The Alien Contact Encounters Of Pierre Monnet

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July 8, 2024
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While they should perhaps be treated with a cautionary pinch of salt, the alien contact encounters of Pierre Monnet are, without a doubt, some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking ever documented. What’s more, if true, they force us to contemplate humanity’s place in the universe, as well as, of course, the existence of intelligent life from elsewhere in the universe. What’s more, rather than just a single encounter, Monnet would interact with these apparent aliens multiple times.

While such accounts of prolonged contact with apparent extraterrestrials on multiple occasions, sometimes over the course of many years, might sound preposterous to many, the fact is there are more of these accounts than we might think. Moreover, many of them appear to have taken place within the same window of time in the early-to-mid twentieth century.

Might we suspect, once more if there is any truth to these accounts, if only in part, that during this time, approximately between the early 1930s through the late 1950s, an extraterrestrial race was present on Earth and made repeated attempts to make contact with specific individuals in an effort to impart knowledge for them to spread throughout humanity? Indeed, it is something we will explore as we examine this fascinating, if outlandish account.

Timothy Good writes of these alleged interactions in his book Earth: An Alien Enterprise – The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History.

“Instantly Transported” From One Place To Another

According to the account, late one night in July 1951, 19-year-old Pierre Monnet was cycling home to Orange in the Vaucluse department from Courthezon, where he had spent the evening with his fiancé. [1] As he was passing the town clock, as he usually did, he checked the time so as to record and compare the time his journey took. He noted it was 1:30 am as he prepared to leave the town behind. Then, however, something extraordinary happened.

Before he realized what had happened, he was suddenly several miles outside of the town, as if he had been “instantly transported” there. He quickly surveyed his surroundings, finding himself in front of a “large pit of sand and gravel” around 50 feet from the roadside. Even stranger, between this sand and gravel pit and the road, was a thick, high hedge.

He felt decidedly dazed, but he found himself continuing along down the gravelly path as if he was “being directed by an irresistible force!” Several moments later, again not really knowing why he was doing so, he brought his bike to a stop and continued on foot. Even stranger, he had a strange feeling that his “feet weren’t touching the ground” – although he stressed that he wasn’t entirely certain of this, it was just a feeling. Stranger still, despite the truly surreal nature of the encounter, he felt an increased sense of peace and calm wash over him, seemingly increasing with each step he took.

Then, as he approached a bend in the pathway, the already strange night turned even stranger.

A Glowing Metallic Disc Hovering Above The Ground

As he turned the bend, he could see a “luminescent light” around 200 feet ahead of him. He continued forward around the bend. As he cleared it, he could see the light coming from a disc-shaped object that was floating a short distance above the ground. He noted that the object was around 50 to 60 feet across, around 10 feet high, and appeared to have a domed section on the top. He could see that the object was “pulsating” a white-silver-blue color that cast its glow several feet over the surroundings around it.

As Pierre continued to look at the object, he had the feeling that the light was almost coming from the “soul of the metal” itself. This is an interesting point when we consider the detail that often surfaces in reports from people who have had close proximity encounters or have even been onboard these futuristic crafts – that the lighting seems to come from the walls of the object as opposed to a light source like a light bulb or strip. Pierre further described the metallic exterior of the object as being “both material and ethereal, with constant inner movement – almost alive!”

It was at this point that Pierre realized that the normally vibrant sounds of the surrounding nightlife had died down somewhat, as if these nocturnal creatures were also aware of something truly out of the ordinary unfolding. Not only that, he could no longer the usual sounds of traffic in the distance. In fact, the closer he got to the object, it appeared that total silence descended all around him. He couldn’t, he would elaborate, even hear the sound of his own footsteps.

“What They Said Could Not Be Expressed In Our Language!”

He continued staring at the hovering object, almost in a trance he was so fascinated by it. It took him several moments to realize that there were four humanoid entities standing in front of it. They each wore tight-fitting suits that were a shiny silver-grey and had a metallic quality to them. Bizarrely, even to Pierre, as he was doing it, he walked straight toward them.

By the time he was right in front of them, he noticed that they were each bare foot, and each stood around six feet tall. Furthermore, they were each almost identical in terms of size and build, as if they had been made on a bizarre production line. He could also see that they each had the same color of blond hair that hung at the same shoulder length.

Although he didn’t quite know how to explain it, he could also see that they had a “gentle expression” on their faces, while at the same time, each “gave an impression of great strength” and were “built like athletes”.

Then, the figures – in unison – raised their arms “almost horizontally, (with) the palms of their hands turned upwards”. They remained completely silent as they did this. For the first time during the evening, Pierre suddenly felt a little afraid and “wanted to escape!”

