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The alien abduction and contact case of David Eckhart is another that seemingly divides opinion within the UFO community. As well it might. The encounter will most likely prove to be one of the most elaborate hoaxes in UFO history or one of the most important contact cases to date.

According to the Eckhart family, and specifically David Eckhart, they have experienced repeated alien contact and abduction from their home in the Milton region of Pensacola, Florida, going back to at least the early 2000s.

A picture of David Eckhart with a blended image allegedly showing an alien

David Eckhart (right)

Veteran UFO researcher and author, Lon Strickler, has spent considerable time investigating the case. He remains in contact with Eckhart and, according to Strickler, “David has had further contact with the alien beings”. Not only do these contact encounters continue, but Strickler also claims that “one individual (alien) monitors David and his family”.

The incident would even be examined on the television show Fact Or Faked: The Paranormal Files, with the investigative team unable to debunk his claims.

What is also interesting is that Eckhart had made several attempts for other UFO researchers and organizations to investigate the strange goings-on, including MUFON. However, all would decline to do so.

Whether this is something that should concern us or is simply a missed opportunity to catalog and document what is potentially one of the most fascinating and prolonged alien contact cases on record, is open to debate. That the case is full of unsettling intrigue and mystery surely isn’t.

A Build-Up Of Several Years Of Strange Encounters

David Eckhart’s home in a rural, picturesque area of Pensacola, Florida was by his own admission his “dream home”. However, in 2008 when he made contact with the previously mentioned Lon Strickler. What he would tell him would spark an investigation of over a decade which continues today.

According to Eckhart, he and his family were increasingly noticing strange activity around their home. This quickly turned into witnessing strange creatures – “small people with huge black eyes” – and even alien abductions. What’s more, Eckhart believes these interactions were taking place long before they moved to the quiet, urban house in Milton. He would even claim to have vague memories of what he thought were “strange muppets” sleeping on his bunk bed when he was a young child.

David Eckhart

David Eckhart

For example, upon first moving to the Florida region while on a camping trip with friends, Eckhart witnessed a strange light traveling at great speed over the trees where they were looking to set up camp. He would claim to Strickler in a recent radio interview that, although he was joking and jovial at the time, he stated bluntly to his friends:

Hey guys, there’s a UFO!

The group would laugh off the sighting and begin setting up camp as planned. However, as they were looking for firewood, Eckhart noticed the strange light once again. It appeared to be coming from inside the woods. One of the group was more experienced in this rural setting and would dismiss the sighting.

However, the strange light “in a flash” was right over the top of Eckhart and his friend before it disappeared once more just as quickly. Eckhart would later state that the object was so close to them that he could hear the “whoosh” moving through the air.

A Strange Light In The Woods

The pair would continue rounding up wood for the fire. However, when the light returned, Eckhart would give chase to the strange craft.

He would continue in pursuit of the mysterious object but would ultimately lose it. That was until an incredibly bright flash briefly lit up the area. As it did the object was visible for a millisecond hovering in between the trees. Following this flash, however, Eckhart would find himself temporarily blind as his eyes adjusted themselves.

While Eckhart would continue his pursuit for almost half an hour, he would ultimately lose the strange, glowing object when it entered the water near their campsite.

Witness sketch of an apparent stargate he witnessed

Witness sketch of an apparent stargate he witnessed

Following the bizarre incident, the group decided against their decision to camp there for the evening. They quickly rounded up their possessions and made their way back to the vehicle. Eckhart would begin to describe to the others just what he had seen.

As he did so, however, he would suddenly notice “a man, or guy or whatever it was” watching him approximately 30 feet behind them. He would state in a 2019 interview:

As soon as it saw me and I saw him and we made eye contact we just stopped! And then you get all of these things running through your head. Because you have just seen something that does, not, fit, in!

The possibilities of what this strange entity might be tumbled over each other in Eckhart’s mind. Was it an owl or deer, or even somebody wearing a mask? When he called out to the strange creature “it took off running”. This prompted Eckhart to give chase once again. Only this time, he would catch up to the creature with relative ease.

