The Breakaway Society Theories: Conspiracies Of A Secret Elite

Marcus Lowth
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May 16, 2021
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September 22, 2021
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It is the conclusion of some researchers that an as yet undiscovered explanation will one day tie all aspects of the paranormal and supernatural together.  That when we understand the nature of ghosts, we will likely understand what UFOs are, for example. Or that once we understand the nature of Bigfoot creatures, we will likely begin to understand other mysterious cryptids and humanoid-like entities. Essentially that all or most of the intriguing yet unsolved aspects of the mysteries of our reality most likely fall under the same umbrella.

Superimposed State Of Liberty blended into an all-seeing eye

Might breakaway societies exist?

There are, however, other theories and suggestions, which themselves break off into sub-theories and claims. That most, if not all of these strange events that fascinate many of us, are down to a discreet and very exclusive loose organization of individuals – a breakaway society who live a very different life to the vast majority of us. That UFOs are advanced vehicles of such a society, or that strange creatures are products of their bizarre ancient rituals, even that our own reality is distorted by their highly advanced technologies and ancient wisdom.

Although such claims are beyond outlandish and bordering on preposterous, it is worth our time to consider them. We might do well, for example, to consider the worlds of one-time New York mayor, John Hylan, who claimed in the early-1920s that “the real menace to our Republic is the invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states, and nations!” [1]

It is from statements such as this that claims of a real breakaway authority really exist. And what’s more, it has done for some time. And while this breakaway society might be one that exerts control through the financial and industrial world without using ancient, advanced technology and wisdom, their apparent secrecy in how they operate, in some circles, leads to such speculation. After all, perhaps the reality might be something very similar if a little less outlandish and bizarre.

Advanced Technologies And Ancient Rituals

Most of us are aware of the conspiracies surrounding secret organizations, perhaps most predominantly the Freemasons, and the claims that they secretly control world events. And, while we might wish to take the claims with a pinch of salt, it is easy to understand why such suspicions arise.

Perhaps one of the strangest, then, is the notion that somewhere between the everyday society of the masses and the secret societies and organizations that are littered around the world, is a single, exclusive, and virtually impenetrable society – a breakaway society.

According to some researchers, who differ greatly in the precise assertions, the basics of the notion is that a group of individuals exist that are beyond rich and powerful, some well-known in public life but most not, who not only control world events and the direction in which our collective lives go, but do so with access to technologies, wisdom, and even information from the ancient world that is beyond our imagination.

We have examined, for example, the account and claims of Rob Lea, who would contact paranormal researcher, Nick Redfern with claims of just such a secretive organization that he himself had named The Cult of the Moon Beast.

A triangle on a dark blue background

Do exclusive cults really exist?

According to what Lea told Redfern, the group carried out animal sacrifice (he had been alerted to their presence due to a case of sheep mutilations on his father’s farm years previously) and would use “ancient rites” while doing so. This would, he claimed, summon up strange entities from another realm of existence that “co-existed with ours” and whose power the group could utilize for themselves, and their desires. He even claimed that he had managed to discreetly view three of these ancient rituals himself.

What is perhaps an interesting side note here, is that the above scenario is very similar to that of the Jeanie in the lamp granting three wishes to those who summon it, which themselves are based on the rather darker legends of the Djinn.

Lea believed there were 15 members in all. And while they came from all over the United Kingdom, his research suggested a headquarters of sorts was based in Bristol.

Bizarre Services Discreetly Available “For Hire” To The World’s Elite?

Even stranger, Lea would claim that these entities that the group seemingly used to their own ends were a “non-physical intelligence”. And what’s more, they “take on the appearance of what’s in the mind’s eye”.

Furthermore, these entities did not kill their victims (assumably, as dictated by the group in question) by using physical means but by using “mind-power, fright (and) suggestion”. They would use the person’s own mind and fears to ultimately frighten them to death. We might wonder, if we assume just for a second that such claims are entirely accurate, how many “sudden heart attacks” might have such a cause behind them.

Of course, that is pure speculation. And as we might imagine, most people find such an idea preposterous – and they might be right to do so. However, there are many accounts, both from the modern era and the past, that suggest some kind of loose cohesiveness that crosses borders and transcends ideologies and religious belief.

All seeing eye

Some people claim such groups offer their services to the elite

Lea would further reveal to Redfern that this group, as much as using this for their own wants and desires, would seemingly offer their bizarre service to various people of wealth and influence from the world of the “elite”, with which the group was well connected.

What we might also consider is just how powerful this apparent exclusive group is. And just how much influence do they have over their “clients” who allegedly use their services when required? Is it these individuals that make up the “breakaway society” with this apparent cult at the top of the pecking order?

Might there even be other, similar, groups around the world or is the apparent access to this information limited, for reasons unknown, to this small group of people in the UK? And if so, how and why do they themselves maintain their own balance rather than descend into in-fighting so that one individual controls the whole show themselves?

Breakaway Civilizations Of The Moon?

