UFO And Alien Encounters Of A Festive Kind

Marcus Lowth
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December 23, 2019
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July 17, 2020
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Generally speaking, UFO and alien encounters are the last things on most people’s minds around the Christmas period. However, as we might expect, if we accept there is alien life out there visiting our planet, it is unlikely they would observe, recognize, or give any thought to such a holiday. In short, UFO sightings and close contact events continue regardless.

In fact, when we start to go through the many December sightings, particularly those closer to the actual festival period, it is clear that there is an absolute abundance of such encounters. Certainly, more than we could go through here in the space we have. We will, though, pick out some of the strangest, most intriguing, and in some cases little-known of these UFO incidents of the festive periods, past and present.

We have examined previously, for example, the strange abduction case of Whitley Strieber who had many of the incidents unfold around the Christmas period in the mid-1980s in his out-of-the-way cabin in the woodlands of New York. Perhaps one of the most famous UFO incidents to unfold around the Christmas period is the Rendlesham Forest encounter, which took place during the days immediately following Christmas 1980.

We will start, however, with one of the more (relatively speaking) recent UFO incidents to have unfolded during what is arguably, whether from a religious perspective or simply an understandable temporary hedonistic one, the most important festival of the western world. A bizarre encounter from California in the early hours of Christmas morning in 2016.

Bizarre Abduction Incident In The Early Hours Of Christmas Day, 2016, Laguna Hills, California?

The incident in question was submitted to MUFON’s online sightings and incidents website concerning an apparent alien abduction encounter in the Laguna Hills region of California in the early hours of Christmas Day 2016.

According to the report, at a little after 3 am the witness would state to have awakened to a “commotion in my bedroom”. The witness believed this commotion involved his wife and daughter. However, he would make the decision to return to sleep as opposed to see what the matter was. However, after they had seemingly left the room but failed to return after several minutes, the witness ventured out to investigate.

He would find them asleep in his daughter’s room, apparently the commotion was the cleaning up after their pet dog, who left a mess in their bedroom. This behavior was strange in itself for their 7-year-old pet, and something we will return to later. He would change the sheets, and leave the pair sleeping where they were and return to bed. A little more awake now, he switched on the television. After somewhere approaching an hour he could feel himself becoming sleepy once more.

The next thing he knew, he was waking up with a sense of fear running through him. He recalled having an intense nightmare which he began to sort through in his mind. Then, all of a sudden, he could sense “static electricity all around” his body. As he tried to move, the electric feeling grew stronger. Furthermore, his movements became increasingly difficult, as though he was going into paralysis.

It was then, he would recall, that he “knew ‘they’ were coming”.

A Sudden Sense Of “Euphoria, Excitement, And Elation!”

It was as he was turning on to his right-hand side that he finally lost the ability to move completely. His vision was a strange “blackish grey and fuzzy”, as though he was seeing through the static field itself.

As he helplessly looked on, a strange creature suddenly “materialized” through the wall and approached him. It looked distinctively like a typical grey alien, standing approximately five feet tall. The creature would reach forward and after grabbing and squeezing the witness’s hand, began to communicate telepathically with him. He would recall that while this was happening, a sense of “euphoria, excitement, and elation” surged through him.

After several more moments, the entity disappeared back through the wall, leaving the witness, still paralyzed, laying on the bed. Shortly after, both the static electric atmosphere dissipated, and the paralysis wore off.

He remained on the bed for some time. First in a state of confusion and shock. Then, however, with a sense of “peace of mind” and reassurance, he would drift into sleep.

Alien Abduction Victims “Cosmic Guinea Pigs” Their Entire Lives?

When he awoke next it was 8:30 am with his wife waking several minutes later. He would immediately tell her of the encounter, and much to his surprise, she would fully believe his account without question.

Their pet dog, she would reason, had likely made a mess in their bedroom, remember behavior completely at odds with its personality, because it could sense “something” in the minutes leading up to the incident. She would further recall that their dog had been acting strangely for several hours before the apparent incident. So much so, that she and their daughter were awake long after her husband, concerned for its general health.

What’s more, the witness would claim that he had a lifetime of strange sightings and incidents behind him. Many of these incidents would present themselves to him in his dreams. He knew, however, that they were very real events.

While we, as always, must treat such accounts with caution, it is interesting that many people who claim to have suffered one incident of alien abduction often go on to recall a lifetime of similar incidents. Indeed, it would appear that the apparent victims of alien abduction are unlikely to suffer the one, single abduction.

Rather chillingly, it would appear they are “cosmic guinea pigs” of sorts, subject to experiments and data collection across their entire lives. And perhaps even more ominously, these events will very likely replicate in the lives of their children, much like it very likely does in the lives of their parents and grandparents.