A Bizarre “Pixelated” Entity

He would recall how the creature had a very distinct aroma that he could detect from several feet away. Furthermore, upon closer inspection, he would claim that the figure appeared like a child who has aged like an elderly person.

Eckhart was well placed and within range to take the creature down and secure it. However, he would claim he “couldn’t bring himself to tackle it” as he simply “didn’t know what the heck it was”.

This is potentially a remarkable detail, trivial as it might be, as it perhaps shows a mindset that would strike us all. Would most of us really wish to come into such close contact with something that is (literally) alien to us?

A picture showing an apparent alien entity

Does this image show an alien entity?

Whether through squeamishness or well-placed apprehensions of possible poisonous or aggressive reaction from the strange creature, it is likely a safe bet that most would think in exactly the same way as Eckhart upon catching up and essentially cornering such a bizarre creature. Especially when he could sense he was scaring it, something which itself might force it to act defensively.

As he began to slow down and back away, essentially giving up his chase, the creature continued to run. It would eventually reach an area of bushes and overgrowth. He would further describe the entity as “pixelated”.

For several weeks after, Eckhart would suffer intense dreams regarding the bizarre encounter.

A “Dream-Home” Awash In Extraterrestrial Paranormal Activity

Several years later towards the end of the 2000s, Eckhart and his family had settled into their new home in the Pensacola area. What is perhaps interesting is that many of the initial signs that something strange was truly taking place were very similar to paranormal activity. Strange noises and mysterious footsteps, for example. We have examined this before and it begs the question once more, just how blurred might the line between alien encounters and ghostly apparitions actually be?

Indeed, to begin with, as the move was still being finalized and loose ends in Ohio being tied up by David, he himself was dismissive of his wife’s claims of strange noises. He would put it down to settling water pipes and general creaks that any typical building has.

A picture of David Eckhart stood outside his home

David Eckhart (right)

However, one evening after returning home from work he would find his wife almost cowering in fear and “as white as a ghost”. He would ask her what was wrong to which she replied:

David, I am seeing people walking through the house!

Although still very much believing the activity was, in fact, the product of his wife’s imagination, he nevertheless began to research paranormal activity in an effort to understand, and ultimately eliminate such notions so as to settle his wife’s increasing distraught state of mind.

However, the more he read on the subject, despite his (then) skepticism to such seemingly outlandish goings-on, the events described by his wife began to sound increasingly like poltergeist activity.

More Evidence Of A Blurring Of Different Fields Of Interest

Once more this is an interesting development to dwell on for a moment. Might most poltergeist activity have more of a connection to extraterrestrial encounters than we might suspect? One thing that is interesting with such encounters is the idea that these strange and mysterious entities come from “other realms” or “dimensions”. Indeed, poltergeists and extraterrestrials may prove to be one and the same thing.

By this stage, the Eckhart’s pet cat was also reacting to a seemingly invisible presence. Eckhart’s wife would often spend great portions of her day with a polaroid camera in her hand. Every now and then she would press down on the shutter in an attempt to capture one of these strange entities on film. She would often capture strange orbs on the instant photographs, yet another phenomenon that bleeds heavily into both the paranormal and the UFO fields of interest.

A picture showing an alleged alien

Does this image show a strange otherworldly creature

In fact, it was as a result of some of these mysterious and, at times, disturbing polaroid photographs that David Eckhart began to take the sightings much more seriously. One particular photograph that appeared to show people from the 1930s is perhaps interesting to note. We might remind ourselves of some of the truly bizarre images captured by Stella Lansing in the late 1960s in the upper northeast area of the United States.

Many of Lansing’s images appeared to be of strange figures, possibly from different eras in time. Furthermore, she managed to capture them while attempting to film strange and persistent UFO encounters. The images and the encounters of Lansing would even result in ominous Men In Black activity. Whatever the connection might be to the strange images she captured and the UFO sightings she witnessed, it would appear a similar back-thread permeates the Eckhart encounters.

“They Are Not Ghosts!”

By this stage, Eckhart made the decision to set up several video cameras around the home in an effort to capture proof of these bizarre happenings. And while they did indeed succeed in capturing some of the strange occurrences on film, it was often unclear and “really grainy”.

