The Alien Abductions And Chilling Revelations Of Filiberto Cardenas

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June 21, 2018
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November 22, 2021
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The abductions of Filiberto Cardenas in early-1979 in Florida not only happened in front of his friends and family but would result in several “messages” revealed through later hypnosis sessions. What is chillingly intriguing is many of these predictions were eerily accurate. Multiple professionals and experts in their respective fields, ranging from engineering to psychology, would examine and question Cardenas about his encounter over the months and years that followed. It remains one of the most fascinating cases in UFO history.

A typical scene of a UFO abducting a person

Just what did happen to Filiberto Cardenas?

The abduction encounter is also of particular importance due to the Miami police filing an official report on their conclusions of the incident. To date, this is the only encounter in the United States where the police have acknowledged that an abduction had taken place due to the presence of a UFO. While the incident is still officially unexplained, this detail alone makes the case unique. [1]

Trip To The City Limits

Filiberto Cardenas received a phone call while in his Miami gift shop on the early evening of 3rd January 1979. [2] It was his friend Fernando Marti. He wished to come and pick Cardenas up so they could drive to a merchant butcher. The location was near the city limits and aside from the company, Fernando required his friend’s assistance to help transport a whole pig he wished to purchase for an upcoming family roast. Cardenas agreed, and by the time he locked his premises, his friend, along with his wife, Mirta, and their daughter, Isabel, arrived.

They decided to take Filiberto’s car which Fernando would drive. The journey, however, would prove unsuccessful. The two farms they visited couldn’t supply them with what they wanted. Deciding to try one more place, Fernando turned the car onto a quiet, apparently little-used dirt road. Not long after, the vehicle’s power failed completely and came to a halt.

The two men exited the car and began to investigate under the hood. It was as they carried out these elimination tests that they noticed a strange “humming sound”. When they realized a bright red and yellow glow was reflecting in the bodywork of the car’s engine they began to get an inkling that something was wrong. Suddenly, the car began to shake.

Inside the vehicle, the remaining Marti family, believing an earthquake was happening, began to panic and scream. It was then that the two men under the car’s hood realized they were seemingly paralyzed.

“Don’t Take Me!”

If not being able to move was terrifying (which it undoubtedly was) then when Filiberto began to feel himself rise in the air, that terror went into overdrive. According to Fernando, who could see his friend rising from the ground, Filiberto would shout, “Don’t take me! Don’t take me!”

Then, everything stopped. The light was gone. The humming had ceased. And Filiberto was nowhere to be seen. Fernando looked upwards and would claim to see “a bulky object that ascended and then moved away”.

He turned his attention to the car. His wife and daughter were now quiet. He screamed at them “They have taken Filiberto” while jumping into the driver’s seat and going to start the engine. It took several attempts but eventually, it sputtered into life. He backed out of the dirt road and made his way back to the highway. As he drove, he wrestled with the notion of calling the police. He feared they might not believe him. Furthermore, they might think he had kidnapped his friend, or worse.

He ultimately decided he had to report it and would contact the police from a payphone at a service station. He would also contact Filiberto’s wife. The police, although they felt sure there was some confusion on Fernando’s part, nevertheless launched a search for the missing man. This would include requested assistance from the nearby Homestead Air Base.

Fernando, meanwhile, after returning his wife and daughter home, began to doubt what he had seen. What if he was wrong and had left Filiberto – wherever he was – stranded on the outskirts of Miami. He would get back in his car and return to the location where his friend had disappeared.

Waking On A Florida Highway

Unbeknown to Fernando and the police search units, Filiberto was at this point waking up in the middle of a highway around ten miles away from where the encounter had taken place, on the Tamiami Trail. A police vehicle was approaching him. He could hear the tires on the road and could sense the flash of their car. They left their vehicle and approached Filiberto, who didn’t speak English and so couldn’t answer their questions, even if he had all his wits about him.

Thinking he was drunk, the police officers searched his pockets for identification and proceeded to take him to the police station where a Spanish speaking officer could speak to him. As their report reached the police switchboard, it was realized they had their missing man. While awaiting his arrival, Filiberto’s wife and Fernando were brought to the police station also. After ensuring there was no medical “damage” to him, Filiberto was free to go shortly after.

A second abduction incident occurred around six weeks later in the early hours of 21st February.  Neither Filiberto or his wife was asleep, despite it being 5 am. Partly out of frustration they made the decision to get in the car and drive to the spot of the initial incident. On this occasion, Filiberto’s wife, Iris, was also abducted, although neither could remember an approaching UFO. Just that they were taken on board a craft and there were figures, dressed in tight-fitting attire with “an S or maybe a Z” emblem on the breast.

Incidentally, at the same time, Miami International Airport received multiple calls of “strange lights” over the region. Several witnesses would even report a “mothership” with several lights coming from it.

A depiction of a UFO hovering over a quiet road

Cardenas was eventually discovered on a highway with no memory of getting there

Revelations From Hypnotic Regression

The details of the first abduction would eventually reveal themselves through hypnotic regression. As would some chilling predictions, that we will look at shortly. Taking Filiberto back to the evening of 3rd January on the lonely dirt road on the outskirts of Miami, Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo would guide Filiberto to tell his story.

Following the feeling of paralysis under the hood of the crippled car and his sudden rise in the air, Filiberto found himself in a strange seat. Although he was comfortable, he was unable to move away from the seat, as if he were held in place “by suction”. He quickly scanned his surroundings, seeing he was in a small room. To his side were three humanoid creatures, one of which carried a helmet. The creature moved towards him and placed this on Filiberto’s head.

