The Lake Anten UFO Landing Incident

Marcus Lowth
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February 22, 2020
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October 5, 2021
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Not only was a sighting of a strange light over Lake Anten in the Summer of 1970 witnessed by multiple people, but it would result in the discovery of strange indentions in the ground where many of those same witnesses claimed to see the glowing object land.

An image of a green glowing UFO over woodland at night

Did a UFO land near Lake Anten?

What’s more, it was the distinct feeling of the those who investigated the case, at least according to the April 1971 edition of The Scandinavian Newsletter, officials tried to “put the carpet over the fire” in order to produce another “solved case”. In reality, the case remains unsolved. And more importantly, remains an incident that likely has more to contribute to the overall picture of the UFO and alien question.

We have examined previously two close encounter incidents that took place in the opening months of 1970 in Finland. And while we won’t go over those two incidents here, we will examine several other incidents that took place in the immediate weeks and months that would follow the Lake Anten incident in the Scandinavian region. It just might be, however, that those two incidents do indeed have a connection to the incidents that we are about to examine here.

Although several investigators and organizations would conduct research and investigations into the incidents, Bjorn Lippold and Lloyd Simu perhaps deserve recognition for their significant contributions. As is the case with Sven-Olof Fredrickson of the GICOFF group. It is from their work that many of the reports and published accounts would follow.

“Something Red In Color” Over Lake Anten

On the evening of 29th into the 30th August, at around 11:30 pm and approximately 25 miles outside of Gothenburg near Lake Anten, Enebakken in Sweden, multiple residents [1] of the area would witness one of the most bizarre evenings on record. Reports would suggest that at least 20 witnesses local to the area would observe a “brilliant color-changing ball” moving overhead. It was approximately at the height of the treetops, which were illuminated in the wash of the glow from the object.

One witness would describe the object as:

…oblong with an indication of a cupola!

What’s more, several of the witnesses would describe a soft humming sound that appeared to accompany the appearance of the object.

An image of a UFO over a sky with aurora

The Lake Anten incident was witnessed by multiple people

Another witness, Mr. Karlsson – a local farm owner, [2] would claim that he was about to go to bed a little time before midnight. However, as he did so, he noticed that the cars outside were all stopping in the middle of the road. Sensing something out of the ordinary was underway, he was about to look outside when his son ran in stating that “something red in color” was moving over the town.

It was then that Karlsson saw the “strong red light” moving “to and fro” above the treetops. He would continue that the object “behaved so strangely” as it moved across the area. He would state how the speed would vary, and that the glowing red object would temporarily disappear “only to reappear” again a short time later.

Multiple Witnesses See The Same Thing!

Karlsson, along with his wife, would continue to watch the bizarre aerial vehicle as it traversed the nearby skies. They would venture outside for a short time but would watch most of the events from their window.

At one stage, Mr. Karlsson would recall that it appeared to land “at the meadow in front of the forest”. Shortly after this, they would witness yellow-white “beams of light” emanating from the object.

They would continue to watch the object for several hours, eventually returning to bed at around 2 am. When they did so, the object was still outside their home, although reports from other witnesses would state that the craft would disappear a short time after this time.

An image of the front cover of the Scandinavian Newsletter

The incident was reported in the Scandinavian Newsletter

Another witness was Mr. Nilsson, who was one of the motorists who had stopped his car on the road when they saw the bizarre craft overhead. He would claim that it was just before 11:30 pm when he and a friend were driving along the highway when they noticed “a red light moving to and fro and up and down”. Every now and then, it would stand still. They would watch the light in their stopped vehicle for around ten minutes before going on with their journey.

At around the same time, Mrs. Aronsson, along with her friend, witnessed a “bright, illuminated ball” which was moving across the sky just above the trees. She would further describe the object as being an extremely bright red.

Another motorist, Mrs. Olsson was driving home with her husband after visiting friends. They would notice a strange glowing object at just short of half-past midnight. They would describe the object as looking similar to a “rear lamp on a car” and watched it for 3 to 4 minutes before carrying on their way.

More Witnesses On The Other Side Of The Town!