The next thing he knew, he could hear the voices of these strange figures inside his head – and these voices were “extraordinarily precise and clear”. Even more thought-provoking, he would later state that “the quantity of what was said to me in such a short time” – which he estimated was around 30 minutes – “could not be expressed in our language if we were to speak for eight hours a day for a year or two!”

“Coded Thoughts In The Form Of Impulses!”

Pierre continued to explain this telepathic communication, stating that they were not words that were spoken into his mind but “coded thoughts in the form of impulses”, which, once more, he could think of no translation for. He would further offer that although he couldn’t use words to translate these coded thoughts, there were “a few isolated phrases” that he could translate immediately.

As the years went on the full “realization of the concepts” passed to him became clear. Initially, though, these messages were broken and separated somewhat. And these messages were random. For example, one was that he should not “come any closer to our vehicle” as it was “dangerous for human beings not in tune with its wavelength”, adding that it would “destroy the cells” of a person’s body. Another was how they wanted “the best for all living beings, especially if they are not aggressive”.

They also seemingly offered advice on some of the consequences of the meeting that Pierre would suffer from in the months following the encounter. They would state, for example, that he would have “nervous problems” for a short while afterwards, although these would pass. They also stated that, in time, the message they were passing to him would become clearer to him as time went on.

A Sudden Disappearance And Another Case Of Transportation

Another detail that often shows up in other encounters of a similar nature to Pierre Monnet’s is the extraterrestrials offering to him that he was not the only person they had come into contact with. They also stated that “most people do not want to speak about us”, while those that do are often not believed.

They further offered that they wished to “regenerate” the cells of his body, something which would result in him living to be 120 years old. They stated that this procedure would be carried out inside their vehicle after this communication. Strangely, and another detail that shows up in other accounts, they would state they would ensure that he wouldn’t remember the procedure.

Shortly after, the coded thoughts stopped transmitting into his mind. When they stopped, Pierre found himself feeling as if he had just come out of a trance. So much so, that he realized that he only just realized that a section on the side of the object just under the domed section had opened. This section was large enough to allow the humanoids to enter the object. He could see an intense white-orange light coming from this opening.

Then, without really realizing how it happened, the humanoid figures were inside the object and all around him was silent once more. He then found himself picking up his bicycle and going on his way. Just as had happened when he first set off, in what appeared to be an instant, he was “transported” to the outskirts of his destination.

He instinctively checked his watch and was in complete shock to find it was 1:30 am – despite the events of the evening, his watch was telling him that no time at all had passed. By the time he could see the town clock to see if it matched his watch, he was even more shocked – it said 1:35 am, just like his watch now did. Not only did he not have any memory of the journey, but he also realized that he didn’t feel in any way tired. Needless to say, he was perplexed in the extreme.

“Time Could Not Have Passed!”

As the hours and days went by following the strange encounter, Pierre struggled to rationalize what had taken place that strange night. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that “time could not have passed”. Time, he tried to reason with himself, had to have stopped during the encounter in front of the object while he was interacting with the apparent aliens.

Pierre eventually came to the conclusion that the interaction with the strange humanoids took at least 20 minutes. Furthermore, he knew from past journeys that the ride from his fiancé’s house to his hometown also took around 20 minutes. Therefore, he realized he had 40 minutes of time that he simply could not account for.

The more he thought about just what could have happened that night, the more of a hole in his memory there appeared to be. This is another intriguing detail. In many other close contact encounters, even cases of alien abduction, we can find details from the respective witnesses that the more they tried to recall certain events, the cloudier and murkier their recall became, almost as if their subconscious had been given orders to clam up further if the conscious memory tried to remember.

Pierre, though, knew that something was not quite right.

Did It All Even Happen?

Eventually, Pierre woke his mother in order to prove to himself that he wasn’t in the middle of some bizarre dream. The following morning, when his mother voiced her annoyance at being woken in the middle of the night, he realized for certain that the events of the previous evening were all too real and not the result of some surreal dream.

Regardless, he was still utterly confused by it all, even starting to question if the humanoid figures had really been there at all.

Sketch by Pierre Monnet (c) Timothy Good

He tried to recall entering the craft, a memory that he simply couldn’t bring back into the forefront of his mind. He could, though, recall the promise to “regenerate” his cells, even though he “didn’t feel any different” following this apparent procedure. He did state, however, that “certain details” suggested to him that not only did the events with the humanoids happen.

He offered that when the telepathic communication began, there was no opening on the side of the object, but when this communication came to an end, there was definitely an opening visible to him. He further recalled that when he was “listening to their thoughts,” he could fully recall seeing his surroundings clearly, including the apparent spaceship. He continued that while he didn’t actually see the opening appear, he did suddenly become aware of the white-orange glow coming from inside it – a glow, incidentally, that he recalled as being “unbearable” to look at.

