The 1994 Lake Michigan UFO Incident: Why Is The Wolverine State Such A UFO Hotspot?

Marcus Lowth
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January 18, 2022
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A multiple witness sighting of strange glowing objects over Lake Michigan in March 1994 is just one of many sightings to have occurred in the Wolverine State, as well as over this ancient body of water.

Not only were there multiple witnesses on the night in question, one of them was a professional meteorologist who managed to track the objects on his radar system. What’s more, he has never wavered from his version of events, events that are not only recorded courtesy of official communication records but are corroborated by other witnesses.

A depiction of a UFO over Lake Michigan

The 1994 Lake Michigan UFO encounter is perhaps one of the most credible on record

In short, the encounter, while perhaps not one of the most dramatic UFO incidents on record, is possibly one of the most credible, and potentially important to completing the perpetually unfinished puzzle that is the UFO and alien question.

When we also examine some of the other UFO sightings from Michigan over the years, as well as some of the reports around the same time as the incident over Lake Michigan itself, we start to see very similar details and descriptions.

Before we examine some of those other sightings, though, and ask just why so many UFO reports come from this part of the United States, we will turn our attention back to an evening in the spring of 1994 when multiple local residents would be witness to an event that remains unsolved over a quarter of a century later.

Strange Lights In The Sky For Over 200 Miles

On the cold evening of 8th March 1994, an event that would see strange lights in the sky over 200 miles of Lake Michigan would result in multiple sightings and subsequent reports to police and MUFON from the general public.  [1] What’s more, these calls from many different people throughout the state, including from police officers themselves. In total, it is thought that over 100 people witnessed the strange lights over one of North America’s most mysterious lakes.

Perhaps one of the first witnesses to the strange events that evening were husband and wife, Daryl and Holy Graves, and their young son, Joey, who were at home in Holland when they witnessed several lights in the sky at around 9:30 pm. Joey would recall the local press at the time of how he “got up and went to the sofa and looked up at the sky”. He could see “six lights out (of) the window above the barn across the street”, elaborating that they were “red and white and moving”.

A depiction of a UFO over Lake Michigan

There were multiple witnesses to the 1994 Lake Michigan incident

Another witness was Cindy Pravda, who would speak of seeing four strange lights, each of which appeared like a full moon, hovering over the trees near her property. She would state, a quarter of a century after the sighting that she “watched them for half an hour”, further recalling how at one point, one of them “moved to the highway and then cam back in the same position”.

She would recall in 2019 how she was sure that the set of lights “wasn’t helicopters, (and) it was nothing else I could explain”, [2] adding how they were “circular and bright white” with “well-defined edges”. Ultimately, after remaining relatively constant, the light disappeared “in the blink of an eye”.

It Was Like It Was Saying, “I Know You Can See Me!”

One person who witnessed the events as a meteorologist with the National Weather Service that evening was Jack Bushong [3] who was working at the weather service office by himself on the night in question in Muskegon.

The night had begun routinely with nothing unusual to report. Then, a phone call came from the Ottawa County dispatcher, who had taken several calls of strange and bizarre lights in the sky causing them to seek advice as to whether there was any unusual weather that might be causing them.

At this point, Bushong turned his attention to the radar system, switching it to manual control. He would later state to the media that you could use the radar “pretty much like a spotlight”. It wasn’t long before he had indeed registered hit with the radar. At first, there was just one object registering, which was “coasting at about 100 miles per hour”. It was as he was watching the object that he suddenly noticed that it had stopped and was now hovering.

Then, without any warning, the object shot straight upwards to “5000 feet, then 10,000 feet…just straight up”. At the same time, a police officer was reporting over the dispatch line that they too could also see the object rising fast into the sky. So here we have a sighting with multiple witnesses from various locations, several of whom are police officers, and radar confirmation at the same time as the sighting by a professional meteorologist.

Bushong continued to watch the object climb, getting the feeling that “it was like it was saying to me, ‘hey, I know you can see me’”. It would eventually come to a stop at 40,000 feet.

Still Unexplained Today

It was at this point that Bushong noticed multiple objects on the radar screen. They were in a triangular formation, to begin with, before finally settling into a long, straight line. He would estimate they were separated by approximately 20 miles.

He would recall how one of the objects would travel with fantastic speed to another location, with the other objects then following them. He would state a quarter of a century after the sighting how he either “saw them hovering or they were jumping at a high rate of speed”. At some stages, the objects would briefly climb as high as 60,000 feet meaning that Bushong could dismiss the notion that the reading was false and was nothing more than ground clutter.