However accurate or credible the account of Rob Lea may or may not be, the core of his assertions sits nicely with those, generally speaking, who believe some form of breakaway society exists.

Many believe that this shadowy organization (or organizations) exists very much on Earth, with or without highly advanced technology and access to ancient knowledge. There are, though, other theories that suggest these elite few of the apparent breakaway society don’t reside on Earth at all, but rather in huge cities on our cosmic neighbors.

Although it is something that we will come to and explore in-depth in a future article, there are many intriguing claims of not only secret space programs in operation without the public’s knowledge, but also of completely “breakaway” societies living in top-secret colonies on the Moon, and even Mars.

A superimposed base on the Moon

Are there bases on the Moon?

While these theories perhaps sit better in the science-fiction section, there are certainly some intriguing claims and accounts. We have examined before, for example, the remote viewing experiments conducted by the CIA with Ingo Swann. One of these allegedly directing him to coordinates on the Moon where he saw huge buildings in glass, dome-like structures. What’s more, there were “living beings” inside these structures. Swann was immediately ordered to come away from the facility, which he duly did.

There are several other conspiracies that might suggest that NASA might have indeed built bases on the Moon.

Writing in the book Keep Out: Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You To Know About, author and researcher, Nick Redfern relays the account of Karl Wolfe, who worked on NASA projects connected to the lunar-orbiter project. [2]

According to Wolfe, a fellow employee informed him that NASA had discovered “a huge installation of unknown origins on the surface of the far side of the Moon”. What’s more, these structures suggested a “gigantic facility built by forces disturbingly unknown”.

Many researchers in the years since have believed, and still do, that this was proof of an alien-built facility that allows them to maintain a discreet presence close to the Earth. However, as Redfern writes, there might be a “far more down-to-earth explanation” for the apparent artificial structures that Wolfe was informed about.

Was Project Horizon Really Canceled?

As Redfern reminds us, projects to build a permanent base on the Moon go back to at least the 1950s. And according to their projections in the planning stages, they had hopes of having this structure complete by 1965. The project was officially called Project Horizon but was officially canceled before any physical work could be carried out. However, as we might imagine, many believe the construction simply took place behind closed doors.

If we assume for a moment that these claims and conspiracies of a secret lunar colony are real for a moment, would it be another suggestion that an elite breakaway society does, in fact, exist? Who else would reside in such a facility? And if it were those connected to such a potential breakaway civilization, what advantage would they have in such a facility?

Perhaps this speculative colony was built for such a small group of individuals and those they deemed beneficial for their purposes in case their meddling in world events led to a third world war. After all, the Cold War was in full swing in the 1950s when plans were being seriously drawn up to build such a lunar facility. Given the amount of money required and the apparent influence these shadowy individuals have in all aspects of modern life, we might not be too surprised if the ultimate sway for the project came from such unknown people.

The short video below looks at the planned Project Horizon a little further.

The Most Spied Upon Than Ever Before In History

Without a doubt we are monitored, recorded, and, in some cases, outright spied upon by the respective powers that be more than at any other time in humanity’s history. There are perhaps as many valid reasons for that as there are questionable ones.

However, if there was a breakaway society looking to maintain discreet control over the masses, then monitoring and examining the activity of the respective populations of the world would play a huge part in that, speculatively speaking.

Perhaps we should remind ourselves of the NSA files leaked by Edward Snowden in 2013 [3] that would show how the agency was illegally accessing and retaining data of both the American and the world’s population. And this data included e-mails, phone calls, and even search history and online purchasing.

A depiction of data

Governments around the world access more information on us now than ever before

Furthermore, this seemingly wasn’t just an NSA project but had the active involvement of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) of the United Kingdom. Between them, as well as spying on individuals’ personal communications and data, these two agencies would also spy on the communications of other governments, including those that they were on “friendly terms” with.

This “spying” and retaining and analyzing of data is more widespread than many of us might think. Almost everything is monitored or recorded, from phone and e-mail records to purchases and store loyalty cards. We might also note how many CCTV cameras operate in almost all areas of our respective countries. There are also increasing digital recognition technologies and even voice recognition technologies discreetly appearing in major cities around the world. Even such things as smart technology such as your phone or even your television. And when we consider the use of drones – both as spies and as weapons – then the future looks to be one that is increasingly monitored by the powers that be.

Where Might “The Octopus” Fit Into The Breakaway Theory?

While the majority of the claims of conspiracies of a breakaway society that we have examined here are bordering on the outlandish, there are plenty of other examples of a more “down-to-earth” nature that still very much demonstrate the genuine possibilities of an invisible organization that if it doesn’t outright control world events, then certainly has a heavy influence over them.

Perhaps one of the best examples would be the research and ultimate fate of Danny Casolaro. He would claim to have uncovered an organization that he would name “The Octopus” (remember the quote from John Hayer in our opening?), a network of people who were seemingly always hovering around key incidents that would affect the direction of world events. And these stretched back decades, at least, from the years following the Second World War, to such incidents as the Bay of Pigs, the Kennedy assassination, as well as Watergate and the Iran-Contra incident.

