The Versacci Abduction At The Langford Budville Exit

Marcus Lowth
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September 1, 2018
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November 22, 2021
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As she was driving along a lonely stretch of motorway in the early hours in October 1973, Gabriella Versacci would claim to have been taken against her will on board a vehicle not of this world. The account is one that many, even in the UFO community are skeptical of. However, the source of the incident is an otherwise respected UFO researcher. And, as we will look at shortly, there are similar accounts on record at the same time as the apparent abduction from the south of England.

A superimposed UFO over the motorway at night

Just what happened near the Langford Budville exit?

As well as the similar incidents of the time, several of the details in the Versacci Abduction encounter mirror other cases. As controversial as the encounter is, it is still very much worth looking at. And one that, for the most part, lends a certain amount of corroboration that a large part of the UFO and alien abduction phenomena revolves around the taking and storing of human DNA and the studying of our genetic make-up. Of course, if there is any truth in this speculation, we have to ask, why, and for what?

A Light In The Middle Of The Motorway

It was a little after 2 am on the 16th October 1973 when Gabriella Versacci passed the exit road for Langford Budville. Hers was the only car on the lonely motorway road. That was until she saw what appeared to be a single headlight in front of her. It didn’t appear to be moving, making her think it was perhaps another motorist who had broken down. She slowed up a little as she got closer to the light. By the time she realized the source of the glow wasn’t the headlight of a stranded vehicle her car had already lost all power.

Now with no headlights to guide her, she focused intently on the road ahead as she brought the vehicle to a stop. The light was still shining a little way off ahead of her. Already frightened, that fright began to bubble into panic at the thought of remaining stationary and vulnerable in the middle of the motorway. She took the keys out of the ignition and exited the crippled vehicle. As she did so, she became aware of a soft humming sound. The more she listened to it, the louder it appeared to be getting.

She looked around trying to locate the source of the noise. It was then that an unseen and “heavy hand” struck her shoulder, pushing her down to the ground as it did so. As she turned her head, expecting to see an opportunistic attacker, she instead saw a “tall, dark-colored metallic figure”. The last thing she would recall seeing before losing consciousness were multicolored-lights flickering nearby.

Memories In Between Unconsciousness

She would awake, stood up in a field. The skies were still dark over her and the robot-like figure was next to her. Before she could react to her captor, she noticed a “half-moon-shaped” object, glowing brightly in front of them. The underside of the craft had a distinct flat finish with several “thick legs” protruding towards the ground and supporting its weight. The top had a round shape to it and the entire exterior was “silver-gray”. Along the side was a huge oblong-shaped window, through which she could see bright yellow lights glowing. She would later estimate the craft to be around forty feet in width and at least twenty feet high.

She noticed the humming sound once more and quickly realized this large cosmic vehicle was the source of it. Then, overcome with the surreal nature of the events, she lost consciousness again.

The next time she awoke she scanned her surroundings to find she was in a strange, round room. She was laying on a table. When she tried to sit up, however, she realized she was strapped down tightly to the platform. She also realized that under the equally strange blanket she was completely naked. As she moved her eyes around the ominous room, she saw the robot-like creature stood motionless to one side. She also noticed the floor was of some kind of thick rubber matting.

There are two points of interest in the details from Versacci here. The strange blanket covering her, for example. Many abductees mention this. Some even of having it pulled over their faces with holes then cut in the mouth and nose to breathe. Also, the “thick rubber matting” is another description of a UFO interior that comes up regularly.

A superimposed UFO over a time lapsed motorway

Many UFO encounters take place along stretches of road

A “Trained Retrieval Device!”

Suddenly, three men entered the room. All adorned the same clothing. A light blue tunic including a skullcap, as well as long elbow-length gloves, an apron, and a facemask. They looked, much to Versacci’s internal horror, as though they were a team of surgeons ready to operate. They each placed strange cubes on her body. As soon as these cubes made contact with her, they glowed fantastically.

As these unknown procedures went ahead, Versacci noticed how the eyes of the men were “more rounded than human eyes”. They also appeared to contain no emotion within them whatsoever. The men would, however, on occasion nod and acknowledge each other, although none of them spoke or even made a sound. They appeared to take various samples, including nails, skin, and blood. Although she didn’t recall any pain or discomfort, she was terribly cold throughout the examinations. When the procedure was over, a large blanket was placed over her which began to warm her thoroughly.

All the while, she would cast a quick look towards the robot-like figure who still remained motionless – as if “turned off” at the side of the room. When one of the men noticed her glances he spoke to her, informing her it was a “trained retriever device”. It’s duties, according to the man, was to bring “specimens for examination and study”. Although the man spoke in perfectly clear English, there was something strange about his actions. Versacci, for example, did not once see any movement of a mouth under the facemask. Nor did she notice him blink. Furthermore, his overall movements were “practiced and deliberate”.

Then, the three men simply turned and left the room. As Versacci turned to watch them leave she noticed a purple light flashing on the robot at the wall.