As well as the witnesses on the road near to Karlsson’s farm, there were eight further witnesses who would observe events from the other side of the town.

For example, Mr. Johansson would claim he, his wife and two friends first witnessed a bright, red ball above the area at around 11:45 pm. Like other witnesses, they would further state that the object was the typical size as one might expect to view the full moon. Aside from the bizarre movements, only the bright, glowing red color indicated that it wasn’t our celestial companion.

Like the other witnesses, Johansson and his group watched the object moving up and down and “to and fro” over the top of the trees of the forest. At one stage, they would even recall seeing “something like a beam of light coming from the ground”. They would recall looking that the light was “constant” and reflected off the surface of the nearby lake.

Witness drawing of the incident

Witness drawing of the incident

In fact, so intrigued was Johansson, that he and the husband of the other couple with them jumped into their car and attempted to drive to the source of the light near the forest. However, as they negotiated the roadways to the woodland, they would notice another car pulled up on the side of the road. In it were two gentlemen who were also attempting to locate the source of the light.

As the four witnesses discussed the situation, the lights suddenly went out. Johansson and his friend would turn their car around and then return home. Who the two gentlemen were and where they went following the exchange with Johansson and his friend remains a mystery.

Johansson and the other witnesses in his car would see the strange glowing object again at around 1 am from their home.

An Object That Weight Five Tons And No More Than 28 Feet Across!

Johansson would prove to be a vital witness in the sighting. Not least as it was on his land that he and several of the others in his group would discover the strange indentions on the ground, near to where the lights appeared to be shining upward the previous evening.

The indentions were approximately 10 feet apart in an equilateral triangle. What’s more, they were a near-perfect circle approximately 40 cm in width and around 7 cm in depth. The depth of these impressions would suggest that the object that made them was extremely heavy.

Photograph showing the alleged markings of where the UFO landed

Photograph showing the alleged markings of where the UFO landed

Mr. Limu, who performed investigations at the scene, would estimate that the object likely had a weight in excess of 75 feet at each of the indention points. Furthermore, this would suggest to Limu that the object had an overall weight of five tons. Even how the indentions were made would suggest that the object that made them had most likely come from above.

This, of course, would not only match the witness statements that claimed to see the glowing object land in a meadow near the forest. But also, that the lights seen by multiple witnesses were by and large in the same area as the indentions now were.

Furthermore, given there were no broken trees or branches around the indentions, Limu would estimate that the object could have been a maximum of 28 feet across.

Is The Location Of Importance?

The Enebacken region is one of an authentic countryside setting, with many rugged forests and woodland. What’s more, and interesting to those who have studied UFO encounters, the area has numerous waterways and lakes, as well as mountainous regions.

What’s more, whether of consequence or not, the Johansson property, where the indentions were discovered contained several old fruit trees. While this might seem like a trivial detail, we have examined previously (within the files of UFO researcher, Timothy Good) that many alleged UFO incidents revolve around the study, cultivation, and evolution of many of the Earth’s fruits.

These are then, if we subscribe to the theories for a moment, mixed and developed by these apparent extraterrestrial visitors, and then used for their own sustenance. Whether there is any benefit to human beings from this apparent arrangement, and how that benefit might manifest itself is perhaps open to debate. As, indeed, are the claims themselves.

However, might it be that at least part of the reason for the landing was to obtain fruit samples. Might that have been what the bursts of light were, either above the woodland or from the ground? Admittedly, such notions are beyond outlandish and take speculation to its absolute limits. It just might be, though, that we should practice what we preach against mainstream thinking, and keep these claims on our collective mental backburners.

Evidence Of Information Suppression?

There also appears to be evidence of suppressing information of the case, even before it might have come to light.

For example, based on information from the police and the press, as well as an investigation by Tage Eriksson of the Research Institute for National Defense, a general “explanation” began to take hold that the whole incident was the work of two hoaxers using a hot air balloon.

