Are Mass Disappearances Actually Mass Alien Abduction?

Marcus Lowth
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March 17, 2018
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December 5, 2021
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People disappear never to be found every day. As grim as that sounds, it is a fact and has been that way since the dawn of time. It is perhaps easier to understand how an individual may become lost. Or even how someone could “vanish” at the hands of another. When entire villages or huge groups of people disappear without a clue as to why or where they might have gone, however, it is obvious that something spectacular has occurred.

A alien face superimposed of an abandoned village

Do aliens abduct humans in large groups?

What’s more, these dark disappearances of multiple people have happened for hundreds, if not thousands of years. While they could be the result of some naturally occurring phenomena we are simply not aware of let alone know anything about, many researchers have noted reports of “strange lights” at the same time and locations of such bizarre vanishings. It is not too much of a stretch then to imagine such events are mass alien abductions.

If we accept that theory to be true, then the question becomes, what is the purpose of the abductions of entire swathes of people in one go? To some, it is a clear sign that humanity is nothing more than an experiment of extra-terrestrial intelligence. Before we look at that thought a little closer, we will look at one of the most baffling mass disappearances in more detail.

The Anjikuni Vanishing, November 1930

The Nunavut Territory in the most northern of Canada’s territories is also one of the largest. Perhaps not surprisingly it is also one of the least populated parts of the planet. Its harsh, frozen conditions make it a brutal host to human life. Some Inuit communities, however, have called the region home for thousands of years. Much like a small community in 1930 did – until they vanished without a trace. [1]

A fur trapper, Joe Labelle, would make the discovery and bring it to the outside world’s attention. Looking for a place he could rest away from the bitter elements, Labelle sought out the small Inuit village he knew of from previous expeditions. Upon making his way through the settlement, he could see fires were still burning. Over them were the pots of food they were heating through, now morphed into a charred mess. All indications were that the small village was going about their business as usual when they seemingly up and left.

His experience was already telling him something out of the ordinary had taken place. A quick roam around the deserted community would seemingly confirm this. Every last corner of the settlement was devoid of life.

There were, however, no indications of any kind of a prepared journey. All the resident’s possessions, for example, were still in their respective homes. There was no trail to indicate which direction they had gone. Given that the flames of the fires were still present upon his arrival, it would suggest they could only have left a day or two previously at most.

Vanished Into Thin Air?

Despite the increasing unease spreading through him (and he spent much of his time in dark regions of the menacing woodlands so didn’t scare easily), Labelle would go from hut to hut in the hope of finding someone who could explain what had happened. He would find no-one. The entire village was utterly abandoned and empty.

He would make quick checks of the village’s food supplies. Again, all were full with no signs of a predetermined plan to leave. One particular bone-numbing find was that of a child’s sealskin coat with a needle and thread piercing the fabric as though whoever was repairing it simply vanished in the middle of a stitch. Although many Inuit settlements would still roam from location to location from time-to-time, doing so without taking their food and clothing supplies, not to mention all manner of tools and hunting guns, was unheard of. As far as Labelle was concerned, it simply wouldn’t have happened.

Deciding that the same fate may await him should he stay, Labelle would make his way to the nearest telegraph office to report the find. By the time he arrived he was suffering from frostbite, on the point of exhaustion, and in desperate need of food.

A message reached the nearest office of the Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who several hours later arrived at the telegraph office to speak with Labelle, before venturing on to the apparent ghost-village.

A depiction of UFOs

Why do entire communities vanish at once?

Sighting Of Bright Craft Over The Anjikuni Lake

On their way to Anjikuni Lake, the unit would stop for a short rest at the property of a trapper named, Armand Laurent. During their brief stay, he would inform them of strange sightings he and his sons had witnessed only days previously.

According to Laurent, a shining object had raced through the sky over their property. Furthermore, it even changed shape as it did so from a “cylinder to a bullet-shape!” Further still, it was heading in the direction the RCMP unit was heading now, to Anjikuni Lake.