The Rochester Incident

A particularly intriguing incident, which entered the public domain via the NUFORC website, occurred in the early hours of 3rd December 1999. At a little after 2 am in Rochester, New York, an unnamed witness would awaken shortly after having gone to bed to find himself in a room that appeared to be more akin to a hospital.

In the room were strange entities that had the appearance of his sister and mother. However, the witness was aware that they were most definitely not his family, despite their appearance.

The next thing he realized he was being asked to lay on a bed with strange devices hanging over the top of it. From these were several wires extending downward.  He stepped forward and reached out to touch the strange bed. As he did so, a bizarre electric sensation ran through him. This caused him to panic and run from the room and down a ramp that led him to another strange building.

As he continued on, he noticed a humanoid figure wearing a tight-fitting blue uniform. The figure started toward him. It was then that he noticed another figure – his grandmother, who had been dead for some time. Before he could contemplate what was taking place, he could hear his grandmother scream “take me instead!”

Then, everything changed once more. He realized he was barefoot and running to an unknown destination. As he ran, he could see other people around, seemingly in a similar state. Of more concern, the figure in the blue suit was still behind and giving chase. And what’s more, he could now see that his pursuer was not human.

On-Board An “Orange Van-Like Object With No Wheels!”

It was then that the figure reached out and grabbed him. He would drag him to an “orange van-like object with no wheels”. Once he was inside, he noticed three other children inside. However, although he couldn’t explain why, they would “speak to him without moving their mouths”.

Toward what appeared to the front of the strange craft were two other humanoids in blue uniforms. They appeared to be manipulating a control panel. Suddenly, with the other children simply staring blankly at him, the object took off directly upward into the air. He stared down below him and could see the lights of the city getting smaller and smaller. He began to bang on the side of the craft, angry and scared in equal measure.

It was then that he felt a blow to the back of the head.

The next thing he realized he was walking toward another strange room. One of the humanoids in the blue suits was leading him there before motioning for him to stop. They would each wait at the room’s entrance. Inside there were over a dozen strange people. Each of them was dressed in white garments and appeared locked in conversation between themselves.

One of the figures came over to where they stood. The last thing he remembered clearly hearing was that he was “not a telepathic”. Then everything went blank.

He would regain consciousness to find he was in another room, this time a much darker one. A bizarre creature was above him, seemingly performing a procedure that caused a great deal of pain in his lower torso. So much so that he ultimately passed out. He would awaken in his own bedroom.

The incident remains unexplained with little other detail available.

A Strange Encounter On A Vacated Highway In Volgograd, Russia, 1999

Just over a week later, on the 12th December in Volgograd in Russia, another incident would unfold with strange humanoid creatures. According to a report which comes from UFO researcher, Anton Belousov, the witness – a woman named Larissa – was a passenger driving along a lonely highway with her father at around 9:30 pm when she noticed “two figures dressed in black” at the roadside.

Several moments later, a strange, thick, yellow fog appeared out of nowhere and completely enveloped their vehicle. As she stared over at her father, he appeared to be intentionally ignoring the bizarre situation. Instead, he was focused fully on the road ahead, ignoring the questions from his daughter as to what the strange men and fog might be.

Then, a sudden and loud “clang” came out of nowhere, startling Larissa somewhat. Even more startling was the strange voice urging them “keep traveling”. A voice, incidentally, she heard in her head only and that was most definitely not hers.

The next thing the pair realized they were parked at the roadside. The lights of the impending village were visible in the distance in front of them. However, neither could remember traveling there. Nor could they account for a large portion of missing time.

A Harrowing Encounter At The Hands Of A Benevolent Race?

They would drive on to their destination, confused and tired. The following morning they would go through what they could recall. Larissa’s father would claim to have memories of “two large heads with slanted eyes looking at him”.

Their vague memories were enough for them to seek hypnotic regression. The revelations from these sessions were remarkable, to say the least.

They would recall that shortly after entering the thick yellow fog, a strange “black, shiny triangular craft” was visible hovering over the vehicle. It would descend and land on the road in front of them blocking their path.

Even through regression, they couldn’t recall how they had made their way inside the craft but that was their next memory. Inside the room with them were two strange humanoids. Each had an oversized head and two large, black eyes – much like Larissa’s father recalled the morning after the encounter.

Larissa would further recall entering into a telepathic dialogue with the strange entities, although not understanding how she did so. She would also recall being sat in a strange chair that appeared specifically molded for her. Around her were another four of the strange humanoids.

Although her memories were increasingly disjointed, one of the most intriguing claims was of being handed a “human-alien hybrid baby”, which like the humanoids had an oversized head, but sparkling blue eyes.

For all of the harrowing experiences, each had the feeling that the strange creatures were very much “benevolent”.

The next thing each recalled is waking sitting in their parked car at the roadside.