Photograph showing the alleged markings of where the UFO landed

Photograph showing the alleged markings of where the UFO landed

There was even an insinuation that the two hoaxers were the two men in the mystery car (a blue SAAB according to the report) that Johansson and his colleagues ran into when attempting to locate the source of the light. However, when UFO researchers interviewed the alleged hoaxers, they denied being both the perpetrators of the hoax or the two men at the scene on the night. They would rightly point out that their car was a green Fiat, for example.

What’s more, one report would suggest that the reasons for promoting the “balloon hoax” story were to “calm the old man” (Johansson) who lived at the property where the object landed.

Was this really the case? After all, some might see the compassionate side of this decision. Or might it be more a case of authorities using Johansson’s genuine frustration to their own advantage?

A Genuine Open Case!

No radioactivity was discovered at the location which would come as a surprise to investigators. And while they still believed the hoax claims to be an exercise in disinformation, they had to now consider the possibility that such claims could be accurate. However, some researchers would question how thorough the soil samples actually were. Especially in light of the seemingly pushed story of the balloon hoax.

There is also the question of tire marks allegedly found on the lawn near Johansson’s house. Was this the hoaxers’ car? Or might they have been those of the mystery blue SAAB? If so, just who was driving that vehicle? Were they merely investigating the light like Johansson? Or might they have been at the location in an “official” capacity? And once more, if this was the case, just what was their reason for being there?

A superimposed UFO over a picture of Lake Anten

Is the Lake Anten landing a genuine account?

Of the sighting at Anten investigators would eventually conclude that the incident either was a clever hoax (although it appeared unlikely) or that the object – whatever it was – was something unknown.

What is perhaps also interesting to note, at least according to the reports at the time, is that the region in question had experienced around a dozen very similar sightings going back to the fall of 1969. Most of these encounters would describe an almost identical “red or yellow” object. Perhaps even more interesting was the strange humming or, as one witness would recall, a “whistling” noise that also accompanied these sightings.

We would imagine that such strange objects, of an almost identical color, in the same location (all within one square mile) almost certainly share one connection or another. And what’s more, there are likely many other sightings and encounters that likely share other connections also.

Other Sightings Over The Scandinavian Region In The Early 1970s

Whether there is a connection or not, several other sightings throughout the Scandinavian region are also on record during the 1970 to 1971 era. It would certainly be irresponsible to not examine them in relation to the above incident.

What we will notice, however, as we do briefly examine these other cases, is the discreet similarities between them. And we might also remind ourselves that these are but a small sample of sightings we could choose from.

It would certainly appear, as we are sure you will conclude over the following minutes, that not only was there something very strange underway in Scandinavia during the opening months of the seventies, but the same intelligence very well may have been behind all of them.

“Flying Saucer” Over Norway, October 1970

Although the exact date is unknown, an incident thought to have taken place toward the end of October 1970 is perhaps of interest to us here. What’s more, it would take place at a similar time to that which unfolded over Anten.

At around 11:30 pm on the night in question over the town of Helleland in Norway, a motorist, Reidar Salvesen [3] would arrive home following a particularly grueling journey from a business trip as market-advisor. Along the way, he had noticed a bright, glowing light overhead. What’s more, he had an extremely close encounter with the said object. He would, however, despite the incident weighing on his mind, continue to negotiate the relatively quiet roads under the constant downpour of rain that had accompanied the arrival of evening.

An image showing the aurora over snowy trees with a superimposed UFO over the top

A similar incident occurred in 1970 over Norway

Salvesen had been driving for around 6 hours. He would continue to keep the object in his sight and carried on along his route, desperate to get home.

When he did arrive home, he would go straight inside and immediately tell his wife of the incident. He would state to her that he had undergone a “strange experience” that he had no explanation for. What’s more, it was both a “frightening sight, but at the same time, fantastic”.

He would then relate the incident to his enthralled and slightly confused wife in full.

No Defining Features On The Exterior!

He had set off on his journey around 5:30 pm and while the journey was largely uneventful at first, he would soon notice a “dazzling light” in the skies overhead. In fact, so bright was the light that he had to stop his vehicle in order to attempt to look at it.

