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December 16, 2018
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Al Bielek is one of the most interesting and controversial people of the twentieth century. At least to those of us in conspiracy circles. His claims are some of the most outrageous ever voiced, yet they are claims he made with all seriousness for decades since the early-1990s until the end of his life in 2011. Some have him as nothing more than a charlatan looking to gain monetarily from his wild tales. Others, on the other hand, see him as a valuable voice shining light on activities that are going on, and have been going on for over half a century.

Al Bielek blended into a depiction of a portal

Al Bielek

To examine the claims of Bielek, it is required that we examine once again such things as The Philadelphia Experiment, time-travel claims, as well as many of the alleged secret MK Ultra projects. Indeed, Bielek’s claims reach into many of these other (at times) equally wild claims. We will also look briefly at some other conspiracies which since Bielek’s claims, have come to light rather quietly and in other arenas of interest. Such conspiracies as the Missing People, for example, lend Bielek, albeit indirectly, a small slither of credibility. At least for those of an overly skeptical persuasion. His claims will either be remembered as someone looking to cash in on the paranoid pop culture environment of the times. Or, as someone who shouted as loudly as they could of a dark conspiracy but not met with the seriousness to tackle it.

The claims of Al Bielek are perhaps so mind-bending and complex, and so outrageous and unlikely, that the idea of them being true becomes ever more realistic. Even more so when we realize he is a highly-educated and intelligent individual. He certainly left us a lot to think about. And, a lot to investigate.

Where It Began – A Rip In Space-Time In 1983!

Al Bielek first came to attention in 1990 when he made claims to have had involvement in “The Philadelphia Experiment”. He would claim that the 1984 movie of the same name had awakened purposely repressed memories within him.

He would claim that the consequences of the Philadelphia Experiment were far-reaching and intense. Furthermore, things had reached a head of sorts in the timeline in 1983 which “ripped a hole in space time”. It is likely, according to Bielek himself, that this rip in spacetime that would cause his brain to begin relinquishing the memories within his mind. Upon seeing the movie, itself likely a subconscious decision, these memories became even more urgent and detailed.

Incidentally, Bielek would state that the Philadelphia Experiment happened very much how the movie depicted it. This is an interesting point. We have examined previously of how hidden information and messages might be hidden in well-known Hollywood movies. This could particularly be the case with the Philadelphia Experiment, whose origins, which we will examine in a moment, have suggested connections to Tinseltown.

As we will see shortly, Bielek would not only claim the Philadelphia Experiment was true. He would also claim his own involvement with it. And those are the “level-headed” parts of the bizarre but intriguing claims of this equally intriguing gentleman. But first, what exactly is the Philadelphia Experiment conspiracy.

The Origins Of The Philadelphia Experiment

While there are no official records of the Philadelphia Experiment, research suggests that it took place around 28th October 1943 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Most of the crew were on short-term leave in and around Philadelphia with only a skeleton-crew present on the ship itself. There are even rumors within the conspiracy that the experiment was the result of the“papers” of Nikola Tesla, taken by authorities in the immediate aftermath of his death in January 1943 from his New York hotel room.

Whatever did happen at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyards in late-October 1943 the rest of the world wasn’t aware of it until twelve years later. Then, in 1955 UFO researcher and author, Morris K. Jessop would release the book ‘The Case for the UFO’. The release was eagerly snapped up and placed Jessop at the forefront of UFO research in its earliest times. Indeed, of the many people that read his recent book, one was a mysterious gentleman who claimed his name to be Carlos Allende (he is otherwise known as Carl Allen). Allende would write several letters to the author. Perhaps the most interesting, and certainly the one that got Jessop’s attention was one that hinted to the already researched and developed Unified Field Theory of Albert Einstein.

He would claim to Jessop that he had witnessed such a device work while on board the ‘SS Andrew Furnseth’ which was also docked in Philadelphia in October 1943. In fact, it was opposite the ‘USS Eldridge’. He was the only one on deck, his presence seemingly unnoticed. He realized something must be happening on board the Eldridge due to the sudden activity taking place. From his position, he would witness “The Philadelphia Experiment” and would relay those events to Jessop.

A depiction of the Philadelphia Experiment with electrical charges across a Navy ship

The Philadelphia Experiment

A “Green-Tinged” Fog And A Flash Of Bright Blue Light!

