If They Are Not Aliens…? Other Possibilities For The UFO Phenomena

Marcus Lowth
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September 26, 2021
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To many people, if you say that you “believe in UFOs” then, in their minds, they often hear that you are saying you “believe in aliens”. Of course, as many of us realize, this is not necessarily the case. The fact is, these unidentified objects are definitely “something” – that much is clear, not only from the many witness reports and accounts over many decades but also from the recent statements from the Pentagon on the subject.

A depiction of a UFO appearing over a city

Just what might UFOs actually be?

Given that we don’t know the intelligence or agenda behind these UFO sightings, there are many possibilities – if we take extraterrestrials out of the mix for the next few minutes – that just might offer alternative explanations for these strange sightings. And they range from the potentially realistic (and frightening) to the bordering on outlandish. They are, though, as proposals and alternative possible explanations, each as valid as the other.

Perhaps we might find that the mysteries of the UFO and alien question are a lot more nuanced and complex than most of us could imagine. And very well could lead us down avenues and alleyways we wouldn’t have imagined ourselves treading. Indeed, perhaps the more we look outside the box of the UFO mystery, the more clues, keys, and even answers we might discover to unlocking the secrets of this most enigmatic and enticing phenomenon.

What Could They Be?

So, if we assume that these strange objects are not the result of extraterrestrial visitation for a moment, what else might they be? Are they from another dimension or even another time? Might they, in fact, be ultra-top-secret vehicles used in equally secret experiments over vast portions of the population? Might they even be some kind of ghostly apparition or even the result of an unknown species that also call our planet home?

We will examine each of these possibilities. We will start with what is perhaps, relatively speaking, the most realistic – and in many ways, the most frightening possibility.

Top Secret Government-Intelligence Experiments

Perhaps the first possibility to examine is one that is already widely considered within the UFO community – that these strange, futuristic vehicles and their (often) equally strange occupants are somehow part of a bizarre government or intelligence agency experiment.

It is not at all beyond the scope of anyone’s imagination to think that the worlds’ militaries have secret military vehicles far in advance of what the general public knows. The general rule of thumb is that behind closed doors, governments of the world are around three decades in front of their official stance. With that in mind, then, that they are testing highly advanced aerial vehicles – perhaps ones that travel in the water as well as in the air, and possibly reach into space – is not that unrealistic.

There is, though, a darker possibility regarding UFOs, aliens, and the intelligence agencies. We have written previously, for example, of how there is most definitely a human presence in many alien abduction encounters. And of course, if this were true, then it would suggest some kind of awareness and even complacency on a government level, albeit only a small, discreet portion of it.

A military control room

Is there a military involvement in UFO encounters?

We have also examined some whistleblower testimony that suggests that at least some UFO sightings and cases of apparent alien abduction are mind control experiments of the intelligence agencies, achieved through the use of advanced technology and mind-altering drugs. What the reason for these experiments might be, beyond simply noting the results, is not known. If, of course, such suggestions were true. We should note, while MK Ultra is a very real program of the 1950s and 60s, there is no solid evidence to suggest such techniques are being used in connection with UFO sightings. It isn’t, however, that much of a stretch of the imagination to think such programs did exist.

We will turn our attention now, though, to a much more mind-blowing possibility. Time travel, and time travelers.

Time Travelers From The Future

Perhaps one of the most fascinating claims of what might be behind these strange aerial vehicles and their occupants is that they might be human time-travelers from the future. And while this sounds outrageous – even to some in the UFO community – it does make a certain amount of sense.

Firstly, if we assume that time travel had been unlocked and a way had been found to go forward and backward in time, it is almost a certainty that such visits would take place, not least for scientific exploration on how time and reality works.

However, we might also imagine that such time travel journeys are much more pressing for those in the future, and somehow relate to changing their environment – perhaps literally.

A depiction of a man about to stop into a portal

Might UFOs be time travlers

There is no doubt that Earth will have increasing environmental issues as the years go on. And we can only imagine how life might be hundreds and even thousands of years into the future. If time travel technology was available and the environmental outlook bleak, might these future humans travel back to certain key points in order to avert such a crisis? Might this also be why many close encounters (usually with humanoid entities, incidentally) feature grave warnings on the planet’s environment and humanity’s need to change their collective ways?

We might also keep in mind the notion of time travel tourism, and the fact that such time travel visits from hundreds, possibly thousands of years into the future may be nothing more than a commercial sight-seeing adventure. We need only to look at the space tourism industry and the potential that it has over the coming decades as an example of how such magnificent achievements such as space travel (or in this case, time travel) can very easily be commercialized. Indeed, such commercialization would very well fund future exploration.

So, might UFOs be time-traveling vehicles of the future? And if so, is their presence here important to the future of humanity or simply a sight-seeing holiday for residents of time in the distant future? Possibly.

Beings From Another Dimension

If not time travelers, then, perhaps these strange visitations are the result of interdimensional travel. And while these entities would likely be very different from us – essentially, alien – the idea of life from another dimension existing alongside our own is intriguing in its own right. Indeed, while not coming from another planet, might these mysterious visitors be coming from another dimension? Might we even find that both origins are one and the same thing?

