The 1947 Kazakhstan Alien Contact Case

Marcus Lowth
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November 11, 2019
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November 15, 2021
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What is perhaps interesting about the apparent humanoid contact case in (then) Soviet-controlled Kazakhstan is that it took place only days prior to the Roswell event on the other side of the Cold War divide to the United States. Whether there is a connection or not, however, is very much open to debate. Not least perhaps as the apparent occupants, in this case, were far different from the (soon to be) well-known Gray Alien that almost all of us know today.

A superimposed UFO over a snowy mountain

Did alien contact take place in Kazakhstan in 1947?

What is also interesting, both physical descriptions and the apparent attitude of these extraterrestrial visitors are similar to those of the Anunnaki, an apparent race of aliens many in ancient astronaut circles believe came to Earth thousands of years ago, possibly even helping to seed the human race and sparking many of the ancient legends, myths and religious writings in the process.

The account is an intriguing one, to say the least, and appears to come to us in the wider UFO community through the apparent Soviet territories UFO expert, Anton Anfalov (who is a mysterious character in his own right – indeed his name itself is likely a “username”). It also appears in the files of longtime humanoid encounters expert, Albert Rosales.

A Sudden And Seemingly Unplanned UFO Landing

According to the account, one night around midnight in late-June 1947, Alexey Romanovich Bodnya – an 18-year-old herdsman – noticed a “brightly lit circle” illuminating a field near to the farm where he worked and stayed. [1] As he watched this bizarre scene unfold, a “loud metal clicking sound” rang out. This caused him to look upward. When he did, he could clearly see a disc-shaped object overhead.

He would later estimate the craft was around 25 meters across and had a dome on top of its main structure, which was akin to two saucers stuck together. On the underside were four “landing legs” which appeared to move rhythmically as the craft descended. In the middle of the underside was a large round “bright red-yellow rotating flame-like light”.

A superimposed UFO on a picture of mountain with snow at night

Have UFOs been landing on Earth for decades?

As the craft continued downward, Bodnya could clearly see it was a metallic, silver color. In fact, so shiny was this exterior surface that the fast-approaching ground was clearly reflected as it if were a mirror. The closer it came to the ground searchlights began to swoop around below. What’s more, the young herdsman had the impression there was some type of damage to the craft as it appeared “unstable” as it began to settle on the surface below.

When it eventually did land, a ladder-type device emerged from the underside, extending toward the ground. Then, as the teenager watched in awe and nervousness, three “aliens” made their way down the extended ramp and on to the ground in front of him.

Tentatively Similar Descriptions To Extraterrestrials From Deep Antiquity?

He would later recall that these strange creatures were around ten feet tall. Furthermore, although they were human-like, there were several very distinct differences. For example, they had much more elongated heads and rounder, larger eyes. Their skin was a gray-blue color, and each wore tight, silver one-piece overalls. Even stranger, they looked almost identical to each other, as if they were clones.

A superimposed UFO over a picture of a snowy hill

Has alien contact happened for thousands of years?

One of the figures, however, did stand out in that they were a foot or so taller than the others. It was obvious to Bodnya that this was the leader of the group. As if to further differentiate himself from the others, this taller alien had “a sort of apron with a light on the breast”. Bodnya would further describe the alien creature as having:

…white teeth, (a) wide dense brown large beard, and light brown hair, light-colored eyes, and a powerful voice!

What is perhaps strange regarding these descriptions is that they have a remarkable resemblance to later descriptions of the Anunnaki based on transcriptions of thousands of years old clay tablets from Sumer. Might these visitors have been descendants of such an ancient alien race or even the very same who might have discovered ways to traverse time as well as distance?

It appeared to the young herdsman that this leader was giving orders to the other two, one of whom appeared upset or injured from whatever had caused such a rough and possibly unplanned landing. Then, using a word or order he didn’t understand but using a tone he very much did, Bodnya heard the “leader” order the distressed alien to stop his noise.

As this was happening, slightly behind the extraterrestrial group, the dome section of the craft began to lift up displaying some kind of “repair procedure”.

Sudden Telepathic Communication (And Understanding!)

As Bodnya watched the events unfold before him, a strange “melodic vibrating sound” appeared, as though in sympathy with the opening dome and the repairs taking place within. As he continued to watch, it appeared another of the alien creatures was inside the dome area. The leader was seemingly talking to him using some kind of amplification device.

The other two figures, one on each side of the leader, also appeared to now be engaged in some type of repair activity.

As this was taking place, the enormity of what he was witnessing began to dawn on him. An emergency crash-landing of an alien craft from another world. Even before the UFO and alien craze that would sweep through much of the west, such notions were not at all unknown to those in the Soviet Union.

A superimposed UFO over a small mountain village at night

Many close contact incidents speak of telepathic communication

As he continued to watch from his covered location in the bushes, his horse suddenly gave a matter-of-fact snort, and so alerting these cosmic visitors to his presence. In what seemed like a millisecond, a green beam immediately fell upon him from the direction of the landed UFO. And with it came a whole range of bizarre feelings, thoughts, and sensations.