The basis of the Philadelphia Experiment comes from the information passed from Allende to Jessop. There were several crew members onboard the vessel. Rather bizarrely, and perhaps what made Allende take notice in the first place was the presence of several high-ranking military types on the dock itself. There were obvious measures taken to keep this group of onlookers at a safe distance. Although Allende couldn’t see whatever device or contraption they were using, suddenly, a strange “green-tinged fog” appeared out of nowhere. What’s more, it would engulf the USS Eldridge. Then, even stranger, a bright blue flash shined for a second or two. When it disappeared, so had the USS Eldridge.

The reasons for the tests, according to leaked information obtained through research later, was to create an invisibility shield around the ship. However, it would appear their calculations were grossly incorrect. The entire ship, including the crew, were transported, within a matter of seconds to a shipyard in Norfolk, Virginia. This was over 200 miles away. And what’s more, this recently appearing ship remained in full view of amazed personnel on the docks for around ten minutes. Then, the green fog would envelope the ship, followed by another bright, blue flash of light. Within an instant, it vanished. 200 miles away, at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyards, in front of the equally amazed high-ranking onlookers, the USS Eldridge reappeared.

From his discreet location opposite, Allende witnessed everything. And what’s more, what he would see next sounds like the scene from a nightmare of nightmares.

Pure Horror Beyond Horror!

According to Allende the horrors that he could see on board the USS Eldridge from his vantage-point were beyond comprehension. Several of the crew were obviously physically sick and decisively unwell. Others, whatever they had seen, were beyond calming. In fact, their appearance was of someone who had gone “completely mad”. Rumors and leaked information, if we are to believe it to be accurate, would suggest that many of these men would spend the rest of their lives, secretly in asylums. What’s more, their families would believe their loved ones were “lost at sea”.

Those accounts, however, are not the worst of the activity on the deck of the USS Eldridge following its sudden reappearance in the Philadelphia docklands.

Allende would state that several of the men were “embedded” within the ship itself. As if wherever the vessel had gone, it had molecularly come apart and then rushed back together, only some of the unfortunate sailors were encased within the steel. Limbs were visible sticking out of the exterior of the boat, while for some, their entire torsos were encased and entwined with the metal of the USS Eldridge. Perhaps even stranger were the reports of “freezing” of the rest of the crew. This, if we are to believe the accounts, would see these crew simply fade out of existence. It was as if they were a strange hologram of themselves, but one that was losing power.

Incidentally, in April 1959, following arranging a meeting with scientist, Dr. Manson Valentine to discuss a “breakthrough”. Furthermore, he was “on to something big”. However, shortly after, at least officially, he would a run a tube from his exhaust into his vehicle and kill himself. Not everyone accepts suicide as the reason for his death.

Check out the video below.

(Re) Enter Al Bielek, Or Is That Ed Cameron?

So, where does the enigmatic Al Bielek fit into all of this? The truth is, rather obscurely. This is where things start to become blurry and complicated. According to Al Bielek, he was also on board the USS Eldridge that afternoon in October 1943. Only, he wasn’t Al Bielek. He was, Ed Cameron. In a bizarre, and very purposeful way, the two men’s lives would share equally bizarre connections.

According to Bielek, when the green fog shrouded the USS Eldridge and caused it to disappear, it didn’t just to go to Norfolk, Virginia, it went forward forty years to 1983. This is where Bielek and Cameron’s lives became fully intertwined. We will come back to the alleged specifics behind this shortly.

Bielek would claim that, as Ed Cameron, he and his brother, Duncan, another Navy officer, witnessed the horror all around them. Their fellow sailors were encased and trapped within the make-up of the ship itself. All around was chaos. Men were suffering with intense nausea and on the verge of madness due to the Hellish surroundings. In an absolute panic, Bielek and his brother jumped overboard to escape the sudden chaos on board. However, they didn’t hit the waves below. They didn’t hit anything. They simply continued to fall and fall into “perpetual clouds”.

Fear ran through each of them. And both were far beyond confusion. They each must have blacked out shortly after. When they awoke, they were in separate beds next to each other in the hospital. Both had strange and painful burns all over their bodies. They must have been involved in an explosion they reasoned. Then, they would learn the truth of their situation. And of their location.