Even so, the fact that these strange anomalies were still appearing, both to his wife and now in photographs and video, convinced Eckhart that something strange was truly afoot at their family home. With this in mind, Eckhart purchased more high-tech, digital video equipment in an effort to better capture what was taking place. It was a decision that was immediately rewarded. And indeed, the activity appeared to increase.

An image showing a strange appearing mist

The strange activity continued for months

One particular incident took place at around 9:30 am one morning. David was carrying out some repair work and came into the house to use the bathroom. As he walked past the television, in its place was what Eckhart could only describe as “a hole”. When he peered into it, he could see several of the same entities his wife had seen and they had captured on video. They appeared to be preparing to enter the room through this strange hole.

Does this truly bizarre episode describe some kind of portal or gateway from another place in the Universe or perhaps even another dimension?

Eckhart would continue that he could see further activity taking place behind these strange entities. Almost as if he were indeed peering into another world.

Although he didn’t understand what, or where, he was looking at, one notion immediately sprang up inside of him. He now felt absolutely certain that whatever these strange entities were “they’re not ghosts”. Or at least not how we might collectively understand and perceive the word.

Intriguing Footage Of Reptilian Interdimensional Entities?

The incident was a true turning point in their experiences. The realization that the mysterious events were something truly strange and bizarre hit the Eckharts bluntly. They began to wonder if the incidents were “dimensional” and that the “stargate or portal” that seemingly appeared out of nowhere in their living room was a gateway between their plane of existence and ours.

Several (now) relatively well-known pieces of footage were captured by the Eckharts’ video surveillance. For example, one which appeared to capture a typical gray alien peering into their bedroom from the doorway. What is perhaps interesting here, and quite possibly an indication of Eckhart’s credibility, is the fact that only 15 frames of the video – literally half a second – captured the bizarre incident. The rest of the digital footage was corrupt. Surely if it was a hoax we might imagine that several seconds at the very least would be captured.

You can see the still from the footage below.

A picture claiming to show an alien

Does this video frame show an alien entity peering from the doorway?

Perhaps one of the most fascinating pieces of footage captured by the Eckharts, though, was an apparent reptilian-type entity that appeared to gain entry into their bedroom via some kind of suddenly appearing portal.

What makes this footage particularly fascinating was that both David and his wife were in bed and awake at the time of the incident but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. It was only when they reviewed the footage later that it came to light.

In fact, this particular piece of footage was used in the previously mentioned television show Fact Or Faked. Ultimately, the team was unable to debunk the footage, despite several attempts to recreate it in the Eckhart’s home.

Check out the Eckhart encounter which begins approximately 15 minutes in.

Further Examples Of The Use Of “Alien” Portals

Eckhart would also employ the use of a fog machine in an attempt to capture the entities entering his house through portals. Portals they likely created from their realm of existence. And after initial attempts appeared to capture nothing out of the ordinary, in early 2010, he would seemingly capture several “gray aliens” entering his room from out of nowhere.

They appeared to look exactly as the general description of a gray alien. These strange entities were approximately 3 to 4 feet tall with large heads and equally large, dark eyes. Meanwhile, their skin appeared to be an off-white color. You can view one of those pictures below.

A picture claiming to show a grey alien in a bedroom

Is this a grey alien in this image?

On other occasions, Eckhart would appear to have captured the same creatures employing some kind of cloaking device to avoid alerting him to their presence. However, after studying the footage, it appeared as though these mysterious creatures had to assume a solid form in order to pick up or touch objects. Once more, this is a detail that is on record in other encounters, albeit fewer and further in between.

Further study would also lead Eckhart and Strickler to the conclusion that the Gray Aliens were, in fact, a “worker race”, ruled and controlled by the same reptilians who allegedly control humanity. Once more, this is another detail that other researchers have also voiced. There are even accounts on record that suggest the gray alien skin is, in fact, a bizarre suit, with a reptilian-like skin underneath it.

In fact, the more the encounters went on and the more research that was conducted, it was hard to ignore the alarmingly obvious connection.