When he opened the car door, he noticed a bright “circular object” above the roadway. He would state how the object was completely silent and would move forward with speed before coming to a stop. It would repeat this several times. The next thing he realized, however, the object was only several feet from his vehicle.

He would reach into the open window of the car and grab his notepaper in order that he could compose a sketch of the bizarre object. Salvesen would later describe it as a “flying saucer”.

A superimposed UFO over a river with a glowing city in the background

There are many UFOs reported in the Scandinavian region

He would later state that at this stage, despite the close proximity of the incident, he was not at all afraid. He would also state that this was likely due to the fact he was overcome with a need to draw the object while it was in front of him. Because of this, he had very little time to think.

His description of the object was almost identical to many others of disc or flying saucer-shaped crafts. He would claim that there were no “doors, windows, nor hatches”. Neither were there any joints, grooves, or any type of connecting seam. The only differentiating feature of the shining metallic exterior was a part at the edge of the body that had the appearance of corrugated iron.

He would estimate, although he couldn’t be sure, that the object was close to him for around a minute. Then, without warning, it would shoot straight up into the air at great speed. The next thing he knew, he was falling to the ground, landing in a sitting position, seemingly knocked off balance by the blast of the takeoff.

A “Cracking” Sound That Rang Out!

As he was coming to his senses with the realization that he had fallen to the ground, he was also coming to terms with the fact he had also heard a loud “cracking” sound. When he pulled himself to his feet he could see a large crack in the front window of his car. He instinctively looked up to the sky and noticed that the disc was now nothing more than a bright, red-yellow object, similar to a “fireball”. Then, it vanished from sight.

He returned his attention to his car once more. He noticed there was broken and splintered glass on the seats and the floor. It was around this time that he realized he had cut himself when he had fallen to the ground.

Careful not to injure himself further, he returned inside his vehicle and then started the engine. After moving the vehicle to the side of the road out of the way of any oncoming traffic he would quickly sweep the seats of glass. Then, after testing the lights, brakes, and engine, he would set out on his way home. Several hours later, he would inform his wife of the incident.

Around two months later in January 1971, this time in Finland, another similar incident would unfold.

The Saapunki Landing, Finland, January 1971

47-year-old Mauno Talasa was eating breakfast with his wife, Martta, at their farmhouse in the village of Saapunki in Finland [4] one January morning in 1971 at a little after 6 am. It was while they were eating that they noticed a bright light heading toward them through their kitchen window. They would recall how the glowing object appeared to be at low altitude and was not moving particularly fast.

Perhaps even more unnerving and bizarre in equal measure, was the fact that the object would land directly outside their kitchen window. Now, with the object being in such close proximity, the brightness was such that it almost blinded the married couple to look at it directly. What’s more, the entire area in the immediate vicinity was now awash from the light blue glow.

The pair continued to watch for several more moments. Then, without any warning, the object took off directly upwards into the sky. It disappeared from sight several moments later. As it did so, the electricity supply would cut out for several moments.

A superimposed UFO over a picture of a misty lake

Yet another similar account is on record from Finland in 1971

The pair would then go about their normal daily chores, attempting to put the bizarre episode out of their minds. However, when daylight began to fade, they would notice a strange indention in the snow – exactly at the same place where the glowing object had landed. It appeared to be three indentions in total. And what’s more, they were in a very distinct triangular shape. Even more intriguing, part of the snow in the middle of this triangle appeared to have melted.

When the snow melted away, the pair would make an even stranger discovery. The grass underneath appeared to have changed color to a sickly grey-blue. Mr. Talasa would take a sample of the earth in this particular spot.

The following day, he would visit the local newspaper offices.

Mainstream Science More Concerned With “Reputation” Than Truth?

The newspaper would begin to investigate the incident and would soon discover that the Talasas were not the only ones to witness the bizarre events. Not only did their immediate neighbors witness the strange glowing object land and take off from the Talasas’ property, but several other witnesses, some up to 3 miles away, also saw the mysterious object.

There were also several other intriguing details to note. For example, the object could definitely not be explained away like a balloon of any kind due to its movements into a relatively strong wind. What’s more, mainstream scientists who examined the soil samples would suggest something along the lines of a meteorite or a lightning strike to have caused the change in the elements of the soil.

