Hovering Triangle Over A Swindon Housing Estate

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A sighting of a triangular object over a Swindon housing estate in October 2014, despite lasting no longer than 3 or 4 minutes, is another apparently random incident that contains an abundance of similarities with other cases.

A triangular UFO hovering over a housing estate at night

Was an alien craft hovering over Swindon in 2014?

There are, as we know, many examples of black triangular sightings all over the world. And what’s more, these sightings have occurred for decades. Many researchers suggest that these triangular crafts are not the result of alien visitation but are, in fact, the result of top-secret military projects. Possibly the result of back-engineering alien technology.

If these strange objects are terrestrial, if highly advanced military craft, then we have to ask, just what is the purpose of these aerial displays, often over very public airspace? Are they designed to test the public’s reaction? Are the carrying out some kind of surveillance on the unsuspecting population below? As always with UFO cases there are most often many more questions than answers.

The incident was investigated by the BEAMS organization, as well as numerous individual researchers over the half a decade since it occurred. It still, however, remains a mystery.

Triangular Craft Hovering Motionlessly!

At a little after 8 pm on the 3rd of October 2014, an anonymous witness would witness a triangular-shaped craft hovering over a housing estate in Swindon. He would estimate that the craft was perhaps a little bigger than the size of a standard house. What’s more, it was approximately only 50 feet from the ground. So low, in fact, that it was perfectly visible to anyone who might happen to be looking that way at the time.

At each corner of the underside of the craft was a round, bright, white light. However, in the middle of the underside was a “pulsating red light”. These descriptions of the lights, including their exact arrangement and color are matched in numerous other accounts of black triangular UFO sightings.

A black triangle UFO flying through the night sky

There are many reports of triangular shaped UFOs

The witness at this sighting would also note how the exterior of the craft was black and featureless. Similarly, there was no sign of landing gear underneath, nor any obvious engine or propulsion system.

As the witness continued to watch the object, it remained perfectly still, as if monitoring something directly beneath it.

The object remained where it was for around 3 to 4 minutes before it went into motion and moved away from the housing estate. Perhaps interesting is that the craft didn’t shoot off into the distance and disappear in a matter of seconds. It simply moved away very slowly and purposely. What’s more, it remained completely silent. It also remained perfectly straight and “parallel to the ground”.

A Large “Bulky” Object That Was Very Slow Moving

The witness would later state that while he witnessed the object for around 3 to 4 minutes, it was already in its hovering position when he noticed it. However, he also said that he was driving on the other side of the town at around 15 to 20 minutes earlier and would have seen it at that point if it had been over the houses then.

From this, we know that the craft was hovering over the houses for anywhere between 1 to 20 minutes before the witness first noticed it. And realistically, the most amount of time it would have been there for was 15 minutes, which would have given the witness more than enough time to have driven from the other side of the town to the point where the housing estate was completely out of view.

However, before it did completely vanish, it appeared to bank slightly to the right and then climb upwards in a vertical motion. This allowed the witness to see the underside of the craft once more. From this angle, there was a particular “bulkiness” to the craft.

Perhaps it is worth turning our attention to a very similar sighting at approximately the same time as the incident over Swindon in early October. This time, a black triangular object was filmed from an Air France plane. The object is clearly visible and appeared to disappear behind the clouds on several occasions. What’s more, it also appears that the object is a considerable distance away from the place at the time of the sighting.

You can view that piece of footage below.

The Black Triangle Sighting Over Wigan

Furthermore, there were several more sightings of black triangular objects – even in England.

On the 22nd of October, for example, according to one online reporting website, a sighting occurred over Norwich. At just short of 10 pm that evening, the witness was stood at their back door when they noticed an entire group of triangle-shaped black objects.

The witness would at first – due to the darkness of the moonless night – assume they were a “perfectly formed cluster of clouds”. However, they also soon realized that the rest of the sky was completely cloudless. What’s more, they were moving much too quickly to be clouds. The more the witness observed the objects the more they could tell they were in a “perfectly formed formation”. One of the craft was clearly the lead, while the other crafts were positioned behind, one to each side. This itself formed a perfectly triangular flying formation.

The witness would also recall how the objects made no sound whatsoever as they moved across the sky. They were not sure just how high from the ground the objects might have been. They were certain, though, they were much lower than clouds would have been had there have been clouds that evening.

Further Similar Sightings In November

Yet another sighting occurred several weeks later – at approximately the same time – at around 8 pm. This time, in Wigan on 8th November, an unnamed witness saw a “triangle of lights” move across the sky.

The lights were most definitely in motion as he could track their movements against the moving clouds. Although he wasn’t sure – because of the cloud – he was almost certain that there were other objects traveling overhead that were simply out of view.

What’s more, the witness would claim to have seen similar objects in the area previously.

A black triangle UFO in the daytime sky

Might triangular UFOs be secret military vehicles?

Just over a week later, across the Atlantic in Oregon, came yet another sighting of a large black triangle. On this occasion, at around 6 pm on 17th November, a husband and wife noticed a “massive black triangle”. And what’s more, it was flying directly overhead.

Both of the witnesses would estimate the object was approximately 50 feet in width. And made absolutely no sound at all. What’s more, it was traveling particularly slowly. It would remain in view for around 5 minutes before finally moving out of sight into the distance.

The pair would mention that there was a small landing strip nearby, which the object may have been heading toward. However, they would stress that they had never previously seen anything close to the strangeness and advanced nature of the triangular object they witnessed that November evening.

What Exactly Makes Black Triangles So Different?

Whatever the purpose of this apparent defiant display of something flying at low altitude over a residential neighborhood was remains a mystery. And why, for example, do many reports speak of these crafts moving at such a slow pace? Certainly by comparison to other UFO sightings of disc-like objects, for example. Is this some kind of limitation on their speed? Or is this perhaps a clue to the purpose of these low-flying operations?

As we know, however, sightings of black triangular UFOs continue right into our contemporary era. There are no official figures or percentages in terms of how many UFO sightings are of a triangular shape. There are, though, many that go on record or that are captured on film each month.

And we might also recall that triangular-shaped objects were at the heart of the Belgian Wave. A wave that lasted from the late 1980s and early 90s.

Should we separate these sightings of triangular objects out from the rest of the UFO reports? Are claims that these are, in fact, experimental government objects right on the money? Or might such notions be nothing more than disinformation?

Like other aspects of the UFO and alien question, the many reports of black triangles and how they differ from other UFO sightings only serves to add another layer of mystery to such incidents. If these triangular sightings are of a vastly different nature to other UFO sightings then we must we get to the bottom of what they are. We must also, however, then address the remaining question. That of just what the other sightings of disc, cigar, or spherical shaped objects?

Check out the video below. It features Nick Pope speaking about black triangular UFO sightings in a little more detail.


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  • Julie Goring says:

    I have seen 3 ufos over England and have a video and a photo of a black triangle I took 2 years ago. My daughter and granddaughter also saw a black triangle a few yrs ago.

    • James says:

      Where did you see this Julie? I’ve seen one too near Swindon.

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