Differing Versions, But More Similar Accounts!

This is where the account appears to split into two versions. One version tells of the woman waking in her vehicle unharmed. The other tells of one of the men returning to the room and injecting her with a “numbing agent” before raping her. She blacked out during the incident and then awoke in the vehicle.

The original source of the account appears to be from the research of Thomas E. Bullard, [1] a respected UFO researcher and author, and a member of the Center For UFO Studies. While there is apparent discrepancy as to the details of the encounter, it would appear “something” took place that evening near Langford Budville in southern England.

Around the same time, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, near Gardendale, Alabama, a very similar encounter occurred. A teenage woman and her mother were driving home from a dance late one evening when they suddenly witnessed a huge, round brightly glowing green object hovering above the highway in front of them. Around the side of the craft was a ring of yellow which also glowed brightly.

As they passed it, both witnesses noticed in terror that the strange craft was following their car. Then, it began to land in front of them, blocking their path. At the same time, their car came to a complete stop. The last thing the witness remembered before blacking out was an extremely bright light shining inside the car and a “heavy” feeling. When she regained consciousness, she saw her mother beside her in the driver’s seat frantically trying to start the car’s engine.

Abduction On The Highway

The young girl would ultimately agree to undergo hypnotic regression in order to retrieve her memories of that night. Following their vehicle stopping, a tall figure emerged and approached their car. There were other vehicles on the road who had also come to a stop of their own accord. As this mystery figure walked down the road towards the witness, it somehow asserted some kind of mental control over the other motorists. Almost like a “calming effect” that caused them to become docile and uninterested.

The next thing she knew, three small humanoids were next to the car and opened the door. She “was floated” out of the vehicle and on to the glowing object. Once inside, the young woman would find herself on a table. She would recall seeing at least one other young girl in the same room. Although even her regressed memories were hazy, she recalled the three small humanoids surrounding the table. She was unable to move although she didn’t know why. The last definite memory she had is of one of the figures inserting a needle into her torso.

She then awoke in the passenger seat next to the panicked attempts of her mother to start the car. The glowing craft, incidentally, was no longer there.

Depiction of seeing a UFO from the driver's seat of a car

Depiction of seeing a UFO from the driver’s seat of a car

An Almost Identical Case In Iowa

An almost identical incident occurred on the evening of 19th October in Iowa. The anonymous witness was driving her car when she noticed a bright light in the distance ahead. As she brought her vehicle over an upcoming hill, she could see a huge glowing disc stood in a field that sat on the roadside. She brought her vehicle to a stop so that she could view the object a little more clearly. She could see a distinct “dome” on top of the craft. It also cast out a glowing blue light.

The witness immediately picked up the CB radio and called her husband, telling him of what she could see. However, after initially being able to hear each other, strange interference and static essentially shut down the communications device. Then, without having any memory of the object taking off from the ground, it was suddenly in the air and disappearing at a lightning pace. She returned home, confused and frustrated by her apparent inability to remember what had happened.

As many witnesses to such encounters do, she would seek out hypnotic regression therapy in order to find out why she couldn’t remember the apparent alien craft taking off. What she unlocked was both harrowing and fascinating.

After the CB radio had shut off, several strange humanoid figures, each standing around five feet tall were outside her car. They looked like men but had extremely “pasty” colored skin and larger than normal eyes. The next thing she knew, she was in the middle of a large room with an array of machinery and devices around her. She was made to lay on a table and undress before an examination was performed by figures in medical-type garments. She was then “floated” back to her car where she awoke.

Link To The Alien-Human Hybrid Program?

If for the sake of argument, such waves as the humanoid sightings of 1973 were simply driven by snowballing public hysteria, then it would surely make sense that with the continued sightings of UFOs and lights in the sky would also come continued sightings and encounters with humanoid aliens.

However, this didn’t happen. While reports of these kinds of encounters would continue over the decades, they were not in the same volume and consistency as in 1973. And furthermore, while many descriptions of apparent extra-terrestrials have surfaced over the years, those in 1973 were specifically of “humanoid” figures. They were essentially human-like aside from small details as opposed to grey aliens, for example.

So, does this then signify that something very particular and specific was taking place throughout North America and much of Europe throughout 1973? Whatever the finer details of these encounters turn out to be, it appears quite obvious that some kind of “presence” was active during this time. And, it would appear, that something extremely strange was taking place and shared a connection to it.

The fact that the encounters examined here all occurred during such a particularly detailed wave is perhaps a testament to at least their partial authenticity. Might they, and many of the other encounters, have been part of some kind of worldwide human genetics study? Or even the controversial “alien-human hybrid” program? Let’s assume for a moment that this is the case. Do our governments share any involvement in these programs, active or otherwise? And do they continue today, and what is the ultimate goal of such programs?

Outlandish speculations, no doubt. But speculations that persistently return to the UFO community. Maybe we should question why?

The video below looks at such theories a little further.


1 Thomas Eddie Bullard, Center for UFO Studies

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