Bushong observed the readings for some time, tracking them all the way to the southern part of Lake Michigan where he claimed he observed “dozens more”. In total, he would observe large groups of hovering, anomalous objects for close to two hours, noting that the general area where these objects were hovering was oven an open part of the water that was largely completely frozen over due to the time of year.

Whatever the object was remains unknown, and the sightings still remain unexplained today over 25 years after they occurred.

Incidentally, Bushong would later contact the control tower at nearby Muskegon County Airport regarding any strange reading or reports they might have. They would reply that they had registered three “aircraft” all lined up in formation in the distance. However, these mysterious vehicles did not have transponder codes.

The video below features some of the conversation between Bushong and the Ottawa County dispatcher.

Other Intriguing Sightings From The Wolverine State

We know that Michigan has had more than its fair share of UFO sightings over the decades, as well as several short waves or surges of incidents. In the spring of 1966, for example, a string of sightings of identical crafts was reported.

One of those sightings unfolded on the 31st March 1966 just outside of Vicksburg. According to a NICAP report on the incident, Jeno Udvardy was driving home in the early hours after having completed a late shift at work. As he brought his vehicle to the crest of a hill he suddenly noticed a strange “cluster of lights” on the road. He at first believed the light belonged to an ambulance and thought there must have been an accident or crash and so began to slow down a little. It was only when he was around 10 feet away from the lights that he realized the ambulance was, in fact, a disc-shaped object that was floating just above the road.

Although he could make out the shape of the object, the lights were so bright that they blocked out any other details. At this point, a surge of fear swept through Udvardy and he began to put the car into reverse. However, as soon as he did so, he noticed what appeared to be a sudden gust of wind shake his vehicle violently.

Then, he noticed what he at first thought was a second disc-shaped vehicle behind his car. However, when returned his focus ahead of him, he realized that the object had, in fact, moved from where it was to behind him, perhaps explaining what he thought was a sudden gust of wind. He took a moment to gather his thoughts, realizing when he had done so that his car had stalled (as the report states it is not clear if this was caused by the UFO or by Udvardy himself).

Realizing he couldn’t move he reached for the window handle and wound it down. When he did so, he could hear a low humming sound coming from outside that reminded him of a “swarm of bees” (this is interesting as this bee swarm-like humming comes up in many other UFO encounters). Several seconds after winding down the window, the object suddenly rose into the air at an unbelievable pace and disappeared into the night sky. In total, the entire incident lasted no longer than 60 seconds.

A depiction of UFOs approaching from the sky

The state of Michigan has many UFO sightings on record

The following year, in 1967, on the 14th August in Dexter, a very similar encounter unfolded. According to the report made to MUFON years later, the witness was six years old at the time and was woken one night by an animated conversation between his parents. Obviously curious as to what was taking place, he left his bed and ventured into the kitchen where his parents were standing by the window.

His father quickly told him to go back to bed, but his mother disagreed and said he should “see what was happening”. Taking his hand, his mother led him outside and told him to look toward a large hayfield at the back of the yard. The witness recalled that what he saw “has stayed with me every day” since.

In the distance, he could see a strange object that had an equally strange haze around it. It appeared to be oval-shaped although the witness admitted there was “no real defined shape” in his mind other than that. Even more bizarre there were “very little people” walking around it. He watched the scene with his mother for several moments before they returned inside.

The following day after returning from school and discovering his father was in the field where the object had been, the witness rushed out to join him. When he got there his father pointed out three “bare spots” in the field where the strange object had seemingly made contact with the ground the previous evening. Incidentally, the witness also recalled that nothing ever grew in those spots ever again, despite his father making multiple attempts.

As the decades unfolded, more and more UFO encounters played out in the Wolverine State.

The Unintended Alien Encounter On Lake Michigan

According to the files from Michigan Ufology Central, a particularly interesting encounter unfolded on the evening of 15th August 1970 at around 10:30 pm near Good Hart. On the night in question, the witness, who was spending the night at their parents’ house, had a sudden desire to get in his car and drive to the banks of Lake Michigan. The night was relatively clear and it would be good to do some skywatching.

As they were doing so, however, they noticed a particularly bright light moving through the night sky overhead. The way in which the strange object moved in a “descending trajectory” made the witness realize they were watching something a little out of the ordinary. He began to view the object through his telescope and could make out several finer details.