When they arrived at their destination, they would confirm Labelle’s findings. Even more chilling was their additional discovery of the graves of the village’s dead. They had been opened with the bodies removed and seemingly taken with them. This in itself was baffling as the ground around the graves was solidly frozen. How had they managed to penetrate frozen earth so quickly? And why, given they didn’t have time to pack their clothing and food, did they venture to the outskirts of their village to perform this morbid task?

Stranger still was the stone grave markers. These were neatly stacked in two piles close by. It certainly didn’t appear to be the work of grave-robbers, and entirely rules out animal involvement. And if we accept it is a far stretch to imagine the community themselves would have done this, especially given the manner in which they themselves disappeared, combined with the sightings of Laurent and his two sons, the incident would indeed appear to be one of extra-terrestrial involvement. An alien abduction on a massive scale.

The video below looks at this particular incident in more detail.

An Alien Harvesting?

Researcher, Linda Moulton-Howe would describe the encounter as “a harvesting” at the hands of extra-terrestrials. That humans are nothing more than an experiment to them. Whether their intentions were as dark as Howe theorizes, there are plenty of other researchers who subscribe to the notion of not only involvement from extra-terrestrials in human history, but that “the experiment” continues today.

We have written before about the claims and theories of alien-human hybrids. Author, researcher, and professor, David Jacobs, has claimed throughout several books that alien abductions have happened for hundreds, likely thousands of years. Furthermore, the reasons behind this were in preparation to “take over the world” by creating alien-human hybrids.

Are these mass abductions part of that alien mission? As crazy as that sounds, there are many reports from abductees who state they have seen people “stored in rows” as if in some kind of suspended animation. Might they be such people as the Inuit settlement who vanished in 1930? Might such researchers as Moulton-Howe and Jacobs both be right? That such incidents are a harvesting of human vessels for a plan far from beneficial to the human race? Perhaps these mass abductions are for “stock” purposes, while single, targeted, and repeated abductions are for a more specific nature. Either way, the notion is more than bone-chilling, and if true, one that should concern every last one of us.

“There Is No Salvation!” The Disappearing Village Of Hoer Verde

There are plenty of other cases of mass disappearances to examine. Perhaps one similar to the above account is the mass disappearance of the residents of the village of Hoer Verde, Brazil. And what’s more, the incident unfolded less than a decade before the Anjikuni vanishing, in February 1923.

The discovery was made by a small group who were visiting the area who found the 600-strong village simply disappeared off the face of the planet. And like the above account, all of their possessions were left behind, as was all of their food.

Initially believing they would find the locals at some kind of gathering they continued on into the village. However, the deeper they went the more obvious it became to them that there was quite literally nobody there. All around them was pure silence, with not even the usual sound of the animals who shared the location with the villagers.

The village of Hoer Verde

The village of Hoer Verde

They would leave the area and raise the alarm with the authorities. When the police were sent to investigate the scene for themselves, they too found no signs of any of the people who lived there. They did, though, make a rather chilling discovery.

A gun was recovered near the outskirts of the village. And later tests would show that it had been fired within the last day. Perhaps even more disturbing was a sign near to where the gun was discovered. It read:

There Is No Salvation!

The incident remains unsolved still today almost a century later. There have been several theories put forward, however. Many researchers in paranormal circles point to the distinct lack of animal sounds (birds, insects, etc.) at the time of the discovery and suggest something out of this world had occurred there, with the leading suggestion being a case of mass alien abduction. And while this theory remains too outlandish for some, Brazil has a long history of UFO and alien activity. Perhaps such suggestions are not as outrageous as some people might think.

Other theories revolve around the political turmoil of the country at the time which resulted in bouts of guerrilla warfare in the region. Perhaps, for example, they were kidnapped by one side or the other (although there were no ransom demands). Or perhaps they simply decided to flee to a perceived safer environment. However, if this was the case, there is no record of their resettlement elsewhere. And it certainly doesn’t explain why they chose to leave all of their possessions behind.

The case continues to baffle and fascinate researchers today.

The Strange Disappearance Of USS Cyclops

Five years prior to the strange disappearance in Brazil, in March 1918, another bizarre event unfolded when the United States’ USS Cyclops seemingly vanished into thin air. Neither the ship nor the 300 people on board were ever found.