The Reptilian Connection (Again!)

It is interesting that Eckhart mentions The Reptilians, for several reasons. Perhaps not least that there is likely no more quickfire way to discredit an account. With that in mind, then, and giving that Eckhart had made no obvious attempts to gain financial reward from his claims, does the fact that he insists these reptilian entities further prove his credibility, if in a bizarre type of way?

What’s more, the information given to him of these ancient species who reside not in space but deep inside and “under the Earth’s surface”, resonates with other similar research and theories. We have ourselves examined some of these seemingly outlandish notions, finding there is a discreet and genuine credibility to the theories and thought-process behind such claims.

An image claiming to show a reptilian alien

Is this a reptilian entity?

For example, according to Eckhart, he has seen up close the “vast underground caverns” where the Reptilians reside (at least while on Earth). Even more bizarre, there is a second species of alien who resides there with them. Ones that we would collectively call “The Grays”. Even more ominous, if bizarre, are the claims of observations of “human labor” in these disturbing caverns.

What is particularly interesting is that the drive behind these behemoth-like caverns was some kind of mining operation. Although he would never suggest a reptilian link, the work of Zacharia Sitchin which suggested the Anunnaki (an alien race) had come to Earth and created humans in order to “mine for gold” as worker race is a point worth dwelling on for a moment. Many researchers, for example, suggest that the Anunnaki and the Reptilians are one and the same. Might these huge caverns be the remnants of those ancient mining operations that supposedly took place almost half a million years ago?

From The Anunnaki To The Missing 411

Eckhart would also state that the Reptilians viewed humanity almost with indifferent disdain, and merely tolerated our existence. Again, if we return to the claims of the Anunnaki, it is said that after creating human beings, they “tired of their needs”. Is this a similar feeling to those of indifferent disdain that the apparent reptilian entities from their underground caverns in our contemporary era feel toward us?

Furthermore, given the collective perception of these reptilian creatures combined with their apparent underground existence deep within the bowels of the Earth, such notions of “Hell” and “The Devil” or demons looking to control (tempt?) humanity perhaps can be viewed in a more explanatory, albeit speculative light?

Another image claiming to show a reptilian entity

Another image claiming to show a reptilian entity

Again, these types of suggestions and claims of “reptilian overlords” are almost universally dismissed. Even by most in UFO and conspiracy circles. However, such ideas and underlying notions have been with humanity since the dawn of their existence. Perhaps, as outlandish as such an idea might be, we should collectively reassess the ever-increasing claims of such entities a little further.

Perhaps even more so when we factor in some of the details of truly strange accounts of The Missing 411 as compiled by David Paulites. Maybe the most intriguing details coming from those who have returned after being missing and who speak of strange creatures, often with glowing eyes, and with an apparent sly intelligence. All details that would seemingly suit reptilians also.

The Same Bloodlines From Different Perspectives

As bordering on outrageous as the claims of reptilian overlords might be, if there is any truth to them then it would be an obvious concern. Perhaps even more so when claims of the world’s government not only knowing of this reptilian presence but of assisting in covering it up and maintaining it.

Do they fit in with the claims of controversial researcher and author, David Icke, whose claims of shapeshifting reptilians being in positions of power in most places around the world? While many are equally suspicious of Icke as they are the reptilian theory, some of the connections he highlights in his research are intriguing, to say the least.

What’s more, he is far from the only researcher to allude to such a secretive race of entities sharing our world from the shadows. Respected author, John Keel, for example, would touch on the subject several times. Not least in his book Our Haunted Planet.

Even more mainstream historians highlight the bloodline connections between the families of the royal houses of Europe and how it stretches back to the Roman world, Ancient Egypt, and possibly to the lands of Sumer. These same bloodlines are highlighted by more alternative researchers, only these alternative researchers tend to offer explanations as to why this is as opposed to simply ignoring such things, content to highlight it in passing.

Perhaps of even more intrigue and concern in equal measure are the claims from Eckhart of a device, very similar to a gurney, that would transport humans, including children, to some unknown location. And while this perhaps sounds like something from the pages of a Hollywood blockbuster, it is a detail that can be found in other similar accounts.