He could immediately feel the sensation of numerous “small needles” sticking into his skull, all the way down to the top of his shoulders. It appeared as though they were attempting to communicate with him. Although he wasn’t sure, he believed the language to be German. When they realized he didn’t understand, one of the creatures reached to a device on its chest, turned it a little, and began speaking again. This time in English. Filiberto gestured that he still didn’t understand, prompting the creatures to repeat the action again. This time, it began speaking in Spanish, to which he indicated he understood.

Telepathic Messages and Visions Of Time

While this was happening, the other two creatures were performing various tests on his body. Incidentally, during a later examination over one-hundred marks and puncture wounds came to light.

Following this initial exchange, he was removed from the seat and guided into another room. There, sat a taller figure on a throne-like seat. Not only did this creature speak to him – again in his native Spanish – but he suddenly felt a transfer of thoughts, knowledge, and ideas telepathically enter his mind.

Around him were moving images, as if projected there by an invisible source. They appeared to show scenes from various points in history, as well as ones that Filiberto could only assume, were the future. He wasn’t sure how long this encounter lasted, but after some time, he was taken to yet another room. Again, he was placed in a seat that “suctioned” him to it so he couldn’t move. He soon realized he was in a small craft. It suddenly departed from the larger ship and into flight.

Filiberto would claim to see a stretch of beach before the craft entered the waters, diving deep below the surface. Shortly after, a huge tunnel lay ahead of them. The lighting was brilliant, although Filiberto could not locate a source for the lighting. After a short while, the craft emerged into what appeared to be a large hanger. There was no water and the environment completely dry. Filiberto realized he was in an underground alien base. The area looked like a huge cave and he noticed a symbol on the walls that appeared to be of a serpent.

He would soon find himself in front of a large door, which opened, exposing him to a gigantic room and lots of “people”. Then, a figure approached him who appeared human.

Another Human Contact

According to Filiberto, this person informed him he was indeed human and had worked with “the entities for some time”. As they spoke, they walked along what seemed to be a street through the middle of a city. They would ultimately arrive at a building which they entered.

Once inside, Filiberto felt the suction sensation once more. This time, a force would pull him towards the wall which instantly converted into a table on which Filiberto now lay. Further instruments emerged from the wall. These “mechanical arms” would perform various tasks and tests up and down his body.

Once these procedures were complete he would depart from the table. At this point projections and images appeared on various television screens around the room. The telepathic ideas and messages appeared to make more sense as he began to receive information on upcoming events on Earth.

He wasn’t sure how long this transfer of information took to complete. When it was over, however, he would go to another room where a craft appeared to be awaiting his arrival. It was in a vertical position, much like NASA’s rocket and shuttle launches are before space missions. Once more, he found himself in a seat that used suction to hold him in place. They would soon set off, although Filiberto did not have access to a window of any kind and so could relay little of consequence from his journey.

The next thing he knew he was gathering his senses in the middle of the Florida highway.

A depiction of an underground city

A depiction of an underground city

Events Of The Future To Come!

Perhaps most intriguing in an already fascinating account was the apparent predictions given to Filiberto. [3] It isn’t clear why these predictions came to him. There appeared no instructions for him to act on any of the information. And he only recalled them through hypnotic regression. Perhaps the hope was that he would act independently? Or perhaps it was a way of testing a human’s reaction to such a process?

Remember, Filiberto received this information in early-1979. For example, he seemed to predict that the “new Pope” was going to come to the New World (the Americas, particularly the South Americas) and “preach to the New World in our own language”. This is something that Pope John Paul II, successor to Pope John Paul I who died in highly suspicious circumstances did.

He would also claim that “…a city is going to be destroyed. The capital of Mexico”. Several years later in late-1985, a devastating earthquake did indeed strike Mexico City leaving part of it in utter ruins. Further still, he would claim that “…almost all the great population centers of California, all will go into the sea”. In an edition of Newsweek from March 1983, a story would cover the multiple coastal areas of the Sunshine State that had indeed fallen to the sea through coastal erosion.

Although a little more ambiguous it is interesting nonetheless that Filiberto claimed an “illness” would take hold in the United States. It is throughout the 1980s that the HIV and AIDS virus became a national (and indeed an international) concern.

More Long-Term Predictions?

He would also make claims of a “famous artist” whose husband would “become President of the United States”. At the time, Nancy Reagan was a very well-known actress, and her husband, Ronald, and not yet announced his bid to run for the 1980 Presidency. He would, as we know, and he would enter the White House for two terms shortly after.

Perhaps one of the strangest “revelations” were claims that the alien group had some kind of control within the Chinese Communist regime. Furthermore, they were going to “cause big changes” soon. Changes that were of a benevolent nature.

While this is again extremely vague, following the uprisings in 1989, control would go to younger, by comparison, more liberal rulers. And China’s economy began to improve dramatically. In the modern age of the twenty-first century, China is one of the biggest economies in the world. While this is most likely coincidence and perhaps easily predicted in the early-1990s following the aforementioned uprisings, it is a curious statement to make in 1989.

While these predictions surely don’t offer any kind of definitive proof of cosmic contact and the prospect of intervention in future events, they certainly separate Filiberto Cardenas’s experience from many others.

The short video below features a recap of the incident.


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