Time-Travel, Through “Hyperspace”, To The Future!

According to Bielek (Cameron) the burns were “radiation burns” and they were indeed in a hospital. However, the burns were from sustained exposure to “hyperspace”. This, they would be told, was the strange nothingness and perpetual cloud following their jumping over the side of the USS Eldridge. And what’s more, they were now in the year 2137. [1]

In an interview, shortly before his death, Bielek would state “We arrived (in 2137) in pretty bad shape. We wound up in hospitals for around a month”. Upon learning the details of where they were, both would “start asking lots of questions”. Although their minds were still reeling from the bizarre experience, Bielek further claims “they told us about various events and showed us some maps of the altered United States”. He would also claim of severe world changes occurring between 2000 and 2016. Where as, it wouldn’t appear these changes have indeed taken place, he would also state that “everything had settled by 2025”.

Is this, then, simple proof of Bielek indeed spreading false, self-manufactured information for the attention and money? Or might, as we will examine later, it be an example of timelines changing since hearing this information in 2137? Even stranger, after several weeks, Bielek would find himself traveling forward in time once again. Bizarrely, he doesn’t know what caused this second time-travel episode. It would suggest some kind of control over his location. A control exorcized not over distance in terms of land mass, but over the reaches of time itself.

A depiction of a floating city over water

Floating cities have been spotted in the 2000s around the world – are these peeks into the future?

From The Philadelphia Shipyards To 2749

This time, he would find himself in 2749 – almost 800 years ahead of the experiment on the Philadelphia shipyards. He would spend two years in the twenty-eighth century, claiming to have found work as a tour guide in order to support himself in his new surroundings. Some of the claims he would make at the many lectures and interviews he gave, while outlandish to say the least, are most certainly intriguing.

For example, as he had before, he awoke in a hospital, at first unaware of the year, but aware of the “advanced surgical material”. Interestingly, he would state he received “vibrational and light treatment” for his injuries. Furthermore, this treatment was standard in 2749 and was highly advanced in comparison to what is available in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

According to Bielek, the Earth is in the control of a “synthetic computer system” which he would describe as “like a huge crystal”. Furthermore, this computer system would communicate directly with the human population, telepathically. There was no such thing as money in the twenty-eighth century. People instead had “credits” which they could exchange for what they needed. Furthermore, governments didn’t exist in 2749. Nor did, according to Bielek, the potential for war. However, he also claimed that “in the past” there was a huge conflict “between the Russians and the Chinese” as well as “the United States and Europe”.

Many of the famous recognizable geographical locations were no longer present. For example, Florida was under water in 2749. Even more bizarre, the Earth had undergone an “inversion of the poles”. This had only been stopped by an “artificial pole” especially designed by the world’s scientists.

Floating Cities And Synthetic Computer Systems

Humans themselves largely existed on “floating cities” that would roam around the planet. Some of these cities were as high as two miles as a result of “controlling the laws of gravity” within the city limits. These movements and the cities, in general, were under the control of the main synthetic computer system. Some cities, he would claim, were independent of the main computer system. They did, though, have their own computer systems with which they ruled over their own “populations”.

There were also some groups of people who lived outside of the computer controlled floating cities on the ground below. These people were not considered part of society and were cast out by their own actions. The most chilling claims, and most certainly a warning to our own generations when we consider the increasingly persistent warnings regarding artificial intelligence. He would ask on several occasions of several different people how the main computer system came to be in control over humans. And even more to the point, who was responsible for its construction. People would act, he would recall, as if the question was not one that had ever occurred to them before. And what’s more, nobody could provide an answer to that question, other than it was built in the twenty-sixth century.

The video below is just one of many available online featuring Bielek speaking of his alleged time in the future.

Regressed Completely Out Of Existence

Not that things took on a more mundane tone when he returned to his own time, or at least somewhere close to it. He would first return to 1983, as Ed Cameron, and also back with his brother Duncan. It was in 1983 that each of them received debriefings of their recent activities and the highly top-secret nature of the work. Each of them would travel back in time to 1943 and, as employees of the US government, they would continue to work on future top-secret projects.