However, we can eliminate the meteor suggestion straight away. Given the number of witnesses, a meteorite would have been easily recognizable to most if not all of them as such. Furthermore, the first sighting in the village was at 5:58 am with the last at 6:15 am with that of the Talasas. Once more, even those who are not experts in weather conditions realize that lightning strikes do not last 17 minutes.

Indeed, as insinuated by the report in The Scandinavian Newsletter report, the scientific establishment appeared to be more concerned with “reputation”, and perhaps even funding we might add, then the genuine truth of such bizarre but obviously real incidents.

The Jakobstead Incident, March 1971

According to the Finnish newspaper Jakobstads Tidning, a UFO incident in late-March 1971 at Perho would unfold. And it would also contain some similar details to the other incidents we have examined here. [5]

The main witness, Matti Lassila, along with his friend, Jorma Vasala, were riding their mopeds on the evening of 23rd March. As they were doing so, at around 8:30 pm, they noticed a strange glowing object seemingly hovering just above the treetops. They would estimate the glowing object was around 200 feet above the ground and would follow them for several miles. This would make the group so frightened that they quickly brought their mopeds to a stop and then dived into a nearby ditch in order to take cover.

A superimposed UFO over a dawn image of a lake with trees

Another sighting in Finland had multiple witnesses

Almost at the same moment, just as the strange object was about to meet their location, it changed location at the very last moment and disappeared into the distance. This seemingly trivial detail is one that shows up in many other UFO accounts of a similar nature. Is this a detail that shows the occupants are merely toying with such witnesses?

Following the disappearance of the strange craft, the group jumped back on their mopeds and returned to their respective houses, informing all who would listen of what they had seen almost as soon as they arrived.

Vasala would recall that the object, apart from when it disappeared, moved particularly slowly and was approximately 15 feet in width. He would further recall that the craft would change color several times, going through “all the colors of the rainbow”.

Precise Movements Suggesting Intelligent Control!

What’s more, Matti’s mother would venture outside with binoculars in order to see the object for herself. Although it was now a lot higher than when the two boys had witnessed it, she could clearly see the anomaly in the sky. She would particularly recall how the object appeared to “move on the spot”. This last detail perhaps suggests that the object was turning on its own axis.

All of the witnesses would further recall how the movements of the object were always “precise”. Because of this, they all believed that the object was intelligently guided and not something just caught in the wind. What’s more, when it did move, they would recall how it appeared that “lightning shot out” of the underneath of it.

What is perhaps also interesting, especially with this last detail in mind, is that there is a significant network of power lines along the same route the object moved. Might this object have been absorbing some of this power? Might this be why, like the sighting of the Talasas, the power outages often accompany such sightings?

A superimposed UFO over a lake at sunset

Is there an advanced intelligence behind these strange craft?

Several of the witnesses would conduct sketches of the object. And what’s more, they would do so on their own and away from each other. All of them were remarkably similar to each other, suggesting that not only were the two young men who first witnessed the object likely telling the truth but so were the parents who witnessed the object after them, albeit from a distance.

What’s more, when investigators would speak to other residents of the area, they would learn, much like the other cases we have examined, that several other sightings around the same time, with very details had also been reported.

The Kangaskyla Kinnula Incident, Finland, February 1971

Only weeks earlier on the afternoon of 5th February at around 3 pm, in Kangaskyla Kinnula in Finland, yet another very similar incident would unfold involving a low-altitude UFO near woodland, no less. The account would appear in Flying Saucer Review courtesy of Tapani Kuningas. [6]

The witnesses, P. Aliranta and E J Sneck, were working in the woodlands of the area when they noticed a bizarre metallic object “shaped like two saucers put together” which appeared to be descending in their direction. They would estimate the craft was around 15 feet across and was approximately 50 feet away.

Even more bizarre, as the two woodland workers watched from their location, a small being emerged from the object. They would estimate it was around three feet tall and appeared to “glide” as it moved as if it was on a conveyer belt. They could also see that the entity was dressed in a green garment from its feet to its head – upon which was a helmet with a “circular faceplate”.

a superimposed UFO over an icy lake

Was there a wave of UFO sightings in Scandinavia in the early 1970s?