The vessel had been on the water around two weeks after leaving Brazil on the 16th of  February. The last known location of the USS Cyclops was somewhere off the coast of Barbados on 3rd March. However, after a journey that had gone by without incident, the liner simply stopped communicating. Even stranger, there had been no distress calls received from the USS Cyclops. Searches for the boat proved to be fruitless, with no sign of any wreckage or any of the passengers or crew.

As we might imagine, there are a plethora of opinions and theories as to just what happened to the -USS Cyclops. And they range from the likely to the bizarre. It is perhaps not a surprise that many in UFO circles suggest that the case could be one mass alien abduction. After all, several planes have disappeared in very similar circumstances.

However, unlike many of those cases, there appears to have been no reports made by the crew of strange lights or objects overhead. Of course, if it the disappearance does have an extraterrestrial connection, the crew might have not had time to make such reports.

Other researchers have voiced their opinion that the USS Cyclops could have fallen victim to the Bermuda Triangle.

The USS Cyclops

The USS Cyclops

Given that the First World War was still eight months away, investigators at the time suspected the ship had been sunk by the lethal German submarines. However, when German records were examined after the conflict, there was no record of such an attack.

Some researchers pointed to the commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander George W. Worley. Worley was a German who had arrived in America in the late 1870s. However, he was known to express “pro-German” views which led many to suspect he was perhaps working for the Germans. We should note, though, that no records or proof exists to prove such theories correct.

One of the most likely suggestions might revolve around what the USS Cyclops was carrying at the time. It was originally designed to carry coal. However, it had also been used to carry ore, something which very well could have caused structural damage to the ship. If this was the case, then it would have been a matter of time before she began taking on water. When we add to that that records suggest the ship’s engines were far from the state they should have been in, then it is easy to see why the USS Cyclops might have simply succumbed to the waters.

Whether it is of interest or not, two sister ships of the USS Cyclops would also disappear in the same region of water in the years following the disappearance. Each of them was also carrying ore at the time.

The short video below looks at the disappearance a little further.

The Perplexing Disappearance Of The SS Poet

Somewhere between late October and early November 1980, the SS Poet, along with over 30 crew, seemingly vanished somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean while sailing from Philadelphia to Egypt. Around the time the ship entered the Atlantic waters, a storm with winds around 60 miles per hour hit the region. However, it is largely agreed that a storm of this nature for a ship as sturdy as the SS Poet was should not have been a problem.

Whatever the case might be, though, once this storm had passed, there was no further communication from the vessel. What’s more, there were no distress calls or any other indicators as to what might have happened. When searches did take place, there was no sign of the ship, wreckage, or any members of the crew.

It would further come to light that there was a delay of around a week before the owner notified the relevant bodies that the ship had seemingly gone missing. Even then, there was a delay of several more days before the fruitless search eventually went ahead. Whether these decisions (or lack thereof) would have made a difference in finding the stricken boat or not remain a subject of debate.

One thing that is agreed on, however, is that the SS Poet, given she had an experienced crew, should simply not have vanished into thin air the way it did. Might there be a more paranormal explanation? Might the ship and crew have been snatched up by extraterrestrial visitors? The case will no doubt continue to be investigated by researchers for many years to come.

The video below looks at the disappearance of the SS Poet a little further.

The Ghost Boat Incident Of 2014

Just short of 100 years after the disappearance of the USS Cyclops in 2014 and over 30 years after the SS Poet vanished, another bizarre case of a boat and her crew seemingly vanished without a trace. On this occasion, those on board were largely refugees (approximately 243 people) who disappeared (along with their boat) during the summer of 2014.

There is very little information to work with for anyone looking to investigate the case. It is largely thought that a boat intending to smuggle [2] to the 240-plus people from Libya to Italy ran into trouble somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. No bodies were ever found, nor was any wreckage or debris. Most of those on board are thought to have been fleeing the military regime in Eritrea.

Although those involved in the organization of the people-smuggling mission were arrested in December 2014, no information was retrieved from them to indicate just what had happened to the vessel or those on board. The person who arranged the journey claimed that the boat in question was due to leave a beach on the Libyan coast. However, he further claimed that he didn’t actually see the boat leave himself.

