Triangular UFO Over North Dakota – 2004 Sighting Still A Mystery!

Marcus Lowth
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January 3, 2020
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September 1, 2020
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A UFO sighting that took place in late August, early September 2004 in Dickinson, North Dakota remains unexplained today over a decade and a half later. And what’s more, the witness also managed to capture three short videos of the anomalous craft (which you can see at the end of the article).

Just what he might have captured that evening in the late summer, early fall of 2004 remains open to debate. Some who have viewed the footage are seemingly dismissive of it. Others, however, maintain that it is a “nice catch” and most likely authentic and credible. It is certainly an intriguing sighting, and one that, at least for the time being, we should not allow to fall through our collective memory.

A picture of lights in a triangular formation claiming to show a triangular UFO

Does this picture show the lights of a triangular shaped UFO over North Dakota?

The main witness himself was an avid sky watcher, although not in order to spot UFOs or other strange and mysterious vehicles, but because of the beauty and regal-like quality of the moon and even the Sun when rising or setting. He had, however (at the time), only just begun to enjoy his hobby once more following an incident several years previously.

On that occasion, while viewing the stars overhead, a “black box” would suddenly head toward him before stopping directly over his home and hovering silently for several seconds before vanishing into the night sky at breakneck speed. The witness would run into the house, disturbed and very shaken. It would be the last time he would watch the skies until the incident we are about to examine began unfolding.

Furthermore, as we shall see, there were several other intriguing accounts on record around the same time as the following incident.

An Accidental Sighting While Filming The Moon!

Although unsure of the exact date, the witness would claim it was around the time of the blue moon toward the end of August and early September 2004. On the night in question, the witness had ventured out to pick up his wife from work. As he was doing so, however, he noticed how “big and orange” the moon looked as it rose in the sky.

He would keep his attention on this strange, glowing moon for the entirety of the journey, and upon arriving home would grab his camera and head straight out into the back yard. He would set the camera so that it focused on faraway objects only, a setting he had used to good effect when previously viewing and photographing the moon before.

It was as he was experimenting with the settings of the camera in order to get the clearest shot possible that he happened upon the strange moving lights. In fact, it was when he stopped filming briefly in order to adjust the settings when he first saw the strange glow. At first, he believed the lights were ground lights from a neighbor’s yard that were somehow showing up in his shot.

Picture claiming to show a triangular UFO

More pictures taken by the witness

However, when he saw a strange flash between the lights, he began to realize that what he was witnessing was not at all something that could be explained away as the reflection of ground lights. What he also realized is that while he could see these moving lights through the viewfinder, he could not see them in the sky with his naked eye.

Something Very “Strange And Bizarre!”

The lights in the viewfinder, however, were beginning to show a most definite triangular shape. This perhaps suggested that the lights were not free moving and independent of each other but were rather the underside of a solid and likely very large aerial vehicle.

However, the longer the witness would watch the bizarre incident unfold, the more lights he could see. A fourth light appeared, for example, essentially giving the object the look of a square instead of a triangle. Furthermore, there appeared to be several other smaller lights also coming into view. The witness would state in his report that at this point he realized what he was filming was “something very strange and bizarre”.

The lights would appear to blink off and on. As well as begin to change position, and lining up in a straight line with the main lights. The witness would even use the phrase that the lights “would morph into a different position”. What is interesting here, although admittedly outlandish, are the number of reports that contain details such as the vehicle “morphing” from one shape to another. Might that have been what is taking place here?

The witness was almost certain that what he was capturing on video was a definite UFO sighting. And despite the previous incident, as well as some of the strange, fast-moving objects he had witnessed before, this was the first time he had captured something so strange and seemingly otherworldly on tape.

Evidence Of A “Morphing” UFO?

As he continued to film, the “front” two lights suddenly merged together once more. This would give the shape something similar to a triangle once more. However, the movement of the lights wouldn’t stop there. They would move around once more to create an “even stranger” shape. Then, as the witness states in his report after one of the lights had repositioned itself in the middle of the others, it would “suddenly disappear and show up behind” them a moment later.

All the while, the witness remained below, fully aware they were viewing something truly extraordinary. As he continued to do so he saw that one of the lights began to appear different from the others. He at first wondered if this might be an indicator of its abilities to “morph” or change its position. However, he would then notice what appeared to be several “little balls sort of melting off of it”.

A picture claiming to show the lights of a UFO changing position/shape

Does this picture show a UFO changing shape?

The witness would then zoom toward this new activity, revealing them to be “a string type of thing”. It was at this point in the bizarre event that activity began to increase, confusing the witness somewhat. There was too much to take in at once and it was “happening fast”.

This realization would prompt the witness to begin calling out for his daughter or wife to come outside to witness the strange events. However, not wanting to lose the bizarre lights, and also realizing calling to them would likely be of little use, he thought better of it and refocused on the lights once more.

Then, an already strange evening would turn even stranger.