It was distinctly disc-shaped with what appeared to be orange, yellow, green, and blue lights on it. There also appeared to be some kind of window along one side from which a light appeared to be contained on the other side. Even more amazing, he could see what appeared to be several figures moving around inside the craft through the window and manipulating some kind of console.

The object continued to descend, eventually landing near the water’s edge around 100 feet away from the witness was. He remained where he was, watching the object intently. However, after 15 minutes or so, with no signs of movement at all, he began to make his way over to the mysterious vehicle.

He noticed as he walked toward it how the air felt different, almost hotter. When he was around 50 feet away from the object, he heard a metallic sound and he stopped immediately in his tracks. Although it was dark, there was enough light for him to see a ramp beginning to extend from the side of the craft toward the ground. The ramp looked strange given that there was no opening that he could see along the side of the object.

For reasons he couldn’t fully explain, he started out once more toward the craft, eventually stepping onto the ramp and starting up it. As he continued on the ramp and approached the craft, it appeared to “dissolve” in front of his eyes, while at the same time a bizarre opening appeared in the side of the object.

A depiction of a UFO over Lake Michigan

There are also many claims of alien abduction from the Wolverine State

He walked through this opening and found himself in a strange room that appeared to be made of terracotta-colored stone. He also noticed that the room was lit by a soft glow that appeared to “come from the walls themselves”. These details are extremely interesting to us. Many people who claim to have been on board a UFO state that many of the features are stone-like (like the terracotta-colored walls) and perhaps more interesting is the detail that the witness could see where the source of the lighting came from, only that it appeared to come from inside the walls.

He also noted how it was relatively cool inside the craft and there was a smell in the air that was quite similar to cinnamon and sage. He looked around and could see that the room was, in fact, a long walkway that stretched around the corner in both directions. Along the way, in each direction, were various handles, levers, and openings seemingly interspersed at random places.

He made a quick decision and decided to head to the left. As he continued, he noticed that the smell of cinnamon and sage appeared to be getting much stronger. By the time he came to a door blocking his way, he realized that a door was also closing behind him.

When he looked down on the floor, he noticed a bizarrely placed see-through section beneath him. He could clearly see the Big Rock Nuclear Plant and the part of Lake Michigan. It is perhaps interesting to note that this incident unfolded near a nuclear facility (as many UFO encounters do).

It was then that he noticed a window-like plate in one of the walls. He peered through and could see several strange humanoid figures with overly sized large heads. They appeared t be at a control panel of some sort and were preoccupied with it. Each wore the same style tight-fitting suit that appeared to glow a gentle blue color. Then, as he continued to watch his apparent unintentional hosts, one of them turned around and looked directly at him. He could see the face clearly now. The eyes were particularly large and dark, with no visible nose and extremely flat cheekbones.

Then things even stranger. In his mind, he had a sudden vision in his mind, seemingly placed there intentionally, of himself but from this strange entity’s perception of him. The next thing he knew he was being led into a different room by one of the creatures where he was sat into a strange chair. As he sat in the chair, sudden “3-D images” flashed into his mind of various things – so fast he could hardly remember them.

One of the creatures approached him with what appeared to be a strange cube that contained a clear-blue liquid. He was told to drink it, which he duly did. The aliens communicated with him telepathically, although he could only retain partial bits of information. Some things he did recall was that the craft was, literally, larger inside than the outside dimensions should have allowed and that these alien visitors’ main reason for visiting Earth was the water supply.

The next thing he knew, he was back at the water’s edge outside the craft.

“There Is Something In The Sky Out In The Backfield!”

Just short of a decade later on the evening of 15th June 1978 on Mancelona, according to the files of Peter Davenport, the director of the National UFO Reporting Center, a glowing, metallic object was reported from their farmhouse on the outskirts of the small town.

The witness recalled that they were inside the property during the early evening watching television when their foster daughter came running in shouting, “Come look! There is something in the sky out in the backfield!” The witness explained in his report that the back field (essentially, their back yard) was around 89 acres and had been left largely unfarmed for several years.

At first, the witness and the rest of the family reacted as if the young girl was attempting to play a prank on them and gently dismissed her. However, when she insisted they come outside and that she was not joking with them, they got up and followed her outside.

She said she and her boyfriend had been outside listening to the radio in the car when it suddenly went dead. At the same time, each of them saw a bizarre object approaching overhead and immediately ran inside.

When the family arrived at where their daughter had been, they could clearly see the aerial anomaly above and ahead of them, hovering over the field approximately 250 yards away from them and at an altitude of around 200 to 300 feet. It was distinctly disc-shaped and seemingly made from some kind of metallic material. Around its edge, it appeared to have lights that were changing color from red to orange to white, and then to blue.