The short video below looks very briefly at the Reptilian conspiracy a little further.

The Recurring Significance Of The 1954 Eisenhower Meeting?

We seem to mention regularly the apparent meeting between President Eisenhower and two alien races in February 1954. And there could very well be a good reason for this. It certainly appears that this alleged event, if we accept it is most definitely factual for one moment, was of such importance that we are still collectively feeling the effects of it today over half a century later.

We have examined these claims in-depth previously. But just to bring us quickly up to scratch, an agreement was eventually reached The Grays following a meeting with them and a separate meeting with another race (largely believed to have been The Nordics). These meetings revolved around the trading of extraterrestrial technology. In return, in The Grays case, for access to cattle in order to carry out experiments. And then, under strict guidelines and supervision, limited experiments on human beings.

An apparent grey alien captured on security footage

An apparent grey alien captured on security footage

It would appear that for 25 years the agreement was largely adhered to and appeared to be working. There is, however, much speculation about the apparent meeting with Eisenhower. It appears, though, that some event or change of agenda occurred around 1979.

What is perhaps interesting is that it was also around this time that the alien abduction phenomena how we know it today appeared to explode across the United States and around the world. Might this really be in sympathy with some kind of decades-old alien presence that had seemingly “tricked” the leaders of humanity?

These kinds of ideas are difficult to contemplate for many. They do, however, repeatedly fit into the ever-evolving timeline of the modern UFO era. This is certainly not proof of their authenticity by any stretch of the imagination. It is, however, something to keep on the backburner.

After The “Greada Treaty”

Whether or not the meeting with President Eisenhower is nothing but fiction but an actual account, the alleged agreement they apparently reached is sometimes referred to as the Greada Treaty (as described above).

From the study of the Eckhart case, it appears that he and his family are part of this study. It is not certain whether this study is one of extraterrestrial go-ahead only. Or whether the world’s governments continue to have active involvement in such studies. It is perhaps worth noting as a side-note that many alien abductees, especially repeat abductees mention a discreet presence of high-ranking military officers and men in suits during medical experiments and examinations.

An example of Eckhart's notes

An example of Eckhart’s notes

Furthermore, it is also not certain just what type of experiment or study the Eckhart family was a part of. It would appear, though that the study was a decade long. And would result, whether incidentally or not, in the curing of an arthritic condition.

What we need to consider is that David Eckhart is very unlikely to be the only person to have undergone such an encounter. If he was a part of a study, there must have been others a part of the same study. Whether these other, possibly unwitting, participants don’t come forward due to simply not being aware, or whether they choose to ignore the memories of the encounters and remain quiet lest they are seen as unstable, is perhaps open to debate.

The Science, Known And Unknown

One of the unique techniques employed by Eckhart – as seen in some of the images captured by Eckhart above, perhaps particularly the reptilian seemingly emerging from a portal in the bedroom – is that everything is captured on a reflective surface. Essentially, he is not pointing the camera at the space where the encounter might happen. But on a reflective surface such as glass or a mirror. This was something that Eckhart discovered purely by accident as he attempted to capture the strange entities in the more traditional way one might use a camera.

This, as Eckhart explained to Lou Strickler is due to the electrons – that our eyes see – reflecting off a surface. We have examined before that the human eye can only see a tiny amount of the color spectrum. Essentially, there could be, and are, things all around us that we just can’t perceive.

Eckhart during a television show looking at his account

Eckhart during a television show looking at his account

This in itself perhaps brings up the notion that what we can’t see doesn’t exist. A bizarre statement, no doubt. But one that reminds us of the recent scientific study that discovered molecules that ceased to exist if a person was not looking at them.

What’s more, according to Eckhart, these entities are aware of our “blind spots”. Essentially, areas of the visual spectrum that we simply just can not see.

What is interesting here, then, is that if we think scientifically and in line with what (relatively) little we know of how the human eye perceives images. We might also begin to discover not only how what these entities are and where they come from. But also the nature of other dimensions and how they fit into our own collective realities.

