers.

Perhaps the best place to start would be to look again at the Airship sightings of the late 1890s (in the United States) and early 1900s (over the United Kingdom and New Zealand).

One of the most intriguing of those incidents took place in April 1897 in Texas. The witness, John Barclay, watched as a strange airship landed in one of his fields. He would approach the crew of the airship – who were most definitely human – and who would ask if he might buy them supplies. He would then pull out $10 bill and gave it to Barclay to purchase the items, telling him to keep the change.

An old style parchment with clocks and machinery around the outside

Might past strange cases reveal further details of time travel incidents?

When he returned with the goods, he asked the mysterious man where they came from. To this, the gentleman (who introduced himself only as Smith) would state that they were “from anywhere, but we will be in Greece the day after tomorrow”.

What might he have meant by this? Was it merely their location which they would reach as we might expect by taking their (even then) futuristic airship across the Atlantic Ocean? Surely there would have been other sightings once the aerial vessel approached the European country. Or might, if we suspect the notion of time-travel, Greece have been ancient Greece? Again, if we recall the idea of time-travel tourism, such a point in history would be of great interest to a mind of intellectual leanings.

Similar Time-Travel Aspects Between The Chronovisor And The Nazi Bell

Two other apparently secret devices that were in the possession of the Third Reich and the Vatican in the Nazi Bell and the Chronovisor respectively are also of interest to us here. Not least due to the apparent – at one stage in history, at least – the connections between the two ideologies.

The Chronovisor, for example, is a device said to be in the possession of the Vatican that allows those who use it to witness past events. This is perhaps important as most of the claims state that time-travel itself is not possible through these speculative and alleged devices but viewing events from the past is.

If we remind ourselves briefly of the alleged Nazi Bell, although some claims state that the device could travel forward in time, it could only be used to view events of the past. Might it be that the two devices – as speculative as both are – might be one and the same, or at least derived from the same technology?

And what should we make of the connections of the Nazi Bell and the UFO crash in the woodlands of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania? Was this a case of the Nazi Bell traveling forward two decades in time? Or did the alleged time travel device make the trip to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip with many of the other scientists of the Third Reich who then carry on their research on the other side of the Atlantic?

Examples Of Time Travel In The Ancient World?

There are many examples of time-travel – if we view them from a certain perspective – in ancient writings and legends of the ancient world. [3] Indeed, those time-travelers from antiquity might be the very same time-travelers we witness in their disc-like time machines moving across our skies in the modern world.

If we look at the legend of Urashima Taro from Japan, we see a tale of an individual who ventured to an underwater palace of Ryujin (a Dragon God) where he remained for three days. However, upon his return, he would discover that 3oo years had passed. What is perhaps interesting here is the “underwater palace” and a “dragon god”.

A close up of clock with several dials and cogs

Might many ancient accounts also speak of time travel

It is thought by many who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory that references to dragons and dragon gods are actually describing a flying object. The fact that the tale takes place underwater is also intriguing when we consider that many UFO sightings have connections to large bodies of water and underwater bases. Even more interesting, are the theories that these underwater domains are where actually home to portals or gateways.

Most suspect, if there was any truth to such notions that these portals take these craft to another part of the universe. It might be the case, however, that these portals take that person to another point in time.

Time Passes Differently Depending On Location

Perhaps we should consider the legend from Hindu mythology of Raivata Kakudmi and his journey to meet the creator god, Brahma. Upon his return, he too finds that much more time has passed on Earth as it has in Brahma’s realm. The creator god explains that this is because depending on what realm of existence one is, time runs at different paces.

We should also turn to the Buddhist text, Pali Canon, in which it is said that time passes differently in the lands of the gods, even going as far as to say a day in the gods’ realm of existence is a year on Earth for humans.

Might these be examples of what we would essentially understand as time-travel?

We should perhaps note our own findings of prolonged space travel, which suggests that time does indeed act differently in the reaches of space.

Furthermore, the whole premise of what would, in theory, make time travel possible – traveling faster than the speed of light – suggests that these realms of existence may be more complex than we could even begin to imagine. And more importantly, fall very much in line with time passing at different rates depending on the realm of existence.

The short video below examines the notion of time differences in space compared to on Earth.

Other Notable People Throughout History

We perhaps should also look at such historical figures as Nostradamus whose apparent predictions have fascinated people for centuries. If we assume that Nostradamus was correct in his predictions – at least in part – just how did he come by such information?

We might also recall how Nostradamus, at least according to some researchers, would obtain his skills from his connections to the occult. There is, of course, especially in the years before the modern UFO era, where there were more direct connections between what we would call today UFO sightings and “the occult”.

We have also looked at Leonardo Da Vinci previously and just how far advanced he appeared to be, not just for his time, but in relation to the rest of humanity of all eras. Furthermore, and particularly interesting to our subject here, are some of Da Vinci’s inventions and blueprints, many of which look remarkably similar to airplanes, helicopters, and flying saucers.

A mystical image of various clock faces

Might such advanced people as Da Vinci also have experienced time travel?