What really captured the witness’s attention, though, was the intense low-pitched humming vibration that “vibrated into and through everything”. The witness recalled how they were standing near an “old out-building” and that the “siding on the building was actually rattling/humming” from the vibration. When the witness touched the side of the building, they could feel it was “literally vibrating”.

The family simply remained where they were and watched the object for around 10 minutes, none of them daring to say a word. Then, the object began to move away, calmly and slowly moving no more than 20 miles per hour. The witness eventually “lost sight of it in the streetlights” of the downtown area. The family, along with the daughter’s boyfriend, went inside. All agreed, aside from very select good friends, they would keep the incident to themselves. That is until the witness made the report several years later.

Incidentally, the witness would also offer an intriguing take on the lack of clarity in many pictures of alleged UFOs. If we recall what he said about the vibrating humming and how it appeared to permeate everything around them, he would state in his report that “as unbelievable as it sounds, it makes me realize why there aren’t more good-quality pictures (or) videos taken of UFOs”, essentially, because of the vibrating hum. It is certainly an interesting suggestion.

Near Mid-Air Collision Over Lake Michigan

At just before 5 pm on 4th July 1981 over the south-central area of Lake Michigan, according to an account from UFO researcher and investigator, Richard Haines, Captain Schultz was piloting TWA Flight 842 to John F. Kennedy Airport having set off from San Francisco, and was at this point in the journey flying directly over Lake Michigan.

The skies were perfectly clear meaning when Schultz noticed the strange “large, round, silver metal object” in the skies with him it was equally clear against the blue sky. He could even make out the black “portholes” that appeared to go around the object with equal spaces between each one (a definite suggestion of intelligent design). He would describe the object as having “descended into the atmosphere from above”.

A depiction of a UFO in Michigan

Many people report UFOs in Michigan

Schultz suddenly realized the object was on a direct collision course with their plane and, knowing he had no time to change course, braced himself for impact. However, at the very last second, the object changed direction suddenly and headed away from the aircraft. Schultz watched as it disappeared into the distance, confused but aware he had just witnessed something truly out of the ordinary. So much so, and perhaps an indication of the potential response of his employers, Schultz did not report the incident to TWA. Instead, he contacted the previously mentioned Richard Haines, and gave the details to him.

Haines would highlight several points of detail during his investigation into the incident. For example, the object “traveled very smoothly” along an “approximately parabolic course” and then “performed a high-speed turn” very close to the airplane and moved away at a speed somewhere around 1000 miles per hour.

Schultz felt no “shock wave or turbulence” from the mystery object, although he did recall seeing a “darkish wavy trail” as it headed away from them, as well as noticing that there was a “fan-shaped region extending outward from behind the object”. This was “a much darker blue than the rest of the sky”.

The sighting remains unexplained still today.

Glowing Object Witnessed From The Kitchen Table

An online report regarding a strange sighting in Brighton one evening in 1998 is perhaps also of interest to us here. On the night in question, a local woman was sitting at the table with her husband eating a particularly late dinner due to him having got caught in traffic on the way home.

As they were sitting there following their meal, they both happened to peer out of the window and immediately noticed a strange, bright light shining down on the trees from above. They looked a little closer and noticed a strange object around 50 feet above the treetops (and approximately 150 feet from the ground) from which the light came.

Both of them remained at the window taking in as much detail as they could. The main witness would recall that the UFO appeared across between a circle or sphere-shaped and a “rounded triangle” and flashed purple, red, and white. They would elaborate that the red and purple lights easily outnumbered the white lights, which appeared more akin to searchlights.

She would also recall that they both had the impression that the ship – or whoever was controlling it – was “looking for something in the woods”. This impression was backed up due to the object hovering over a specific set of trees for several seconds before moving elsewhere and hovering there before moving again and so on.

Just before it reached the end of the trees all of the lights on the craft suddenly went out and it disappeared into the distance. It is not known if there were any other witnesses to the strange events of that evening. The sighting, as we might imagine, remains without explanation.

Triangular Craft Over Allen Park

At around 1:30 am on the 23rd May 2001 in Allen Park a local resident witnessed a mysterious triangular craft near the I-94 Interstate. [4] They would ultimately contact UFO researcher, Darryl Barker, recording the sighting, who would then investigate and document the account.