However, for reasons not entirely clear, those in charge of the projects would consider Ed a threat of some kind. This is where the story gets particularly complex. Instead of traveling back to 1943, though, Ed Cameron was “regressed out of existence” and into the body of Al Bielek in 1927, the year of Bielek’s birth. Bielek was completely unaware of these connections to Ed Cameron until he began to undergo hypnotic therapy in order to uncover the long-hidden memories. However, it began to make perfect sense to him.

He would recall that as a child of barely a year old, even though he couldn’t speak himself, he could fully understand adult conversations. This is, he believes, because of the genes or “essence” of Ed Cameron within his own mind, and even soul. He would have a rather standard, uneventful early life, eventually finding work as an electrical engineer. However, as the unraveling of his memories continued through the aid of hypnotic regression, he would reveal, to himself, of the approach by the US government at some stage in the early 1960s.

Many Dark Strands Of The CIA MKUltra Programs

They wished him to work on secret projects. Of course, in reality, they knew exactly who and where he was since birth. He was a part of their far-reaching experiment that stretched across the decades, and even the centuries. He would undertake duties in a variety of secret projects. Most of these were performed in an “altered state of mind”. This, incidentally, is how many of the CIA’s MKUltra projects operate, with the participants under the influence of “mind-altering” drugs. This allows agencies to program people. As well as block any recollection they have of the experience.

According to Bielek, he is just one of many who discover involvement in such secret projects. While people such as himself and Preston Nichols (who would work on some of the same projects as Bielek) receive a “real life” to act as a cover, others enter into the programs more forcibly. Bielek, for example, would point to the sheer number of missing children, especially around the United States. According to him, many of them would find their way into such programs as the Montauk Project through abduction. What is perhaps interesting is that many other whistleblowers who claim involvement in the secret space programs make similar assertions. Much like many of those who claim involvement in the super soldier projects do.

In fact, of all the projects that Bielek had involvement in, Project Montauk perhaps led him on his wildest adventures. Ones that would, if we subscribe to his claims, see him travel as far forward as 6037, as well as to a distant planet over 100,000 light years away.

Preston Nichols And The Montauk Project

The Montauk Project came to light in a similar way to the conspiracies around the Philadelphia Experiment. In a similar way to Bielek, Long Island native, Preston Nichols, would begin experiencing strange visions in his mind. [2]  What it eventually proved to be were the recovery and returning to his conscious mind of intentionally repressed memories.

Nichols would claim involvement in Project Rainbow in the late-1960s, before he would continue with his top-secret work with the US government. Namely in the shape of Project Montauk. What is interesting here is that Project Rainbow ran from 1948 to 1968 and was officially looking at ways to influence the weather. However, many researchers suggest that the project was, in reality, a following on of the Philadelphia Experiment. Furthermore, rather than mere weather control, certain aspects of the mind control would operate under the Project Rainbow moniker. Perhaps that was in preparation for the upcoming Montauk Project that would seemingly operate several different experiments under the Montauk umbrella.

One of the things that Nichols recalls working on is the idea of uploading a person’s mind – intentionally their soul – on to a digital computer. Given that this was happening in the 1970s, and given the age-old claim that behind-the-scenes governments are usually half-a-century ahead of where they claim to be technology-wise, it is perhaps interesting to note that such ideas as this are now finding their way into mainstream science and mainstream news as “possible”.

It was on the Montauk Project where Nichols would meet Bielek for the first time. At least knowingly. Both would later speak of just knowing they somehow knew each other before each of their minds finally relented and unleashed their stolen memories.

An entrance to the top secret Montauk base

Montauk base

Just How Far-Reaching Might This Actually Be?

Once again, perhaps we should consider some of those “inner feelings” of thinking you know a stranger in the street but not knowing where from. Might more of us than we might think have a secret, even to ourselves, double life? It is a notion that most of us would dismiss halfway through consideration. However, given everything we know about the realities of mind-control and the endless ways such procedures are achieved should perhaps make us all question a lot more than we do. How do we know our memories are really our own, for example? And our thoughts, or even our ideologies? One could drive oneself to the point of insanity by continuing such a thought-process, no doubt. But to ignore such dark possibilities altogether could also be to our collective detriment.

Particularly when we look at some of the avenues that would run off and away from these initial projects. Many mind-control experiments would continue under the Montauk name, operating out of the Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island. Once again, is it pure coincidence that Nichols would reside in the absolute and immediate vicinity of the alleged epicenter of this ultra-secret project?