For example, he could almost “hear the alien’s thoughts” and had the impression that they had a genuine interest in him, at least from the point of view of study. He also had the strange feeling that when the green beam found him it captured his picture. Perhaps most bizarre, however, was the fact that, despite not understanding their language, he could hear and understand their thoughts.

From what he could work out, they were disappointed that he had hidden away from them. However, he also had the impression that he was not in any danger.

Blackout On Board The Ship

According to his report, through this telepathic communication, the leader informed him that their craft had indeed been damaged. A direct lightning strike had “affected their control mechanism”.

The leader, seemingly unnerved by the herdsman’s horse, asked him to tie up the animal and then to approach the craft. He did so, and the alien picked him up as if he were a little boy. He would sit him on the edge of the disc-shaped ship.

Within several moments, however, the teenager noticed an approaching wolf, with no doubt that his horse was its target. Almost in an instant after raising the alarm, and seemingly understanding his concern, the alien leader shot a beam from a device in his hand, a “thunderous one” at that, which seemingly killed the wolf instantly.

What followed was a brief conversation while he was allowed to walk around the entrance of the craft and look a little further inside. It appeared much larger and higher than its outside dimensions suggested. Furthermore, all around the rooms were futuristic, flashing, devices.

As he looked around in awe, though, he suddenly began to feel intense nausea. Furthermore, it appeared as though the temperature around him was rising. He remembered hearing a command from the leader for him to “come here”. Then, everything went blank.

A “Feeling” Of Experiments And Tracking Implants

The next thing he knew, he was sat outside the craft on the grass, a little dazed. And most certainly unsure of exactly what had happened. He did, though, have the distinct impression that some kind of experiment or test had taken place. And what’s more, he had been fitted with some kind of tracking device.

He would spend the rest of the evening until the early hours simply watching the aliens carry out their repairs. Then, before dawn, they would enter their craft and zip into the sky and vanish at breathtaking speed. He would, however, notice they had left markings of their visit behind.

A superimposed UFO over a town square

Do aliens really place tracking implants in humans?

Not only that, but other farmworkers and landowners alike in the area also witnessed the markings the craft had left the previous evening when Bodnya brought them to the location the next morning. At least according to his report.

However, a little to his surprise were the urgings not to speak of the incident to anyone else. In fact, these urgings were bordering on threats.

Perhaps of most interest, though, is the claim that a small piece of the craft was left on the ground following the repairs. A cross-shaped metallic piece of material. Rather than risk losing it or having it confiscated, Bodnya would bury the cosmic ruin. And mark the area discreetly so he could return for it later. However, shortly after the incident, he was moved to the Crimea area and would never return to the site.

It wouldn’t, however, be the last time he would hear from these strange, otherworldly visitors.

Further Communication Decades Later

Just over 40 years after the incident, at some time in 1990 following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Bodnya would experience another bizarre episode. One seemingly at the hands of the same entities he met and spoke with that night in 1947.

One particular night he sat drinking tea at his home in the Crimea. Suddenly, the same strange green light appeared out of nowhere and surrounded him. At the same time, the same telepathic communication he had experienced on the night of the landing began once more. This was, Bodnya believed, proof that the aliens had indeed placed some kind of tracking device inside his body.

This time, however, this communication was much more forthcoming, honest, and even brutal. According to Bodnya, the aliens expressed their “contempt” for humanity. And what’s more, because of this, they would refuse to disclose their home planet.

They did say, however, that those who currently visit the Earth do so from a base on our Moon. A base with a cover of a “glass dome” which is transparent and undetectable.

A superimposed UFO on a picture of the full moon

Many abductees experience encounters throughout their life times

Perhaps most bizarre, though, was the telepathic response to Bodnya’s question of why they don’t confront or visit humans openly? According to the one-time herdsman the answer “why don’t humans contact those in an insane asylum”.

The insinuation is pretty clear. It is we, humanity as a collective who these aliens believe are insane. And it is a claim, albeit in a “round-about-way” that has surfaced before within such accounts.

Should We Treat Seriously Or With A Pinch Of Salt?

It is perhaps a dangerous notion to put too much stock in accounts that seemingly promote personal agendas in the background. For example, there are several accounts of alleged contact where the apparent extraterrestrials just happen to coincide with the witness’s personal environmental, political, or ethical beliefs. And most of these usually require a pinch of salt.

Is this the case here? When Bodnya says that “the aliens” have contempt for humanity, is he really revealing his own contempt? Or, as bizarre as it might be to many, is this another clue that these seemingly “giant bearded aliens” are, in fact, the Anunnaki from ancient astronaut theory beliefs and claims. The same Anunnaki who also “grew tired of man’s needs and wants”. After they had outlived their usefulness to them?

Might the incident be nothing more than the ravings born of one person’s personal perception of the world? Or should we take such warnings a little more seriously? After all, if there is one or more extraterrestrial races out there in the great beyond that take exception to how we conduct ourselves, particularly if we look to venture out into the outer cosmos ourselves or if our collective actions somehow affect them in some unknown way, such visitation may indeed become more frequent. And possibly much more hostile.

Check out the video below. It looks at some of the Soviet Union’s most intriguing UFO cases a little further.


1 The Alien Grand Design, Tim Donovan, ISBN 9781952 269868 (page 127)

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