A Dimensional Aspect To “Alien” Abduction?

Might this knowledge of human beings and how our bodies operate simply the product of advances scientific knowhow? Or might it be a direct result of the abductions of the last decades of the twentieth century? And experiments conducted during them? Or should we examine the claims and theories of the ancient astronaut theory? Might extraterrestrials be aware of such things because they played a prominent role in our creation in the distant past?

Eckhart himself said that “they know about the human mind”.

In fact, the first abduction encounter was carried by apparently invisible aliens. Appearing to Eckhart and his wife as transparent, liquid glass type figures. Similar to how the invisibility cloak of The Predator in the movie of the same name. The details of this encounter perhaps also reveal a little more about the process and particulars of alien abduction encounters.

Security footage showing an alleged reptilian

Are aliens visiting from other dimensions?

They were physically grabbed and lifted from their bed by these “invisible” seven-foot reptilians. Then, they were taken into a portal that was completely black. Eckhart wondered if this might be some kind of “buffer”. Or even a midway nothingness in between dimensions or realities. He also noted how his abductors also appeared unnerved by this perpetual blackness.

It is perhaps interesting to note the unnerving blackness of this portal. As simplistic as it sounds, might such descriptions – if they are experienced by many who undergo similar alien abductions – be confused for being in space?

It is also interesting to note how other abductees, ones who very much claim to have been taken on board a nuts-and-bolts craft and take into outer space, claim to have witnessed the presence of these black portals. Many even speak of stepping into them in order to return to Earth.

A Beneficial Force Or One That Is Dragging Us To An Ominous Endgame?

The next thing he knew he was inside a huge airport-hanger type building. It was extremely bright and had strange cubicles off to the sides. He also recalled how he had to fight increasing tiredness. As if he had been somehow drugged by his extraterrestrial captors.

As he was walked through the hangar type building, he was aware of a surge of activity around him. He could also hear the voices of many of the reptilian doctors as they carried on with their work. One of these doctors he witnessed up close. And while his face was covered, he could clearly see the “scaly skin” under the blue overalls he had on.

He would eventually find himself on a steel table with experiments taking place on him. Somewhere during these tests, he lost consciousness. The next thing he realized, he was back inside his bedroom.

The producers of the television show during an experiment to reproduce the events

The producers of the television show during an experiment to reproduce the events

Incidentally, the following morning, despite not mentioning it immediately, when he asked his wife if she remembered what had happened the night before she replied that she indeed did. And while she had lost consciousness at some point after entering the portal and so had no memory of the hanger-like building or any of the experiments, that the encounter might have been imagined by David could now be dismissed.

The encounters are available in exhaustive detail in the Lon Strickler’s book Alien Disclosure. They should, though, lead us to question the nature of aliens and alien abduction. But also how these things mesh and blend into each other. And what do they mean for the human journey? Are these strange creatures a beneficial force behind the scenes for humanity? Or might the end game be an ominous one that we shouldn’t ignore?

A Discreet Alien Presence Pulling The Collective Strings Of Humanity

Lou Strickler himself claimed that the general response of the wider communities upon Eckhart going public with his claims was “disappointing but expected”. And while it is certainly easy to see why so many people are standoffish about such claims, in the big scheme of everything, such attitudes might end up hurting all of us. If there is any degree of truth to these kinds of claims at all, then we should have concern.

Might there really be an alien presence on, or under the Earth? One that is secretly pulling the strings of the political, religious, and entertainment theatres? And they, in turn, then control the rest of humanity? One that is using the most unfortunate of us as a worker race for an agenda unknown to us. While using the rest as unsuspecting guinea pigs as we roam around the maze called life. And if so, what is the purpose of this control? What is the ultimate end game for this apparently reptilian race?

Of course, should even a portion of the above be true, then what does that tell us of our realities? As well as how we perceive them? Once again, the idea that our ability to collectively understand such bizarre happenings as ghostly activity or alien encounters will likely lead to a far greater understanding of the human journey. And its place in the wider cosmos.

Check out the video below. It features Eckhart speaking of his encounters.

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