Slow-Moving Object Over Indiana – The “Boxing Day” UFO Sighting

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What perhaps makes a UFO sighting the day after Christmas 2003 a little more intriguing than your run of the mill incident is the fact the three witnesses were all police officers. And what’s more, all three of the witnesses would view the object from different perspectives and locations.

A superimposed UFO over a church in Indiana

Was a UFO hovering over Indiana on Boxing Day 2003?

Although the object is one that in real-time was barely a minute – most likely 45 seconds – it is one that is seemingly very credible. Not least due to the witnesses’ profession. It is also a sighting that very much remains a mystery and is unexplained a decade and a half later as we prepare to enter the 2020s.

Furthermore, although the following sighting is perhaps the most credible and detail-heavy, there are several other very similar accounts on record around the Christmas and New Year holiday season in December 2003. That they might, at least potentially have a connection to each other is very likely, if not almost certain.

Before we examine some of those lesser-known although no less intriguing cases, though, we will take ourselves to the day after Christmas in 2003 in Indiana.

A “Black And Curved” Object Like A “Tire In The Sky!” Over Huntington

At around 2:30 pm on 26th December 2003 in Huntington, Indiana, an off-duty police officer with the Huntington Police Department had just turned the key in the ignition of his car. He was warming up the engine against the cold afternoon winter environment of the American Midwest when he noticed something strange in the skies overhead.

The officer would later state how he at first believed the object to be a “parachute that you can steer. (It was) black and curved”. However, he soon noticed there was no pilot attached to it. Then, it began to roll, “a slow roll” before turning upside down and resembling a “giant set of bird wings”. Following more rolls, the object appeared much “oblong and orange”.

A superimposed UFO hovering over a building top

The incident was witnessed by several people

The officer would immediately reach for the police radio. He would request that any other available officers attempt to locate the mysterious object also. Within moments, two other Huntington police officers had confirmed the object overhead.

One of the officers to respond would later claim it looked like a “tire in the sky”. The third officer, who was leaving the police station when he heard the call for attempts to locate the mysterious object. He would claim that “it was so big” that he no problem at all locating it. He would further state that it would “glide, (and) rotate the wide way around” before hovering and turning a bright orange color.

All three of the officers would later state their belief that the orange color was more likely a reflection of the afternoon sun as opposed to a physical glow of the craft itself. Furthermore, all three would agree that the object made no noise whatsoever.

A Distinct (And Strange) Lack Of Public Reports!

By the time the object had come to rest and hovered at would ultimately be its lowest point, the first police officer believed it was “going to get hung up on the steeple of the church”.

What he would also remark was extremely strange was the fact that no calls came into the 911 switchboard from the public. The officer would remark that such an incident would have normally “lit up the emergency lines”. However, not one single report came into their station or any others, including the state police. At least, that is, as a caveat of our own, none that are available to the public.

It would appear that the three police officers, the first of which just happened to look up at the “right moment” would prove to be the only witnesses to such a public sighting, at low altitude in the middle of the day, no less. In fact, so strange was the apparent lack of response that all three of the witnesses would stop speaking of the sighting altogether due to feat that “people would think we were crazy”.

A newspaper clipping of the incident

A newspaper clipping of the incident

The first officer would lose sight of the strange craft after it made its way behind the church steeple. The two remaining officers would keep the object in their sights, each from slightly different locations (although, in reality, only separated by around 40 feet).

After around 30 to 45 seconds, the object disappeared from all of the officer’s view. Despite their initial promise to remain quiet, however, they would soon change their minds and make an official report of the incident several days later. A public account of the incident would appear in the Huntington Herald newspaper shortly after.

Witnesses And Details Of Reports Appear Credible!

It is certainly an interesting sighting. And one that all three of the officers have no doubt was of a machine that wasn’t “anything (they) could relate to”. Another of the officers would state that they were “never really afraid, just in total amazement”.

Whether the three officers were the only witnesses or whether there was a quick suppression of information is perhaps open to debate, although admittedly, unlikely in this instance.

Even the pastor of the church the object hovered over for several moments would claim, when asked for comment this was “the first (they) had heard of it” and that they hadn’t noticed anything unusual at all on the afternoon in question. Furthermore, much like the police department, he had received no reports from parishioners of any unusual aerial activity.

A superimposed UFO over a picture of lush mountains

The witnesses to the incident are largely seen as credible.

Initial investigations at the time of the reporting of the incident suggested not only credibility on the part of the witnesses, but also in the details they gave. Such things as the movement of the craft, the rolling and tumbling, as well as the bizarrely slow movement for such a large craft. Not to mention the complete lack of any sound whatsoever.