A depiction of a UFO entering a portal

Are UFOs coming from another dimension?

Perhaps there are multiple dimensions that occasionally intertwine with our own. Maybe that is why some of the entities described as aliens are drastically different from us (such as Grey aliens, for example) while others are almost identical save for small differences. If this assertion was proven to be accurate, we would have to reevaluate what we know of our own reality and the potential of these other dimensions.

Perhaps above all else, we might ask if these visits from alternative dimensions to ours are intentional, and if so, for what purpose? Or might they be merely a “crashing” of realities, that brings these strange objects into our skies briefly before yanking them back into their own realm of existence? Might this be why so many reports of UFOs mention them being there one minute and then literally gone the next? And we might also consider the notion that this might happen to our own aircraft, even if we are not aware of it. And might this also explain the many planes that have simply disappeared without a trace?

Incidentally, this idea of visitors – intentional or not – from another dimension may also explain similar unexplained phenomena such as Bigfoot, or even ghosts and apparitions.

An Indigenous But Unknown Species

We might do well to turn our attention to the idea that the intelligence behind these UFOs are not extraterrestrials from another planet somewhere else in the universe, but an unknown, indigenous species, one that has perhaps discreetly called Earth home for as long as we have. And given that this species would appear to be “hidden” from us, then we might assume that they choose to make their home underground somewhere, with some researchers even pointing to the vast and uninhabited regions of Antarctica.

A depiction of a UFO

Might UFOs be the vehicles of an unknown species of Earth?

Might this also be why there are so many UFO sightings over or near water? Might this indigenous species leave under the water, either in specially constructed bases or because they themselves are part-aquatic?

What is perhaps interesting here is that many ancient writings – particularly those to come out of Babylon and Mesopotamia – at least according to some researchers’ interpretation of them – speak of extraterrestrial visitors who came from an “aquatic world” and eventually ruled over humans while teaching them knowledge and wisdom. Might these speculative aquatic beings be the descendants of these transplanted aliens who were recorded as the Gods of ancient times and who then disappeared to live underground inside the Earth?

Ghost Vehicles From An Unknown Long Civilization

Possibly one of the most bizarre considerations is that these UFOs are not real at all but rather “ghost” vehicles, similar to alleged ghost ships or planes – an advanced vehicle from a bygone age unknown to mainstream historians, as well as the rest of us. Perhaps even Atlantis, if we assume Atlantis did once exist.

We have examined previously, for example, the alleged ghost planes of Derbyshire – strange appearances of aircraft long since gone from the Second World War – many of which would appear to crash in nearby fields before disappearing into thin air. Were these “ghost” planes in the same way that we would understand the ghost of a person?

A depiction of a UFO

Could UFOs be “ghost” vehicles?

And if this is true, might UFOs indeed be the ghosts of vehicles from long ago? Vehicles, it would seem (if this speculation were accurate), that were highly advanced and otherwise lost to history. While it is a consideration too bizarre for many, it is certainly an intriguing one.

A Whole World (And Beyond) Of Possibilities

That UFOs are real in that they are seen by many people and are, by definition, unidentified, is without question. What they might be, however, is still very much open to debate. As we have examined here – albeit briefly – there are multiple other possibilities very much on the table that might explain what these strange, unknown objects are.

One thing that is certain, though, is that people are most definitely seeing “something” and not, for the most part, “crazy”, “hoaxers”, or “delusional”.  Indeed, while it is dismissed without a second thought by many, our collective understanding of UFOs could unlock our understanding of many other areas, not least our own collective reality.

As we have mentioned on several occasions for some time, once we understand one aspect of the UFO mystery – and, in turn, one part of the paranormal spectrum – we will most likely see all other areas of the unexplained and the mysterious from a new perspective, and possibly with a light shined on them. There are many researchers who firmly believe there are genuine connections between multiple areas of the paranormal. And if we accept that aliens might not be “aliens” as we have come to culturally understand them, then that possibility begins to make more sense, and indeed strengthens.

We should also note, that the idea of aliens visiting us from another world might still be taking place. After all, there are many different sorts of different UFOs witnessed. If we were to examine the possibility that at least some of the accounts on record, while genuine and still very strange, might be something other than extraterrestrials, we might find the picture starts to uncloud somewhat.

The videos below examine some of the possible explanations for UFO sightings a little further.


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  • Don opie says:

    Goodness it is becoming very clear to anyone with a 40 yr investigation of UAP that military world wide know these things are not ours . Phil corso did not make up he was in charge of providing advanced technology from Roswell and Aztec crash . Ben Rich ( head skunkworks Lockheed) did not makeup the idea that “ they have craft and we have craft ) Paul hellyer did not invent multiple types visiting earth and two are really bad news for us . Luis elzondo Head Uap pentagon did not invent that people would be “ somber “ if they knew what he knew and “ reading their bible more or not reading it “ Beware false flag “ we are saved these are the good guys “ two warnings have been given to military to not send messages to Orion .Beware

  • Rodwell Ngobeni says:

    I have started to believe that when I see a star moving slowly above in the sky, that it might be a spaceship.

    • peter5655 says:

      It’s a more than likely a plane or a satellite.

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