Suddenly, the two witnesses realized that the strange being was moving in their direction. They also noticed several more entities looking out of the craft at the scene below. Aliranta would approach the entity, still with his saw in his hand.

Then, the being appeared to rise into the air. Instinctively, Aliranta would reach for its boot. However, as soon as he wrapped his grip around it he felt a burning sensation travel down his arm. He would later recall that it felt like “hot iron” and after regaining his senses, he let go immediately. The strange creature headed straight for the craft, which then took off straight upwards.

Intriguingly, and certainly, a detail shared with our other cases, the witnesses would find indentions on the ground.

A Connection To The Famous Delphos Incident?

Perhaps it is also worth mentioning that the incidents we have examined here occurred only six months to a year before one of the most famous landing cases that left behind evidence of its landing, in Delphos, Kansas in November 1971 – a case that we have examined previously.

Whether there is a connection or not is open to debate. And most likely, based on what we know right now, an argument can be made for and against. It is certainly interesting that such a case would happen in the United States such a short time after so many cases were happening in the Scandinavian reaches of Europe.

What’s more, the landing incident in Delphos is largely regarded as one of the most convincing and credible encounters on record. Not least because of the credibility of the witnesses and the physical evidence left behind at the scene – apparent evidence of a landing incident, no less.

While there had certainly been plenty of alleged landing incidents on record previously, why did so many incidents begin to take place in the opening months of the 1970s? Might these sightings have been a precursor to the wave of sightings that would saturate the planet during 1973? And if so, what were they themselves leading towards?

Other Discreet (And Similar) Sightings Also Appear In The United States

If we return to the idea of a discreet UFO presence in 1970 and 1971, it also appears that this was the general feel of the public at large. That UFO sightings were, generally speaking, decreasing. However, as some researchers at the time and many since have highlighted, this appeared not to be the case.

And while sightings in the United States might have decreased a little during this period, there are still several others [7] that involve red-yellow glowing objects, which most often land or at the very least hover at a particularly low altitude.

A superimposed UFO over a picture of river at dawn

Why do many UFO sighting occur near water?

For example, in Grand Island in New England, Massachusetts, a husband and wife would notice strange “car taillights” moving across the road in front of their vehicle. Something about the lights told the married couple that they were not taillights and were, in fact, something strange and extraordinary. The couple watched the lights for several moments before they disappeared from their sight.

Around the same time as the Grand Island sighting, on the other side of the United States, another incident involving a strange red light would take place.

The Red Ball Case, Furnace Creek, California

Although the date is uncertain apart from that it took place at some point in 1970 or early 1971, two hotel workers were returning home following their shift in Furnace Creek in California. It was around 2:30 am and the road upon which they walked was largely abandoned.

It was as they were making their way down the highway, they noticed a “cactus-shaped” object to the left of the road. Almost as soon as they noticed the strange object they also noticed “a green flash”. Then another.

As the pair continued to watch events unfold, they suddenly noticed a “red ball of light” suddenly appear behind them. This sudden appearance sent a jolt of panic through the men causing them to run. They would continue to do so until they reached the house they shared, slamming the door on the strange glowing object as they did so.

A superimposed UFO over a picture of a boating dock at sunset

Similar sightings are on record on the other side of the Atlantic in the United States

The pair would remain at the window and watch the already bizarre events turn even stranger. The strange glowing red ball remained outside their property for several moments. Then, however, it would move across the road near the mountains of the region. It then appeared to “create a vortex”, even pulling in nearby rocks from the terrain around it as they clashed and clattered in the air.

Then, the red ball would disappear. At the same time, the rocks and debris caught in this strange vortex would suddenly crash to the ground. Even more bizarrely, the red ball would appear again several moments later above the mountain itself.

So shaken were the two men by the events home, both would apparently quit their jobs at the hotel the following day and return to their respective homes.