He would write of The Octopus, claiming they were “…a web of thugs and thieves who roam the earth, with their weapons and their murders, trading dope and dirty money for secrets of the temple!”

Danny Casolaro

Danny Casolaro

What exactly did Casolora mean when he says, “secrets of the temple”? Is this a direct reference to some kind of organization that has access to long-forgotten or completely unknown information? Or is it merely a reference to the information such a group would require in order to carry out their discreet shaping of world events. Similar to that revealed in the leaked files of Edward Snowden?

He would further write that this organization was made up of “eight men whose real-life ‘mission impossible’ intrigues have dominated key events that span the globe for nearly half a century” [4] He would continue that:

They are not government officials, but their tentacles can reach into any part of government in almost any country including legitimate and rogue spy networks. They are not notable industrialists, but they can pull the strings of the oil and banking empires at will…What may have begun for these few learned men as a utopian response to the harsh post-war realities quickly gave way to what simple men have always known to be the real enemy which is selfishness and its allied forces of fear, greed, and power!

We should note that most people dismiss Casolaro’s claims as being wide of the mark, at best. Others still, consider them insane rantings and nothing more. However, as the years have unfolded and further information has come to light, many have questioned just how close he was to revealing something untoward taking place under the collective nose of the world population. And whether his suicide was anything but.

Suicide Or Murder?

In the months leading up to his death, Casolaro seemingly received several ominous threats that essentially stated he would be murdered if he continued his investigation. What’s more, several friends and family members stated that he had warned them if anything was to happen to him it “wouldn’t be an accident!”

On 10th August 1991, Casolaro’s dead body was discovered in room 517 at the Sheraton Inn in West Virginia. He had seemingly committed suicide by slashing his wrists in the room’s bathtub. A note in his hand read “Please forgive me for the worst possible thing I could have done!”

His death was ruled a suicide, however, many close to him resisted the findings, claiming that Casolaro wouldn’t have taken his own life. To them, his death was clearly murder.

Newspaper report examing the questions over Casolaro's death

Newspaper report examing the questions over Casolaro’s death

We might also note that there appeared to be several successful attempts made to suppress whatever information the FBI possessed on the Casolaro death. This alone, to some, is proof that something far different took place in the hotel room where the journalist died.

Might he have been accurate after all in his assessment of a small group of men who seemingly had control of world events? Essentially, a breakaway society that lived under a completely different set of rules than the rest of us.

Examples Of Mass Spying Going Back Decades

Perhaps of particular interest, especially when we keep the revelations discovered in the leaked Edward Snowden files in mind, are the connections that Casolaro had with a man named Michael Riconoscuito. Riconoscuito’s allegations revolved around the Department of Justice’s PROMIS software conspiracy. [5] The allegations were that this software was sold to governments around the world. However, they also contained a backdoor program so that those who had access to it within the American government could spy on those they had sold the software to.

This, of course, resonates nicely with the information of the NSA spying on individuals and governments around the world alike. And what’s more, it suggests that this type of activity has been going on for decades. Might this gathering of information not only assist governments in legitimate ways but might also provide certain exclusive individuals the ability to stay several steps ahead of everyone else?

Newspaper report from Casolaro's death

Newspaper report from Casolaro’s death

There are certainly other examples of these discreet and unofficial connections.

In the book In God’s Name, for example, by David Yallop, the author demonstrates quite convincingly that there are connections between the intelligence agencies of the United States, the Vatican, and Masonic organizations which themselves, had ties to certain mafia families.

Stephen Knight would also highlight how members of secret societies and organizations in the United Kingdom had direct connections to high positions within almost all significant areas such as political, industry, finance, and even public services such as the police and courts in his book The Brotherhood.

And we should note, like Yallop, Knight’s work was well-sourced and of a very serious delivery. In short, they were not part of the conspiracy circles that some would claim they were.

What If There Is Any Truth To Such Claims?

So, what might it mean for the vast majority of us if there is any truth, even partially, to the claims of a secret elite society who not only hold vast amounts of wealth but could even hold secret technology and even knowledge of the ancients? Might there be many of these elite groups, who occasionally intertwine for mutual benefit?

Of course, by its very nature, a secret society is hidden away from prying eyes. Therefore, information on its existence is hard to come by, not least prove. This in itself then leads to the wildest of allegations forming on the one hand, and the apparent approval to dismiss any such claims as “conspiracy” with no further investigation.

Perhaps there is no such information to find? Maybe these organizations are nothing more than the rich and the wealthy who continue to pull strings to maintain that wealth, and with it, their influence.

Like many aspects, claims, and accounts of the conspiracy world, it is perhaps likely that we will find the truth somewhere in the middle of the two possibilities.

The video below examines some of the breakaway society claims a little further.


1 Hylan Adds Pinchot To Presidency List, New York Times, December 10th 1922 (page 1 and 6)
2 Keep Out!: Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You to Know About, Nick Redfern, ISBN 978160 1631848 (page 156-163)
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