What’s more, Nichols would claim heavy involvement with such specific aspects of the Montauk program as the alleged Montauk Chair and the Montauk Boys Program. The latter, especially when we consider where some of these young subjects might have come from, is particularly dark. The boys would receive training as part of their journey towards “PSI Warriors” essentially Super Soldiers. Al Bielek also worked with Nichols on these projects. And while the training of young minds was one thing, the alleged activities involving the Montauk Chair are both chilling and engrossing.

The Montauk Chair – Tapping Into To Quantum Energies?

According to Nichols, the mysterious device operating under the rather blunt name of The Montauk Chair makes use of quantum fields. These fields, according to Nichols, can read a person’s mind. Some rumors even exist that experiments have been done with the subject imagining a certain object – say a playing card, for example – with the aim being for the quantum fields to then make that object materialize in reality. Remember again, wherever we are right now, they are around half-a-century in front behind closed doors. If we think that there is much on the science platforms in contemporary times regarding quantum fields and quantum energies, and how such energies can be utilized, how far ahead were they forty or fifty years ago?

As another side-thought, many of the ancient Egyptian legends speak of a winged throne used by the creator god, Ptah. Ptah would imagine the world into reality on this strange chair. Given the apparent interest in ancient esoteric knowledge, is this something we should think about a little more? Particularly, as we have suggested before, if we believe that the bloodlines of those “God-King” Pharaoh’s of ancient Egypt continue today in the royal families of Europe. As well as in many influential families and politicians, including the vast majority of every one of the United  States’ presidents. As outlandish a prospect it is to get one’s head around, might the Montauk Chair have some roots in the apparent winged throne of Ptah? And if so, is this another example, albeit from antiquity, as fact hiding within fiction, in this case, myths and legends?

More Evidence Of Tesla’s Stolen Work?

Under the Montauk Project, those with psychic abilities would sit in the chair. They would then enter into a psychic trance. A specially designed set of coils would then tune into the emanations. Even more bizarrely, and another suggestion that intelligence agencies took hold of Nikola Tesla’s papers upon his death, these coils were ones extremely similar to the ones designed by his near-genius mind. These coils would then “digitize the thought”. It was turned into computer code and then displayed as a picture of reality in the same way a picture is displayed on a normal computer screen.

Whether the further experiments looking to turn purposeful thought into legitimate real objects continued is open to debate. The chair itself, however, had several other uses and experiments to its name.

For example, the coils and their tapping into the quantum energy fields around them were used in attempts to create a “vortex for time-travel”. Given the claims of Bielek, and many others, of top-secret time-travel missions for the intelligence services, perhaps there is more truth to these seemingly nonsensical notions than many would like to admit. And ultimately, maybe they were more successful than most would suspect.

Perhaps one of the strangest and unnerving programs involving the Montauk Chair, however, is one that would result in many boys who would be “lost forever” to it.

Preston Nichols blended into an image of a futuristic face

Preston Nichols

The Collection Of Fear

As well as the apparent fatal consequences for some of those who “participated” in this grim program, there are also equally grim connections to other dark conspiracies. According to Nichols and Bielek, one of the darkest programs of the Montauk Chair was one that would generate, amplify, and then “collect” the raw energy produced through fear.

There are no intricate details as to the specifics of this program. Nor how such fear was “generated” or “collected”. Perhaps the most important question to ask regarding this apparent project is for what purpose would this go ahead? What, for example, would a “collection of fear” in energy form be used for? Could it, for example, be somehow unleashed in the same a gas or poison would be, infecting the enemy with a sudden fear that would cripple and incapacitate them? It is an interesting notion, and makes one wonder what a reaction might look like? May we have already seen this in recent, short-lived conflicts?

On an even darker level, let us turn our attention to researcher and author, David Icke for a moment. And specifically, his claims of reptilians. One of the things he states in several of his extensive books on the subject is that these reptilians require, among other things, “fear” and the energy thereof to exist. In fact, not just fear, but all negative energies, whether it be anger, jealousy, violence, hate, and even energies from sexual liaisons outside of a relationship. All of these negative emotions, at least according to Icke, gives these reptilian entities, themselves formed from energy, more power. In extreme conditions, these negative energies – which vibrate at a level more in line with these reptilian creatures – allow for “possession” of the person involved.