Those Who Study History…

We touched on the idea of a connection, as bizarre as it might seem, to some of the fruits of the world and the fact that the Anten landing took place right in the middle of several old fruit trees. Indeed, given the estimated size of the craft that landed that night in the summer of 1970, the landing spot was a very purposeful destination given how “tight” the fit appeared to be. As we will recall, no damage was done to any of the trees on the land in question.

Furthermore, with similar landing incidents, there appears to be a persistent reconnaissance feel to these strange encounters. It is perhaps interesting to note that none of the incidents we have examined here appear to feature any details of alien abduction. However, as the 1970s and the decades that followed would show, such cases of alien abduction would explode.

Were these seemingly ambiguous sightings as we have examined here research missions on the abductors’ part before such projects went ahead? Might they also have a connection to the equally bizarre cattle mutilations that would unfold, predominantly across the United States and North America, but also throughout South America and in parts of Europe.

Perhaps, as many who see the benefit of studying history attest, that through doing so, we can apply that wisdom to the present, and more importantly, events upcoming in our immediate collective futures. And in this case, perhaps studying such strange incidents of the past will help unlock the encounters, as increasingly more dramatic and harrowing as they were, that would follow them.

The Same Elements Of The UFO Sighting Environment!

Before we leave our case study for another week, we would be irresponsible to not, once again, highlight the connection of these sightings to several seemingly key elements of the environment that they often unfold in.

For example, it is hard to ignore the presence of water in many of the cases we have examined here. We won’t go over the reasons why water is so important. However, many believe they share connections to alien bases or the need on the respective occupants’ parts to make use of or even extract it for their own ends, the more UFO accounts we examine, the more this point continues to surface.

A superimposed UFO over an icy lakeside

Why are UFOs visiting our planet?

Furthermore, many of the regions are also surrounded by woodland and mountainous terrain. Like water, some researchers suggest either the presence of alien bases within these mountains or the formation of strange portals that act as gateways over or near them. We might remember that many ancient writings, especially from The Bible, that appear to be accounts of extraterrestrial interaction often take place near such mountains.

And lastly, while perhaps not as predominantly as the first details we have mentioned, the presence of a power supply of some kind, even if it is the presence of power cables as in our case above. Is this an important factor, perhaps in the same way water might be?  We should also mention that such powerlines crisscross most modern cities so this is increasingly harder to determine. Or perhaps that is why it appears that UFO sightings are seemingly increasing across the planet? Might it even be, as we examined when we looked at the psychic internet theory, that these conditions provide the correct circumstances for such craft to manifest? Of course, what manifest might actually mean is itself open to debate.

Another Puzzle Piece On The Table Of The Big Picture!

As always in the closing paragraphs of our case study articles, we should ask what to make of the main case we have examined near Lake Anten, and more importantly, if the other incidents that occurred in the same Scandinavian region at around the same share a connection? And if so, how do these incidents fit into the wider UFO and alien question and the onslaught of sightings that are on record?

That something truly out of the ordinary was unfolding over the region in question is surely without a doubt. As always it is the “who” and “why” that lurk in the background of these accounts.

And, as we have asked as we have gone along here on several occasions, just what might the purpose have been of these landing incidents? Why would these apparent objects from elsewhere in the Universe land for such a brief time and then take off again?

Might it be, as all UFO researchers need to ask in such cases, that these crafts are not of alien origin but are instead top-secret military aircraft? And if that is the case, the same question applies – what is the purpose of such landings?

With new sightings entering the public arena all the time, as well as more and more government and official military files being declassified around the world, the amount of data we will have at our collective fingertips is only set to grow. And while such an overload of information will be overwhelming for any one individual, or even any one group of individuals. However, between each researcher and the constant documenting and redocumenting of information, patterns will surely emerge, and connections will almost certainly be made.

Check out the video below. It looks at UFOs in Scandinavia and the wider European region.


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5 Amazing Alien Disc Close Encounter In Finland, Before It’s News
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Marcus has been Editor-in-Chief for several years due to his excellent knowledge in these fields. Marcus also regularly appears as an expert on radio talk shows including Troubled Minds and Unexplained Radio discussing these topics.

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