The Carp Contact Case – Genuine Alien Interaction, Or Outright Hoax?

Marcus Lowth
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August 16, 2019
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September 4, 2020
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Almost all UFO accounts divide opinion to one degree or another. And that is certainly the case with the alleged UFO crash and contact case from Carp, Ontario in late 1989. However, unlike many other controversial encounters, many researchers in the UFO community appear hesitant to give the benefit of the doubt to this case, with some stating their belief that the incident is entirely manufactured. Essentially, that it’s a hoax.

A picture claiming to show a UFO

The Carp Contact case divides opinion

And, while it is indeed important to keep an open mind about such cases, it is easy to see why some researchers feel this way. And perhaps even hard not to agree with them. Many parts of the account, for example, would seemingly be more comfortable in a fictional Hollywood blockbuster film script than an actual account of extraterrestrial visitation and contact.

The incident is still very much worth investigating, though. If only, for the sake of argument, to assist in spotting future claims that appear to be inauthentic. Or indeed, as we have examined several times before, to spot disinformation in motion, and be able to sift out the genuine data from the rest.

Whether the Carp, Ontario Contact case is legitimate or not remains open to debate three decades later. That it remains a subject of interest, however, is most certainly without a doubt.

A “Conspiracy Of Silence” Over A Crashed And Recovered UFO?

According to the account, a secret report would somehow find its way into the possession of several UFO investigators. One of these was Leonard Stringfield, who would write of the account in several MUFON newsletters and publications.

The sender of this top-secret documentation – who would refer to themselves as Guardian –  would also state that “Canadian and American security agencies are engaged in a conspiracy of silence to withhold from the world the alien vessel seized in the swamps of Corkery Road (in) Carp in 1989”.

A picture claiming to show a UFO

Is there a cover-up in place?

They would continue that UFO sightings had seemingly exploded during the eighties, with the nuclear stations seemingly being a hotspot for such sightings.

According to this apparently leaked information, on the evening of 4th November 1989, at a little after 8 pm, a strange object would appear in the skies over Carp in Ontario, Canada. What’s more, as well as several visual sightings from the ground, Canadian Defense Department radars also had the aerial anomaly in its view.

Then, the object “abruptly stopped and dropped like a stone”.

That, according to leaked information, was when a bizarre, top-secret and international operation was put into place to not only recover the apparently crippled craft but to make sure knowledge of the incident didn’t reach the wider public.

The Deadly And Discreet Search And Destroy Mission

The Canadian military would make its security agencies aware of the incident immediately. They would also, however, inform the American security and intelligence agencies. Using satellite monitoring equipment, they would pinpoint the location of the crashed object in one of the “deep swamp” regions. Furthermore, they would “trace the movements of the aliens to a triangular area”.

The following evening, “two AJ-64 Apaches and a UH-60 Blackhawk” would head to the location in question. And what’s more, the aircraft were not merely on a search mission. Each “carried a full weapons load”. According to Guardian, these aerial vehicles were “part of a black-ops American unit that specialized in UFO and alien recovery”.

An image showing a mysterious helicopter over woodland

Does this image show a “black-ops” operation taking place

This is a particularly interesting suggestion, not least due to the time. We have examined before, for example, claims of an apparently top-secret cross-country UFO recovery unit set up by during the Reagan and Thatcher years between the United States and the United Kingdom respectively. Might it be, particularly when we consider the close connections Canada has with both countries, that they were also involved in such a top-secret program, as outlandish as it might sound?

On the night following the apparent UFO crash in Carp in November 1989, the Apache helicopters soon found their targets. And when they did, they “unleashed their full weapon loads” systematically and without mercy. All 16 of their deadly missiles exploded on impact with the grounded vessel. And all contained a deadly nerve gas which after killing on immediate contact, then breaks down into a harmless and untraceable form.

With this section of the deadly mission complete, the specialized Apace unit turned around back to the bases across the Canadian border. The Blackhawk, meanwhile, would land close by to the metallic carnage.

A Complete Recovery Of Craft And “Non-Terrestrial Beings”

A six-man team immediately exited the helicopter as it touched down among the ruins of the once globe-shaped craft. Acting as though the incident was, to them, standard procedure, they quickly made their way to what was left of the craft. On the side within the exterior was a strange “portal” through which they gained entry. Once inside, they discovered the three-strong crew seemingly dead.

The area was sealed off and units would stand guard until the following day when several large trucks arrived. More personnel would then begin loading each piece of wreckage, as well as the main ruined body of the craft, on to the trucks ready for transportation to a secret location (thought to be somewhere in Kanata).

A picture claiming to show a UFO

Does this picture show an alien craft?

The dead crew members were packed in specialized ice boxes before being moved to an isolation chamber. Guardian would claim that these chambers are secretly housed at the University of Ottawa (there is no proof of this, we should note). There, autopsies would go ahead, with CIA doctors performing them. According to the reports, the crew was “reptilian, fetus-headed beings”. What’s more, they would refer to them as “Non-Terrestrial Entities”.