Strange Disappearances In Brazil, Christmas 1969

Three decades earlier, several strange disappearances and then sudden reappearance cases rocked Brazil during the Christmas period of 1969. Researcher and author of all things paranormal, John A. Keel, would write about the encounters in his book Our Haunted Planet.

According to Keel’s reporting of the events, the strange incidents had left the police in the Espirito Santo region of Brazil baffled. Suspecting an organized kidnapping ring they would make the unnerving disappearances the focus of as much of their force as possible. There was, however, very little to go on. The children ranged in ages from 9 to 15 years old and all had vanished seemingly into thin air. Furthermore, none of the children had any known connection to each other.

Following the Christmas and New Year period things would take an even stranger twist. In four separate locations, four of the children would suddenly reappear. Two of them seemingly had total amnesia, but the two remaining children could recall fragments of their encounters.

They would claim that a large “American-style limousine” had approached them with the occupants offering them a ride. They would lose consciousness in the car and wake to find themselves in a “small hut”. Another of the children would recall being taken to a “strange airplane” by a tall woman.

Incidentally, all of the children would state their abductors were very tall with blond hair.

Cigar-Shaped Object And Three Discs Over Hexham, Christmas 1984

Perhaps because of the sudden surge of technology, the Hollywood science-fiction blockbusters, or the Reagan-Thatcher era and the sudden ratcheting up of the Cold War, the 1980s were not only rife with UFO sightings but accounts of alien abduction and all manner of strange goings-on all around us. Several particularly interesting sightings, though, occurred around the Christmas period of 1984. And what’s more, they all shared similar details to each other.

What follows, then, are some of the strangest and most intriguing UFO encounters from the Christmas at the height of the high-tech, power-hungry decade of the eighties.

Although the exact date is unclear, a report of a cigar-shaped UFO “one December morning between Christmas and New Year” in December 1984 in Hexham, Australia is particularly intriguing.

The incident, investigated and reported by a New South Wales UFO group, would take place at around 2:30 am on the morning in question when “Mr. and Mrs. L” were camping at the Ponderosa Caravan Park.

From their tent, each would see a huge cigar-shaped object “with a brilliant white light” at what they assumed was the front of the craft. In fact, so bright was the light that the entire park was awash in its glow. The witnesses would further describe the object as being “bigger than a bus” with windows on the side.

They would watch the bizarre scene unfold for several minutes before witnessing the arrival of three disc-shaped objects. These smaller crafts would travel at a much faster pace – described by the witnesses as being “like lightning”. They would eventually “join” the cigar-shaped craft, following in formation closely. Mr. L would even claim to have seen an occupant inside one of the disc-shaped objects.

The pair would watch the objects as they eventually disappeared into the distance.

The Busy Christmas Skies Of 1984

Other sightings around Christmas 1984 are also on record with very similar details to the above case. For example, only a week previously in Canberra in Australia, a pilot would witness a “missile-like” object traveling across the sky. Despite the obvious size and speed of the craft, there was no sound heard at all.

On Christmas Eve in Leeds in the United Kingdom, what appeared to be a “red airship” with a flashing red light was observed over the Kirkstall Museum.

The following day just outside of Paris, at around 7:30 pm, a local resident would report seeing a large object with a domed top, hovering close to the ground. From the underside was a “brilliant white light”. Even more bizarre, several humanoids with “white skin and wearing one-piece suits” would make their way from the strange craft to where the witness stood. They would communicate with him telepathically.

On the 27th December along the Capricorn Coast in Australia, at around 9 pm, witnesses would report a bright red object moving at “supersonic speeds” during a tropical storm. Even stranger, despite the obvious nuts-and-bolts nature of the object, it made no noise whatsoever. It remained visible for around 10 mins before fading from sight.

Strange Orange Lights Over Belgium, Christmas Eve 2013

Perhaps we should end out examination of festive UFO sightings, brief though it is, with an incident from our own contemporary era. On Christmas Eve 2013 over Belgium, several residents would witness “multiple orange glowing lights”. One witness would even manage to film several minutes of footage of the sighting.

The objects appeared to remain in formation and appeared to remain completely silent throughout the encounter. Incidentally, and similar to the Capricorn Coast sighting almost 30 years earlier, the region was subject to substantial storms in the days before the sighting.

The witnesses would debate between themselves as to whether the objects might be a meteor or even a military drone. However, due to the (relative) slow speed they moved, they would dismiss each suggestion as unlikely. It is certainly possible the lights could be lanterns set off to celebrate the festive period. However, despite almost half a million views online, the sighting and the footage remains unexplained.

Be sure to keep your eyes skyward this Christmas. It would appear the chances of you seeing something quite extraordinary are rather high.

Check out the video below. It shows around three minutes of footage and is intriguing, to say the least.

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