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Da Vinci’s life, at least in terms to the subject matter we are discussing here, are the two years that there is no record of Da Vinci’s existence. It is almost as if he simply disappeared from the face of the Earth. What is interesting, as we have examined before, is that Da Vinci speaks of a mysterious cave system which he felt a “need” to enter.

Might he have come across a gateway to the future within this cave system? Or might, as we have speculated before, these systems were home to what we would describe as an “extraterrestrial” presence – only in light of what we are discussing here, humans from the future who might have educated Da Vinci – an already brilliant mind in order that his art, inventions, and writings could influence and progress humanity.

Clues Of The Future From Today’s Sci-Fi Movies

We might also look at the mountain of science-fiction films based in the future. How many devices that we might have seen in such things as Star Trek in the 1960s and 1970s are a part of our everyday reality now? We just need to look at the Internet and our ability to speak to someone “face-to-face” through our phones or even on small devices on our wrists.

Indeed, while nothing as dramatic as time travel or even flying saucers, there are a plethora of aspects of our modern world that generations before would have watched on their television screens that was purely science-fiction.

We might also look at holographic technology that, for all intents and purposes brings someone “back to life” in order for public speaking, or in our contemporary era, for entertainment such as musical events and concerts.

An image of melting clocks

Like other strange incidents, movies might reveal clues as to the reality of time travel

Might it not be too long in our own futures that we see long-gone political leaders “brought back to life” in order to address the masses. We should also consider that such technology could be used to bring back leaders that most of us would find abhorrent but might appeal to certain movements. For example, might we expect to “see” Adolf Hitler address far-right rallies in holographical form?

So, with this in mind, then, might we look to some of the more recent science-fiction offerings and imagine if just some of the many predictions of life in the future become a reality for our future selves.

And, of course, just one of those notions, is time travel.

Why Such An Interest In Our Contemporary Era?

If UFOs and the occupants inside them are indeed our future selves, we might ask, why is this era in history so important to them? For example, we might, if we accept the UFO time travel theory for the sake of argument for a moment, explain the increase in UFO sightings around the Chernobyl disaster as being a combination of scientific interest and morose tourism. The same might be said for the increase in UFO sightings during wartime.

But, if these strange visitors are time-travelers from the future, what is of interest to them in the years of the 2000s? Why, for example, are sightings seemingly increasing around the world?

An image of multicolored clocks

If time travel is real, why are so many people coming to our era of history

Might we look at some of our political leaders and contemplate where they might be taking us as a collective? What might their end game be and might it be a disaster on a similar scale to the two world wars of the twentieth century – conflicts that cost millions and millions of largely young and innocent lives.  We would, perhaps, like to think we would, as a collective, have learned the lessons from such sadistic massacres but current events, however uncomfortable it might be for us to admit, tells us otherwise.

Might we look at the environmental issues that affect all of us? While there might be debate as to the reasons for such changes, the fact is, changes are occurring. Might the attention from these potential time-travelers tell us how serious these changes might be?

Do These “Time Travel” Incidents Alter Our Reality?

If we accept any or all of the above questions to be worthy of asking as to explain the UFO time travel theory, then we also have to ask, should we expect any type of intervention from our future selves.

Perhaps we should consider, as well as the scientific and tourist aspects of time travel, events in our contemporary era would very much have an affect on those in the future. Perhaps not least the environmental issues.

If such intervention was to occur, would we be aware of it? Would someone in our contemporary era be approached and made privy to these outlandish events in order that changes could be put in place to avoid such potential disasters? Perhaps this might be the reason for the high level of secrecy around the UFO and alien question? After all, we would not expect time-travelers to announce to all and sundry of their presence or their mission – and for obvious reasons.

However, if such changes were required in our modern era in order to change potentially disastrous events in the future, then it might be necessary to bring some people of an influential nature “into the fold”.

How Do We Know Our Timelines Have Not Already Been Changed?

Indeed, although we are straying further and further into speculation territory, we might even question just how far-reaching such potential time-travel missions might go. For example, might agents from the future enter our time and essentially, live their life here in order to ensure such influence in their natural era.

Perhaps as much as we should consider changes that might be made in our contemporary era, what if such changes were to happen in the past? Such changes would undoubtedly have an affect on us here, but how would we know? What we think is our reality now, might have not been so originally.

For example, let’s say the Nazis did win the Second World War and did develop such time-traveling technology. If that technology was either replicated or even given to “the other side”, then it would be possible, at some stage in the future to go back and change events, and subsequently, change the future events from that point.

An image of a clock face speeding across the screen

Might time travel be happening all around us, all the time?

We might of course, consider that this also works the other way. If time travel was to be invented, and assuming that physical travel to the past was possible, what is stop those who might have wished to see the Third Reich succeed from traveling back and altering history in such a way?

Perhaps this is why there might be such a tight-lipped approach to questions revolving around such notions. Indeed, the ability to traverse time – if placed in the wrong hands – could be disastrous for all of us. With that in mind, maybe we should turn our attention to one of the most famous UFO incidents in history, but from the perspective that it was not a crashed UFO, but a crashed time machine.