What is perhaps very interesting here is that years later, computer hacker, Gary McKinnon, when viewing top-secret United States intelligence files while searching for proof of UFOs, would discover the phrase “Non-Terrestrial Officers” while reading information about apparent space fleet. Might such seemingly outlandish and nonsense conspiracies of human-alien alliances against the better interests of the majority of humanity have more grounding in reality that most of us would even wish to contemplate? And, perhaps even more bizarrely, might these Non-Terrestrial beings and officers be of reptilian form?

Of course, such revelations would force us to look at a whole plethora of other conspiracies.

Reassembly And Revelations!

At the apparent secret underground facility in the Kanata region of Ontario, a team of engineers would begin the seemingly mammoth task of putting the object back together. Of most concern when they achieved this was how heavily weaponized the craft was. As well as the heavy “one-piece” outer armor the craft possessed “independently targeting electronic beam weapons”. Furthermore, a “cold-fusion reactor” was the main power drive of the craft.

Image showing alien contact

Should we take the claims with a pinch of salt?

However, it was what these engineers would allegedly discover in the cargo hold that caused the most concern. According to the whistleblower, “fifty Soviet nuclear warheads” were in these holding sections of the craft. And when engineers used the onboard computer systems to find out the purpose of the weapons, and ultimately, the mission briefing, the revelations, at least according to Guardian, were startling.

It would seem if we are to believe the account as absolute truth for one moment, that these alien entities (Non-Terrestrial Beings), seemingly with the collapse of the Soviet Union imminent, had come to a deal of sorts with at least some elements of the Chinese governments. One not at all beneficial for the world at large.

According to the apparently leaked information, the weapons – hijacked from a Soviet submarine in the Pacific Ocean – were on their way to Syria where they would “look out” for Chinese interests. In return, Chinese “technicians and advisors” would transfer to the region in order to assist in the development of “bacteriological agents” as well as military hardware.

The story, however, would get even stranger.

Zombie Implants And Planned World Invasions!

Perhaps the most bizarre and concerning aspect of the account, however, was the “spheroid brain implants” onboard the craft. Seemingly using the same computer systems to discover the purpose of these implants, it was found that numerous such implants were already in humans across the planet.

Their purpose, upon “switching on” was to turn the person carrying the implant to “Zombies” who will “help overthrow Mankind in the future”. The whistleblower would continue that:

The aliens want all-out war so that human resistance would be minimal – when they invade!

Elaborating further, Guardian would claim that these same aliens had “used the same tactic before with Nazi Germany”. Ultimately, however, they failed. Had they not, however, at least according to the information from Guardian, “the Earth would have become a concentration camp to depopulate the continents for the aliens”.

An image showing a grey alien

Have aliens been on Earth for many thousands of years?

What’s more, their apparent existence here goes back “some 675 million years”. To a time when an “interdimensional war” resulted in many of them leaving the planet. It is, though, at least in their eyes, most rightfully their home planet.

Again, the reference to “interdimensional wars” and similar entities evokes many of the claims of reptilian beings who have long resided in a bizarre realm on, or near, the Earth made by such researchers as John Keel or David Icke. Might the entities described by the person calling themselves Guardian be the same entities?

Contact Continues Into The 1990s

The apparent contact between Guardian and UFO researchers would continue into the early-1990s. Needless to say, at least not knowingly the predictions of future events did not play out as they would predict.

They would also forward several alleged pictures of “gray aliens” including apparent video footage of an alien craft. Further “inside information” and secretive world events would also surface. None of which, however, at least on the surface, was of any real consequence.

MUFON investigators would also conduct a lengthy and thorough investigation of the incident. They couldn’t prove or dismiss the incident one way or another. They did, however, find several witnesses to the UFO sighting over Carp on the night of the alleged crash. As well as to the increased helicopter and military presence the following day.

At one point in the early nineties, UFO investigators would even look to reveal who Guardian was. However, attempts to get proof such as fingerprints from packages or drinking glasses always failed. At one stage the incident, including the mysterious informant’s identity, was the subject of an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Incidentally, you can view at the bottom of this article. However, the case maintained a mysterious “double bluff” aspect to it – something which remains to this day.

Before we move on, check out the video below. It features the video footage sent by Guardian in the summer of 1991.

Real? Or Hoax? Or Something More Than We Can Imagine?

The account is indeed one that forces the imagination to stretch somewhat. Not to boundaries not so much unbelievable in their outlandishness but more in their absurdity. However, many researchers to all manner of things unknown, mysterious, and most certainly subjects of conspiracy might remind us that things only appear absurd to most people, at least partially, due to social conditioning.

That isn’t to say that we should automatically accept the claims around Carp, Ontario. However, we should perhaps examine just why we find the notion so crazy? That an extraterrestrial race might come to an “arrangement” with one particular race of humans on Earth.

Or might the whole thing be a hoax? Something designed to amuse the sender of the information only. We should note, however, that no UFO researcher, like people in general, is infallible. It would appear, however, that many experienced investigators, at least initially, would take this incident seriously.

Just what did they recognize in those initial details that led to them to do so? Is it a case of disinformation in motion? Of hidden truths buried within a mountain of lies and exaggerations? Might it even be that the biggest truth might turn out to be, very much by design, the most preposterous part of the whole account? The one part that no one will take seriously.

Check out the video below. It is the Unsolved Mysteries program which looks at this fascinating, if controversial case, in a little more detail.

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