Picture of the road where the sighting happened with "lights" added to show how they appeared

Picture of the road where the sighting happened with “lights” added to show how they appeared

According to Barker, he received an email from the witness (who he would give the name Mr. J. and who was a jet aircraft mechanic with 30 years experience) a little over a year after the encounter in July 2002, which was promptly followed with a telephone conversation between them.

The witness would state that on the night in question he was driving home from work along I-94 at around 1:30 am. It was just after he had exited the highway that he noticed three “very bright lights” directly in front of him. The witness would state that the lights were clearly part of a triangular-shaped craft that was wider than the entire highway and was at an approximate altitude of between 500 to 1000 feet.

The object went right over the top of his truck and remained completely silent as it did so. Although he wasn’t sure what it was, he was certain that it wasn’t an airplane or any other conventional aircraft.

The Harper Woods Incident

Around 18 months later, at just before midnight on 2nd December 2004 in Harper Woods, according to an online report, a local resident witnessed a very similar triangular craft while walking home with three of her friends from a park. The main witness happened to look up and noticed what they at first thought was an airplane, and then a falling star in the sky. When the light came to a sudden stop, however, she realized she was watching something all the more extraordinary.

After remaining still for several moments, the object suddenly began to rise into the air. She would recall that when it moved “it had a brilliant tail of light that followed it” and also had a “very bright light on its tip”. The more it rose into the air, the more they could see that it had a very definite triangular shape to it, with one light in front, and two behind parallel to each other.

At this point, the group was coming to a road they had to cross and the witness momentarily took her eyes off the sky. When she returned her focus upward, the object was nowhere in sight. Whether it had disappeared at speed or whether the lights had simply gone off remains unknown.

The witness would estimate that the object was in view for approximately five minutes and that she was not certain if her friends witnessed it also. Although she wasn’t exactly sure what it was, she was certain that was “definitely not a normal airplane or helicopter”.

The Bennett Lake Sighting

In more recent times, in Bennett Lake, an intriguing encounter unfolded between 4:30 am and 5 am on the morning of 21st November 2003. According to an online report, on the morning in question, 20-year-old Robert Williams went to the back door of his mother’s house in order to smoke a cigarette. It was as he was doing so that he noticed an “extremely bright light” that was moving overhead. He would later recall that the light was “brighter than anything” he had ever seen. What’s more, it appeared to be hovering over Bennett Lake approximately 50 feet above the surface.

He remained where he was watching the bizarre object for a minute or two before calling to his mother, Christine (who was asleep), to come and view the strange object also. Realizing that something out of the ordinary was taking place due to the tone of her son’s voice, Christine left her bed and ventured outside to the back decked area of the house. She immediately saw what had captured Robert’s attention.

The glowing object – that was approximately 1500 feet away – remaining hovering silently just above the tops of the nearby trees. This despite a relatively strong morning wind of around 10 miles per hour – meaning they could dismiss any notions that it was a balloon. When it did move, it moved far too slow to be a conventional craft, and in a way that neither of them was familiar with (they had previously lived near to an air force base and were familiar with most conventional aircraft).

At one point it came to within 1000 feet of where they were standing as it made its way calmly through the air. By this time, the brightness had dimmed somewhat meaning the witnesses could see more of the actual details of the craft. They would state, for example, that there was a definite frisbee shape to the object, and that it had several well-defined individual lights around the sides with more intense blue lights on the underside. As the craft moved, these blue lights appeared to rotate.

They would further state that they both had the impression that the craft was “looking for something” below as it moved, and it moved in complete silence. What’s more, whatever propulsion method it was using, it was something that seemingly only affected the craft itself, stating that had an airplane have been that close to them it would have “blown us back into the living room”.

Robert suggested to his mother that they flash the porch outside lights at the craft as a way of trying to communicate but his mother wouldn’t allow it. Instead, they remained exactly where they were, silent and still, as the craft moved past them. The other houses on the street eventually blocked their view of the object. They remained where they were contemplating what they had just seen when they both heard (and saw) a cargo plane moving overhead around two minutes after last seeing the object. It was slightly higher than the object had been, but still low enough that it made the windows rattle in their home, and once more hammering home how advanced and strange the object really had been. They also were not sure if the cargo plane’s appearance was connected to the mystery object, especially as they couldn’t recall such a plane passing anywhere near the home previously.

As a further twist to the sighting, both the witnesses noticed that everything around them was completely silent while the craft was overhead, with not even one sound from the wildlife in the area. Furthermore, for around a week following the incident, there remained a distinct lack of wildlife, with no birds or any signs of other animals during this time.

Possible Alien Abduction In Iron River?