Ultimately, he concluded that at some point during the encounter, he must have lost consciousness – or perhaps was rendered unconscious. Whatever did happen that night in the summer of 1951, the encounter was not the only incident that Pierre Monnet found himself involved in.

Subsequent Encounters Years Later

Several years later, while he was serving in the French military in Indo-China, he witnessed a disc-shaped object overhead that was almost identical to the object he had seen hovering over the gravel path.

When he was back in France in June 1974, he was paying for gas one evening at a petrol station when he saw two men nearby filling their vehicle up. As soon as he saw them, he recognized something about them. And what’s more, he got an immediate sense of “exceptional well-being” when he saw them, as feelings of “tranquility, peace, and love” emanating from them. He further claimed that the men looked towards him and, as they had done in the summer of 1951, they transferred thoughts directly into his mind.

The previously mentioned Timothy Good interviewed Pierre Monnet in July 1978, and he would make some further remarkable revelations to him. For example, he claimed these alien entities came from a star named Vega that had 14 planets that orbited it, nine of which were inhabitable. Furthermore, this spacefaring race had bases on our Moon, Mars, and a moon of Jupiter and Saturn. Even more intriguing, according to Pierre, they also had a number of bases on Earth itself.

Perhaps some of the most thought-provoking claims from Pierre Monney came, at least from what he told Good, during a telepathic transmission in July 1977.

Many Bases Around The Planet, Invisible To Humanity

According to what Pierre told Good during their meeting in the summer of 1978, in July 1977, he began receiving telepathic communication about the bases on Earth. He told Good that these bases were “protected from sight by a powerful magnetic field” that acted on the “molecules of a layer of surrounding air covering the places where the bases are constructed”.

He elaborated that the basis of this technology was a magnetic process that bent the molecules of the air that then took “the form of prisms” which avoided the source of light and, ultimately, made the base invisible. Furthermore, at the same time, a wavelength is sent out, which interacts with the human brain as a defensive measure should any humans stumble upon these bases or approach them unknowingly. Even more amazing, these bases remained invisible even from above, meaning that aerial photographers would also fail to capture them.

Of course, what we should make of these claims, both of telepathic communication and the information allegedly communicated, is very much open to debate. As Good himself offered, after the report of the initial encounter, even he struggled with certain outlandish aspects of the subsequent accounts, including the apparent telepathic communications of the summer of 1977.

“Not A Single Doubt In My Mind!”

Incidentally, Pierre Monnet passed away in January 2009 at the age of 78 – just over four decades away from his apparently regenerated age of 120 as per the alleged procedure during the encounter in the summer of 1951.

For his part, Pierre would state that he “could not find then, neither can I find today, a single doubt in my mind as to the reality of my physical contact in 1951!” And perhaps he himself noted the rather outlandish nature of his claims when he stated that just because there was a “resemblance to science-fiction does not make it any less true or real!”

He would also offer his views on what the respective authorities around the world might know about UFOs when he stated that, “Since the initial appearance of these craft, the entire world’s defense chiefs have hidden the truth!” He would elaborate that “civil and military pilots, qualified personnel attached to aerial detection units, as well as astronauts, were sworn to secrecy!”

Pierre continued that the truth about UFOs “generates considerable anxiety among the world’s governments, who have only one method of holding back the moment of truth – to maintain the conspiracy!”

It should be noted that what Pierre is saying here would arguably be agreed upon by UFO researchers and investigators across the board.

A Bizarre But Thought-Provoking And Potentially Reality-Altering Case

So, what should we make about this fascinating, if bizarre, encounter? Should we take the claims of Pierre Monnet at face value? Or should we treat it with extreme caution? As easy as it might be to dismiss this account unreservedly, the fact is, as we have highlighted during our exploration of this case, there are many similar encounters on record with many details that resonate nicely with each other.

There is no doubt that elements of Monnet’s claims are bordering on outrageous, but it is one that we should perhaps not dismiss unreservedly.

We should perhaps end with the words of Pierre Monnet himself, when he offered, “What the public should know is that all over the world, many contacts have been made and continue to be made between the average Earth person and the extraterrestrial representatives of a galactic civilization which is scientifically, socially, and philosophically very much in advance of our own!”

If there is any truth to Pierre Monnet’s assertions, it would be reality-shattering for each and every one of us.

The short video below explores some of the strangest alien encounters.


1 Earth: An Alien Enterprise – The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History, Timothy Good, ISBN 9781605 986388

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