Mentally Conditioned To Fall In Line With The Herd Mentality!

And, as we have asked with numerous other people of a similar standing, what would he have to gain for making such outlandish statements? Of course, there is obviously monetary gain, which very well may have been Bielek’s motivation. However, a man as highly educated and intelligent as he very obviously was, would surely not stoop to such levels. To achieve what would be limited financial gain from his claims. And even then, it is hard to begrudge such money to a person, if they are genuine in what they are saying. When we realize their chances of making money in a “traditional” way would be limited following their “crazy” assertions.

We should also consider that making those who make such claims appear “crazy” is a standard practice of the intelligence agencies. And has been since the days of the JFK assassination. Even the term “conspiracy theorist” is an invention of such agencies to immediately discredit such people. As well as to sow the seed into the minds of the masses (mind control) that such people are “crazy” and deserve our mocking. Certainly not a person to believe. Or to follow up on the contents of their “crazy” speech. While such actions don’t catch all, the vast majority of the population submit to the herd mentality. And most will simply not question anything beyond the “official” story. Furthermore, they will actively reject anything that goes against this official version.

There are examples of this, certainly throughout the modern history of the twentieth century. Aside from the JFK assassination, there is much to question about the Jonestown tragedy, the Oklahoma Bombing, not to mention the events on 9/11 and the connections of the Bush family. Connections which stretch out to some unlikely places.

Genuine Points Of Interest For Consideration!

We have already mentioned the PhD level education of Bielek – in physics no less. Anyone who has listened to him speak can not deny his complete command of the subject. As well as his obvious, despite his claims, pure sanity.

It isn’t just Bielek, however. Preston Nichols, who is largely seen as the person behind the Montauk Project conspiracies, is also highly educated. He holds degrees in Psychology, Parapsychology, and Electrical Engineering. In fact, it is also interesting that, like Bielek, his “real job” was in electrical engineering. Coincidence? Possibly. But for two highly educated people to then make such similar claims, with exactly the same “real day job” is something we can’t just dismiss.

We should also note the apparent involvement of Ed and Duncan Cameron. Official records show that a Duncan Cameron did indeed work for the National Security Agency in the mid-1980s. According to some researchers, Ed and Duncan Cameron would act as “liaisons” between the Navy and the intelligence services. Again, it could be a coincidence that a Duncan Cameron is on the NSA’s records. As for Ed Cameron? Well, according to Bielek’s account, and as told here, he was “regressed out of existence”. Bielek can’t explain how they would achieve this. He states he can “only remember what his brain allows him to”.

Time Travel

Is time travel possible?

So Outlandish, It’s Got To Be True!

So, ultimately, what should we make of the admittedly bizarre claims of Alfred Bielek? Should we, like most people undoubtedly, dismiss them as the ravings of a madman? Or should we consider him to be a person looking to make easy money? If so, though, why would he make such truly outlandish claims in the first place? If he was looking to make money from his claims, why would he not tell a tale more believable? One that would travel much farther. And open up the mainstream platforms. Ones that would surely offer healthy amounts of money for him to appear on their show. So that they might, discreetly of course, poke fun at him for their audience?

Are we right, then, to think because the claims are so outlandish that anyone making such claims must surely be telling the truth? Or at least think they are. We certainly can’t use that line of thinking as a standard approach to these kinds of claims. The fact that Bielek was of such high intelligence, however, should surely count when we weigh up the bizarre nature of his claims. After all, such assertions against the United States’ government could prove fatal, as we have already discussed. And if not fatal, the kinds of claims he was making could have certainly landed him in a certain amount of trouble.

Perhaps the fact, as we have examined above, that most people automatically dismiss such claims with little or no investigation keeps authorities in such safe standing. Assured that they need take no action against those who make such claims. The herd will police themselves. Was Bielek attempting to tell us of a world taking place? One hiding in plain sight for all of us to see, but mostly ignored? At least by the majority.

An Afterthought To An Abundance Of Wild Claims!

Perhaps as an interesting afterthought, we should consider the wealth of videos on the Internet regarding Al Bielek. And the many talks and interviews he gave of his experiences. Some of which last several hours. What is also interesting is that many of these videos appear to regularly “disappear” from the Internet. They will usually surface shortly after, uploaded by a different user. However, we have to ask, why do so many Al Bielek video have such a short shelf-life? Why are so many removed if they are merely the ravings of a “madman” or a charlatan?