Intriguing, If Outlandish Points To Consider

The lights begin to disappear and then reappear elsewhere in the sky. However, unlike before, the lights would appear in drastically different places overhead. Furthermore, several flashes and lasers would also appear in and around the glowing lights, which at one point even appeared in a V-formation.

The lights – or indeed, the object – would ultimately disappear from sight shortly after. And the witness would point out several times, he did not see the object with his own eyes. Only through the video camera was it visible.

As you can see from the footage at the bottom of this article, there was most certainly something over the skies of Dickinson that evening. Was it an extraterrestrial vehicle? Or perhaps an experimental but ultimately terrestrial one from a nearby airbase?

Or, as we and many other researchers and enthusiasts have proposed before, might it be a combination of the two? A secret military aircraft made from the recovered materials of a crashed and recovered alien vehicle?

Another picture of the alleged UFO

All three of those proposals could be correct. And we should perhaps remind ourselves that this sighting, unlike several others, did not occur in full view of all and sundry. The witness claimed the object was pretty much invisible to the naked eye, whether because of altitude or unknown technology. This, then, would support a military vehicle due to their presumed desire to keep such flights very much out of the public arena.

And perhaps, on the other side of that, we should look at similar sightings with similar non-concerns. Although certainly not an argument we would recommend hanging your entire perspective on, does such a public display of aerial activity with such disregard as to who witnesses the events suggest a credible extraterrestrial encounter?

The Zion National Park Incident

There were several other strange sightings and encounters on record that occurred around the same time as the above incident that is worth examining here.

One particularly intriguing incident occurred during the morning of 7th September 2004 over Zion National Park in Utah. The witnesses, a father and son, were on a “road trip” during the area, going through Arizona and Utah. On the morning in question, they would enter Zion National Park. They would stop for several moments to capture photographs of the extremely scenic surroundings. He would take 27 pictures in total.

However, it was only when they arrived home later that evening that it became clear that they had captured something unusual. Specifically, picture 22, which clearly shows a disc, triangular, or diamond-shaped object in the blue of the morning skies.

Similar to many other such pictures, the witness would claim to not have seen the object at the time. Was this simply due to him not noticing the anomaly with his naked eye? Or was, as we suggested above, this due to some kind of cloaking technology? Incidentally, the witness would state that they had not seen a UFO before this incident. Nor had they witnessed one since.

You can view that picture below.

A picture claiming to show a UFO over Zion National Park

Is this a real UFO over Zion National Park?

Strange V-Formations And Intriguing Pictures!

Another incident, which appeared in Volume 9 of UFO Roundup, occurred on the evening of 28th September 2004 in Wichita, Kansas. At a little after 8 pm in the evening “Luke M” and “Jeff” were playing basketball in the parking lot of a local church. As they did, however, Luke would spot something unusual overhead.

In the early evening sky was a “V-formation of four angel-butterfly-moth-shaped things” moving through the air with precise intent. They reminded Luke very much of a formation of birds or even military fighter jets. What’s more, these objects were a “perfectly ordered equal distance” from each other. This suggests they were very much under intelligent control.

He would attempt to call out to his friend. However, he was so in awe and shock at what he was seeing that his voice failed him.

The strange objects would remain in sight for around 15 seconds before disappearing into the distance. All the while, they would not “gain or lose altitude” and continued in a steady manner. And would do so until they were out of sight.

Although there is very little known about the incident, a very intriguing photograph alleged to have been taken during the early evening of 22nd September in the skies over Waupaca County in Wisconsin.

You can see that picture below. Was this a similar object to the one viewed by the witness in North Dakota a week or two earlier?

A picture claiming to show a UFO over Kansas

Is this a real UFO over Wichita in Kansas?

A Discreet (And Permanent) Extraterrestrial Presence In Our Skies?

The footage in North Dakota, as you can view below, is most certainly intriguing. As are the many other sightings around the same time. Especially those that have also produced footage or images for us to view.

And once more, we should remind ourselves, that these are simply a handful of incidents. All from this small window in time during the late summer of 2004. We don’t have space here, but what if we were to examine incidents on either side of this timeline? We would almost certainly see accounts that mirror those we have examined here.

With that in mind, then, we can deduce with relative certainty that these strange aerial vehicles are seemingly in our skies almost all the time. And given the wealth of reports that continue to come in from multiple locations around the planet – quite literally all “four corners” of the world – we can say with relative certainty that this discreet presence continues today.

And what about the many of these vehicles that act in a way that suggests a blatant disregard as to whether they are witnessed or not? We might also assume with relative safety, that many of these crafts are unlikely to be secret military aircraft.

As always, despite the wealthy mix of footage, claims, speculation, and theories, ultimately the questions remain the same. Who is behind these strange crafts and where do they come from? And, of course, most importantly, what is the purpose of this persistent presence?

You can check out the three videos below. Whatever they might prove to be, all three make for extremely intriguing viewing.



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