Investigators were, and continue to be, completely baffled by the episode, claiming that a boat of that size with over 200 people on board to just vanish was “inconceivable”. Similar, tragic accidents have previously resulted in bodies of the dead washing up over a huge area in the water. There has also been no contact whatsoever with the relatives of any of those thought to have been on board.

The case remains unsolved over half a decade later and is truly a modern mystery.

The short video below examines this most mysterious case a little further.

Long History Of Mass Disappearances

There are many other incidents throughout history of such mass disappearances. For example, in 1587 in what we now recognize as North Carolina in the United States, came the disappearance of the entire Roanoke Colony. This colony was one of the first on American soil. Upon returning from a supply trip to Europe, John White and his one-hundred-strong crew made the discovery.

Maybe even more bizarre is the discovery of the Mary Celeste [3] around 400 miles off the coast of The Azores in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872. The ship was on its way to Genoa, Italy from New York. Not only were all ten of the crew missing, all of the cargo was untouched. This would rule out theft on the open seas by pirates. While there are many theories as to what happened, M.K. Jessop, in his book ‘The Case For The UFO’ would suggest it to be a case of alien abduction. [4] Furthermore, it was suggested the fact the captain’s log was still on board proves that whatever did happen to them, it happened quick and out of the blue (the log should always be taken when abandoning ship).

More recently came the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Its whereabouts and circumstances around its disappearance are still a mystery.

At some point during the early 100s, and entire legion (the ninth legion) of Roman soldiers stationed in York – around 5,000 men – simply disappeared from the historic record with no suggestions as to what might have happened to them. And given that the Romans were known for their meticulous record-keeping, we might imagine an explanation of such a large loss of manpower would be mentioned.

It is likely that they simply fell victim to the increasing attacks from the indigenous population of northern England and Scotland – attacks which ultimately resulted in the creation of Hadrian’s Wall. Given the efforts that would have been made to successfully build such a wall, there is perhaps some credibility that the entire ninth legion did fall victim to such attacks. And while there is little to suggest any kind of paranormal or alien involvement in their disappearance, it remains one of the most intriguing cases on record, and very much worthy of our time here.

We might also wish to turn our attention to the Anasazi tribe who called the Four Corners region of America (the meeting point of the states of New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado) from around 1500 BC to the late 1200s.

However, despite over 2000 years of steady existence, during which they constructed advanced settlements and cities, the entire civilization simply left the region. And what’s more, there are no records to state where they went to. It was as if they simply vanished into thin air.

This particular mass disappearance is of intrigue not only to those with an interest in UFO and alien matters but specifically to ancient astronaut theorists. This is, in part, due to several strange spirals that have been marked onto the site which some researchers believe suggests an alien visitation or even an opening of a portal.

This perhaps takes on a further element of intrigue when we learn that many Native American tribes’ legends state that the Anasazi (from whom many of them are descended) was simply “going home”. We should note that most mainstream research will tell you that the spirals are, in fact, a depiction of the sun.

Whatever the truth might be, the sudden disappearance of the Anasazi remains a point of debate. And, rightly or wrongly, at least in ancient astronaut circles, will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

The short video below examines the Anasazi tribe a little further.

The Vanishing Residents Of The Ancient City Of Great Zimbabwe

A century or so after the disappearance of the Anasazi, in the late 1400s, came an apparently similar vanishing when the 18,000 residents of Great Zimbabwe seemingly up and left, leaving no sign of their destination, and no reason why they vacated the city in the first place.

What makes the disappearance even more intriguing, is the fact that the inhabitants of the city were quite obviously advanced. We can see this in the huge granite slabs that have been used to construct three-story walls and other buildings. This was also achieved with the use of mortar – called dry stone walling.

There is also evidence of advanced works with copper, iron, and bronze, as well as numerous other objects and artifacts that suggest a long history of trade with other parts of the world.

However, although we know the society of the ancient city were advanced in their achievements, we know very little else about them. This in itself perhaps makes it hard to track where they might have gone when they made the decision to leave. For example, researchers are not even sure who created the city, or if they arrived from elsewhere or were indigenous to the region.