Several years later, at around 5:30 am on the 29th January 2006 along Iron River a very similar object was witnessed several times over a 20 minute period. An online report states that on the morning in question the witness was awoken by an extremely bright light coming through their window. They turned their attention to the night sky outside and immediately noted a brightly lit object overhead. They claimed they were about to dismiss it as a particularly bright star when they noticed “some sort of triangular outline to it”.

The witness watched the object for several minutes, noting that there was a “very faint flashing light” on the object, as well as “a series of smaller white lights”. Given its (relatively) close proximity and low altitude, the witness opened their window expecting to hear the sound of some kind of engine. However, all that greeted their ears was complete silence.

A depiction of a UFO over Lake Michigan

What is so special about Lake Michigan?

The next thing they realized, the object had disappeared. The witness wasn’t sure if it literally vanished into thin air or if it sped away so fast they didn’t see it. They closed the window and simply returned to bed.

The following morning, however, at approximately the same time, the same bright light brought them out of sleep once more. And once more, the triangular-shaped object was moving overhead. They would witness the same object on several other mornings.

Perhaps of even more concern, though, was the “unexplained burns, scratches, and rashes and severe pains” they discovered on their body around the same time, with no memory of how they had sustained such injuries. Even more alarming still was the sudden unwillingness of their daughter to sleep in her bedroom – crying and screaming when she was placed there. Might these sightings have been more than just a strange object passing overhead? When we consider the trouble sleeping the witness had before, during, and after the sighting, including hints of missing time, this case might be one – should the witness ever pursue answers further – be one that has a lot more to reveal.

Bizarre Creature Spotted At The Roadside

In the early hours of 5th July, at around 4:40 am in the town of Holly the witness was returning home after spending the evening at an art center in nearby Davison. He was alone on the road as he drove leisurely along, so leisurely that he noticed a “large creature” that appeared to be digging through the trash of one of the houses on the roadside approximately 25 feet away from his car.

He slowed the vehicle to a crawl in order to get a better look at what was going on. He was more than perplexed when he realized just how tall this strange creature was – much larger than the kind of creature you might expect to see in the trash at the roadside. In fact, the more he took in of the scene the more the creature didn’t look like any other animal at all.

He noted how it had huge, round, red glowing eyes and slender claw-like hands. Even more unsettling, when the creature noticed him, it appeared to look surprised to see him – almost suggesting an intelligence that knew it had been outplayed. Still holding something in its hands, the creature remained still and stared directly at the witness. It did so for only four or five seconds, but it felt much longer.

The witness noticed that its face had a triangular shape to it and was gray, similar to a dog’s. Its ears, though, were much larger – very similar to those of a mouse. The body appeared much heavier toward the bottom and reminded the witness of a kangaroo.

Suddenly, the creature threw the trash it was holding to the ground with both of its hands before retreating away from the scene. It moved in a bizarre manner, across between a dog and a rabbit, and did so completely silently. At no point, despite the bizarre nature of the incident, did the witness feel the creature was going to attack him.

Lake Michigan And The Entire Wolverine State Is Awash With Mysterious Events

What might be special about Michigan that makes it one of several UFO hotspots in the United States? Might it be Lake Michigan itself that is the catalyst for these mysterious aerial vehicles?

It isn’t just UFOs that enjoy a kind of semi-permanent residency in these ancient waters. A number of strange creatures are reporting under or near the water – including Bigfoot-like creatures. What’s more, there have been a number of strange disappearances in Lake Michigan, many of which we have previously examined.

While Lake Michigan is undoubtedly a mystery in itself, as we have seen here, these mysterious encounters, particularly UFOs reach throughout the confines of the entire Wolverine State.

Although there are no signs of a cover-up in the 1994 Lake Michigan sighting, it is clear that something very strange occurred and that only further investigation and/or information from the night in question will shed more light on it. As for the many other UFO encounters from the entire state of Michigan suggests that this part of the world is potentially very important to unraveling the puzzle that is the UFO and alien question.

And these sightings go back decades, right to the start of the Modern UFO era, at the very least. And, as we have also examined here, these mysterious and unexplained encounters continue to take place today in the twenty-first century.

If UFO researchers and investigators can understand just why so many UFO encounters happen in Michigan (as well as near Lake Michigan itself) then it will almost certainly aid in understanding other UFO hotspots. Just why do certain parts of the United States, and indeed the world, appear to attract UFOs more than others? What makes these locations special? And just how far do those connections go?

The short video below looks at how the 1994 Lake Michigan sighting fits into the bigger UFO picture.


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