As we examined in our look at the secret space programs and the super soldier conspiracies, perhaps such conspiracies are so hard to get to the middle of because of the outlandish nature of such claims. After all, the human race, collectively speaking, receive programming through interactions of the modern world, to reject such claims as nonsense. Everything we learn from birth, and in our later early-adult years by society, programs us to do this.

Perhaps we should also look at the main claims leveled against Bielek by skeptics and detractors. That despite his claims of time-travel and visiting other worlds in different galaxies, he has no physical proof to offer. However, his explanation for this was always rather simple and convincing, even if you don’t believe his claims. All that he remembered occurred after he had undertaken such missions. Furthermore, he would also perform much of the work in an “altered state” so leaving him unable to remember anything. The fact that this mind began offering up memories at all is perhaps pure luck.

The video below looks at the claims of Al Bielek a little further. A controversial but infinitely interesting individual.


1 The Incredible Story of Al Bielek, the Man Who Traveled Through Time and Space, Justin Andress, Destination Tips, May 10th, 2017
2 Preston Nichols

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  • hadinov says:

    We by now, know a little more about the secret government projects. There’s enough whistleblowers or family members of those involved in these programs (including CIA members etc) to be brave enough to tell the truth. The CIA has used drugs and other techniques in their mind control projects. The members of the CIA themselves have gone through programs to become controlled, programmed to have little compassion for Humanity. In my opinion, they were false memories planted in Bielek.
    Note the events that were supposed to have taken place from 2010 to 2016 (during the Obama Administration) that led to future of mankinds slavery, according to Bielek. That timeline was upset. They are trying to move faster now with the plans due to the delay. If he had actually travelled through time, he would have been privy to more facts. He claims he spent 20 years in the future. Right.
    The “memories” he supposedly had were only planted there in case he recalled the experience of the mind control program. He was meant to make everyone believe our fate was set, no matter what. I agree with Pius Milano who questioned that the world’s miltaries defeated the aliens with their far superior technology.
    The mind control scheme that was used to program CIA members may have also been used on other security officers in both Canada and Austrailia against the protesters. It was all too easy to beat the protesters, broken bones, facial and head wounds. Video did exist before Google began removing the footage.

  • Pius Milano says:

    I think Al Bielek actually did see and experience what he described but that it was ALL in his mind, like a vivid dream or trans – he was just a victim of a government experiment. He was always in a facility during this experiment.
    He went on to try to piece everything together and it’s purpose with no real life proof, evidence, and didn’t bring anything tangible back to the present or even remember anything in the future that he can bring to us to better our life – technology, cures, nothing, just a story that he experienced. Many things were fussy or he couldn’t explain or remember.
    He spent 6 weeks in the hospital in 2137 – he never left the building all during 2137. 2003 – 2005 all the problems started to happen. WWIII: China and Russia vs the USA and Europe in 2025? 2749 – 2751: no government – ruled by synthetic intelligence; floating cities – antigravity reverse system. over 2,000 floor buildings that travel from location to location. No Army, Navy, Airforce in USA but means of defending cities. Bielek could not remember any ‘new’ thing as far as gadgets or convenience. He didn’t see any cars or vehicle after being there for around 3 years. Only saw Caucasian race during this 3 year period. Never travelled outside the city during this time. Religion did not exist during this time. He went from 2751 to 2137 to pick up Duncan then went to 1983. Duncan in real life does not remember being in 2137 – Bielek said his memory was wiped. Traveled through time via an apparatus but doesn’t remember it or what it looked like.
    He said only about 300 million was the world population at the time with only about 50 million people living in the USA – due to WWIII, disease, … and War with Alien’s that like human flesh – the Alien’s were destroyed by the USA military and militia’s. USA being much more advanced in weapons than Alien’s. Hospital never asked for payment or insurance. The Montauk Project… too many things are not lined up with reality, or people’s actions if they can go to the future and come back to the past, for sure only things the Government wanted him to know and see he experienced.
    He had no self-awareness to bring a coin or something back to the present to prove his event. This was more like what is a reality is in a dream – just viewing and out of our control.

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