Two local airfields who might have managed to capture the object on their respective radars, Huntington Municipal Airport and Fort Wayne Smith’s Field, would both claim to have no reports or data to show any “out-of-the-ordinary” aerial vehicles for the afternoon of the 26th December.

What is also interesting, despite the three police officers being the only witnesses to this particular sighting, there were several other similar reports around Indiana during the Christmas and New Year period of 2003.

A Holiday Of Activity – A Strange Light Over Dearborn

Although the exact date is uncertain, an incident in December 2003 over Dearborn in Lawrenceburg County in Indiana is perhaps worth examining here. At around 7 pm on the night in question, while walking his dog, an anonymous witness would notice a bright, glowing object in the night sky overhead.

What’s more, according to the report, this was the third such sighting of the same craft in the last few days. The previous encounters had resulted in the strange light simply disappearing into the distance. However, on this particular night, the light remained in place, almost seeming as though it was following the witness home.

After arriving home and remaining inside for a moment or two, the witness would venture outside once more. To his amazement, the object remained in the sky overhead. And due to its movements, the witness knew it wasn’t a star. He would later estimate that the object hovered at an altitude of around 500 feet at its lowest point.

Incidentally, investigations would reveal that a woman and a teenager, alerted by the witness, each in different locations would also report an almost identical object. The incident, however, remains unexplained.

A Christmas Eve Sighting Of A “Bluish White Disc!”

At a similar time of 7 pm on Christmas Eve in Heltonville, Indiana, another interesting report would enter the public arena. The witness in question, again under anonymity, would report that they were doing some work on a house they were due to move into in the new year. The property was “just south of Lake Monroe”, which is perhaps an interesting detail when we recall the number of UFO sightings that occur near such large bodies of water.

As they were in the bathroom of the property, however, a bizarre encounter would unfold. The room was unlit but did have a skylight allowing whatever light could penetrate in from outside to do so. However, without warning, the entire room suddenly lit up “like (it was) daylight”. Intrigued and more than a little unnerved, the witness grabbed their coat and rushed outside the property.

An image of a UFO hovering just above the treetops at night

A similar object was witnessed two days earlier on Christmas Eve

As soon as they did so the unnerved feeling turned to one of shock. Not only was most of the surrounding area also under similar “daylight conditions”, but the apparent source of this bright and urgent lighting was also a huge “bluish-white disc” that was moving slowly overhead. The witness would later estimate the object was no more than 200 feet from the ground.

The strange craft would ultimately make its way toward the woods that surrounded the property. As it did so, “shots of bright lights” would “shoot down” from the underside of the craft into the woodland below.

The witness would watch the object until it disappeared from their view. Upon returning inside they would immediately check a clock. Much to their relief, there were no signs of missing time, although an explanation remains seemingly out of reach.

A Bizarre Find During A New Year’s Eve Computer Repair Turns Into UFO Sighting!

Almost exactly a week later, at 7:30 pm on New Year’s Eve in Kempton in Tipton County, Indiana, another equally bizarre and unexplained incident would unfold. And what’s more, it would unfold after the witness – a computer repair technician – noticed strange activity on a home computer they were repairing on the day in question.

In their report they would state that not only was the system’s hard drive “not responding”, but the “CMOS BIOS settings (were) all wrong”. Only somebody going into the computer to alter such settings should result in their current state. And the owner of the home computer was themselves barely a novice. Certainly not with the knowledge or reason to carry out such system alterations.

A picture claiming to show a real UFO

Does this picture show a real UFO?

The witness would recall that they would even joke to the owner of the computer if there had been “any UFO activity” in the area. Ultimately, due to the late hour, the witness would offer to take the system back with them so it could be fully tested and repaired, to which the owner allowed.

It was as they were loading the home computer on to the back seat of their vehicle that they noticed a “bright white light” in the skies ahead of them. They would claim that several of the trees would limit his view initially.

So curious was the computer technician at this point, that instead of making their way home, they would set off from the computer owner’s property in the direction of the strange light.

A “Baseball-Sized Object” Hovering On A “Very Clear Night!”

Although they were already running late, the witness was intriguing to see what the object might be or where it would go. They would continue to follow it until they got to the outskirts of Kempton. It was here that they would pull the vehicle to the side of the road, near to the main track of the railway.