Recovered Alien Crafts Actually Recovered Time Machines?

With the above in mind, then, what should we make of such events as Roswell and the apparent recovery of one of these strange crafts? A craft that is potentially for our purposes here, a time machine? This would suggest that such technology was in the possession of dark shadowy government departments.

Perhaps this is the reason such discreet organizations rush to recover such technology lest it lands in the hands of (from a western point of view) our adversaries. Much like the above, it would be advantageous for such countries to alter world history in their favor.

A picture of a person with a lantern staring into a portal in a cave

Might UFOs actually be time machines?

With that in mind, however, we would also have to ask how comfortable we might be should our own governments have access to such technology. Might they use such technology for their own agenda? One that while not necessarily against our collective interests, but still overseeing a reality that most are unaware of.

We should stress, while we encourage such questions into the potential, there is no solid proof other than hearsay and claims of whistleblowers that such technology exists. And many people, even those in UFO and conspiracy circles stay clear of such claims.

Time – So Little Understood

Time, as we have also examined on a number of occasions previously, is something that is little understood. And, at least how we understand it, is a manufactured concept for the ease of our daily lives.

Indeed, most would likely view time as linear, moving from antiquity to our modern era and then into the far reaches of the future. However, there is a growing body of thought that suggests that time is not as simple as moving from point A to point B, but is instead a circular concept, with all eras of time – the past, present, and future – happening all the time, at the same time, but on different levels of existence.

It may be, for example, that the different dimensions that even mainstream science is beginning to suggest a reality for, are actually different points in time. This might explain such strange instances as De Ja Vu and things of that nature.

And if in this strange world of which we collectively understand so little despite our abundance of advances there is a connecting factor to these mysteries, we should not be surprised to find the answer to the mystery of UFO appearances and perceived alien contact residing within these potential connections.

All Theory And Speculation, But Intriguing Prospects!

Although it is all theory and speculation, there are some intriguing arguments to be made in support of the UFO time travel theory. Unfortunately, it is a theory that is almost impossible to be proven true barring the declaration and demonstration of such technologies to the general public.

However, the idea of traveling through time – whether into the future or to witness past events – has fascinated human beings for centuries. And, if we reexamine and reinterpret some of the ancient writings, perhaps even longer than that.

Why is this? Is it merely the result of the rich tapestry of the collective human imagination? Or is the collective human mind tapping into a great truth that we are aware of but don’t understand?

Might a demonstration of such technology leak into the public arena? And would it be believed anyway? Might our contemporary scientists manage to crack the issue of traveling through time in our own lifetimes? And if they did, would the wider public become aware of it? Is time travel happening around us all the time but we are simply unaware of it, and the changes it might make to the respective timelines?

And above all, will these questions, if they are one day answered, prove that UFOs and the aliens the majority of us suspects are piloting them are, in fact, human beings from some distant year?

Check out the video below. It examines the possible connections between time travel and UFO encounters.


1 Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon in 2019, Dr. Michael P Masters, ISBN 9781733 634039
2 Chronicles from the Future: The amazing story of Paul Amadeus Dienach, Achilleas Syrigos, Ancient Origins, May 25th, 2015 https://www.ancient-origins.net/unexplained-phenomena/chronicles-future-amazing-story-paul-amadeus-deinach-003121
3 Time travel from ancient mythology to modern science, John Black, Ancient Origins, January 20th, 2014 https://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends-unexplained-phenomena/time-travel-ancient-mythology-modern-science-001242

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  • John Orr says:

    Love it

  • Terry Williams says:

    An article that makes more sense the more you read it, Returning to the past to collect lost DNA or similar might be useful as well.

  • Henrik Manoochehri says:

    I have been a meditator for most of my life and also very interested in science and the scientific method. Einstein made his discoveries by doing what he called thought experiments (meditation). In one of my meditative thought experiments I saw the vision of a UFO not being that at all but a device, a machine for traveling through time. it operated by spinning at increasingly higher speeds while some device/aparatus at its core created a black hole. as the gravitational power of the black hole increased, the spinning also increased to the point where the time machine could modulate the relation between and maneuver through time/space. So this device was a door, aportal, not a spaceship. This might explain the physics defying maneuvers these flying saucers make. They are not actually moving through space, but modulating phase to orient themselves in our time/space as they like. The reason these machines look like saucers to us is that they’re spinning so fast that all we can see is their form as they spin around a center. So they may be shaped like a chevy camaro but if you spin the Camaro fast enough you won’t see a Camaro anymore; you’ll see a saucer shape.

  • Hans Starlife says:

    I think many of the points in this article makes sense, or at least more sense than visits by aliens. The ability to communicate with us in our own languages, for example. Also, extra-terrestrials frankly wouldn’t be very interested in us. It’s as if we went out in the woods and tried to communicate with the inhabitants of an anthill. We don’t. But future our descendants would have many reasons to be interested in us, and our time. Also, it is likely that we do not know everything about time & space. There may be fluctuations in spacetime which allows us to see other locations. Perhaps ghosts and similar phenomena are really glimpses of the past, and UFOs are glimpses of the future.

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