In fact, during the late-19th century, this uncertainty was almost the victim of pollical pressure to “discover” that the advanced ruins were not those of an indigenous population. However, given that there are many other similar constructed cities throughout the southern regions of Africa, it is almost certain that whoever did construct the ancient city in Zimbabwe had their origins in this region.

As always, there are many who believe that the disappearance could be another example of mass alien abduction. There are most definitely similarities with the other cases of vanishing villages we have examined here. However, the disappearance of an entire city – almost 20,000 people – is perhaps one of the largest potential mass abductions in history.

The short video below looks at this mysterious disappearance a little further.

The “Nuclear” Annihilation Of The Indus Valley Civilization?

Even further still is the Indus Valley civilization, who not only appeared to vanish thousands of years BC, but some researchers suggest the cause of this sudden disappearance was due to an attack from forces unknown using nuclear weapons – perhaps most predominantly, David Davenport.

Davenport carried out extensive research at the locations of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa and reported evidence of fused materials and decidedly increased radiation. What’s more, over 40 skeletal remains are to be found at the site. And their positioning suggests that whatever killed them, it came out of nowhere and was instant.

It is certainly an interesting theory. However, if there was any truth in it, we would have to ask who deployed these speculative ancient nuclear weapons. Might the Indus Valley Civilization have been much more advanced than most would think? Might the weapons have been theirs and were somehow deployed against themselves, perhaps as a result of infighting? Or might the attackers have come from outside, perhaps even from the great beyond in space?

While many people vanish in specific, sometimes remote areas around the world, they tend to disappear while alone. These cases not only feature multiple people seemingly vanishing at the same time, but the location appears to be of little consequence. Almost as if they themselves were targeted as opposed to being the victims of some bizarre and unknown natural phenomena present in a particular location. And what’s more, they were targets en masse.

The video below looks at such claims of alien-human hybrid programs.



1 Village of the Dead: The Anjikuni Mystery, Mysterious Universe, July 24th, 2011
2 “243 People Disappeared. Young People. Women. Children. And No One Cares”, Medium
3 What Happened to the Mary Celeste? A mystery floating at sea, Sarah Pruitt, History, July 21st, 2015
4 The Philadelphia Experiment – Jessup, Allen, and the “Mary Celeste”, David Helperin, November 30th, 2011

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  • Wayne Brasler says:

    I was abducted beginning at the age of 5 in 1945 and continuing until 1970. As a child I was exhausted many mornings having been somewhere else learning something but i could never figure out what. I often was unable to move at night (terrifying) at times and when I was adult and would go back home to visit my parents would have terrible experiences including a threatening figure by the bed. My parents would never listen to me or comfort me. In 1996 I lunched with two sisters who lived downstairs in a four family flat in St. Louis where i grew. I finally asked them if anything strange had happened to them in that building and their reply was, “Oh, you too.” Their mother, a powerful political leader, would never talk with them about what they were experience, only telling them not to tell anyone. Most interesting, much later in life I was at an art exhibit in Milwaukee and in walked a gentleman I recognized immediately as a fellow abductee. I walked up to him and asked if he had a certain mark on his left shoulder. He looked at me and said yes and he recognized me as a fellow abductee. I finally contacted the most respected expert in the field of abduction and he replied immediately and said I clearly had been abducted and that parents not listening to or comforting their children was usual. I still have never forgiven my parents for refusing to listen to me or help me. Miracle of miracles I did end up a famous educator and journalist and person in show business. In 1966 I moved in with a friend so I wasn’t alone at night and he caught on immediately as to what was going on. I was amazed and relieved. When we left Chicago for a suburb the abductions ended.

  • Nelson Prescott says:

    Experimenting on humains for some unknown agenda appears as a reasonable explanation for all those alledge abductions !

    But maybe there is a more sinister reason behind those disapearences; if aliens do exist and numerable facts and evidences point very strongly for it!

    then ,what do they eat…!

  • Keith says:

    Video voice track mangles the definition:
    R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
    Just for the record. Otherwise a good video.

  • Jeanne Coppola says:

    This is frightening. What about the thousands of children who disappear each year, also?

    The website, says the FBI database, NCIC, lists 464,324 missing children in 2017.

    How many of these children were found?

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