There, in front of them, on a “very clear night” was a “baseball-sized object” hovering in the sky. They would remain where they were simply watching the strange objects, “captivated” by it for several moments. Then, remembering it was New Year’s Eve and their prior engagements, they would force themselves to restart the car and return home. The object, they would claim, would remain very visible throughout the entirety of their journey.

They would, however, bring their vehicle to a halt once more. After having seen the object “move” they would exit the car to get a better look. Indeed, it was moving, with a “swaying motion” and “doing loops”. This description is remarkably similar to many other UFO sightings on record. Perhaps, not least, the incident that occurred five days previously that we examined above. It was also at this time that he noticed several other vehicles had come to a stop, their respective drivers equally astonished and curious about this strange, glowing ball.

Visible For Almost Two And A Half Hours!

They would eventually arrive home and welcome their friends. The object still very visible from his home. The technician’s friend, however, would wish to go out to a club to bring in the new year. Claiming a lack of money, which very well could be true, the technician told his friend to go on without home, and that he was happy to stay home.

Almost as soon as his friend left, the witness would make his way to his back yard. And despite the particularly low temperatures of the (now) late hour of the New Year’s Eve night, he would remain there watching the glowing and mysterious craft. After more than two hours of watching the strange object, he would notice how it had noticeably changed color. Instead of the bluish-white glow, it now shone a proud yellow-orange color.

A picture showing an alleged UFO

Is this a UFO captured on film?

It was as he was still watching the bizarre craft at a little after 10:20 pm that the phone rang. On the other end was a family member. They asked if he might be able to pick him up from the gas station where he worked at 11 pm. The witness agreed and left his house at 10: 40 pm.

Although he would keep looking in the skies during the journey to the gas station, the witness could no longer locate the strange object. Where he suspected it had ventured to, was now cut off from his sight by the treetops.

The sighting alone is compelling enough. The witness, though, would mention in his report that they “see this object quite often”. Usually while returning from classes they attend in Indianapolis. One such sighting of a similar nature which also involved another student was even reported to the MUFON website.

Further, If Discreet, Signs Of A Widespread Alien Abduction Program?

What is also intriguing, particular with this last case in mind, are the witness’s claims that they have “had sightings (their) entire life”. And what’s more, these strange encounters appear to be increasing.

Although there is certainly no evidence of such, at least from the information that is currently available in the public domain, might the fact that the witness and others like them have such repeat sightings actually be a sign of alien abduction? And a case of repeat alien abduction at that?

As we have stressed before on several occasions, the cases examined by themselves are easy to slip through the cracks of time. Especially as, by comparison, don’t contain the outlandish excitement of many other alleged incidents. Perhaps, though, at least in theory, it is this “pedestrian” nature of the sightings that is interesting. Perhaps it is this that makes them all the more convincing. Let’s assume someone was to manufacture an account, whether for financial gain or any other number of reasons. Surely, we might imagine there would be a rather more elaborate report.

And, at least in our main account in Huntington, it would be completely against the interests of the three police officers to do such a thing. The fact they would go public in the first place would, at least potentially, put their judgment and ultimately, their careers at risk. The sightings certainly give us a lot to think about.

Check out each of the video below. Both are UFO sightings from the state of Indiana. A state not as high up on the public profile as places such as New York or California. But one more than their fair share of strange and regular UFO sightings.



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  • William J Granger says:

    The Lawrenceburg incident is just a few miles from the ‘bean pot’ UFO in Milan.

  • Joseph Parker says:

    Thanks for the great job, Marcus.

  • Joseph Parker says:

    Considering the huge output of your writing, you’re doing a great job. I was hoping for an opportunity to thank you.

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      That is greatly appreciated Joseph! Many thanks 🙂

  • William J Granger says:

    An interesting bit on two UFOs near me; however, let me make a few corrections for you. You mention the one in Deerborn in Lawrenceburg County; that should be Lawrenceburg in Dearborn County, Indiana. Also it is Kempton, not Kimpton, in west Tipton County. And finally, you mention Huntingdon; it is Huntington.
    One of the Huntington officers swears it was a UFO but the other two think it may have been a partially inflated helium balloon. I believe two of the officers are deceased now. This information comes from a former Huntington police officer.

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      I was literally just updating this when I noticed your comment! All corrected now!

      • William Granger says:

        Well not all corrected. Lawrenceburg is spelled with a ‘u’ not an ‘e’. And Lawrenceburg is the city and Dearborn is the county. As I said earlier, it should read ‘over Lawrenceburg in Dearborn County in Indiana’. Also in ‘Contents’, entry 4. should be ‘A Strange Light over Lawrenceburg’ or ‘A Strange Light over Dearborn County’.

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